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Ouat Con New Jersey 2017 - Friday

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my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”


It’s BlackOut!! I know I’m late but here are some picture of myself and my beautiful family ❤ Happy Black Out Ya’ll.

The 1st picture: is of myself I am 21 and currently after being too sick to work I am going to school, working, playing a major role in a movie, and working on a new book series as well as selling and making new jewelry and clothing. A link to My poetry book is available on my page. 😘

The 2nd photo: is of myself, my sister and My mother at a Womens March in Des Moines Iowa.

The 3rd photo: is of myself, my mother, and an african comedian who name I can’t recalled right now.

The 5th and 6th photos: Were Taken at My brother Max () 7th grade metro meet! They include myself, my mother, and Max. He came in 1st and 2nd and all his meets!

The 8th photo: Is of me and my Grandmother around Christmas time.

The 10th photo: is of my sister Hailey before her first prom. She was going as part of journalism class she is only a sophomore, but she is also only 15 and have the potential to graduate next year. Trust me y'all her prom pictures had me shook. This is so out of the box for her!

But yea shout out to all the black excellence!

These are my paternal grandparents Jesse James and Mabel. I’m so proud of this picture because it’s the only picture of them I’ve ever seen. This photo was taken in Beckley WV, where my grandfather was a coal miner and my grandmother was a midwife.  They both died before I got to know them, but all my life my mom has told me that I look just like my father’s mother. I can’t see it as much as my mom can, maybe it’s because my grandmother is both taller and lighter than me (her nickname was big red) but,I think my brother looks just like our grandfather. It’s weird how genetics works. I only wish I could have gotten to know them beyond the stories my dad told me about them. 

jadore-histoire  asked:

In his memoir, James makes a super passive-aggressive dig at Alex Jr. It sounds like Alex Jr. was the black sheep

He totally was!  And I don’t get why James wasn’t pissed at his other brothers for not being there when Eliza died. (He doesn’t appear to have the same issues with John C and Philip, anyway.)

I feel like there was some rivalry (though maybe one sided–I can’t always get a read on Alex Jr., but he basically wanted to skip town as soon as his dad died, which makes me wonder what was going on with him and his family.  But we also know he, like this entire fucking family, was very protective of his dad’s legacy and a very proud person.  So I don’t think he was anti-his family; he also lived with Eliza and Little Eliza in the 1830s) over who was sort of the alpha of the family, once Philip died and then particularly once Ham died.

I have theories that James wanted Alex Jr. to step up and be the older brother Philip had been.  But for whatever reason (whether personality; whether his own grief), Jr just couldn’t live up to the expectations James set for him.

Meanwhile, James seemed much more able to act out the role of the oldest child anyway (he even has Angelica and Eliza buried in his family plot in Sleepy Hollow; and he was helping to provide for Eliza, though Alex Jr. also helped her out!).  So I actually kind of think James should’ve sucked it up, accepted that Alex Jr. wasn’t who he wanted him to be, and run with the role that he excelled at anyway(acting as the eldest son), rather than constantly harping on Alex Jr. for not living up to unrealistic expectations.

This is the problem with hero worship of both an older brother who died young and a father who was uber famous.  And I don’t know how much Eliza helped with any of this either.  I mean, she wrote that “favorite son” letter while living with Alex!

tbh honestly to be completely honest

being bi and married when i finally accepted that im a dude has made the whole process so much simpler. like, no matter what my gender is, if im attracted to all genders, i stay bi. i dont have to change my sexuality label and even ppl who misgender me can’t argue with it. and like, im married so i’m not dealing with constant rejection because i’m not ‘a real man’ and misgendering from potential partners. 

i mean, there’s something to be said for how shitty it was, waiting so long, or how terrifying it was to tell my (theoretically straight) husband that no, i’m a guy and i want to go on testosterone and get surgery…but like. he loves me. he accepts me. he sees me for who i am. and we’re in a healthy relationship, committed to each other in about the strongest and most official way possible. we both work and agree that my hormones are a medical priority, and that surgery is definitely something we want to both save up for. no one is stealing my binders and throwing them away. no one is hiding my t. no one is giving me shit for not being the daughter/wife/sister they thought i was. 

like, i have so much security that younger trans people or gay/straight trans people don’t have. 

something i think about a lot. 

  • Voldemort: Wormtail, I’ve killed most of your family and friends, right?
  • Peter: Wiped ‘em all out, my lord.
  • Voldemort: Excellent. Tell me, what does a person do just before they die?
  • Peter: Well, my father cried.
  • Rabastan: A lot of them do weep, actually.
  • Goyle: And they wet themselves.
  • Voldemort: Oh!
  • Rabastan: That’s also true.
Forgiveness, Family, and Love- Final Part

Author: Mare

A/N: I made the reader a dunedain like Aragorn so that my plot line would work. Enjoy!

Chapter: 3- Love

Summary: You find out he loves you too.

Request:  Would you write an imagine of the reader being an abandoned (but quite capable of fending for herself) wild human child with trust issues being taken in by Lord Elrond perhaps with Arwen as a big sister? The reader doesn’t get at first that their parents did anything wrong.

Warnings: fluff, meleth= love, mellon- friend

Pairings: Elrond x adopted!daughter!reader, Legolas x reader

Series Masterlist       Main Masterlist

Years later (before the quest of the ring)


Today a meeting was held in Rivendell, and there were people from different races gathered. I swear I saw a hobbit and a dwarf. I also saw Aragorn and Legolas *blush*. But enough about that, huh? I’m on a mission. I lost a bet with the twins and Arwen so now I have to tell the ellon of my dream that I love him. Siblings are a pain. So I was off to tell Legolas before the meeting. He came in and was greeted by Lindir. He saw me and smiled. He walked towards me and said “Mellon nin, How are you?”

“I am well, and you?” I respond.

“Fine. fine” he says smiling.

“Legolas, before you go into the meeting there is something I must discuss with you.”

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Captain Swan AU Prompt Series No. 8 (A)

No.1: Alphabet City

No.2: Of Singing and Streaking

No.3: Lie to Me (I’ll lie to you, too)

No.4: Like Toy Soldiers

No. 5 (A): We’re Going Down Swinging Part 1

No. 5 (B): We’re Going Down Swinging Part 2

No. 6: Bend, and Don’t Break

No. 7 (A): Speak Now Part 1

No. 7 (B): Speak Now Part 2

No. 5 © We’re Going Down Swinging Part 3

No. 4: Like Toy Soldiers Part 2

It’s Always Been You (And You Should Know That)

Notes: For CS AU Week Day 5- Role Reversal
(In role reversal world, let’s pretend Lieutenant Duckling is…Captain Prince? Hehe.)

Summary: Prince Killian of Misthaven was never meant to rule-as the second son, he was content to let the limelight and responsibility fall upon his older brother, the Crown Prince Liam, while he lived a carefree life of adventure, tempting danger at every turn-much to the consternation of his body guard and best friend, Captain Emma Swan.

After Liam’s untimely death, the entire Kingdom is thrown into a tailspin, and none worse than Killian and Emma. Killian must now step up to the role he was never meant to play, and Emma must deal with the consequences of falling in love with her charge, the Prince who would be King.

Killian is 29, Emma is 28

The life of a royal body guard was not for the faint hearted. In times of peace, those sworn to protect the Crown could never relax, could never let down their guard. It was even worse in times of war, every shadow was potential threat, every smile and bow could hide a dagger or worse. The pressure got more intense the higher up in the line of succession your charge was, and so, Emma’s life, as the bodyguard of the future King of Misthaven, was very stressful indeed.

Moments of peace and relaxation were so few now that she jealously guarded those she could eke out, most notably her morning swordplay session, a simple one hour affair in a secluded field only a select few knew of, where she could be alone with her thoughts, or no thoughts, where she could simply concentrate on the whistle and swing of her blade. Given the weight of the decisions she’d just made, she’d needed this escape from reality more than ever. So when an unexpected blade met the fluid parry of her form, she leapt backward and immediately fell into a protective position with fury in her eyes.

Who would dare interrupt her here?

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anonymous asked:

Your siblings love you dude, they love gil too, they're just... bitchy.

“Trust me… they don’t love Gilbert.

I know they care about me, but..


I think I got too used to how direct Clarisse is with me.

‘Feelings’ aren’t really what my family excels in.”