my family found me in the morning and woke me up and i was sitting on the counter


Summary: The Gallaghers have some insight on how close Ian and Mickey really are. It’s surprising, but they like the idea of them being together.

Word Count: 1047

Notes: This request was in my messages for so long, and I completely forgot about it. Sorry! Here it is :) Also, this is my AU for day 1 of Gallavich Week!

“Is Mickey your boyfriend?” Carl asked Ian, who was on the pull up bar, after finding the Milkovich boy curled up in his brother’s bed.

Ian’s cheeks flushed at the question, but he knew if Mickey woke up he’d probably say something stupid so the redhead responded with a simple, “We hang out.”

The younger Gallagher lightly punched his brother between every pull up. “He’s in your bed,” Carl said and then took a moment to think. The pause was short though. “You love Mickey?”

Ian stopped his movement. Yeah, I do, he thought. “I like how he smells,” he responded to make it seem much more simpler. He wanted to tell Mickey how he felt, but doing it through Carl was not the way.

Raising an eyebrow, Carl was about to speak, but Mickey cut him off. “Whatchu asking stupid fucking questions for?” The older boy shot at him.

“You’re nicer when you’re asleep,” Carl rolled his eyes and walked down the stairs.

Ian let his mind consume his for a little bit. Carl just pretty much told him that he knew of their relationship, and Mickey heard it, and he didn’t care. Mickey didn’t run out. He’s still here.

* * *

Ian and Mickey woke up earlier than the other people in the house. Though Mickey wanted the sleep some more, when the redhead promised to make him some banana pancakes, he couldn’t turn that down.

While the Gallagher boy was a the burner, making the pancakes, Mickey was sitting at the kitchen table, just watching. He couldn’t figure out why he was so scared all these years— this is all he ever wanted, and here it finally is.

After Ian was done making a single plate of food, he went over to where Mickey was sitting. He leaned on the counter so that their faces were in the same direction. “I’m wondering something,” he said so quietly and nervously that it was nearly incoherent.

“What’s that, mumbles?” Mickey stood up, and got so close to his lover that he could feel his breath.

They didn’t realize the whole entire Gallagher clan in the living room. The family was at an angle where they could be nosy and watch the interaction, but Ian and Mickey couldn’t see them.

“Just wondering if we’re a couple or not,” Ian said more assertively as he placed his hands on Mickey’s hips and turned him so that he was pushed up against the counter.

Now Mickey to matters into his own hands. He pushed Ian into the wall that stood next to them, and inches their faces so close together. “Of course we are.”

Ian smiled and kissed him hard. “What would you do if I said something you might not want to hear?” His voice was a bit shaky. Mickey gave him a look that said, go on, tell me. “Please don’t freak out, okay? I just gotta say it. I love you. I really, really love you.” He felt like his heart was in his throat as he spoke, he just didn’t want to hold it in anymore.

Surprising himself and Ian, Mickey grabbed Ian’s cheeks and kissed him even harder than the last time. When their lips separated, they rested their heads together. “I love you too, Gallagher,” the shorter boy responded. Though he’d probably never admit it, he’s always loved that crazy ginger, and it felt fucking nice to admit it.

Ian laughed giddily. Everything was finally falling in place.

“Now, go make me some more fucking pancakes,” Mickey said, and stepped back, giving Ian room to move.

“Yeah, yeah. You got it,” Ian chuckled.

The Gallaghers couldn’t believe what they just saw and heard. Obviously they could tell that something was going on between Ian and Mickey. For fuck’s sake, Carl found Mickey in Ian’s bed, and Lip actually knew they were together. No one expected it to be so serious though. Love is fucking deep.

As Ian was waiting to flip the pancakes, Mickey came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Ian leaned back into it. “Y’know my family doesn’t care, right?”

Mickey’s head was resting on his boyfriend’s shoulder. He nodded. “I know. Makes it a whole lot fucking easier.”

Ian smiled. Everything was so good right now. He then went back to cooking, making sure Mickey

stayed with his arms engulfing him like that.

The Gallaghers were still watching from their hiding spot. It was completely mind boggling to see Mickey look so soft and loving. They wanted to see what would happen in front of people though. Giving each other the same look, they all set foot for the kitchen.

As they walked in, Fiona stepped louder than usual to get their attention. “Morning, guys,” she said enthusiastically.

Ian felt Mickey tense up around his waist. He expected him to unlatch him, but he didn’t— he stayed right there. “Morning. I’m making pancakes,” he said.

Instead of Mickey saying anything, he shoved his face into the back of Ian’s neck. It was only fair to Ian to let the Gallaghers know about their relationship, and though it may be scary right now, it was nothing Mickey couldn’t handle.

“So,” Debbie started. “Are you guys together or something?”

Ian didn’t respond, he didn’t know how, and thankfully Mickey did. “We been together for years,” he scoffed.

“Wait, years?” Fiona raised an eyebrow. Now she was even more amused.

“Three,” Mickey said as he unlatched himself. He then went to stand next to Ian instead. “Fucking going on four though, I think.” He turned his head to Ian.

The redhead nodded. “Yeah, almost four.” He looked at his boyfriend with so much love in his eyes, which was making all the tension Mickey felt go away.

“Holy shit,” Carl and Fiona said simultaneously.

Ian then finished up the food without answering his siblings. He made a plate for himself and Mickey, and then went to the table, giving his brothers and sisters room to get themselves a plate. As the couple sat down, Ian kissed Mickey’s cheek to thank him for being so outward with their relationship.

“Ah,” Lip said. “Young love.” Mickey chucked the finger, but it was in an innocent way. It was love, and now they’re free.

Magnus groaned as the pop song he was currently using as a ring tone woke him from what had been a much needed deep sleep. He reached blindly for the phone, cursing as he knocked several items off of his night stand in the process.

“What?” He demanded, when he finally brought the phone to his ear. He rolled over in the bed and reached for Alexander. His fingers found cold sheets at the same time Caterina’s panicked voice filled his ears.

“Magnus, Madzie is missing.”

“What?” He sat upright in bed, his heart starting to beat faster. “What do you mean she’s missing?”

“She was here last night. I tucked her in to bed myself and made sure that she was asleep. But when I woke up this morning to check on her, she was gone.”

“Damn it,” Magnus got out of bed, nearly tripping over his own feet in his hurry to get to his closet. “Damn it, damn it, damn it.”

“Magnus, don’t panic-”

“Don’t panic! Caterina, there is powerful young warlock missing! One who, might I add, was used by Valentine to murder, kidnap, and do God knows what else. She is probably terrified and the Clave is probably searching for her. And you want me not to panic?!”

Caterina sighed., knowing that there was no use in arguing, especially when she agreed. “I’ll check down town. Call me if you find anything? ”

“Of course.” Magnus hung up. He heard ceramic clacking together in the kitchen and froze. Alec was not going to like this at all.

Magnus briefly considered not telling Alexander anything, but shoved the thought away. That wouldn’t be right. Alec cared very deeply for this child, he would want to help look for her. Magnus sighed and walked out of the bedroom, preparing himself for what he was going to have to say.


He stopped in his tracks as he took in the scene before him. Alexander was adding pancakes to a large stack on a platter on the counter. Madzie was sitting on one of the barstools, pouring a large quantity of syrup onto the pancacks on the plate in front of her. Alec looked at Magnus, then turned to Madzie.

“I need to talk Magnus for a minute, okay, Madzie? You eat your breakfast.”

The girl nodded and speared a piece of pancake with her fork before popping it into her mouth. Alec smiled at her before walking over to Magnus and pulling him into their room again.



“There’s a child in our kitchen.”


“Care to explain?” Alec ran a hand through his hair.

“Madzie had a nightmare last night. She told me that she was really scared and that she opened a portal to find me. She has no idea how she ended up here, in this apartment, since she’s never been here before. But she said that she knew she wanted me and that she knew the portal would get her to me. ”

“But my wards…”

“I don’t know, Mags. I think she’s more powerful than any of us ever thought.”

“What are we going to do?” Alec gave him a small smile.

“Magnus, I think you know already.”

Magnus blinked. Was Alec really saying what he thought he was? Did he want to take Madzie in, raise her, with Magnus?

“Are you sure?” Magnus asked.

“She’s very powerful,” Alec said again. “But she’s got no idea how to control herself yet. Who better to teach her than the High Warlock of Brooklyn himself? Plus, she needs people who care about her to raise her. I think we’re the best ones for that.”

Magnus pulled Alec in and kissed him deeply. Alec smiled against his mouth.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” Magnus warned him.

“I know,” Alec told him. “But it’s going to be worth it.”

Magnus hugged him tightly. All of the things he had wanted for so, so long were suddenly coming to him. A true love, a child, a place where he truly belonged.

“Let’s go take care of our daughter,” Magnus smiled.

He made a mental note to text Caterina after breakfast, as he and Alec walked back into the kitchen, hand in hand.

Jughead Jones x Reader: Seniors with Jr’s

Can you do an imagine we’re the reader and jughead are dating and they have their own place but still go to high school and the reader is pregnant and there’s a lot of fluff when the baby comes

A/N: This one was interesting to write only because I have vowed to myself to never have children (My opinion only, everyone has their own), but my sister is pregnant so I see pregnancy firsthand at the moment and I have had young friends and family get pregnant throughout their high school years, so I hope I did justice to the person who wanted it and the readers. Coming up with the title was a little tough, but I think it’s cute, hopefully you can enjoy the pun in it. 

Words: 1400

Summary: Jughead x Reader are with child juggling life in high school.
Spoilers: There will be a Jughead Jr (Girl/Boy you decide) in this fanfic world. 

Warnings: It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this, it was only a kiss… lol ok I’m done.

It was your senior year in Riverdale High and you had been going out with infamous, brooding writer Jughead Jones The Third. You two were madly in love, but your parents didn’t approve of the relationship that much. By sophomore year you knew about Jughead’s family problems and homelessness, so you both found jobs. You worked at Pops as a waitress and after they tore down the Twilight Drive-In Jughead found a job at the comic store and you guys made enough to move into an apartment at Riverdale. The landlord knew both of since you were small, so he cut your bills and gave you leeway in your payments since he now knew about your condition. You were pregnant and soon the world would be blessed with a baby mixed yours and Jughead’s genes.

It had been a rough last couple of months since you were bound to pop in a week from now. The teachers at school helped you by giving your work to Jughead or your friends to take home so you could rest.

You hadn’t talked to your parents since you moved out and that devastated you, but you loved Jughead and as hard as the decision was, you had to choose to follow your future. They knew you got pregnant and soon they began to ignore your phone calls altogether. You missed them dearly and the occasional talking you had over the phone, but when you revealed to them you were expecting; the phone was no longer answered.

“Hey Babe” Jughead called out as you left your thoughts “Betty, Arch, Ron, and Kevin are coming over later to see you” he pointed out as he got near you to plant you a kiss.

“How was your day at school sweetheart?” You mocked Jughead with a smirk on your face.

“If you must know, Fridays are a good day because that means I come home to you” Jughead replied to you while sitting next to you on the couch and taking your hand “and I don’t have to deal with those neanderthals for two days” he says while planting a kiss on your palm and rubbing his palm on your baby bump.

Later there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” Jughead spoke and you smiled.

“Hey Guys!” you called out from the couch.

“Oh my god (Y/N) look at your belly!” Betty called out “You’re glowing.”

“I can’t believe we are going to become aunts” Veronica praised.

“Whatever, everyone know I’m going to be the cool uncle” Kevin declared.

“Where do I put the bags?” Archie questioned as they left him alone with the goodies, they were going to cook in a while.

“Just put them on the counter Arch” Jughead answered, so he did and went near you.

“Jesus, (Y/N) you are going to have a mini you and Jug and it’s just hitting me” Archie remembered as he motioned to you if he could touch you baby bump and you nodded.

“It moved, I bet you it just high fived me, see it prefers me” Archie declared.

“I’m pretty sure it will prefer me any day Arch” Jughead spoke out and the whole room started laughing.

You helped Betty prep the dinner, chicken parmesan with pasta on the side. 

As you all gathered around the table you ate, and laughed. You couldn’t help but smile at the wonderful friends who had become your family. Though you frowned at that thought, you tried shaking it off, but Betty caught it.

“What’s wrong (Y/N)? Is the baby kicking hard?” She asked as she put her hand against your belly and gave you questioning look.

“You guys are amazing” you called out, “you guys are now the only family I have left” you lamented while squeezing Jughead’s hand.

They all gave you a smile as they stood up and gave you and Jughead a group hug.

The next morning you woke up to Jughead getting dressed.

“Hey Jug, I didn’t know you had work today” you stated trying to get up as he helped you up.

“They called a while ago, need me to come in, I said yes because we need the money” He answered you with a smile on his face.

“Okay, babe, have a good day” you replied kissing his cheek on your way to the bathroom to wash your teeth.

“You two babe” Jughead smiled and gave you a kiss on your forehead and one on you belly as he exited the apartment.

Little did you know, since he saw you miserable yesterday when you mentioned family, he went out to talk to your parents.

“Hell- o” your father stated as he opened the door revealing Jughead.

“Hello Mr. (Y/L/N), I was just wondering if I could talk to you and your wife real quick” Jughead responded.

Your father opened the door and motioned Jug inside.

“Who was that honey?” Your mother asked as she stepped out of the kitchen to unveil Jughead.

“Jughead would like to speak with us (Y/M/N)” as he leaded Jughead and your mom to the living room.

“What do you need to say Jughead” your father recalled.

“(Y/N) is due next week, and she really misses you guys” Jughead let out “I know, I know you guys didn’t approve of us and now she is pregnant and that probably doesn’t help, but” Jughead was cut off by your mom.

“Jug, I know my daughter loves you, and I can see you love her back; but she is the one that decided to leave and get knocked up” She spilled.

“I see that Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N), but I just wanted to come and say is that she loves you guys and when you are ready to come back into her life we will be waiting with our arms wide open” Jughead reassured them as he walked towards the door and your father followed suit.

“Take care of our baby girl Jug” your father requested as he moved his hand towards Jughead to shake and Jughead shook it and nodded leaving your old home.

As he was opening the door to the apartment you surprised him.

“Jughead! Where were you?!” you yelled “I called work and they said you weren’t there” you questioned.

“Oh- oh- my god (Y/N), you were due next week, I am so sorry!” he protested grabbing your hand and taking you to the car because your water just broke.
“Where are you going Jug?” You asked him as he was making his way back to the apartment.

“To get the baby stuff” he proposed.

“Oh Jug” you smiled “The stuff is already in the car, now get in” you pointed out, so he did and drove you to the hospital.

Soon they got you into a room, and Jughead called all your friends.

You gave birth to a beautiful baby (Girl/Boy you decide).

“Look at what we made Juggie” you exulted as he kissed you in the lips.

“Where were you today Jug?” you questioned him again as your friends entered your room to see the baby.

“Oh my god!” Veronica and Betty praised.

“I want to carry it first” all your friends rejoiced in sync and you smiled and you all chuckled which soon was interrupted as your parents came in the room.

“What are you two doing here?” You asked your parents as they closed the door to your room and Betty took the baby in her hands and all your friends frowned at her.

“Jug went to talk to us this morning” your mother answered and you turned to look at Jug and smiled at him and mouthed a ‘thank you’ at him as he took your hand and smiled back.

“We didn’t want to be the terrible parents who gave up on our daughter who moved on with her life for someone she really loves and is going to start her new family with” your mother continued.

“I am not giving you up that easily (Y/N/N)” your dad finished as they both went up to you and hugged you and pecked a kiss on your cheeks.

“How did you know I had the baby already?” You commented.

“You have wonderful friends” your father clarified as you turned at your friends who had smiles plastered on their faces and you couldn’t believe the people you had been blessed with.

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Summary: Sam starts having visions again as you get closer to the demon, and John doesn’t take it well. Dean has reservations about you going into the fight, which ends in an argument.
Words: 5.3k
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Warnings: aggressive confrontations

Beta: @blacksiren
A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

Your name: submit What is this?

Your sleep was restless, dreams of the demon haunting you for the first time in weeks.

You woke up in a cold sweat, your heart pounding in your chest as you took deep breaths to calm yourself down.

You rolled over in Dean’s arms, gently placing your hand to his bare chest, feeling his heartbeat beneath your palm and finding comfort in the steady rhythm.

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BTS Reaction To Finding Out You Are Pregnant


Jin met you at a very young age and have been together for a very long time.  You both decided that you guys weren’t get any younger an should start trying to grow your family.  Well about a month after that decision you missed your period.  You took pregnancy test and found out you were pregnant.  You were beyond excited to tell Jin. 

“Hey Jin who do you think should be his/her godfather,”

“Jagi what are you tal- OMG ARE YOU PREGNANT? PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE PREGNANT!” Jin was very ready to be a father.

Originally posted by jhopefluxo

(I could not find a gif that fit but this one was beautiful so I don't feel that bad)


The thought of having kids never crossed your mind. To you guys sex was just sex. So the day you found out you were pregnant you were shocked. As soon as you found out you went straight to Namjoon.

 "Joonie I’m pregnant. What are we gonna do?“

 "We are gonna be the best parents ever obviously. (Y/n) this isn’t exactly how we planned this but I always planned on having kids with you. So why not now? I love you so much.“ 

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Suga was so focused on his career at the moment that he didn’t want kids just yet.  He knew you were the one it just was not the right time. When you found out you were pregnant you were scared to tell Yoongi because he thought he would be mad. You didn’t want to hinder him from achieving his dream so you decided to do the “only thing” and leave him.

 “Yoongi I’m just gonna say it, im pregnant. I know we weren’t thinking of having kids any time soon and I love you so much and I don’t wanna see your career in danger so I will take the baby and raise it on my own.”

 “(Y/n) no that is the last thing I would possible want. Ya you are right we weren’t thinking of having a kid anytime soon but plans change. And I don’t care if this hurts my career you and our child,” he says while placing his hand lightly on your stomach, “are the two biggest priorities in my life. I love you and I’m not going anywhere.”

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  Jhope wanted kids not be you did not. You were also a dancer in the highest point of your career and a child would mean having to take a break for awhile. Jhope understood that and did not force the topic on you. You promised him kids in the very near future but not right now. You have been practicing for a big concert for the last couple months and the tour was about to start. A week before the first show you got the new costumes to try on. Jhope was excited to see you in them and waited or you on the couch to come out. In the bedroom you had trouble zipping the pants and the shirt was tighter than it should be. You come out of the room in tears telling jhope that there is no weigh you put on the much weight. You started a new diet to stay in shape for the tour and practices do much that there was no logical way. Then you had a thought. You could be pregnant. A day later in the doctors office you got your answer. You were pregnant. You were so shocked. You couldn’t believe that you were gonna miss the tour that you practiced so much for. You body was stiff. Jhope helped you from the chair and you began to walk back to the car. On the walk there he pulled you close and whispered, “(Y/n) I know you didn’t want kids just yet but we have one. We are gonna be great at this. I’m gonna be with you through everything. (Y/n) I’m gonna be around so much you are gonna be sick of it. I love you so much and our future child.” 

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You and Jimin were in love and everyone could see it.  Would you guys be engaged soon? Yes. Were you guys gonna have kids soon? NO.  You just starting a job and career for yourself did not want to rush things.  Jimin was in one of the peals of his career  and found it hard sometimes to make time for you, let alone a id.  Kids were something you both wanted but not now.

You woke up one morning and immediately ran to the toilet to throw up. After cleaning up you quickly rush to the store to pick up a pregnancy test. You fly back into your apartment and rush the sat jimin who was sleeping on the couch and soak the door to the bathroom. A couple minutes later you are sitting in the bathroom floor crying. Your pregnant. How were you gonna tell Jimin? Jimin woke up from his nap and started looking for you. He saw you were in the bathroom and knocked. When you didn’t answer he poked his head in and saw you one the floor. “Jagi what wrong? Please tell me what’s going on.” You just continue to look at the ground so he starts to look around to try to find what caused this. He spots the positive pregnancy test on the counter and he so shocked. He quickly composes himself and hugs you tighter. “(Y/n) my princess please don’t cry. This is great news. Why would I ever be upset about this? We are gonna be the best parents. Now let’s get you up and we can cuddle.“  

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  You and Tae wanted kids Now.  Even though your families, hyungs, and his managers were saying you were both to young you guys did not listen. You found out the day after Tae left for a 3 month tour that you were pregnant. You decided to wait and surprise him with your growing bump when he got home. Three months later Tae comes walking into your apartment to get the best surprise of his life. "Tae you’re home!” You yell as you waddle up to your boyfriend He looks at you shocked and begins to tear up. He kneels down and puts both hands on your stomach. “I’m so happy to see the both of you.” As he places gentle kiss on your tummy then your lips. 

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(ignore Suga)

Jungkook :


Baby Jungkook have his own baby? HAHAHA no.  As a matter of fact you both were not ready to raise a kid.  You have not been feeling right the last couple of weeks so you decided to take a pregnancy test.  You had no doubt in your mind that it would come back negative.  While waiting for the results, Jungkook arrived back home.

“Hey Kooks Im in the bathroom you can come in.  I haven’t been feeling well so im taking a pregnancy test just to be sure.”

while walking into the room, “Ok babe that’s fine.  We should probably go to the doctor tomorrow.  You have been feeling pretty bad for awhile.”  He begins to check his hair in the mirror and he glances down at the test to find a plus sign on it.  “UM Babe what does a plus sign mean?’

You run to go check it, “Omg I’m pregnant.”

It would take a coupe hours in all honesty to have Jungkook process that he was going to be a father.  Once he calmed down he would come into bed and cuddle whispering in to your ear reassurance that you both would be amazing parents.

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(His reaction as soon as he finds out)

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(His reaction after he has calm downed)

Ever Since You Left Pt. 3

Part one. Part two.

The night before Shawn left for his first solo tour, we found ourselves watching a movie together in his basement. Just the two of us, cuddled into his couch. My head rested against his steadily rising chest while his arm ran goosebumps up and down my arm. It was bittersweet.

I was happy for his success. He’d already gone touring as an opener for Austin Mahone and Taylor Swift and done a solo tour, but this was different. This was longer, farther, bigger. This was the beginning of what we both knew was going to be a huge success. It was going to be his new life. And I couldn’t be prouder. He’d told me all of the things he wanted in life, and I wanted him to get every one of them. But it was just hitting me what that all meant.

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Player: Jamie Benn – Dallas Stars


I started to write this prompt but it became too similar to the Baby Fever imagine. I got an idea and decided to change it up. Hope you enjoy! 

Mentions: None.

Warnings: Fighting, & Cuss Words.

Preview: You waited as he toddled down the hallway towards you. The sound of his hockey stick hitting the floor. He reached you and grabbed your pant leg pulling you towards the front of the house. He continued to whine and call for Jamie.

Characters:. 1166 words.

The Masterlist is here.

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You sighed watching your toddler walk from his playroom for the millionth time. This time he was dragging his hockey stick down the hall whining and calling for his father. It broke your heart.

Beau had been like this all day from the moment he woke up. He had been searching the house whining Papa and you were worn out. Nothing could soothe or distract your son from the absence of his father. You watched as Beau approached the door of Jamie’s office, banging the door with his stick and just repeating Papa over and over.

You waited as he toddled down the hallway towards you. The sound of his hockey stick hitting the floor. He reached you and grabbed your pant leg pulling you towards the front of the house. He continued to whine and call for Jamie.

He brought you to the door and pointed. You swear you could have cried right then and there, but you put on a brave face. You scooped up Beau as he tried to wriggle from your arms. 

“Beau, I know bud you miss Daddy. He will be here soon, I hope.” You pleaded with your cranky toddler.

You had thought that this mood surrounding the house would have ended this morning when Jamie was due home from his road trip. But according to Tyler’s Instagram story, the boys had gone to lunch and were now going out. You rubbed you hand down your face as your son continued crying.

You watched as Beau continued his crying rampage, you pulled out your phone and recorded Beau dragging his hockey stick around the house calling out for his Papa. You posted the video to Instagram, tagging Jamie. You had hoped it would convince him to come home sooner.

After a few more hours of whining and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you were sitting on the couch. Beau was sprawled across your lap, confining you to your place.  You ran your fingers through Beau’s hairs to keep him comforted. You weren’t risking anything to wake him up. You knew he would be instantly calling for Jamie again.

You desperately wanted a glass of wine but you couldn’t have one anyway. You were 2 weeks late. You had hoped it was just your cycle being off but the morning sickness told you otherwise. You weren’t sure what you were going to do. Beau was already a handful. You couldn’t imagine another little one. Jamie was a great father, but that was when he chose to be around.  

You heard the garage door opening and sighed. 

Jamie walked into the house, putting his bag down by the door. “How are my two favorite people?” he asked quietly.

“Doesn’t seem like it.” You mumbled under your breath or so you thought.

“What does that mean?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

“I’m not doing this in front of Beau, Jamie.” You quipped standing with a stirring Beau in your arms.

“Here let me take him…” Jamie offered. 

“If he even gets wind of you, he will be up for another three hours and I am exhausted.” You snapped softly, taking Beau upstairs leaving a hurt looking Jamie in the living room.

You put Beau to bed and headed back downstairs. You contemplated just going to bed yourself. Beau had drained all your energy and you weren’t prepared to battle with Jamie. But you knew you couldn’t avoid it.

You took a deep breath and found Jamie in the kitchen pulling out a bottle of wine. You watched as he poured two glasses.

“Is this about that video you posted?” he asked from his place at the counter. 

“The video of your son crying for you?”

“How long was he like that?” he asked obviously feeling guilty.

“All day today, and twice last week.” You answered honestly.

“He really misses you when you are gone. Me too.”

“I’m really sorry Y/N. I should have come home earlier.”

“Jamie, I want you to actually want to come home and see your family.” You snapped quickly.

“I just… the guys wanted to go out and I thought why not.”

“So your wife and child sitting at home didn’t even cross your mind?” you almost choked out. The day was finally taking its toll on you.

“I just needed a break Y/N…”

“A break? You got your break, Jamie, a full 10 days of it! What if I just decided I wanted a break huh? Just leave for a few days.” You were astounded.

“That’s not what I meant…”

“I don’t want to do this now. I’m tired.”

“Let’s just have a glass of wine together, please?”

“I don’t want a glass of wine.” You lied.

“Y/N, come on.” 

“I’m late Jamie.”

“You’re what?” he questioned

“Late, as in I’m about 80 percent sure I’m pregnant.”

“How does that happen Y/N?” he asked rubbing his hand down his face.

“Well we had Beau, I didn’t think I needed to explain it to you…”

“You know what I mean Y/N!”

“You’re saying that quite a lot Jamie, and I am not sure I know anymore.”

“Y/N, we already have Beau and with Hockey, everything is just so hectic.”

“You don’t think I know that? You aren’t the one who is at home every day. God Jamie, if you didn’t want this…”

“Of course I wanted it Y/N.”

“I just wish you would show it sometimes… I don’t care if you do it for me but Beau adores you and I don’t want him heartbroken”

You took his silence as your cue to leave. You headed upstairs to your bedroom and began to change. You stole a glance at the mirror at your non-existent baby bump. You heard Jamie’s heavy footsteps against the stairs.  You looked towards the door but it didn’t budge.

After a few moments, you walked into the hallway curious. You noticed Beau’s bedroom door open. You walked slowly and leaned against the doorway. You watched Jamie knelt against his son’s bed. You watched as he watched Beau sleep. You couldn’t help your heart swoon.

Jamie finally noticed you, and you noticed his red-rimmed eyes.

“Can he sleep with us tonight?” he asked in a whisper.

You just nodded in response as Jamie took Beau in his arms. Beau instantly cuddled into his father. Jamie followed you into the bedroom. He placed Beau softly in the middle of the bed. You both crawled in under the covers. 

You sat there in silence until Jamie spoke up.

“I know I don’t always show it, but there is nowhere I rather be. I’m going to step up Y/N. For the both… All three of you. I promise.”

You nodded praying he meant it.

Barnes’ Books - Chapter 9

In which pretty much everyone is sad. Sorry.

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When I’m sure they’ve gone, I go back to the shop. I don’t want to go home, alone, and there’s a part of me hoping there’ll be a note from Bucky, something to hold on to.  There isn’t.  Steve’s playing with something on the floor when I walk in, scrabbling under the counter, but she runs over to me when I walk in.  I shut all the blinds and lock the door, leaving the light off, then curl up in a chair, and cry.

I cry for my own stupidity, for letting myself fall for someone; for having nothing else in my life; for James, alone in the care home, away from his only family. I cry for a long time, until it hurts to breath, until my skin feels raw with the salt tears. Steve is sitting on the arm of the chair next to me, I’m curled up, hugging my knees, glad that my joints are aching and my clothes are digging in and I hurt. I want to hurt. It’s what I deserve.

Eventually, you have to stop crying. Your body stops for you, even when your heart carries on. I was exhausted, too tired to be angry with myself any more. Too tired to go home. So I did something I probably shouldn’t have. I tucked Steve under one arm, and walked up the stairs into the flat. Kicking off my jeans, I lay down in the bed, just for a little bit, and tried to pretend Bucky was there with me.

Of course, I fell fast asleep and woke the next morning, confused and sore.  I blinked and looked around, then leapt out of bed, ashamed. In the bathroom I confronted the damage that the tears had wrought.  My eyes were red and swollen, my cheeks looked rough and sore. The rest of me looked as disastrous as always. I pulled on yesterday’s jeans and splashed some water on my face, but deep down I didn’t care.

Downstairs, I fed Steve again but she didn’t come when I called. Going out into the shop, I found her scrabbling under the counter again but when I shook her food box, she scampered in as if she hadn’t eaten for a week.

I opened the shop every day that week, went through the motions of selling and stocking and locking up. I smiled and made coffee and played with children, and then at night I went home to my own flat and sat in the dark alone. I visited James every day but the spark had gone out of both our lives and I had little to tell him. I ate badly – either nothing, or too much – and I didn’t sleep, and I cried.

On Friday, I got a text from Bucky. It was short, to the point. It hurt. ‘Accountant coming Monday. That OK? B.’  I replied saying it was fine, but he didn’t respond.  And so on Monday, after a lonely weekend, where I’d drunk alone, too much, and forgotten to eat, the accountant came. I showed him the accounts notebook, the system that Bucky had set up to record orders, the cashing up. He nodded, took away receipts, muttered about valuations.

On Tuesday, another text. ‘Estate agent coming Thursday. That OK?’ Estate agent. So Bucky meant to sell the shop? Sell James’ home, my job. The place where he grew up, where he was happy.  I cried more, and drank more. Yet again I replied and yet again he didn’t respond.

I replayed every memory of the weeks we’d spent together, and doubted every one.  I’d been kidding myself that Bucky was my friend. I told myself I had nothing to offer, nothing anyone would want. I was a convenient shop assistant, a favour to his Granddad. A joke. I was ‘nothing compared to’ his fiancée.

James was doing little better than I was. I made sure to visit him, it was the one thing every day that mattered to me.  He looked old and sad, and spent a lot of time talking about the family that had gone, about the friends he’d lost. He asked me every day if I’d heard from Bucky, but I didn’t tell him about the estate agent.

On Thursday, I woke up when the alarm went off, but I couldn’t move. What I’d thought was a cold coming on the day before had worsened. A regime of poor food, excess alcohol, poor sleep, and depression, had left me susceptible to every virus. I was icily cold then feverishly hot, my body aching unbearably.  My head throbbed every time I coughed, which was often. I tried to stand but felt so weak that my legs trembled and I fell back onto the bed, shaking. I felt sick and sore.  My last coherent thought before I fell into a fevered sleep was Bucky.  I sent him a text – ‘cant open shop, agent, ill im sorry’ – and then slept.

The only time I left my bed on Thursday or Friday, was to crawl to the bathroom to be sick. Each movement left me weaker, my head throbbing, my brain in a fog. I drank a little water from the tap but couldn’t have made it to the kitchen to get a glass. I slept, or lay half-conscious, unable to easily separate reality from fever-delirium.  At one point, late on Friday, I heard my name being called, and a loud banging. The noise hurt my head, so I buried it under the pillow where the sweat stuck hair to my face. I slept again.

By Saturday morning, I was seriously dehydrated, although I couldn’t have said as much. My cough was rattling through me, leaving my chest aching. I was retching but there was nothing there.  I heard the banging again, and my name, but was too weary to even move. I shut my eyes against the light seeping into the room around my curtains.  When I opened them again, Bucky was standing there. Another hallucination.

He crouched down beside the bed, resting the back of his fingers on my forehead.  Against my overheated skin, his hand felt as cold as metal. I tried to say his name, but my tongue was too dry and stuck to the roof of my mouth. I blinked, and the hallucination was gone, so I shut my eyes to sleep.

A moment later, I felt an arm snake around the back of my neck, and a glass being held to my mouth, a trickle of water wetting my lips.  I opened my mouth to gulp the water down, and opened my eyes to see Bucky again. He was in a suit, the tie undone and askew, and was scowling.  Too soon, he took the glass away, and laid my head back down. He sat down on the edge of the bed and I tried to stay awake to look at him. He twisted to look at me.

“I was worried. You didn’t answer my calls or texts. Nobody answered the door yesterday. I had to lie to a locksmith and say I’d lost my keys, to get in,” he said, watching me. This was a great hallucination.  He put his hand out and brushed some of the sweaty hair off my face. I fell asleep again as he stroked my face.

When I woke up, the hallucination had gone. I felt slightly less wretched than before, although the difference was slight. I turned my head a little to ease my stiff neck, and noticed a glass of water by the bed.  I knew I hadn’t put it there, but all I could think of was how nice it would be to drink. I pulled myself upright, my arms trembling with the effort, and gulped down the water. It was icy cold and felt delicious on my sore throat. I lay back, half-upright, and looked around the room. It looked different. My head hurt to think so it took a while, but I realised that it was… tidy.

Since Bucky had left, I’d taken to coming in from work, throwing my clothes in the corner, and getting into bed with a bottle of wine.  The dirty clothes were all gone now, and the collection of wine bottles and glasses too.  I swung around in bed and stood on trembling legs, walked slowly to the bedroom door. I had to hold onto the doorframe and walls as I left my bedroom and turned into the living room. It was only a small flat but it felt like a marathon to walk that far. There was a strange smell, and a clattering noise from the kitchen. I turned into the doorway to see a man’s back. He was standing by the stove, stirring a pot, and humming to himself. There was clean washing up stacked beside the sink and the washing machine was churning.


He turned and saw me. It was Bucky, of course.  I was leaning on the doorway, worn out with illness, tiredness and confusion.

“Hey, you should not be out of bed,” he said, stepping across the kitchen to put an arm around me. “Come on, sit down for a second.” He pulled out a chair and I slumped into it.  He crouched at my feet, looking up at me, his eyes an intense blue.  “Give me a minute, I’ll change your bed.”

Before I could speak, he’d stood and walked past me.  I heard cupboards opening and closing – luckily my flat was small enough there weren’t many places to look – then silence.  A few minutes later, Bucky returned.  I stood, holding onto the chair.  Other than his name, I still hadn’t spoken. I started walking, still unsure exactly what was going on, why he was here, but I was too weak still and my knees gave way.

Before I could hit the ground, Bucky’s arms were around me. He lifted me up easily and carried me through to my room. Putting me down on the bed, I felt the cool crispness of fresh linen, such a change from the hot, tangled, sweaty sheets I’d been lying on. My eyes closed as the cold pillow comforted my head, but as I drifted off to sleep, I was sure I felt someone kiss my cheek.

When I next woke, the light coming through the curtains was softer, as if evening was coming. I’d slept more peacefully, the fever breaking at last although I still felt limp and exhausted.  There was another glass of water by the bed, and again I eagerly gulped it down.  The flat was silent and I was starting to doubt my own mind.  Carefully I got up again and walked out, on legs as weak as a newborn lamb’s.

In the living room, Bucky was sitting on the couch, legs up on the coffee table.  He was reading a book and rubbing something on his lap. For a moment, I flushed brightly, wondering what he was doing, before I realised he had a cat on his lap. Steve.  Bucky and Steve were in my apartment.  I felt lost.

I coughed, harshly, and Bucky turned around, the movement disturbing Steve who stretched and meowed.

“Hey sleepyhead! Any better? Can I get some medicine into you? You’ve fallen asleep every time I’ve tried.” He stood, lifting Steve onto the couch, and walked into the kitchen as he spoke. I followed, sitting down in the chair again, chilled and tired.

“What are you doing here Bucky?” I asked, my voice raspy and sore.  He put some paracetamol and another glass of water beside me, nodding at me to take them, then pulled out another chair, sitting near enough that our knees were almost touching.

“I told you. I couldn’t get hold of you and you’d said you were ill. I was worried. So I came to look after you.”

I couldn’t quite process it. He gave me bits of information as he ran me a bath, found me clean pyjamas. He sat outside the bathroom door talking as I lay in the bath, making sure I didn’t fall asleep and drown. He continued talking as I sat back in bed, exhausted but feeling so much better for being clean, and gave me home-made soup to eat. It was as if he hadn’t been able to speak for the last two weeks, and needed to let everything out.

“When you didn’t reply to my note, I thought I’d blown it, our friendship, so I tried to keep it business-like, but, I don’t know, things felt different back at home,” he said, but before he could continue, I broke in.

“What note? You didn’t leave one.”

“Before we left. I came down out of the flat with Maria and you were gone, so I left you a note.” I turned in the bath, staring at the doorway, as if I could see him through the wood.  

“There was no note. I went back to the shop after you’d gone. There was no note.” I climbed gingerly out of the bath, the heat having sapped the last of my strength, and half-heartedly dried myself, before pulling pyjamas onto damp skin.  As I started to clean my teeth, Bucky spoke again.

“I left a note, on the counter. Next to Steve.” A pause. “Saying I was sorry. Asking you to call me if you’d still be my friend. Telling you I needed a friend.”

I pulled the bathroom door open, and he looked up. He was sitting on a dining chair he’d pulled up outside the door, elbows resting on knees, head resting on hands.  Now that water and rest had cleared my head a little, I could really see him.  He looked terrible. His skin was grey, eyes red-lined, and the frown between his eyes was deep again.

“I never got that,” I said, and as if on cue, Steve rounded the corner, ignoring us both as he walked into my room and jumped on the bed.  I remembered the way Steve had scratched at something under the counter in the shop when I’d been there.  “Steve. She must have chased it.”

Bucky let out a groan of exasperation as I climbed into bed, too tired and emotional to give a thought to Bucky being in my bedroom.  He nudged the cat with his hand and she glared at him, before moving over and climbing onto my lap. I felt teary, in that post-illness way, when every emotion seems too raw, your nerves exposed. I kept my head down and stroked Steve, watching as one or two tears darkened her fur.  

I felt the bed move and looked up to see Bucky sitting down. He looked at me, then lay back, on top of the duvet, resting his head back against the headboard. He looked exhausted, drained.

“Out of interest, if you’d got the note…?”

“I’d have replied. I’d have called.”

His eyes closed, briefly, and his face seemed to relax.  Silence fell, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.  Steve purred on my lap, and my skin tingled from the hot bath. I was tired but had slept too much to sleep again just yet.

“Buck, why did you come all this way?”

He turned his head on the pillow to look at me. “I told you. I was worried. About you, and about Granddad. You were ill. The nurses say he’s gone downhill.”

I nodded.  “He has. I’m sorry.  To be honest, you look like you have too.”

He smiled, briefly.  “I’m fine. Work stress is all.” I didn’t believe him.

“If you need a friend, I’m here to listen. And thank you. For coming here, for taking care of me.”

For a moment, just a moment, I thought he was going to talk. He needed to, it felt as if there was a flood of words dammed up inside him, but before he could sleep, I was wracked with another bout of coughing, sending Steve off my lap and leaving me doubled over and struggling to breathe.  By the time I was calm again, Bucky had stood.  

“You need to sleep. You’re not well.” He leant over and kissed my forehead, leaving my skin tingling. Before I could speak again, he’d left the room, and I heard the flat door shut.

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The Night Owl Diner

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Summary: The reader finds herself at The Night Owl Diner late one night where something strange is going on…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This was written for Cassie’s (@death2thevirgin) Classics Challenge. Congrats on the followers babe! My quote was, “I’ll have what she’s having.” This was so different and fun to write…

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If the Shoe Fits Park Jimin x Reader Ballet Au!

Originally posted by missbaptan

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Disclaimer: I am not actually Korean, I just learned how to cook these foods from watching my aunt (ahjumma) while I was growing up. 

Jimin shuffled into the student kitchen of Etre. No one actually cooked in the kitchen, it was mainly used for the refrigerator, to store healthy snacks and produce. His head was still pounding, and sweat clung to his sticky skin. He cursed Hoseok for dressing him in actual pajamas, as he popped off the top button of the shirt. His body felt like it was on fire, and he badly needed water. Just by coincidence Yoongi was in the kitchen too, eating some yogurt. 

“Wow you look like hell,” Yoongi stated plainly. 

“I feel like I’m in hell.” Jimin gasped out, reaching for a glass. Jimin barely had the glass in his hands, and he felt it slip from his grip. The glass fell with a sharp shattering sound, followed by a blunt thump, as if a body hit the ground. 

“Jimin!” Yoongi rushed out of his seat to shake the boy who was passed out on the floor. Yoongi touched Jimin’s forehead, it was slick with sweat and felt extremely hot. 

“Shit,” Yoongi cursed. Jimin was sick, he must have been getting sick, from all that practicing. With his fall today, he finally started to rest, and his whole body caught up with him, and hit him hard. 

“What happened?! Yoongi are you okay?” Namjoon and Hoseok came running into the kitchen. 

“We heard a glass shattering,” Hoseok said.

“H-he’s just sick. I felt his temperature,” Yoongi stuttered out.

“He’s probably going to need some of the right nutrients to get better quickly,” Namjoon thought out loud.

“Where are we going to get that at two in the morning?” Yoongi asked. 

“I think I know,” Hoseok said, finally cutting in. 


“Unnie, your phone is ringing.” Sehwa mumbled drowsily, as she shook you awake. 

“I’ll get it. Just go back asleep okay?” Sehwa nodded and crawled back under her covers. You grabbed your phone and it read ‘HO-seok’ on it. You stepped out of your shared room and answered the call.

“The hell do you want?!” you whispered yelled into your phone, trying not to wake up the other family members in your house. “This better be good. Do you know how hard it is to put a seven year old back to sleep after you have woken them up?!” 

“I’m sorry, I just need a favor. Jimin is sick-”

“What does that have to do with me?” You sharply cut Hoseok off. 

“I know you do not like Jimin, but you are the only one who can make the foods for when people are sick at this time. Please help him, actually no, not for him for me. (y/n) he’s my friend.” Hoseok pleaded. You sighed and massaged the bridge of your nose, you rarely ever heard Hoseok this stressed, and rarely he asked much of you. 

“Fine I’ll do it, but I am only doing this for you. Give me twenty minutes-” 

“Unnie, can you tuck me in?” Sehwa’s voice interrupted you, as she peaked her tiny head out from behind the door. 

“Never mind, give me at most an hour. Do you guys have a kitchen?”

“Yes, there is a kitchen we have some basic seasonings in here and all the equipment.” 

“Good, I’ll be there.” You rummaged through your kitchen to find some stuff that you would need. Ginseng, a jujube, garlic, rice, and green onions. You bit your lip looking at the full Cornish hen that was sitting in your refrigerator, you needed it for the soup, but your mom also needed it. ‘Snap out of it (y/n), you’re doing this for Hoseok, you’ll bear the yelling from mom just this once.’ You mentally scolded yourself and took the chicken. You quickly wrote a note to your mom apologizing for taking the chicken and saying you’ll buy another one once you got back. You put everything in a big bag along with some prepacked side dishes, apple pears, honey, and a jar of citron tea. 

You walked back into your room to put Sehwa back to sleep, and that was another twenty minutes of patting her on the back and stroking her hair to get her to pass out again. You had twenty minutes left to get to Etre, and there were no trains running. You ran out of your house with the heavy bag, and into the city where you can hail a cab. You paid the driver some extra money so he could get you there faster. You looked up at the gates, and they were closed. You pushed the heavy iron gate open and they groaned loudly from being moved. You quickly took a scan of your surroundings to see if anyone woke up. Hoseok was at the entrance of Etre’s dorms with the door open for you. 

“You owe me for all the grief I went through just to get here,” You said as you made a mad dash for the kitchen. 

“I agree that I do,” Hoseok said as he ran with you. When you got to the kitchen you washed the rice, and started to soak it. While the rice was soaking you cleaned the chicken abrasively with salt. 

“Is there something I can help you with?” Hoseok asked. 

“Boil some water for me.” You said, still focusing on the chicken, Hoseok silently obeyed and started to boil a kettle full of water. Hoseok also started to unload all of the food you had brought onto the counters, so you could have easy accessibility to each ingredient. Namjoon looked at all food and noticed what you were making. 

“Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)? How did you know Jimin had a fever?” 

“I didn’t, I just went with my gut.” You said washing your hands so you can tie your hair up. You washed your hands once more and continued to clean the chicken. You pulled out giblets of the chicken, you cut away the skin and all of the fat off the chicken, also the tips of the wings, so the chicken could fit in the earth ware pot you found. You peeled eight cloves of garlic and cut of their tips off, after you peeled the garlic, you heated up the earth ware pot on the stove with some water in it. You heard the kettle whistle with steam, and you immediately took it off the fire. You poured the hot water into a tea cup and scooped out one spoonful of the citron tea marmalade into the water, and stirred. After that you washed the ginseng root and jujube. Your mouth made an audible ‘tch’ sound when you realized there wasn’t enough time to let the rice fully soak, but you started to stuff the chicken anyways. You first put in four cloves of garlic, rice, ginseng, rice, the jujube, rice, and the rest of the garlic. You picked up the full chicken and placed it in the pot, you placed the remaining rice in the pot, and more water for broth. 

“So how does (y/n) know how to make all of this?” Namjoon asked Hoseok. 

“Well she learned from her watching her grandma, and started to cook more for her parents and siblings after her grandmother died. Her mother was in so much grief she wouldn’t cook or doing anything at all for months.” Hoseok answered. You let soup cook on medium heat for thirty minutes, you set the timer and started to peel and dice the apple pears. You place the diced pears on a plate and drizzled honey on them. You carried the tea and the plate of fruit up to Jimin’s room. When you got to his room you saw him lying in bed with another boy watching him. You knew of  Yoongi, but you didn’t really know him. 

“Thank god you are here. I was getting a little worried. He has a fever, and he’s been coughing and sniffling a while in bed.” Yoongi explained. You crinkled your nose. 

“Sounds like he has the flu, it has been getting colder,” you placed the plate of pears on Jimin’s nightstand. With your free hand you pulled the cold rag on his forehead. 

“He needs to sweat off this flu, don’t let him cool down, keep him hydrated, not cool. If you let him cool down his fever will persist.” You instructed. You blew on the hot tea a little to make it a bit cooler, so Jimin could drink it. 

“Jimin wake up you need to drink this,” you said, placing your palm on his shoulder to shake him. You help him sit up a bit so he can take slow sips of the tea. You supported him by wrapping your arms around his shoulders and shoulder blades. His eyes were closed, but he still drank the tea. When he was half way done with the cup, you started to hand feed him a couple of cubes of the apple pears. 

When did Miju get here?” Jimin asked Yoongi, you rolled your eyes. 

“Out of all of the times you offended me Park Jimin, I’ve never been as offended as I am now. I am not that ditzy fake ass Yoo Miju.” You sneered, but Jimin was too sick to hear you. Yoongi laughed at your response. 

“Jimin was right you are smart mouthed like me.” He said, you turned to face Yoongi. 

“I guess,” you shrugged as you continued to feed Jimin. 

“This should stop his coughing for a little bit,” you made Jimin finish that cup of tea, then you left to go back to the kitchen to check on the soup. You turned the heat down to low for another half hour, you peeled more apple pears and diced them. You placed the apple pairs into cold water so they wouldn’t turn brown later on. You placed a note on the bowl saying ‘Park Jimin’ so no one would eat it. You also wrote a note to remind Hoseok or Namjoon to later in drizzle honey, and have Jimin eat that snack two or three times during the day. 

“What in god’s name are you doing?!” You quickly turned to see a woman standing in the kitchen with you. You had no idea who she was, or what to say, so you froze. 

“Wait Madame Hyojeong it’s okay.” Hoseok said as he came running back, he left for a few moments because he was in the bathroom. Namjoon went back to his room, because Hoseok urged him to get sleep. 

“She’s here to help Jimin. He’s sick and she’s the only one I know who could make samgyetang,” Hoseok explained. Madame Hyojeong studied your face, and noticed your eyes. 

“Are you the dandelion maker? (l/n) Minjae’s granddaughter?” Madame Hyojeong asked. You didn’t answer, but you stared back at Madame Hyojeong, she was a bit familiar to you. You imagined her face without glasses, less defined wrinkles, and a smile. 

“You’re Lee Hyojeong aren’t you?” Hoseok’s eyebrow shot up. You have never met any of the staff, except for Master Daejung. 

“My grandfather made pointe shoes for you, I remember watching you dance as Swanhilda in Coppelia,” you continued, Madame Hyojeong softly gasped. 

“You are his granddaughter, you have the eyes.” 

“Wait what is going on here?” Hoseok interrupted, Madame Hyojeong cleared her throat. 

“Never mind that Mister Jung. Mister Park is sick?”

“Yes,” you answered, “Hoseok asked me to come. He did not force me, I came here on my free will.” You were going to stand your ground, it didn’t matter to you. Hoseok needed help, you were his friend. There was a shimmer in Madame Hyojeong’s eyes when she smiled. 

“You really are like Minjae. I’ll leave to your business Miss (l/n),” Madame Hyojeong said, as she turned and left. 

 “How did she know your name?” Hoseok asked. 
“I guess you can say I’ve known her since I was a little girl,” you said shrugging. Your timer for the final thirty minutes went off you looked under the lid of the pot. The chicken is fully cooked with the rice, and the broth was beautifully clear. You let the soup get to another running boil and then took it off the heat, and placed green onions on top of it. 

“Go to bed Hoseok, you have class tomorrow,” you said.

“No, I can’t leave you alone,” Hoseok argued. 

“I can call in sick tomorrow, you still have class,” You were firm, but yet you weren’t yelling at him. Hoseok sighed, defeated. 

“Fine.” He said, as he walked back to his room. “Thank you again (y/n).” He said finally and left. You went back up to Jimin’s room to see that Yoongi was gone also, but the plate of apple pears was empty. It was around five in the morning, there was no way Jimin was going to class the next day. 

“Jimin, I have samgyetang with more tea. Come you need to eat.” Jimin weakly groaned, but couldn’t get up. You helped him up and out of his blankets, you then crouched in front of him. 

“Get on,” you said showing your back to him. Jimin used his little to none energy to slump on to your back. You lifted yourself and him up with your legs, and adjusted him once you were fully stood up. You walked all the way down to the kitchen, you placed him in a chair, but his eyes were still closed. It was like it was painful to open his eyes. You placed the bowl of soup in front of him, and an empty to plate to put all the rice and ginseng on. You also put down a cup of fresh tea and side dishes around. You didn’t expect Jimin to actually eat all of this, but it was better to have more than less in this case, and left overs were good. 

“Jimin can you feed yourself?” You asked, you answered by Jimin slumping forward and almost falling face first into the chicken. You quickly caught his head and pushed him back by his shoulders. 

“I am going to take that as a no,” you mumbled under your breath as you began to break apart the soft flesh of the chicken. You got some rice broth and a little bit of chicken onto a spoon and fed it to Jimin. He opened his mouth surprisingly, you made sure he sat up and kept his head up so he wouldn’t choke. You found the jujube, and started to peel the hot fruit so you could find the seed, that wasn’t supposed to be eaten. You ignored the burning feeling until you found the seed, you lightly blew the steam away, and fed it to Jimin. You scooped out the rice from the chicken and let it fall out on to the plate. You scooped the rice up and blew on it, you also made Jimin choke down the bits of the ginseng root. Apparently he doesn’t like eating it straight, but you still forced him. 

“The chicken is too plain…” You heard a small voice, Jimin’s eyes were slightly open. His face was still shiny from all the sweat that was produced from the soup. 

“I personally like the chicken with salt and sesame oil sauce,” he said. 

“Well…at least I know for sure I am not feeding a dead body,” you said, shoving another spoonful into Jimin’s mouth to shut him up. Jimin closed his eyes again, as you brought up the cup of tea to his mouth. You dabbed at his lips with a napkin, and you could feel the plushness of his lips through the paper. You were able to get him to eat some kimchi, half of the chicken, the whole ginseng root, the jujube, all the rice, and half of the cloves the garlic. You poured more water into the pot, and placed it back on the stove, so there would be more broth later. You helped Jimin finish off the rest of his tea, and sat back in his seat. He was breathing heavily from the heat, you knew you weren’t supposed to let him cool off, but you ran a clean soft rag under room temperature water to wipe Jimin’s face. You lifted up his black bangs so you could wipe his forehead of its sticky sheen. While you wiped his forehead you noticed he had three prominent moles on his forehead. Their placing kind of reminded you of an isosceles triangle, it was cute…

The lowest one was a bit above the inner corner of his eyebrow, another was place above that last one, but there was one in between the two on his right forehead. The last one was above the mid part of his left eye brow. You shook yourself out of the trance that was Jimin’s forehead, and continued to wipe the rest of his face; over his cheeks, upper lip, lips, nose, and the back of his neck. Instead of having a shiny appearance, Jimin’s skin now had a dewy appearance. You walked over to the earth ware pot and took it off of the stove and placed it on the counter. It was still hot, so you couldn’t put it in the fridge. Instead, you placed its matching lid on it with a note saying that the soup was Jimin’s and a short set of instructions on how to heat up the soup for him later on. You packed up the rest of the food and wrote Jimin’s name on them, along with the tea. You pulled out the chair Jimin was sitting on so he could climb onto your back. While you were walking up to his room you had to stop for a little and take a breather. You exhaled heavily, Jimin wasn’t too heavy, you were just tired from getting up early and cooking. You pulled out your phone to check the time, it was already six in the morning, you cursed under your breath. The other boys will be waking up soon, and that’s the last thing you wanted. 

To be caught as a girl in boys dorm with a boy on your back. You muscled your way to Jimin’s room without any of the boys actually seeing you, because none of them, luckily, left their rooms yet. You opened the door to Jimin’s door and quickly closed it. You really wanted to just drop Jimin on to his bed, but with the bit of energy you had, you gently laid him down. You were about to tuck him, but you heard him sniffling and started to cough. ‘I guess his fever is almost gone.’  You thought. That samgyetang work wonders you guessed. You ran back down to the kitchen grabbed the vapor rub, another cup of tea and ran back quickly to Jimin’s room without spilling or being seen. You placed the cup on his nightstand, and you were about to open the vapor rub, but you stopped when Jimin sat up. 

“I….need…the restroom…” He slurred. You groaned internally, yes he needed that tea, but it would also make him pee. You lifted him up princess style and carried him to the bathroom. You let stand steadily and turned away from the toilet. 

“Do your business by yourself okay?” Your cheeks were burning, you were literally in the bathroom with another boy who was not your brother or at least ten years younger than you. You visibly cringed when you heard the liquid sounds from behind you. You finally turned around when you herd the sound of fabric being pulled up. Jimin waddled to the sink and washed his hands, he was at the towel drying his hands, until he almost fell over from falling asleep again. You caught him and picked him up. 

“Jeez, the hell is wrong with you. I’ve never seen anyone this sleepy while having the flu.” You said to yourself, you walked back to Jimin’s bed, but his roommates were now awake. Luckily it was only Taehyung and Seokjin. 

“If any of you say a word about this I will deny everything, then slit your throats making your deaths look like accidents.” You said, not bothering to face them. Both boys didn’t say anything because they partly amazed and terrified. It was amazing that you were carrying Jimin, and terrified from your impressive strength that your threat seemed a little bit more real. 

“Hyung…” Taehyung weakly said, “I gotta pee now.” He said, and ran to the bathroom out of fear. You placed Jimin back on is bed, and shook your wrists out. 

“Can you believe?” you turned to face Seokjin, “that, I, the girl actually had to carry him like a princess? I guessed it is now confirmed Park Jimin is now a princess.” You said, chuckling at your own joke. You looked up and saw Seokjin with a nervous smile. 

“More power to you?” He said, then retreated to the bathroom quickly. Both boys impressively got ready at a fast pace, and left you alone with a sleeping Jimin. You finally got to the vapor rub and opened it without interruptions this time. You noticed the weight of everything you were about to do, when you saw the little bit of flesh that was exposed when Jimin undid his first button. This wasn’t your brother, this was a boy was not related to you by blood or marriage, Jimin wasn’t even your friend for crying out loud. But after five minutes of mentally slapping yourself and pulling up the courage you started to undo the rest Jimin’s pajama shirt. You decided to stop once you have cleared his chest. You wanted to save some of his and your dignity. You technically didn’t have his consent, and you were probably going to get yelled at by him, but you remembered you were doing this for Hoseok, your friend. You dipped your fingers into the creamy ointment and scooped a little out to rub onto Jimin’s chest. You started to slowly rub into his skin, trying to work it in while not waking him up. The skin of his chest was very smooth and you can feel the bumps and ridges of his fit muscles and tendons. It took a very a long time to cover his whole chest. You also delicately rubbed some of the rub on his throat, trying not to crush it or wake him up. The last part you covered was his nostrils. It was only a light coat that was meant to clear up his sinuses while he slept. You softly started to loop the buttons on Jimin’s shirt into their holes, covering up his skin by one clasp at a time. When you were done with the shirt you pulled his comforter up to his chin so he would be warm in spite of the harsh cold October mornings. You placed a note next to Jimin’s cup of tea telling to drink it even if it was cold. You sat next to Jimin’s bed and started to think about what you should make next, maybe yukgaejang? That would big time knock the cold out of him, You stood up to leave, but you were stopped because something grabbed onto you. You turned to see Jimin gripping onto the sleeve of your sweatshirt. He took his other hand and moved up your arm to pull you to him. He wrapped his long arms around what was your small frame, you could every breath he took and every beat his heart made. 

“Thank you for taking care of me (y/n).” He whispered into your ear. You pulled yourself out from his grip and laid him back down. 

“Ugh, I guess you become crazy when you are sick too huh?” You said, and left his room to run to the grocery store to buy food. You bought everything you didn’t have at home for yukgaejang, and all of the ingredients you needed to replace at home. After you bought everything you needed. you took the train home and replaced the hen you took from your mom. 

“(y/n) what are you doing up so early?” Your mom asked when she saw you in the kitchen digging around for hot pepper flakes and other seasonings that weren’t in the Etre kitchen. 

“Hoseok’s wanted me to make yukgaejang because Park Jimin is sick.” 

“Don’t forget to add rice, the rice will help fill him up so he gets more energy.” Your mother stated plainly. You turned and packed a small handful of red beans and rice. Red beans were high in helpful nutrients. You packed everything in another bag with all of the food you bought from the grocery store. 

“I promise I’ll re-buy everything I took mom,” you called out as you ran out the door. 

“You’re actually letting her go?” Jaewook asked as he took a seat at the dining table. 

“After all these years I stuck her behind a work bench, I feel really bad that she didn’t have as much fun as a regular teenager does. I even had more freedom than her.” Your mom said as she watched your running figure from the kitchen window. 

“Your dad actually mentioned she made a new friend yesterday and she was having dinner with him. I only remember Chaerin and Hoseok being (y/n)’s only friends. I robbed my daughter of that, I can’t get the past friends she could have made back. But what I can do now is let her have the friends she is making in the present.“ Your mom finally as said, as she disappeared into the house to wake up Sehwa.

You were riding the train back to Etre when you saw Jaejung squeeze his way through the mass of bodies. 

“Whoa what clan are you feeding darling?” Jaejung asked when he noticed the giant bag of food you were carrying. 

"Well that spoiled Siegfried got sick, and his close friend begged me to take care of him. I am now his shoemaker and cook.“ You said rolling your eyes. 

"Are you always a comedian twenty-four seven (l/n) (y/n)?“ 

"I’m here all week." 

 "What are you making?” Jaejung asked, changing the subject. 


 "Oh that’s my favorite." 

 "I promise I will make it for you another day, deal?" 

 "Deal.” You and Jaejung linked your pinkies together and twisted your hands up so your thumbs touched. You felt you phone buzz in your pocket.  

HO-seok: Status update 

(y/n)iie: Uh….Fine I guess. I’m not with him at the moment….

HO-seok: What?! 

(y/n)iie: Before you go ham on me, I left him because I went to get more food for him.

HO-seok: Oh….that makes more sense now. Sorry for bothering you ^-^ 

You breathed out a sigh of relief, you were safe from Hoseok’s wrath. Hoseok was extremely friendly, you would agree if someone said he was the sun, but if you messed with his friends it was game over. 

HO-seok: Do you need any help? You’re probably tired.

(y/n)iie: get me a cup of strong green tea, and I’ll be good. I can handle the rest. 

You got off the train with Jaejung and walked with him through the city. While you were walking you two were talking about dancing some more. He was very passionate and loved teaching as well. He was telling about how excited he was to show off his new choreography as soon as it was done. Your heart fluttered, you never got to experience a first love given you only went to middle school, and for high school you were practically home schooled. 

"Hey do you want me to carry that bag into Etre for you? You look tired.“ Jaejung offered. You were about to say no, but he was already taking it from. 

"But don’t you have to go to work?” You said helplessly. 

"Don’t worry about it too much Darling, they won’t miss me too much.“ Jaejung lifted the bag and placed it onto his broad shoulders. 

"Is it too heavy?” You asked as you rotated your cramped shoulder. 

"It’s not too bad, I think I’ve lifted heavier in the gym.“ Jaejung answered. "Are you worried about me darling?” Jaejung smirked. 

"I mean obviously if I am asking.“ You replied bluntly. Jaejung laughed at your response, most girls would be all blushy and deny their feelings. Your straight to point personality was what attracted Jaejung, that meant you would never lie. You got to Etre and walked all the way to the student kitchen. The gates were now open so you didn’t have to open them yourself. Jaejung managed to sneak his way in without a pass with you. He set down the bag of food and took a breath. 

"Okay, that bag does get heavy after a while.” He admitted. You tossed a bottle of water at him and unloaded the bag. 

"I’ll see you around darling.“ He waved. 

"See you later Jaejung.” You waved back and watched him leave. You stored all of the perishable food into the refrigerator with Jimin’s name on them. Last thing you needed was to have another dancer think that food wasn’t anyone’s, eating it, and forcing you to go back out and buy more. 

You made another cup of hot citron tea and walked up to Jimin’s room. It was eight in the morning now, Sehwa should be already on her bus…

You were little disappointed that you didn’t have the time to walk with her again. You probably would have bought her chocolate after she was on the bus so she could have it after dinner, guess that’ll be for another time. You walked up to see if Jimin was awake, he wasn’t, not that you were shocked that he was still slumbering. You woke him up gently so you could get him to sit up and drink he tea. You supported his back while he slowly took sips. He still had a slight fever, but your yukgaejang was gonna knock this fever out of him, you knew it. Jimin finished half of the cup, and he pulled away from the tea. He looked and saw your face. Your hair was slightly messy, it wasn’t as neat as it usually was, there were some stray baby hairs that framed you face. The rays from the sun outlined your figure he could have sworn he was dead. His body still felt warm and heavy with sleep. 

“(y/n)?” Jimin muttered out in a low whisper. You started to lower his body back on to the bed. 

“Just go back to sleep Jimin.” You mumbled as you pulled the blanket back on him. 

Miju saw the whole scene, you left the door open, and Miju couldn’t help but peek inside. She saw you feed Jimin the tea, the brief moment you two talked, and tucking JImin in. Her grip tightened around the large canister of chicken soup. She couldn’t cook actually it was just soup from a can. There was a pang in her chest that pulsated with pain. She was sure that you knew Jimin for less time that she did, why were you here? 

Miju walked away from the Jimin’s room, and hid out of your line of sight when she heard your footsteps coming towards her. You closed Jimin’s door behind you and walked down to the kitchen to prepare everything for the yukgaejang, yukgaejang was not hard, just time consuming. You started be soaking and washing the gosari, while the beans were boiling, re-soaking in water so they were plump and supple to eat. You also placed the bright red brisket meat into a bowl of cold water to soak up some excess blood. While you were waiting for everything to soak or boil you started to chop the large green onion, cutting it into small stalks, and each stalk in half so Jimin could swallow them. After the green onions were done you started to wash the mung bean sprouts, rinsing a couple it couple of times so the vegetables, to get rid of the leaves. leaving only the milky stalks. When the gosari was done soaking you rinsed the mountain vegetables with cold water, getting rid of anymore lingering dust. You grabbed and handful and cut the stems into halves. You strained the boiled red beans saving the bean water so you could cook it with the rice. While you straining the beans you heard a pair of slippers scuffling across the hard wood floor of the kitchen, you looked and saw Jimin. He was actually awake, you felt your chest flutter, you were so proud that your home cooking brought him back alive. Meaning that you didn’t poison him, leaving a very angry school of dancers… 

“Morning sunshine…or should I say afternoon?” You said as you looked at the clock reading ‘1:45′. 

“You sure I didn’t die and go to hell, because you’re here with me?” Jimin replied sarcastically. 

“You know it’s not too late to slip arsenic into your food.” You mumbled and shot Jimin an evil glare. You walked away from the beans and started to re-heat the half eaten samgyetang on the stove. Jimin watched you walk around the kitchen, as you started to pour something into a sauce plate. 

"Wait do you actually have arsenic?!” Jimin gulped. 

“No, do you really think I’m a psycho?” You said as you placed the dipping sauce next to Jimin. It was for the chicken….Jimin did say in his sleep that his favorite was the sesame oil and salt dip for the chicken. 

“My favorite….” Jimin stared down at the plate. 

“Yeah, you kind of told me in your sleep.” You explained. 

“You actually listened?” 

“There was no one else here but me when you said that.”

“I just didn’t expect you to listen. I mean told Miju that during the summer when we got samgytang, but she only got that honey soy sauce dip.”  You crinkled your nose. 

“The two things I hate: people who don’t listen and that sauce.” Jimin chuckled at your response.

“So you don’t like honey soy sauce?”

“Ew, no.” You replied curtly, and removed the soup from the stove and placed it front of Jimin. You also set down another plate from him to use just in case and a set of utensils. 

“Thanks,” Jimin started to eat the dish. He stared down longingly at the soup. 

“Is there something wrong with it? I swear I-”

“It just reminds me of Jihyun.” Jimin said, cutting you off. 

“I’m sorry, but who?” You asked giving him a puzzled look. 

“He’s my little brother. We use to eat samgyetang together as little kids, and I’ve never had samgyetang that taste like this while I was away from home.” Jimin sniffled. You could have sworn you heard Jimin’s voice crack, but you opted not to say anything. 

“Is it good?”

 “It’s actually one of the best I’ve ever had.” Jimin said, “where did you learn how to make this?”

“My grandma taught me when I was younger. My mom didn’t trust me in the kitchen at that age. My grandma…believed in me…she was something else.” You muttered. Jimin could tell that this was a sensitive subject for you and didn’t say anything else, and continued to eat, dipping the bland flesh of chicken into the salty oil. Jimin finished the whole chicken, rice, garlic, and broth. 

“How’s your throat?” 

“It’s still sore and scratchy.” Jimin admitted. You walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out the cold bowl of apple pears. You grabbed a couple of handfuls, dried them off with paper towel, and drizzled honey over them. 

“Our cook use to do this for me when I was sick.” Jimin said, popping a couple cubes into his mouth, filling his cheeks.


“Yeah, my parents hired her. My mom doesn’t really know how to cook.” Jimin said, as he continued to eat. You poured Jimin a fresh cup of tea, which he drank without saying anything. He was asleep whenever you made him drink the citron tea, now he could finally taste it. 

‘It’s sweet…and sour…like her.’  He thought as he drank the warm tea. 

“Let me feel your forehead,” you said, while walking over to Jimin. Before he could say anything you slid your palm under his bangs and felt his forehead, and smiled. Jimin could feel his blood careening into his cheeks. He’s never had a girl touch him like this or smile at him this closely. You quickly pulled your hand away and did a little victory dance. 

“Yes! I did it, your fever is gone. That means Hoseok won’t kill me~!” You said, acting dorky until you went back to your spot at the kitchen to continue Jimin’s dinner. 

“You can go back to bed now.” You said shooing Jimin away. Jimin hung his head and walked back to his room. 

You washed the rice added the red beans and the red bean water and began to cook the red bean rice. You also put the soaked beef, some dried mushrooms, and onions into a pit of boiling water to create the broth. 


“Wait you mean (y/n) carried Jimin?” Hoseok asked, “(l/n) (y/n)?” Taehyung and Seokjin blankly nodded. 

“See, that’s why you don’t mess with her. She’s insanely strong.” Chaerin snickered. 

“I’d say she’s like Doo Bong Soon.” Taehyung added, Yoongi slapped Taehyung in the back of the head. 

“Don’t over exaggerate. This isn’t a drama.” Yoongi hissed. 

“That still is impressive, she carried Jimin multiple times.” Namjoon said, "she must be tired, she’s been awake since two in the morning.” 

Hoseok frowned, he felt guilt nibble at him. He asked you to sacrifice a bunch for a person you didn’t even like. This was your own time you were throwing away for him.  

“She’s a good person, I’ll make sure I’ll make it up to her somehow.” Hoseok admitted. 

“We should reserve a front seat for her at ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and buy her dinner afterwords!” Jungkook excitedly suggested. 

“That’s a terrific idea, what do you think Miju?” Chaerin asked, Miju didn’t say anything up to this point in their conversation, and she usually would have thrown her to cents in by now. 

“Yeah….that sounds great.” She answered quietly. No one really was concerned about her silent response, and continued onto a new subject to talk about. 

Jimin actually slept as you cooked in the kitchen. Now that the stock was  made and you shredded up the beef you added the chili peppers, sugar, and oils that gave yukgaejang that famous kicking heat. It was almost dinner time, and your stomach rumbled, crying for you to feed it. You totally forgot to eat during the day, you pulled out your phone and called up a nearby restaurant to drop off food. The other students of Etre were eating dinner in the dining hall, so you were pretty safe. When ever you heard someone coming you would make a mad dash for the bathroom and lock the door. You poured the soup into another earth ware pot, and started to scoop out the rice in a bowl, and placed it on the table with other dishes. You went to Jimin’s room to see he was actually awake, sitting at his desk. You could see the lines of thinking wrinkling his forehead as he tried to figure out the problem in front of him. You peeked over his shoulder to see that he was working on, chemistry. Jimin massaged the bridge of his nose and tapped his pencil against his temple. You noticed that he was studying constant acids and bases. 

"Do you need help?” You offered, Jimin looked up from his worksheet. 

“Didn’t you drop out of high school or something?” You frowned at his answer. You were perfectly capable at high school academics like any other student. 

“To find the concentration of OH in a weak base you must create the conjugate acid so you have one less hydrogen in water. If you have one oxygen and one hydrogen, you’ll get the OH.” You said, drawing out the conjugates on his paper. Jimin looked at you amazed. 

“Wait you knew all that?”

“If I didn’t why would I offer pointless help.” You said dryly and turned to leave his room. 

“Dinner is ready, come down after you made your ICE chart and found Kb.” You sat in the kitchen eating your own dinner, when you saw Jimin shyly peek in. He was holding his chemistry work sheet, calculator, and pencils in his hands. 

“Can you help me out while we eat?” He asked. He was a bit ashamed that he assumed your level of intelligence when clearly knew what you were talking about.

“What from me? A high school drop out?” You fake gasped. Jimin pulled up his seat at his place setting. 

‘I’m sorry for what I said, I really am ashamed I looked down upon you. I didn’t know.” 

“Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean you can fill it in with your own truth.” You answered eating another spoonful of rice. 

“Please, I am begging here, chem is really kicking my ass.” 

“Fine.” You huffed, “eat, then we’ll work. You can’t think when you aren’t full.” Jimin nodded like a puppy and picked up his utensils. Jimin ate quite a bit in general, but he never ate as often in a day like today. You figured he was always hungry today, because he was sick. Jimin put half of the rice that was in his bowl into the soup. 

“You made red bean rice?” He said, looking up. 

“The nutrients in the red beans will help you.” You answered, picking up Jimin’s problems to see what he was working on. 

“Do you understand what is going on?” He asked, you nodded and flipped the paper. 

“I’m already done with everything I need in chemistry to be honest. I’m doing advanced biology now. I think we use the same program for schooling.” You said, recognizing the problems as arithmetic you did a while ago. 

“Wait really?”

“Not the high school drop out you thought I was huh?” 

“I said I was sorry.” Jimin said, going back to eating.

“How is it?” You asked, changing the ubject.

“It’s really good, I think the spiciness is perfect for me.” Jimin admitted, eating a spoonful of hearty vegetables. When Jimin was done you picked up his dishes and took them to sink to wash. You rinsed each dish and proceeded to soak them in water. You were about to sit back down in your seat, but you heard a group of students coming. They must have been coming back from dinner, and were going back to their rooms. You quickly ran and hid behind the island counter that was in the kitchen. Jimin noticed you hiding and realized why you were doing what you were doing so he acted like he was paying attention to his chem homework so no one would suspect a thing. When the coast was clear Jimin leaned over the counter see your huddled body.

“You can come out now, no one is here.” 

“AAHH, you scared me!” You screamed, looking up to meet Jimin’s eyes. You noticed how close you and Jimin were, you two could touch noses. You pressed your palm against his face and pushed him up and away. 

“What was that for?!”

“You were too close,” you said sitting back at you seat, “let’s just get back to chemistry.” 

Jimin took his seat next to you and worked with him for hours, sometimes having to re-explain the concept in different ways so he could understand it more clearly. You were patient with him, and to his surprise you didn’t yell at him one bit. it was nine-thirty at night and Jimin managed to get a grip on what he was finally doing. He went off the finish his problems on his own, with you watching carefully, or so he thought. He could hear small snores coming from your direction, and was met with your covered eyes. You had a moment of silence, and finally dozed off. He was about to shake you awake but Hoseok was passing through coming from a late night practice. 

“Wait, don’t wake her up.’ Hoseok ran over to stop Jimin. “She’s been awake since two in the morning. I think she’ll bite your head off if you woke her.” Hoseok chuckled. 

“She’s been here since two?” Hoseok nodded. 

“Yeah, she’s been here since you passed out, I asked her come. She actually didn’t have to come, she came here on her free will.” Jimin looked down to the ground feeling more guilt. You’ve done so much for him already, stepping out of your everyday life to help him, and never ask for anything. You don’t even tell him that it distracts you from your own world full of duties, you let him think that it was a requirement or job of yours. 

“I’m not too sure what you think of her, but she really is a good person.” Hoseok added. “Anyways, I’m going to bed, goodnight.” He said and disappeared. 

Jimin glanced back you, and thought that the table was uncomfortable, so he walked over and picked you up. Surprisingly you weren’t too heavy for his weak body. He carried you up to his room, hugging you close to his body so your limbs wouldn’t hit anything while he was walking. Taehyung and Seokjin were already in the room, when Jimin walked in with you. 

“Well at least she’s not the one doing the carrying.” Seokjin said snickering, Taehyung laughed also, knowing that  Seokjin was referring back to the morning when you were carrying Jimin around. Jimin shot the two of them a confused look. 

“Oh you don’t know?”

“(y/n) was carrying you this morning just like a princess.” Seokjin finished. 

“She’s crazy strong, she even threatened us if we tried telling someone else.” Taehyung said. Jimin’s lips formed and ‘o’ shape. Jimin sat on his desk and worked throughout the night trying to finish up homework, but he eventually fell asleep, he didn’t know he fell asleep or when he did. When you woke up you looked at your phone and realized it was eleven. You only had one more hour until the subway closed and there goes your ride home. You got and noticed that all three boys were asleep and quietly left the room. Jimin woke up when his head slipped out of his hand and hit his head on his hard desk. Jimin rubbed his forehead and looked over his shoulder to his empty bed….

Wait…empty bed? Jimin ran out of his room and into the kitchen and noticed all of your bags were gone. He ran through the school looking for you, he finally ran out of the school and saw you walking towards the front gates. He ran up to you and spun you around to face. 

“What are you doing?! You can’t just wonder around at night.” He hissed.

“What are you talking about? I’m just going home.” 

“But you shouldn’t be, not at this time.”

“I don’t belong here Jimin.” Your last sentence rang through his ears. What did you mean that you don’t belong here, he forgot you weren’t a dancer, and you haven’t been attending this school for years like he did. 

“You have to stay here, you might get hurt out there.” Jimin was met with a combination of your sarcastic eye roll and scoff. 

“I don’t know what you are thinking Jimin, but we aren’t friends,” There was a pang in his chest, “we never were.” And there it was again. “We aren’t close at all, I only came here because Hoseok begged me. What happened today doesn’t matter. None of this means anything, it all means nothing to me.”

So Close (Part 5 of 5)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: This started as a 4+1 setup on Lin asking you to marry him. It devolved into a study of a year plus some in a relationship, and how you can be so close to the end and yet so far in the blink of an eye.

Word Count: 5774 (the shortest one, you’re welcome)

Warnings:  Badly translated Spanish, a swear, maybe.

Notes:  Oh my god, this is end! Thank you all for all the likes, comments, reblogs, replies, and follows. I am so glad you stuck around for the end. You made my day with every single reaction and I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to the Tumblr fic community. You are all amazing!!

I do not speak Spanish, nor have I ever been on Broadway, nor am I a traditionally published author. I was proposed to once and it was not like this at all (but still good). I put a lot of research into this stuff to make it seem as realistic as possible, but if you can tell me how to fix a situation or change a translation to make it better, please let me know, I’m happy to listen.

I took a lot of inspiration from random things, but I want to point out some of my sources because they’re important.

  • The Hamiltome gave me most of the original cast/crew names and timelines for when things happened (transfer to Broadway, opening night, etc.) I also heavily relied on the timeline on the Hamilton Wiki page.
  • One of the recurring quotes throughout this work comes from Peter Pan. Kudos if you know it.
  • The JFK Airport website gave me the layout but having never flown out of JFK, it may still be very wrong.
  • Spanish translations are courtesy of Reverso Contexto. Better than Google, but I’m sure, not infallible. Let me know if I’m way off the mark.
  • I based the book/surprise off the true story. If you don’t know it, please send me an ask and I will send you what I have on it! (Trying not to give this away.)
  • The start of Lin’s speech was inspired by a prompt from @sentence-fragments. Lots of good starts to be found at this blog - go look!
  • Title comes from the Jon McLaughlin song of the same name. It is the over arcing theme song for this fic. Link

This is the first thing I’ve written in at least 5 years, and it’s the first thing I’ve written for a Broadway fandom in 10+ years. Please be kind.

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Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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Coffee Shop Rescue IV

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1340

Summary: You’re enjoying your time with Peter, and start making connections. (I’m so so sorry this has taken so long. I just graduated college and had to move and I’m working on finding a job, and I got a one week job at a summer camp, and I got rear-ended, and yeah, life has been hectic, but I’ve missed this story so much! And mostly I miss you all! But I also wrote myself into a corner that I just figured out how to get out of, so here it goes…)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

You learned a lot about Peter over the following weeks. He was right - he was a nerd, absolutely, but so were you, just about different things. He knew photography and science, you knew literature and grammar. The common ground came to movies and tv shows, which you were both pleased to find out you had a lot in common on that front. You were more into Star Wars while he preferred Star Trek, and he liked Narnia to your Lord of the Rings, but you both loved Harry Potter possibly more than should be considered reasonable (and were both able to realize that Snape is a controversial character but not exactly a good one, which was the most important thing in regards to that fandom). You could debate the two for hours - and had - without actually getting angry at each other.

T.V. was a little different, neither of you had much to get heavily involved in shows, but you were still clinging to the ones you’d had time for in college. Peter, on the other hand, tended to jump between shows sporadically.

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No Brotherhood of Mine Part I.

Summary: I can’t think of a good summary without spoilers. You’ll be fine.

Characters; Erik Lehnsherr x Reader, Charles Xavier x Reader.

Word Count: 990.

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Inspired by @mm277me ‘s request.

Series Masterlist.

Complete Masterlist.

“Good morning,” she said.
“Good morning, love,” Charles replied.
It was Sunday, and Sunday meant sleeping in and laying around late into the afternoon. It was usually quiet on such days. A relief considering a bunch kids are running around blasting energy beams from their chest and screaming so they can fly. Every now and then Alex would be teasing Hank and Beast would appear to chase Alex throughout the mansion. It was all in good fun, at least for Alex anyways.
Resting in white linens, Charles and his lovely girlfriend snuggled into one another, feeling at peace and pleased with the moment. Then a knock echoed throughout the bedroom followed by a bang. Charles huffed and begrudgingly left the bed.
“It’s Shaw,” Erik growled.
“Erik it’s Sunday, take a breath my friend.”
Erik shook his head and marched into the bedroom, “this is important, Shaw’s out there. We can’t be acting lazy because it’s Sunday.” He stopped at the sight of (y/n) sitting in the bed, wearing a strappy white night gown. He blushed and looked away, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.”
Charles scowled and patted him on the shoulder, “we’ll talk about this later.”
He walked Erik out and calmly closed the door. Returning to the bed Charles found her giggling.
“You’re jealous,” she observed.
“I am not!”
“Don’t worry, he’s only allowed to look.”
Charles huffed again, “he’s too much sometimes.
“He’s damaged and vengeful, can you blame him?”
“No, no I can’t.”
“Come back to bed,” she opened her arms.
Charles crawled back into the king-sized bed and kissed her before wrapping his arms around her. They both fell asleep and stayed like so for the next few hours.

(Y/n) woke up to a loud noise followed by shouting. Quickly changing and fixing her hair she followed the muffled yelling to Charles’ office. Him and Erik were going at it again about Shaw, she assumed. Instead of stepping in a diffusing the argument, as she sometimes did, (y/n) shrugged it off and went to make a hot drink and breakfast, or lunch at this time of day. As she poured the hot beverage into a mug Erik came into the room fuming. She watched as Erik levitated as fork from the dining table and stabbed the wall on the other side of the kitchen.
“I cleaned those last night, you know?”
Erik’s ears pricked up and looked at her. His breath became shaky, simply staring at her anxiously.
“You apologize to me far too much,” she replied, sitting on the counter.
“It seems I’m always invading your space.”
“I don’t mind, as long as it’s not too close or in my bedroom.”
You both chuckled.
“Care for pancakes,” he asked.
(Y/n) lifted her plate, “already got some food, but thanks.”
Erik took a few steps towards her, hands behind his back, “I didn’t mean to intrude with you dressed so… immodestly.”
“It’s very rare to see my collarbone, you should be honored,” (y/n) joked.
“It was a pleasure,” he countered.
“You could use some tea though,” she insisted,” I just bought some jasmine tea you may like.”
“That would be lovely.”
(Y/n) slid off the counter and took a new kettle from the cabinet. She handed him the jar of tea and he dug around looking for a bag.
“They’re at the bottom, I think,” (y/n).
Erik struggled to pull his hand from the small jar but succeeded with a teabag between is pointer finger and thumb. He gingerly gave the bag and she placed into the strainer. Closing the kettle’s lid (y/n) took a sip of her own drink and sat back on the counter, legs swigging back and forth. She noticed Erik staring at her legs, abruptly stopping causing his head to snap back up. She knew of his feelings for her and that if given the chance he’d sweep her off her feet to somewhere beautiful. (Y/n) herself had an adoration for him but not the same way, not when she was with Charles. Then again, she couldn’t deny a since a love for Erik as well.
“You can sit, you know?”
“I’d rather stand.”
“Nonsense, sit with me,” she patted the granite.
Erik plopped himself down next her, taking a sip to mask his squirming. The two sighed simultaneously and Erik looked at (y/n) and (y/n) looked back. They looked away from each other and sighed again.
“I thought you’d be in bed still.”
“You and Charles were fighting. I didn’t want to get involved this time.”
“You heard.”
“You have excellent projection.”
“Charles thinks he knows best.”
“You’re angry and he doesn’t want you doing something brash. I don’t want you to do something brash.”
“It makes no difference.”
(Y/n) twisted her face thinking of what to say next, her curiosity swirling.
“Why Shaw?”
“He’s the reason why I’m like this, a monster.”
Erik hesitated but slowly peeled back his left sleeve. Upon his forearm was a list of numbers: 214782. (Y/n) quivered at the sight, placing her fingers on the strip of ink.
“How long were you there?”
“After the war ended I ran.”
“No family.”
“My mother died the day we got there,” Erik began to cry and leaned on her shoulder. She had never seen him this way, she couldn’t anyone has. She caressed his back as he fell apart in her arms. She stayed quiet and let him have his moment of grief.
“I’m sorry for your loss,” she said.
“I was fourteen,” he sniffled, “and he killed her right in front of me!”
“I understand your want to take revenge but I don’t want you going after someone like this.”
“I’m going to kill him and Charles won’t stop me.”
The two heard Charles’ voice ring down the hallway. (Y/n) left the counter and turned to Erik.
“If you do go after Shaw, please be careful. Someone could get hurt.”

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Mysterious Hazelnut | Pt. III

Summary: Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista.

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist |

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 2.4k

Beta: @waywardlullabies [thank u, xoxo]

Warnings: FLUFF.

A/N: Hope you guys like. Feedback is always appreciated it! <3

Previous Parts: 01, 02,


Originally posted by freshcravings

“Are you nervous?” Melissa watched you get ready for the date.

You nodded with a nervous smile, “Kind of… I’m more excited than nervous to be honest.”

“I bet you are, you’re going out with your hot barista crush,” she teased. “And for what you’ve told me, the dude is totally into you.”

A subtle smirk grew on your lips She was right, Sam did seem really into you. With time, Melissa has become more than your roommate, she’s become your best friend and sister. Having your back since day one as you also did for her. It didn’t matter the time or situation, you would always be for each other. Melissa personally helped you put together a nice, fashionably and slightly flirty outfit for tonight.

This would be your first date in a very long time and you were really excited for it. Even though you didn’t said it much, you were lucky she was a model and had an amazing fashion taste. Melissa nodded in agreement and proud of her choices as you turned and showed the outfit.

“Damn gurl,” Melissa’s shouted, “I already can hear his jaw dropping.”

You laughed at her humours words, “That’s the plan, ain’t it?”

Melissa chuckled, “That’s my girl.”

Your heart skipped a beat when the building’s bell sound filled the room.

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The Longest "I Love You" Ever

@wibblywobblytimeywimeygirl | AO3I had so much fun writing this fic! It’s not exactly a domestic AU, but it does have a lot of fluff with domestic elements so I hope you enjoy reading it! - @argento-capitani

Instead of leaving Beacon Hills with Braeden, Derek decides to stay around and keep to himself. Stiles somehow worms his way in and hatches a grand plan to give Derek the best Christmas ever.

December 2014

Stiles was looking at Derek as if he has just told a 3-year-old that Santa wasn’t real. Which, well…

“You don’t celebrate Christmas?” Stiles asked incredulously, crossing his arms and looking around at Derek’s woefully undecorated loft. He whipped his head to Derek, narrowing his eyes at him suspiciously. “Am I missing something? You’re not Jewish, are you? Can werewolves even be Jewish?”

Stiles had dropped by on behalf of Scott to invite Derek to the New Year’s Eve party their pack was throwing. Another attempt to make him feel welcomed and included.

Derek appreciated the sentiment, and although he and Scott were on good terms after what went down in La Iglesia, Scott’s pack made Derek feel old. A little envious too, if he was being honest.

Surrounding himself with fresh-faced high schoolers seemed like a good idea back when he was an alpha, and that didn’t turn out so well. Scott ended up doing the same thing, more or less, but he pulled it off. In fact, he did better than pull it off. He got himself a pack, a family. Something which Derek royally fucked up. Twice.

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Seth Clearwater Request

Could you please do am imagine where Seth finds out that you are pregnant with his baby, and even when they are still that young he imprinted on her! Please! And maybe the pack and Bella, and Edward!! Please!!

AN: I totally got carried away and forgot about adding in Bella and Edward and the pack! AHHHH soooo sorry!!!!

The day you met Seth was one the first day of kindergarten. You two were both put into the same class; he came over and helped hang your coat up in your cubby and ever since that moment you two were inseparable. You both started dating when you were in 8th grade and have been going strong for 6 years.

You had heard the myths of the tribe before but they were just nothing more than myths. At least that’s what you thought until Seth told you what he was and what the group of boys you had grown up around were. You remember when Seth caught “mono,” something you didn’t believe because if he hadn’t then why didn’t you. He came to your door after almost a week of not hearing anything from him and told you that he needed to speak to you. You thought for sure he was going to end it. When he told you he was a werewolf you were oddly relieved.

You noticed the way he looked at you that day, still loving but somehow different than before. A month later he told you that he had imprinted on you, something that he didn’t really understand himself until the pack fully explained it to him. Now, almost 4 years after, you two were still in love and going strong.

You woke up like any other morning. The bed was cold next to you since Seth had been out on patrol all night. You climbed out of bed and walked to your small kitchen to make yourself some coffee and get breakfast ready for when Seth got home.

You two lived in a smaller house on the outside of the forest. It was a cozy size but was big enough that it allowed for you host the guys over for pack dinners every once in awhile or let a couple of them crash in the guest room when they were two tired after a patrol to go home.

You were halfway to the kitchen when you felt your stomach lurch forward. You ran to the kitchen sink and barely made it before whatever remained of last night’s dinner was thrown from your stomach into the sink. You were so preoccupied that you didn’t hear the door close. You felt Seth’s hand grab you hair and pull it away from your face. When you were done he grabbed a hand towel from nearby and cleaned up your face. “Babe, what’s going on,” he nervously spoke as he placed a hand on your forehead. “You don’t feel warm. Do you feel ok? Do you need a Dr? I can call Car-”

“Seth,” you stopped him, “you’re giving me a headache.” You placed a hand on your stomach. “I felt fine…I feel fine. It just hit me all of the sudden.”

“Well, why don’t you go lay back down. I’ll make you something light to eat.”

“You were out all night; you should be lying down and I can make you breakfast,” you retorted.

“Y/N, get your butt back in bed. I’m not tired. Just let me take care out you,” he said wrapping an arm around your waist and leading you back into your shared room. He helped you lay down and tucked you back in before heading to the kitchen. Minutes later he came in with two pieces of toast and some water. He handed you your food and laid down next to you. You spoke with him about how his rounds went last night and about the latest pack shenanigans and when you were done eating he pulled you into his side so you were snuggling with him. “Let’s just do this today,” he said as he played with some of your hair. “Let’s just stay in bed and watch movies all day.”

“That sounds like a plan to me.”

You woke up the next day before him and found yourself in front of the toilet moments later. “I must be getting sick,” you thought to yourself. You walked to your bathroom counter and started looking for medicine that would help calm down your stomach. While you were looking something caught your attention.

You pulled the Kotex box from the cabinet and thought back to last month…then the month before that. You realised you were almost 6 weeks later. “Shoot…” You krept from the bathroom to the front door. You wrote a quick note for Seth, grabbed your coat, and left. You couldn’t really be pregnant right? You and Seth were just 20 years old! You weren’t even married yet!

Not 45 minutes later you were pulling back into the driveway with a box of test sitting in your passenger seat. You stuffed the box into your coat pocket and took a deep breath before going back into your house.

Luckily, you saw, Seth was still sound asleep. You snuck back into the bathroom and locked the door. You did what you had to do and sat all three tests out on the bathroom counter. You were just halfway through the 10 minute wait when you heard Seth knock on the door. “Y/N, babe, are you ok in here? You’re not getting sick again are you?”

“No,” you mustered up your voice, “I’m getting ready to take a bath,” you lied.

“I have to pee can I come in real quick?”

“Ugh…” you had to think quickly. “Just…ugh…give me a minute.”

He could tell by your voice something was up. “Y/N, what’s going on?”

“Nothing,” you cried out.

“Y/N,” he was getting really concerned that there was something wrong with you. “I will break this door down you know I will,” he jiggled the handle quickly.

“Just one minute,” you demanded. He wasn’t giving up on the door handle. You walked over, tests in hand, and opened the door.

Seth stood wide eyed on the other side looking you up and down to make sure you were ok. “What’s goin-?” He stopped asking when he saw what was in you hand and the little plus sign that was on each one. “Oh my gosh,” he said face blank. His face shifted into one of the biggest smiled you had ever seen, “Oh my gosh!” He picked you up and spun you around.

“We’re having a baby?!”

You couldn’t help but smile with him. “Aren’t you scared,” you asked as he sat you down. “We’re 20 with low paying jobs and a snug house.”

“Yeah, all that’s true,” he admitted. “But we’re in love. And this baby will only complete our family. Wait right here,” he ran out to his car and came back with his hands behind his back. “I was trying to think of when I wanted to give this to you; I think now seems as good a time as any.” You were confused until he produced a small box from his back and lowered himself onto one knee. “Y/N.”

“Yes!” You jumped on him before he could even ask. “A million times yes.”

He laughed his sweet laugh and put the ring on your finger. He was still kneeling as he brought his face close to your stomach, “I can’t wait to meet you.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do an Antonio Dawson one where the reader is younger than Antonio and he feels insecure about it? (-:

I sure can :)

I’ve actually thought about writing something like this before….


When you woke up that morning, you found the bed empty.

You sighed, usually Antonio wasn’t a morning person and you practically had to drag him out of bed. But lately he’d been getting up and leaving for work way before you even woke up.

At first you thought it was just because of his new job, but that was until you ran into Anna and Stone while you were grabbing coffee and they said they were only required to be in at the office before 8:30 if they were called.

So you couldn’t understand what in the world Antonio was doing. You thought that maybe he was boxing but he doesn’t take his kit with him.

So that night you decided to corner him and find out what the hell his problem was.
“I’m home,” you heard him yell accompanied by the sound of a door opening and closing.

You walked out of your bedroom and tried to give him a hug, which he sort of dodged.

“Antonio,” you said, feeling even more hurt, “what’s going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked nonchalantly while putting the kettle on for coffee.

“I mean,” you said, leaning against the counter and crossing your arms, “you’ve been avoiding me for the past few weeks! And every time I try to hug you or god forbid kiss you, you either act like I’m torturing you or dodge it completely!”

“Love,” he said, looking quite guilty, “nothing is wrong. You’re imagining things.”

And that was the last straw for you, if he wanted to keep secrets fine. But he was not to pretend like the secrets didn’t exist. He owed you that much.

“Imagining it huh?” you asked, moving so that you were on the other side of the kitchen counter, “Imagining you getting up before the sun rises each morning with no explanation? Imagining you ignoring me? Imagining you trying at all costs to not touch me like I’m something you dragged in at the bottom of your shoe! Because that,” you grabbed your coat from the hanger in the entrance hall, “is not what I deserve.”

And with that you left him there.

You went out and spent some time with your brother, you would never leave Antonio unless he did something unspeakable.

But you knew he was stubborn, and the best way to get through to him was to give him time to process what happened and how you feel about it.
At about two AM you said goodbye to your brother and headed back to your apartment, just like you thought, Antonio was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

The moment you opened the door his head shot up, his eyes bloodshot and his hair hanging limply around his face.

“Love,” he said, walking over to you and pulling you into a hug, “I’m so sorry. So so sorry. I should have listened to you.”

You hugged him back for a while before slowly retracting and looking him in the eye, “It’s okay. But tell me what’s going on with you. Just because I came back does not mean I can’t leave.”

He sighed and moved out of your embrace, leaning against the arm chair of the couch and looking down, “It’s stupid. I shouldn’t have made a big deal about it.”

You laughed, “Well you already have, so please let’s just deal with it.”

“Why are you with me?”

You stopped your pacing and turned to face him again, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m asking,” he repeated, looking down, “why you’re with me?”

You walked forward and grabbed his shoulders, “What sort of question is that? I’m with you because I love you.”

“Why me?” he repeated, “why not someone better? Someone richer? Someone…. younger.”

You laughed. You burst out laughing, “Is that was this is about? That you think you’re too old for me?”

You thought he was kidding but when you saw the look in his eyes you knew this was a genuine problem for him.

So you walked back over to him and took his head in your hands, “Hey listen to me right now. I don’t give a damn about your age. I love you for you. I fell in love with you long before I even knew your age and now that I do it just made me marvel at my stupidity for trying to date little immature boys before I met you.”

His only response was to laugh and burry his head in your shoulder, “Maybe I was being stupid.”

“Maybe you were,” you concluded before connecting your lips together.

And I can tell you, with full confidence, they didn’t disconnect for quite some time.


Hope you guys liked that :)

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating very much but I have a stupid family gathering going on with a big family that always has dramas…. so I’m writing in whatever spare time I manage to have (AKA the time my brother and I say we’re spending together when we are in fact silently in the same room taking advantage of wifi…)

Anyway, feel free to request anyway :) I write for the Chicago Series, all small screen D.C. characters as well as a bunch of book series and bands (full list way too far down on my page…)