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I thought it was a party for the artificial heart implant. Of course I should be here. We are the heroes and heroines of this surgery.

DH2, sadly, confirmed my suspicions about Gristolians having this weird obsessive cult around Jessamine’s death, and it’s just. Heartbreaking to see how terribly alone Emily and Corvo are in their struggle to remember her as a person, with her own life and flaws and passions very few people knew about.

I remember how I was running around the Hound Pits, trying to squeeze more lines out of its residents, until Havelock told me something about meeting the Empress once, at some sort of a formal dinner, and said “she was very beautiful, was she not?”. And I just cannot stress enough how deeply annoyed I felt, myself, and how downright angry Corvo must have felt upon hearing that.

There’s an entire conspiracy hiding in that establishment, supposedly loyal to the late empress, and the best its leader can say about her is a “she was very beautiful” with that theatrical “pity she’s dead” sigh.

Such sighs and the stories about thousands people weeping at her funeral is the best Emily and Corvo will ever get out of people, so they only have each other in this. No one else would remember her as anything more than a face on the banners and coins.

So with that in mind, I’m happy to see they’re both still trying, even 15 years later. It’s double as hard for Emily, who wants to be like her mother, but struggles to remember her face at this point and tries to hold on to the personal memories of Jessamine forgiving or quietly encouraging her daughter’s mischievous behaviour or taking a fishing hook from her arm. Those people would weep and sigh and bring roses to her portrait, but none of them heard the audiograph where Jessamine encouraged Emily to have her childhood and have fun and stay good-hearted for as long as she can, because one day it will inevitably end.

I’m happy to see that the things Corvo recalls are always cute and personal details about the way she hated wearing her hair in a bun all day, or the way they spent picnics together or slipped away from Tower in the morning hours to have some privacy, the way he calls her a dear friend and a confidant in his travel log, before anything else. How very warm and human it all is, and not a single shallow, meaningless and shitty statement like “she was so beautiful” ever comes from under his pen.

List of head canons for the bass family

aka cute shit i can imagine chuck, blair, and henry doing from gossip girl

-henry not letting anyone tie his tie’s except chuck until henry is old enough for chuck to teach him how to do it himself, but even then he still prefers chuck to do it for him

-henry and blair going to the park to feed the ducks, sometimes with dorota, sometimes just the two of them

-both chuck and blair alternating reading to henry before bed every night

-after chuck is done reading the spectator in the mornings, he gives it to henry to look at the comics and do the crossword puzzles that nate makes sure to put in every day just for him

-speaking of nate, he babysits a lot as do serena and dan

-nate takes henry to a basketball game and other sporting events

-blair, serena, and jenny putting on a pre-fashion show for henry to show off blair’s new lines for waldorf designs and getting his opinions and such

-henry modeling some of the boys clothes that blair designed which were inspired by him, even goofing around and modeling the girls clothes during the fashion shows bc fuck gender roles

-henry helping blair make her famous pumpkin pie for thanksgiving and baking holiday treats

-family trips to paris

-chuck giving henry his signature scarf which he wears everywhere but after a while he starts getting bullied for it. it starts as light teasing and shoving in the hallways at school but comes to physical fighting in the park one day and henry runs into his daddy’s arms crying and he and blair have to comfort their baby and have a menacing civilized talk with the bully’s parents

-henry scheming and bribing his way through minor situations in his life, although not nearly as bad as his parents (as stated by josh schwartz since henry would have a happy childhood and wouldn’t have the emotional instability and challenges that his parents faced)

-henry accompanying chuck on his daily walks with monkey

-henry spending the weekend at eleanor and cyrus’s or lily and william’s so chuck and blair can have some alone time if u catch my drift ;)))

-harold, roman, and blair taking henry ice skating during the winter

-chuck and blair bribing henry with cookies or ice cream or whatever to be on each of their sides when they’re betting on something or having an little argument/disagreement

-also chuck and blair making a bet on what henry’s first word will be (((they both lost)))

-yall know blair cried on henry’s first day of school and although chuck will NEVER admit it, he def got a little choked up when they dropped henry off

-blair being a boss at the school PTA meetings and taking control, planning everything from bake sale fundraisers to the schedule for snack time

-the basses having a family photoshoot every year which is displayed proudly in their townhouse like how chuck had that picture of him and blair in his penthouse at the empire (i know that was from a promo pic in real life, but it had to have been professionally done in gg world in order for it to be on chuck’s shelf so don’t tell me they wouldn’t have another photo sesh with their son)

-chuck teaching henry to play squash

-blair and henry watching all of her favorite movies together (breakfast at tiffany’s, roman holiday, etc)

-all of them matching or complimenting each other’s outfits in some way whenever they go to events/galas/charity balls together (i.e the boy’s bow ties matching blair’s dress, etc)

-when chuck is away on business and it thunderstorms at night, henry sneaks into his parents room and wakes blair up and says “i was checking to see if you needed any protection from the storm, ya know since dad’s not here” bc he doesn’t want blair to know he’s scared but henry jumps right then when thunder cracks and blair just smiles knowingly and lets him in to snuggle against her

-chuck not pressuring henry to take over bass industries or go into business and letting him know he should do whatever he wants and whatever his heart tells him to do in the future

-henry getting everything he wants for christmas and always having tons of toys unlike chuck when he was a kid fuck you bart :(((

-chuck and blair loving their baby boy more than anything in the world and always showing him the support and encouragement they didn’t receive as children

wow this turned out way longer than expected but idc i love my precious babies so much ok hope u cried as much as i did while writing this bye

family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice


I am here tonight because Ava told me that I could have my family back.


Aaron saying he’s ‘not exactly easy to love’ all he has to do is just look around him, in fact you’re pretty damn difficult not to love <3