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PC Pagan Spirit: Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester was born on January 24, 1979 to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. He was their first child, four years older than his brother, Sam. He is named after his maternal grandmother, Deanna Campbell. On November 2, 1983, Mary was killed in Sam’s nursery by the demon Azazel, and in the ensuing fire Dean was tasked with carrying Sam out to safety while John unsuccessfully tried to rescue Mary. Since then, Dean has felt responsible for Sam and was always given the job to take care of him while they were growing up.

John began investigating the cause of Mary’s death and in that course learned about the supernatural and the people who hunted them. John became a hunter himself, and trained Dean to be one as well, though both hid the supernatural from Sam until he was 8 years old. The Winchesters constantly moved around the country, living in motels and the homes of John’s hunter friends. Dean had a large hand in raising Sam due to John’s constantly being away to hunt. When Dean was 16, he was arrested for stealing and spent time in a boy’s home where he had the opportunity to go to a regular school, though eventually Dean chose to return to John and Sam.

The series begins when Dean is twenty-six years old, and now, nine years later, we see a man who has aged decades, mentally at least. Dean took it on to protect his brother with his life, and he has died numerous times for that cause. He sold his soul to a crossroads demon at the end of Season 2, to bring Sam back from death. Dean was given a year to live, at the end of which he was killed by hellhounds. 

Dean was dead for four months, but the time he spent in hell was more around forty years. When he does finally open up about his time there, he confesses that for twenty years he was tortured every day, mercilessly. But after twenty years, he was given a chance to escape torture by torturing others. He does it. Dean carries the weight of his actions with him, and it’s around this time we notice a sharp increase in his drinking.

Dean is pulled (or raised) from perdition by the angel Castiel, and tasked with stopping Lilith from breaking the 66 seals and freeing Lucifer. This eventually leads to Lucifer being freed and the brothers being informed they are the intended vessels for Lucifer and Michael because the Winchesters are the descendants of Cain and Abel. Sam does eventually accept Lucifer into himself, and carries Lucifer into the cage along with Michael and his vessel.

Through the next three years, Dean had a year long relationship with someone, spent a year in Purgatory, and now he and Sam helped cause all the angels to fall and he allowed an angel to use his brother. That angel betrayed them and now it’s cost lives.

I’m glossing over the more recent seasons in detail because it might be spoilers for someone. But I will say this: Dean has sunken farther and farther into a guilt-ridden depression because of the consequences of his actions. He makes choices that he believes will help his brother and the results are not always great. His love and his guilt war with each other, and he drinks to try and fight that. 

As far as my work with him in a pop culture pagan practice, he is easy enough to deal with once you convince him you mean no harm to him, his brother, Cas, or to most people in general. He is not trusting, even after a time. He still looks at me as if I might at any moment prove him right and curse him. He is of course pleased with the lack of bodily fluids in my witchcraft, and sometimes just befuddled at the whole concept that he’s a character. “I’m real, dammit.” I agree with him, but I tell him, not everyone sees him as such.

Part of me is trying to warn you, he has some deep-seated issues, and I caution you, he won’t always be in a good mood. I’ve had him come to me outside of normal circumstances and he just wanted to sit there, he wanted to talk but couldn’t. He breaks my heart, but through him I can see some of my own family issues and my depression. 


  • he’s protective
  • a fighter
  • strong mentally and physically
  • can be playful
  • loves food (junk food and pie)
  • often a little rash and quick to action
  • hates angels, demons, and witches
  • depressed, won’t open up about it
  • self-sacrificing


  • good for ghost removal
  • banishing
  • will help remove evil spirits
  • good for removing just about anything you need removed


  • pie
  • pie
  • burger
  • helping a family member
  • beer
  • whiskey
  • long drives
  • classic rock

Shrine Items:

  • pictures of him, Sam, and Cas
  • little impalas
  • leather
  • colors for him are hard to pin down (dark tones but also pink is acceptable)

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Kbtbb guys visit mc parents house to ask them to let him marry mc. Thanks~~~

Your guy finally proposes to you and you bring them back home to visit your parents. At the same time asking for their permission on the marriage. You also warn you guy to be humble and tried not to say anything weird during the conversation. Surprisingly your guy agrees and he assures you that everything will be fine.

Sitting in front of your parents, they are very impression with his appearance. They then start asking questions and you can’t help getting nervous.

“So what do you work as?” Your parents asked.

“I am just a humble small businessman who has multiple 6 stars hotels across worldwide.” Eisuke replied humbly and your parents go shocked. They look at you in shocked and wonder if that is true. All you can do is nodded your head and cursing Eisuke in your heart. This is totally not humble at all.

“Although my family background is of higher class but ______ is important in my life now. She helps me experience the joy of family which I never experience before. Thus, I seek your permission to marry her. I promise I will give the best to her forever.” Eisuke bowed and you are surprise by his action. You then quickly bow your head as well, hoping your parents agree.

“Er… Trading.” Soryu mutters out awkwardly.

“What kind of items do you trade?” Your dad asked again.

“Weapon.” Soryu hesitated and your parents’ faces turn pale.

“I am the middleman for weapon organization around the world.” Soryu lies and you can see him sweating hard. You grabbed his hand to calm him down and glad that he put in effort to avoid scaring your parents.

“I really to love _____ and she is everything to me. I promise to protect her with my life. Please allow her to marry me.” Soryu request and bowed.

You bowed as well and hope your parents give their consent.

“I am reputable artist.” Ota replied and kinds of piss off that your parents don’t recognize him.

“So what do you draw?” Your mum asked curiously.

“I draw anything that comes to my mind. I even draw naked woman if I in the mood. _____ is my model.” Ota blinks happily and your face turns pale at his comment. You look at your parents face and can see they start getting angry. You tried to explain to them but Ota stopped you.

“You may not understand the nature of my work but I am not a playboy that takes relationship as a game. I am totally serious and in love with her. Please grant your permission for me to marry her.” Ota said confidently, before bowing his head. You quickly follow as well.

“I am a doctor.” Luke replied casually and yawned, with his eyes half closed. Your parents are shocked at his behaviour and wonder if he is really a doctor. You give his side a push and he suddenly sits up straight and somehow realized what is going on.

“I am sorry for my behaviour. It was just that I had surgery with a patient for 12 hours. I hardly had any sleep.” Luke assured your parents and you can see theirs eyes start to relax a bit.

“I am dating your daughter with intention of marriage. I hope you give our blessing. Of course you don’t have to worry about her health and I will take good care of her. Of course, both your healthcare are included as well.” Luke said and you almost freak off at his last comment.

Prologue conclusion
After much persuasion and more struggle of conversation, your parents finally agreed to the marriage.

Sakura Hair

Sarada: Mama, can I ask you a question?

Sakura: Sure

Sarada: Why is your hair pink?

Sakura: I was born like this.

Sarada: That not much of an answer…

Sakura: ha ha… I ask my parents your grandparents about that when I was your age too.

Sarada: What did they say?

Sakura: Well it a very old story like over 400 years old.

Sarada: (Eyes sparkled with curiosity) I want to hear it!

Sakura: Ok, your grandfather side of the family is where I got my pink hair and a old story that connect to that.

Sarada: (listening closely)

Sakura: Our ancestor was a Traveler who have seen the world. He saw the world with an open mind and a kind heart. He saw tha beauty in even the most sadness of places. He gave words of wisdom and encouragement but if that wasn’t enough he would take action. He would help build up homes that have fallen and find important items that belong to the dearly departed and give them to their living family and friends to help them move on even if it only a little it was still a right step to recovery. He never gave them his first name but he did tell them his last.

Sarada: What is his first name?

Sakura: It was Kei ()

Sarada: that means…

Sakura: Yes, that means blessing since his parents had trouble conceiving him. When they were 23 the mother felt unwell and couldn’t eat many different types of food at the time realizing she was pregnant it was consider a blessing for them so they name they new born son Kei.

Sarada: Amazing.

Sakura: During Kei travels, he actually got lost in a big forest and that was the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

Sarada: What happened to him!?!?

Sakura: He met her of course. There was a lake with a waterfall think that he might have finally found a way out. When he got there there was a woman taking a bath there. This really surprise him that he fell backwards making a loud noise that caught her attention. She got out of the lake put on the first layer of her clothes on and check it out.
When she saw him she reach out her hand to help him up. Kei look up at her and saw that her hair was pink. After he got up and apologize, he ask her what was she. Do you what she said.

Sarada: What?

Sakura: she smile and said her name is Sakura and she a Cherry Blossom Fairy. She was so beautiful and unique that he ask her to marry him on spot. Both of their faces was so red but that didn’t change the fact that he have already fallen in love with her. She couldn’t make up her mind so she ask if they can take it once step at a time and this made him unbelievably happy. After a year of traveling together they got married and have a child together. I’m actually the third child in our family to be born with pink hair and the second after her to be name Sakura.

Sarada: That so amazing MAMA!

Sasuke: It really is.

Sakura: Sasuke-kun!?

Sasuke: So I also marry a one of a kind. (Putting his arm around her)

Sakura: eh!?

Sarada: Mama, Papa, Now I want a little brother and we should name him Kei.

Sakura: Eh!?

Sasuke: That not a bad idea, well Sakura we should get started than.

Sakura: EH!?!?