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Dani y el mayor de todos sus hermanos, Mboi Tu’i.

Bueno ok. Necesito dibujarlo con sus otros hermanos :( 

Pero adoro a Mboi Tu’i ;A; ♥

@blancherries dude ven y llora conmigo y háblame de Luisón! Daniel :(


An A.R.M.Y. appreciation post:

To those A.R.M.Y.s that go to go Bangtan’s concerts, who go to the fan meets, who went to KCON, and who attend Music Bank and Inkigayo, thank you

 Without your screams and fanchants, Bangtan would never feel so supported like they do right now.                

So i want to thank every single one of you for being there when some us other A.R.M.Ys can’t.                                                                

You all make Bangtan so happy and  super excited to perform and always bring out the best them.  In other words, you all deserve a HUGE hug and thank you!


So yesterday I was visiting my relatives so we decided to go down town and there is of course a book store there and I’m like “I’m not going to buy a book” and everyone is like “suuure” because I have a bad reputation when it comes to bookbuying so we walk in and I see all these pretty books and I sigh because I reaaally can’t afford to buy one so I just walk around for a while and then I see my uncle and he asks me if I found something I want and I was like “yeah, that’s not really the problem” so he picks up a rather generous amount of money and hands it to me and says “maybe now there’s no problem” and I’m like thank god for this man!!! so I buy the book and walk out and see alot of judging Eyes and I’m like “hey, don’t blame me! he is the one that is enabling my bookaddiction!!”  so yeah I am so happy that I have relatives that aren’t smart enough to keep me from buying books

My sister came home from college and I was looking forward to going and seeing Frozen with her, but she told me she’d seen it already and she didn’t think it was that great. So now I don’t get to sing the songs with her like I wanted to since she’s my sister and the movie is about sisters and I’m basically just like:

potterheadbbc  asked:

I haven't been feeling very well mental health wise lately and i just need some cheering up. Do you think you could help?

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Laughing/Smiling Marauders! 8D 

My Familia… because they make me irrationally happy… so I’ll share them with you. XD 

And this gif of Paige…. Because of reasons. )) 


My great grandma is just blessing us a lot and I love her and she just told me how beautiful I am and I just love her so much I needed that so much because she is the most honest literal person on the planet



I see ALL of you are ill this morning. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS? I felt kind of sick as well when I woke up BUT THEN MY DAY TURNED FABULOUS so I don’t care~~~ lalalala~~

Happy Saito-mun is happy for now.

Come, I will nurse you all back to health with my love.