my faith in humanity somewhat restored

David Tennant Appreciation Week - Day 7 - Why I like him

wellll this could take some time. Lets put aside his attractive little face and great hair and huggableness for a second

and let’s talk about that fantastic personality.

First things first, he is so amazing with his fans. You can always tell that he really cares a lot, and not to mention he’s great with the little ones

Also, he seems to always be sincere (and adorable) on his interviews. I like a man who doesn’t lie to the press.  He’s so genuine and I think that’s awesome

He also seem to be so friendly. He makes friends all the time, and he looks like such a great guy to hang out with. Not to mention he can be super goofy and awesome with them. I wish he was my friend.

In fact, David Tennant embodies what I see as perfect friend. A lot of my friends tend to leave me after a year or so, because they think it’s weird that I don’t change my interests to fit in to society. I don’t conform, I like who I am and some people just can’t learn to respect that. And you know what I say to those people?

Well, it’s David that taught me to think like that. To be myself, and not care how anybody else thinks. I’m allowed to be a geek, and i should be proud of it.

David was always proud of the geek he was, and I admire him for that. He gives me the self confidence I need. He has taught me that I am who I am and no one can change that, and I admire him for preaching that to this generation.

He inspired me to pursue my writing, the same way he pursued his acting, so I look up to him a lot for that

I have had a lot of bad experiences with obnoxious people, and one point in my life I honestly stopped believing good things happen to me, that anything in my life can go well. And then came the absolute radio interview, and things started looking up. David has done so much to restore my faith in the fleeting race that is humanity with his kindness and generosity and compassion that I rarely see elsewhere.

He is that celebrity that embodies how celebrities should be. Adorable and caring and kind and always reaching out to people. And he’s normal. He’s not spoiled rotten or anything like that, he’s just another human being, and he proves that to us by being his adorable self.

I hope I get to tell him all this when I meet him at comic con in may. My life has started to finally go somewhat ok, and I believe he is the reason for a lot of that

So happy birthday David and thank you for everything



It seems like my faith in humanity is somewhat restored.