my failed attempts of creativity


hi so i haven’t made a follow forever in like 9 years (not really) and i feel like i should make one now because i wanted to let everyone know of my favorite blogs and because why not (sorry if i left you out i am genuinely so sorry omg but)

basketcaseirwin korday kordei derrickhamilton normanikordei allysbrookes dinahjanes dinahjine toowildemma lukesos stybellos camilacabellos camilascabello 5horbust whoregui lormilaz normanikourdei babysenoritaas troyogletree selenangomez selenamg xfifthharmony poppinmani 5hfans chloeslukasiak mixhaelclifford dinahjanen camicabellos michaelcliffords normanikirdei hoodthot btvs boomxkat roybnfenty normoani htmluke -allybrooke beyonseh serfborts 16yearsoldcamila mejicanas shaymitchell shereencuntkelvin zeysus 

Okay so I decided to do one of these posts, I only made this blog a few months ago and it truly had been so nice to share my love of musical theatre with everyone on here. Here are all the people who I just love to see all over my dashboard:

aamydunne, addictedtoidina, aheartfullofmientus, alightinthepiazza, andy-mientsass, andymeowtus, beyond-theyellowbrick-road, caroleecarmellos, christianborleclarajohnsons, fiyaaaaaaaron, fourchairsandakeyboard, gabeebert, gabenotagoodman, hansirilow, janetvandegraaff, jonathanlarson, kylesbishop

lin-manuel, lucasbieneke, mary-testa, massukur, mccarrellstophat, moosicals, morilse, nessarose-charlebois, no-business-like-broadway, poosaycat, roryomalley, showtuna, sirwestaytay, sondheimstephen, suttonfosdork, willkommentrading

As you can see I had a hard time narrowing it down.. woops, but I love all your blogs so what can I do. Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out and hopefully the really special people know who they are :)) 
Thank you all for making my tumblr experience so amazing!!


I’ve always sung. I started at a very young age, and I did a couple plays in high school, but I wasn’t a theater kid growing up, so it wasn’t something I was all about when I was younger. At the same time, looking back now, I’ve always been an avid television watcher and a big movie buff. I watched so many movies when I was a kid, and I’d watch them over and over. Even though I didn’t know that this was where I was going to end up, a lot of what I experienced was influencing, subconsciously, where I would end up later on.