my faceuu

hello, hi, it is i. 

[ for anyone that doesnt know, the old gahxiumin ]

lets just say that my last follow forever has been a while ago, and i stated that it’d be my first and last but here i am, once again, doing one. i have to say that my last edit clearly was better, but i spent three hours on that one and i wanted to make an easy one for this one so well… have some glorious jikook!

anyways, lets get this follow forever started! this is for all the people i genuinely thank for being here, whether i talk to any of you or just admire you from afar, i love everyone. also if i forgot to mention anyone, I’m really sorry. this might become a long list because i do follow 5k people so… let’s get started!

also just wanted to thank all of my followers, i can’t put everyone in here because then id be busy for weeks… but i really do love all of you. thank you for being here and thank you for rocking 

also a special mention to all of you anons, im sorry if i didnt mention you in here because i dont know your URL’s but i love you all and I’m honoured that you take the time in messaging me, thank you, i love you guys

first a little special thank you to the @jiguknetwork because hey, you’re the first network that accepted me and i love jikook a whole bunch so thank you ♡

for my favorite bloggers out there! ^-^ 
~~ i know some of the blogs i put in here dont follow me back… so I’m sorry if its a little creepy for me to put you in here. im not a creep, i swear

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