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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Five

Summary: You come back to set after your time with the Padaleckis, and things are strained when your working patterns clash with Jared. Things go downhill when you start to feel sick on set.
Words: 3.1k
Jared x Reader, (mentioned Jared x Reader x Gen), Misha, Jensen
Warnings: angst central, nausea 
Betas: my girls @ruined-by-destiel and @blacksiren
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The rest of your time in Austin was more of the same.

Most of the days were spent with the Ackles’ - Jared and Jensen weren’t lying when they said they spent most of their downtime together - pictures being snapped by Danneel and Genevieve at random intervals.

The nights were spent wrapped up in Jared and Gen, having the best sex of your life.

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geekyowlet  asked:

How did you make the watercolor brush!!! It's so good!!!!!!!

Thank you! well, I had to combine lots of brushes and textures, but I managed to make it decent. I’ll post the settings when I concidere the brush is perfect enough!

I also did this

For my facebook cover uvu)

Soooo excited, had to draw the team! Now my Facebook and Twitter cover! 💜
I totally forgot my signature for this and now internet won’t let me load a new version… all I can do for now is trust you awesome people without it


Edits I Made For My Facebook Cover. (Ultimately I Picked One Cos FB Stupid).

I wrote a ‘story’ to go along with them bc i have no life

S: What are you doing here handsome?
J: I’m here for you actually.

What? Really? Why?
I wanted to ask you out on a date.

Are you joking? Is this some kind of prank? You’re not serious are you?
I’m serious Simon, I wanted to ask you out on a date, so…