my face yo


wow…. looking at the picture on the left (April 25th) and seeing it next to the picture on the right (June 24th) makes me so fucking happy. 

the difference between these two pictures?

in the the one on the left, i weighted 216 lbs.

in the one on the right, i weight 198 lbs.

i have lost nearly 20 lbs in the span of 2 months. and to say that I’m happy would be a huge understatement. for anyone that knows me or my family would know that we are unhealthy. my dad is borderline obese, my mom is overweight, my aunt is deadly obese, my grandpa was overweight, and many people in my distant family are/were overweight. so the “fat gene” runs in my family. so me getting to the point of being overweight wasn’t a shock to anyone. however, my family wanted better for me. my parents tried to get me for months to go on a diet and i didn’t want to. i just felt “if I’m this fat already, why even bother trying to lose it?”  

finally, in May, i slapped myself and told myself that i needed to lose weight. its not healthy to be 19 and overweight. so i told my dad i wanted to go on a strict meal plan diet, feeling that if i have structure, it will be better. that is how i joined Jenny Craig. my consultant is literally the sweetest person and helped me get on the right track. 

now trust me, it wasn’t easy. it was probably the hardest thing i could do. but i stuck to it. i followed all the rules and didn’t cheat and overcame the hardest 3 days. when i got weighted in after the first week and saw i lost 3 lbs, i was SO HAPPY! cause it meant that it was working and i was doing well. my family tells me that i look thinner and look good and I’m not out of breath all the time anymore and i just look BETTER! and there isn’t a word for the happiness and joy i feel. 

I’m finally happy. i finally did it.