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I Don’t Care

Request: Can you do one where yn is 18 and dan is a little nervous about getting into a relationship with her because of the age gap but then he realizes that he needs her in his life and it leads to an intense makeout sesh?

Word count: 626

I was thinking about making this kinky but I am a holy child that has never sinned. Enjoy.

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“Dan… I’m sure it will be fine.” Y/N’s voice echoed in my ear from the phone, and I sighed, sitting back in my chair.

“I don’t know, Y/N. I mean… Seven years?” I muttered, and I could feel their disappointment flood through me.

“Come on, Dan. I’m of legal age. I don’t care what anyone else says.” They announced, but I just stayed silent. “Fine. Once you’ve decided if I’m worth it, come speak to me.”

“Y/N,” I began, but they were already gone. I groaned, pulling the phone away from my ear and resting my head on the desk. They were worth everything, it wasn’t that. I just didn’t want people to see our relationship as weird due to our age gap.

We had spoken about announcing our relationship online a few times, and only when someone caught a photo of us holding hands did our age gap become an issue. The fandom was going crazy, in good and bad ways. Neither of us had addressed it, and this was our final decision. Deny it or confirm it. I loved them so much, and I needed them.

So, what was I doing?

I found myself getting up and walking to the office, where Phil sat editing a new gaming video. He turned around to greet me, his smile falling as he saw my face.

“Advice required.” I announced, sitting down on the sofa bed. He took off his headphones, sitting next to me.

“What ancient wisdom do you need?” He joked, making me smile a little.

“Well, you know about all the drama going around the fandom? It’s gotten to both me and Y/N, and I was considering breaking it off, due to the age gap… But I really don’t want to.” I explained, and Phil nodded in understanding.

“You’re not going to be able to please everyone, Dan, but if you’re going to please anyone it’s got to be yourself first, then Y/N, then everyone else. It’s your life. I mean, do you love them?”

“Of course,” I nodded, and he smiled.

“Then accept that some people are not going to have a good reaction to you being together, and confirm it. People will learn to accept it sooner or later.” He reassured, and I nodded, everything beginning to form logically in my head, renewed with confidence.

“Thank you, Phil. I needed that.” I smiled, giving him a hug. “I’m going to Y/N’s, see you.”

“See you, Danny.” He grinned, returning to the editing as I left the room.

(Your POV)

Curled up on your bed, you sniffled and wiped away the tears persistently running down your cheeks. Your flat mates came in to ask you if you were okay several times, but you’d just yelled at them to go away or ignored them, now feeling guilty about your actions.

A knock on the door made you groan, shouting another go away, but the door opened anyway.

“Fuck off…” You muttered, sitting up to check who it was. Your heart skipped before their lips crashed into yours. Dan.

You kissed back passionately, throwing your arms round his neck and lacing your finger through his hair. His hands travelled from your back to your waist, making you melt at his touch. Pleasure and joy were high, a vast contrast to the depression you wallowed in only moments before. You wrapped your legs around his waist, ending up rolling over so you were on top. You pulled away for air, panting, hair even more of a mess, and grinned at him.

“Hi…?” He chuckled nervously, making you laugh a little.

“What changed your mind?” You asked, and his lips curled into a soft smile, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear.


Jealously - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N-  hiya! just wondering if you could please write an imagine where you’re best friends with oli and dating joe. you’ve just spent a whole day hanging out with oli, and when you get home joe acts a bit jealous?

“Hello everyone, today’s video i’ll be doing the best friends tag with one of my best friends Y/N” Oli started his introduction to his video.

“One of your best friends? I think you mean I am your best friend” I sarcastically added. 

“So she believes” Oli winked to the camera. 

“Just get on with the video”

“So i’m going to ask Y/N some questions and we’ll see how well she knows me. Every time she gets one wrong, a pie will be thrown into her face” 

“Ugh i didn’t agree to this” Mentally preparing myself because i was rubbish at these games. 

“Right we’ll start off easy, when is my birthday?” 

“I know this!! 26th January” I grinned knowing i was right. 

“Correct! If you didn’t get that right i wouldn’t of been happy. Next one what was my first youtube video called?” 

“Oh god, i dont know!”

“You don’t know? Thanks Y/N you helped me film it” 

“I remember but i dont know what you called it! Im going to have to guess.. Introduction to my channel?” That’s when i knew i was wrong as a pie was splattered into my face.

“It was A New Start” Oli laughed while i wiped pie out of my eyes. 

The video continued and i only ended up with 4 pies to the face. What can i say i’m a pretty good friend. I helped Oli clean up the mess which was made and help pack his equipment away. After all that was done we ordered take-away and watched a film. Loved having quality time with my best friend. Realising the time, 8pm, i knew it was about time i heard off back home so with saying my goodbyes off i went. 

“Babe i’m home” Closing the door behind me taking off my shoes and coat before continuing into the front room.

“Babe?” I called out again as there was no response the first time round. 

“Where have you been?” I saw Joe sitting on the sofa editing his new video, speaking without looking at me.

“I’ve been at Oli’s filming a video why?” I placed my bag on the table looking at him confused. 

“You went there this morning and its now night” Still no eye contact. 

“I got caught up with time” 

“You said before you left you would be back for dinner, i even cooked you a meal yet you never showed up”

“I’m sorry ok just got caught up ive already eaten but i can just warm the meal back up” 

“You already eaten? Well that was a waste of time cooking”

“What has gotten into you?”

“Nothing just that my girlfriend was meant to come home for a meal i specially cooked but she never told me she was eating out with another guy”

“That guy being Oli. Are you jealous or something?” 

“No? Why would i be jealous?”

“Because you don’t normally act like this” I headed over to the sofa taking a seat next to him. “You are jealous arent you?”

“You spent the whole day round there, you didn’t even tell me you werent coming home for dinner” Joe mumbled clothing his laptop screen down to finally look up at me.

“You’re jealous” I smirked, 

“If i agree will you shut up?” I nodded waiting for him to continue. “Fine yes i am jealous” I giggled and pinched his blushing cheeks. 

“Aww my babe is jealous, you don’t have to be jealous you know” 

“Yes i know but i missed you” 

“Well now i’m all yours” I smiled placing a kiss on his lips. 

I dont understand how there are people who just… don’t read. I can’t not read. And I don’t mean that in a bragging, holier-than-thou, i’m so smart way, I mean it in an “i dont understand what i am listening to unless the words are expressed visually in front of my face, and thus i literally could not function without reading” way.

–I have to watch movies with subtitles
–I play video games with subtitles
–I have to have the lyrics in front of me when I listen to new songs
–I can’t do podcasts and audiobooks
–I prefer to communicate via email or texting
–If you call me I will let it go to voicemail so your message gets transcribed
–If we are talking in person I will ask you to repeat yourself at least 3 times before I understand what you are saying

Like… how are there people who can not only exist without reading, but intentionally and actively make an effort to avoid reading?



  • could you make an imagine with Gerard and like, you’re playing video games together and just somehow leads to smut. please, pretty please~
  • could you do one where the reader is playing video games with Gerard and somehow it leads to kinky rough smut?

“Yes!” I yelled, leaping off the couch and waving my controller wildly.

“No way! That is bullshit!” Gerard yelled in frustration, tossing his controller next to him. “How the fuck did you beat me?” Gerard and I found his old collection of Nintendo games while going through storage and have been playing non stop. Gerard becomes a new person when he gets his hands on a game. He’s the most competitive guy I’ve ever met and a huge sore winner. 

“Face it Gee, your not the best player in the world,” I smirked, sitting down next to him. He huffed and too another sip from his Dr. Pepper can, looking like a pouting toddler. “I’m going into the kitchen, want anything?” I asked, standing up and grabbing the bundle of empty Dr. Pepper cans. 

“Another drink?” I nodded, walking into the kitchen. I heard a loud gasp as I grabbed another can from the sink, making me almost drop the can. 

“Jesus Christ Gerard, what happ-” I stopped dead in my tracks at the pissed off look on his face. I glanced over at the screen, fighting off a smirk when I realized what happened.

“Care to explain?”

“What are you talking about?” I teased, shrugging casually.

“Why is my difficulty set to ‘extreme’ and yours is set to ‘easy’?” He huffed, glaring at me.

“Because you’re a sore winner and needed a taste of your own medicine.”

“You let me loose for an hour straight from cheating?” I couldn’t help but laugh at how offended he sounded, emphasizing the word “cheating”.

“Come on Gee, lighten up. It was just a prank.” I turned around to go back to the kitchen, his hand gripping my wrist suddenly. He spun me around, pulling me into his chest. I looked up at him, feeling uneasy at how dark his gaze became.

“You’re not going anywhere. Cheaters need to be punished,” He growled, tangling his fingers into my hair before kissing me roughly. I loved Gerard’s rough side, something about his raspy tone and dominance made me weak in the knees. I kissed back with just as much force, egging him on. He pushed me up against the nearest wall, pinning my arms above my head in one swift motion. His tongue lapped against mine as he nibbled on my bottom lip, insisting on leaving a mark.

“Gee…” I panted as his mouth left mine to suck on my neck. He simply groaned in response, biting sharply and sucking on the sensitive skin. He practically ripped my shirt off of me, sinking his teeth in the newly exposed skin. My fingers curled into his red locks, as he snapped off my bra. 

“You seem to be enjoying this way too much, sugar,” he rasped, licking his lips as he looked up at me. “This is a punishment, not a reward.” My mouth formed words but couldn’t spit them out, letting out a small whimper instead. He admired the purple hickeys displayed across my chest before standing up, hastily stripping down to his briefs.”Show me how bad you want this and maybe i’ll go easy on you.” He smirked, gesturing for me to get on my knees. I happily obliged, giving him a few soft pumps before taking his tip into my mouth, sucking hard. He grunted and began to push down on my head, forcing more of him into my mouth. I could feel him slide against the back of my throat, trying to relax to avoid gagging. I let him set a pace, pushing my head up and down. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft and hollowed out my cheeks, causing him to growl thrust his hips lightly.  “That’s it baby, that’s it baby…” he murmured, rolling his head back with a low groan. He pulled me off suddenly, hoisting me up to my feet. “I didn’t want to cum yet,” he explained at my confused look, winking at me. I crashed our lips together, feeling him smirk against mine. 

“Gerard, please,” I begged when he pulled me onto the couch, hovering over me.

“You think that was your penalty? It’s gonna take a lot more than some head to make up for that baby,” he smirked, licking his lips seductively. “Maybe you need a spanking…” he whispered, ghosting his fingers on my inner thigh. “Or maybe I won’t let you cum…” I whined at his words, shifting underneath him. That was the one thing I didn’t want. “Flip over,” he commanded, sitting up so I could re-position myself. I laid my face down onto the arm rest, resting on my knees. My breath hitched when I felt his hand gently caress my ass, chuckling lightly to himself. “You know how hot you loo like this? Waiting for me to fuck you, begging for me to fuck you? You should see how you look when i’m done with you, a beautiful fucking mess. Your hair teased from my fingers, knees wobbling, flushed, out of breath…fuck, it’s perfect,” He sneered teasingly into my ear, knowing how weak I was for his dirty talk.

“Fuck Gee, please…”

“Please, what?”

“Please fuck me, I need you so bad. Please.”

“Such a good girl, darling. Have you learned your lesson?”


“Are you ever going to cheat again?”

“Never, never ever.”

“Good girl…you’re being such a good girl princess, I think you deserve an award.” I could hear the sound of shuffling as he quickly stepped out of his jeans, tossing them across the room. I shivered when his finger ran across my slit, pressing down hard on my clit before bringing is hand back up to his lips. “So wet…you taste like fucking sugar darling,” he purred above me, positioning himself at my entrance. I braced myself, knowing Gerard was never the type for soft, slow sex. He pushed his whole length in, both of us groaning in unison. His hand instinctively wrapped into my hair, the other digging into my waist. His hips snapped with such force I almost fell over, gripping onto the cushion for support. I cried out as he brushed against my G-spot, making Gerard mutter a quiet “found it” to himself behind gritted teeth. He angled himself at the same spot, pounding into the sensitive bundle of nerves relentlessly. “Fuck, you’re so tight…do you want to cum, princess?”

“Yes! P-Please Gerard, i’m so close,” I whimpered into the couch, biting down on my lip. 

“Not till I say,” he reminded me of the unspoken rule, somehow getting his thrusts to be harder and faster. The couch rocked along with his hips, squeaking as the legs scratched against the hardwood. His thrusts were getting sloppy, hinting that he was close. “Fuckin’…shit,” he choked out, leaning down to kiss my shoulders. “Cum for me baby.” And that’s all it took. I stiffened as my orgasm crashed through me, wave after wave. He grunted above me and moaned my name, sounding fuzzy as my mind was focusing on the intense pleasure coursing through me. He pulled out of me after he finished. I could feel his eyes burning onto my skin. “So gorgeous…the sight of my cum leaking out of you is enough to get me hard again,” he chuckled, pulling me into his chest. I relaxed into the embrace, completely drained.

“Sorry I cheated,” I mumbled tiredly into his chest.

“It’s okay baby, i’m sorry for being a sore winner. I guess I kinda zone out while playing video games,” he admitted, kissing the top of my head. 

“Yeah, that was rude of you,” I said playfully, looking up through half-lidded eyes. He smiled, pushing his damp red hair out of his face.

“Hey smart ass, you want another penalty?”


A Compilation Of Cuteness-2

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A Compilation Of Cuteness 1

//if you’re feeling down each member of BTS is here to make you smile//

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Jungkook as a bestfriend

Group: BTS

Member: Jungkook

A/N: thank the beautiful soul @yovng-j for helping me. hes a very nice beautiful sweet human being. also he is the king at stuff like this so bless him and I’m trying to make my posts more gender neutral how am I doing??

  • pokemon battles
  • calling him ‘kookachu’
  • “you don’t know what I go through on a daily basis bc #maknaeprobs”
  • pleading him to wear something other than black on black and timberlands
  • him getting defensive and saying he wears white too
  • messing with him and hiding his timberlands
  • can’t you just hear the squeals??
  • you messing with him while he’s sleeping
  • you can’t take your eyes off of him while he’s sleeping because he’s so beautiful
  • him darting his eyes open
  • “I know I’m hot but stop staring at me”
  • *falls back asleep*
  • always dissing his hyungs
  • but also love his hyungs so much
  • “You know Yoongi hyung is such a hard worker and I get that he’s really tired but I wish he wouldn’t take up the entire couch when he naps. Like someone tell him he has a bed.”
  • “Hold up our genius leader broke the rice maker again jfc”
  • “Just let Jin hyung do it man”
  • doing trot versions of all his songs
  • you calling him when you can’t sleep and him automatically asking what song you want to hear and he’ll sing mary had a little lamb if it will help you sleep whatever you need
  • him telling you about anything from him feeling insecure about a performance that he didn’t get 100% right or when he’s not feeling like he’s not good enough compared to his hyungs
  • you have to remind him that there are millions of fans out there that think he’s more than enough and his biggest fan sitting right in front of him
  • you guys met by a dare
  • the rest of the boys dared him to come up to you and ask you on a date
  • “H-Hi, I’m here to ask you on a date but it’s a dare so if you could just look disgusted and turn me down that would be great.”
  • a very dramatic “whaT NO WAY” then you throwing your stuff down
  • he turns and looks at the boys almost crying from laughing too hard
  • but you guys meet up for pizza and video games later
  • “dude just get together already geez.” -jimin
  • Jimin ALWAYS teasing you and Jungkook about you guys being together
  • “I mean you guys hang out 24/7, it’s like you are already dating.”
  • bunny smiles
  • whenever he smiles you can’t help but smile because his smile is just so contagious
  • cute little giggles from him
  • “Hey I know it’s kinda of late but can you come over and watch my new dance?? I’ll buy Chineseeeeee~”
  • Jin driving you places like mall and we he drops you off “have fun my cute little kids. be good text me when you need me to pick you up~”
  • you guys only stay in the video game store (leaving of course to stuff your faces with pizza from the food court)
  • when you finally leave after the manger kicks you out something about ‘you have to buy something or get out’
  • you decide to go try on that outfit you’ve been eyeing for a while and drag him along
  • when you walk out of the dressing room you see Jungkook start high tailing it out of the store and hug some plant for safety
  • ‘what the hell is he doing??’ you think while changing back into your original clothes
  • *buzz buzz* “you looked really good, buy it ;-)”
  • you teasing him non stop about how he thought you were hot for the rest of the day
  • you still teasing him after like “awhe Kookie you like meee~~”
  • “yes yes!! ok!!! I did!!!” *blushes*
  • when mama Jin picking you guys up and both of you are super silent and Kookie’s face is still super red
  • “did you did have fun? Kookie what’s wrong?”
  • *silence*
  • “okay then.. well I have to stop and grab some eggs for dinner tonight.”
  • when Jin gets out Kookie sighs really loud he slowly grabs your hand and leans in a kisses your cheek
  • “I hope this doesn’t change anything between us but I really love you.”

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiiiiiiii.x I was wondering if you could do an imagine where y/n is a famous YouTuber, and she is filming herself playing a horror game and Harry comes in and scared her.x

A/N: I’ve gotten two Youtube gamer related imagine requests so I’m going to just put them together! I’ve never played the Scary Maze Game so let’s pretend that I did and that what I described is how the game is. :p

“Hi guys! So today I’m going to be playing a game—big surprise I know, but I’ll be playing the Scary Maze Game today so let’s hope this doesn’t make me pee my pants,” you said casually into the camera as you began to load the game on your laptop. Normally when you were filming your gaming videos Harry liked to be in the room to make fun of you but he was taking a nap.

“Okay so what am I supposed to do,” you said to yourself as you stared at the screen in confusion. The directions were confusing and so you had to spend a few minutes trying to figure out what was going on. You made a mental note to yourself to edit out the part of you reading the directions when you were going to upload the video. “Oh okay I got it." 

You clicked the play button and began to navigate your way through the maze. Several moments passed when all of a sudden a face popped up and a scream filled the room. Both the face on your computer screen screamed and you screamed as well. 

Harry’s P.O.V.

I was sleeping quietly in the room when all of a sudden a loud piercing scream filled the house. I quickly shot up out of bed and headed to the source of the noise. Y/N was sitting behind her computer screen and camera while playing a game. 

"This is horrible!” She said to the camera and I laughed quietly to myself. She was so focused on what she was doing she didn’t hear me walk into the room. I then decided to be an asshole and scare her the next time the face popped up on the screen.

She continued to play the game and the face popped up again causing her to scream loudly. I snuck up behind her and grabbed her shoulders while she practically jumped out of her skin. She turned around and began to hit me while cursing at me for scaring her. I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute she was when she was scared.

“I hate you,” she said while pouting in her seat. 

“You have to keep that in the video,” I begged while I leaned down to rest my chin on her shoulder. I kissed her pouty lips and after much begging she finally gave in and told me she’d keep it in the video. 

“I’ll keep it in the video if you play with me.” She said softly. She was still scared and I found it absolutely adorable. I agreed and began to navigate through the maze while she hid behind me. Each time a new face would pop up and a loud scream would fill the room. Even though the game grew repetitive and predictable she’d still get scared when the face would pop up and I’d laugh.

Finally she had enough of the game and rested her chin on my shoulder while ending the video, “Well I hope you all enjoyed the horrible event and I’ll see you all next week when I play something that doesn’t scare me shitless.” Harry laughed and closed out of the game. “Bye everyone!” You said and you ended the video while Harry left the room teasing you.

the soul tattoo - twelve

pairing: Luke/Reader (Y/N)
rating: PG-13 (doing the do is mentioned)

requested: yah

word count: 1800+

summary: If one day you woke up with a random tattoo on your body, you were destined to meet your soulmate soon. When (Y/N) finally gets her soul tattoo, she’s in for a shock when she finds out who her soulmate is.


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can i just say how much this gif KILLS ME. omfg

(Your POV)

It had been about a month and a half since I got my soul tattoo and exactly three weeks since Michael and I started dating. It was amazing to say the least. He was perfect in every single way. He was there for me whenever I needed him and I was there for him. We worked in complete harmony together, always laughing and goofing off, but being serious and intimate at the same time. But there were always one or two things that made things get… awkward.

I saw Luke again. It was the day after I ran into him at work. Michael had taken me out to a great fast food place in LA that he absolutely adored going to. Then he said he had a surprise for me. Little did I know, this surprise was taking me to his LA house and meeting the rest of the boys.

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Dating Michael Would Include...

-sweet eskimo kisses when you’re cuddling on the couch

-giving him tummy rubs

-“my sweet little kitten”

-“i’m not a fuckin kitten”

-boob grabs

-him being a sucker for you in one of his snapbacks

-him needing you to ride him after seeing you in one of his snapbacks

- “oh fuck, just like that baby”

-small whimpers when he comes

-buying him that new video game he wanted just because

-him picking you up and twirling you around with the biggest smile on his face when you give it to him

-really dominant when he’s in the mood

-breaking the headboard

-oral every other night of the week


-forehead kisses

-seeing how excited he gets when he’s really into something

-just being able to date michael clifford the beautiful sparkly angel

Double Date Disaster

Short one-shot, I love NaLu and Gruvia a lot. I needed fluff today, my days already horrible.

Setting: College AU

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia

Summary: In which Lucy and Juvia decided that they were dating idiots.

“Why the hell do I have to come?” Natsu grumbled shoving his hands in his jean pockets, lips drawn in a thin line from the anger he was feeling.

His blonde girlfriend sighed. “You know very well why you have to come.”

“I hate double dates.”

“You never been on a double date, how do you know if you hate them?”

“Because that dumb Stripper’s going to be there!” Natsu shouted. “Luce you know I don’t get along with him…”

Lucy stopped walking and shot her boyfriend of two years a glare. “Oh really? With all the fights you get into I would figure you’d love each other.”  She sarcastically stated.

Natsu scrunched his face up in disgust. “HELL NO! I ONLY LOVE YOU!”

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One Direction BSM : He Finds Out You're Dating A 5SOS/BTR Guy

Liam: “Where are we going, James?” you ask as you get into the passenger seat of his car and he smirks over at you. “I thought dinner would be a nice touch for a change, we never get to do more then that with how worried you are about your brother.” “Liam’s protective.” you defend and James shakes his head. “I went on tour with him before, (YN), it’s how i met you, he likes me.” “Not when he finds out that we’re actually dating.” “Your his older sister, he shouldn’t care who you date.” You smile and shake your head. “I don’t know what to tell you James, but, yeah. When do you and the rest of Big Time Rush leave for tour?” “Three weeks. When does Liam leave?” “Two weeks.” James pulled into the small restaurant and you took a relieved breath. “Looks nice.” “It is.” James says and leads you inside the restaurant where you get taken to your reserved seats right away but you freeze just before you sit down and James looks up at you from where he’s seated. “(YN)? You going to sit down or what?” “James, look behind you.” James does as you say and turns right into the glare of Liam who was on a date with Sophia. “(YN), why are you with James Maslow?” “He’s my boyfriend, Liam, um, now you know!” Liam’s angered face turned soft and he shook his head laughing. “Well, i’m glad you’re going out with him, (YN), better then a lot of guys you could’ve been dating.” “You’re okay with this?” you ask and he nods. “Yeah, now you might want to join James, i think your food is getting cold.”

Louis: “I want you to move in with me.” Ashton says and you shake your head and sit up so you’re straddling him. “Ashton, Louis doesn’t even know that we’re dating, what is he going to think when i tell him i’m moving in with you? It’s going to raise problems and i don’t think i’m ready for those problems!” “(YN),” Ashton begins, sitting up and pulling you with him so he could look right into your eyes. “I’m tired of keeping us a secret. I know you tell him you’re going to your friend’s house and thank god your friend is okay with lying for you, but, one day Louis’ going to try calling or just going over to house and realize that you’re not there, and he’s going to know somethings up! I think we should tell him before he finds out from elsewhere and i think we should move in together. I really do, we’ve been together long enough, i can promise you that one.” You nodded, Ashton had been very patient with you and stayed with you while you guys kept your relationship a secret and long distanced. “Fine, when do we tell him?” “How about now?” Louis says from the doorway and holds up Ashton’s phone. “You left this at the studio and when i dropped by there i told them i’d drop it off over here, nice to know you’re doing my sister when i’m not around. Way to earn my trust, Ashton, cause you don’t have it.”

Niall: “So, you’re officially moved here from Ireland?” Logan asked and you nodded, crushing an empty box and throwing it into your trash bin. “All cleared.” “How’d Niall take it?” You shake your head, sitting down on what little room you had on your tiny couch, looking over and seeing it piled high with unpacked boxes. “He was upset, but,” you look back over at him. “He’ll get used to it. I’m an adult i can do what i want and i can move wherever i want, and now, i get to spend it with you.” he smirked when you finished and reached to hold your hand. “Niall still doesn’t know about us does he?” “He might and he might not. I haven’t lied to him about you, i’ve constantly said that i was going to skype you or text or call you or visit you, and he just waved me off, so either he paid attention or he didn’t, but i don’t care, i’m here with you now and that’s all that matters right?” “Right.” he says and leans down to kiss you when there’s a knock at the door and you go over to answer it and seeing your brother with a smirk on his face. “Logan, when you want to send your dear girlfriend aka my sister a rose and letter telling her congrats on her new apartment in the United States, send it to her address instead of mine. You’ve got a heart of gold, Logan, use it well on my sister, or your heart won’t take another beat.”

Zayn: “Michael Gordon Clifford, get your ass off of that video game or so help me god i will beat the shit out of you!” you mutter as you finish washing dishes that the two of you had used for lunch. “What’s with the attitude?” he asks doing as you asked of him and joining you by the kitchen sink. “It’s just i’m stressed out, Michael! Zayn thinks i’m over here in Australia to scout out different colleges and looking for internships. He’s going to hate me when he finds out that i’m only here to be with you and the beaches, can’t say no to those amazing beaches.” Michael smirked at you and let his fingers skirt around the hem of your shirt just above the waistband of your jeans. “Does it really matter what he thinks?” “He is my brother.” you say shortly and Michael nods. “Yeah, i wouldn’t really be much help in that field cause i have no brothers, so i don’t know how protective they are, but i know that Zayn is protective of you, but he still just wants you to be happy and if i make you happy, that should be good enough, right?” “What do you think, Zayn?” you ask and Michael’s head tilts in confusion and you smirk, pulling your phone out of your back pocket, revealing Zayn on the screen smirking. “You’ve got my seal of approval Michael, treat her well, don’t let her stay out in the sun too long, she’ll start to get sick after a while. Love you, (YN), talk to you later.” the screen went dark then and Michael laughed. “You had that planned?” You giggle. “Zayn gave me the script pretty much, but, i’m happy knowing he approves of you.” Michael kissed your nose. “Well i’m glad he approves of me, cause i’m not going anywhere.”

Harry: You went with the One Direction guys to go and reunite with 5 Seconds Of Summer because they had such a good friendship on tour and stayed friends off tour as well, and it gave you more reason to be with your secret boyfriend, Calum. It had been too long since you last saw him and when he volunteered to go to the store to pick up some snacks you volunteered to go with him. Exiting the hotel, you reach for his hand and he takes it, pulling you into him and kissing you. “God i’ve missed that.” he says in a breath when he pulled back and you smirk nodding your head, pushing him against the hotel wall “I’ve missed it too. Harry’s starting to get curious you know, keeps asking why i’m obsessed with you and the boys lately and i have to keep playing it off as just being a crazy hormonal teenage girl, i think he’s starting to catch on, but as of now, we’re still in the clear.” Calum huffed out and the both of you watched his breath turn into a cloud of smoke and drift off in the wind. “He’ll know eventually.” “When? When we get married?” Calum laughed. “I’d like that, but, what do you think Harry?” You spun around at the sound of your brother’s name and Harry smirked at your widened eyes. “The reason i’ve been catching on, (YN), i know that’s what’s got you curious and the answer is your boyfriend Calum, thought for the longest time your phone was my phone and basically told me everything without meaning to, so, yeah, i don’t care but um, are you guys going to get the snacks or are we going to starve?”

I know you like the back of my hand. I know how when you get tired you get super cuddly and groan to get my attention to cuddle me. I know Pearl Harbour is your favourite movie and you watch Titanic to make you feel good. I know how you like your toast, how you take your coffee with three sugars because you like it sweet. I know how you hate Vegemite and also cereal. I know how you recite every Harry Potter movie like you wrote the script, you have to finish every video game before you start a new one. I know you don’t like getting your hair wet when we go to the beach. I know you love it when I kiss your face until your nose wrinkles. I know you love it when I tickle your back or rub your belly. I know you love it when I’m at work and my dog comes and lies with you. I know all your habits and everything you love. I know you want someone to look at you like you put the stars in the sky, but I look at you like you’re the sun, moon and all the stars.