my face when @ some of y'all


When Min Yoongi does that with his face.

RFA Rick Rolling MC

-Zen sings it to you but he’s so passionate and he sounds so good that you can’t be mad. At some point he’s being serious.
-Jumin is so straight faced when he does it you’re not even sure if he knows what rick rolling is. You sweat nervously.
-When Yoosung does it he’s giggling so hard. This is his proudest achievement he can’t hold it together.
-707 really seems to be enjoying his music and you ask to share. The time has finally come. This is the moment he’s been waiting for.
-Wow you didn’t know Jaehee could play piano, it sounds so pretty but wait a second

Remember when that show that did black face and red face, had a character, played by a straight man, come out as gay and y’all thought that was good and went wild? Because I do… And I resent every single one of you for putting that shit on my dash…