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Do I seriously have to defend this fucker? Yeah, I do. Shit. (Lady's Thoughts)

Don’t read if you get easily offended, butthurt, or unable to comprehend another human being’s opinions.

Apparently, nobody is allowed to make offensive jokes because it’s “normalizing” and “just as bad” as actually doing the offensive thing!

Okay then. Let’s play this game.

No more murder jokes.
No more suicide jokes.
No more man jokes.
No more Trump jokes.
No more patriarchy jokes.
No more conservative jokes.
No more Christian jokes.
No more jokes that reference your mental illnesses.
No more Republican jokes.
No more penis jokes.
No more any offensive jokes–ever.

Why? Because it might hurt someone’s feelings and it will normalize hatred against white men or people who’s family has been murdered.

Only puns and good old fashioned humour, like Leave It to Beaver.

Oh, and while we’re at it:
No more plane jokes.
No more sex jokes.
No more America jokes.
No more jokes with coarse language, like shit, tits, cock, cunt, cum, fuck, etc.
No more jokes that could offend anyone at any given time ever.

That means no more jokes about any tragedy or bad things. Even if those things are personal, because it could trigger son or make them feel bad.

How about no humour at all? Even chickens crossing roads could offend someone whose pet chicken died when it got loose onto the highway.

Tumblr wouldn’t last a week.

Now, do I dislike certain jokes? Do I think some are garbage and tasteless? Of course I do. I hated that “All Jews must die” joke. But did you know what I did? I rolled my eyes and moved right along. That’s what adults do. They go on about their lives when they see something or hear something that they do not like. A joke won’t kill a Jewish person. A bullet does. And guess what? All of this attention on Felix for a bad joke is turning your backs on REAL crimes against Jews RIGHT. NOW. I bet your ass right now some little Jewish girl just got shot in the fucking face over Bast knows where while y'all are harping on ONE ignorant fuckface for making a 4chan joke. (Let’s also not forget that the man is known for making offensive jokes.)

Do you have any idea how many fat jokes I hear? How many gay jokes and witch jokes? Do you see me shitting myself and saying that their preferred brand of humour is encouraging witch hunts? Fuck. No.

It’s like saying South Park or Family Guy promotes domestic violence because of their abuse jokes.

This is a Swedish dumbass who’s job is to sit his ass in front of a telly all day, not fucking Hitler or a Grand Wizard of the goddamn KKK.

Should he be condemned? Yes. To this extent? Take your meds if you think so.

Bad humour and bad things will always exist, and no matter how much you want those things to disappear, they won’t. It has been proven to us time and time again that the more that you suppress an ideology and try to censor it, the worse it becomes. Look at how Trump got to office. (Also, because of all of this hubbub, a shit storm of actual antisemites have come out of the woodwork. If you would have left him alone, this shit wouldn’t have happened. Woopsies, right? Fuck you.)

No wonder people hate fucking liberals. Bunch of whiny ass pussies that need to have their coffee taken away from them and actually show them what REAL antisemitism is. They’d think that Pewds is the funniest bastard in the world after they’re done witnessing the horror of what other countries think of Jews and what they do to them.

I’m taking a shower. Fuck this. If you disagree with me, I’m not sorry. If you feel the need to unfollow me, then you aren’t a very strong person. At all.

Y'all probably don't care but let me tell you what my favorite Lucifer scene is

Let’s set the stage: 2x12, Love Handles, a legendary deckerstar™ episode.

Lucifer lounges in a circle with some drunk college girls. Chloe bursts in and Lucifer just, being the most adorable Devil, JUST FLIPS TO LOOK AT HER UPSIDE DOWN.


THIS IS A GRADE A+ PUPPY FACE. He is honestly so excited to see her just look at his puppy eyes!!

AND THEN IT GETS BETTER BECAUSE OF THE FACE MAKES WHEN HE SITS UP. His puppy eyes just intensify and his lil’ smile drops off and lil’ worry lines just appear. HE JUST LOOKS SO UTTERLY ADORING.


I love this scene because of Lucifer’s precious silliness. He looks like a tiny five year old that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! His face is so PURE. HE’S JUST SO HAPPY AND GIDDY THAT HIS PRECIOUS SMOL HUMAN KISSED HIM THE NIGHT BEFORE AND HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS BUT HE WANTS SO BADLY FOR IT TO BE FOR REAL.


It’s here~  Sorry it’s late, I never had problems uploading before oops.

For fellow Natasha and Elise trash since it’s only their faces and I’m extra af but my friends encouraged it lmao.

First couple minutes is shakey.  First 10 min is a little blurry but I fix it.  I cut out the trailer since that’s already on youtube. I also ran out of memory so the last 7min was on my phone but nothing significant was missing or worth recording anyways.  There’s some small cuts in some clips bc my camera cut out (it’s getting old ;__;) but only a good millisecond is cut off, except for when I switched to my phone.

Tbh, y'all should watch the vid that Kindatv will upload because everyone was great.  They’re all very well spoken and their facial expressions are hilarious.

  • Matt and Cara were so lovely and so cute.
  • Annie and Nicole were total hot badasses.
  • Kaitlyn’s funny.
  • Natasha and Elise were so woewoedsfdgfhg I love them both so much.
EXO reacting to your reaction to The Eve performance

suho: “You are such a cute fangirl jagi” *records your reaction*

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Lay: “Oh! look I also recorded my dance version of the eve” *shows you a video and of course you drool all over the place*

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Xiumin: “I knew you were gonna like that performance for some reason”

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Baekhyun: “Stop watching that I can dance for you right now” *someone come collect this boy*

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Chanyeol: *fangirls along with you*

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Chen: “AHHHHH WAITT THIS IS THE BEST PART” *hip thrust happens and y'all become a mess*

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D.O: *you cover your blushy face when they do the floor move* “You’re so cute”

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Kai: “Is this the move you like?” *KAI AKSJHDAKJSHDJS STHAP*

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Sehun: “Did you hear my singing? How is it? Did you like it?” *he’s just so adorable the baby im kms*

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Ahhh its been so long since I posted something! anyways The War is amazing, I ordered 4 albums and I will be posting an unboxing video as soon as I get them.

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She didn’t intend for this at all— this being pinned up against the wall, arms suspended over her head, wrists held by Harry’s hand. His teeth nip at her neck, pulling on the skin roughly. “You shouldn’t have done tha’,” he whispers.

She shouldn’t have done what? Tease him while he was at an interview? Told him she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath her dress? The dress that is now hiked up above her bum, Harry’s other hand cupping the bottom of her thigh. “You’re in trouble now,” he growls before pressing his lips to hers. It’s feverish and rough as his tongue grazes her bottom lip. “Can’t believe you told me you weren’t wearin’ any panties before I went fo’ the interview. Knew I was gonna get mad, huh?” He squeezes her bum before giving it a spank. 

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Jimin As Your Boyfriend

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Oh boy let’s go right in the heart of the feels

-When you first meet him he’s probably really shy because let’s be honest this mochi is adorable

-He sees you and it’s either intense eye contact or he keeps giggling and looking away smooooth

-Hold up though

-Once y'all are friends he can be caring and a solid rock to lean on anytime to be honest
-But the flirting and the teasing ohmygosh

-Loves skinship too and his hugs are probably the softest thing in the world since he literally is the fluffiest mochi ever ohmygoshmyheartiwantahug

-Of course he is perfect best friend material. Keeps secrets. Is willing to drop everything and come to soothe you. Just his laugh will help you tbh but when that fails he brings ice cream and movies

-Literally he will hit you when he laughs too and it’s kinda sorta annoying but also the thing that makes you laugh too


-One of two ways. Accidentally like he thinks you’re asleep and you’re cuddled next to him and he says it but then you’re like “uh Jimin I’m awake” then he’s a blushing mess. 

OR. He takes you to the dance studio saying it’s urgent and he has little notes along the way and flowers at the end and he asks to for a dance and confesses in your ear holy crap I die (tbh I only see him accidentally doing it lolol)


-We all know nobody can let this squish go. He is too precious for the world and even on tour I see him finding time to text you or call and all that stuff that makes my heart flutter flutter

-Clingy. Clingyclingyclingy. Also very protective. He can go from squish to jealous in .5 seconds. If he sees you let’s say arguing with Jungkook over a game and Jungkook thinks it’s ok to tickle you to win. His eyes would immediately darken with rage. He will probably take it calmly by getting in the middle and tickling you instead. But you can tell he’s jealous by his tight grip the next time you talk to Jungkook. So all in all he’s protective af


-Probably the cutest thing ever. Probably just a peck cus some y'all nasty and want tongue and no take it slow. One night you’re cuddling and you probably squish his cheeks and he does the same to yours and you are giggling then he just grins and pecks your lips. His giggle gives me life sorry side note. Tbh his lips are probably so soft omfg like pillows and you immediately stop giggling before he kisses your cheek sweetly. The feels wow I am a sad single human being

-Neck Kisses. Holy wow. So much neck kisses. He usually nuzzles into your neck too. He just loves your neck idk why. Sometimes his hair tickles and you try to push him away but he tightens his grip on you in which he would giggle I’m sorry what is with me and his giggle. So soft wow he would love pecking your neck. Along with hickies but shshshshshshshh

-Dates are probably to the mall and parks or at home or the dance studio. All the simple stuff where it can just be you two talking ya know. 

-Him teaching you a dance. You guys having a slow dance. Dancing with him. Swaying in the kitchen. I could see him backhugging you then swaying while nuzzling into your neck wowowowow

-Backhugs. That’s it.

-Him laying on your stomach or chest cus let’s be honest he probably loves your chest

- He loves loves loves loves when you play with his hair. He always runs his hand through his own but when you do it it’s like puppy mode is on and he sighs softly and often falls asleep while you do it

-Baking. Making pancakes in the morning. Cliché flour fights. Maybe you burn down the kitchen maybe not.

-Boyfriend material af™

-Him constantly taking pictures of you

-Competition to see who sends the ugliest selfies is a daily thing tbh and you’ll get a memekook bombarding his picture
-Morning voice hoooooooomygosh I cri

-Late night talks and you guys talk about your dreams and what you guys will be like in the future. If you have anything you’re sad about a vice versa he will gladly listen and listen to you fully

-He always calls you jagiya and so sweetly too like you can hear him across the house slash dorm just doing his cute waddle to you saying “jagiyaaaaaaa” so soft and wow my heart

-You always being in best friend mode when he feels bad and insecure. You immediately smack some sense not literally into his brain. Like no you are a pure angel Park Jimin your voice, your personality, body, face, dance, everything.

-All over he is such a sweet boyfriend and so caring. You don’t mind it being silent but you have him by your side so you are at peace. Best friends when you need to be but y'all in love.

WOW~ this has been in my drafts for SOSOSOS long but here it is I feel these are repetitive but ya know we know our boys pretty well


warlock case files

as of 2x05, presumably around mid-2016
(transcript edited for consistency and accuracy*)

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as someone south of the mason-dixie line, i am Giving You Permission™ not to feel bad for making supportive bittles headcanons or fics or art or whatever. i will say that y'all really don’t get the deep-rooted fear that lgbt folks down here face because you just. don’t live with it, but despite what some people are saying that DOES NOT mean that the bittles won’t possibly be accepting. it is completely possible for coach and suzanne to have learned to unlearn their homophobia when they started to suspect that bitty was gay even if it’s hella unlikely. it can still happen. to be honest i doubt moomaw would be okay with it but again, anything is possible (my grandma had two gay kids that she loved and accepted completely and she lived in georgia, so). i just don’t understand 1) why some of y'all think that southern people can’t unlearn things just like others can?? even if it’s unlikely because of the hive mind thing going on and wanting to look good and all that Southern Shit that you know about if you are southern, it could still happen. i’ve seen it happen. and 2) why you are so upset by supportive bittle hcs even if they aren’t realistic? if they make people happy then what is the issue? sure, a lot of them are hella optimistic and not likely at all, but that shouldn’t matter? this is fandom for chrissakes. literally half of the shit we post isn’t canon and probably doesn’t have a chance of becoming canon. i get that it’s so unlikely it might as well be getting snow on christmas but??? if it makes people coping with (southern) homophobic family feel better then chill a bit, kay?

now i will say that people saying bitty is just misunderstanding his parents’ intentions really need to not because he probably isn’t bc it’s so bad down here it’s more likely that they are homophobic in some way than not (esp bc coach is a gym teacher,, like Yikes all of my male gym teachers have been. hmm anyways). like. example one of my friends had a brother who came out when he was seventeen and his parents disowned him, they haven’t seen him since and they don’t talk about him at all. this shit is not an outrageous thing that never happens and bitty is not being dramatic by being afraid.

but truth be told i’ve only seen one post that said that he’s misunderstanding the situation and i feel like everyone used that one post to condemn everyone with supportive hcs? and that’s not cool either.

so anyways both sides of this need to think clearly about this and try not to demonize each other, but also if you have supportive headcanons, it’s okay as long as you acknowledge that bitty’s fears are not irrational. they’re a normal part of growing up gay in the south, trust me. and not all of bitty’s family members will accept him and that honestly isn’t something you could debate. but if you think his parents will still love him (as any good parent should) then rock on and keep making those headcanons.

people with unsupportive headcanons (no matter the degree of lack of support) y'all rock on too. because it is good to know that even if your parents don’t accept who you are, it isn’t the end of the world, and you can move on from it.


we’re gettin closer to Halloween, and its been a while since I posted selfies, so.. have some mildly spooky selfies?

Bring Your Friends To Work Day

A/N: just an idea I had about how Deadpool’s friends enjoy his being basically indestructible.

Warnings: it’s Deadpool people, need I say more?

“Nat you got three more hostiles heading your way!” “Thanks Clint!” “Steve you’ve got four…had four coming to you. Damnit Bucky stop sneaking up on people!!” “I don’t sneak! I’m a lurker, it’s my thing. I am an assassin.” “Former assassin” “yes, thanks Steve. Former assassin. Besides, you’re supposed to be this amazing spy. I shouldn’t be able to scare you like that.”

“Guys, less talking more fighting.” A sassy “yes mom!!!” Is all Tony receives but they go back to the fight so he’s counting it as a win. “Mr. Stark?” “Yes underoos?” “I think we’re gonna need backup. I have a friend I’d like to call in.” “Wait, how does the kid already have contacts?” “It’s called networking Sam.” “He saved your ass didn’t he?” “…..maybe.” “Ha!!” “Focus! Alright Queens, call him in.” “Yes Cap!”

*meanwhile, across town.*

“Y/n!!” “AH!!! DAMMIT Wade!! Can’t you knock?” “Oh please, like I haven’t already seen everything you’ve got.” “Not the point Wade. What do you want?” “Peter called, The Avengers need us.” “I literally just sat down Wade.” “Woman, the city needs us. The Avengers have called us in & I am not missing the chance to see all those asses in skintight body armor. So get your tits up & let’s go kick some cock gobblers in the motherfucking ass.” “I don’t wanna get my tits up.” “Bucky Barnes is on the team.” “Dammit Wade…..alright, let me get my babies.” “Hey wear that hot leather number I made you!!”

“Wade? They called us, why are we skulking?” “I wanna see what they’re like first OH SNAP!! Did you see that thigh lock? She’s amazing!” “Wade, no. She’ll eat you alive.” “Well maybe that’s a kink for me y/n.” “There’s something wrong with you.”

They run into the fight, Wade & y/n quickly starting their normal banter. The team is a bit taken aback at first but soon find themselves joining in. “Wade, why are you counting bullets?” “I forgot my bag again.” “Fuck man, what kind of merc are you? You constantly leave shit behind!!” “Don’t start with me woman don’t think I didn’t notice that you failed to put underwear on.” “I hate pantylines & no one wants to fight while experiencing a wedgie.” “She’s got a point.” “See? Widow agrees, your argument is invalid.” “Fuck off y/n” the merc flips you off but you just high five the redhead and keep shooting.

*later at the compound*

“That’s not what happened Wade!!” “Oh for fucks sake Peter, that’s totally accurate! You were hanging upside down by your foot. You got caught in your own web, and I totally saved your adolescent ass.” “you didn’t save me, you fell offa building and broke your back because you were laughing so hard. Y/n is the one who cut me down!”

“Ha!! So you admit it!!” Peter groans loudly, he’s starting to regret ever inviting Wade. On the plus side, it looks like y/n and Bucky have hit it off, they seem to be bonding over having morons to look after. “Ya know, your Wade sounds a lot like a more foul mouthed Stevie. And that’s saying something because Rogers has a mouth on him.” “Yeah y/n would love for him to get that mouth on her!” “shut the fuck up Wade.” “Oh wait, I’m sorry. You prefer your men to have a metal arm.” Without a thought y/n shoots Wade in the head shocking the team until he starts slurring his words but doesn’t seem otherwise affected.

“See, that just proved I’m right. You only shoot me when I hit a nerve.” “You’re always on my nerves Wade.” “Yeah but you only shoot me when I’m right.” the smirk that crosses Bucky’s face hasn’t been seen by Steve in 70 years. “So you like my arm doll?” “Well yeah Barnes, how could I not? Especially when it’s attached to the rest of you?” “What do you say we steal some of Stark’s whiskey & go clean our weapons?” “I say you’ve got yourself a date Sarge.” They leave hand in hand, shoulders shaking with laughter as Wade yells after them “hey was that a euphemism? It was wasn’t it? Y'all are gonna fuck, eewwwww you’re gonna fuck an old ma OOW!!” Everyone looks at Steve, quite shocked to see the Captain smirking and blowing smoke from Natasha’s pistol. “Nice friends you’ve got Peter, invite them back anytime.”

I hope y'all enjoyed this, I know it’s late but writer’s block is a bitch.

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dating nct jaehyun!!!1!1!

• you guys are super cute
• jaehyun always smiles when he’s w you, not just any smile but he whole, cresent eyes, and the cute, well defined dimples
• he really likes being lowkey w you like
• “hey…,,,, wear a black and white striped shirt tomorrow” “,,,,,ok???”
• the next day
• “oh,,, my,,,, i- we didn’t even realize!!!! haaaa, we’re so perfect for each other”
• he’s awkward in a really non awkward, cute way
• it’s confusing
• it’s like he’s your best friend that happen to be dating and kissing on basis and hugging
• he doesn’t do cheesy things like put your name in his IG bio or anything, but he does make you his profile picture on his social media sites
• there’s some weird shit going on in his lil perv brain
• omg ok when nct u debuted you were like “hoLY- shiT. bABY DO U LOOK GOOD OR DO U LOOK GOOD”
• he’s super tall so you kinda, cling to him but he doesn’t care he likes it
• k he loves kissing you sm sm sm sm
• he kisses the top of your head a lot tho
• ok first kiss time w jaehyun!!!!
• ok so what happened was you were just chilling on the nct boys’ dorm couch
• and the sm BABy rookiES. were like “noONA. LET’S WATCH A MOVIE” and you were like “daMNBOYS. OK”
• jaemin, the princess himself, chose sleeping beauty.
• and at that very moment jaehyun came in the living room and was like “lol what are u guys doing w my girlfriend” and just plopped down in between you and jaemin and jaemin was like “hyuNG. wyD.”
• so it went like, donghyuk, jeno, jaemin, jaehyun, you and jisung.
• the first 4 boys were like, so INDULGED IN THE MOVIE, BUT you and jisung were like “lol lol lol we saw this like 40 times together already let’s just goof off” and you just kept squishing his cheeks being like “ugh jisung u’re like 3 what are u doing in an entertainment company i should be baby sitting you and be feeding u mushed up bananas”
• and jaehyun looked over at you and you whispered to jaehyun while squishing jisung’s cheeks and you were like “omg look at this literal baby jae”
• and jaehyun smiled bc goodness you’d be the most embarrassing mother to you and jaehyun’s children
• and then jisung fell asleep and you got bored and fell asleep with him while leaning on jaehyun’s shoulder
• “WHAT HAPPENED” and you screamed
• and the 2000 boys were like “HYUNG WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER” and he was like “whAT- WHY DO YOU ALL BLAME ME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING”
• and so you just hugged jisung and told him to go back to sleep but he was all shaken up
• and jaehyun just “oK. LET ME. JUST. GO TO MY ROOM.”
• but then 2 minutes later he motioned w his hand for you to come into the room
• and all the babies got up and started following you to his room and jaehyun was like “why- NOT ALL OF YOU. JUST HER. YOU GUYS-”
• a unison of “ooohhhhhhhh” from all the boys who go back to the couch
• and you got into the room and he closed the door and you were thinking “crap”
• but he very awkwardly was like “uh so… uh”
• “a dream??? uh well, did you, enjoy it?”
• “what?”
• “um” and he kinda, walked closer towards you and you just stayed there and he got crazy close to you and he put one of his hands on your cheek and another one on your hip and put his lips on yours and you hesitantly kissed back and put your arms around his neck and sjdjrjejf
• then he gently took his lips off of yours and smiled and he just kinda laughed and it was so cute honestly
• and you coughed and was like “um, uh, we should, take the boys, out of ice cream or something they…they wanted ice cream”
• and he put his arm around your shoulders and was like “alright”
• and fast thinker jaemin was like “hA. LOL. STUPiD US. JENO YOUR CONTACTS AREN’T HERE”
• “me-? oh- Oh YEAH MY CONTACT-”
• “jeno, you don’t wear contacts.”
• “you guys still gonna buy us ice cream or” cause all donghyuk wanted was some ice cream
• y'all did end up getting ice cream tho bc you love jisung sm, he’s you and jaehyun’s baby and he wanted ice cream
• it was a fun day
• ok when firetruck came out you went nuts
• ok you once found an old predebut video of him having a full on conversation by himself in english in his english class and you sent it to him
• he didn’t reply for like, 12 hours
• he cooks for you and you guys cook together sometimes it’s great
• you wear his sweaters sometimes and it’s so cute he loves it you look so tiny
• jaehyun made you cry once
• you guys were best friends first before you guys started dating
• he’s so modest it makes you ejdjfjfk
• ok jaehyun, not to be weird, but he gets boners a lot
• you pretend not to notice sometimes bc “jaehyun come on this happened on stage too you gotta chill man i know you’re growing up and you cant help it and all but-”
• but sometimes you just laugh and give him a small kiss on the cheek and continue doing what you were doing or something bc yoU GUYS AREN’T GONNA DO IT EVERYTIME HIS FRIEND ACTS UP DOWN THERE
• ok but he gets needy he just, hugs you a lot and back hugs you when he NORMALLY REALLY DOESNT, and he kisses you and whispers in your ear and, hM. IT’S TEMPTING BUT YOU’RE A STIFF STONE YOU’RE “you’re cute”
• you guys watch nct life together
• when he sleeps over/when you sleep over it’s so fun you always ask him to sing you to sleep and he does sing and skdkf
• but honestly most of the time y'all are gummy bears, potato chips, video games, dance breaks, and candy till 4am
• lol ok he looks at you, the same way he looks at honey butter chips and oh my goodness it’s the cutest thing
• johnny always messes w jae like “yoUR BAE OR HONEY BUTTER CHIPS JAEHYUN. ANSWER ME. 3, 2, 1. OHHHHH”
• ok jaehyuns lock screen is a picture of you and him together, smiling and laughing at your favorite coffee shop that yuta took when he was with hansol.
• ok so yuta and hansol were stalking you, but the way they put it was “we were not stalking you we were following you to make sure that you were being nice kids and just going on clean, 18 and under age dates.” and while they were behind the bushes, they saw you and him laughing at something and you two looked so cute that yuta snapped a pic and sent it to jaehyun and hansol was like “…wait. YUTA-” and then at that very moment jaehyun and your heads turned and you two made eye contact w hansol and yuta who was awkwardly standing behind the bushes of the coffee shop.
• it was a weird day
• jaehyun’s home screen is a picture of you sleeping, your hair in your face, your mouth kind of open, your cheek squished up from the pillow under your cheek and you hate it but he thinks it’s the cut e s t thing e v e r. it’s his favorite picture of you.
• he loves feeding you and being fed like he’s kinda shy about it but he loVES. IT.
• jaehyun doesn’t really get jealous, i mean, he does like any other guy, but he prefers to talk it out with you and ask you directly rather than keeping his emotions and questions to himself and hurting both himself and you and the relationship.
• he pretends you’re his giant teddy bear
• he likes it when you sit on his lap
• he does aegyo when you’re sad or when he wants something and you’re like “uGHWHAT”
• he loves spooning well, not spooning but, he just likes holding on to you while you’re both laying down
• he loves it when you touch his hair and play with it
• he catches all the bugs and when you’re scared he’s like “iTSOK I GOT YOU”
• when you’re cold, he doesn’t hesitate to take his jacket off and give it to you
• or when you’re like “oh no you’re gonna be cold ill be fine” he just let’s you sit in between his legs and he just drapes around you like a giant blanket
• ok your selfies are so cute it could be super casual where to u’re wearing normal clothes and just smiling or you guys could be wearing weird clothes that look like you’re about to go on stage to perform for lady gaga, sticking your tongues out, they’re all cute, super cute
• you guys say “i love you” when you’re in the mood for it meaning like, you guys would be watching TV then it’d get boring and you guys would just be smiling and really quiet and then he’d say “i love you” really quietly and pat your head.
• he talks in 3 different languages
• now he’s learning chinese from winwin and kun and his chinese classes so, 4 LANGUAGES. Y A Y.
• you saw jaehyun in a suit, once.
• once was enough.
• “stoooooooop”
• you guys never stop smiling around each other
• you guys, barely fight/argue
• he once took advice from johnny and, “went for it” aka took your head band to wash his face without getting his bags wet.
• “she won’t notice” he said. “she won’t laugh” he said. “SHE WON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOU AND KEEP THEM FOREVER.” HE SAID

• he lied. johnny lied. and johnny’s the one that told you about the head band thing, allowing you to get the picture in the first place.

YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS WAS I HAD TO START THIS OVER AGAIN LIKE, 6 TIMES WHEN I WAS ¾ DONE BC I KEPT CLICKING THE BACK BUTTON AND SJDJJFKG i feel like this one isn’t as good as the other ones bc i restarted it so many times omg but yES. bias wrecker af jaehyun yes thank u for existing u wonderful human being//giraffe.

yyyyYYYYYY'ALLLLL I had a freaking intensive dream about Rad Likes Robots and I kinda wanna cry???? ;;;;w;;;;

[[It’s a long ‘un this time too j f c;;;;]]

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GOT7 Reaction | Hiding Your Face in their Chest When You’re Flustered

this wasn’t requested but i need more GOT7 on this blog they are my sons and also my husbands and i needed to do some fluff after writing that one bts reaction okay~~ alright my dudes help this is me whY AM I SO SMALL WHY ~Admin Hedgehog

Mark: Gosh he’s so embarrassed as well but he thinks you’re so cute and he can’t stand it he just buries his face in your hair and you guys are just this big puddle of cute squishy cinnamon rolls y'all are adorable

JB/Jaebum: he tries to be all “Oppa” but in actuality he’s screaming inside and trying not to hide his face in his hands bc you’re just so fucking cUTE HOW CAN ONE PERSON BE THAT ADORABLE (and you’re not Youngjae…how can u be cuter then youngjae he’s confused) 

Jackson: literally screams and picks you up and spins you until you’re both dizzy bc he cannot handle how cute you are doing that like he’s actually crushing your ribs together who needs a corset when you have Jackson Wang am i right

Jinyoung: he coos at you like you’re a small child and ur low key offended like excuse me i am a grOWNUP I DO NOT NEED THIS but he’s like nope~~ you’re too cute~~ ahh how can one person be so smol and adorable?? either that or he’s a savage asshole who makes fun of your red face therese only 2 ways this can go my friend RIP in peace @ you

Youngjae: awkward giggles all aroundddd!!! he’s also a Cute Smol Shy himself so by burying your face in his chest he’s afraid you can hear his heart going at least 8,000 miles per second he thinks he’s gonna pass out help him Jaebum how does he react to this amount of cuteness

Bambam: he’s nOT EASILY SWAYED BY CUTE THINGS BUT DAMMIT YOU’VE MADE HIM W E A K he tries to play off him being flustered by making a dirty joke but that just makes you laugh and be more embarrassed so you nuzzle his chest with your nose and he is g o n e he is a puddle 

Yugyeom: yes. this is it. this is what he lives for. he loves being tall in this moment like he gets a lot of shit from the hyungs for your guys hight difference sometimes but dammit he is so content right now. If you want him to do anything for you all u gotta do is A: back hug him or B: hug him and nuzzle his chest with your nose and he is putty in your hands he’d buy a house for you if you asked

you're my whole world

read on ao3 

“I can fit the entire world in the palm of my hands,” Alec says out of the blue, one day, when they’re laying on the couch, cuddled up and watching some show on Netflix.

Magnus is surprised at the sudden announcement Alec made, it takes him a minute before he reacts. He lets out a soft laugh and untangles himself from Alec and turns to where he’s facing his boyfriend.

“Alexander, love,” he begins, smiling at Alec. “You can’t fit the whole world in the palm of your hands, it’s just not poss-” Magnus is cut off from continuing when Alec reaches forward, and cups with both of his hands, Magnus feels a blush beginning to spread across his face and his heart flutters.

Alec stares at him, his hazel eyes holding so much love in them. “You’re my world, Magnus Bane, you are my whole damn world.”

Magnus’ smile widens, his eyes are shining with love as he looks at his boyfriend. “As are you, Alexander Lightwood, as are you.”

Alec beams brightly, pulling Magnus in for a tender kiss, Magnus sighs into the kiss, making it deeper but still keeping it tender.

After about a minute or two of kissing, they pull away and press their foreheads together, just gazing into each other’s eyes, Alec decides to rub his nose against Magnus’, causing his boyfriend to giggle at this, Magnus leans forward and presses another kiss on Alec’s lips. “I love you, so much.”  

“I love you too,” Alec says, smiling softly at Magnus, before leaning in and giving him another kiss on the lips.

This kiss lasts a few minutes longer then the first one, and it’s soft and filled with so much love, they feel like their hearts might burst from it. When they pull apart again, they’re grinning so big at each other their cheeks are starting to hurt. Alec gives Magnus another peck on the lips before they settle back into their former positions, Alec’s arm wrapped around his boyfriend’s shoulder and Magnus snuggled up into his side.

They lay there, snuggled up together and feeling warm, loved and content.

You’re my entire world, they both think at the same time, with soft smiles on their faces.

Opinionated Riverdale Highlights:

Episode 12-

•This episode was better considering RAS didn’t write it. Oops

•Omg Free FP dammit, whose ass are you covering??

•Jughead can’t catch a break.

•Really Momma Jones your nonexistent, non casted ass is rejecting Jughead in a time of need.

•FP why you lying?!

•Fred why you gotta do Jughead like that?!? I trusted you!

•Fred don’t say that to Archie you’re just scared take those words back!

•Archie hug your boyfriend ooops I mean bro. Bro hug because then RAS might get offended.

•Um okay is anyone gonna report Hal for breaking into the Sheriff home? Also was really hoping for Alice to accidentally shoot him, I mean c'mon it was obvious it was him who broke in.

•Poor man never had a chance with the nickname ‘Mustang’

•Still no Reggie (I just lost 26 more years off my life/ Lili & Madelaine confirmed his recasting in a Facebook Live video right before this episode aired) 😭😭.

•Still no Josie and the Pussycats (which performance wise is understandable bc well in words of beanie loving philosopher ‘A KID IS DEAD ARCHIE!’).

•We find out in this episode that Sheriff Keller isn’t the only cop in town.

•But did he really OD? Or did the illuminati make it seem that way?

•Did y'all see the flash of jealousy in Veronica’s face when she called Archie and he said he was with Betty? Petty Love triangle bait.

•Did they just say “Grandpappy” wtf

•Eww not twincest just incest…

•I bet Veronica’s ears are burning for calling it.

•"I’m sorry to distrupt the witching hour at Thornhill" -Alice My Queen

•"Pure Blossom" stooop you creeps

•"THIS IS SOME JERRY SPRINGER SHIT!“ (Ha get it bc Betty’s dad was in white chicks? Yes? No? Okay byyee).

•Okay but like you write incest into the story but we don’t get a scene as to how Polly is reacting to her former love which was her third cousin or something. The girl can’t catch a break can she. You drag her out of a home expecting her to be fine with these news???

•Kevin protecting his dad and his job and his boyfriend is so cute.

•"I’m sorry Cheryl” -Jughead Jones
And now he gets bitchslapped by Cheryl. (I’m a sucker for someone getting slapped 😬😂).

•But like Jughead didn’t stop her, he let her get out her rage. That is such a noble thing to do even if at the moment he feels like shit because of his father.

•"I barely touched him" *insert white guy blinking meme here*

•Someone just hug Cheryl dammit.

•Seriously you could’ve had a sweet moment where Betty hugs Cheryl like when she was there for Ronnie, but the writers are too scared bc this fandom is fierce for the ships.

•Joavin is dead 😭

•Technically Kevin still doesn’t know he only dated him for the sake of the investigation. 😭

•Who’d a thought it would be Mary Andrews who reveals Joaquin’s last name.

•Mary being there for Jughead thanks to Archie *heart is feeling something*

•Joaquin DeSantos everyone (FYI Rob just updated that on his Twitter Bio)

•Kevin and Joaquin kiss, my poor fragile heart.

•Where can I get a Southside Serpent leather jacket?!?

•FP talking to Jughead in the jail cell *My poor unfortunate soul*

•"Nancy Drew strikes again" -Kevin Keller

•But like is anyone gonna comment on the fact that Betty could’ve told any guy to put on the letterman. Like she did it to feel up Archie, just saying 🐸☕️😂.

•But like I’m surprised they didn’t bughead this too much.

•Does nobody in this town know that when sleuthing you wear gloves!!

•Like I’m so surprised these people don’t get caught sooner or later. They’re hiding spots are just terrible and they don’t seem to grasp that their fingers can leave traces or DNA.

•These poor kids straight up watch Jason die. We all watched it! These kids need support.

•Cheryl baby she warned you to leave not confront the killer…

•"You did a bad thing daddy" super cringy for me.

•Poor Cheryl just wants happiness.


•Clifford keep your dirty hands off Juggie!

•Omg his name is Clifford like Clifford The Big Red Dog and he’s a ‘redhead’.

•All because of Maple Syrup?

•That ring I swear holds a single drop of every redheads blood and that is why it is so dear to their hearts.

•You killed your son bc of a ring? Maple Syrup? You were okay with Incest! So what was it? We need a better explanation!

•I’m sorry but if you wanted to get away with it you should’ve checked them cameras.

•I’m sure Hades is happy to have Clifford Blossom back, but I feel sorry on how this ended.

•R.I.P: Mustang, Jason, Clifford.

•Bye Molly Ringwald just like other every other characters we may never see again. 👋🏽

•Every character in this show needs a therapist please make them seek help, especially after all they’ve been through.

•Y'all get mad at others shows *cough* 13RW *cough* for being triggering even though that one has warnings unlike this show which has shows pedophelia, Mental Illness, emotional and physical abuse, drug abuse, suicide and it has no warnings and no one calls them the it on this.

***Feel freed to add on***

Citizens of the united states of america, you don’t understand the struggle of being european and not being able to watch new episodes when y'all do. We basically have two options over here: 1. stay up til the middle of the night (legit 3am), searching the entire god damn fucking dark web for a working live link, a mission guaranteed to fail, OR 2. wait until thE NEXT FUCKING DAY AFTER SCHOOL WHEN IT’S UPLOADED IN 240P ON SOME PORN-ADVERTISING SHITPAGE, MEANING I CAN’T GO ON TUMBLR FOR A FULL DAY WITHOUT GETTING THE ENTIRE THING SPOILED AND ALL POSSIBLE EMISON SHOWED UP IN MY FACE WITH NO SPACE TO CATCH MY BREATH (lowkey don’t mind that but that’s not the point here) POINT BEING: Our life, is a struggle. Stay strong, my fellow europeans

I’m an emotional mess so I’m gonna have a little heart to heart with y'all if I may.

Joji’s given me a lot of things during my time here, something to smile about, some beautiful music, a distracion from life’s tough moments, an opportunity to work on the things I love, and even a new perspective on life.

But one of the things I’m most grateful for that he’s given me, is all of you.

When I say I love you all so much, I mean each and every one of you. I love all your beautiful faces, everyone here is a sweetheart and I give my absolute heart to each and every one of you. Most of the best friends I’ve ever made have been from here, even if I’m not very good at talking. I love you all endlessly. Even those I don’t speak with, your positivity and good vibes radiate wherever you go here, and it’s the most wonderful thing.

And honestly, as much as the cryptic fuck stresses me out, because of Joji I’ve had one of the best years of my life. And I don’t know where I’d be without all of your outpouring love and support.

So thank you 💖