my face was genuinely d: when i was making these

so in my history and politics lecture they were discussing how we should deal with nazi’s

and some people genuinely argued about free speech? someone said he wanted to have a conversation with a nazi?

meanwhile, at pride a few days before I’d been changing “make the world a better place, punch a nazi in the face”

“you’ve got your right to free speech. I’ve got my right to disagree with you. when you are preaching about killing me, and people like me, I think I also have the right to fucking knock you out”

apparently I was ‘too violent’. “that make you just as bad. ”

since when has defending my right to exist been as bad as genocide

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dogblrpositivity check! happy dogblr days! Which dogblr dogs do you think your dog would get on with? Which do you think it would be frenemies with? Could you write a limerick about your dog?

Oh I LOVE these! 
Obie would get along with so many but I imagine him having an espeically good time with @quichehound (Quiche) :D Really though, I think he could party it up with almost any dog friendly dog!
Galileo is a little apprehensive at first but after a good couple of sniffs, he’s down to wrestle and play bitey face. I think he and @streetdogmillionaires (Chalo and Priya) would make an excellent team of browns.
And as for Bandit, he and @perfectdogs (Aska) will always be my first pick because of how much she want’s to help Bandit when he howls.

I’m not sure about frenemies… Obie isn’t cunning enough to play those kinds of mind games tbh; he’d be the gentle cinnamon bun who just assumes that the frenemy is genuinely a BFF lol. Bandit would be frenemies with anyone who tries to steal his bully stick. No clue about Galileo!

There once was a young noodle boy
Of whom the world seemed to enjoy
For an offering or two
He might just bless you
Especially for rabbit shaped toys!


                                       ~My Favorite Monk~

I love this guy so much~ He is kind, genuine, funny, and always ready to help me when I need it. Every day I’m with him makes me happier than anyone’d believe! I’m so glad I met him and hope we stay together for as long as we can, in-game and out.

Haha I could gush about him till I’m blue in the face, so here’s more screenshots of us together instead!

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Harry and Daphne 💜 I might have teared up watching the video, I knew he'd straighten that umbrella for her. I'm working a bit later its expected to rain , if 97 year Daphne can stay out in awful weather for 7hours I can manage a few, even with out Harry at the end.! Daphne is amazing I'm delighted she got to see H again.

The biggest smile came to my face when he straightened that umbrella for her. It’s the little stuff like that that makes me know that he’s genuinely a kind, caring person. I looove that Daphne was able to meet him for the second time (and get her second kiss haha!). She deserved it. Now we just have to get her tickets to the 2018 Games so that her and Harry can have that beer! 😂

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Ooooh and another question which came to my mind when I was scrolling a bit through tumblr last week. I don't know if there has been a big discussion b/c I haven't been online a lot (but I have seen the QUEEN and that's way better than looking at Sparkles face! :D) but I somehow believe H thinks that Meg being an actress makes her more genuine towards him. I mean I guess he is afraid a "regular" girl with a "regular" job might just want his fame and money. And here he has this actress 1/2

2/2 who is already a bit famous in her own right (maybe she exaggerated a bit here and there, talking about aaaall her fans and media coverage, we know she tends to exaggerate..) and has some money of her own. That gives him the idea she doesn’t want/need the fame and is with him because she likes HIM. Not his fame, money or public persona. I’ve already said it in the beginning and have to agree with B right here: I think she came to stay. And I sadly can’t agree with you when you’re happy b/c

3/2 H is happy. That’s a bit like a friend being in a relationship and you know things about their bf/gf that they don’t know/want to know/see. So I couldn’t be happy for this friend b/c I know they aren’t genuine or have doubts. I’d really love to see H with whomever makes him happy and am not delusional as to think he might marry me^^ But we’ve found so freakin’ much about Sparkle that is off, that I just can’t get around this. And s/o like her shouldn’t be in the position she might get imo..

Hey anon, I see where you’re coming from on the fame and money part, that’s very very possible tbh. I like your thinking. 

The thing about Happy Harry = Happy Belgian is that I don’t know meghan personally, I have questions about her but all those questions may have an answer that’s logical and non-shady, we don’t know that. We also don’t know how much Harry knows and what is important to him. If he was my bestie and I knew 100% sure Meghan wasn’t good for him I’d address it to him but I don’t know him and I don’t know her so I’m just trusting Harry to know what he wants, and if he shows me he’s a Happy Harry with Meghan,.. that’s all I can hope for to be honest. 

We’re very much in a position over here to ask questions and do some reseach and go digging and stuff but we’re in no position to decide what is or isn’t good for Harry, or what he should and shouldn’t do.

We can only look at this circus from a distance and hope everthing lands on it’s feet in the end.

Narrowed Eyes, Long Sighs

“If you are just tuning in, we are here live at the Wayne Manor for the charity event of the season, held in honor of Daily Planet’s world renown reporter and Bruce Wayne’s significant other, Clark Kent. It is full of Gotham’s, Metro’s, and Jump City’s shiny and sparkling elite here at the Wayne Manor,” the bubbly young female reporter smiled into the camera, her pink gloss shining from the camera light.

Oh, another car is pulling up. I wonder who it is? Oh my goodness! This is really exciting! For the first time in three years, Jason Todd, the star prodigy of Wayne Enterprises, has finally returned to the Manor! Now as some of our viewers may know, Jason Todd was the original frontrunner to take over the Wayne Empire over the eldest, adoptive son, Dick Grayson, when Jason suddenly took a job at D. Stroke, Wilson, and Associates over in Jump City, drawing a clear wedge between him and the head of the company and his father, Bruce Wayne.

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I may have missed some Niylah gif sets…but has anyone gifed the moment Clarke grabs her wrist and asks her about the dropship bracelet and then Niylah looks up and gives her this look:

Or when Clarke tells her to stop talking and then Niylah looks kinda sad and sorry, but then her face when she realizes what Clarke actually means

I just really love Niylah. I think she is such a kind genuine character, and I want to protect her already. I swear if they makes us fall in love with her character then kill her – like they did Anya – omg. my heart will hurt.  


Hello everyone and welcome to my 6k follow forever!

Not even going to lie, never thought i’d ever get here but oh my god, thank you all so much for following me and supporting my blog! It means a lot to know so many people actually like my blog well enough to follow it so thank you <3

[sorry if I miss anyone out, I promise I love you all ~ <3]

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