my face son!

ok real talk tho, i haven’t seen anyone hating on anyones oc but… if you’re doing that then.. you’re just a shitty fuckin’ person tbh. like coming from experience, with jack in particular, it can take years to develop an oc. and whether or not you don’t particularly like the character.. you fucking RESPECT the work a person has put into their oc. no-one’s saying you’re not allowed to dislike something.. everyone has a preference when it comes to writing and characters. but if you’re going out of your way to hate on someones EXTREMELY HARD WORK .. then just fuck you honestly

Quick Jaybird doodle to celebrate the Red Hood DLC in Injustice 2!

Full-view it here!

Wonder if he’ll be featured in the tie-in comic at all… Can’t wait to see him get accidentally impaled on a broken broom handle or something if he does… #stillbitteraboutthatfuckingrock