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Jack Meets The Parents

“What if he hates me?”

Joe’s eyes leave the road in front of him for a second to look over at Jack, confusion etched across his face.

“Why the hell do you think he’s going to hate you?!”

“I don’t know, he just will!” Jack replies, nervously brushing his fingers through his hair.

“I’ve told you multiple times—“

“I know, that he won’t hate me. But what if he does?”


“I mean really, isn’t that how it goes? The dad always hates the boyfriend! They threaten to kill them or some shit.”

Joe feels his lips twitch slightly, laughter resting at the tip of his tongue, “Are you really comparing you meeting my dad to some cheesy chick flick?”

“Shut up.”

“Come on, babe,” Glancing over at the man sat next to him, Joe reaches out to place his hand over Jack’s, “My dad isn’t going to hate you. And I’m not some teenage girl bringing her boyfriend home for the first time.”

“The only difference between us and the movies is that you aren’t a teenage girl.” Jack flips his hand over under Joe’s, their fingers lacing together as he chews on his bottom lip.

“And that my dad won’t hate you.”

“You don’t know that!”

“We aren’t even seeing him for a few hours,” Joe laughs, “We’re going to have lunch with my mum!”

“But mum’s always love the boyfriends.” Jack points out, letting his head fall back against the headrest as he turns to study Joe’s profile, “So I’ll be fine.”



“Well I was thinking you should be more worried about my mum than my dad, but you just worry about whoever you want to.”

“Wait, what?!” Jack’s eyes widen, “You never said that!”

“Because I didn’t want you to be scared!”

“Well good going!”

“We’re here!” Joe announces happily, pulling into a parking stall, letting out a small laugh at the petrified look on Jack’s face. “Let’s go, babe.”

“Just kill me now…” The younger man mumbles as they climb out of the car.

“Oh, this was so lovely, boys!” Tracey grins at her son and his boyfriend, “I’m so glad you finally convinced Joe to let me meet you, Jack.”

“Convince me?!” Joe splutters, “He was the one avoiding it!”

“Nonsense,” Jack scoffs, “You’ve been keeping your mum from me. And I have no idea why, she’s a wonderful woman.”

“But…you were…”

“That’s nice, dear,” Tracey pats her son’s shoulder, facing Jack, “And now you two are off to meet Graham?”

“Yeah,” Jack’s charm falters for a second as his nerves return, “We’re staying there tonight.”

“Jack’s convinced dad’s going to kill him or threaten him, because you know,” Joe rolls his eyes, “I’m a teenage girl from a chick flick.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Tracey assures Jack, “You’ll be fine. You won me over, and I’m the difficult parent.” Winking at the boys, she turns to head for her car, “Don’t wait so long to call me next time, Joseph!”

“Yes, mum,” He replies, “Thanks for lunch!”

“You’re welcome! Love you!”

“Love you too!” Joe calls back before facing Jack, who has a smile on his lips, “What?”

“You’re cute with your parents.”

“Shut up,” The older man blushes, shoving at Jack’s arm.

“Awww, now you’re blushing! You’re so cute, babe!”

“Jack!” Joe complains as he’s pulled against his boyfriends body, arms wrapped around him, “Let me go!”

“Hmm, no.”

“You can’t get out of meeting my dad.”

“Dammit,” Jack mumbles, his arms falling from around Joe, “It was worth a try.”

“So. You’re Jack.” Graham greets the boys at the front door, his arms crossed against his chest, a stern look on his face.

“Uhm, yes?” Jack answers, fear flooding his body, “I mean, yes. That’s me. Sir.”

“Hm.” The older Sugg remains serious as he stares over at Jack, who realizes he’s forgotten how to breathe. It isn’t until he hears laughter coming from behind him that he remembers how to get oxygen into his lungs, and he turns around to see Joe bent over laughing.

“Oh my gods,” Joe gets out between giggles as he stands up, wiping a tear away from the corner of his eye, “You fell for it.”

“What?!” Jack looks back at Graham quickly, to see a smile growing on his face, chuckling lightly.

“Joe may have sent me a message saying how nervous you were,” Graham shrugs, “Figured it was worth teasing you.”

“I hate you Suggs,” Jack mutters to himself.

“That was too good,” Joe shakes his head, slipping his hand into Jack’s to tug him into the house, “Come on, babe. Dad’s got drinks inside.”

Hours later, the two climbed the stairs to Joe’s old bedroom, tired from the long day.

“That wasn’t too bad, was it?” Joe asks softly as he closes the door behind him.

Maybe you were right earlier,” Jack admits, letting himself fall onto the bed, “It wasn’t that bad.”

“They both love you,” Joe scoffs, “Unsurprising though.”

“I know, I am pretty charming.”

“Modest too.”

“Among other things,” Jack grins, tugging Joe down on top of him. “I can list them if you want.”

“Considering it’ll only take a second?” The older man teases, “Sure.”


“I already know how amazing you are, you idiot,” Joe laughs, placing a swift kiss on Jack’s lips, “You don’t need to list anything.”

“I’m amazing, am I?”

“You have to be if my parents liked you.”

“They just know their son has good taste in people.”

“Yes, that must be it.”

“Hmm, glad you agree.” Jack lifts his head enough to kiss Joe again.

Like it's real


Summary: Neil looked at Andrew, who mouthed “don’t”, and then back at Nicky. He seemed rather desperate. Every fibre of his body told him this was a bad idea, but then again Neil wasn’t known for making wise decisions. “Okay. I’ll do it,” he said. Neil could feel Andrew’s heavy gaze on him. “I’ll be Andrew’s fake boyfriend.”

Word count: ~1.2k

Neil was on his way out of his dorm room, taking a sip of the horrible beverage that Kevin forced him to drink every morning—it was ludicrous the amount of things that boy did for Exy, and made Neil do, too. It was then that Nicky approached him, agitated.

It was then when it all started.

“Neil, my friend, we need a huge favor!” Nicky’s words caught Neil’s attention. It was still a strange thing for him. Being someone’s friend.

Andrew appeared beside his cousin, wearing the most uninterested face. “You need,” he said to Nicky, his lips betraying his look, almost quirking up in a slight smile.

“What is it?” Neil was genuinely curious to know what was it that made Andrew amused.

Nicky took a breath and blurted out, “I need you to date Andrew.”

It took all of Neil’s efforts not to spill Kevin’s beverage on his friend’s face. “What? Why?”

“Well… Erik’s family is visiting and they’re making this amazing dinner to celebrate that we won and…”

“And..?” Pried Neil. This sure was interesting.

“I may or may not have told them we… were all coupled. So you have to date each other. Please.”

“Why would you tell them that?” After Allison and Renee got together, Andrew and Neil were the only single members of the team.

“It was that or getting paired with Erik’s cousins. Poor souls I don’t want them traumatized, they are too pure for, you know, Andrew.” Neil guessed Nicky had a point.

“You know I could kill you at any moment,” Andrew stepped in.

“Please, Neil, you have to do it. I beg you. You’re the only one who can do it without getting himself killed. Probably.”

Neil looked at Andrew, who mouthed “don’t”, and then back at Nicky. He seemed rather desperate. Every fibre of his body told him this was a bad idea, but then again Neil wasn’t known for making wise decisions. “Okay. I’ll do it,” he said. Neil could feel Andrew’s heavy gaze on him. “I’ll be Andrew’s fake boyfriend.”

“You’ll regret it,” said Andrew, to no one in particular.

Nicky took Neil into his arms. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re a real friend, Neil!” He shouted into Neil’s face. And then, in a lower voice, “Let’s hope he doesn’t kill you.”

“Wait, how did you convince Andrew in the first place?” asked Neil.

“Oh I just promised I’d buy him sweets for the rest of his life.”

“Every. Day. Of. Your. Life.” Andrew stressed out. “In exchange of Josten and me being stupidly lovey dovey in front of your boyfriend’s family for one single night.”

Nicky’s smile went even bigger. “Yeah, seems fair,” he said, and hugged Neil once more.

After that, everything went downhill.

They somehow managed to get through half of the dinner in a somewhat civil way. Andrew only made a couple of snarky comments, but none were directed at Erik’s family.

Then, the wine started to make its effect and Andrew became more restless. And touchy. Nicky tried to stop him a couple of times by nudging him, but Andrew didn’t care. His hands were all over Neil. It was quite a pleasant feeling for Neil but, apparently, it wasn’t the sort of behavior suited for a formal dinner. The actual problem, though, came when Andrew tried to take Neil’s suit off.

“I hate the suit, you should take it off.”

Andrew’s breath was on Neil’s face and all he could think of was how much he actually wanted that to happen. And alcohol sure didn’t help. “Okay.”

“That’s it,” Neil heard Nicky yell. “You two, stop. Drop the act. This was a stupid idea.” Nicky looked at Erik, then at his parents. “I’m sorry, I asked them to pretend to be dating. They’re just doing this to piss me off.”

Andrew finally let go of Neil’s grip and turned his attention to his cousin, his mouth quirking into a smirk. “I told you you’d regret it.”

“It doesn’t hurt to be nice once in your life, you know,” Nicky said.

“I guess I’ll never know.” Andrew stood up and went for the restroom. Neil followed him, after sending Nicky an apologetic smile.

“You love the suit,” said Neil when they were finally alone.

Andrew’s mouth was on Neil’s in a heartbeat, his hands already unfastening Neil’s tie. “Shut up.”

They had kissed before. On the rooftop. In Andrew’s room. They had kissed many times. And tonight’s act gave Neil something he hadn’t had in a long time. Hope. “You know we could make this real,” he whispered into Andrew’s ear.

“There is no this.” Andrew took Neil’s hand into his and lead it to his mouth.

“Liar.” Neil’s free hand travelled to Andrew’s cheek and made him look at him. “Yes or no, Andrew?”

Andrew didn’t move. His eyes were fixed on Neil’s like his life depended on it. His hands now on Neil’s waist. “Yes,” he finally said.

“I guess you really like the suit.”

Then it was mouth on mouth again. Skin on skin. It was the same as before but all different. It was Andrew kissing Neil’s neck. It was Neil’s hand on Andrew’s chest.

The door busted open to reveal an angry Nicky. “That was the worst acting i’ve ever seen. you could have at least tried, you know,” he said. Then he looked at them and how their hands were placed on each other’s bodies. “Uh, guys you can drop the act now. They already know.”

“What? Can’t I kiss him when no one’s around?” asked Andrew, that smirk on his face again.

“Uhm. It’s not like you’re really dating.”

“Uh yeah, we are,” said Neil.

“Don’t say stupid things.” But Andrew’s mouth was on Neil’s again, refusing to let him go.

“Oh my God,” Nicky breathed out. “What. Why. How. What.” He looked at them in astonishment. “Oh my God.”

“What’s happening in here?” Neil heard Allison say before entering the boys’ restroom. “Oh,” she said when she saw them. “I knew it! I’m going to tell the rest. Thank you for making me rich.”

Neil wondered if it really was that obvious or if Allison just was a very perceptive girl.

Because maybe it hadn’t started with Nicky appearing at Neil’s door. Maybe it had started when Neil decided that kissing Andrew on the rooftop wasn’t that bad of an idea. Or maybe it was when he told him about his past life.

Neil wasn’t sure when it all started. But he was glad of every stupid decision he had made to get to this point in his life. With friends. And someone strong enough to hold him and all his problems in his arms. A boyfriend. That feeling was as unfamiliar as it was pleasant. And Neil didn’t want it to ever end. And for once, he could let himself slip into it without feeling in danger.

Love. That had to be what love felt like.


Third | Choi Seunghyun

Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader
Point of view: Reader
Word count: 3,412
Graded: Fluff | Smut | Angst | No grade
Warnings: Sexual themes, swearing, nudity, couch sex.

⠀⠀⠀⠀My hand nipped at the skin on my neck, something I usually do if I’m nervous to distract myself from my thoughts. Eyes flickering between different objects and people outside the bus window, sadly the window wasn’t able to open, I could really use some fresh air right now. Turning my head to look forward through the driver window, by the next stop he should be waiting. Damn, I was not prepared. Our first and second date went well, that wasn’t what frightened me, we actually talked well with each other, there was only like one awkward silence which is unusual for me since I’m usually not very smooth in social situations.

⠀⠀⠀⠀The thing was, he was so… intimidating? I felt safe and comfortable around him but it was like he knew exactly what to do to raise that tension that left you wanting more, even if our hands just brush against each other, just that faint contact made me feel tingly and excited. The bus stopped and my hands clung to the strap of my purse. I raised from my seat and when outside, I took a deep breath. My stomach hurt, it felt empty almost. All this anxiety and stress made me wonder if it was worth it.

⠀⠀⠀⠀The sounds of the bus driving away woke me up from my thoughts and I took a few steps forward, searching the environment for him. I grabbed my phone out of my purse, to see that he texted me was both a relief and it stressed me out so much more. Maybe he sent it hours ago and cancelled it. I opened messages. 40 seconds ago.

⠀⠀⠀⠀Hey! I can see you from my window, I’ll be right there
⠀⠀⠀⠀don’t go anywhere.

⠀⠀⠀⠀I smiled, feeling the stress fade slightly. The neighborhood seemed to be mostly apartments, and judging from the rather offensive words painted on the walls in graffiti and a group of teenagers, I would assume, further away smoking and screaming, it probably wasn’t the best of neighborhoods. One of the apartment doors opened and it echoed throughout the whole area. I smiled at the familiar person stepping outside of the door even though I felt quiet anxious. I walked to the closest apartment complex to where I was, the second door with the number 13 on a light sign that flickered from on to off every now and then. I scanned my surroundings and there wasn’t much to see, the high grass by the road was yellow and there was a small supermarket on the other side of the highway. The air smelled a little weird too.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Good evening.” I quickly lost interest in the supermarket and its parking lot and turned my head to the person speaking, I took a few more steps and fumbled with my feet as I looked up at him.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Hello.” I said quietly sinking my head and smiling, pulling my shoulders up to my ears for a second as I inhaled. “It’s nice here.” The sentence was out-drawn and he chuckled lifting one hand to his forehead to scratch his hairline.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Just as nice as the smell from the container of trash over there.” He nodded his head to a big gray container and my head turned to see the mountain of garbage. That’s the smell. “Come inside, it doesn’t smell that bad in here, I promise.”

⠀⠀⠀⠀I nodded and stepped inside when he held the door open for me. “Thank you, Seunghyun.” The echoing sound of the door closing rang all the way to the top floor it sounded like. Four steps up the first stairs I stopped to wait for the man behind me, remembering that I didn’t really know which door was his. He had this half-smile on the whole time, his eyes managing to keep eye contact so well while I was wiping my fingers on my dress from any sweat that might form from just being so close to him. He wore a pair of sandals, and since his eyes felt like they pierced right through me I used the sound they made as they walked up the few steps as an excuse to look at those instead. As he came closer I felt an arm snake around my waist and it pulled me up the rest of the steps. My hands released my dress sighed through my nose. As we walked up the first set of stairs his fingers flattered against my ribs.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“How have you been since last?” First question of the night asked in his deep voice and it was harder than it should’ve been to look at him and answer properly. My eyes looked at his as I parted my lips to answer but his eyes were too intimidating so my gaze immediately settled on the gray steps again.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“I had a fever last week, uhm, but other than that I’ve been good. Nothing interesting has happened.” I nodded slowly and turned my body in sync with his as we walked up the second set of stairs which seemed to get longer and longer.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Oh, sorry about the fever.” I was about to break in and say that there was no need to be sorry. “But let’s hope tonight gets interesting.” He tilted his head and only his eyes smiled. My eyes were stuck on his face for a while before I nodded quickly and couldn’t help the smile on my face.


⠀⠀⠀⠀I felt much more confident now, it might have been the few glasses of wine but over dinner it had been easier and easier to talk with him. He wasn’t less flirty or intimidating, no, but during the evening I got used to it, and with the help of my tipsiness I even countered him.

⠀⠀⠀⠀From sitting against each other at each side of a small table, eating. To sitting in the couch, him with his arm spread against the back of the couch and me across from him with my legs crossed, having an semi innocent conversation. To his palm flat right on the seat behind me and the tip of his thumb poking me. The other hand on his knee and his face barely even apart from mine. My hands pressed against his chest and I could feel it rising with every breath.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“It’s been very hard keeping my hands off you all night.” I could feel his breath on my lips as he talked in his rich, deep voice, the hand on his knee was put on mine. I blinked a few times and had a hard time concentrating. “I don’t know if I told you, but you look gorgeous.”

⠀⠀⠀⠀He had told me, many times, maybe not using the word gorgeous with every compliment but he made sure I acknowledged that I looked beautiful. “Thanks.” I tilted my head down and my hands sank down to my lap and tapped my knees.

⠀⠀⠀⠀His fingers skimmed over the skin of my thigh up and down, I sighed and looked down at the skin now covered in goose bumps, he smirked and gripped firmly at the flesh, but not hard, and leaned in the small distance needed to press his lips against mine. The feeling of them was familiar from the first two dates we’ve been on, but this kiss was greedy and his lips moved in a smooth rhythm with his upper body.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Mhm-” Before my eyes closed I caught a glimpse of his face, a tempted expression as I was a helpless prey. His face pushed forward and his hand left my thigh, the area feeling cold without the warmth of his palm, and without ever leaving my body it slid up to my shoulder to push me down to lie on the couch. I pinched the fabric of his gray shirt between my nails and then held on to his forearm, feeling the shirt ending at the elbow which he folded up earlier this evening. His tongue that met mine tasted like wine, and I never thought that the bitter taste would ever taste so good.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Let’s hope it’s nothing left of that fever.” His teeth pulled at my bottom lip and raised to stand on his knees. He looked so powerful, chest rising heavily up and down and he looked down at me with his lips parted and a barely noticeable smirk. His eyebrow raised, oh god.

⠀⠀⠀⠀His hand started to unbutton the third button, the first two already done because of the warmth in the kitchen earlier. More and more of the tan skin revealed itself and when the shirt was opened completely his shoulders move back and forth all too slowly to get it off, his collarbones raising as he did so. I tried to ignore his stare as I just observed his body for a while, his ribs showed every time he inhaled and with the exhale the skin covered them.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Is this okay for you?” He had his arms stretched out completely and he caged me between them. Despite the dominant position his voice was genuine and gentle when he asked that. “Is it too fast?”

⠀⠀⠀⠀We’ve only met three times, but the feeling I got from just being around him was so exciting and made me always want more. “It’s okay, really. I want this.” I needed this, I was so desperate for him and my chest was just aching from his closeness and I had a hard time getting air to my system.

⠀⠀⠀⠀His long fingers brushed the hair back on my hairline and scraped down my scalp. I closed my eyes and hummed, wrapping my arms along the muscles of his shoulders and fingers playing on his upper back. Just as I opened my eyes they closed again when he dipped his head to catch my under lip in his mouth. I opened my mouth between the kisses  to invite his tongue. My thighs rubbed together in attempt to calm myself down but his tongue just rummaging all of my mouth.

⠀⠀⠀⠀His palm flattened itself against my abdomen and slid down between my legs pressuring the area with his index and middle finger, going up and down against the wine purple fabric. A deep sigh through my nose and eyelids fluttering open. His lips left mine with a smack and his fingers increasing the pressure and pressed against me in a circle motion. I bit my lip and a quiet, needy moan.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“The dress is in the way.” He eyed the clothing on my body. “Undress for me.” It drove me crazy how smooth and even his voice was, my body hurt from sexual frustration after an entire night of him accidentally brushing against my thigh and his innuendo comments. My shaking fingers reached for the zipper on the side of the dress and pulled it down the best I could to where it stopped at my waist. It was harder to get the straps down my shoulders in my lying position. I lifted my back and the hem was grabbed by his hand, leaving the area between my thighs wet and craving. The fabric left my body and at my knees I kicked it off.

⠀⠀⠀⠀As if the sexual tension wasn’t enough, my body felt even hotter now from the feeling of being so naked. When people said they can feel their heart beat I thought they were just saying that but I could actually feel the muscle pound inside me.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“I- ah, you look so good.” His voice made a gradient change from smooth to husky and he kissed the skin on my neck gently, not preparing it for the teeth digging into it just a moment later. As his tongue and teeth worked on eventual marks on the fragile skin on my shoulders and neck his fingers lifted the waistband of my underwear and pulled it down to my mid thigh and with a heavier pressure dragged a finger up my slit, flicking my clit when passing it.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Hn- ahh-” I arched my back to the touch and my mouth stayed agape to be able to breath properly. “Seunghyun…”

⠀⠀⠀⠀“How good does it feel?” I couldn’t answer that. I felt really good but with hi mouth against my neck and fingers rolling my clit there was no way I could even mumble something. I just sighed and my hands gripped at the hair closest to his scalp. “How good does it feel?”

⠀⠀⠀⠀The question made me let out a quick, short whine sound. I swallowed and took a deep breath. For this being our first time having sex he was very forward, but I had already noted that on our previous meetings. He seemed so confident.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“It feels am-” His thumb pressed at my clit repeatedly as I was about to answer, on purpose, sending a jolt converted to a chill up my spine, gracing almost all my skin with goose bumps. He chuckled against my neck and lifted his head from my shoulder and looked me right in the eyes.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Tell me.”

I closed my eyes for a moment, opened them thinking I was ready but his intense gaze proved me wrong. “Ama- hng- amazing.” My voice was coated with a thick layer of air as I spoke. “Amazing… It feels amazing, Seunghyun.”

⠀⠀⠀⠀“You look beautiful, ______.” I let one hand fall down to the back of his neck and the other one grabbed at the back seat of the couch. I felt two fingers slowly pushing their way inside me. I took slow breaths, the sexual pain fading slightly as I felt his fingers filling me. “Would you mind taking that off?”

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Huh?” Why the sudden gentleman? I opened my eyes and felt his hand play with the strap of my bra on my shoulder, pulling it down. My hand left his head, fingers dragging along the side of his face when they fell to my shoulder and my arm snaked through the strap, the other arm a little more difficult since it was pressed against the couch. I lifted my back from the couch and put my weight on my head to unclasp the bra. His fingers and eyes stressed me slightly and my fingers struggled to do it smoothly. One. My fingers fumbled around on my back and the second clasp was easier to deal with. Two. The bra released its pressure on my boobs and I grabbed it by one of the straps and let it fall to the floor.

⠀⠀⠀⠀He grinned pushed his nose up between them, kissing the valley and looking up at me. From the angle I had he looked much more innocent than literally just a second earlier.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Beautiful.” His hand, that weren’t busy with penetrating me, gently cupped and massaged my chest. I wiped some sweat of my forehead with the back of my fingers. I looked down and eyed the way his dick tented the pants, making the actually quiet loose pants seem tight.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Take your pants off?” I scraped my nails lightly up from his abdomen to his shoulders. He arched a brow and side-smiled. I felt an empty feeling as his fingers pulled out of me and the other left my breast. He looked down to open the button on his pants. The sound of the zipper caught my attention as I fazed slightly, my eyes fixed on his hands  pushing the fabric down his hips and almost, almost, taking his boxers with it. The pants reached his knees and then he stopped, head slightly tilted forward and licked his lips as his eyes scanned over my body. He hummed, growled, and grabbed the ten through his boxers and squeezed it. Ah, he turns me on so badly.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Hold on-” He stood up from the couch and his pants fell automatically down to his ankles and he stepped out of the jeans and walked to the kitchen. I turned around in the couch, watching him, his ass, before it disappeared behind the counter and leaving me biting down on my lip harshly. He picked up his wallet and fingers flickered through it and pulling out a condom, golden wrapper. He had a grin on his face and approached me with big steps.

⠀⠀⠀⠀I turned to lie on my back again with my thumbs I pulled down my underwear. He stopped to eye my body, mouth open and the corners of his mouth just slightly turned up.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Seunghyun..” He clenched his mouth shut.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Right.” He muttered. He pulled down his boxer to reveal the start of the lines down to his rectum and when it passed long enough his dick was hard. A part of me felt proud and I smiled. He kicked the boxers off and opened the condom wrapper with his teeth spitting out the piece that stuck on his tongue. Carefully taking the rubber out and carelessly throwing the wrapper on the floor. He kept eye contact as he pumped himself a few times before looking down to roll it down. I put my hands flat against my womanhood and moaned.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Please.” My tone was pleading, desperate for all of him. He stepped between my legs and spread them, my knees resting in the bend of his arms

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Ready, honey?”

⠀⠀⠀⠀I hummed when I heard the pet name and nodded. “Y– yes.”

⠀⠀⠀⠀He pushed then, slowly and guiding himself in. My eyes looked at the ceiling but was entirely focused on the feeling of him push inside of me, I thought his fingers did a good job but this. Without pushing all the way in he pulled out and craned his neck, a sexy groan left his lips. He dipped his head and pushed again, this time the whole way.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Come here.” I opened my arms for him and he leaned down and kissed me roughly, teeth jerking and pulling. He thrusted and I threw my head back, releasing his lips.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“You feel great, shit..” His voice was raspy and breath hot. I buried my face in his neck and wrapped my legs around his hips, my arms embraced his torso with hands splayed out on his shoulder blades. He rolled his hips amazingly. I moaned against his neck. It was all too much. My nails raked down his back and teeth yanking on the skin, my turn to leave marks.

⠀⠀⠀⠀His groans were aggressive and came with every thrust. I moaned against his neck and I could feel the skin vibrate.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Damn, baby-” The pet names kept coming out in whispers.

⠀⠀⠀⠀I pulled my face away from his neck, catching a glimpse of a hickey before clenching my teeth and shutting my eyes. My abdomen sparked en my entire body hottened up instantly, never had I felt this wonderful before. “I’m cum- hn!”

⠀⠀⠀⠀A moan, almost more of a scream, and a rush of pleasure shook through my body from head to toe. His hands gripped my hips and his moans buzzing because of pressing his teeth together. I wanted so badly for him to tip over the edge.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Seunghyun!” My hans pressed against his chest and going over his nipples with my fingers. “You’re amazing— oh- oh my god!” His jaw dropped and he growled loudly and I could feel his hips spasm and his dick throbbed inside of me, pulsing.

⠀⠀⠀⠀His thrusts slowed down until they came to a stop. His body slumped together and his forehead fell against my chest. I held my breath as he pulled out of me stiffly. He laughed a sigh and leaned down to lie next to me. One arm snaked under my back to hold me against him. I was too tired to smile but I couldn’t stop my lips turning into a slight grin.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“I– wow.” He sighed kissing my jaw. “Next date will be a proper one.”

⠀⠀⠀⠀“I liked this.” I looked up at him, my eyelids dropped and my face fell against his chest, I had to adjust my position a few times to get a little more comfortable.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“You’re staying the night, right?” I yawned and just the thought of dressing up and taking a bus home exhausted me immensely.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Myah.” I heard him chuckle and I pressed my cheek against his chest harder.

⠀⠀⠀⠀“Angel.” He said, too tired to question him I just pecked his skin of his pec. He made me feel so special and especially when he held me like that. “Night.”

Notes: Sorry this is a little late! Writer’s block, ugh… I don’t know if it’s a little bold to ask this so soon after starting the blog but please! Send requests! Just put the person you want me to write for and a scenario in my inbox and I’ll try to make it happen!

Thanks for reading!


Summary: You’re a youtuber and Troye Sivan’s twin sister. Basically you went on a youtube event three months ago and you accidentally had a one night stand with Joe Sugg. You and Troye went to brighton and ended up seeing not only Zoe and Alfie but also Joe. 

A/N: I kinda just did this because I’m bored so expect the flow of the story to be ‘fast’. I don’t know how to explain it but yeah. Sorry for all the grammatical errors. Enjoy.

“Troye, I’m seriously gonna kill you.” I said to my twin brother in a slight angry tone. We are currently on the way to Zalfie’s house and here we are now in one of Troye’s secret van.

“Love you too, Y/N.” He responded blankly without taking his eyes off of his phone.

Troye just finished his UK tour and he decided to stay in Brighton for a while to hang out with Zoe, Alfie, and our other youtuber friends. I’m a youtuber myself but I admit, Troye’s more famous than me. I only have like a million subscribers. And Troye’s a famous artist now. I’m proud of him actually.

Mom said its better for me to come with Troye on his tour so that I can travel more. And I’m enjoying it because I get to hang out with my twin brother.

But right now he’s just being a dick.

“Troye you’re such an arsehole.” I almost shouted.

“I’m not an arsehole. Joe’s an arsehole for fucking you three months ago.” He looked at me with both concern and frustration. “And it’s not my fault if he’s in the zalfie’s household right now.” He looked at his phone again and I groaned.

Three months ago I attended a YouTube event in Orlando. It was my very first YouTube event without Troye so that’s kind of an important event for me. The other youtubers and I stayed at a hotel for a couple of days. And that’s where I met him. Joe Sugg. I was one of his biggest fans before I started YouTube. I watch his videos and I have to admit, his humor and good looking body and face attracts me.

I was outside my hotel room to go for a walk when suddenly…

“Hey uh…” A familiar voice called from behind. I turned around and saw Joe walking towards me. Then for a moment my heart isn’t functioning anymore.

“Uhm hi.” I greeted nervously.

“You look familiar.” He pointed whilst moving closer to me.


“You look like Troye Sivan.” Oh so clearly he doesn’t know who I am.

“Yeah I’m uh I’m related to him.”

“Yeah? How old are you?”

“How old is Troye?”

He raised an eyebrow. “Twenty?”

“Then I’m twenty.”

I laughed slightly when I saw his jaw dropped and his eyes widened. “You’re twins? You’re Troye’s twin?” He smiled. Oh dear God his smile is a gift from heaven.

“Yeah.” I responded.

“That’s really cool. Name’s Joe by the way.” He reached out his hand.

“I know. My name’s Y/N.” I shook his hand and smiled. I felt my face getting warm but I decided to just ignore it and enjoy the moment.

And that’s how we met. We basically hung out for days through the whole event. I also made a lot of youtuber friends because of him. We had a lot of fun.

I actually liked Joe. Like ‘like’ like him. I felt something for him. And I had the feeling that he felt the same way too. He’s acting really different whenever we’re together. Plus, whenever Caspar’s teasing us I always see him blush. I don’t want to assume or anything so I just let everything happen.

And letting everything happen is the worst mistake that I’ve ever did in my whole life. It was the last night of the event and Joe invited me to stay at his hotel room. He offered me some alcohol and I accepted it and well… We got a little drunk. I remember us talking about him going back to London and me going back to Perth. We didn’t want to go on our separate ways.

I remember myself kissing him after our small talk. And that’s when it happened.

I woke up the other day naked with him on the bed. In shock I quickly put on my clothes. I heard Joe getting up.

“What happened?” He said, scratching his head. He looked at me and his eyes widened. “Don’t tell me…”

“It happened, Joe.” I said in a low tone. I don’t know why but I felt tears pouring down my face.

He got up and put on his pants. He walked towards me and gave me a long hug. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered.

More tears fell down from my eyes as I felt his embrace.

After that I went back to my room and cried. Joe was my first time. That mistake was my first time. I can’t believe I had a one night stand as my first.

We’d never actually talked after that accident until now. I only told Troye about what happened and at first he was furious. Troye can be a dick sometimes but he’s very protective.

“Zoe wants to see you, Y/N. Just stay close to me when the arsehole is near.” Said Troye. And by arsehole he meant Joe.


“Troye! Y/N!” We are now outside Zalfie’s house and Zoe welcomed us with a hug.

“Hey Zoe, I missed you.” Troye said.

“Oh. My. God. Me too.” Zoe responded. “Y/N, its so nice to see you again.” She said excitedly. I’ve also met Zoe at 3 months ago’s YouTube event in Orlando. I hope she doesn’t know about what happened between me and her brother.

We entered their house and Alfie greeted us with a smile. “Hey Sivan twins.”

“Hey Alfie.” Troye and I said in chorus.

We were about to sit on their sofa when I suddenly heard a very familiar voice. “Zoe! Have you seen my-” There he is. Joe Sugg appeared from the kitchen, holding his phone. He stared at me for a moment, his face a bit shocked. I felt my heart beating faster and faster as I stared back at him.

Troye stood in front of me and hid me behind his back. “Hello Joseph.” Troye greeted with a forced smile.

“Uh hi, Troye.” Joe smiled back.

“Troye!” Zoe shouted from the a room. “Come here quick! You need to see this.”

“Okay! Just uhm..” Troye looked at me with a slight panic. “Just stay here, little sister.”

“We’re the same age.”

“I’m 10 minutes older than you so stay here and stay away from the arsehole.”

“Fine.” I finally sat on the sofa.

Troye looked at Joe before walking towards the room where Zoe’s in. Maybe Alfie’s their too.

I just sat their nervously. I know that Joe’s still standing there. For a moment the room was filled with nothing but awkward silence.

“Y/N…” I heard him spoke. I ignored him. I felt him slowly sitting beside me on the sofa.

I automatically stood up but he caught my arm. “Hey.” Said Joe.

I slowly turned to face him as I remove my arm from his grip “What?” I asked blankly.

“Are you still mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you, Joe.” I almost whispered. “I’m just…”

“Just what?”

I sighed. “I don’t wanna talk about what happened okay? Let’s just forget it.”

“What if I don’t want to forget it, Y/N? What if I can’t?” He moved closer to me and stared deeply into my eyes.

“I thought that one night stands aren’t a big deal for you guys? You just bang and go and that’s what-”

“But that was just not a one night stand for me, Y/N. I don’t want it to be just like that. I took something from you. Something that is very important for every single girl.”

“So you’re just guilty? That’s it?” I felt tears forming in my eyes. “Oh you have the rights to be guilty. And I have too because what happened was fifty percent my fault. But Joe you’re still a hundred percent dick for playing with my feelings. You know that I liked you. You know that I felt something for you. And until now I still do.” And that is when my tears started to fall. “Joe you’re such an arsehole.”

“Yes, I know. I’m such an arsehole for letting that happen. I’m such an arsehole for not telling you what I feel. Three months, Y/N and in that 3 months all I can think about is you. I’m sorry for what happened. I admit yes, I knew that you liked me. And if you’re thinking that I used your feelings to take advantage of you then you’re bloody wrong.” He held my hand as more tears fell from my eyes. “Isn’t it obvious yet, Y/N? I know it’s stupid but I think… I think I fell in love with you. I wanted to spend that night with you and only you. I didn’t know that ‘it’ was going to happen. I’m really sorry.” He looked down and I saw tears pouring down his face.

“Joe…” I whispered.

“To be honest Y/N, I want you to be my girlfriend.” He wiped his tears with his hand and smiled as he stared again into my eyes. “But if you’ll forgive me, let’s just restart everything as friends. I want to get to know you better. I want us to have a proper date as well.” I couldn’t help but smile. “So please… forgive me?”

I stared at him for a second. “I forgive you.” I said.

His smile widened and I giggled. “Thanks, Y/N.” Said Joe. “Oh and uhm I need to do something before you fully forgive me.”

“What is that?”

“Y/N?” Troye appeared out of nowhere, his face worried and surprised. “What is happening here? No offense Joe but Y/N I told you to stay away from him.” He started walking towards us.

“I-I uh…”

“I’m sorry, Troye.” Joe said in a serious tone.

“What?” Troye and I asked in chorus.

“Troye, I’m sorry for hurting your sister. I didn’t mean to hurt her and I’ll do anything to make it up to both of you.” Said Joe.

Troye stared intimidatingly at Joe for a moment before he spoke again. “You hurt her again? I’ll kick you in the ballbag. I forgive you, Joseph.”

Joe half smiled as he held both of my hands. “Now we’re okay.”

I smiled back. “Where’s Zoe and Alfie?” I looked around and saw Alfie holding a camera with Zoe beside him.

“Are you filming?” Joe asked with a laugh.

“What? This is special moment you guys!” Alfie responded and we all laughed. I guess that mistake was a blessing after all.

Ashton Irwin Smut → Nerds and Team Captains

PairingAshton x Reader


Word Count: 2.760

Ever since the first grade I knew what I wanted to become when I grow up. It’s a rare thing to know what you want to do in the future at the age of six. I wanted to become a psychologist who’s working especially with children. My big brother took his life when I was five. He was very troubled and no one seemed to care enough. I want to be that person who does care. That’s why I decided to become the best psychologist in the state.
That meant a lot of hard and focused work. I studied until late nights and did a lot of extra work to get the grades I wanted. Luckily all the hard work paid off. I got into my dream collage. Of course I kept my straight A’’s. I’m the best student in class and I intend to keep it that way.

Most of the time I’’m in my room, studying for upcoming exams or just re-reading what we did I class. I love to be prepared and organized. My friends always rush me to get out more. To go to a few parties once in a while but honestly? I rather stay in and watch a movie or read a good book.

On Tuesdays and Thursday’s after school I go to the college website meetings. Around twenty people got together to work on the website. Designing it, updating it and stuff like that. My job is to interview students and teachers on specific stories like Frat Parties, Stressed Students and teachers working conditions. This week we decided to make an article about our football team. The season is almost over and they have their last game at the end of next week.

It was Monday evening, one week until the deadline of the interview, when I walked down to the football field to get my interview with Ashton Irwin. The captain of the team.

I never really had anything to do with him before. I saw him in my building a few times and of course I saw him play. I’’m a secret sucker for sports. I go to every sports event we have, I just love the thrill of it and the feeling of joy when our team wins. I always wanted to audition to become a cheerleader but unfortunately, the head of the cheerleading team hates me. She was my best friend but ever since college started she changed negatively. She started spreading rumors about people, including me, to get herself more attention. Of course it worked. Now she is one of the most popular kids at school, pretending I never existed.

When I arrived at the field Ashton and his team mates were jogging rounds around the field. With slow steps I approached them and waited at the sideline. Not long afterwards Ashton seemed to have noticed me. Before running towards me, he whispered something in his friend Calum’s ear with a smile on his face.

“”With what do we deserve that pleasure?”” He asked and lifted the corners of his mouth. ““What pleasure?”” I questioned confused with a raised eyebrow. ““The pleasure of heaving you here.”” He smirked and let his eyes travel over my body. “”Oh uhm well I wanted to ask if you’’re up for an interview for the college blog.”” I informed him with a light smile on my face. ““Well then, ask.””

“I just did?” I said and wrinkled my forehead. “No you didn’t. You simply informed me that you want to ask me.” Ashton grinned. I rolled my eyes, “Oh dear. Are you interested in the interview or not?” Ashton crossed his arms in front of his chest while the smile on his face grew wider. “Only if you go out with me.” He declared. My mouth dropped open and I shook my head in disbelief. “What?”

“Go out with me.” He repeated and showed off his dimples again. “No.” I said at once. I know what kind of guy Ashton is and he is no one I want to hang out with, let alone have a date with him. He is trouble and basically everything I don’’t need in my life right now. Or ever. Endless parties, hookups, drinking and smoking. “Why not?” He asked rather confused. I guess he’s not used to girls saying no to him.

“Because I’’m simply not interested in going out with a guy like you.” I announced. “A guy like me?” He frowned and raised his eyebrows. “What’’s that suppose to mean?”

“You’’re a jerk Ashton and I don’’t want to be the next one on your list.” I shrugged. “You don’’t even know me.” He scoffed with a disappointed look on his face. “Well and I don’’t want to get to know you. And if you’’re not up for the interview, then fine.” I mumbled and took off without saying anything else.

I stormed back to the college building, regretting my previous words towards Ashton. I don’’t even know why I reacted that harsh. With a long sigh I entered my dorm room and let myself fall on my bed. ““What’s with the long face?”” My roommate and best friend Emily asked. “”I think I just screwed up the interview plans.”” I admitted and sat up straight on the bed. ““Why what happened?””

“Well, I was at the football field and asked the captain if he’s interested in doing an interview for our website. He said he would only agree to it if I’’d go out with him but I said no. So I guess that was it. I need to think of something else.” I groaned and ran my hand through my messy hair. “The captain? You mean Ashton Irwin?” Emily blurted out with an excited expression on her face. “Uhm yeah, so?”

“So? Damn it (Y/N) he’’s hot!” She smirked. “So what. I don’’t care about his looks. I don’t have time for a guy right now and I certainly don’’t need one.” I snapped and rolled my eyes. Ever since Emily and I got to college she always tries to hook me up with some guy. “No need to get bitchy love. I just think that it’’d be nice for you to have a bit of male company and I mean not just for sex.” She said and sat down next to me, putting her hand  around my shoulder. “You’’ve been alone for so long and I know how lonely that can be. Just go out with him once and see how it goes. Maybe you’ll like him.”

“No Ems. I need to focus on school and nothing else.” I informed her. “(Y/N) you need to relax. Just because you’’re hanging out with a guy doesn’t mean you’’ll automatically fail all your classes.” She urged. 

I sighed. She is right. I haven’’t been with a guy since I broke up with my ex boyfriend when college started and I kind of miss it. I miss the kisses and light touches on my skin. I miss the feeling of being wanted, of being needed. “Fine. I’’ll go talk to him again.” Emily clapped her hands like an excited five year old before she slung her hands around my neck. “Go get it girl.” She laughed and pushed me off the bed. “God you’re awful.” I chuckled and left our room again to look for Ashton.

He’’s probably still on the field so I made my way back there. Unfortunately there was no one left. Maybe he’’d be inside in the changing rooms. In a quick pace I walked towards the gym. Since I barely spend any time in here I searched at least ten minutes for the changing rooms. When I finally found them, it was quiet and the door was open ajar. ““Please let him be in there.”” I whispered to myself and peaked my head inside. Luckily I spotted Ashton sitting shirtless and sweaty on a bench, scrolling through his phone.

Unfortunately for me, and my plan to stay away from boys, Ashton looked incredibly good. His hair stuck to his forehead and a little bit of sweat ran down his muscular body. His long fingers moved over the screen of his iPhone while his right leg rocked up and down quickly. I let my eyes travel along his tan body and shortly lost myself in inaproprite thoughts. 

I cleared my throat and stepped inside the small changing room. “Uhm hey there.” I said and put a smile on my face. Ashton’s head shot up and he looked at me confused. “What do you want here?” He snapped. “I wanted to apologize. What I said earlier was very harsh I’m sorry.” I admitted and rocked back and forth on my heels. Ashton shrugged his shoulders and put his phone in his bag. “It’s fine.” He simply said and ran his hand through his wet hair.

Damn he looked good. I bit my lip and let my eyes linger on his body for a bit too long. Ashton seemed to realize me staring, the corners on his lips moved up immediately which made his crater deep dimples appear again. God how I love these stupid dimples of his. “If you like it so much, take a picture.” He grinned. A light blush crept up on my cheeks. “What do you mean?” I asked and tried to sound as innocent as possible.

“Playing the innocent girl huh?” He stated and softly pushed me against the wall. My words were stuck in my throat. All I could do was look at him in shock. “You’re god damn beautiful do you know that?” He whispered and ran his finger down my arm, leaving behind goosebumps on my skin. “I want to kiss you.” He said and moved his head close to mine. “No one’s stopping you.” I whispered barely audible.

I didn’t know what exactly I was doing here. All I wanted was to apologize and now I’m making out with the captain of the football team. The boy I secretly admired for so long. His lips are soft and they fit perfectly on mine. The soft and careful kiss soon turned into a passionate one. Ashton bit my bottom lip and let his tongue enter my mouth. He completely took the dominance. His body pressed me harder against the wall while his hand found my lady parts. His flat hand stated rubbing over my fabric covered core. I let out a small gasp and ran my fingers through his thick dirty blonde hair.

Even this little touch if his felt so good, so right. I had to keep myself together to keep my moans in but when Ashton started kissing down my jaw and along my neck a small moan escaped my lips. Ashton’s teeth dug into the sensitive skin on my neck, he sucked on it a few times before he moved on to the next spot. “Fuck Ashton.” I moaned softy and tugged on his hair a little. “Fuck baby I want you so bad right now.” He growled and looked at me with lustful eyes.

Without thinking I nodded and pressed my lips against his again. The tension between my legs screamed for release and I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Ashton’s hard length pressed against my heated core. Eager as I was I moved my hands down to the hem of his black shorts and pushed them down his legs in a swift move. “Someone’s eager.” Ashton giggled. “Do you want to continue by yourself or..?” I asked teasingly with a raised eyebrow. “Nah I don’t think I’ll let you go any time soon.” He smirked and removed his boxers. I bit my lip and watched Ashton’s length slap against his muscular stomach. He wiggled his eyebrows and put a stupid grin on his face. “Wow you’re awful.” I said and couldn’t help but laugh. “I bet you won’t say that after I’m done with you.” He grinned and pushed me back against the wall.

Roughly, Ashton ripped down my jeans, along with my wet panties. His finger moved over my slit, “You’re fucking wet already.” He said with a satisfied look on his face. “Do I make you this wet?” He asked and rubbed his flat hand over my slit to tease my core. “Fuck Ashton, just do something already.” I whined and bit down on my lip. “Answer me first. Do I make you this wet?” I nodded and let out a whimper when I felt one of his fingers on my clit. “That’s what I like to hear.” He growled and stared rubbing over my clit in a slow pace. Teasingly he drew lazy circles, his eyes focused completely on my face. I squeezed my eyes together and let out small moans once in a while.

“I can’t wait to fuck you properly.” He teased and started rubbing harder and faster. It didn’t take long until I felt a familiar knot in my stomach. “Fuck Ash.. I- I’m c-close.” I stuttered and dug my nails into his arm. He quickened up his pace but right before I found my release he quickly removed his finger. I whimpered at the loss of contact and looked at him angrily. “What the fuck?”

“Patience baby.” Ashton smirked and palmed his prominent erection. “Now c’mere.” He said and put his hands on my ass, squeezing it roughly with his long fingers. “Jump.” He instructed and I did as I was told immediately. My feet left the ground and my legs slung around Ashton’s torso. He pumped his erection a few more times before he eased himself into me. My mouth opened and I let out a loud gasp. It’s been a long time since I last had sex so I took me a moment to get used to his size. “You okay?” He asked concerned. “Perfect. Now please move.” I urged and slung my arms around his neck. “As you wish.” He smiled and started thrusting in and out of me. Slowly at first but he increased his pace as soon as he found a steady position to hold me.

The room was filled with skin slapping against skin, moans and loud breathing. With almost every thrusts Ashton hit my g-spot, which made me scream out in pleasure. “Fuck yes….just like that.” I moaned and scratched my nails down Ashton’s back, leaving red marks behind. He slammed into me in an incredible pace, his face was concentrated and small drops of sweat ran down his forehead.

When I felt the familiar knot in my stomach again I automatically clenched my walls around Ashton. “Fuck..argh do that again.” He groaned and slammed harder into me. Happily I obeyed and felt my orgasm coming closer. “C-close.” I only managed to mumble while Ashton hit my g-spot once again. “Cum for me baby.” He growled. After another thrust I let go of all my control and let my orgasm wash through my entire body. My legs started shaking and my mind was completely lost. After all this time it felt so good to finally let go. Not long after Ashton hit his own orgasm. With a loud moan he shot his load inside me.

After Ashton rode out both out highs he pulled out of me and let me down to my feet again. “I wanted to do that for a long time.” He admired with a huge smile on his face. “Oh really?” I asked sarcastically. “Yeah. You know I always notice you in the halls or when we have a game.” He shrugged and a shade of red appeared on his face. “That’s why I asked you out earlier. I really do want to get to know you.”

A little ashamed of my earlier conversation with him I put my panties and jeans back on. “Well I’m actually not looking for a relationship right now. I have to concentrate on school.” I said shyly. “I get that. But having a coffee together wouldn’t hurt right?” Ashton asked with hope in his eyes. I couldn’t possibly let him down, especially not when he’s looking at me like that, so I said, “No I guess it wouldn’t.”

Soulmates 2

Part 1


She touched me and pictures started rushing through my mind. I couldn’t see them clearly but I could hear her voice. “What is this? Where am I?” I turned around but she was nowhere seen. “Brett? Brett is that you? Where are you going?” she spoke up “Brett! BRETT NO! DON’T GO!” The pictures faded and her screams disappeared.

I saw her in front of me, her hand still at my temple.
Suddenly her eyes rolled backwards, her arm lost its strength and she fell forward and crushed on my chest. Finally I could react again.

I managed to place her on my backseat.                                
Where should I go?  What is going on? Okay Brett calm down and think. What would Scott do? I walked back and forth, observing Y/N. Deaton! The animal clinic!
As fast as I could, I drove to Deatons clinic, knowing he could help me… help her. Once in a while I turned around to check on her, but nothing changed. Her heartbeat was steady and her eyes still open, looking nowhere.

“DEATON! DEATON OPEN THE DOOR, IT’S BRETT! QUICKLY!” The door swung open and I carried her to the table in the middle of the room.
“What happened?” he looked at her, checked the heartbeat and breathing.
“I-I don’t really know.”
“Brett, you have to tell me everything you know. She’s basically alright but I’m worried about that state she is in.”
“Okay” I breathed out to calm down “I found her in the hallway in the school, it was coincidence cause I forget my math book and… okay never mind. She was unconscious and lied on the floor. Suddenly I heard loud noises, a growl and steps hence I locked us in a locker. I thought she was awaken but she didn’t move, nor did she say anything. When the door opened I tried to fight that… thing or creature. I don’t know what it was, but it ran off. She still was in that catatonic state and placed her hand at my temple, her eyes glowing green. I could hear her and saw blurry pictures then she collapsed and I brought her here” I told him while he checked her eyes, heartbeat and breath, again.
“Deaton, can you help?” My voice cracked, was her state my fault? I just wanted to save her.
“She is a Sciunt“
“A what?”
“A Sciunt, she is able to see and feel auras, she is able to connect minds with a simple touch and therefore she may see your past and feelings.”
I never thought about her being supernatural. She was just a normal girl, a human being. Clumsy but caring.
“And is it normal for her to be in such a state?”
“No it isn’t. Pass me the scissor behind you, please.”
I did and he cut her clothes… ALL of her clothes.
“Woah what are you doing?” I tried hard not to look at her naked body. Deaton was concentrated as he scanned her. “I have to make sure she’s not hurt.” He nodded “help me turn her around.”
I felt very uncomfortable looking at her only wearing panties. I grabbed her waist and shoulder and flipped her over. I could see dark forked bruises on her left shoulder and a cut at the back of her head.
“Mh… seems like someone injected her something like a sedative.” I rolled her again on her back while the doctor searched something in his shelves. Soon he injected her a transparent substance. She relaxed her rigid body and let out a sigh.
“Brett, I have to leave and research something.” He said drawing blood. “Stay here and watch her, okay? Don’t wait for me to be back.” He left.

I catched myself gazeing at her. She was stunning, her long legs, her trained body and of course her perfect sized b—Dude stop, I reminded myself, quickly looking at the ceiling, I have to cover her. I hunt for a blanket since her clothes lied demolished in a corner.
I couldn’t find anything, therefore I took off my sweater and dressed her in it. She was quite short so that it was long enough to cover till half of her thighs.
I stroke her hair. I clasped her hand and sat down on the floor. I focused on her heartbeat and breath, soon I was asleep.


God, what the hell is this? Where am I?
It was dark, I couldn’t see anything. So I moved forward, step by step. It lightened up and I could see pictures. Scenarios, people, landscapes, it was just confusing, I could hear noises and voices, too. Not that I could understand anything… then there was that voice, louder than the others. I tried focusing on it.
“Y/N are you hurt?”I know that voice.
I turned around to figure out where it came from, but all I could see were more confusing pictures.
“Why don’t you say anything?” was that Brett? No that couldn’t be, why should I hear him?
I walked in the direction I thought the voice came from as I heard a loud scream.
“HEY!” That was really Brett!
I saw a silhouette standing far away and started running towards it “Brett is that you?”
He started walking. “Where are you going?” He walked faster. “Brett! BRETT NO! DON’T GO!” I screamed and tried to outrun him. I was near so I reached out my hand, pulled his sweater… then darkness.
No pictures, no voices, no Brett, just a flickering blue light a few steps away. It was an aura, warm and comfortable. Step by step I approached it. I reached my goal and walked directly through it.

It was cold…and bright. My eyes burned like crazy and I tried to sit up to examine where I was but immediately hit the table again. “Oh fuck.” My head exploded.
“Y/N?” I heard someone and realized my hand was covered by someone else’s.
Brett appeared next to me. “Oh good, you’re awake” he said yawning.
I just couldn’t believe he was really there. Wasn’t that a dream? I scanned his face, dirty but as beautiful as ever, then his body. He didn’t wear a shirt, just his leatherjacket over his naked upper body.
“So it’s summer already?” I tried to sound sarcastic but it didn’t really work with my fainting voice.
“Uhm no… actually…” was Brett Talbot really blushing? He pointed at me.
I sat up again, more carefully and slowly, and looked down on me. I don’t know what I was expecting but clearly not me wearing his green Devenford sweater. Nothing but his sweater.

I checked thereunder. Nothing but my panties.
“I hope I was the one dressing myself” I said.
“No actually it was me.” He pointed out.
“Hopefully with both eyes closed and your hands behind your back.” I glared at him. He smirked, “Doubtless that would have been a nice challenge” that was a no.
“Oh God.”
“Well you don’t have to shame for your body, I mean you’re really fit.” Did he really say that?
“So Brett.” I said in an artificial voice. “Can you tell me why I am merely wearing YOUR sweater? And where are my clothes?”
“Uhm yeah. Ugh Deaton cut you out of them.” He hum and haw and pointed his finger at the ripped clothes in the corner.
“That was my favorite pair of jeans” I whined. “Who is this Deaton?”
“The veterinarian. Look uhm… just listen.” He told me everything he knew. It took a few minutes to come to a real understanding of it.

“How could you defeat it? Or more like what are you?” As an answer his eyes began to glow yellow.
“May I?” I reached out to touch his cheek as he nodded. I could feel my eyes glowing. I saw him as the werewolf he was, protecting his sister, protecting his pack.
I let go of him “That color really suits your actions.” I said looking in his yellow eyes. His aura was the blue one that brought me back to myself.
“So you know about werewolves and the story behind their eye color?” He said surprised.
“Yes, my mother told me. I also learned about many other supernatural things, but I never thought I would meet someone with such abilities, ever.” A few minutes passed without someone saying anything.
“So, need a ride home?” He asked. “I’m sure your parents are already freaking out.”
I looked outside, it was bright morning again.
“Yes, thank you.”
He supported me on the way to his car and drove me home. We didn’t say anything till we stood in front of my door.
“So” he began “see you in school I guess.”
“Uhm yea and thanks for your help and sweater…”
“No problem” He said waving his hand as he walked back to his car.

Fratboy!Calum 3

Major feels ahead though. Request for other parts :)

And sure enough, Calum was so fucking right. It was raining. Like not raining, but really raining.

I shrugged away my thoughts when the bell rang, indicating that P.E was already done.

I went for a beeline to exit the room to be only met by Calum.

“Going anywhere, love?” He smirked.

“My dorm?”

“It’s raining. Yesterday? Ring a bell?” He wrapped his arm around my body while urging us to walk around the hallway.

“I didn’t promise.” I argued.

“But you still said it.”

“But I still didn’t promise!”

“Well too bad love, cause I already organized our date today.” He said mockingly before pulling me into an empty little hockey stadium.

“Calum! You know that I can’t skate right?” I whined.

“Exactly.” He said, putting on my skates before pulling me into the ice.

“But I don’t know how to skate!”

“Which means you need to hold on to me.” He smirked in success before holding my hands to keep me still.

A few moments of silence passed before he decided to ask, “Hey Y/N?”


“Say ab- what happened to us?”

“What do you mean what happened to us?” I asked, still in confusion.

“You know, uhm six years ago?”

“Calum. That was when we were still fucking fourteen. Don’t you want to put that behind already?”

“No. We clearly had a thing there!” He pouted before tightening his grips on ny hands.

“That was until you decided to kiss Lacey.”

“It only lasted for like three seconds.” He shrugged.

“Don’t worry. I already moved on it with Liam.”

“Oh. That prick?”

“Don’t be rude.” I swatted his arm.

“I’m sorry.” He said.


“No. For this.” He repeated before crashing his lips into mine.

I woke up on a bed that was clearly not mine. It was Calum’s, judging from the bass guitar and posters.

“Morning!” I sweetly cooed to Calum who was already half-awake beside me.

“Uhm, good morning?” He shifted uncomfortably with a small scowl on his face.

“It’s a Saturday. What do you want to do today?” I sat up on my arms with the sheets still covering my bare body.

“What the hell are you talking about?” He scoffed.

“You know, go outside and do something?”

“Now why the hell would I do that?” He said before putting on sweatpants and a shirt.

“W-what? Yesterday. While we were making out, you told me that you had feelings for me. Just like what I have for you, right?”

“That?” He mockingly said.

“I would never. That’s why there’s a thing called bets, love.”

“It was all a game to you? It’s a fucking bet?” I asked angrily.

He just laughed before throwing a penny towards me and saying, “That’s for actually believing that I loved you.”

#26 He walks in on you changing/naked

Calum: Calum and I had planned a dinner for tonight so I was in the bathroom getting ready after my shower. I had forgotten to bring a second towel for my hair so I resorted to doing my make-up naked. I sung along to the music I had playing in the corner, it was so loud I didn’t even hear Calum knocking on the door. That was until he burst in, I frantically looked for something to cover me… nothing. “Oh uh, hey Y/N. Sorry.” He said casually, trying to avoid my eyes. My heart thumped in my chest “I, uh. Um. Sorry. You’re really beautiful by the way.” He said stumbling over his words, I shooed him out of the bathroom. My heart thumping in my chest. Calum just saw me naked. I finished my make-up quickly and took my hair out of the towel, and used that to cover me up as I went into the bedroom. I was about to take off the towel when Calum walked in. “Oh my god! I am not doing this on purpose. I swear! I’m sorry. I’m going to leave now.” He said backing out of the room bumping into the door frame as he did so, I laughed at the idiot of a boyfriend I have and began getting changed… with no interruptions.  

Ashton: I came in from a hard day at work, I went straight up to our bedroom completely disregarding Ashton in the lounge room. As I kicked off my shoes, I flopped onto the bed yawning loudly; from all the stress I became flustered. I got up and pulled off my shirt and pants. I made my way over to my wardrobe looking for something to change into. “Hey Y/N –” Ashton said walking into the bedroom; I hid my exposed body with the door. “Sorry, I was just wondering how you were? You seemed angry before.” He said covering his eyes, I smiled. I walked over to him; I took his hand away from his face. His eyes still screwed shut. “Ashton you can look at me.” I said he opened his eyes. “Oh… wow. You’re… uhm, you’re stunning.” He stuttered, I blushed. “Thank you. And I wasn’t angry I’m just tired and stressed.” I sighed hugging him. He awkwardly hugged me back, it’s not like it was his first time seeing me in just my underwear. “Ashton you can touch me it’s okay.” I said, he relaxed when I kissed him softly. His hands locked around my back. “I can help you relax.” He said seductively in my ear. 

Luke: I came into Luke’s hotel room, a little tired from the day with Luke we were going out and seeing fans. Luke told me to go upstairs because he could see it was draining me. I laid out on the king size bed. I decided to change into Luke’s shirt and have a nap. I pulled the curtains across so I could change in private.

I took off my shirt and shoes, I was about to slip my jeans off when I heard the door click open. “Please be Luke. Please be Luke.” I whispered to myself. “Oh crap! Y/N sorry. I’ll just leave.” Luke said I spun around to find him standing before me, his eyes shut. I shook my head, and walked over to him. “Luke it’s okay. You’ve seen me naked before.” I said touching his arm. He opened his eyes slowly. His arms wrapped around me pulling me to him in a hug. “I was sorry for walking in on you. I’m not anymore.” Luke whispered in my ear, I shivered under his touches. His hands went to the belt loops on my jeans tugging my hips to his. He playfully let out a growl from of his throat. He pressed his lips to mine, in a lustful kiss. I was never so thankful for Luke walking in on me changing.

Michael: Michael had suggested that we take a bath together because we have been so stressed lately and we hadn’t seen much of each other.

Michael was being a gentleman and let me get in the bath first giving me privacy. I was brushing out my hair taking a bit of time. Michael came through the door already naked. “Oh sorry. I thought you were ready.” He said stumbling over his words. “Michael its fine don’t worry about it.” I said letting him in, I brought my hair down over my breasts. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling my hips to his. He leaned down and kissed me, his lips ghosting over mine. “Don’t cover up, you’re beautiful.” He mumbled against my lips before he pressed his lips roughly to mine. I giggled as his hands went to my bum, squeezing gently. “I know another way we can relax and spend time together. Why don’t we forget the bath?” Michael suggested in my ear, I shivered as his hand moved up my body, lightly grazing over my breast. I nodded as he lifted me up; I wrapped my legs around his waist.

A/N: I enjoyed writing this one and I hope you enjoy reading it! 

~ Lucy xx


> (y/c is your city)

You are at a meet and greet in y/c in a hotel to meet your one and only, Hayes Grier. It is almost your turn in the line to go up and hug the boy who has turned your life around. Quickly, you check your makeup and curled hair to make sure they are in check.

You feel yourself tensing up as you inch closer and closer to Hayes. As your turn arrives, you run up and jump into his muscular body. You squeeze the living hell out of him and after a couple of minutes, let go. You look up into his eyes and he looks down into yours. He leans in a little closer to your face, your heart beating faster than you think it can take, he whispers:

“Youre really fucking hot”

You blush immediately and try and calm yourself down on the inside.

“Oh. Uhm thank you!” You manage to say.
“My- my names y/n”

“Thats so hot” hayes says back to you. “Hey do you think you could do me a favor?”
Confused , you respond with a slow nod. Hayes continues:

“Meet me by the stairs in about 10 minutes. Okay?”

You stare at him with a blank expression, not sure what is exactly happening. It finally sinks into you and you quickly nod. Hayes hugs you one last time and lets you go. As youre leaving, he looks back and you and gives you a wink and bites his lip.


You wait by the stair case, pacing back and forth, wondering what hayes is about to do. You keep whispering to yourself to try and keep yourself calm.

Ten minutes pass and Hayes finally shows up.

“Hey you actually came here.” He says licking his lips like hes about to eat something delicious.

“Uh yeah you told me to so why wouldn-” hayes places pne finger over your lips and begins to talk.

“I only get a 10 minute break so we have to make this fast.”

You stare at him with the biggest eyes, suprised at what you had just heard.

Hayes opens the stair case doors and pushes you inside. He moves you to under the stair case and then smashes his lips unto yours. You are completely taken away as your favorite has just picked you to kiss, out of everyone in the meet and greet. You.

Hayes continues to moves his lips onto yours, as if he is trying to devour your lips. He breaks the kiss and stares into your eyes.

“Y/n, do you mind if i fuck you senseless, i need this.”

You shake your head no as you have been imagining this day would come by reading and creating in your head this wonderful fantasy that is coming true. you never though, would have imagined it under a staircase in a hotel.

“Are you sure no one will find us here?” You say as youre watching has take off all of his clothes.

“No i promise. No one ever uses the stairs.”

Hayes continues to fiddle with his clothes when you stroll over and help him with it.
With one swift movement, you slide his belt out of his pants. You take the rim of his boxers and shorts and slowly ride them down onto the floor. You move to his face and give him a nice, sweet kiss, showing him your sweet side before you get all nasty.

You back away to slide off your shirt from your body and also slipping off yojr bra, revealing your breasts to him. He gazes in awe and then commands you to take off your pants. You slide them off with ease.

You watch as you see hayes’s penis rise at the sight of you. This gives you a boost of confidence.

Hayes takes your shoulders and motions you to move to the carpet ground, so hes on top. He crushes your lips again and the without warning, starts massaging your clit. He then sits up, so he can use the other fingers to push inside of you causing you to scream in enjoyment.

He swirls around with both hands and does this until squirt all over him.

“Mmhm yeah y/n. Come for Hayes.”

“Haaayes, please just pound into me please.”

Hayes without uttering a word, slams hard into you. He moves in and out and finally, you wsnt to take control. You tell him to get out of you and move to the floor.

“Mhmm i love a commanding girl.”

You get on top of him and you slide his dick into your vagina. You ride him hard cause him to moan and groan. The sounds fill the stairway as you both ride out until hayes is about to come.

“ im about to come y/n”

You take your self off of him and he then comes all over you, leaving you a mess.

“Oh im sorry y/n.. i, uh, i shouldnt-”

“Its okay hayes. I enjoyed it.”

Hayes hand you his shirt to wipe yourself off as you two begin to get up and get dressed.

“ thank you y/n. I really needed that.”

You both finish getting dressed and before you leave you enter your number into hayes’s phone, him promising you can do this again.

Why do i fucking do this to myself.


Chapter 14

Waking up has been a dread to me ever since I started living alone. But this time? Waking up feels like heaven. I opened my eyes and saw this beautiful lady pressed against my chest. As if we were puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. She was still sound asleep. Her lips a little swollen from all the kissing we made last night. A few strands of hair covers her face. I pushed her hair strands and tucked them behind her ears and stared at her for what seemed like forever. Taking in every detail of her face. She looked very beautiful and the sunrays seeping through her window made her even more wonderful. It’s like you’re staring at a painting of a scenery. So calm, beautiful and perfect. It’s like with just a look of her, you’re in paradise.

I kissed her lightly on her nose and her eyes fluttered open.

“Hi.” I greeted her.

“Hi.” she said and hugged me. “Good morning.” she added as she kissed my chest. I smiled as she tightened her embrace and I gave her a hug as well.

“How’re you feeling?” I asked her.

“Good. Beautiful. Wonderful. Happy. Giddy. I don’t know.” she said.

“I love you, Julie.” I whispered to her.

“I know.” she said and she gave me a chaste kiss on the lips. “What do you want for breakfast?”

“You.” I answered. She pinched my nose and we both laughed.

“I asked you a serious question.” she told me.

“And I gave you a serious answer. I want you for breakfast.” I said.

“No.” she said and stood up. I watched her look for something to wear then she found my polo and decided to wear it. I smiled at how it looked on her. Perfect. Just perfect. She puts her hair in a messy bun and walked to the door but paused to look at me. “Aren’t you coming?” she asked.

“No. Too lazy to move.” I said. She walked back to bed and stood there giving me the eye as she placed her hands on her hips and taps her foot impatiently. “Pull me up.” I said and lend her my hand. She grabbed my hand with both her hands and pulled me up but then I decided to play a trick on her and pulled her down instead.

“Oowww!” she cried when she landed on me. “Elmo.” she said as she looks at me. “Baba na tayo and make breakfast. You have rehearsals today remember?”

“Screw those rehearsals because I wanna cuddle with you all day.” I said and wrapped my arms around her. She kissed me lighlty on my nose and then smiled.

“Halika na. Gutom na ko and you know how grumpy I am when I’m hungry.” I laughed and kissed her on the lips before I nodded.

“Okay manager. Before you turn from hungry to hangry.” I said as I sat us both up. I was now sitting and she was on my lap, arms wrapped around my neck. “Pero bago tayo bumaba…”

“Ano?” she asked as she brushed my hair with her fingers.

“Kiss mo muna ako.” she giggled but gave me a long kiss, it left me short of breath.

“Oh halika na baba na tayo."and she pulled me and dragged me out of her room.


This is by far the best morning I had. Waking up next to that person who made me the happiest woman alive. Giving him hugs and kisses and making him as happy as how he made me. I was wearing his polo from last night and I couldn’t help but smile.

I was cooking pancakes when I felt him hug me from behind.

"Jules…” he said as he gives me chicken kisses on my shoulders.


“Sama ka sa akin sa work please?” he said.

“Ano ka ba. I have work too.”

“Ehh.” I turned around and faced him. He was pouting na akala mo nalugi.

“Tsk. Don’t pout on me like that. Di mo ko madadaan diyan no.” I told him and pinched his ears. He leaned his forehead on mine and kissed my nose.

“Wag ka na pumasok. Please?”

“Hindi pwede. May deliver kami sa isang party mamaya.” I answered and kissed him on the lips. “Wag na makulit ha?” I said.

“Ts. Fine. Di na. Pero let’s have dinner later?” he asked as he tightened his embrace and even swayed our bodies like there’s music playing.

“Mmmmm… Pag-iisipan ko.” he stopped and looked at me. I smiled at him and nodded. “Oo na. We’ll have dinner later.”

“Nice.” he said and brushed his lips against mine. I placed my hands on his neck and we deepened our kiss. The smell of burnt pancakes filled the air but we didn’t mind. Because kissing each other is the best breakfast ever.

“I’m gonna take a bath.” I said when we break apart.

“Sabay tayo?” he asked.

“Shut up.” I answered and ran upstairs.

“Hahaha. Julie andyan na ko!”

“Tsk. Stay away Elmo!” I yelled. I heard his laughter echoing around the house and I couldn’t help but laugh with him. Siguro this is what it really feels like being with the one you love.

“Jules.” he said peeking through my door.


“Sabay tayo maligo.” he said.

“Tigilan mo ko. Gusto mo lang makascore ulit eh. Nakakailan ka na ha.” I said.


“Eh your face.” I said and entered the bathroom.

When I got back to my room, I found him curled up in bed and sound asleep. I smiled as I watched his shoulders go up and down as he breathes. I went to bed and laid next to him. He has this peaceful aura in him. His face so calm and handsome. I could watch him all day and never get tired of it.

“Stop staring at me, I might melt.” he said and opened his eyes. “Hey there.”

“So you’re not asleep?” I asked him.

“I was but then I smelled strawberries and vanilla and I knew it was you.” he answered.

“Haha. Whatever. Let’s go?” I asked.

“Now? Can’t we just stay here?”

“Elmo I’m 1 hour late for work already. Baka sakalin na ko ni Jana.” I told him.

“Okay po. Tara na nga.” he said and kissed me on the lips before he stood up.

He brought me to work but had to go immediately because his rehearsals will start in 2 hours and he hasn’t prepared his things yet.

“I’ll pick you up after work okay?” he asked when I brought him to the door.

“Yeah. Hintayin kita dito.” I said and smiled.

“Okay. Kiss ko?”

“Tsk. Nakakahiya.” I said and slapped his chest gently.

“Kinakahiya mo ko?” he pouted.

“Hindi. Eh ang daming tao po kasi. PDA po tayo.” I said. “And remember. Medyo artista ka po no? Alam mo naman baka maissue.”


“Tsk. Mamaya na. Save those for later okay?” I said.

“Psh. Fine. Mamaya ha? Tatandaan ko yan. Bye na.”

“Bye. Ingat ka ha?”

“Yes po. I love you.” he said.

“You too.” and he smiled at me. He walked to his car and blew me a kiss before he went in.


“Anak ng. Brader, baka gusto mong liitan ngiti mo. Nakakatakot na eh.” I heard someone said.

I was brought back to reality and saw Sef sitting beside me on the bleachers. We were already at the studio rehearsing for tomorrow’s show.


“Ts. Kanina ka pa nakangiti. Nakakahiya naman sa araw yung liwanag ng ngiti mo. Hahahaha.” he said. “Bakit brad? May nangyari ba?”

“Ts. Wala dude.”

“Weh. Di nga? Yung girlfriend mo sa Bacolod ano na?”

“Ha? Si Julie?”

“Oo yun. Musta na kayo? Nung meeting mukhang badtrip ka eh. Lq ba kayo nun ha?” he asked.

“Hindi. Medyo ano lang. Uhm. Hindi naman kami eh. Bestfriend ko nga diba?”

“Lul mo. Bestfriend pero sa isang kwarto natulog? Tapos kung maglandian sa dancefloor kala mo magshota.” he said. “Seryoso na kasi pare. Wag na pa-showbiz.”

“Tsk. Wala nga. Di ko sure kung kami na ba. Basta. Mahirap i-explain.”

“Pero nakascore ka na?”

“Dyan ka na nga.” I laughed and went to go to our other co-artists.

“Hoy!!” he yelled after me. I glared at him and he just raised his hands in surrender. “Fine. Di na nga eh.”

After rehearsal, I ran to the parking lot and I think I beat the world’s fastest car’s record because in less than a minute, I was out of the building and on the way to Julie’s shop.

I was whistling as I was on my way to her shop getting excited for what could possibly happen tonight.

I parked my car in front of her shop and whistled my way in and to her office. I wanted to surprise her because I’m an hour early but it seemed that I’m the one who’ll be surprised.

“Uy, Moe pare.”

“Hi, Muppet!” she greeted me and kissed my cheek. “Uhm. Napadaan si Quen dito.”

“Yeah. Bought cupcakes for Julia.” he said and raised the box he’s holding. “Uhm. Sige Julie. I’ll uh… go ahead. Thanks sa cupcakes ha?” he said. He looked at me and smiled as he patted my shoulder before he completely went out of the shop.

“You’re here early.” I heard her say. “Moe?” and she snapped her fingers in front of my face.


“Wala. Sabi ko ang aga mo ata. It’s only 10pm. Your rehearsals should finish at around 11 pa diba?” she asked.

“Uhm. Direk had to go early kaya he let us go ng maaga din.” I answered absent-mindedly.

“Oh. Anything wrong?” she asked and cupped my face with her hands. “Ha?” she said and kissed me lightly on my lips.

“Wala. Pagod lang siguro.” I answered.

“Aww. Kawawa ka naman. Halika muna sa office. I’ll massage you first before we go okay?” I nodded and we went inside her office.

She made me sit on the couch as she sat on the couch’s backrest and she leaned my head on her lap. She started massaging my temple and my body began to relax.



“Wala. I thought you’re mad because Enrique came here.”

“Ha? Uhm…”

How will I tell her that I am mad. Not to her but to that guy. Pero I don’t want her to know that I am. She might think that I’m a selfish prick.

“No. Hindi ako galit.” I answered.

“Uhm… Sure ka?”

“Positive.” I said and took her hands and kissed them. “Halika na. Mukhang nalipasan ka na ng gutom. Let’s go.”

“Uhm. Uwi na lang tayo. I don’t feel like eating.”


“Wala lang. Let’s just… Let’s just go home.”


I went to Maqui’s place the next day. I wanted to talk to her about what’s happening to me. I feel confused. I feel weird.

“Maq?” I called her while she was getting us a cup of coffee.


“Uhm. Last Friday…”

“Oh ano? What happened last friday?” she asked and handed me the mug. She sat next to me on the couch and faced me with her legs crossed.

“Uhm… Ano kasi. Si Moe…”

“Oh anong meron?”

“May sinabi kasi siya eh. Ano…”

“Anak ng. Julie isa pang pambibitin mo huhulog kita sa hagdan.”

“Fine. Ito na. Last friday, he told me na mahal niya ko.”

“Shut up! Shut up!!” Maqui beamed. “Seryoso Julie?” I nodded and she hugged me. “Yihee! Edi kayo na nga talaga?”

“There’s a problem, Maq…”

“What is it? Don’t tell me nagpakipot ka nanaman? Sasakalin na talaga kita. Magsusuot pa ko ng gloves na may pointed studs para mas masakit.” she said.

“Maqui kasi nagpunta si Quen sa shop ko kahapon…”

“Heto nanaman po kami sa Quen na yan.” she said as she rolled her eyes. “Oh. Anong ginawa niya dun?”

“Uhm. He told me that he really likes me. Tapos uhm…”

“Oh. What else did he tell you?”

“He asked me if I would give him a chance.”

“And what did you tell him?” Maqui asked as if she was my mom and I did something that would make her mad once I say the wrong words.


“Ano na Julie? Pakasimple naman oh.”

“I told him that I love someone else.”

“Oh. Tapos?”

“He told me na okay lang daw and that he’s willing naman to be a friend na lang.”

“Eh yun naman pala eh. Oh anong hinihimutok mo dyan?”

“Si Elmo kasi.”


“He came to the shop an hour early eh sakto andun pa si Quen. Tas I asked him if he’s mad. Nilambing ko pa nga eh. Sabi niya hindi naman daw.”

“Eh anong inaangal mo? Buti nga hindi galit eh.” Maqui said.

“Maq kasi eh. Alam mo yung feeling na I was waiting for him to get mad para naman sure akong nagseselos siya and hindi lang dala ng galit sa akin yung confession niya about his feelings. Na hindi niya lang sinabi yun kasi ayaw niya mawalan ng bestfriend.” I said. Maqui heaved a deep sigh then looked at me.

“Julie, will you stop doubting him? Elmo loves you okay?”

“Maqui kasi eh…”

“Jules please naman. Give yourself a favor. Mahal mo siya. Mahal ka niya. Makuntento ka dun and stop thinking that he doesn’t love you that much. Alam mo kung bakit?”


“Hindi naman kasi siya magiging sunud-sunuran sa iyo kung hindi ka niya mahal eh.”

First Meeting (Fluff)

I was sitting on one of the random chair I found. Exhaustion just entered my system. My feet are aching from walking and all.
Me and my friends went for the vidcon this year. It is my first time in this convention and I’m very excited to meet my all favorite YouTubers, especially Dan Howell. But fate decided to play a little game with me.
When I reach Dan and Phil’s booth they are already gone. The lady in there said they need to be dismissed early because they have other important thing to do.
I decided to go on my own for awhile. I sat on the nearest chair I found and I took my phone out of my pocket to check for any messages from my friend but there’s none. There still on fangirling mode I guess. I release a heavy sigh and decided to stand up and go somewhere to forget about not seeing Dan and Phil.
I’m in my deep thoughts that I didn’t see the man in front of me. I fell down butt first on the ground.
“Oh, I’m very sorry I didn’t saw you”, a very familiar voice said.
I look up and saw the most gorgeous face I ever saw. Just right in front of me, the man that I adore the most.
“Are you okay?”, he asked. I didn’t realize that I am staring at his face a quite a while.
“Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, I’m fine”, I said
“Here, let me help you up”, he reached his hand to help me stand up. I grab it and felt the electricity run through my body.
“I’m really sorry. I’m running for an important errands that’s why I didn’t saw you”, he apologized again.
“No, it’s my fault too. Too deep in my thoughts”
“Yeah, so I’ve gotta go. See you around”
“Okay, bye”, I bid my goodbye then slowly walking away. My knees felt like Jell-O.
“Hey!”, Dan called
“Yes?”, I ask and facing him again
“Uhm, can I take you to coffee or something just to make it up to you?”
“I thought you have important errand to run?”, I ask him , playing innocent.
“I think it could wait, so….”, he trailed off
“Okay then , but in one condition”, I said to him
“What condition?”, he ask too quickly
“I’ll pay for my own”
“But i—”, cut him offby raising my eyebrow quest I only
“Yeah, sure”, he said
“Okay then, let’s go”
I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t hyperventilate I front of him…
So that’s my first entry… Hope you like it!