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Imagine Viktor and Yuri doing hilarious mock versions of Yurio’s selfies just to send to and annoy the hell out of him. 

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit


Right. We’ll always be together. So, Sho…Find Kan this time.

He’s just like I was back then. Lost. You’re the only one who can stop him. Please find his heart. Kan thinks he’s all alone in the world. He’s crying inside.

WIP for some up coming merch~ I wanted to try and make beach towel;; haha;; Sorry my merch is so stupid and self indulgent L O L

I’m trying a new printing vendor…but if it comes out well then I will probably do Shiro too. And Lance if I don’t tire out of rendering abs (it will never happen don’t worry)

I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently and I think I fell in love, thanks again for showing me this shit @silversatori! xD

I got curious if there was any fanart of him and checked out the tumblr tags (in hindsight maybe not the best idea, I might have spoilered myself a little lol) but I wanted to draw Cecil as well at least once and since for all I know he has little to no taste in fashion (like me) I crammed up some imo shitty looking clothes and threw them together in this doodle
And yes, that is a friggin Jat (jeans+hat)

My overall design for him as it is now isn’t really mine though, I just kind of threw together all kinds of designs I saw and liked and crammed it all up into this out of both lazyness and tiredness :’D

I know I’m hanging behind on things, but I hope that you’ll (after a too long period of not posting any art lmao) like it~


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dasani= y/f/n for the sole reason that i don’t feel like typing out y/f/n every 10 seconds & bc dasani was the first thing i saw while thinking of a name & is the only constant in my life happy reading

“You’re definitely buying that.”

I rolled my eyes as I shook my head at my friend Dasani. Harry and I’s one year anniversary was coming up, and Dasani was currently helping me look for an outfit for our big night out. She ended up dragging me into Victoria’s Secret after catching sight of a baby pink lingerie set in the window.

“Girl, no!”

C’mon, Y/n! Harry’s gonna go crazy when he sees you in this. And it’s baby pink, so it’ll compliment your skin so nicely!” 

“Damn Dasani, why are you so pressed on this?”

Because, Y/n, I’m a caring friend who wants to help her friend get laid. Sex is a crucial factor in a successful relationship, you do know that right?” 

“Yeah but I’ve never– I-I mean–” I cut myself off before taking a deep breath. “I’ve never had sex before.” Dasani’s eyes widened in shock.

“You guys have been together for almost an entire year, and you still haven’t had sex?” she questioned in disbelief. 

“Yeah..” I dragged out, her tone making me feel uneasy. “So?” 

So, he’s going to get bored! Most guys would have left already!”

I rolled my eyes at her ridiculous assumption as I shook my head. She can be so damn annoying sometimes. I often ponder why I continue to stay friends with her.

“Harry’s not like that, D.” She sighed before putting up her hands in defense.

“All I’m saying is that you should give him a lil’ treat after a nice night out. I mean, he’s waited this long.”

I crossed my arms as I gave her a stern look, before focusing my attention to the mannequin. I mean it is our one year anniversary, and he’s never pressured me into anything that I wasn’t ready for. This could be something that we’d both enjoy. 

“Alright,” I sighed in defeat as she squealed like the little pig she was in victory before dragging me off into the dressing room.

Seeing as I had plenty of time to kill before date night, I decided to do a little…research to prepare me for tonight.

Grabbing my laptop after propping myself up against the headboard, I typed my entry into the search bar before hesitantly clicking the “I’m Feeling Lucky”  button. Almost instantly, a raunchy website popped up and I closed my eyes before clicking on a random video. Moans and groans sounded throughout our bedroom as my thoughts began to race.

Why does this look so painful? Shit.

I barely heard the door open as I continued to look on with discomfort as I watched the video. 

“Hiya, love.” I jumped to see Harry in the doorway of our bedroom before quickly slamming the lid of the laptop shut.

“H-hey babe!” Damn it damn it damn it! I should have used headphones! I really hope he didn’t hear any of that! 

“Whatcha doin’?” he asked as he walked towards the bed slowly with a smirk on his face. The little shit. Of course he heard! 

“Nothing, I was just..studying. Nothing,” I mumbled unconvincingly.

“It didn’t sound like ‘nothing’,” he said as he steadily crawled up the bed. “And you’re on summer break.” 

I stuck my foot out to stop him from getting any closer. “You’re so nosy today.”

“Oh, come off it, Y/n!” He caught me by surprise by grabbing my extended leg and dragging me towards him so I was laying flat on my back and wrapped the same leg around his waist. I looked up at Harry as his green eyes stared at my brown ones with mischief. 

“I know what I heard, baby,” he continued, pulling out my bottom lip that I subconsciously captured between my teeth in nervousness before rubbing his thumb over it.

“I’ll let you go if you tell me why you were watching porn,” he said, running his ring-clad hand up and down the bare skin of my thigh that my shorts revealed. 

“I really don’t have to explain myself to you.”

“No need to be sassy, love. M’just curious.” 

“It’s too embarrassing,” I deny as I shake my head.


I released a heavy sigh, my gaze focused on the ceiling before mumbling out an answer.

“What was that?”

I tore my gaze away from the ceiling to give him a stern look. “I’m not saying it again, Harry.”

“Then I guess m’not lettin’ you go.” 

My eyes rolled up to the ceiling once more.

“I wanted to do something special for you tonight for our anniversary.”

“How is that emb-”

“I want you to be my first.” What were only seconds felt like hours as silence stretched between us.

“I was only watching it so that I could know what to do to..please you or whatever.” I brought my hands up to my burning face in embarrassment. “I sound so stupid.”

“Hey, look at me” he says gently as he pulls my hands away from my face and tilts my chin to look at him, “s’not stupid. I’d be honored to be your first, but it’s about you, love. You should only do this if you’re ready.” 

I looked up into his green eyes, which held nothing but sincerity and love. I gently cupped his face and brought him into a gentle but passionate kiss.

“I’m ready.”


I panicked. “Is now not a good time?”

“No! No, I just want you to be sure.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone as much as I’ve loved you, so yes, I’m sure.” At this, Harry smiled before pulling me up into a sitting position so that he was straddling me. He pulled me into another kiss, leaving me breathless.

“I love you too, Y/n. So much.”

I guess I’ll save that lingerie for another night.

Harry and I were currently cuddled up in bed, satin sheets covering our naked bodies, basking in each others presence.

“You feelin’ alright, love?” he asked as his thumb stroked my bare arm. I nodded before placing a kiss against his neck. Harry’s eyes were as bright as ever, pupils dilated from bliss. A light shade of red covered his flushed cheeks, and his lips were swollen and red from the previous activities. 

“You’re so pretty.”

“What?” he laughed. 

“I’m serious!”

“Then I must be the luckiest man in the world because you’re gorgeous.”

“What cheesy rom-com did you get that from?”

“M’serious!” We laughed before a comfortable silence fell over us.

“Thank you for being my first,” I said as a looked up at him from where my head was rested on his chest. 

“Thank you for letting me be your first,” he replied while brushing back a loose curl before resting his palm on my cheek.

“Was it better than the porno?” I looked up at him with wide eyes, lightly smacking him in the chest as he smirked.


We went back to our comfortable silence as I traced the swallows tattooed on his chest and Harry continued to play with my hair.

“It was.”

ending was eh, but i still reallyreallyreally hope you guys liked it! also, happy 7th birthday to one direction, 4eva in my hearts



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