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Tumblr prompt ( Yoongi / OC)

Based on the above moodboard <3 

Shoutout to @attackonyoonmin​ You guys do a great job!! :) :) 

Genre : angst. 

AU : Gang ? Au … it’s not exactly fleshed out, pretty vague. 

Rating : Smut 

Summary : This was supposed to be angsty and heart breaking but it’s mostly just porn. 


On top of this ending tune
I am standing here alone
Now tell me
That it’s over, let me know


 I stood still, watching the blood drip down his chin, fat red drops, landing on his stark white t shirt and soaking the fabric in a scarlet splotch, his face paler than usual, his gaze heavier than usual, like his mind was already giving up on keeping them open and his legs unsteady as he leaned against the wooden frame of my door. 

His snapback hid his eyes and also the shocking white of his blonde hair , but the lips looked the same as they had the last time i saw him. Red, plump and with a small cut, barely healing over. 

I remembered that cut. I’d patched it up for him three weeks ago. 

“Y/N…” His voice is raspy and strained, vocal chord fighting to draw energy from a body that was already shutting down. Sighing, I grabbed his wrist, watching the way he winced at the touch. Bruises, on his knuckles. Scrapes all over his fingers and a finger that looked unnaturally bent. 

“Why are you here?” i whispered, gripping the door till my fingers turned white.

Yoongi blinked and the cut in his forehead bled a bit more, the red liquid slipping into his eye and making him flinch.

“Baby…. See you…i wanted to see you…” 

I scoffed as I moved closer, wrapping my arm around his waist slowly, aware that he was probably sporting cracked ribs as well. 

“You’re dying.” I said flatly. 

He let out a harsh little laugh.

“ Probably. But not tonight. “ 


Yoongi and i had grown up together. In a fishing village off the coast of Jeju do and we had been in love for as long as I could remember. He had been my first. My only. 

When we both got into medical school, i was over the moon. I knew I was going to be a doctor and I knew Yoongi would be a succcessful surgeon. We would get married and have our happily ever after.

Except that when we reached Seoul, that wasn’t what happened. Yoongi hated the city. He hated the college. He hated studying. He hated everything except being with me and then he started hating that too…. 

I wasn’t fun enough . i wasn’t adventurous enough . I wasn’t reckless enough . 

I wasn’t enough. 


Suddenly, in my eyes
rain wells up
You well up,
I see you even when I breathe
Love blooms
like cherry blossoms
but burns and becomes ashes 


 “ Why are you here?” I asked again, pressing the pad of cotton wool, held delicately with the forcept, dipped in the antiseptic on the metal tray, and gently wiped at the cut on his forehead. “ Why don’t you just go to an emergency room? Why do you always turn up here and hurt me?”

He was shirtless, body a canvas of criss cross stripes and blooming bruises . Someone had really did a number on him. He didn’t reply, just stared at me intently, face inches from mine as he watched me work. 

“We broke up. You shouldn’t be coming back to me. You shouldn’t be doing this to me Min Yoongi! Damn you! Damn you to hell and back! ” I felt tears sting. The first few drops slipped out and dripped over my cheeks, landing on his knees. 

Still he stayed quiet, gaze steady as he watched me cry. 

“I love that you cry for me. You’re the only one who ever does. You always cried for me. even when we were six years old and my father beat me up. ” he finally said and I felt my heart break all over again. 

Sniffling, I wiped the back of my arm across my nose. I swiped away thetears and glared at him. 

“Stop it. “i said sternly.

“You told me you wanted to become a doctor only because you wanted to stop me from hurting. And then you cried again…” He was smiling softly , like it was the best memory he had and I wanted to lash out at him. 

“Well, i won’t ! Anymore… You’re not worth my tears.!” i shouted even as a few more slipped out, unbidden. 

He smiled softly, reaching out and lightly rubbing his thumb on the underside of my eye. 

i pulled away, hating myself. 

. Dropping the bloody bit of cotton wool on the bin at my feet, I picked up the tube of antiboiotic and sprayed some of the disinfectant on my fingers. I applied some of the cream on my fingertips before carefully dabbing the cut on his forehead. 

He hissed and i startled, nearly dropping the tray and his hand shot out, gripping my wrist hard, steadying me. It felt like a fiery burn, the touch of his hands on mine and I tugged my hand away.

Or at least tried to. He didn’t let go, thunb tracing circles on my forearm in gentle soothing strokes. 

“I missed you.” He whispered. 

I choked on my own sobs. 


Hey girl I know,
the conclusion you arrived at by yourself
Your hand, your body, your body heat
that was hotter than the equator
I’m still here, on repeat on top of this tune that isn’t there anymore.
I’m turning by myself on top of this music that has long  ended

“Remember that night … in the barn?” He said suddenly, just as I finished bandaging the cut on his forehead. I moved to get a new batch of cotton wool to start on the others. 

“No.” I lied promptly.

He chuckled. 

“Should i jog your memory then? We snuck out of your brother’s engagement , that night … after school?…”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I whispered. 

“i keep thinking about that night….” 

“Well, i don’t…. “ 

“you should…it was amazing..” 


“I love you, Y/N.” 

I sighed. 

“Turn around, let me see your back. “ 

He smiled and shifted obediently. 

As I began cleaning up the cuts there, I couldn’t help but remember the night he was referring to. 

“Ahhh… ” I shouted and Yoongi shushed me with his palm pressed into my mouth while he pumped three long fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy, thumb rubbing circles on my clit. I stared, my eyes glazed,  at his handsome face as he smirked at me. He’d smirked at me with the kind of baseless confidence that only a seventeen year old could have. 

We were in the barn of the Travelers Inn, it was evening and he’d dragged me out of my brother’s engagement party in the tavern  and to the abandoned building. He’d chained the door shut and almost ripped my cotton blouse and skirt in his haste to get me naked. 

My bra and panties had followed and now we were both naked, me on the floor on a makeshift straw pallet and him on top, his hard cock leaking precum on my stomach as it dragged over the soft flesh of my belly button. I reached down and gripped it tightly, using my thumb to get some of the wetness before stroking the straining member, aware of the way it twitched in my hand,so big and hard. I groaned at the thought of it inside me, stretching me out and filling me so completely.

“I’m going to the lick your cunt.. ” Yoongi whispered and I let out a startled laugh.

“That’s filthy… ” I said awed. Yoongi grinned before pulling his fingers out of my pussy with a squelching noise. I was so wet and swollen that I wanted to sob at the sudden emptiness. Yoongi licked the fingers he’d just pulled out of  me and I grimaced.

“Gross… ”

“You taste delicious… here see… ” he kissed me and I tasted myself on his tongue and he was right. it wasn’t gross. it was oddly arousing.

He pulled back and slapped my thighs.

“Open your legs a bit. ”

I let my legs fall open and he used his fingers to lightly stretch me open, staring at my center with hunger.

“You’re so pink and swollen and wet down here. I could stare at your cunt all day. ” he grinned before diving down and licking my clit, in deft little strokes. I thrashed about in shock, the pleasure too much to bear.

He licked and suckled down to the slit before pushing his tongue in and lapping up all the wetness, humming in that low husky voice of his, like he was eating some sort of a rare treat.

His stubble brushed my sensitive skin and the burn felt so good as he continued to press his tongue in deeper, now with two fingers to help keep me open while his thumb kept rubbing my clit. I slipped a hand down to grip his silky black hair even as he suckled the entrance and lightly grazed his teeth on my clit.

My orgasm hit me so hard I nearly blacked out.

I exploded all over his face and he growled, licking and tasting every last drop till I was a shivering drained mess.

He crawled up and then smiled at me.

“So what do you think of my oral skills? ” he whispered, kissing me and letting me taste my own juices.

I grinned in disbelief.

“Definitely A plus. ”

“Catch your breath and suck me off… I want to cum on your face. ”

I nodded and let him nuzzle my breasts, his fingers pinching my nipples while I yelped.

Five minutes later he straddled my shoulders, gripping the wooden slat on the wall as he fucked my mouth in slow shallow thrusts, his aching pink cock hitting the back  of my throat. When he was close he pulled out and then stroked himself till he came all over my face, globs of white cum landing on my hair . He stared at his handiwork with a pleased smile and I had to beg him to let me clean it up before it dried.

Min Yoongi was insatiable.

And I was so, so, so lucky.


Girl let me know
Girl let me know
Although I already know everything is over
Although you’re over me
Girl let me know

“ Tell me to never come back.”  His lips closed over mine with bruising familiarity, his body still thrumming from the residual adrenaline from his fight, as he backed me into the bed. 

It was fast and rough and fierce. He used his tongue to trace the seam of my lips, demanding entrance, even as his hands slipped underneath my legs, gripping my thighs and forcing me to wrap my  legs around his lean waist.I gasped, the physical expression of his strength leaving her dazed.

He pulled my shorts off swiftly.

He used soft, wispy touches to trace my heat, his fingers stroking down my wet centre through the thin material of my underwear, even as his lips moved downward, finding and then mouthing at my nipples through the fabric of my t shirt. Each warm and wet movement made me sag a little more, till my forehead hit his shoulder

He moved one hand to the edge of my neckline and I shivered.

“Don’t tear this one too. I like it . ” I whispered, pressing a kiss to the side of his jaw and he chuckled.

“I’ll buy you ten others . Just like this. ” he unbuckled my bra with one hand and I could only gape. The first touch of his fingers to my bare breasts made my toes curl, my fingers flitting to his hair and sinking into the thick block locks, still a little wet from sweat . 

He bent low, carefully closing his lips over one taut nipple, drawing it in, suckling it and then giving it a very warm and wet tug. The sensation of having the little nub pulled away from the rest of my body was so strong and arousing that I gripped his hair, gasping wildly.

He laughed softly, pulling back and then licking the tips with soft kitten licks. He moved to repeat the action on the other breast, before fumbling with his belt, pulling himself out and then pressing up against me till I was cradling the hard length of his arousal against my heated core. His fingers slipped in, pushing aside my underwear to find her slit.

I was lushly, gloriously wet, the silky slide off his fingers facing no resistance at all as he slipped them in, curling inside me till I saw stars.

“So tight. So beautiful. I want to taste you. Want to see if you still taste the same. More addicting than the finest wine… ” he whispered, biting down on my earlobe. I jumped when his thumb pressed against my clit, moving in gentle circles that left me writhing against the strength of his hand.

He kept at it for a long time, the slow smooth strokes making me lose my sanity in short exhaled gasps. His fingers slipped deeper, searching and then rubbing against some exquisite spot inside me that turned melted my bones and left me limp.

“You missed me , didn’t you? “  He whispered, kissing me feverishly as he pressed me into the mattress. I groaned, choking on air as I tried to get my bearings.

“No. “ i said stubbornly.

“Do You love me?” He demanded, fingers working feverishly to pull off my  panties. I grunted , palms digging into his shoulders as i clung on for dear life. 

“No…” I choked out, head dropping when he spread my legs, slipped two fingers in without warning. I keened at the stretch and tried to tamp down the panic. 

“You’re over me then?” He said curiously, lining his cock up right against me , gripping the hard length of it and tracing circles with the head on my entrance, smaring sprecum and my wetness all over. 

“Yes…I’m over you…i don’t love you anymore ..I…”

He pushed in without warning, burying himself to the hilt, my voice ripping out of me in a strangled breath that was half givbberish and half his name.  I squirmed at the impossible girth of him, my breath coming in pants as he pulled back out before pushing in , spearing me open. 

I felt tears slip out as he fucked into me, slowly and then rough , alternating the tempo till i was a shivering , boneless mess. 

“Let me in, babe…. I’ll take care of you…. Let me in… ” he whispered raggedly, even as he pressed in further, brushing some elusive spot inside me that set off fireworks at the back of my eyelids, my blood singing in my veins. My eyes widened and then fluttered shut but he was panting against me.

“Open your eyes… Look at me.. ” he said roughly, fingers holding my hips as he set an easy rhythm of in and out. He pulled back till he was almost fully out and then drove back in, in one smooth silky plunge. My body stretched and purred as it widened to accommodate him , my inner walls clenching in protest everytime he pulled out.

 I wanted this forever. Him inside me, right where he belonged.

right where he should be. Safe and sound. Not hurting but happy. 

 But he’s going to leave agin. He’s going to go get hurt again. 

I whimpered, steeling myself for the inevitable explosion that would hit me. His thumb pressed further against my nub,  and I felt my breath leave my body in short gasps.

“Wait for me… Don’t leave without me… ” he said suddenly and I shook my head, already tumbling over the edge of sanity, my muscles spasming around his flesh and milking him as well, till he sank against me, groaning out his pleasure.

We lay there like that for a few minutes, exhausted, limp and breathless. Everything felt empty in the aftermath except for where we were joined, hot and wet, the smell of sex so pungent in the air that I wanted to sink into the floor.

 “Tell me to leave. Tell me to get lost, damn you! Help me leave..Y/N .” He whispered. 

I pulled back to stare at him.



If there are hellos,
then there’s bound to be goodbyes?
Never ever
I don’t care about that,
I don’t want to stick to that
I’ll turn away, hypnotizing myself

 i watched him as he put his clothes back on, still wincing lightly at the movements. He hadn’t cracked any ribs . And his finger was only strained. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. 

I sat on the foot of the bed, knees pulled up and chin resting on them as i watched him. 

“Is this it?” I said stupidly. 

He hesitated. 

“You tell me.” 

“Quit everything. Come back to me.” I whispered , the words familiar and tastless. I’d said them so many times now. Over and over. They no longer held any meaning. Or so it felt. 

He smiled at me and finished lacing up his boots before walking over. He crouched low and carefully brushed my hair away. 

“You know i can’t , love.” 

“Yoongi…. Don’t leave me…” I whispered , turning my cheek to rub it against his palm. 

He smiled again , bright and gummy and it was like watching an angel. 

So beautiful. He was so damn beautiful. 

“I have to go…”

“Don’t go back there… It’s dangerous…” I begged, clinging to the collar of his bloodstained jacket. 

“No..” He pulled my hands away and stood up slowly, walking over to the door. 

 I’m dangerous.” he whispered. 

And then he was gone. 


Maybe we’re all just a bunch of fools
Everyone lives with a love that has come to an end
It’s not that I still have feelings for you
I know we can’t work out


A month later, i was flipping through the TV channels when the news item caught my attention. 

“…….Earlier tonight, yet another shootout in lower Itaewon as gang members clashed in a popular college hang-out….The incident left two dead and three injured …….”

My heart dropped to my knees and i dove for my phone, watching the scene on the TV. i noticed the ambulance, checked the hospital. it was my hospital…. 

I whimpered as i dialled the number.

“Minho!! Today… the shooting …in itaewon…” i choked out. 

“It isn’t him, Y/N.”

My breath came out in a whoosh. 

“I… Are you sure…?” I said stupidly, my fingers going ice cold in relief. 

“it isn’t Yoongi.” 

I hung up the phone with dead fingers, my heartrate slowly coming back to normal. 

It wasn’t him . 

But someday it would be. 

And there was nothing i could do about it. 


In my imagination, I fight with you,
make up with you and understand you
Your hand gestures, your eyes,
they are faded but not gone
Why won’t they go away?


The knock on my door came at midnight. 

 Don’t open it. End it now. End it today. This isn’t right. 

 i dragged myself off the bed and slowly walked to the door. I took a deep breath before grabbing the key and slwoly unlocking it. 

He was dressed in a snapback. The same olive green jacket. His white shirt was surprisingly clean, but his arm was drenched and i caught the bullet hole in the sleeve, nausea hitting me in the stomach. 

“Did you miss me?” He whispered.

 Yes. i miss you. i love you . 

 i held the door open and helped him in. 

“No.” i said softly, cherishing the warmth of his laughter as he hugged me. 


AUTHOR’S NOTE : I’m crying. Yoongi is my bias and this was just… sorry. Let me know what you think… 

Topsy-turvy (fluff)

Anonymous: Pretty blog~ return of superman! Hoshi au please? 😘😘

Title: Topsy-turvy (Hoshi/Soonyoung)
Genre: Fluff, babysitter!hoshi
Words: 1558
A/N: Finally! It’s not return of superman though. It’s based on The Nanny Diaries movie…Anyways, I hope you’d still enjoy it!

p.s. who is dying over those Hoshi scenes in Lili Yabbay/13 Month’s Dance???!! I am.

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If only there was another way to save up for money, Hoshi would have gladly taken it. Correction: another sober and safe way that is not related to cubicles and economics to save up for money. Hoshi sighed as he leaned back against Joshua’s sofa. If only. If only. He tapped his shoe on the floor, nervously.

“Relax, Hosh. You’re lucky you found a job here, you know. You’re also great with kids,” Joshua said as he poured orange juice into a tall glass. The vivid colour got Hoshi nodding, eager to drink it up. Joshua walked over to him and placed the glass on the coffee table in front of Hoshi, probably not noticing the way Hoshi’s eyes followed the glass. He probably thought they would be speaking.

Hoshi took the glass once it was placed on the table. He drank it, lips never leaving the glass rim. As if he had never drunk orange juice. Joshua watched him in utter disbelief.

“O…kay,” Joshua said, both his hands slightly raised, once Hoshi put the glass down with a click! “Can we talk now? I’m trying to relax you here, you know.”

Hoshi looked confused for a moment. What was there to talk about? Ah yes. “Ah, yeah. Sorry.”

Joshua sighed and closed his eyes. He opened them, “Never mind. Just…be careful, alright. It’s a kid you’re handling you know. A kid of rich people.”

“Yep. No problemo,” Hoshi nodded as he stood up from his seat and ruffled the older one’s hair in goodbye. As soon as Hoshi was sure Joshua can’t see him, his shoulders sagged with his problems.

Hoshi effed up. In an effort to please his mother, he took Economics in the community college. No, he didn’t like Economics. Who likes numbers and inflation and deflation anyway? All he could think of was the balloon and that sad wheeze it gives when it deflates. And now, she thinks he’s looking for a job in the city. Nope. Nope nope nope. No can do. Hoshi didn’t want to end up in a cubicle, forever thinking about balloons.

He wanted to dance. He wanted to listen to the music and let the beat synchronise with his body. He wanted to raise his hands in the air. He wanted to jump. Dance dance dance. He wanted so so much.

But he was stuck in the city, about to babysit a probably stuck-up kid while he lied to his mother.

As soon as the elevator to the family’s penthouse dinged, the woman in front of him shoved a pink bag in his arms. She beckoned him to enter the spacious room while she ran back and forth the room.

“You are Hoshi, am I right?” she called from a room while Hoshi awkwardly stood in the middle of the living room. Hoshi nodded his head but then remembered she wasn’t there, “Yes, Mrs…”

“Mrs. Kim,” the woman returned in front of Hoshi, heavily breathing. A little girl followed Mrs. Kim and sat on one of the sofas, her arms crossed. “And that’s my daughter, Chae-young. Honey, say hi.”

For a moment, Hoshi thought the mother was talking to him because the kid just stared at him.

“Chaeyoung,” Mrs. Kim warned. Chaeyoung rolled her eyes and huffed, “Hello, Hoshi.”

Mrs. Kim was satisfied and she left Hoshi standing there as she went to find her heels. Hoshi shifted, being scrutinised by Chae-young. Hoshi gulped.

“You’re the one taking me to my class?”

“Y-yeah,” Hoshi was always good with kids. He didn’t know why he felt particularly scared nervous with this one.

“You know Y/N’s studio?” the kid said. Hoshi shook his head. He wasn’t often in Gangnam District. The little girl nodded, “Of course.

Hoshi wanted to choke her.

Mrs. Kim appeared again and guided the two out of the penthouse while she talked to Hoshi about Chae-young’s activities for the day and where Y/N’s Studio is. Everything went so fast that it was only him and Chaeyoung in front of the building.

Both of them walked while Y/N’s Studio was repeated over and over in his mind. Chaeyoung threw insults every now and then making Hoshi want to strangle her more. They stopped at the studio. Hoshi realised it was a dance studio. He stood there, jaws hanging.

“Come on, we’re going to be late,” the girl pulled his hand and they entered the studio. Hoshi had never been so breathless before (except for the time when his friend Woozi’s dog chased him around town). The studio was wide and spacious and bright lights hung above, mirrors surrounded him. It was so beautiful.

Hoshi turned around and placed a hand on the wall next to him. He fell. Along with many hangers and clothes rack. Stupid, it isn’t a wall. Hoshi heard Chaeyoung snicker.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?” Hoshi turned to see you. The bright lights made it seem like you were an angel with your loose shirt and leggings. Hoshi could only say something like unghhh.

You giggled. The other kids followed. Hoshi liked your giggle. You put your hand in front of him, “Come on, let me help you.” Hoshi took your hand.

He sat back, watching you teach the little kids to dance. Watching your body sway to the music. He also felt proud when Chaeyoung got the routine right, cheering for her. Chaeyoung relished the cheer she had always heard other kids receive from their parents. Her parents never saw her dance.

“Thanks,” Chaeyoung said, after the final dance recital. Hoshi was surprised. They usually bickered after the class. Chaeyoung must be on to something. Chaeyoung noticed this, “No, I’m serious. Thank you, Hoshi-oppa. For watching after me. For being there when my parents are going to be late. For watching Barbie with me.”

A grin spread through Hoshi’s face, “Wow, it’s fine, Chae-young. I honestly enjoyed it.”

“Really?” Chaeyoung looked at Hoshi. There was a big fat tear on her face. They stopped walking. Hoshi knelt down in front of her, his hands cupping her face.

“Of course, Chaeyoung-ie. Why are you crying?” Hoshi said. The little girl lurched forward, wrapping her small arms around Hoshi’s neck and burying her face in the crook of it. Hoshi protectively wrapped his arms around her, ignoring the people giving them a second glance.

“I just…I think Mommy and Daddy don’t enjoy me, you know?” the girl said, more tears flowed out of her delicate features. “They’re always away. And whenever they’re with me, they’re either not talking or fighting. And then, I sometimes happen to hear them. Chaeyoung this, Chaeyoung that. I think they’re fighting because of me, Hoshi. I’m making them angry.” Hoshi’s eyes widened at hearing a little girl say that. Chaeyoung sobbed, “Now, they’re sending me off to New York. They don’t even live there. I don’t know anyone there. I don’t want to go there. I want to stay here with you, Hosh.

She sobbed more as Hoshi took in her words. He couldn’t believe her parents would fight with her inside the house. He was outraged by the fact that they actually neglect their daughter then send her off to a foreign country. He rubbed Chae-young’s back slowly, humming in her ear.

“Chaeyoung, you have to go, you know? You have to be brave and go there. Your parents aren’t mad at you. They’re just…It’s their way of caring for you. They want you to have the things they had when they were young. They want you to sit back and enjoy. We’re kind of the same,” Chaeyoung peered over his eyes when she heard the latter sentence. “My mother wanted me to study this um…certain thing at college and I did it even if I didn’t want to. I knew she wanted a better future for me, you know. But here I am, lying to her.

“Still, I’m enjoying this, Chae-young. I enjoy waking up at 6:30 because your language class is at 7. I enjoy listening to your boring Math teacher drone on and on about…well, Math. I enjoy listening to you try to sing.” she gave a weak laugh at this and smacked his chest. “I enjoy enduring too-sweet strawberry ice creams with you. I enjoy watching you dance. I enjoy bickering with you. I enjoy it. I enjoy our chaotic…topsy turvy relationship, Chae-young. You’re already like my sister. And I don’t want you to go away too. I’ll miss you. I’ll worry about you. But it’s life, you know. When you get older, you’ll understand. For now, you need to understand that you are loved and treasured.”

She pulled back and looked at Hoshi. She looked at the misty eyes of her ‘brother’ and knew at once that it was genuine. She really is loved and treasured. No matter how topsy-turvy she is.

“Promise you’ll call?” she croaked out, her voice hoarse. Hoshi nodded and kissed her forehead. He turned around and patted his shoulder.

“Piggy-back ride?” he grinned to himself and felt Chaeyoung earnestly nod as she climbed on his back. Her warmth making Hoshi tear up a little. After a while of silent walking and staring around Gangnam, Chaeyoung leaned forward and whispered, “I know you like Teacher Y/N. I think it slipped from my lips, though.”

Hoshi’s eyes widen and Chayoung giggled, “You brat!”

Just Like Her

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Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

You move away from the two mischievous brothers and go over to help the cook.

You haven’t really talked to Bombur much. Well, you never talked to him. You always stuck around with Bilbo and sometimes Kili and Fili. He seemed like a reasonable dwarf to you.

“Do you need any help Bombur?” you ask and he looks at you in surprise. No one has ever approached him asking if he needed help. It was a chore, cooking for 16 people especially when the other fifteen never helped out.

“Sure, lassie. Why don’t you cut the vegetables?” he asks and you nod, taking a seat on the log. He hands you a knife and the vegetables and you begin to cut them into pieces.

“What’s your life like back home?” you ask him. “Well, I have a sweet lass waiting for me. She’s the most amazing dam I’ve ever met,” he says, smiling brightly and that causes you to smile.

You liked hearing about the lives of the other dwarves. Being a hobbit, you never really got out much and anything new was pretty amazing. Your favorite story so far had to have been Thorin’s recollection of babysitting Kili and Fili.

“How did you two meet?” you ask. 

“Don’t get him started on that, lass. He’ll bore you for days,” Bofur ays, laughing at his brother. That makes Bombur’s smile disappear and you can tell he’s hurt by his brothers words.

“You’d do well to respect your elders Bofur no matter how much older he is,” you snap and Bofur looks surprised at your outburst. You glare at him again and he walks away. You turn back to Bombur with a smile on your face.

“Well tell me about the lass then, master dwarf,” you say and his smile returns.

“You remind me of her, sometimes. She always stuck up for me. Dwarves are usually stocky, but I’m fat and everyone knew that. They teased me about it all the time. That’s when I met her. When I was about ten, there were a few dwarves that were picking on me because of my weight and she came out of nowhere with her sword and Bifur right behind her. With a bit of teamwork, they scared the dwarves away and since that day I’ve been in love.  She never once judged me about my weight or eating habits and she never once left my side and I can never thank her enough for being by my side,“ he says with a glassy look in his eyes.

“She sounds like a lovely dwarrowdam and I would love to meet her one day,” you say kindly and he smiles at you again. “And I would love for her to meet you too.”


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Group: Day6
Member: Jae
Word Count: 3313 Damn son
Genre: Fluff

a/n: Why do I feel like Jae trying to plan a date would be a complete disaster? Also this seemed waaaaaay better in my head than it actually came out, don’t hate me. This is like 99% dialogue btw.

Your phone buzzing on the desk pulled you from your sleep and you opened your eyes. A look at the clock told you it had only been an hour since you’d finally made it to bed after finishing and submitting your essay. Slowly getting off of your bed and trudging over to the phone left abandoned on your desk, you picked it up and answered without looking at who was calling.

You heard a chuckle on the other end laughing at your groggy morning voice, recognising his voice before he even spoke. “What do you want, Jae?”

“Man you sound like shit.” 

You woke me up, asshole.”

“You’re so rude, what have I done to deserve this?”

“What do you want?” 

“You free today?”

“Yeah, why?” 

“Great, I’ll be at yours in 10.”

“Wait what. I’m not even ready or anything. You just woke me up, give me at least 20 minutes.”

Fiiiiine, I’ll be there in 20.” He said and hung up on you. 

You rolled your eyes and threw your phone on the bed. ‘Time to get ready, I guess’.

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Anyone who truly knows me, knows how hard this is for me. I literally have not worn a dress in public since I was in the 5th grade. I remember because I was in love with that dress. But anyways, since I’ve lost this weight, I’ve tried on dresses at the store but never really liked them enough to buy them. Or maybe I did but knew if I bought them I would have to wear them out in public. So I never left the store with one. Well today, babe seen how happy I looked when I tried this on and believe me, he doesn’t see that often from me. (I usually hate everything I put on). Well he bought it. And now I’m planning on wearing it out this weekend. I’m scared. But I know deep down it looks okay on me and I know that I won’t see most of those people again so why care what they think? But anyways, here’s my dress. Plain black dress. But a really big deal for me. Don’t mind my face and hair. I was just hanging out watching shameless 😂.


Say hello to my illuminati acne!!
People usually take photos of their fruit bowls on grass with a kanken in the background but hey look at me! Sitting on my bed bare faced eating a fat bowl of ice cream 💞
Also my hair looks like a mop & should’ve worn some make up & faced the light

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65. “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” :3c yknow the pairing ~ ♥

(Warning: manga spoilers up through at least 146)


kirideku | actualdevil | 592 words

When they were both discharged from the hospital, the sun had just set over the city. As the two of them walked side by side to the station, the streetlights flickered to life one by one around them. Kirishima had been uncharacteristically quiet, even after they’d parted ways with their teammates.

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Table For Two - Hwang Minhyun Requested Scenario


Summary: you’re friends with Wanna One and want to confess to Minhyun, but you’re self-consciousness stops you

Genre: fluff, collage!AU

Message?: I’m so bad a college!AU’s 😂


“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” I heard someone scream from outside my dorm room door.

I groggily walked over to it, opening it and smiling at Jisung and Sungwoon who were stood outside, smiling brightly.

“Morning,” I said, stretching.

“No Y/N,” Sungwoon said, “afternoon.”

“Shit,” I said, glancing at my clock and seeing that it was, actually, 1pm, “I was awake.”

Jisung nodded, not looking very convinced.

“Oh shut it,” I chuckled.

“Get dressed, we’re going out for lunch and taking you with us,” Sungwoon said.

“See you soon!” Jisung exclaimed as they both started to walk away.

I sighed, shutting my door and walking back to the living room.

Wait. Do they mean… all 11 of them?

“Jisung!” I shouted, running through the hallways, “Sungwoon!”

I could see them at the end of the hallway, stop and turn around.

“Are,” I panted, trying to catch my breath, “are there going to be 11 of you?!”

Jisung nodded, “of course!”

“Even,” I panted, “even Minhyun?”

They smiled, continuing to nod.

“Yes Y/N, now go get ready,” Sungwoon said.

I sighed, running back to my dorm, getting ready.

At 2:30 I ran out my dorm, ringing Jisung.

“Finally!” he exclaimed, picking up his phone, “come to the lounge area, we’re going to lunch. Oh! And bring your money, we’re college students.”

I laughed, “yes Jisung, I am aware.”

I hung up, shoving my phone and money in my pocket, walking as fast as I could to the lounge area where all 11 boys were sat, complaining of hunger.

“She’s here!” Daniel exclaimed, falling over dramatically.

A chorus of ‘yes’ and ‘finally’ came from the other 10, all of them acting more dramatic than the last.

“Come on then,” I laughed, making everyone stand up and follow Jisung.

“Where are we even going?” I asked Woojin.

“Honestly Y/N, I have no idea, but wherever it is, I apologise to you and Minhyun in advance,” Woojin said.

Daehwi, who was hanging off Woojin’s arm, nodded in agreement.

“Huh?!” I exclaimed, my heart beating rapidly, “what do you mean?! Woojin?! Daehwi?!”

But they’d already walked off, leaving me at the back with Jihoon and Jinyoung.

“Why did you take so long?!” Jinyoung exclaimed, “I feel like I’m about to waste away.”

“She’s a girl,” Minhyun called from in front of us as we all crossed the street.

“Hey!” I laughed, running forward and smacking his arm.

He ran forward even further, creating a distance between himself and me, Jinyoung and Jihoon.

“You so like him,” Jihoon said.

I sighed, “Jihoon, I think everyone knows that now.”

“Not Minhyun,” Jinyoung said, pointing at me.

“And that’s the way it’ll stay,” I said, nodding firmly.

“Not for long,” Jinyoung laughed.

“What does that mean?!” I exclaimed, “Woojin and Daehwi said the same thing!”

“Y/N, just let it be, you’ll see soon,” Jihoon said, wrapping his arm round me.

I sighed, shoving him as he laughed.

“Guys!” Jisung shouted, “we’re literally here! Please stop walking!”

I laughed as he finally caught the attention of all of us.

We walked in, Jisung getting a table.

“Sorry,” he said when everyone had started walking to the table, “they have a maximum of 10.”

I looked at him confused as I saw Minhyun standing next to me.

Minhyun laughed, “ah, seriously? I don’t trust him.”

I sighed, “I don’t think I trust any of them.”

“That’s very true,” Minhyun said.

“Hello! How can we help you today?” the waitress asked, coming back from seating the rest of the boys.

“Table for two please,” Minhyun said, “I guess.”

I chuckled as she took out the menus and led us to a table on the other side of the room to the other 10.

We sat down and I swore at Jisung, making him laugh and Minhyun slap me gently round the arm.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“No, I’m sorry, I’m probably the reason they did this,” Minhyun chuckled, “but hey, we’ll still have a nice time, right?”

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Would you like anything to drink?” the waitress asked.

“Um, I’ll have a coke please,” Minhyun said.

Fuck, fuck, what do I say? I don’t want to look really fat! Fuck. Stuff it.

“I’ll have a diet coke please,” I said.

Boom. Aced it.

“One up me then,” Minhyun laughed as the waitress walked away.

I giggled, covering my face.

“Why did you do that?” Minhyun asked, leaning forward.

“Do what?” I asked, looking at him and tilting my head to the side.

“Cover your face,” he said, “you never usually do that when you laugh.”

“How do you know,” I chuckled.

A slight blush came to his cheeks as he looked down, stuttering.

“No, it’s just because my face does this really weird thing when I laugh,” I explained.

“What?” he asked, “I mean like, what happens?”

I sighed, “well um, one of my eyes shuts.”

“That’s so cute!” he exclaimed.

“Hardly!” I exclaimed, “it happens when I yawn as well and whenever I yawn in class, people give me shit for it, it’s not the greatest thing.”

“I think it sounds cute,” Minhyun said.

“You’d be the first,” I laughed.

“Hey look it does!” he exclaimed, laughing as well, “so cute.”

I covered my face again as I felt my cheeks grow hot.

I uncovered my face and saw Minhyun smiling at me as the waitress came and put our drinks down.

“Do you know what you’d like to order?” she asked.

“Um, can we get two of the house ramen please?” Minhyun asked before looking at me, “trust me, it’s the best.”

“Okay and anything else?”

We both shook our heads and she walked away.

“This better be good ramen,” I said, pointing at him.

“Trust me, it is, I used to come here with my old friend, Jonghyun, all the time,” Minhyun explained.

“Why don’t you anymore?” I asked.

“He graduated,” Minhyun explained, “was doing a different course.”

I nodded.

As the food came, we ate in silence, apart from a few comments on how delicious the ramen was.

“What do you usually order?” he asked, “seeing as I kind of ordered for you.”

I smiled, “well, um, I guess, meat, a lot.”

Minhyun clapped, “nice.”

I chuckled, “chicken in particular though.”

Minhyun nodded, taking a sip of his coke, “chicken will always be the best.”

“What about you, do you usually order ramen?” I asked.

He nodded, “I love ramen.”

I smiled, “okay then, ummm. Best ramen you’ve ever had, go!”

Minhyun stuttered, “uh- um, ah! I don’t know! Oh! Um, Japan! Japan has some great ramen!”

I nodded, “okay, okay.”

“What about you? Best chicken you’ve ever had, go!” he exclaimed.

“Easy. America!” I exclaimed, “USA, best chicken, ever.”

“Nice,” he nodded, laughing.

My phone vibrated on the table and I picked it up, looking at the caller ID.

Incoming call from ‘Cat Boy🐱’

“Daniel’s calling me,” I laughed, “excuse me.”

I pressed answer, walking to the girls toilets.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey!” Daniel exclaimed in an overly excited voice.

“Actually shut up,” I laughed.

He laughed, “but seriously, how’s it going?”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“You know what I mean,” Daniel laughed as I fixed my make-up in the mirror.

A smile broke out on my face as I heard his words.

“Honestly? Really well! And he doesn’t even suspect that I like him! He thinks that it’s his fault that you guys put us together!” I exclaimed, happiness oozing out of me.

I heard Daniel clap and I smiled.

“Thank you guys, honestly,” I said.

“No problem,” Daniel said, a smirk evident in his voice, “now get back to your date.”

“Yes sir,” I giggled as Daniel hung up.

I walked back to the table where Minhyun was sat, laughing at the boys while taking sips of his drink.

“Hey,” I said, sitting back down, “sorry.”

“No that’s okay, Daniel, I guess,” Minhyun said.

I nodded, “I still can’t believe they did this.”

Minhyun chuckled, “I know. At least we had a good time.”

I nodded, smiling widely and not covering my face.

“Here you go,” the waitress said putting down a massive sundae in front of us.

“Oh we didn’t-” I began.

“It’s from the boys over there,” she said, pointing at Daniel, Jisung and the rest who were sat there laughing and waving.

I shook my head, thanking the waitress.

“What the fuck,” I mumbled.

“You start,” Minhyun said.

“Excuse me?!” I exclaimed, laughing, “Minhyun, this is massive, let’s just eat it together.”

He shrugged, “okay.”

“I wonder what they’ve done to it,” I chuckled as we both dug our spoons in.

Minhyun shrugged, growing suspiciously quiet.

“You alright?” I asked.

He nodded, “hey Y/N.”

I hummed, looking across at him.

“I’m really glad they did this,” Minhyun said, “I, kind of, I mean, I really like you.”

I felt my heart race. Me?! Even after the length it takes me to get ready and the weird one eye shut when I smile?! Me?!

“Minhyun, I—” I began talking but Minhyun held up a hand.

“No, it’s okay, I know you like Daniel,” he said.

“What?!” I exclaimed, exploding into laughter, “Minhyun! Are you stupid?! Of course I don’t like Daniel!”

“What?!” Minhyun exclaimed, looking extremely confused, “but Jisung— ah for fucks sake.”

“Jisung told you?” I asked, laughing, “Minhyun. Do you really want to know who I like?”

He sighed, “not particularly, it would probably hurt me.”

I smiled, resting my hand on his, “even if it was you?”

He looked up at me with widened eyes.

“What?!” he gasped.

“I should be the one saying that!” I exclaimed, “you like me?!”

“Of course I do! You’re probably the only one who couldn’t see it!” Minhyun laughed.

“Ditto,” I chuckled.

Minhyun breathed and sigh of relief, “okay then. You are my girlfriend.”

I laughed, “and you are my boyfriend.”

In An Instant: Part Two

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: I’m excited guys. This should be a fun series. I will only be taking 25 tags on this series. Sorry, it just gets to crazy with a bunch of tags. I’ll try to make a masterpage with the tag list count. Let me know what you think!     xoxo - Ash

|Part One|

Originally posted by enochianess

“Where in the hell have you been, man?” Sam, Bucky’s best man, asks frantically. “I’ve been looking everywhere. You didn’t answer your phone”

Flashing his dead cell phone, Bucky shrugs. “It died. Where is everyone?” Bucky asks, peering around sparsely crowded bar.

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anonymous asked:

do you think it's feasible to hide from my family taking hormones (estrogen, etc.) for 3-6 months? or should i wait until i'm on my own?

It’s such a slow process that no one really notices. It feels fast because its happening to your body but u can easily hide the changes. I’ve been on hrt for 17 weeks and 4 days. That’s almost five months. The only thing I have trouble with is hiding my boobs. Your nipples will get very big and dark so you’re going to need to wear a bralette so they don’t show through your shirt. Also wear baggy shirts in general because around 3 months is when the breast tissue will start to form more rapidly around the bud under your nipple. You won’t want to be hugging anyone because they will hurt but remember not to hug anyone anyways because they will be able to feel your boobs on their chest. That’s how my mom found out I was on hormones lol. Also before you start, call your insurance company and endocrinologist and pharmacy make sure they can’t disclose any information to your parents. I have to pay out of pocket for blood tests because if I dont, the insurance company has to send a bill to my adress and my parents would definetly open it eventhough its illegal. Your face will change though. My top lip is bigger and my lips are darker just like my nipples. My eyelashes are probably double the length they were, my eyebrows are less bushier, my skin tone is more even and my pores are smaller. The way you speak might change because of the shift in emotions so be mindful of that. Your vocal chords will not change though. I usually put brown waterproof mascara in my eyebrows to make them look like how they used to. Your jaw will round out a lot and your cheeks will get fatter. There will be less fat in your brow bone so if you have hooded eyes, you might be able to see more eyelid after a few months. The hardest thing for me is hiding my emotions. You’re going to be going through puberty again and if you start acting all bitchy and angsty, they’re definetly gonna notice somethings up.

No Teasing (Lucifer Morningstar)

Originally posted by kyloskywlker

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Body image issues
A/N: I am so sorry if these seem bad. I really am ;-; Again, i combined requestss
Requested: hey, I have a request for you. I would love it if you wrote a one-shot with Lucifer (from the TV show) where the reader is like Chloe’s sister and she’s immune to Lucifer just like Chloe is. She has a huge crush on him despite him being satan (she actually believes he’s the devil, unlike Chloe), but she keeps her feelings hidden because she is overweight and has a low self esteem and well, she’s seen the women he ‘hangs out’ with so yeah. But maybe he likes her too and fluff at the end ? Thanks!


I love your lucifer from fox oncshots!!! Can you write a Lucifer x fem!Reader where the reader has known luci for years and is used to his sass. Then one day when lucifer goes over to Chloe’s house he learns that the reader is Trixie’s baby-sitter. And she pokes fun at him for the devil having a soft spot for a little girl? I’m sorry it’s so specific! X3

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I'm used to it - Chapter 5

Reader x Jaebum , Reader x Jungkook

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 4,773

Chapters: 4 ,


I woke at around 7am and made my way downstairs. The first thing i saw was a sleeping Jungkook on the couch and the glasses of wine from yesterday. I went and picked them up, pouring the wine out into the sink, what a waste. I decided to make breakfast for Jungkook as he was still asleep, i didn’t bother with my own.

I turned around when i heard a yawn and saw Jungkook who was rubbing his eyes as he yawned. I had to admit he looked cute. “Morning sleepyhead”, i said gaining Jungkook’s attention, he gave me a small smile before he replied, “morning beautiful”, i felt myself heat up at what he said. I told myself to keep calm before i continued, “i-erm…i-i made you breakfast”. Smooth.

He lightly chuckled before slowly getting up, only then i realised he was shirtless, as before he had the blanket covering him and the back of the sofa. I looked away from him as i was now definitely embarrassed. “I-i’m gonna go get dressed”, as i was about to climb the steps Jungkook grabbed my wrist making me turn to face him, “aren’t you gonna eat”, i shook my head and smiled, “i’ve already eaten”. With that he let me go and i rushed up stairs to get dressed.

I got changed into a black cropped lace off the shoulder top and wore a pair of black high waisted jeans to cover my stomach and then topped it off with a grey oversized cardigan. I skipped downstairs to see Jungkook sat at the table finally with his top on and eating whilst reading something on a piece of paper, “what you readi-”, “You’re going to school”. I furrowed my brows and stared at him, “what are you talking about?”, he didn’t even answer instead he turned around the piece of paper he was previously reading. I looked at the later and immediately noticed what it was, ‘ABSENCE NOTICE’. “I’m not going”, “(y/n) i get everything that happened, but trust me hiding away from your problems won’t help”, i grabbed the paper from him and scrunched it into a ball before tossing it into the bin. “Jungkook i’m not going, okay, leave it at that”, i heard him sigh loudly, “(y/n) come here”, he held out his hand for me to take.

I walked up to him as he turned in his seat to face me, he took his hands in mine and gripped my chin so i was now staring at him, “hey listen”, his voice was soft, “i do get it honestly, but this is what happened to my friend, he didn’t face anything, he let himself believe that if he hid away it would go away but it didn’t. Trust me when i say this, if you face the problem head on and show that it has no affect on you, it will go away”, “but-”, “no buts, just go into school okay, if anything happens, just remember what i told you”. I hesitated for a while before i nodded my head and agreed to go. Jungkook smiled and stood up, “it’s 7 now, i can drop you off and then i can get to work, what time does your school end?”, “erm…2:50”, “okay, go get your things”.

I arrived outside of school at 9:25, lessons had already started and i was sat out here in Jungkook’s car. Say if everyone tells me i’m repulsive or say if they physically hurt me.“Hey”, Jungkook brought me out of my thought, his hand rubbing up and down my arm, “it’s gonna be okay, you have my number so if you need me, call”, “but how far is your work”, “closer than you think”, as he finished speaking the bell went catching our attention. “Go now you’ll be there for second period”, i nodded before moving to get out the car, but before i completely got out Jungkook grabbed my hand and placed a gentle kiss on it, “it’ll be fine beautiful”, i began to heat up, god why did he do this to me, i’ve only known him for a day, well less.

After saying goodbye to him i walked into school, the hallways were empty. The lesson i was walking to was the one i now dreaded the most, psychology. I stood outside the door eyes closed, taking deep breaths preparing myself, once ready i opened the door. “Thomas, Jaso-”, Miss Kyle stopped doing the register to see who walked in, “S-sorry i’m late miss”, she smiled and told me it was fine before telling me to quickly sit down. I was fully aware that as i was walking, people were staring at me and were whispering about me. I moved behind Jaebums chair and sat in my seat as i did miss Kyle continued with the register and i got my things out, ignoring Sarah’s comment, “ugh she could have at least showered, fucking repulsing”. After registration miss kyle had an announcement, “alright class, because of the amount of you asking for help during lessons i nagged the principle and he allowed me to get a helper. He-”, she was cut of by some of the girls squealing saying they hoped he was cute or hot, “he…will be joining us after he’s done talking with the principle which should be soon and will be with us for the rest of the year, okay now get out your books and turn to page 164, we’re looking at how the society someone grows up in affects behaviour”.

After talking for 20 minutes she handed us a work booklet to get through for the rest of the lesson. I focused on my work ignoring Marrie’s calls for me and ignoring anyone else who had something to say. As i was working someone slipped a note under my work booklet, i looked up and saw Jaebum taking back his hand and continued writing as if he didn’t just do that. I picked up the note and read what he wrote:

I need to talk to you, meet me in the school gardens at lunch


I put the note in my pocket and stared at him, he could have just spoke to me and told me, but he probably wanted to keep his image, of course that was a lot more important, to people like him. I carried on with my work, another 10 minutes passed when i heard the classroom door open i stayed focusing on my work, ignoring the girls gasping and comments, ‘OMG hes so hot and cute”, “ugh, i want him”. “AH, you’re here thank god, i’m sorry but right now too many students need help, could you start with Jaebum over there he’s been waiting for a while”, “sure thing”. My head popped up at that voice, the dick! He never told me his job was here, maybe that’s what he meant when he said it was closer than i thought. Jungkook walked over as he did he noticed me and decided to start winking and smirking, “Jaebum right?”, Jungkook asked to which he replied, “uh, yeah, i don’t get this about the kids and their backgrounds”.

Jungkook explained it to Jaebum and ensured that he understood it before moving over to me, but before either one of us could speak, someone decided to interrupt us, “erm..excuse me…sir, i need help”. Of course it was Sarah. I turned back to look at her, she had undone some of her buttons to show cleavage and was twirling strands of her hair with her finger. She noticed me staring and gave an annoyed look, “what are you fucking staring at, charity case”, she snarled before turning back to Jungkook, “sir, help please”.

I turned back around, closed my eyes and tilted my head down, telling myself to ignore her and not to cry, not to show her she’s hurting me. “Erm….”, “just go Jungkook”, I whispered, he stared at me for a few seconds before walking off to Sarah. “Right what is it that you’re stuck on?”, “I don’t really get this part about the poor people”, “what don’t you get about it?”, “i don’t get why they should even get a chance, like all they do is take our money and complain when they can’t get a job, even though it’s their own fault as they don’t do anything about it”. I heard Jungkook scoff, before letting out a bitter laugh, i turned to face him and he looked pissed, “i’m guessing you’re one of those upper class people right?”, Sarah nodded twirling her hair again, “that’s good, that means you can pass this message onto anyone else as ignorant as you”, he spat out. “Those ‘poor’ people are also human like you, if you get given chances so should they, yes some people may take the benefits they get for granted. But there are also people out there who get up early in the morning, look for work, look for any opportunity out there to earn money, whether it’s to provide for themselves or their families. So don’t say they don’t do anything, because the majority do and as well as that the majority of you rich snobby, narcissistic people, get the money passed down to you, so what work are you doing?”. Sarah sat there, her mouth agape, i couldn’t help but snicker at what Jungkook said, he looked up and smiled when he heard me. Unfortunately so did Sarah, “ugh,i don’t know one why you’re laughing, you’re still a dirty, fat peas-”, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk to my girlfriend like that”.

Not only did my eyes widen so did, Sarah’s and Marrie’s, “girlfriend? Her?”, “yeah…”, he looked over to me, a soft look on his face, “my girlfriend”, he gave me a small smile, to which i respond with one back, but soon turned back around and hid my face, as the blush on my face was very evident.

Soon enough the triple we had ended, everyone rushed out to lunch. I took my time, as usual packing away, “(y/n)? Come on answer my question, when did you get with him?”, Marrie nagged, i ignored her and just continued packing away, “ugh, fine don’t tell me, but I’ll find out soon enough”, she said as she walked off to Jackson who was waiting outside. “Thank you so much Jungkook, you are literally a blessing”, Jungkook chuckled at what she said, “no, it’s fine, i honestly enjoy doing things like this”, “but still thank you, right you should get some lunch….ah (y/n)?”. I looked up at her, “yes?”, “you wouldn’t mind showing Jungkook to the cafeteria and just keeping him company?”, I looked over to Jungkook, who was smirking again, “oh… Sure, i don’t mind”, i smiled at Miss Kyle, before picking up my bag and walking out of the classroom.

Jungkook rushed up beside me, “so, will you be buying me lunch as well?”, he asked shoving his hands into his pocket, “well you’re my boyfriend, so should you be buying me lunch”, i gave him a big grin, “you got me there…can we go out to eat?”, I nodded, “only teachers and the upper 2 years can”, “great, let’s go”, he held my hand and was about to drag me to the entrance, but i stopped him, “wait, i…need to go tell Marrie where I’m gonna be”, “oh, okay be quick”, I nodded and ran off to the cafeteria.

I walked out of the back of the cafeteria into the gardens. I looked around, but did find anything, as i was turning to leave i heard someone, “(y/n)…”, I turned and faced Jaebum, looking good as per usual, “erm…Hi", “h-hi”, I stuttered out.

We just stood there in silence after, he did want to talk to me about something, right? “I’m sorry Jaebum, but do you actually need something or-”, “ah yeah, i wanted to talk about what happened, you know at the party”. I closed my eyes and sighed at the thought of it, it was the last thing I wanted to remember right now, “i know you probably don’t want to talk about it, but i want to apologise”, he walked closer to me and continued speaking, “i swear to God I never invited you so that could happen, like i don’t even know half the shit that Sarah does. I am so sorry for everything that’s happened to you since, like the death threats, the horrid comments, i wish i could stop it”. I smiled and shook my head at him, “it’s fine, besides I’m used to it all, it’s been happening for so long that it just seems like part of my daily life”, i let out a little laugh. “(y/n)..-”, “no honestly it’s fine, I’m used to it all…anyways if that was all you wanted to talk about can i get going, Jungkook’s waiting for me”, i wanted to get out there as quiet as possible,“Jungkook?”, Jaebum said, confusion spread across his face, “the-the teaching assistant”, he let out a sound of realisation, “is he actually your boyfriend?”, “yeah he is, i know what you all are thinking, how can he be with someone like me?”. But Jaebum shook his head, “i don’t think that, i just think that he’s one lucky guy”, his eyes were looking directly into mine, there was something in them making it hard for me to tell whether or not what he said, he meant. “I-i should get going, bye”, i rushed off back inside to get to Jungkook, “yeah…Bye".

“Hm…So where does my girlfriend want to eat?”, he asked as we got into, “you know you don’t need to call me that, we’re not in school anymore”, i know, but it feels right when i call you it”. I looked at him quite shocked, before laughing, “shut up you idiot”, as i continued laughing, i realised that he wasn’t doing the same, so i stopped. “Jungko-”, “i know, we’ve just met, but honestly i don’t know what it is, but i can’t stop thinking about you and i have this urge to protect you from everyone and beat the living shit outta all those arseholes”, he tilted his head backwards against the headrest letting out a sigh, “i get that you might thinks it’s because of my friend, but there’s something different about you, i’ve…i’ve just never felt this way about someone, especially so quickly. I’ll understand if you don’t want the s-”, I cut him off by doing the one thing we both didn’t expect, i kissed him.

It lasted for a very long time, getting quite deep, before i pulled away slightly, resting my forehead against his, “you talk too much”, i said in a hushed voice, “hopefully it won’t be a problem”, i added, making Jungkook’s eyes widen, “does that mean…”, i nodded my head a slight smile on my face because of his reaction. Jungkook pulled me in for another kiss, this time a lot shorter, “god….(y/n) you won’t regret it, i promise you”, “i know”.

After lunch the two of us walked back into school, Jungkook insisted on holding hands, although i was against it. He said it will show everyone that I’m him and if they mess with me, they mess with him, i couldn’t help but giggle at him. “Ugh, why couldn’t you be with me last…”, he whined, resting his head on my shoulder, we were in the maths pod, which was currently empty. “Jungkook…we have spent practically the whole day together, I’m sure one hour won’t be a problem”, “hmm…true”, the school bell rang, indicating that lunch was over and that the last lesson was starting. “Well i guess it’s time for you to go”, i said to him, moving his head up, off my shoulder, “yeah. We’ll meet after?”, he asked, i nodded, “obviously, i mean who else would give me a ride home”, “oh so, I’m just your ride home?”, be questioned with an amused look on his face, again i nodded, making him laugh. “Right, i really need to go now”, he said after noticing the students flooding into the pod, “if anyone says it does anything tell me okay?”, “okay”, with that he leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips, he tried to deepen it, but i stopped him, “you’re gonna be late, go”, i mumbled out.

This time he listened and went. I closed my eyes as soon as he did, as i knew people were staring. I eventually opened my eyes, but kept them glued to the floor as i made my way into class.

Throughout the lesson, all i heard was people talking about me and Jungkook, ‘she’s probably paid him’, ‘he must really like her personality’ or ‘he’s just straight up blind and stupid’. I tried to block it out, but it was impossible thanks to Sarah, “hey (y/n)”, she said as she stood in front of my desk, “let’s work on a group together”, she say across from me, her two friends sitting either side of me, “i was actually going to work with Marrie”, “well she’s working with Jackson, Jae and Youngjae, so you’re stuck with us”, she gave me another one of her fake smiles.

Once Mrs Lee explained the group task, everyone got to work, “okay so first we need to-”, “how did you end up with sir?”, Sarah questioned, her and get minions staring directly at me, “w-what? Sorry, but I don’t really think it’s any of your business”, “oh, but it is, see Alex here really likes sir and if you’re with him, she isn’t and that’s gonna be a problem for me because i need my girls with guys who are on the same level as them. You and sir are on two completely different levels, he’s hot and you’re not, so the relationship won’t last anyways”. Gosh the things that i wanted to do to her right now, did she really believe that because her minion wanted to be with my boyfriend that I’ll drop him like that?

“I’m sorry, but I’m not leaving him”, i said back, my voice was slightly hushed, “oh really? gosh (y/n), you always make it worse for yourself”, Sarah and her friends got up to leave, but not before throwing everything on the table off, “oops”, she said with a smirk spread across her face as she walked away. I ignored everyone’s eyes and got down in the floor to clean up the mess, “if you want I’ll go smack that smirk of that face of her”, Marrie said as she helped me clean up. I gave her a quick smile before shaking my head, “it’s okay, she’s not worth it”, “true, besides you’re better than her and smarter and prettier and honestly…quite sexy”, she began moving her eyebrows and winking. I laughed out and slapped her arm, “shut up and help me”.

“See-ya later (y/n)”, Marrie said as her and Jackson walked off together, I walked in the opposite direction as I needed to pee.

(y/n): I’ll meet you outside, I need to go to the toilet first.

Jungkook: okay, be quick, please :)

I rushed to the toilet and did my business and felt so much better. As I was walking out, I bumped into someone, as I was on my phone. I didn’t even get the chance to apologise as someone grabbed hair and dragged me, so I was now on the floor. “I told you, you always make it worse for yourself”, Sarah smirked, whist she stood there, her arms crossed, “Alex, show her how annoyed you are because she won’t let you have your man”, with that Alex continued pulling my hair, adding in punches and slaps.

I pleaded for Alex to let me go, but she alone with Sarah and their other friend just laughed. Even when I began crying, they didn’t stop, what made it worse was that the place was empty, so no one could help me. “Please, please stop”, “hmm”, she put her finger on her chin to make it seem as if she was thinking, “nope”. Alex then began yanking at my clothes and I prayed for one thing not to happen whilst she did it, but obviously things never went my way. “Oh, my, god, that is gross”, Sarah said in disgust, her eyes glued to my stomach. I tried my best to cover it with my torn clothes, but it was no use, “are those stretch marks…oh wait no I forgot you’re a mental bitch who deserves to-”

“Oi, what are you doing”, Jaebum came rushing towards us, he was about to grab Alex, but Sarah stopped him, “baby, what are you doing? We were just-”, she held onto his arm, but soon he was shoving her off himself, “don't”, he pointed at her before pushing Alex away from me. “Go”, “but Jae-”, “go now or we’re over and trust me I can get my parents to find me another girl”, she stared at Jaebum for a while, gave me a quick glance before storming off, her minions trailing behind.

Jaebum crouched down next to me, moving my hair out of my face, “hey, you okay”, I flinched back when he tried to touch my face, “you’ve got a cut and your nose and lips are bleeding”, he whispered out, “do you want me to get someone”, at that moment I heard someone shout my name, the one person I needed more than anything right now.

“(y/n)”, he stopped calling once he saw me. Instead he started running towards the two of us screaming, “what the fuck did you do to her?!”. He pushed Jaebum far away from me, before then grabbing his collar, “I swear to fucking god, I am going to beat the-”, “Jungkook,s-stop”, I stuttered out, trying to stand up, “he-he helped me”.

Jungkook saw me struggling and helped me, not letting go when I was up right, “then who did this?”, “It doesn’t matter”, “(y/n), baby-”, “please”, I whimpered out. He sighed and cupped my face with one of his hands, “I just want to go home with you and forget everything, please”, he contemplated for a while before letting out a faint okay.

He noticed my torn clothes, so took off his jacket and put it on me, “come”, he said leading me out of the school, “wait”, I said and turned to Jaebum, “thank you, for stopping them”, he smiled at me, “make sure you get home and take care of the cuts and bruises”, “I will”.

The car ride was quiet, with Jungkook’s music in the background, at some point I began dozing off, but was stopped by Jungkook, “we’re here”, I looked outside and noticed that I was not on the farm, “no we’re not”, “ah, yeah I thought maybe, I could take you to my place…we could go back to yours if you want”, he added quickly, his head going to the keys, ready to get the car running again. “No, it’s okay, it’s just that Prince and Romeo, my dogs, I need to make sure they have food and water”, “ah yeah, I need to talk to you about them, I kinda gave them food in the morning and I may or may not have spilt half the bag”, i laughed at his stupidity, “how do you manage to do that?”, “Special talents”, he gave me a wink before getting out the car and helping me.

On the way up to his flat, we did get a few looks, because of my current state. But soon enough those looks were gone and we were in his flat, it was quite big and the walls were painted a light grey colour. The one thing that caught my eyes the most was his balcony, I walked towards it and opened one of the doors. He could see everything from here, though the distance from here to the road was frightening, it was still amazing, “do you like the view?”, I nodded my head, “well, you can continue to enjoy it, after you’ve cleaned up, come”, he held out his have for me, I took it right away. He lead me down the hallway, into a room at the end of it, the room was painted black, but another balcony, to the left of the bed, that helped light it up. There was also a built in wardrobe to the right of the bed and a TV directly across from it on the wall.

Jungkook set me down on the bed and got the first aid kit and cleaned and bandaged me up. “Right that’s finally done”, he got up and walked to the wardrobe, getting out a pair of sweatpants grey and a white t-shirt, “you can change into these, they might be a little big on you”, he handed me the clothes and stood there.

I stayed on the bed, holding the clothes, looking at him, waiting for him to realise. “Oh, I-i should leave, right”, I giggled as he walked into the door, trying to leave.

It took me a few minutes to change into Jungkook’s clothes, though they were big like he said, they were very comfortable. I walked out of his room, into the living room, the TV was on, but Jungkook was nowhere to be seen, so I just sat down on the couch and watched what was on.

“Ah fuck!”, I jumped at Jungkook’s voice, which I’m guessing came from the kitchen. I got up and went to see what happened to him, when i did see him, he was at the sink, running his fingers under the water, “what did you do!?”, I exclaimed rushing over to him, “I was trying to cook…”, I shook my head, “do you have any cream, it’ll stop it from getting worse”, “er…yeah, go to that cupboard, there should be something in there”.

“You are an idiot you know, how on earth do you burn yourself on a pan”, I save dabbed the cream into his fingers, “does a pan not get hot when you put it in the stove?”, “Well,yes-”, “exactly so, hush”, I giggled as he stuck his out. I wrapped his 3 fingers in a bandage, “be more careful”, “I will, promise…can I have a kiss now, you know because they make everything better”, I rolled my eyes at him, but he didn’t see as his eyes were shut tight and his lips were puckered. The sight was quite amusing.

I leaned forward and gave him a small peck, but as I was pulling away he put his hands and my face and pulled me forward again, our lips slamming together. Instead of getting the kids he wanted he got me groaning out in pain as I pushed him away, “shit,I forgot, your lip, are you okay? I am so sorry! (y/n)-”, “i-it’s okay, honestly”, I could feel my lips pulsing. “I am sorry”, Jungkook pulled me to him, his hands resting on my waist, mine were playing with the hem of his shirt as I looked down, “(y/n)…can we talk about what happened”, “I don’t want to”, he sighed loudly, “was it that Sarah girl?”, “I said I didn’t want to talk about it”, I got out of his hold, “it was wasn’t it?”, he followed me as I walked to the living room, “Jungkook”, “could you just tell me, I am trying to help you”, he snapped out. I stopped and turned to him, “yes! Yes it was Sarah. Her and her fucking friends, they beat me, do you want to know why?!”, I shouted out, tears beginning to fall, “because i didn’t want to leave you. Sh-she wanted one of her friends to be with you, because you’d both be on the same level, whereas I, I was nowhere near, so whatever we had it wouldn’t last”, I sobbed out. Jungkook pulled me into his chest, combing down my hair, trying to calm me down.

“Whatever i have she takes away from me”, “hey”, he pulled away slightly and cupped my face, wiping my tears with his thumbs, “I promise that I won’t leave you. And I’ll make sure that Sarah knows that if she or anyone else touches you again, they’ll regret it”.

Sorry for not posting for a very long time, but I’ve had four assessments to do at once. And scars I will try to get out as I am half way through the chapter thank you bibs 😊😊


Breaking the Mold | Taehyung (Rated M)

A/N: wow so I’m really sorry for the extreme delay. Although I’m on spring break, I have a 2 year old niece that I take care of daily and she’s been really disobedient lately. I don’t ever get to study or write until late late at night because I get busy with her all day. She’s going to give me gray hairs I’m too young :’)

I really liked this request, but this week has been stressful so I hope I made it enjoyable. I tried making it read like a school life otome game to fit the theme. And to me Tae seems like the type to call his gf all kinds of pet names.

Word Count: 2847
Genre: Fluff, slight angst, Smut
Scenario: Requested- Secretly dating student council President w/ Taehyung


“Looks like a whore, acts like a whore. I’ve never seen her without a hickey, honestly.”

“Please don’t cry! I’m sorry…you know I love you.”

“I can’t believe this…. Who took this??”

“She’s mine.”

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Chantal DuBois

Eric Matthews x Plus size!reader

Word Count:

Warnings: none, unless cute Eric is a warning

     Summary: Reader is worried about her weight and her boyfriend Eric helps her through it.

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Topanga and You were really close, despite your age difference you had always been over at the Matthews house when she was and eventually became friends. She had started gaining weight and she was worried about what Cory would think of her new body shape.

That had gotten you thinking about your own body and although you had never been self-conscious about you shape before, it was now all that was on your mind.

Your loving boyfriend Eric was now sitting across from you on the couch of the student union, and he was staring off as he usually did “Eric Baby” You hum, his attention snapping to you immediately “What’s up buttercup?” he asks in his usual happy tone, chomping happily on his pizza slice.

“Do you think I’m fat?” you ask, and he nearly drops his pizza at the thought “You’re not fat, you’re hot” He says, and you smile a bit at his compliment. “I’m serious, look at me” You suggest, giving him a sideways look, stepping back a bit “I’m lookin’ and all I see is hottie, hot hot hot” He assures, putting down his pizza to come to your side.

“You’re my girlfriend Y/N, who cares what size you are” he smirks, nuzzling his face into your neck sweetly “I care, and you should too” you pout, shoving your lovable goofball of a boyfriend away from you. “I have chemistry” you wave, heading out of the Pennbrooke student union hurriedly before he could stop you.

“Jack” Eric yells, hurriedly searching the entire student union for his friend “Jack!” He yell again, nearly running into the man he was searching for “What is it Eric?” he asks his accent emphasizing his friends name “Y/N, I think she’s mad at me and I don’t know why” he spills and while Jack wants nothing more than to roll his eyes, he holds back the overwhelming desire for his friends sake “Well what did she say?” he asks, setting down his appointment book to give the blonde his full attention.

“She asked me if she was fat” Eric says, taking the can of whipped cream from the coffee kiosk before spraying it into his mouth. “Well what did you say?” Jack counters and Eric tells him. Once the boys had been through the whole story, Jack had told Eric exactly what to do, now it was up to the latter to pull it off.

“Y/N, can you come in her please?” Eric calls and you yell back in reply, hurrying into the room of the boys apartment in which Eric was. The sight you saw shocked you intensely, your boyfriend was standing in heels and a red dress, his makeup was done and he was all decked out with a wig. Shawn sat on his knees behind him, fixing the pin of the back and Jack was in the kitchen, eating some soup. The oldest Hunter sent you an apologetic look and shrugged as if he didn’t know what was going on and didn’t want to take responsibility. “What are you doing?” you ask, through a giggle which you unsuccessfully tried to mask in a cough.

“I wanted to show you how pretty you are” Eric smiles, as if that was obvious “And the dress is for?” You ask and he laughs a bit, wobbling in his heels as he made his way over to you.

“This is yours, I wanted to show you I could wear it” he levels and while you didn’t understand and you weren’t sure how his mind worked, you were glad Eric’s heart was so big. It was the exact reason you fell for him and to be honest, his calves looked killer in that skirt.

anonymous asked:

COULD THE FANDOM MAKE RAJ FAT IN AESTHETICS?! Are you kidding me? IT'S LIKE YOU KNEW EXACTLY WHAT MY NUMBER ONE PET PEEVE IS! hahaha. Seriously, it frustrates me that people usually go for a typically good looking face claim/aesthetic for characters, as if only skinny, perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect hair = attractive.

anon you and i are on the same wavelength and i loVE IT

like i know lots of people want to make it look aesthetically pleasing so they use professional shots of models and unfortunately there aren’t many plus sized models but still. in endless summer, these are literally 11 college kids, not all of them are going to be skinny and beautiful or whatever. its ok to be average looking it’s ok to have messy hair and a big stomach and crooked teeth!

#anonymous #mobile #answered #taglater

Whose Girl Are You? Drabble

Warnings: nods at Dom!Bucky/Sub!reader, sexual references, self doubt, self body shaming

You were standing in front of the mirror, looking at yourself. You thought you would surprise your boyfriend when he came home from training but were rethinking the idea. You had tried all of the lingerie you owned on and none of it fit right anymore. You could see bumps and lumps everywhere and you almost wanted to cry. You knew what had caused the weight gain. You had recently taken up baking and there were constantly cupcakes, cookies, and/or brownies in the kitchen in your shared apartment. You had made brownies earlier and thought if you wanted to get your figure back you should slack off on the baking…or at least make Bucky take more of the treats with him to the compound to get rid of.

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Jungkook x reader When you are self-conscious of your body

Summary: You always wear loose clothes because you are insecure.

Genre: Fluff

You always love to wear loose clothing, it hides your stomach and chubby arms. All of your clothes were loose fitting clothes, you just feel more comfortable in them. More confident because you knew your chubby body was well hidden under the clothes.

You went shopping with your friends. They were shopping for tight fitting clothes that would accentuate their curves and body. While you were trying to find clothes that were loose and hide your body. Shopping with your friends was a torture. They all had a killer body and you were the potato next to them, you felt small next to them.

Your friends decided to call it a day. You all had bags and bags of clothes. Your friends always ask you why you just wear loose clothes, and there was no exemption today.

“Why do you just wear loose clothes? It makes you shorter and chubbier.” Noel said. “You should try on some more tight fitting clothes. It would look stunning on you.” 

Your confidence dropped to the ground. Noel was a beautiful girl with perfect proportions. All of the boys love her body. She had the perfect body, of course she could say that. You didn’t feel better as this suggestion was given by her. You were nothing but a potato next to her. It just didn’t feel good.

“I just like it.” You said. Your boyfriend was going to pick you up so you were looking around for him.

You suddenly felt someone tapped your shoulder. 

“You ready?” Jungkook’s warm voice rang through your ears.

You turned around. “Yeah, let’s go.”

You bade goodbye to your friends before you leave.

Jungkook never realize you were always wearing loose clothes. But to think about it, you never show a lot of flesh or wear tight fitting clothes. He wouldn’t know if he didn’t eavesdrop your conversation. 

“Why do you always wear loose clothes?” Jungkook asked you.

You were sure he eavesdropped your conversation. You didn’t want him to know. This was not something you would like to share with anyone. It was a personal problem. It was embarrassing. But you couldn’t lie to him. You would feel guilty later and you would definitely regret it. 

“It’s stupid.” You didn’t exactly lied to him, you just didn’t told him the truth.

“I want to know how stupid you are.” 

He would know the truth sooner or later so you decided to tell him. Maybe, just maybe, he could help you.

“I’m fat. And loose clothes can hide all my imperfections.” You told him seriously.

His usual cheekiness was not present. His seriousness took over.

“You should love your body. You are not fat, you are curvy, all in the right places. You look gorgeous.”

You thought of that a little while. And doubt were written all over your face.

“You should be more confident and more comfortable of your own body. Why don’t we go buy some couple t-shirts that are just a tad bit tighter. You must wear it with me.”

You laughed at his idea. “Where are we going to buy it?”

“In the mall.” He thought for a while. “Why not the store right there?” He pointed.

“Sure.” You smiled.

“But you need to promise me you are going to wear it with me.” He held out his pinky.

You pinky swore. “I promise.”

“And you’ll try to love your body more.”

You nodded.

“Let’s go and try on some clothes.”

You would definitely try on more tight fitting clothes in the future. And try to love yourself more.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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Spideychelle Headcanon: In Which MJ Gets Real Extra Real Quick on Valentine’s Day, p.1

Here Is Part Two!

Here Is Part Three!

  • “Hey MJ!” Peter waves after noticing her familiar big, beautiful hair from afar. He excitedly gets ready to pull out the Valentine he made her when she comes over pretty quick
  • And she looks at him in some sort of shock, and Peter is confused for a second before she says it
  • “Hello, handsome.”
  • What
  • Did the girl of his dreams just call him handsome
  • What
  • “MJ?” And he’s noticing this light in MJ’s eyes
  • And she’s smiling at him like extremely radiantly but also… seductively?!
  • She came in close and put her hands on his shoulders and pretended to dust them off, giving his muscles a squeeze which made him squeak
  • “You are looking just plain irresistible today, tiger,” she purred
  • “Tiger.” Peter repeated with a gulp
  • Is she high?
  • The first bell rang, and the masses began herding inside the school for their first class. MJ put one hand on Peter’s face, silkily guiding it across it and making Peter’s face burn until she removed it and took his hand, and led him inside the building giggling
  • I repeat: giggling
  • Peter is shook AF
  • He doesn’t even realize she just led him to their first class and sat him down in a chair… until she climbs into his lap and wraps her long arms around him
  • She keeps making these heart eyes at him and it’s thrilling him but scaring him
  • Eventually MJ is forced to move to the only other empty seat across the room, but she blows a kiss at Peter before leaving
  • And during class Peter’s hit with a crumpled ball of paper. He unfolds it to find “PP + MJ” doodled on it in gorgeous handwriting with countless big fat pink hearts splattered all over the page
  • He looks up and over at her, and she’s holding up her sketchbook she usually sketches people in crisis on
  • Only she’s displaying a page on which she’s written “I ❤️You” and a quick sketch of the two of them holding hands and even though it was a quick draw it’s remarkably good. When they make eye contact, she makes a pouting face and then puckers her lips
  • Oh my gloooooob
  • Peter is overwhelmed
  • Why is she doing this to him
  • Like he’s wanted this but he’s still freaked out?!
  • Class ends and she immediately grabs his arm and hooks onto it with hers
  • “Did you have a good time, baby?”
  • Baby. She’s calling him “baby”
  • “I did!” Peter stutters
  • “You’re so cute when you’re nervous, Peter!”
  • They don’t have the next class together so they have to split up until lunch and she brings him in for a deep, warm squeezing hug
  • “See you at lunch, MJ?” Peter nervously asks
  • MJ bites her lip as she gives him a once over (and he wants to scream) “Yep. I’m hungry for something sweet.”
  • Ohhhh man
  • Once in class he’s immediately consulting Ned
  • “Since when is MJ this aggressive?” Ned asks in bewilderment
  • “Well there was that time she nearly destroyed Flash’s science project”, Peter grumbles
  • “Aggressive in hitting on you, dude,” Ned laughs
  • “I don’t get it! I mean you said she likes me, but why on Valentine’s Day is she suddenly THIS into me?!”
  • “I guess love is in the air, bro!” Ned sneers “MJ gonna get you, man.”
  • Peter sighs. “I almost hope not at this point.”
  • “No dude-” Ned points to the classroom door “-she’s literally gonna get you”
  • And Peter turns to the door and sees what do you know, MJ smiling brilliantly at him holding her sketchbook on which he can just make out the words “I’m gonna get you at lunch my little man”
  • To be continued

angelsmin  asked:

I'm sorry but I need nore father!gd, him worshipping his wife, inspired in "I thought I was fat, look at me now" pretty please?

➸ word count: 1.1k

➸ fluff,,,plus failed attempts at humor maybe and a tiny bit nsfw lOL

➸ a/n: this was so fun to write, im also v soft for father jiyong tbh,,,he’s gonna be a great dad one day. 😭 i hope thisis to your liking lovely thanks so much for the request!

“Babeeeee” ________ wails in distress. 

Jiyong rushes into their bedroom and looks around frantically, “w-what’s–is everything okay?” he’s not quite sure why he’s so out of breath but his chest heaves rapidly. 

“No, everything is wrong! My favorite jeans don’t fit, the brand new dress you bought me just two weeks ago doesn’t either. My bras all feel tighter than usual, and my blouses no longer close how they’re supposed to. I–I’m, oh god Ji, I’m getting fat!” ________ cries out slumping on the floor of their bedroom closet. 

“I–what? That’s all?” Jiyong quizzes. 

________ scoffs incredulously, “that’s all?” she screeches in outrage. 

“Jagi will you please stop yelling, you’ll scare the baby” Jiyong tells her softly while crouching down in front of her. He takes her downcast face in his hands and makes her look at him, “what did you expect? You’re pregnant, of course you’re going to gain some weight and your clothes are going to stop fitting you. You’re eating for two these days, plus, you can’t expect your body to stay the same while growing a human inside of you silly” Jiyong kisses her forehead and sighs. 

“I’m sorry, it’s really not a big deal. I don’t know why I freaked out so bad, my emotions are all over the place” ________ admits. 

Jiyong chuckles lightly, “don’t worry baby. I understand. Come on, let’s find you something to wear before we’re late to dinner with the boys”

Jiyong figured that he’d seen the last of ________’s weight gain meltdowns, given the fact that she was now four months along and she hadn’t had once since well–the very first and last one. 

He was kind of glad honestly, ________ had never been one to worry about her weight or appearance. She was quite happy with herself and her body even if she didn’t really fit the beauty standards of most people (according to her that is). She wasn’t one to dwell on these things, if she gained weight, she was fine and worked with what she had flaunting it like it was nobody’s business. If she lost weight, then so be it, she still looked and felt amazing no matter how much weight she gained or lost. 

It also helped that Jiyong had found her to be the most gorgeous, most beautiful woman on the face of the earth from the very moment he laid eyes on her, and had made sure to let her know ever since. 

(As if she didn’t know this already–but like previously stated, it really did help boost her ego.)

Boy was Jiyong wrong though. 

On a particular strenuous work day, Jiyong decided to call it quits on dance practice. 

The boys heads weren’t in the right place–Youngbae had relationship troubles, Seungri was thinking of god knows what–as for the other two, they were simply just not in the mood to follow orders. 

Mind you, it’d also been a month since Jiyong had gotten laid, so he too was slightly frustrated and frankly quite done for the day. 

He dismissed the boys and decided to head home. Maybe with some luck, ________ was still awake and they could have a nice chat and a nice cuddle before bed. She hardly let him get near her these days, it was driving him up the wall. It didn’t help that with each passing day, she looked even more beautiful, a glowing goddess–his queen. 

Upon entering their house, Jiyong was greeted by small sniffles. He panicked momentarily, hastily making his way towards the living area where he was sure ________ was. 

“Jagi, baby, what’s wrong my love?” Jiyong asked worriedly placing his hands on her knees as he raked her eyes over her for any signs of her being in pain. Her legs  were crossed underneath her and she had a pint of chunky monkey tucked between them, a spoon stuck in her mouth as a set of tears spilled from her eyes. 

“I thought I was fat before, look at me now!” ________ wailed the spoon falling out of her mouth and onto the open pint of ice cream. “I look like a beach ball Ji, and I’m worried you won’t love me anymore” the tears don’t cease and Jiyong could literally laugh. What?

“Jagi, please don’t cry. You’re breaking my heart” Jiyong sighs wiping the tears from her eyes. “What do you mean I won’t love you anymore? Are you crazy? I could never stop loving you! If anything, I feel like every day I love you even more!” he exclaims softly caressing her skin and looking her in the eyes. 

“I’m sorry–I just, I’m feeling so much. And I miss you constantly, and I–I miss your touches, you don’t touch me anymore” ________ hiccups. 

“I–well, it’s not like you even let me get near you much” Jiyong huffs and as if on cue ________ releases another sob. 

“I know! It’s because I’m all fat and unattractive!” she cries burying her  face in her hands. 

“You won’t let me touch you because you think you’re fat and unattractive? Babe, what the hell” Jiyong groans pressing his forehead against her swollen belly. 

He grabs the pint of ice cream, places it on the coffee table and pulls her legs out from under her to make space for him to tuck himself between them. 

He pries her hands from her face, and pleads at her to look at him. She sniffles and looks up at him. 

Splaying his hands on her thighs, he sighs leaning forward and kisses her lips softly. 

“Baby, you have no idea how gorgeous and irresistible you’ve gotten” Jiyong whispers against her lips caressing her nose with his own. ________ releases a shuddering breath and her eyes flutter open. Jiyong stares at her through his lashes, gaze dark and full of lust with traces of his adoration for her shining through. He’s looking at her like she’s a full course meal and he’s a starving man. 

He kneads the skin of her thighs, kissing along her jaw and down her neck oh so softly, his hands going to her hips. He kisses down her chest, sucking a small bruise and carries on kissing her stomach through the silk fabric of her night gown. He makes his way up again, still kissing her all over. 

“God, you’re so gorgeous like this–so, god so beautiful. Carrying my child, look at these beautiful thick thighs, and your breasts–god, your breasts. Baby, you really have no fucking idea–I just want to” Jiyong groans into the crook of her neck his grip on her thighs tightening slightly.  

________ moans Jiyong’s name and it has him surging up to capture her lips in a bruising and desperate kiss. 

“Jagi, won’t you please? Please let me show you how much I love you. Let me show you how truly beautiful you are, how much I really, really want you” Jiyong pleads, eyes shut tight, hands coming up to caress her cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. 

_________ barely nods before Jiyong is kissing her like his life depends on it. 

He’d be damned if he let’s his beautiful and absolutely gorgeous wife go another night thinking she’s anything but beautiful and the center of his world. 

I Want To Eat - Tony Perry & PTV.

Can I request one where y/n is Vic and Mike’s sister and she and Tony dont get along well and theyre alone and he finds her weighing herself and shes majorly underweight and shes covered in scars and she just wants to be skinny because she wants Tony to like her and he comforts her and tells everyone and she gets help and just fluffy fluff

Hope you like it c: Scars/discussion of self harm/weight triggers. 3,660 words - Written by Emma.

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