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they’re dating and nobody can tell me otherwise

I almost didn’t post this selfie because my face looked “too round” and my cheeks “were too big”. So I was about to feel sad and leave it and then thought… What the fuck am I on about?
My skin looks great for the first time in months. Not a single piece of makeup has touched it in over a month. No coffee, no sugar. Just water and fruit juices. I’m wearing my hair naturally for the first time in over a year.
Nothing in this photo is posed and calculated. I just woke up, looked outside and it was beautifully sunny. Came inside and looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. I looked in the mirror and smiled. Do you know when was the last time that happened? I can’t remember even if I try really hard. I wanted to capture that moment and for a split second I almost let my old habits take control again.
Not anymore. Here I am. Natural hair, freckles, scars, puffy eyes and messy eyebrows. Perfectly imperfect. And I wouldn’t change a thing.
It’s hard to start the journey of falling in love with yourself. But once you do it’s the greatest love story of your life ❤

Drama Queen

A Reggie x reader fic with lots of drama but also kinda Archie x reader? As in, reader likes Archie and Reggie likes her. 

“Listen to me, I didn’t intend it to happen, I-“
“I don’t want to hear it”
“Please, I didn’t know!”
“Yeah.. sure!” 
It was nearly two in the morning and after much incessant banging and phone ringing, I had finally given in and answered the door. Veronica looked like she’d been crying and even beneath all the smudged eyeliner she was incredibly beautiful. This, of course, made me even angrier. 
“Y/N, listen to me! I didn’t know you liked Archie.. You never told me!”
“Never told you?” I spluttered. Anger was boiling inside me and I was surprised steam wasn’t coming out of my ears. “You knew, Veronica!”
“I didn’t!” Her eyes welled up with angry tears. “You never said anything… I thought we were friends! Why wouldn’t you tell me?”
“Don’t you dare try to turn this on me!” I said, shouting now. The neighbour’s dog began to howl. Soon the whole street would be awake. 
“I’m not! But you can’t seriously blame me! How was I supposed to know that you liked Archie? And even if you did, you don’t own him, Y/N.” 
That felt like a slap across the face. I knew I didn’t own Archie. I’d just always thought we would end up together… eventually. We had always been friends, since we were little. Both Betty and I had worshiped Archie all through high school. But then Betty found Jughead and I was sure Archie would turn to me.
“You know what, Ronnie? If it weren’t for you, none of this would have happened. But you came waltzing into our lives and fucked everything up. I wish you’d never set a foot in Riverdale.” The words came out before I had time to think. But in that moment, I meant them.
Veronica’s face burned red in the dim streetlight. Something shifted in her expression and I sensed danger. “I can’t believe I came here to apologise and ask you to give me another chance. You’ll have to grovel if you even want to speak to me again.” She turned away from me, her coat whirling in the light breeze. She walked down to the street and then turned round. “And as if you could ever have Archie.” And she walked into the night.


My alarm buzzed unrelentingly against by bed side table but I couldn’t face turning it off. If I turned it off it meant I had to get up. And if I got up it meant I had to go to school – and that was something I couldn’t face.
“Y/N” My mum called through the door “Get up now! You have to be at school in twenty minutes.”
I rolled onto my side and looked out the window. It was raining. Maybe I could feign a cold or something? But that would never convince my mother who always said ‘Education is the most important thing’.
The alarm buzzed again and I slammed my hand on it, deafening the sound. I got up and dressed slowly, tying my hair into a French braid and painstakingly tying my shoe laces as slowly as possible.
“Y/N, now!”
I slung my backpack over my shoulder and slouched down the stairs.
“Finally. Shall I drive you to school on my way to work?” My mother asked appearing at the bottom of the stairs.
“No, I’ll walk.”
“You’ll get soaked!” She complained but I was already out the door. I pulled my hood up and began the usual road to the institution of torture.
The uninviting building was in sight when I heard a familiar voice calling my name. My stomach tightened as I turned round to see the red-haired boy jogging to catch up with me.
“Hey Arch” I mumbled keeping my eyes trained on the wet pavement.
“I talked to Veronica” he said cutting to the chase instantly. I managed a nondescript mumble in answer. “Y/N, why were you so horrible to her?”
My head shot up and I found myself gazing into his dark eyes. “And what about me, Arch? Don’t you care about how she treated me?”
Archie rolled his eyes in exasperation. “You must know you’re the one that’s in the wrong here, Y/N.”
“I thought I was your friend, Archie! I’ve known you since we were five. How long have you known her for?”
“Don’t be such a drama queen!”
I chuckled humourlessly and continued down the road. Archie grabbed my arm and turned me round to face him. “Look, I’m sorry if your feelings were hurt, Y/N, but Ronnie is my girlfriend now and I just want us all to get on.”
“Oh please, Archie. Don’t act all holier than thou, you knew damn fine how I felt about you.” I scoffed and pulling my arm out of his grasp I practically ran to school.
Once inside I felt eyes on me and wondered how many people Veronica had told already. I tried to ignore them all, walking with my head high towards my locker. Once there I opened it and tried to conceal my face as hot tears spilled down my icy cheeks. How could they do this to me?
“Well, well, well. Y/N you look very wet this morning.” I slammed my locker, insult ready at the tip of my tongue. Reggie stood in front of my locker, teardrops glistening in his dark hair. I opened my mouth to burn him into oblivion when an idea hit me, just like a comic book character with a lightbulb over their head.
“Oh Reg, I’ve never been wetter” I said with a sly smile. Reggie looked taken-aback at my new approach.
“I’m sure we could change that” Reggie said, casually leaning on the locker next to mine.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Mantle.”
“Meet me at Pop’s tonight and I’ll make sure I keep that promise.”
“Done. I’ll see you at nine” I said, grabbing my books and giving him a flirtatious wink as I headed for English. A mop of red hair caught my eye as I strode past and I felt triumph. It was a small comfort but if Archie and Veronica heard about this then they’d know I wasn’t going to just lie down and take their shit.


I didn’t bother getting too dressed up. After all, this is Reggie Mantle we’re talking about – he’ll flirt with anything. I slipped my earrings on and took one last look in the mirror. A dress, not too fancy but still cute and boots that would survive the rain. I grabbed my jacket and headed downstairs.
“I’m going out!” I called over my shoulder and rushed out the door to avoid the ‘But it’s a school night’ lecture.
Reggie was already sitting at a booth in Pop’s when I arrived. The fluorescent lighting gave his hair a pink tinge. He was inevitably wearing his football jacket. I rolled my eyes at the predictability and plastered a flirty smile on my face as I slid into the booth opposite him.
“Hello gorgeous!” he said smiling from ear to ear.
“Hi Reggie.”
“I have to say, I’m a little surprised you came. I guess I always thought you hated me. Although now I see that was just a way to cover up that you’re madly in love with me.” He slung an arm around the back of the booth and flashed me a model smile.
I couldn’t help but laughing. “Sure, keep dreaming, Mantle.”
The waitress took our order and I sipped my milkshake looking absent-mindedly out the window. “Something on your mind?” Reggie asked leaning towards me.
“Not really.” I muttered, stirring my milkshake with my straw.
“What was up at lunch? You weren’t sitting with your bag of weirdos.” I feigned indifference and drank some more milkshake. I was not about to spill out all my feelings to Reggie Mantle.
“So what happened?” he pressed.
“Nothing, just fell out with Veronica.”
“Why? Did you have a contest on who’s hotter and you won?”
I laughed again. “Hardly. I think we both know who would win that.” I couldn’t keep the bitterness out of my voice.
“Do we?” Reggie’s hand found mine and he interlocked our fingers.
I looked up at him. “You’re really beautiful, Y/N”
I shrugged off my embarrassment and pulled my hand from his. “What would your team mates think if they heard this?”
“They’d never believe it.”
“How do you know I don’t have my phone recording this whole thing?” I joked.
He feigned horror. “You’d ruin the reputation I’ve worked so hard to build.”
“Then you’d better make this night enjoyable, Mantle.”


“Can I walk you home?” Reggie asked, hands deep in his pockets and hopping from foot to foot to keep warm.
“Don’t you live on the other side of here?” I asked, peering at him from beneath my hood.
“Yeah but I like walking in the rain. There’s something relaxing about it.”
I nodded and we began walking towards my house. “So, will you tell me something about yourself, Y/N?” he asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, we’ve spent more time together tonight than we have in all these years I’ve known you and still I feel like I know nothing about you.”
I shrugged. “Not much to know. I guess I’ve mostly defined myself through my friends in the past and now…” I trailed off. When I said friends I really meant Archie.
“Yeah you and Andrews are always together, aren’t you?” I nodded. “Anything going on there?” Reggie asked with a small smile.
“Definitely not. He’s dating Veronica.” A small shadow of recognition seemed to cross Reggie’s face but he was soon smiling again.
We made our way up my street and the rain had abated slightly. Reggie reached out and grabbed my hand. I was surprised but found the warmth emanating from him surprisingly comforting. We reached my door and I turned round to face him.
“Well, this is me.” I felt distinctly awkward. Was he expecting to kiss me?
“I had a great time” He said, standing very close to me. He brushed a strand of hair that had come loose from my braid out of my face.
“Me too”
“Y/N?” He asked, dangerously close now.
“Can I kiss you?”
“Only if you promise I won’t end up in that stupid playbook” I muttered.
He grimaced and shook his head. “I wouldn’t do that to you.” And then he kissed me.


The moment I walked into school the next day I bumped straight into Veronica. “Woops, sorry” I said before realising who it was. You could have cut the tension with a knife.
“Ready to apologise?” Veronica asked bluntly. What was it with her and Archie?
“Don’t beat around the bush do you?”
“Well?” I didn’t answer. Veronica rolled her eyes and pushed past me, her elbow digging into my arm. I winced slightly at the pain.
“Hey, beautiful!” Reggie was walking towards me, a huge grin on his face.
“Hi Reg” I mumbled, massaging my arm lightly.
“Are you free again tonight?”
“Oh, Reggie, I don’t know, I-“ but Veronica was standing watching me and I changed tactic. “Yup, 9 suit again?”
“Sure thing, babe” Reggie said and walked off.
“Y/N?” I turned round to see Betty. “What was that about? Are you dating Reggie?”
Dear, sweet Betty. She would never take sides in this argument but though I’d known her longer that didn’t stop her from sitting with Veronica and Archie at lunch the day before.
“Oh yes, didn’t you know?” I said with a fake giggle. “I’m seeing him tonight.”


I should’ve known, really. Should’ve known that Veronica wouldn’t have let things stay as they were. I was sitting in the same booth as the day before, laughing at one of Reggie’s terrible jokes when the door to Pop’s opened and in walked the two people I wanted to see least.
Veronica’s heels echoed on the floor as she walked right towards us. “Y/N, Reggie” she said with an icy smile. “Funny seeing you here” Archie hovered in the background, awkwardly running his hands through his hair. My stomach churned at the sight of him.
“Veronica, Andrews” Reggie nodded. “Wanna join us?”
“Oh that’s okay. We wouldn’t want to disturb, would we babe?” she slipped her hand in Archie’s and he grinned involuntarily. The sight was enough to make me cry.
“You know,” she continued “it’s so nice you two have found each other and that Archiekins and I have found one another. Did you know Y/N had a huuuuge crush on Archie?” She smiled sweetly at Reggie and my heart dropped.
“Oh really?” Reggie said, arching an eyebrow and looking at me.
“Oh yeah, massive! In fact until really recently. Funny you got over it so fast, Y/N. But I guess Reggie has that effect on people”
“Ronnie, let’s just go” Archie said avoiding my gaze.
“Really, Archie? You can’t even talk to me?” I fumed. I didn’t know where the anger was coming from but it was making me insane in that moment. “After all of those years of friendship you just give up and hide behind Veronica? I understand this from her, but from you? I love you!”
Archie hung his head. “I think we’ll go grab a booth.” Veronica said with a triumphant smile. I watched her go my heart aching. I thought I’d found a true friend in her.
I tapped my straw against my glass furiously. Then I looked up to see Reggie staring at me.
“Is this all true? You’re in love with Archie?”
“I-I don’t know about in love… I-“
But Reggie cut across me. “And what, you were trying to use me to make him jealous? I think it’s pretty clear it isn’t working.”
“Reggie, I-“
“I don’t like being used, Y/N. I don’t see why you had to involve me in your stupid drama.” He stood up.
“Reggie don’t. It’s not like that-“
“Save it. I don’t want to hear your stupid excuses. You’re so fucking immature.”
And with that he walked away from me.
I was left alone in the booth. Alone to watch Reggie’s retreating figure through the window.

A/N: Hey guys, thanks so much for reading. I realise this is ridiculously long but I like lots of build up as I’m sure you can tell. Let me know if you enjoyed this and feel free to request anything you’d like. xoxo


hair update - is blue now because I decided I didn’t like the green

also have I mentioned how much I hate my stupid round face aljhfkajfhakjfdh

My exams so done done! I can sleep and draw Mob again! I’m oh so happy! 

Feeling Christmas already!! So happy! Merry advance Christmas guys! ( ゚▽゚)/

@forones93 - This s your request! I hope you like it! I haven’t drawn in almost 2 weeks so I’m a bit rusty.

anonymous asked:

Ways to look masculine with a round face? My jawline is rarely visible

Hey there,

I have a fairly round face, so I know how you feel. There’s a lot you can do, depending on exactly how you want to go about “masculinizing” your face.

First, consider a hair cut if that’s a possibility for you. The classic “couple inches on the top, shaved on the sides” haircut works really well for round faces because it will elongate the face, making it appear less round.

I also do very *subtle* makeup for my face. Like super subtle. But it works. What I do is I use dark brown eye shadow that I’ve had forever and thicken my eyebrows. I don’t shape them or anything, I just make them look darker. Again, subtlety is key. I also take the very smallest amount and add the same shade to my mustache area and my chin, and I basically make it look like 5 o'clock shadow. I don’t do this all over my face because that gives me way more of a chance for it to not look real.

The masculine make up takes practice. Don’t do it for the first time right before an important event– practice when you can! Hair is also a big thing.

And if you wear glasses, I would suggest rectangular glasses.

But also, don’t be hard on yourself do your face shape. Round faces are awesome! And I bet you are too :)

- Jesse

*** Pro-Tip for photos: Lower your jaw every so slightly but keep your lips closed and it’ll also elongate your face. That’s how I take pictures and they look much more masculine. Have fun and be safe!