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Love Me Honestly (Part 1)

Summary: After the events of For Your Convenience, you and Bucky officially start your life together as a couple (Modern AU). 

Word Count: 764

A/N: After I completely overclouded one of my Bucky/Reader series in angst, I feel like I need to write some fluff. Also, I really missed writing Awkward Turtle and Grumpy Cat and had the desire to write some of their little interactions together as a couple. Hope you enjoy it!

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“Stop looking at me like that, weirdo,” you commented teasingly, hindering the smile on your face. 

Bucky chuckled, lacing his fingers with yours as the both of you waited for the film to start. "I can’t. I’m a sucker for art, and you are a masterpiece,“ he grinned, and you burst out laughing, covering your mouth to muffle the sound. "What’s so funny?” he questioned seriously, arching a brow at you. “It’s true.”

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Kuroshitsuji Pokémon AU ft. Rich boy Ciel Phantomhive

Master List of ML Crack Posts: #1

 As some of you may know, my memory sucks.  This list is as much for you guys as it is for me ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

I’ll be updating this thing periodically.  I’m putting the links under a “read more” so the updates will show up in case someone wants to reblog this.  I love it when something is reblogged (especially when I can read the funny tags), but y’all are random af.  You give me a good laugh on my rough days and I love each and every one of you ^ω^

Have fun down the ML rabbit hole of crazy (after the cut)!:

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A crack comic I did in which Seto Kaiba is in fact channeling Grumpy Cat and it’s rather hilarious to me. Also may I direct your attention to the last panel and Atem’s pouty face, it’s my absolute favorite XDD Atem is real tired of your shit, Kaiba. This is in no way Rivalshipping, this is me drawing all the things I like in one short ridiculous silly stupid comic lolol

ATEM WITH PONYTAIL*cough* Yes..well..ahem. Here, have a thing :DD

anonymous asked:

Tell us more about dex's soccer playing bf

[rubs hands together] oh boy my time has come. (also SORRY THIS RESPONSE HAS BEEN SITTING IN MY DRAFTS FOR DAYS I FORGOT ABOUT IT)

  • to start off, marcus is a forward for the samwell men’s soccer team, hes black, identifies as queer, and is just over 5′10″
    • this is about average for a soccer player but he’s four inches shorter than dex and its the worstTM
  • so the way this headcanon came about, is that it is CanonTM that the soccer team is the Gayest Team on Campus (much to Holster’s regret, he wants the title so bad but it ain’t gonna happen those soccer boys love each other too much) so like, ofc if youre a guy who wants to date a hot queer athlete the soccer team is the place to look
    • which, honestly, have you seen some of the shit that happens in mens soccer esp in the european leagues like, just google image search “soccer kiss” and the amount of different pics of people kissing on the field like……. those boys need boundaries
    • basically if dex was gonna get a boyf outside of the team it was statistically v likely to be a soccer player
  • ofc dex wasnt exactly looking for a boyf he just was real fucking tired of fourth wheeling to the mess that is nursey/chowder/farmer, and so was very determinedly avoiding their little lovefest at annie’s and came across a couple of the men’s soccer team playing a game of two touch soccer, which is where he saw marcus for the first time
    • it wouldve been romantic if marcus didn’t immediately kick the ball at his face
    • honestly tho, dex couldnt even be mad if he had wanted to because one look at those brown eyes as he apologized and dex’s dumb gay heart is a mess he cant take it
  • i would say they hit it off immediately but dex is Awkward and Gay and there’s a lot of blushing and him running off to angrily sulk that he can’t hold a conversation with this man
  • eventually, once nursey has stopped laughing at his misfortune and chowder feels bad enough about it, they end up stepping in 
    • they don’t actually really help much they just end up sort of embarrassing dex in front of marcus, but in the end marcus takes pity on him and finally makes the first move 
    • he wouldve done it earlier but he honestly found dex’s whole predicament to be cute and hilarious
  • honestly a lot of their time is spent bitching about their team mates, every time dex enters marcus’s dorm like “you won’t believe what happened today” marcus knocks half his shit off the bed in order to make room for dex so he can hear the drama
    • listen soccer boys arent good for nothing if not the drama my family is full of them okay
    • theres also a lot of it once dex starts rooming with nursey considering that even tho chowder has his own goddamn room he ends up in nursey’s bed half the time it’s a problem
  • marcus is also a snapchat fiend it is literally the only way dex can get ahold of him some days, you’d think he would answer a text but nope snapchat is the thing he’s most likely to answer to
    • they basically have entire conversations with just the two of them making faces at each other with text overlaying to make their actual point
    • the amount of selfies that dex takes and participates in increases exponentially which he is less than pleased about the old grumpy cat 
      • (good thing marcus loves cats cuz now he has two, Dex and Lionel Meowsi)

cathy-press  asked:

Hi! Could I have Cat Lover Dean and Tattooed/Pierced Castiel please?


Dean’s next door neighbor is going to fucking kill him. He thinks. They don’t tend to mix much, even though their apartment doors are side-by-side in the quaint, renovated Victorian house. 

Dean’s been looking for his cat, Lucifer, since the night before. The bastard had door dashed when Dean returned from work, and never showed up despite him shaking bags of treats and making dumbass kissy noises all over the neighborhood.

Lucifer’s back, and he’s having a staring contest with Castiel Milton. God’s gift to Dean’s monochrome life. Castiel is just… everything Dean covets, really. Dark hair tinged with electric blue, thick black glasses, nose ring, fully pierced left ear, and an explosion of color up his entire right arm. Dean’s never seen the tattoo completely, but it looks like angels bathed in cool tones fighting demons in warm tones in splashes of watercolor.

He’s also smoking a Marlboro Light, the white filter of the cigarette casually hanging out of his mouth; stuck to his pale lips in a way that makes Dean want to kiss the life out of him.

He cringes when Castiel, face pinched in his usual grumpy-murderous look, reaches towards the cat. Please don’t hurt my cat, he prays.

To his utter shock, Castiel strokes the top of the Scottish fold’s head so incredibly gently with his knuckles, then he follows the movement forward, stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray on the porch railing, and kisses the cat right between his eyes.

Dean’s whole body stutters as he approaches the porch stairs. He doesn’t think Castiel has seen him yet. But he has.

Without removing his pale blue gaze from the cat, Castiel says in a gravel-rough voice Dean’s sure he’s never heard before because he doesn’t remember feeling these butterflies before, “why would you name a cat Lucifer?”

“Because cats are devils,” Dean answers easily, really about to swallow his tongue. “Awesome little devils.”

Castiel’s gaze shifts up and it freezes Dean in place, even though his body is on fire. “Dean Winchester, apartment two. I’m Cas Milton, apartment one.”

“Yeah… I know. Don’t think we’ve ever spoken before. Sorry about that.” Not for the lack of trying, his brain stage whispers. Castiel just seems so… above. Scary, too. He’s intense. And Dean gets the impression that Castiel has found something lacking in Dean by the way his gaze sharpens. 

He can barely look at Castiel. It’s like staring into the sun. He’d always thought it was a stupid cliche, until it wasn’t anymore.

Therefore he’s struck dumb when Castiel says haltingly, “thank you.”

Dean looks up and is rooted by something his brain won’t process. Castiel is staring at Dean with a red face and wide, earnest blue eyes. “For?” Dean prompts hoarsely. What is HAPPENING?!

“Back… when…” he pauses, rubbing the back of his neck. Is he… embarrassed? No way. No fucking way. “When I first moved in,” he rushes on. “You brought me the…” he cups his hands. “The cupcakes. From the local bakery. Left them hanging on the door with the lovely welcome note. They were good. I never thanked you. I didn’t know how.”

Slowly, Dean steps up onto the porch, resting his hip against the railing. “How do you not know how to say thanks? Not that I’m accusing you, or nothing. I’m just surprised.”

Castiel shifts on his foot, arresting eyes falling to his combat boots. “I’m not a people person. I don’t easily relate to others. And you were…” he balls his fists and smacks them against his thighs. “You were irritatingly hot.”

Dean laughs, startled and happy. At least he knows Castiel doesn’t hate him. “I’m not anymore?” The wink is too irresistible to hold back.

If possible, Castiel’s face gets redder. His shoulders hunch. “That’s not what I meant,” he mumbles. “You still are.”

In his distraction, Dean’s almost lost track of Lucifer, who’s starting to get bored. He grabs the cat and drapes him over his shoulder before he can make a second mad escape. “I gotta get this bastard inside, but, like, hey, do you wanna come in? Hang out?”

Castiel blinks up at him looking pleased. “Yes, Dean, I would. I think we would get along if we… hung out. Thank you.”

Grinning, Dean nods over his shoulder. “Come on in.” He thrills at the sound of Castiel’s heavy boots clomping behind him. And if he gives Lucifer an extra chin scratch and treats for bringing about this incredible turn of events, no one needs to be the wiser.

RGF (Resting Grumpy Face) - it’s a thing, and I have it!

Hi guys, I’m Maddie at Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue​ in Plainville, Connecticut. Please don’t let my RGF fool you - I’m actually very sweet, loving and mellow! But I’m pretty sure my “condition” is why I’ve been passed over for TWO years. I hear some humans have a similar condition so maybe you can relate?

Anyway, I’m a half-glass full kinda gal and tend to like that most people don’t believe that I’m a 10 years old…  thanks to my lack of smile lines, perhaps? (Hehe!)

Bottom line, I’ve got a TON of love to give and would do well with humans and possibly another laid back cat or dog. And, although I’m not big on it myself, I promise I’ll make YOU smile. A lot. Seriously. Just look at my face.

Now go call 860-308-0899 or email

And hey, shares make me smile! JK.

Love ya,


For Your Convenience (Part 15)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 1,563

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

A/N: *screams internally*

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Entering the back office by the home registers, you spotted Bucky tinkering with the RFID scanner. His brows furrowed in concentration as he tapped his fingers on the display, a low growl fleeing his lips. Oblivious of your presence, Bucky muttered of slew of obscenities and restarted the device once more, rubbing his neck in frustration.

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cupofteaforthedyingpatient  asked:

No like we wanna see ur grumpy face, I want to see that sweet fashion sense going about ur daily life being mad at not having coffee and being happy about cats. Mix that with yugioh cats and I'll follow this blog till the end of time.

i joke a lot about being grumpy with a dire requirement for coffee but that’s literally just me in my natural habitat;


Being a girl really sucked sometimes.
Wasn’t it enough to be the gender that actually had to carry a baby for nine months and deliver it? No, you had to go through this cramps once every month too.

So when Jace brought you tea with a smirk on his face you looked suspicious.
“Are you laughing at my pain?”
“What?”, he gave back, laughing shortly. “I just made you tea and I’m trying to be nice to you. Don’t be such a grumpy cat.”
“You have no clue how that feels!”, you complained smoldering.
“Thankfully.”, Jace answered. “Can I do anything else for you?”
You shortly thought about it but there was only one thing coming to your mind.
“Cuddle me.”

Again he shortly laughed but then followed your wish.

requested by @softi92
hope you like it

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26 Challenge: Prompt by @polaris1401 -Bam finds a kitten he gets rather attached to…

(I’m caught up on my stories! PHEW!)

 “Scram you little hairball….Get the hell outta here….*various hissing noises*….I said….GET!”, the shop owner yelled at the tiny little kitten huddling behind his garbage can. Swatting his broom at the dirty little fluff ball, he managed to scare the kitten across the road. As the day wore on, the hungry baby managed to find a bit of bait left behind by a drunk fisherman. The mix of fish and chicken livers was a king’s meal compared to the usual garbage he ate.

 But all good things come to an end and the little kitten found his meal interrupted by a human. He was a large human, quite strong looking. And another human with him called him a “Gabe”. The kitten ran and hid in other bucket. No human could get him! But then he saw the other human. This one wasn’t as big as the “Gabe” and was called a “Bam”. And the two were taking his food! He puffed up, intending to go out and tell them to back off! This was his food now! But then the large dog appeared and proceeded to sniff out the kitten. The little fluff ball drew back his paw, claws out…..

 Gabe walked over to the tipped over buckets, intending to salvage any bait that could be found. Otherwise it would get eaten by scavengers and go to waste. Bam was right behind him. The two of them were chatting, paying just enough attention that they didn’t accidentally get any hooks in their fingers.

 Mr. Cupcake let out a yelp of pain and ran away from the bucket at top speed. Gabe chased after him.

Bam walked over to the bucket and looked in. There in at the very back was a tiny ball of fur. It was a pathetic little creature. Fur covered in dirt, scrawny and hissing up a storm. Bam smiled. It was a fighter, that was for sure. Reaching into the bucket the kitten hissed and swatted at his hand. But Bam just scruffed the back of it’s neck and pulled it out.

Even being held by a giant, the kitten hissed and growled. Bam laughed, tucked the thing inside his coat and collected the bait, then left.

By time he had gotten back to the Integrity, the kitten was purring. Gabe was already there, frowning over the little scratches on Cuppy’s nose.

 “Don’t worry. It wasn’t a fish hook. He made an enemy.”, Bam told the others as he pulled the kitten out of his pocket.

One rub down with a warm damp rag later, and the kitten was noisily chowing down on some deer liver and milk as the guys ate their dinner. When Bear when to push the saucer a bit closer to the kitten, he wound up with three tiny scratches for his efforts. Bam laughed again.

Later after everyone else had went to bed, Bam sat up petting his new friend.

What am i going to name you? Huh, fluffball?”, Bam asked the kitten, while scratching him behind the ears. He was a fighter so maybe “Rocky”? No that was too literal. Gabe had suggested “Mr. Fiestybutt”, but the others just groaned. After he scratched him, Bear had offered up “Major Asshole”. Matt joked that he should be called “Danger”, so that Bam could say “Respect the danger? HA! I OWN Danger!”.

The little kitten reached up and patted Bam’s face. Either way, this was definitely his cat now. He’d been chosen. And he liked this firey little guy. he was a mean little shit, and Bam already loved him. Firey, grumpy, guarding things he deemed precious? A light bulb went off in Bam’s head.

Heading to bed the kitten snuggled up on the pillow right next to Bam’s head, his little pink nose resting barely an inch from Bam’s ear.

 Arriving home two days later, everyone was surprised to see Bam cradling a little grey tabby-striped furball. When quizzed on it’s name he grinned.

Everybody meet my new kitten, Dragon.

MYG 01- My Spot

Yoongi Drabble

Genre: Fluff(?)

Word count:225

Originally posted by jeonbase

Yoongi hovered above you with an indignant look on his face. Pink lips puckered into an irritated pout, eyes narrowed and hair fluffy from just waking up. You amusedly stared back up at him contemplating whether Yoongi looked more like a whiny baby or a grumpy cat.

“What?” you finally ask.

“Move. That’s my spot,”

You scoff, “I got here first. Maybe next time you should get out of bed fast-”

Without letting you finish, Yoongi settled his little behind onto your lap, wiggling a little to make himself comfortable. He then leaned back, not caring for your protests or squirms to get free. You slapped his back a few times but he didn’t relent.



“What’re you doing?!”

He turns his head slightly to look you in the eye. A moment of quick silence passed before he frowned with complete seriousness, “What does it look like? I’m going to be sitting in my spot regardless of what you do, sweetheart,” he replied with a smug look on his face. “Now shut up. I heard this show sucks and I need to watch it so I can make fun of it too,”

You fumed. What did he think you were? A couch cushion? You give up with a defeated huff, wrapping your arms around his waist and resting your chin on his shoulder. 


I hate your face, it makes my heart skip a beat [7/?]

Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

“Tsk, tsk, Isak, cheese toasties again?” Even questions as he sits down next to Isak, giving Magnus a fist bump when the blonde boy offers, nodding at Mahdi and Jonas before turning his gaze to Isak, giving him a teasing smile that only grows when Isak rolls his eyes but smiles back at him. “When I tell my mom, she’s going to be horrified.”

“It’s not that bad,” Isak argues. “You’re just dramatic and made it sound like it’s all I ever eat.”

“It is,” Even shoots back, his eyes crinkling at the sides as Isak looks down trying to hide the way his smile has gotten bigger.

Isak tries to give him a serious look, losing the battle as Even just grins at him. “Don’t tell your mom.”

Even shakes his head in mock sadness. “I can’t do that, she’s adopted you, so she keeps asking about you and wants to keep feeding you.”

“It’s like I’m a stray dog,” Isak grumbles taking a bite of his toast, mulishly.

Even laughs at that, placing a hand on Isak shoulder he gives it a squeeze looking into his eyes with a serious expression. “More like a grumpy kitten.”

“Fuck off,” Isak mutters, but still there is a small amused smile on his face.

Even shrugs. “My mom and I like cats, and we like you, so it’s applicable,” Even says, enjoying the shy look Isak gives him, and he knows he has a similar expression on his face, happy that Isak likes the idea that his mother and he like the boy. He continues to stare at Isak, his heart tripping over itself as a rosy color takes over Isak’s cheeks, slightly embarrassed but not breaking their gaze.

Jonas clears his throat. “I hate to interrupt this ‘star-crossed lover’ stare into each other’s soul thing you two are doing right now, but Isak met your mom?”

Even looks from Isak to Jonas who is raising a thick eyebrow in question, takes in Mahdi and Magnus curious expressions and then back again to Isak who is blushing harder. “Ah yeah…we went to my place to study, and he met my mom.”

“And she fed him?” Magnus asks with an amused smile on his face.

“Once it again that makes me sound like a stray,” Isak protests. “We had dinner, it was nice.”

“That’s great man,” Mahdi says barely suppressing his laughing. “Meeting the parents can be so stressful on a couple.”

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cabalbrothers  asked:

Might I inquire to know what tfc is, exactly? What does it stand for? I presume it's a book series, is it not? It seems decent, so I figured I'd ask.


tfc is short for the foxhole court, which is both, an alternative name for the all for the game series by nora sakavic and the title of the first book.
it centers around neil, the son, the puppy (i love neil very much) and his freshmen year with the palmetto state university’s foxes. the foxes are a team that is unusual in two aspects:

A) they play a sport called exy, something that the author herself came up with and that my lazy ass likes to explain as “lacrosse. just…better.” all you need to know (for now) is that it can be pretty violent, is co-ed and neil loves it very much.

B) their coach, david wymack (please adopt me), chooses only players for his line-up who come from “questionable” backgrounds. (i.e. abuse, drugs, complicated family drama etc.). therefore they are a fractured mess with no real image of team spirit. (hence great chance for C H A R A C T E R D E V E L O P M E N T )

you would think this is enough to make up a pretty decent bookseries with angsty athletes and their everyday drama but BEHOLD. because besides characters that take this sport seriously in levels ranging from me and any sport to oliver wood and quidditch the foxhole court is served with a side of mafia, death, and pain. i don’t want to take away too much hence my lack of explanation but let’s just say when i started the series i expected none of this darkness, i died about 29292 deaths and i loved every second of it.

what really makes this for me (besides its intriguing plot ofc) are all of the characters. and when i say all of them i mean literally all of them. usually you’ll find series with secondary characters that are just there to fill plotholes, never once important again. you don’t waste a second thought on them usually. then there’s this gem, where all of them have a layer to their personality that gets you interested in them, not a single one seems to be unnecessary and i love. every. part. of it. since talking about all of those lovely minors would take weeks probably i’ll settle on the mains right now, my children, my family, the foxes.
(i’ll try to keep this as spoilerfree as possible, but still, there could be some i didn’t recognize as such. there definitely are.)

they can be devided into two groups:


Andrew Minyard

  •  u kno those moments while reading where the character is being a dick throughout all of ut but you still think “yup, i’ll get attached to you” 
  •  that’s it 
  •  ‘sociopath’ , on drugs that cheat on all of his emotions
  •  can be pretty scary 
  •  has knives -> ready to cut a bitch at any time of day and will do so 
  •  also very protective and the mom friend

Aaron Minyard 

  • Andrew’s twin 
  •  angry about all the things. constantly.
  •  he may seem like he doesn’t care. it’s because he doesn’t. (this is what canon says but my heart says that SOMEWHERE,,,,DEEP DOWN,,,,,) 
  •  how did i grow so fond of this grumpy midget (the twins are tiny. like. tiny.)

Nicky Hemmick

  •  the gay cousin 
  •  no srsly, he’s the twins cousin and he’s gay
  •  half mexican 
  •  if this was a supernatural thing nicky would be the friend of the main character without special powers but a hell lotta sarcasm 
  •  has a boyfriend in germany 
  •  can talk for hours where is the off-button

Kevin Day

  • you know how i talked about oliver wood and quidditch? 
  •  kevin is the oliver wood of exy 
  •  “coach you can’t cancEL EXY” “kevin there are people dying” 
  •  insensitivity, arrogance and determination all list kevin in their definitions but he can pull it off and still remain your child 
  •  just watch him take over your heart bc he will


Dan Wilds

  • used to be a stripper 
  • is now captain of the foxes 
  •  also my mom 
  •  idk man when i read it dan was just so #relatable to me??? 
  •  will fight.

Matt Boyd

  •  (i keep forgetting but he is a) rich kid from nyc 
  •  a good bro 
  •  literally so unproblematic??? 
  •  absolutely in love with dan 
  •  the parents those two

Allison Reynolds

  •  please step on my face 
  •  has money and you won’t forget it 
  •  raging feminist 
  •  couldve enherited her parents business but chose exy 
  •  did i mention STEP ON MY FACE

Seth Gordon

  •  hates everyone 
  •  except allison sometimes 
  •  matts and neils roomie 
  •  weird sleeping habits 
  •  grumpy cat

Renee Walker

  •  the christian sweetheart 
  •  can and will fight. politely tho. 
  •  “who doesn’t like renee???!!!!!” (-nicky) 
  •  she literally baked cookies for the team 

i love all of those children so so so much. so. much.
as well as this series. i just finished it today so have some general (bait) information
(this is just all my thoughts in no particular order)

- tackles certain subjects that are usually romanticised/ written in an unsatisfactory matter really well (such as rape, selfharm, abuse etc) ((putting a trigger-warning here though, it can be really dark, like i mentioned!!))

- some pretty decent queer representation

- neil was confirmed demisexual so my ace heart sings

- you can literally not. stop. reading.

- everyone speaks like 5 languages??? they keep switching??????(fairly often they soeak german and it was pretty fun for me to translate it in my head and see what it would sound like)

- i feel like a not small amount of twenty one pilots songs would fit this series pretty well but im not into top enough to confirm 100%

- the author has a tumblr with loads of usefull background info (since she’s focusing on a new series this year there probably won’t be many additions but tbh there is so much already there isn’t even anything to complain about???)

- you know how ever series has that one/handful of character(s) that make you want to scream out because theY  HAD ENOUGH AND THEY DONT DESERVE THIS SHIT JUST GIVE THEM A BREAK? its all of them in this book. i can tell you who wont get a break and its YOU

- and last but not least the first book is FREE on amazon and smashwords! the other two (the raven king, the king’s men) are a dollar each!! join hell now for 2 $ !!!!

im publishing this because all of my followers should need to get following message out of this incoherent pile of thoughts:


Oh my gosh, this is the cutest question ever!  Also, earlier this summer I would’ve totally said we’d all just be unicorns, but I think now my opinions have changed.  Just a little. 

Great Uncle Ford could still maybe be a unicorn!  He’s all mysterious like that.

But now to my friends! Let’s start with Candy and Grenda, cause those are easy ones!  I can totally see Grenda being a bear, cause while she’s super cute and cuddly, she can also break a rock with her skull!  Bears…bears can do that, right?

And Candy would definitely be a sugar glider!  They’re tiny and precious but also really social animals, and I bet they’re mega smart too.  Plus, can you imagine Candy gliding through the sky on magic marsupial-wings? Cause I certainly can.

Moving on to my family!  Dipper would totally be a cat.  Not only does he sneeze like a kitten, but he makes the same grumpy faces, too!

Okay, okay, I’m joking…Kinda.  While he has all the goofy features of being a skittish little kitty, he’s also got all the good traits too!  He’s curious, playful, and an awesometastic friend when you need one.  Maybe I should promote him to a larger cat level!  Like a lion!

…A baby lion.

Next up is Great Uncle Ford! I kinda take back what I said about him being a unicorn…Looking back, he kinda reminds me of an owl!  He’s smart (like that one from Winnie the Pooh!) and talented (like…like a maraca owl!) and like I said, pretty mysterious.  But beneath all that, he’s a super cute fluffy owl who just needs a hug!

Also, he never sleeps—like, ever.  It might be time for a slumber party intervention…

But I can do that later! Moving on to Grunkle Stan!  Earlier this summer I would’ve said he was like a troll-goblinsaur, but Dipper says those are mythical creatures, not animals. 

So if I had to choose…how about a wolf?  He might seem kinda rough around the edges and scary at first, but it turns out he’s really cuddly once you get to know him. Plus, he’s super protective, which is also wolf-ish, and really really loves the people in his family!

Also, he has grey hair, and wolves have grey fur, right? It’s destiny!

Finally, I can’t leave out Wendy and Soos! Wendy strikes me like a fox or something—y’know, agile, red-headed, and something that might bite you if you mess with her friends. Maybe.  Either way, she’s just super awesome!

Meanwhile, Soos is undoubtedly a giant panda.  I think he’s got secret panda powers too, like the ones from those cartoons—y’know, the ones that are like forest spirits or something and make all the trees and plants grow? Well, whether he does or doesn’t, he’s still a panda in the sense that he’ll let you sleep on his tummy. I would know—I’ve tried it!

And of course, I would be…drumroll, please…


Me and Waddles would be the piggiest buddies in the world, can you see it?  We’d go on pig adventures, have pig dance parties, and rid the world (and Grunkle Stan’s freezer) of all bacon!  Forever!

So thanks for the question, friend-o!  I’m gonna go see if I can become a pig now…or at least work on that slumber party for Great Uncle Ford.


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot Pacifica!

…You know what, she can totally be the unicorn.