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every time I see Dipper I think of a cat


Kuroshitsuji Pokémon AU ft. Rich boy Ciel Phantomhive


Adrien and Chloe competing for Marinette’s attention when they both find out she’s Ladybug


I laugh at that name every time, and I’m not even sorry.

So I haven’t touched the 2 latest episodes because I’m lazy, but this was so much fun that I had to devote some time screaming to it! So get ready kids, because there is screaming (and spoilers) below the cut.

Though first: someone who’s never seen Camp Camp tell me what’s going on in this picture:

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A crack comic I did in which Seto Kaiba is in fact channeling Grumpy Cat and it’s rather hilarious to me. Also may I direct your attention to the last panel and Atem’s pouty face, it’s my absolute favorite XDD Atem is real tired of your shit, Kaiba. This is in no way Rivalshipping, this is me drawing all the things I like in one short ridiculous silly stupid comic lolol

ATEM WITH PONYTAIL*cough* Yes..well..ahem. Here, have a thing :DD

Master List of ML Crack Posts: #1

 As some of you may know, my memory sucks.  This list is as much for you guys as it is for me ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

I’ll be updating this thing periodically.  I’m putting the links under a “read more” so the updates will show up in case someone wants to reblog this.  I love it when something is reblogged (especially when I can read the funny tags), but y’all are random af.  You give me a good laugh on my rough days and I love each and every one of you ^ω^

Have fun down the ML rabbit hole of crazy (after the cut)!:

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Misunderstanding pt. 1

You really dislike Kim Yongguk, your seatmate in Civics, because he cheated on one of your best friends a while ago. However, you soon learn that he wasn’t the only Yongguk to attend your high school.

  • thank you to @ohkaypopthis for the help again!! <3
  • pt. two will be out soon w/the dance + explanations!
  • for anon who requested: yongguk enemies to lovers;;; like i said in the wips page, i really can’t imagine anyone being ‘enemies’ with yongguk, so i’m sorry if this wasn’t exactly what you wanted, i just couldn’t see any way to right an asshole yongguk

You sighed, propping your head up with your fist as you did your best to not fall asleep in Civics. What can you say? High school was boring.

Next to you, your seatmate and lowkey asshole Kim Yongguk scribbled something in his notebook, taking notes furiously, making you roll your eyes. One of your best friends, who happened to go to a different school, had been dating Yongguk for a while, only to find out that he’d been cheating on her. You’d been shocked that your quiet seatmate would do something so heartless, but your friend had begged you not to say anything, preferring to leave the whole thing behind you.


Back to Mr. Asshole Kim Yongguk.  You glanced over as he scribbled away, tongue peeking out slightly as he concentrated, and you looked quickly back to the front of the classroom. You’d never admit it to your friend, out of loyalty to her, but when you’d first met Kim Yongguk back at the beginning of the year, you’d developed a tiny crush on him.

Once you found out what a jerk he was, you pushed it to the side, not wanting to cause drama or issues, but you couldn’t deny that he was cute.

As the teacher wrapped up class and the bell rang, you watched Yongguk shut his notebook and stuff his things into his bag, his best friend Shihyun joining him cheerfully.

“Oh, (y/n),” Shihyun paused, leaning over to you, “do you know if we have a test in math tomorrow?” You shared a few classes with Shihyun, and while Yongguk may have been an asshole, his best friend was one of the nicest guys you’d ever met.

“I don’t think so,” you replied, taking out your planner to check, “yeah, we don’t.”

“There’s an essay due tomorrow in English, though,” Shihyun smiled sheepishly, “ah, I haven’t even started.”

“It was assigned a month ago, though,” Yongguk commented, not even sparing Shihyun a glance as he slung his backpack over his shoulder. You frowned slightly at Yongguk’s flippant attitude, giving Shihyun a smile.

“It’s cool, you’ll probably do fine,” you reassured him with a smile.

The three of you exited the classroom, going your separate ways.

A few days later, you were sitting in math class with Shihyun, the two of you talking quietly, as the teacher passed out some worksheets for the class to work on.

“Hey, I actually have a question that I’ve been worrying about for a while,” Shihyun mentioned casually, setting his pencil down to face you, “do you , like, not like Yongguk or something? What’s up with that?”

You shrugged, “to be honest, yeah, I don’t really like him.”

Shihyun made a noise in the back of his throat, “I’ve never actually met a person that didn’t at least get along with him,” he commented, “I mean, I’m sure you have a valid reason, but the dude is just so… polite.”

You scoffed, “he cheated on my best friend, I wouldn’t talk about polite.”

Shihyun frowned at that, “(y/n), are you sure you’re talking about Yongguk?” He asked, “Yongguk hasn’t ever dated before, and I’ve known him my whole life.”

“Well, her ex’s name was Yongguk, and he definitely went to our school,” you replied, “there’s no other guy.”

Shihyun shook his head, “I’m positive that you’ve got the wrong guy. That’s not something Yongguk would do—he’s too innocent for that.”

You shrugged, “well, if it’s truly not him, then I have nothing against him, but until them, I don’t like the guy.”

The next day in math, Shihyun took his seat next to you with a triumphant look on his face. “I knew it wasn’t Yongguk,” he said proudly, showing you his phone, “your friend dated Bang Yongguk. He went to school here for a while, but he graduated, which is why there’s now only one Yongguk attending this school.”

You squinted at the picture, making a face. It was of this Bang Yongguk’s yearbook picture, definitely from your school, and definitely not Kim Yongguk.

“Fine, I concede,” you nodded, handing Shihyun back his phone, “I guess he’s not a total asshole.”

“You know, (y/n), you should try actually talking to him,” Shihyun replied casually, tucking his phone into his back pocket, “I think you’ll find him a lot more interesting than you think.”

“So, I guess you’re really into Civics, huh?” you asked Yongguk casually as the two of you worked through a worksheet.

Yongguk glanced up at you, surprised that you were talking to him. “H-huh?”

“Because you’re always taking notes,” you explained, gesturing towards his thick notebook. “I figured you’d be into this class, then.”

Yongguk shrugged, responding quietly, “not particularly, but I can’t afford to do poorly in this class, so I tend to do way more than what’s necessary.”

You smiled at that, “the other day, Shihyun was bragging to me about you, it was cute.”

Yongguk blushed, covering his face in embarrassment, “he’s so strange, I’m so sorry. He’s like a mother, I swear.”

You laughed at that, patting Yongguk on the back, “it’s fine. Shihyun just… has a different way of expressing his love for people.”

“He practically choked Tolbi one time because he was so enthusiastic about hugging him,” Yongguk shook his head with a fond smile.


“Oh!” Yongguk’s face rearranged into a brilliant smile, and you felt your insides squirm a bit at the sight, “Tobli is my cat! He’s  the sweetest thing in the world, gets a little grumpy at times, but you know, that’s how cats are.” Yongguk whipped out his phone to show you his lockscreen—a picture of a black and white cuddled in some pillows.

You smiled, a weird feeling in your stomach as Yongguk peered fondly down at his lockscreen.

Now that Kim Yongguk wasn’t an asshole, you welcomed back the butterflies in your stomach with open arms—you were totally crushing on Kim Yongguk and the dude would barely look twice at anyone who wasn’t his cat.

You griped about this to Shihyun on practically a daily basis, especially now that there was a big dance coming up. You’d briefly entertained the idea of asking Yongguk—Shihyun had encouraged you to—but you ultimately decided against it, figuring that the inevitable rejection wasn’t worth it.

The day before the dance, you were getting ready to go home, putting your things into your locker when you noticed something taped to the front of it. It was an envelope, and you carefully opened it, eyes widening when you saw two tickets to the dance inside, the envelope marked with a little drawing of a cat. A huge smile crossed your face as you looked down at the tickets, realizing that maybe the rejection hadn’t been so inevitable.

part two coming soon!

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"My fault for getting so excited and thinking you care" this with Adrinette would end my life and I would say thank you because you're writing is the best!

Here you go, sweet Nonny! Haha, I hope this doesn’t end your life but I do hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the kind words! <3

“My fault for getting so excited and thinking you care,” Adrien pouted. 

“If you don’t suck that bottom lip back in, I might bite it,” Marinette warned.

“Is that supposed to convince me?” he smirked.

She rolled her eyes and went back to washing dishes. 

“Marinette, pleassssssse.”

“We do not need another kitten.”

“But you don’t understand! This is a foster kitten. It’s a totally different situation. We don’t keep this one,” Adrien explained.

“Uh-huh. And what’s its name?”

“Pancakes,” he beamed.

“We’re not fostering this kitten.”


“Your face just now,” Marinette said. “That’s why. We would just end up adopting that one too.”

“Plagg’s lonely.”

“I am not!” Plagg shouted, zipping into the room. “Princess, please don’t listen to any of his filthy lies. I do not, under any circumstances, want another cat in this house. I don’t like the ones you have already.”

Marinette gave Adrien a pointed look.

“Well, Plagg’s a grumpy old cat. Look, the other kittens need a playmate,” Adrien said.

“I’m sorry, Adrien, but there are too many kittens already,” Tikki sighed. “One of them tried to eat my tail.”

“Butterscotch was only playing with you.”

“And why do they all have to be named after food anyway?” Plagg complained. “It’s stupid.”

A kitten slinked into the kitchen and Adrien scooped him up. “Don’t talk like that in front of Alfredo.”


Marinette put her hands on Adrien’s shoulders. “My dear Chat, love of my life, best husband in the world, I adore you with all of my heart, but we are not getting another kitten.”

Adrien bit his lip.

“Pancakes is already here, isn’t he?”

“She, and you’ll just love her, Mari!”

Prompt List :)

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Prompt: Todd walking in on Dirk confessing his feelings for Todd to the kitten shark

I genuinely let out a laugh out loud when I read this prompt so thank you!


Dirk smiled at the kitten at his feet, who had followed him into Todd’s living room.
The little - but deadly - creature had become quite attached to Dirk since he adopted her. Some (Todd) might argue that he stole her, but Dirk saw it as giving her a good home since her last one had been, well, soul-swapping almost immortal bad guys.
“Essie, no, that’s Todd’s.” Dirk told the cat as he saw her playing with what seemed to be Todd’s sock.
He bent down to pick up the sock.
“He still hasn’t completely warmed up to you, let’s not give him any reasons to get angry at you.” Dirk told the kitten.
She just looked up at Dirk and waved her tail in slow back and forth motion.
Dirk had half a mind to give the sock back to the kitten. Despite being a feline, she had the most convincing puppy dog eyes Dirk had ever seen.
“I’m sorry, Essie.” He told the cat.
Essie, which came from the letters SC, representing shark and kitten - for obvious reasons - was the name Dirk and Todd had decided on after a long debate on what to call the kitten.

“He has to have a name, Todd!” Dirk argued.
“He’s a she, Dirk.” Todd responded, not lifting his gaze from his guitar he was currently tuning.
Dirk glanced at the kitten. “Pardon me.” He told her. The kitten didn’t seem very offended by Dirk misgendering her.
“Either way, we can’t not name her!” Dirk exclaimed.
“Fine, name her, I don’t see how I have to be involved?” Todd replied.
“It’s a big responsibility to name a being, Todd! And she is kind of ours!” Dirk argued.
“You stole the cat from a crime scene and brought it to my apartment. It’s your cat.” Todd mumbled.
“Her.” Dirk corrected Todd. “And yes, while all that’s true, we have both been caring for her since. She basically lives in your apartment half the time!”
Todd sighed, but decided not to argue that that was the case only because Dirk would bring her with him every time he appeared in Todd’s apartment, which was often.
“So, a name. Something to do with her special breed of fish and cat maybe?” Dirk mused. “Shark and kitty. Shitty?” He thought out loud.
Todd cringed and opened his mouth to protest but Dirk held up his hand to prevent him from commenting.
“Yes, I heard it. What about… Shark and cat… shat?”
“That’s literally the past tense of ‘shit’, Dirk.” Todd commented.
Dirk patted the kitten’s head. “Well you are made up of a very unfortunate combo of animals when it comes to the names, girl.”
“What about just letters?” Todd suggested.
“Hmm… Like SC, for shark and cat?” Dirk said.
“Sure. Or Essie. E-S-S-I-E. A proper name but it sounds like SC.” Todd mused.
“Essie! That’s wonderful! Fantastic assisting, Todd!” Dirk exclaimed and patted Todd on the shoulder. Then he turned to the kitten. Essie. “Hello, Essie! Welcome to the family!”

“Let’s put Todd’s sock back to where it belongs before he comes back, yeah?” Dirk said and went to put the sock back in the laundry basket he assumed the kitten had taken it out of.
Todd had gone out to meet up with Amanda, but Dirk had remained in Todd’s apartment.
It had become quite a regular occurrence for Dirk to be spending time at Todd’s apartment, no matter the circumstances. Dirk preferred Todd’s apartment to his own and quite frankly, Todd’s company to, well, everything else.
“Though, I do think he just pretends to be so grumpy about your presence. I do believe he secretly likes you, Essie.” Dirk said and sat down on the couch. Dirk had gotten into the habit of talking to the kitten, which really just was him thinking out loud.
Essie jumped onto the couch next to Dirk.
“He was the same way with me, too. Or, perhaps still is. We just have to be persistent, don’t we Essie?” Dirk said, patting Essie as she purred.
“I’m sure he would’ve kicked us out if he really wanted to. He’s too kind to do that. He likes to pretend to be grumpy about everything, but really, he’s a good person.” Dirk rambled.
“We’re lucky to have him, aren’t we?”
Essie climbed on Dirk’s lap and Dirk leaned back to rest against the back of the couch.
“We both were around quite horrendous people before Todd, weren’t we?” Dirk continued.
“I still find it hard to believe where I am now. I surely did not expect to have a best friend only a short while ago. I’ve been very lucky.” Dirk almost whispered.
Essie seemed to be falling asleep on Dirk’s lap.
“Of course, in an ideal situation I wouldn’t be in love with said best friend, but we can’t have it all, now can we? I just hope I won’t ruin it. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost him.” Dirk kept talking.
“Love is quite complicated isn’t it? This is the first time I’ve personally ever been in love so I’m quite out of my depth here. And you’re a cat.” Dirk sighed. “What should I do, Essie?” He asked the kitten.
“Maybe you should talk to me instead of the cat?” Todd’s voice suddenly came from behind Dirk.
Dirk physically jumped at the sound, scaring poor Essie and making her run to the other side of the room.
“Bloody hell, Todd!” Dirk exclaimed, jumping up from the couch and turning to face Todd who was standing at the front door. “You should knock!”
“This is my apartment?” Todd responded.
“Yes, well.” Dirk mumbled. “How long have you been standing there?” He asked.
“Since the ‘he just likes to pretend to be grumpy’ part.” Todd replied.
“Oh bloody hell.” Dirk whispered.
Todd walked further into the apartment and came to stand next to Dirk.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.” Todd said.
“That’s alright. Or, well, not really, for I’m horribly embarrassed right now.” Dirk replied.
Todd smiled. “Don’t be.” He said.
“Why not? Not only was I talking to a kitten, you just heard me say… Well, you know.” Dirk explained.
“Talking to a cat is not the weirdest thing I’ve witnessed you do, Dirk. And besides, I’m glad I heard what I heard.” Todd replied.
“You- you are?” Dirk asked, completely flabbergasted. He had been afraid Todd would be uncomfortable or even angry.
“Yeah. I am.” Todd said.
“Why?” Dirk asked.
Todd laughed. “Seriously, Dirk?” He asked and Dirk just stared at him, confused as ever.
“Dude, I let you basically live with me and somehow co-parent a cat with you. I don’t even like cats? You really think I don’t feel the same way about you?” Todd explained.
Dirk opened and closed his mouth a few times, trying to figure out what to say. Finally the reality of the situation sunk in.
“Oh Todd. I’m a terrible detective!”


if you have any ideas for fics, send them my way! I’d love to write them! my inbox is open! x

prince of cats

chapter seven: you do wrong your hand too much

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Marinette keeps trying to get back to the building, but it’s almost impossible to go against the flow of the crowd.

Firefighters have shown up. They’re pulling people away from the building. Smoke is billowing out in dark clouds. Marinette feels sick.

She wants to shout that someone’s in there— Adrien is in there. There are probably other people too, still trapped in a burning building, but she only knows one and she can only find enough energy to care about one.

Her eyes are watering and she isn’t sure if it’s because of the smoke or not.

Someone pull her further away from the entrance. She’s holding onto her bag as tightly as she can in an attempt to ground herself, but it’s hardly working. She feels like she’s drowning, like she’s suffocating, like everything around her is going dark.

There’s too much noise.

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Tell us more about dex's soccer playing bf

[rubs hands together] oh boy my time has come. (also SORRY THIS RESPONSE HAS BEEN SITTING IN MY DRAFTS FOR DAYS I FORGOT ABOUT IT)

  • to start off, marcus is a forward for the samwell men’s soccer team, hes black, identifies as queer, and is just over 5′10″
    • this is about average for a soccer player but he’s four inches shorter than dex and its the worstTM
  • so the way this headcanon came about, is that it is CanonTM that the soccer team is the Gayest Team on Campus (much to Holster’s regret, he wants the title so bad but it ain’t gonna happen those soccer boys love each other too much) so like, ofc if youre a guy who wants to date a hot queer athlete the soccer team is the place to look
    • which, honestly, have you seen some of the shit that happens in mens soccer esp in the european leagues like, just google image search “soccer kiss” and the amount of different pics of people kissing on the field like……. those boys need boundaries
    • basically if dex was gonna get a boyf outside of the team it was statistically v likely to be a soccer player
  • ofc dex wasnt exactly looking for a boyf he just was real fucking tired of fourth wheeling to the mess that is nursey/chowder/farmer, and so was very determinedly avoiding their little lovefest at annie’s and came across a couple of the men’s soccer team playing a game of two touch soccer, which is where he saw marcus for the first time
    • it wouldve been romantic if marcus didn’t immediately kick the ball at his face
    • honestly tho, dex couldnt even be mad if he had wanted to because one look at those brown eyes as he apologized and dex’s dumb gay heart is a mess he cant take it
  • i would say they hit it off immediately but dex is Awkward and Gay and there’s a lot of blushing and him running off to angrily sulk that he can’t hold a conversation with this man
  • eventually, once nursey has stopped laughing at his misfortune and chowder feels bad enough about it, they end up stepping in 
    • they don’t actually really help much they just end up sort of embarrassing dex in front of marcus, but in the end marcus takes pity on him and finally makes the first move 
    • he wouldve done it earlier but he honestly found dex’s whole predicament to be cute and hilarious
  • honestly a lot of their time is spent bitching about their team mates, every time dex enters marcus’s dorm like “you won’t believe what happened today” marcus knocks half his shit off the bed in order to make room for dex so he can hear the drama
    • listen soccer boys arent good for nothing if not the drama my family is full of them okay
    • theres also a lot of it once dex starts rooming with nursey considering that even tho chowder has his own goddamn room he ends up in nursey’s bed half the time it’s a problem
  • marcus is also a snapchat fiend it is literally the only way dex can get ahold of him some days, you’d think he would answer a text but nope snapchat is the thing he’s most likely to answer to
    • they basically have entire conversations with just the two of them making faces at each other with text overlaying to make their actual point
    • the amount of selfies that dex takes and participates in increases exponentially which he is less than pleased about the old grumpy cat 
      • (good thing marcus loves cats cuz now he has two, Dex and Lionel Meowsi)

cathy-press  asked:

Hi! Could I have Cat Lover Dean and Tattooed/Pierced Castiel please?


Dean’s next door neighbor is going to fucking kill him. He thinks. They don’t tend to mix much, even though their apartment doors are side-by-side in the quaint, renovated Victorian house. 

Dean’s been looking for his cat, Lucifer, since the night before. The bastard had door dashed when Dean returned from work, and never showed up despite him shaking bags of treats and making dumbass kissy noises all over the neighborhood.

Lucifer’s back, and he’s having a staring contest with Castiel Milton. God’s gift to Dean’s monochrome life. Castiel is just… everything Dean covets, really. Dark hair tinged with electric blue, thick black glasses, nose ring, fully pierced left ear, and an explosion of color up his entire right arm. Dean’s never seen the tattoo completely, but it looks like angels bathed in cool tones fighting demons in warm tones in splashes of watercolor.

He’s also smoking a Marlboro Light, the white filter of the cigarette casually hanging out of his mouth; stuck to his pale lips in a way that makes Dean want to kiss the life out of him.

He cringes when Castiel, face pinched in his usual grumpy-murderous look, reaches towards the cat. Please don’t hurt my cat, he prays.

To his utter shock, Castiel strokes the top of the Scottish fold’s head so incredibly gently with his knuckles, then he follows the movement forward, stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray on the porch railing, and kisses the cat right between his eyes.

Dean’s whole body stutters as he approaches the porch stairs. He doesn’t think Castiel has seen him yet. But he has.

Without removing his pale blue gaze from the cat, Castiel says in a gravel-rough voice Dean’s sure he’s never heard before because he doesn’t remember feeling these butterflies before, “why would you name a cat Lucifer?”

“Because cats are devils,” Dean answers easily, really about to swallow his tongue. “Awesome little devils.”

Castiel’s gaze shifts up and it freezes Dean in place, even though his body is on fire. “Dean Winchester, apartment two. I’m Cas Milton, apartment one.”

“Yeah… I know. Don’t think we’ve ever spoken before. Sorry about that.” Not for the lack of trying, his brain stage whispers. Castiel just seems so… above. Scary, too. He’s intense. And Dean gets the impression that Castiel has found something lacking in Dean by the way his gaze sharpens. 

He can barely look at Castiel. It’s like staring into the sun. He’d always thought it was a stupid cliche, until it wasn’t anymore.

Therefore he’s struck dumb when Castiel says haltingly, “thank you.”

Dean looks up and is rooted by something his brain won’t process. Castiel is staring at Dean with a red face and wide, earnest blue eyes. “For?” Dean prompts hoarsely. What is HAPPENING?!

“Back… when…” he pauses, rubbing the back of his neck. Is he… embarrassed? No way. No fucking way. “When I first moved in,” he rushes on. “You brought me the…” he cups his hands. “The cupcakes. From the local bakery. Left them hanging on the door with the lovely welcome note. They were good. I never thanked you. I didn’t know how.”

Slowly, Dean steps up onto the porch, resting his hip against the railing. “How do you not know how to say thanks? Not that I’m accusing you, or nothing. I’m just surprised.”

Castiel shifts on his foot, arresting eyes falling to his combat boots. “I’m not a people person. I don’t easily relate to others. And you were…” he balls his fists and smacks them against his thighs. “You were irritatingly hot.”

Dean laughs, startled and happy. At least he knows Castiel doesn’t hate him. “I’m not anymore?” The wink is too irresistible to hold back.

If possible, Castiel’s face gets redder. His shoulders hunch. “That’s not what I meant,” he mumbles. “You still are.”

In his distraction, Dean’s almost lost track of Lucifer, who’s starting to get bored. He grabs the cat and drapes him over his shoulder before he can make a second mad escape. “I gotta get this bastard inside, but, like, hey, do you wanna come in? Hang out?”

Castiel blinks up at him looking pleased. “Yes, Dean, I would. I think we would get along if we… hung out. Thank you.”

Grinning, Dean nods over his shoulder. “Come on in.” He thrills at the sound of Castiel’s heavy boots clomping behind him. And if he gives Lucifer an extra chin scratch and treats for bringing about this incredible turn of events, no one needs to be the wiser.

ML Fluff Month Day 13 - Elation


Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 14

Marinette’s eye cracked open as the sun peaked in through the blinds. She sighed contently at the feeling of strong arms wrapped around her and body pressed against her husband’s. Smiling to herself, she knew today was the day. She was going to tell Adrien today. She and her mother had been planning this for about a week now. Was she nervous? Of course. She didn’t know how he was going to take the news, nor did she know how well she would actually execute the plan.

With a lot of coaxing, Marinette had convinced Gabriel to host a party for Adrien’s birthday that year. At first, it was supposed to be just a simple party to make her husband feel special since he didn’t get parties from his father in the past. Now, it had turned into an entirely different ordeal.

She rolled over in his arms, taking in Adrien’s sleeping form. His breathing was slow and even, while his hair was tasseled and wild, much like when he was Chat Noir. Brushing his bangs out of his face, Marinette giggled as he nuzzled into her palm. Such a cat.

He peeped an eye open to see her, letting out a small chuckle with a smile. “Good morning, my lady.”

“Good morning, kitten,” she cooed as she ran her hands through his hair.

Adrien hummed, and his smile grew wider. “You’re in a good mood. You’re usually a grumpy bug in the mornings.”

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TITLE: F#*king marry me already


AUTHOR: Valarie Ravenhearst2


Imagine Loki trying to propose to you, trying to make it the most perfect occasion. But every time that it comes to the big night, something happens, like you getting sick or have to work, so it keeps getting put off because he wants it to be perfect


NOTES/WARNINGS: once again sorry for the lateness.

Violet POV

“Well, we’re officially out of food.” I announce as I close the fridge door. Looks like we’re going to have to go back to reality. “So, how long can you hold out for?” I stroll back over to the lounge where Loki is stretched out; reading.

“I’m a God, sweetling. If I really wanted to I could go without food for months. You, on the other hand must eat.”

“Actually I could go for at least 3 weeks without food as long as I have water.”

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Being a girl really sucked sometimes.
Wasn’t it enough to be the gender that actually had to carry a baby for nine months and deliver it? No, you had to go through this cramps once every month too.

So when Jace brought you tea with a smirk on his face you looked suspicious.
“Are you laughing at my pain?”
“What?”, he gave back, laughing shortly. “I just made you tea and I’m trying to be nice to you. Don’t be such a grumpy cat.”
“You have no clue how that feels!”, you complained smoldering.
“Thankfully.”, Jace answered. “Can I do anything else for you?”
You shortly thought about it but there was only one thing coming to your mind.
“Cuddle me.”

Again he shortly laughed but then followed your wish.

requested by @softi92
hope you like it

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