my face is like grumpy cat's


A crack comic I did in which Seto Kaiba is in fact channeling Grumpy Cat and it’s rather hilarious to me. Also may I direct your attention to the last panel and Atem’s pouty face, it’s my absolute favorite XDD Atem is real tired of your shit, Kaiba. This is in no way Rivalshipping, this is me drawing all the things I like in one short ridiculous silly stupid comic lolol

ATEM WITH PONYTAIL*cough* Yes..well..ahem. Here, have a thing :DD

my least favorite brand of humor is like tumblr gifs of ugly ass white men making “funny” faces with like scrunched up double chins and grumpy cat frowns It’s literal violence to subject me to having to see that

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest question ever!  Also, earlier this summer I would’ve totally said we’d all just be unicorns, but I think now my opinions have changed.  Just a little. 

Great Uncle Ford could still maybe be a unicorn!  He’s all mysterious like that.

But now to my friends! Let’s start with Candy and Grenda, cause those are easy ones!  I can totally see Grenda being a bear, cause while she’s super cute and cuddly, she can also break a rock with her skull!  Bears…bears can do that, right?

And Candy would definitely be a sugar glider!  They’re tiny and precious but also really social animals, and I bet they’re mega smart too.  Plus, can you imagine Candy gliding through the sky on magic marsupial-wings? Cause I certainly can.

Moving on to my family!  Dipper would totally be a cat.  Not only does he sneeze like a kitten, but he makes the same grumpy faces, too!

Okay, okay, I’m joking…Kinda.  While he has all the goofy features of being a skittish little kitty, he’s also got all the good traits too!  He’s curious, playful, and an awesometastic friend when you need one.  Maybe I should promote him to a larger cat level!  Like a lion!

…A baby lion.

Next up is Great Uncle Ford! I kinda take back what I said about him being a unicorn…Looking back, he kinda reminds me of an owl!  He’s smart (like that one from Winnie the Pooh!) and talented (like…like a maraca owl!) and like I said, pretty mysterious.  But beneath all that, he’s a super cute fluffy owl who just needs a hug!

Also, he never sleeps—like, ever.  It might be time for a slumber party intervention…

But I can do that later! Moving on to Grunkle Stan!  Earlier this summer I would’ve said he was like a troll-goblinsaur, but Dipper says those are mythical creatures, not animals. 

So if I had to choose…how about a wolf?  He might seem kinda rough around the edges and scary at first, but it turns out he’s really cuddly once you get to know him. Plus, he’s super protective, which is also wolf-ish, and really really loves the people in his family!

Also, he has grey hair, and wolves have grey fur, right? It’s destiny!

Finally, I can’t leave out Wendy and Soos! Wendy strikes me like a fox or something—y’know, agile, red-headed, and something that might bite you if you mess with her friends. Maybe.  Either way, she’s just super awesome!

Meanwhile, Soos is undoubtedly a giant panda.  I think he’s got secret panda powers too, like the ones from those cartoons—y’know, the ones that are like forest spirits or something and make all the trees and plants grow? Well, whether he does or doesn’t, he’s still a panda in the sense that he’ll let you sleep on his tummy. I would know—I’ve tried it!

And of course, I would be…drumroll, please…


Me and Waddles would be the piggiest buddies in the world, can you see it?  We’d go on pig adventures, have pig dance parties, and rid the world (and Grunkle Stan’s freezer) of all bacon!  Forever!

So thanks for the question, friend-o!  I’m gonna go see if I can become a pig now…or at least work on that slumber party for Great Uncle Ford.


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot Pacifica!

…You know what, she can totally be the unicorn.


A/N: Happy New Years you lovely little lovelies! Message me whatever you want through this month if its really awesome I’ll post it or I just might turn it into an imagine

You were so bored, just sitting in your bed scrolling through Tinder. No one was really sticking out to you enough to right swipe.

He has a dead dear as his profile pic, swipe left.

He’s smoking, left swipe.

No pics of his face,catfish, left swipe.

Oh that’s just Derek, left-wait Derek!?

Your eyes widened at the photo of Derek Hale wearing sunglasses in his car and ,get this, he was actually smiling.

You tapped his pic and read his profile.

I have no clue what I’m doing on this app but I’m not doing anything better with my time so why not.

I like exercising and reading, I own a few apartment complexes and I’m often compared to Grumpy Cat. Message me if you feel like.

‘No way in hell.’ you said out loud excitedly as you swiped right.

You nearly broke your jaw smiling when it immediately said you and Derek matched.

‘No way in hell.’ you said with a grin as you quickly go to message him.

Why hello Grumpy Cat

Ha ha shut up, tell no one about this

On one condition

What do u want (Y/N)

It’s a dating app Derek and I swiped right, what do you think I want? Pick me up at nine, you’re taking me to the movies.

Oh boy, I got tagged in something again (by @faarrting)

Nickname: Lana, but no one really uses it. My dad and brother call me Lala. 
Height: 5′4″
Last thing you googled: Bruno Mars, my mom and I were looking up his height. 
Favourite music artist: SHINee and Seventeen.
Song stuck in my head: not really anything right now.
Last movie you watched: The live action Beauty and the Beast (it was really good!)
What are you wearing right now: yoga pants, Holden Beach sweatshirt from NC, and socks.
What do you post: Kpop, anime, funny things, and cute things
Why did you choose your url: because I make a face like the grumpy cat all the time and my mom likes to remind me that that’s what it looks like. 
Do you have any other blogs: nope, not anymore. I used to have RP blogs.
What did your past relationship teach you: not to put up with someone treating me like shit just because I love them. 
Religious or spiritual: very very athiest.
Favourite color: light blue and light pink
Lucky number: don’t have one 
Favourite character: i don’t hecking know my dude. i like yurio from yuri on ice and yona from yona of the dawn.
How many blankets do you sleep with: usually 1, unless its really cold.
When i created this blog: fuckin like 8 years ago man. i been here forever.
Do i get asks regularly: nope, not at all. but i’d like to get them!
Gender: Female 
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw 
Pokemon team: Mystic
Following: 161  

I’ll tag @rayster-teeth, @vitaminniedk, @leejinklies, @inkgut, and @richonnessex

Chris was handsome and sweet as ever tonight in Seattle. He read a bit from the Neverland chapter then a bit from the upcoming Mother Goose Diaries. He then took about a dozen questions, mostly from kids. The crowd was about 4-500 large and very enthusiastic, but the signing line was pretty quick.

When it was my turn I gave him a Grumpy Cat card that got a chuckle, (it said Carpe Naptime - Seize the Couch) then he asked me if we’d met before. (Startled me, he must have an elephant memory!) 

I told him that I liked the parallel he set up between Alex (loses father, reaches out to adventure, gains magic) and her uncle (loses father, shuns the world, loses magic) and he got a cute scrunchy faced look and said “I’m not sure that was on purpose, but I should pretend it was!” Then he smiled and thanked me for coming and that was that. 45 seconds of bliss. :)y

There have been a few learning curves over the past week. So, if you didn’t sign up for random lame stories that Buzzfeed will probably steal at one point, suck it. Go follow Grumpy Cat. (Also, Grumpy Cat? Sponsor me. I’m great at advertising. I’m a walking lamp post without a bulb. Aka. A tall human. Basically a Victoria’s Secret model. Basically.)

Anyway, here they are:

  1. People will look at your strangely if you are a lanky giant man riding a pink bike with flowers on the basket.
  2. You can not buy a manly bike from craigslist.
  3. $1 gets you the pink flowery bike (which is tiny, might I add. My 6′3″ self looks like a leggy clown.)
  4. I am useless even with pepper spray in my rucksack when faced with mugging.
  5. Muggers like manly bikes.

I hope the mental image brightened your morning. And if it didn’t, go choke on a lemon, you boring pleb.

PS. Sparkly ribbons on the handlebars. Should I do it?


My photos with Tyler!

1 | Was my Saturday photo, I got a hug one! I got this one signed last thing on Sunday night so Tyler would be the last person I saw, I finally got the guts to chat to him for a few minutes! Also finally looked him in the eyes and man oh man does he have beautiful eyes like I can’t even explain haha then I got a proper hug from him! I wish I could’ve frozen that moment, was one of the best of my life!

2 | Was Fridays, first time I saw his face in real life and this was a blur I was so shocked I can’t remember this moment haha

3 | Sundays! I also want a stupid one we couldn’t do full on prom photo but I got him to do grumpy cat face (hahaha I LOVE HIS FACE IN THIS SO MUCH) and I pulled an over excited one because let’s face it I was asdfghjkl that he had his hands on my shoulders hahah

(Please don’t use photos with out permission!)

You're my grumpy cat || Olicity drabble

Notes: Just a mini fic based on this picture that a friend sent to me (she found it on Tumblr, it’s not ours).

“But Oliver, look at him” she said as she pouted slightly, holding up the kitten near his face.

“Felicity, we already have two cats, and one of them decided that is was nice enough to sleep and claw on my Green Arrow suit” he pointed out while crossing his arms, trying to keep a stoic façade. He already knew that it was a lost fight like the previous ones.

“But this one even has an arrow mark on his face, and they are good company for the kids- not that we will have them soon, but when we, I mean, if-“ Felicity babbled without noticing Oliver’s small smile of pure amusement.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment and then sighed “fine, but we are naming him together” he said as he shook his head “and without Sara around”.

“She chooses good names” she stated casually as she scratched behind the cat’s ears.

“She called me Grumpy cat”

“Well-” she said and raised an eyebrow at him “you were frowning so hard when we brought Snow here that you two looked so alike”.

“I’m not letting you show that internet stuff to her anymore”.