my face is just flaws

Does anyone else have those fanfics that you wrote when you were much younger and you were really proud of them and they got good reviews and they were written at a generally good time in your life, but then years later you decide to reread them and you’re like “Oh dear god what is this? What was I thinking? Ohhh no…” but you also know that they written by a much younger and more naive version of yourself and you wouldn’t react like that if it was someone else’s writing, but still you feel utter embarassment reading it and how you once thought that it was your best work?

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are there are wof characters you like a lot that you haven't mentioned much?

my favorites tend to be pretty obvious (burn, blaze, glacier, anemone, coconut, tsunami, sunny….), but i do enjoy a handful of others!!

kinkajou is adorable, and tamarin has always been a runner for favorites <3 fierceteeth is exciting and probably the only nightwing i can really get behind as a character/characterization. vermillion has always captivated me for some reason, and i can appreciate thorn thematically (hard to look past tui’s shitty deploying of thorn, but as a character i can appreciate her)

i tend to favor more minor characters because they tend to carry a lot of thematic significance, whereas the main characters either face characterization flaws (or just my not liking their development) or are mostly plot-centric or only focus on a single theme, that may or may not be pulled off well. 

if you couldnt tell, im a slut for theme and symbolic characters. the more meaning packed into a seemingly insignificant character, the better imo haha

I’m currently reading Avengers/Invaders, circa 2008, where the Invaders are accidentally transported from the midst of WWII to Manhattan in 2008 in the middle of the Civil War. Invaders!Bucky manages to come face to face with Bucky!Cap……..and I may have flipped out, too full of emotions to function properly.

Which is when I finally knew exactly what I should commission the fantastic kelslk to draw. Look at this brilliance; it’s absolute perfection. She is phenomenal and I’m utterly in love with this.

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His feelings about: your favourite movie, your love of red lipstick, your long hair and how you blow it out of your face, the way you like your eggs, the way you treat him... love your blog!

A/N: I wasn’t really positive of how you wanted me to do this so I just sort of toyed around with it so it cold make sense. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted!

Harry’s P.O.V.

How did I ever manage to find such a wonderful person and how the hell did I manage to get her to become mine. There are a lot of people in this world and a lot of them are much better than I am. And despite how many other options Y/N has, she chose me. This perfect human being chose me, the guy who puts one sock on and one shoe on and then the other sock and shoe. She chose me and it makes my heart flutter every time I think about it.

I cannot wrap my head around how much I love Y/N. I love everything she does and I find myself falling even more in love with her with each passing day.

I love the way she drags me to the store just so pick out 10 sticks of the same color of lipstick (even though she swears they’re different) and I love the way her hair always gets in her face in the most inconvenient times and how she’ll have to blow it out of her way. It makes me smile from ear to ear to see how she still swoons over the same old disney movies she adores so much. I love how she always watches over my shoulder with a sharp eye when I make her eggs just to make sure I don’t break the yolk because she swears that it soils the egg if the yolk is not broken by her doing.

I just find myself waking up each morning with a huge smile plastered across my face just because despite my flaws, she loves me and despite her flaws (although there aren’t many) I love her and I’ll continue to love her forever.


    Goodbye                                                       Father.