my face is clearing up and healing

So my skin is SUPER dry today, but it’s also the first day in literal YEARS that I’ve had zero active blemishes on my face. I have some bumps that are on their way down and I still have hyperpigmentation (ptl for makeup, amirite??) but even that is clearing up since my acne is decreasing enough for it to noticeably heal

My skin’s been horrible since I was 13 and in 10th grade, I found a regimen that worked really well for me. But this past July, my skin went absolutely buck wild as a result of these crazy hormone imbalances I’ve been dealing with. They’ve impacted every facet of my life and, most obviously, my skin. It’s been so discouraging and aggravating and quite honestly, embarrassing!!

Those of you who’ve been blessed by the skin gods and have never struggled with acne may not think this is a big deal, buT IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!!!!!


My skin has cleared up so much in the past couple of months after suffering with breakouts. Changing my skin care regime along while simultaneously becoming a vegetarian and paying closer attention to what I put into my body has really done wonders for me physically, spiritually, emotionally. Believe it or not, I only wash my face with oil. 

I use pure cold pressed almond oil and 2 drops of lavender oil. Once a week, or when I feel a breakout coming, I use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, which helps draw out impurities, blackheads, etc. Moreover, I use rose petal witch hazel as a toner. If I want to use some sort of soap on my skin, I use pure African black soap that I buy from any street vendor in the boroughs – Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens.

I decided to go the natural route after my skin just wouldn’t clear up with classic skin care products (i.e. Neutrogena, Proactiv, Clearasil). In fact, they were causing my face to be both dry and oily (weird, right?). My skin was imbalanced and needed to restore to its natural state, the natural way. What I’ve learned overall is to listen to your skin, listen to your body and you will discover what it needs. Special thanks to Fran of heyfranhey for sharing her skin care regime that I’ve adopted as my own! (see video here)

Kaidan Appreciation Week - 5

Day 5 - Romance

Day 1 - Family
Day 2 - Childhood
Day 3 - Combat
Day 4 - Friendship

There was an ambient bossa track playing over the stereo system when Kaidan let himself back into Shepard’s apartment, and there was a grunting from the downstairs bedroom.

“Shepard?” Kaidan called. He made a bee-line for the back room, but moved sluggishly–between all the appearances and charity gigs in the last several hours, he felt grimy and exhausted underneath his armor. In the back bedroom, Shepard was on the floor pounding through a set of push-ups at practically boot-camp speed. 

Kaidan crossed his arms, and cleared his throat. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Shepard?” Shepard looked up, kept himself suspended on his arms and threw Kaidan a brilliant grin. 

“Almost done with my workout.” Beads of sweat were caught in the scars that were slowly healing from his face, and his white shirt had a dark ‘V’ from the collar to the navel.  Kaidan’s pajama pants were actually starting to look tight on Shepard’s legs again.

“You just had an operation today,” Kaidan chided, deciding to gingerly lower himself to sit on the floor after noticing how clean the bed looked.

“A small operation,” Shepard panted, “And I got back hours ago. Even took a nap. You would’ve been proud of me.”

“Yeah, well…” Kaidan shook his head in defeat and tipped back prone on the floor, feeling the muscles in his back slowly relax against the floor. Now it was Shepard’s turn to laugh.

“You look exhausted.”

“I feel exhausted!”

Shepard came to his knees, shuffled over to Kaidan and stretched out again into push-up position over top of Kaidan’s body. The look he gave Kaidan had nothing of the hospital-bed determination Kaidan had been so used to seeing on his face. 

“That’s what you get for packing your whole social calendar into one day,” Shepard whispered, chest still heaving with the exertions of his workout.

“Wanted to make sure I got to spend my time with you,” when Kaidan saw the way his lower lip trembled, his kissed it deeply and folded Shepard into his arms. Any breath Shepard had caught since putting his set on hold had been kissed out of him by the time Kaidan pulled back and ran his hands down his body. “Saw a lot of things that… made me think, today.”

“Like?” Shepard nuzzled into Kaidan’s hair, his hips pressing him down into the carpet.

“Just… kids and… people rebuilding. Bunch of bright new recruits at C-Sec. Feels like the war’s really over…”

“It is Kaidan.” Shepard kissed him again, “We did it. You and me.”

“Yeah,” Kaidan hungrily accepted Shepard’s kiss. 

“So… you ditched your mom just to interrupt my workout?” Shepard said playfully, but there was a needy suggestion hiding just behind his eyes, and Kaidan caught it.

“Miranda called me said they’d be getting dinner together at Apollo’s,” Kaidan said as Shepard began unbuckling his armor with nimble fingers. “Said she’d bring her back here when she was done.”

“Haven’t seen her,” Shepard said, pulling off the chest-plate to find Kaidan’s bare chest beneath. 

“Figured I’d come home early: been thinking about you all day.” Kaidan’s breath hitched when Shepard kissed a line from navel to collarbone. “Worried about you…”

Shepard gave him a skeptical look and settled back onto his chest, taking Kaidan’s face in his hands.

“See, couldn’t you just have left it at ‘I was thinking about you all day?’” The kiss he gave Kaidan was mingled sadness and love. “You don’t have to worry about me all the time.”

“I love you,” Kaidan let the words tickle at Shepard’s ear as he pulled him into his body. “Of course I worry about you.”

“You could pretend to not worry.” Shepard buried his face in Kaidan’s neck.

“I think we’ve done enough pretending.” Kaidan rolled them over, staring down. Shepard nodded and smiled. 

“Alright, Kay. I worry about you too,” he squeezed Kaidan’s hand. “Although, seeing you in that armor puts other thoughts in my head…”

Kaidan scarcely heard, and instead was staring at Shepard’s taped hands. 

“Wha–what’s this? You’ve been using the punching bag?”

“I didn’t have any other way to let go of my tension till you got home.”

“Come on,” Kaidan got his feet, “I’m taking this tape off you! You need to relax!” He led Shepard out to the hall.

You need to take this armor off and relax, lover!” Shepard playfully pushed him into the bathroom. “I think we have plenty of time before your mom gets back…”

“Umm, actually,” came a meek feminine voice from the upstairs, “I’ve been here for about an hour… didn’t want to spoil your exercise, dear. So I’ve been in the living room… just… living…”

Kaidan’s eyes went wide.

“She’s definitely your mother,” Shepard muttered, adjusting himself and blocking Kaidan’s bare chest from view as Mrs. Alenko swept down the stairs with a sheepish blush on her face. “Mrs. Alenko… I’m… just so pleased to meet you…”

I’ve been asked a few times what products I use on my skin when it’s healing or just in general… And these are pretty much it. I love Tea Tree and Camomile because they are so gentle on your skin and do not irritate it at all.

So every morning I start off by wiping my face and other affected areas (which for me are mostly my legs) with the simple wipes. I then massage the cool and creamy wash on to skin and either use the skin clearing foaming cleanser or the body was on the rest of my body. After that I moisturise my skin with something that won’t dry me out because I find that I pick more if my skin is dry and itchy.

In the night just before bed I will use the simple wipes again everywhere. (If I have worn make up that day I will use the camomile make up remover as it doesn’t dry you out or sting etc). I will then use the blackhead exfoliating wash on my face. Then after I shower using the same two as in the morning, I will use the pure tea tree oil on spots that are not popped or open, I will use the blemish gel stick on open wounds to help them heal and protect them. I will lastly use blemish fade night lotion on any old scars to help them vanish. And that’s it really.

It can get expensive to keep buying all of these products but it’s worth it because it helps. Also I’m kind of impatient and after a few days of not seeing a difference I wanted to give up but don’t be like me because you will see a big difference in a few weeks.

So I had never really cared for the coconut oil thing

but I was bored about a week ago, so I applied some to my body/face

and since it smelled nice and did not break me out, I started to do it regularly.

…and it’s cleared up my face? Like, acne scars are healing and the annoying tiny acne that normally never leaves is clearing up, too?

this is really weird.


MikayuusWeek (Day 2/7)

Day 2: Healing, sweet, loving, kind, gentle (Traveling AU)

Words: 867

Rated: G

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“Oh, now this is romantic.” Shinoa said gleefully, only loud enough for Yuu to hear. Yuu rolled his eyes as she nudged him with her elbow, a wicked smile on her face. He couldn’t really disagree, though. Tonight the entire city of Otaru was blanketed in snow and glowing, yellow lanterns. The contrast was beautiful, and the clear, twinkling sky only added to the ambiance, yet, Yuu didn’t like the look on Shinoa’s face. It usually only stirred up trouble.

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