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How I recognized comp het/coercive heteronormativity

I get a lot of asks about how to tease apart genuine attraction from compulsory heterosexuality/coercive heteronormativity and how I figured it out and all that and the sucky answer is that there’s no cut-and-dry test or yes or no way to figure it out. Ultimately, in the end, you’ll have to decide whether you feel genuine attraction for men or whether it’s been conditioned into you. That doesn’t mean your conclusion can’t change over time, but you have to make the call in the end. No one else can make it for you.

Statements I have that helped me (speaking from my own experience) conclude that I was experiencing compulsory heterosexuality and not genuine attraction to men that might resonate with you:

  • I like getting attention from men and being validated in my attractiveness, but the moment it goes from attention to an interaction (i.e. from flirting to asking out) I start panicking.
  • I’m constantly testing my attraction to men. I pick one or more conventionally attractive men in the room, and try to force myself to be attracted to them.
  • I like the idea of being with a man, but any time a man makes a move on me I get incredibly uncomfortable.
  • I like the idea of marrying a man/being in a relationship with a man, but I can always pick out a reason to not want to date any man that is interested in me or any man suggested to me. These reasons are sometimes reasonable, but often insignificant (i.e. “I don’t like guys who do their hair like that, he has a weird mole on his face, he’s too tall”).
  • I can fantasize about men and find men attractive, but thinking about realistically being with a man makes my stomach churn.
  • The guys I like always seem to be incredibly feminine or gay. (This never happened to me specifically, but it has happened to many friends).
  • Alternatively, the guys I like are always a hyper masculine man’s man who embodies everything about manliness.
  • The guys I like are always unattainable.
  • I get crushes on guys but they immediately disappear the moment they might like me back.
  • When I think about guys, I think about all the things that I could tolerate doing with them (dating, kissing, sex, marriage) but always in terms of what I could force myself to do, not what I want to do.
  • Being around guys that are interested in me gives me intense anxiety.
  • I like male celebrities, fictional men, and men in art, but never men in real life.
  • All of my fantasies around men are always with faceless, nameless men; the more realistic the fantasy and the more details about my partner I invent, the less excited and into the fantasy I become.
  • I want to marry a man, be a stay at home, have 2.5 kids and a dog named Spot, live in the suburbs, and have my kids play sports and paint. I have no idea why I want this, I can’t pick out anything about this goal that is appealing to me, but I want this to happen.
  • Your fantasies about men still somehow turn out to be a little gay. Maybe you’re penetrating him, you don’t have to look at his face/don’t want to look at his face (I had and still have this one big time), you want a threesome with another woman, he’s very feminine, etc. It might be a “straight fantasy” but you’ve altered it in a way straight people might not be totally interested in.
  • Your fantasies about men give you intense distress or anxiety. They could be intrusive thoughts, forms of self-harm, or otherwise.
  • You figure you’re attracted to men but don’t really have any evidence for it. (i.e. “I guess I’m attracted to men because I had a crush on Brian in 2nd grade. I don’t hate men and I have men who I am friends with and whose company I enjoy. Why wouldn’t I be attracted to men?”)

This by no means an exhaustive list of how compulsive heterosexuality/coercive heteronormativity affects people, and there are plenty of people who are genuinely attracted to men who may relate and identify with one or more of these bullet points. However, if you relate to or identify with a lot of these things, I’d say it’s worth an investigation into why so many of these things resonate with you. Is it because you have a specific taste in men or because society has conditioned you to want this? Is it because you have bad experiences with men related to trauma or because these kinds of desires have been ingrained into you? I can’t answer those questions for you, and it will probably take some soul-searching but these are things I noticed for myself that indicated to me I wasn’t experiencing genuine attraction to men.

If anyone else has any compulsory heterosexuality/coercive heteronormavitiy signs they’d like to share, feel free!

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Opinion on the rising signs ? xox

I’m not gonna praise I’m just going to be honest, good and bad. Also I’m gonna give them all a type!!

Aries rising : I’m an Aries rising, but personally I’ve never really gotten along with other Aries rising and I’m not sure why, but I can say we are some one everyone seems to be really chill with, or wants to chill with, really quick minds and quite impatient, but excellent workers even when they don’t like the work. Brilliant leaders, they don’t always want to take charge, but everyone seems so naturally drawn to them, to follow them. Optimistic and intimidating, nice cheekbones too. Will try to take someone else’s work and do it for them bc they are too slow, can be an ass bc of that hahaha. !!High key kinky!! Leader friend™, generally tall to medium height and normally naturally toned body.

Taurus rising : one of my best friends is a Taurus rising. Stubborn friend™ And awkwardly graceful. These risings are often surrounded by animals or are generally fawning over one, they love food too. Can be authoritarian when it comes to working with others, needs to chill. Talented, and has an uncanny ability to motivate others, beautiful eyes 👀. They aren’t the most tidy of rising signs but when they clean expect the place to be more sterilised then a hospital. LOVES comfort, home is very important to them and so is their individuality, parental, I could see Taurus risings working in hospitality or with children.

Gemini rising : another one of my best friends risings, LOVES reading, and language, is an intellectual™, is a lil prejudice but is very open to changing their view often, awkward AF, but cute, round face, peachy cheeks, really funny and can be loud when they are comfortable. Doesn’t know when to shut up. Either everyone likes them or no one does, oblivious. Is dedicated to learning, and will try to teach others.
Steals tumblr memes, but always gets caught. Needs a parental 24/7 bc they are babies, not in a bad way tho, too sweet for this world.

Cancer rising : YET ANOTHER one of my best friends risings, attracts drama, quiet and has difficulty asserting them selfs at the start, likes dogs. Mom friend™, likes food as well, gets stressed easily. Can also be dramatic. Walks oddly, doesn’t know what to do with their hands. Sarcastic, favourite word is fuck. Depressed. Heart shaped face, also nice cheek bones, thick hair, and aesthetic tiddys and dicks. Can feel victimised allot, is popular but is introverted af, lowkey kinky.

Leo rising: i only know two Leo risings, and I’m not to close to them, but they are clingy af, and sometimes a little rude or stuckup, but they always mean well, they either have a mane for hair or dead hair from focusing too much on their hair, big smile, and generally more tanned skin, often tries to get into the centre of attention, is really generous and kind, can either be classic snake friend™, or royal friend™, is extremely Loyal to one or two people, high key protective and loves to have fun.

Virgo rising: another one of my best friends rising!! Smol n cute, princess™, complains allot, that instagram hoe™, thicc af, short, likes to help people, is clean and doesn’t like mess, loud laugh, aesthetic is on point, dresses well, has many people coming after them but hated them All, extra, will try hard to get into popular groups, nags allot, but they only want people to do the right thing, vanilla (sometimes) really sassy. Is book smart and hands on smart, but they might put themselves down allot.

Libra rising: the only libra rising that I knew of was my English teacher, but he was a babe, hipster friend™, love and peace they say through gritted teeth and seething anger. PERFECT EYELASHES. Either black or denim or both. Good with makeup. Takes allot of pictures, might know how to play an instrument, aesthetics also on point. A thot, but a respected thot. Usually very well liked.

Scorpio rising: I don’t know any Scorpio risings, but I’d think, sex friend™. Is actually the sweetest, but acts like they are evil, or tries to be, has allot of fun, intense eyes, may seem a lil intimidating, makes threats, doesn’t follow through, will hit you tho. May know more about you then you want them too, allot of people want them, even if they aren’t “conventionally attractive”. Mysterious, someone who likes to spread shit, lives for drama.

Sagittarius rising: I only know one sag rising, LOUD af, probably owns a scarf, or two, has good humour but exaggerates almost everything, loves to tell stories, def kinky, into travel, had a good heart, can seem superficial, or annoying, but is just trying to fit it. Overly optimistic, but cute anyway tho, the one who will go on heaps of adventures and do drugs. Might love camping. Probably will sing country music obnoxiously to make every one laugh, annoys everyone instead.

Capricorn rising: another friend of mine, depressed friend™, intimidating af, extremely sarcastic, will call you out on your shit, actually has the best humour, work ethic is either on point or doesn’t exist. Wild, does drugs, daddy kink, can kill you, will do it, big heart tho, has unchanging opinions, they don’t like to back down, even if they are wrong. Will headbutt you.

Aquarius rising: I only know one, but they are eccentric af, always stands out in a crowd, attractive in an odd but mesmerising way, defined forehead, is the classic rebel friend™, sarcastic, popular and extremely aloof, either super vanilla or really kinky, has done drugs, likes to party heaps, can be a dick. GOD COMPLEX IS REAL. Will try to be popular, but also tries to be different. Emo kid. Probably collects weird things.

Pisces rising: another of my best friends rising sign. DRUG FRIEND™, is really kind, but is constantly making themselves the victim, probably psychic, wears hippy clothes, also lives in the hippy era, is really cute and baby like, fish eyes, might have a fringe. Super aloof, easy to make laugh, might have trouble with weight.

These are probably totally incorrect but I was at work while writing this and my head hurts, but these are my general experiences with the rising signs or what I think they’d be like

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I've been following you for a while (I love your blog) and gathered enough courage to share a thought with you since today I'm feeling less shy lol Ah, you know how Jimin has made obvious he doesn't like his body at 100%, but still has the nerve to tease fans, give sexy smirks or feeling genuinely confident sometimes? Honestly, I like Jimin a lot because I can relate to him in that aspect. I may be insecure about some parts of my body, weight, my face without make-up, but still feel sexy af-

[sometimes, times when I know I definitely am. I’m saying this because I think Jimin likes to be liked because, well, who doesn’t? However, I feel he gets those thrills like I do, he really enjoys the feeling of being pleasing to others’s eyes, and actually tries hard to look good because he simply adores being attractive. I’m not trying he’s a narcissist here, I’m just stating Jimin seems like the kind of person who would take care a lot of his appearance even without being an idol because he-

just likes doing it. But my point here, after writing-vomiting all that stuff, is that he acts different when Jungkook is the one who says he’s attractive. Like, I’m not going to give specific moments, but Jimin acts different. He smiles different. It’s not the same when fans scream he’s sexy, V/Hope call him handsome or Nam/Jin/Yoon say he’s good-looking. He looks at Jungkook somehow dumb and even surprised one time. Maybe a little flustered? It reminds me to that time when my crush told me I-

was attractive. It didn’t give me the thrills (my confident side disappeared, I felt shy lol), but it made feel really warm and soft. Happy, like too damn happy. It was a different feeling, one which was stronger. Fans and others have told him he’s attractive and he may be aware of being handsome, but he still has this cute reaction when Jungkook tells him handsome. He smiles like he does with others, but it’s not that knowing smirk. It’s not the smile who screams “hell yeah, thanks, I know-

I’m handsome, I work hard to keep it that way”, it’s that “Oh, you think I’m handsome??? Ah, that… that makes me happy” smile. Seriously, I don’t think they are real, but, as a Jikook shipper, I found that really cute??? Sorry if this was too weird to read. Again, I love your blog <3

thank you for liking my blog <3 and i totally get what you mean. Jimin isn’t narcissistic in any way, but he does like looking appealing, he likes to please others and himself with his looks. that’s why he tried so hard to get abs, and why he loses so much weight. it’s not just for fans, but for himself. he genuinely just wants to be seen as good looking. and not in a bad way. it’s the same reason i fill in my eyebrows and put on nice clothes even if i’m just going to the gas station. it’s because i want to look decent around others. added on top of that, i totally get what you mean with he reacts differently when jungkook compliments him. he seems to have gotten more used to it now, but still reacts differently than he does when others compliment him .

(gif cred: gayjikookadi

he just seems softer in a way when jk compliments him, like he can barely hold back his smile and such. it’s just ahh!! i find it absolutely adorable as well! And it wasn’t weird at all to read, i really enjoyed reading your thoughts :)

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McCree and Hanzo(separate) flirting with an s/o who has self-esteem issues and dont think that they would ever be an object of attraction to men like them? ALSO I LOVE YOUR WRITING A LOT



  • “Sweetheart you are more than a pretty little thing. You are absolutely gorgeous”
  • When he flirts with his S/O he will sit close to them, shoulders brushing together or his warm arm wrapped around his S/O’s shoulders as he tells anyone who is around them how beautiful his S/O is.
  • In private McCree speaks with a serious tone, especially during those moments when his S/O really feels down.
  • “Darling don’t ever think that you aren’t attractive. Don’t you realise how you grab the attention of many without doing a thing but batting those pretty eyes of yours? Damn, I can barely take my eyes off of you.”
  • This cowboy will reassure them over and over through his actions and words that his S/O is so beautiful they only attract the best things in life.


  • He isn’t much with words but his style of flirting will often be seen through his actions.
  • Hanzo will often smile gently at his S/O, brushing a piece of hair out of their face and with a serious tone say, “My love, you are so beautiful you don’t even see it yourself.”
  • Lots of hand holding in general. 
  • Sometimes Hanzo may not speak words of love to his S/O but it is not because he doesn’t care but he believes that saying anything at the right time and when it really means most is how he functions.
  • When Hanzo and his S/O are alone together he loves to hold their body against his chest and relax. Hanzo will gently kiss his S/O’s shoulders, neck, jaw, and then the lips.
  • Hanzo doesn’t like it when his S/O brings themselves down so Hanzo takes it into his own hands to tell them exactly what they need to hear.
  • “You are far too beautiful. Too beautiful I almost have to keep you away from the prying eyes of everyone.”

~Mod Rose

The Ground

I don’t know how long I’ve been here. I don’t even know where ‘here’ is. When the Ark had fallen, it broke apart and scattered. I wondered if anyone else had survived, other stations of the Ark that hadn’t crashed the way ours had. But I heard nothing, no-one around, no survivors. The thought brought tears to my eyes. I was alone. Alone and stuck, pinned down on the ground underneath a piece of the wreckage, in a dirt hole. I could feel a terrible pain in my leg from what seemed to be a very deep gash. My head throbbed and I could feel the now drying blood across it. With every breath I felt pain throughout my chest, across my ribs.

“Well,” I thought to myself, “This is it. This is The Ground. Finally made it here and this is how I’m going to die. I guess I should at least try to enjoy being here for the time I have left…”

I take a deep breath. The air is so different here. I can’t explain it. Earth. Real Earth air. I never thought I’d breathe it, smell it, taste it.

I try to look at my surroundings, but the strain of moving my head causes me to gasp and shut my eyes. Another deep breath and I open them again. There are trees, real trees. There’s grass and small flowers and dirt. And the wreckage of the Ark. Tons of wreckage of the Ark. I think again about how many of our people weren’t lucky enough to survive the crash and my eyes start to water. I let out a sob, and then I hear it. Footsteps. Voices. People. Survivors?

“What is all this?” one voice says.

“The Ark.” another replies, with a tone of authority and pain.

“Rough landing.” another voice, sarcastically.

This is it. This is my chance. I’m not going to die. There is hope. I just need them to find me.

“Help!” I cry out.

“Did you hear that?” The second speaker’s voice says.

“Please help!” I call out again.

“There’s someone out here. Someone survived.” I hear the sound of quickening footsteps approaching my position on the ground.

“Help! Anyone! Please!” I call out in desperation.

Suddenly I see four people approaching, three men and one girl. “Is anyone out there?” The same authoritative voice calls. He seems to be the leader.

“Yes! Yes I’m here!” My voice cracks.

They finally reach me and I nearly cry at the sight of them. There’s a boy with dark, shaggy hair. A girl with an intricate braid. Another boy with shorter hair. And then, leading the pack, a tall man with dark curls.

“You okay?” He asks.

“Oh yeah, just peachy.” I laugh a little, immediately followed by a wince of pain.

“Hey, hey, we’re gonna get you out. Don’t worry.” His voice is reassuring.

“Thank you.” I sigh, “Thank you.”

And then he calls the others over, “Finn, Murphy, Monroe, help me move this beam off of her. Once you lift it, I’ll pull her out.”

In a flurry of adrenaline and determination, the three of them lift the heavy beam pinning me down. The tall boy reaches for me and I grab his extended arm desperately.

“Hold on to me, I’m going to get you out.” Somehow his voice makes me feel safe.

“Get her quick, Bellamy, we can’t hold this thing much longer.” The one called Murphy grunts.

“Can you move?” Bellamy asks me.

“I… I don’t think so.” I start to become scared, This rescue might turn into a sad abandonment.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.” Bellamy reaches lower, his hands under my arms. He strains, the angle of the reach making it difficult for him to get a grip on me. I cling to him and try to push myself up.

“Hurry up!” Monroe cries, the strain of the beam showing on all their faces. Bellamy lifts me, drags me up and my feet just make it out of the deep hole in the ground when just at that moment the beam drops back down.

Stunned silence. A second’s difference could have meant my body crushed under the weight of that beam.

I’m panting and clutching at the boy who saved me. “Thank you.” I can barely make out a whisper.

“Get her some water, quick.” Bellamy orders the others.

Finn quickly fumbles through his pack. I gratefully take the bottle handed to me and take a deep gulp. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I’m crying. Sobbing. Out of relief, out of pain, I don’t know. It’s all too much.

Bellamy places his hands on my shoulders, they’re strong and reassuring. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re safe now. It’s going to be alright.”

I look into his eyes, they’re soft and sincere. A beautiful shade of brown. I trust them. I trust him.

“What’s your name?” He asks

“I’m Y/N.” I reply

“I’m Bellamy. We’re going to take you back to our camp. There’s a doctor there, she’ll help you with your leg.” He gestures to the deep cut, “Do you think you can walk?”

“I think so.” I try to stand up. I stumble and fall straight into Bellamy’s arms.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you.” He scoops me up, bridal style, and I wrap my arms around his neck and hold on tight. He nods to the others and we begin to walk. I gaze around me at the sight of the crash, filled with a mixture of pain seeing the dead bodies and devastation and the relief of being rescued.

I made it to The Ground.


I’ve been in this same bed in Medical for days now. A few broken ribs, a concussion, and a cut so deep in my leg Abby wasn’t sure the stitches would hold.

Bellamy would visit a few times a day. It was the one thing I looked forward to. It gets incredibly boring and lonely being stuck in this pseudo-hospital.

At first he would check in only briefly, ask for an update on my healing. But after a while, I think he started to notice my boredom and he would stay longer, creating conversation to keep me mildly entertained.

I liked talking to Bellamy. He could be kind and sweet, strong and authoritative, and sometimes sassy and sarcastic.

I knew he’d be visiting soon because today was special.

“Hey Doc.” I say as Abby enters the room. She smiles at me. Bellamy walks in behind her. I smile a little brighter at the sight of him.

“You ready to walk?” Abby asks as they approach my bed.

“Fuck yea!” I prop myself up on my elbows while Abby shoots me a look for my foul language. I see Bellamy smirk behind her.

“Let’s get you out of this bed, Y/N.” He says and reaches down for me.

I put one arm around him, while Abby reaches for the other. I stand up out of the bed. I wobble on my feet for a moment and feel Bellamy’s grip on my arm tighten.

“No, no it’s okay!” I say excitedly and straighten myself up, “I got this.” I grin.

I feel them both loosen their hold on me and I take a tentative step forward. A twinge of pain rushes through my leg, but not enough to stop me. I take a few steps further, out of their reach, and turn around to face them, beaming.

“Look at me go!” I exclaim, “I could practically dance!”

“I don’t know about that just yet.” Abby laughs.

“You’d dance with me, wouldn’t you Bellamy?” I give him a cheeky grin and do a little shimmy.

He laughs, “I’m not a dancer but I’d love to see you try.”

“Oh, I’m a great dancer. Check me out.” I shimmy again, but I stumble a little and Bellamy catches me before I fall.

“Okay twinkle toes, let’s stick with walking for now.” He chuckles.


As the days pass, I learn more about The Ground. I’m introduced to more survivors and start to form bonds of friendship with many of them. Bellamy explains to me about the Grounders and Mount Weather. So much pain, so much suffering. I want to help.

“Now that you’re healed, you’re going to need to learn some basics of how to survive on The Ground.” Bellamy tells me. I nod.

“Right, we’ll start with combat. It’s not uncommon to have to fight your way to safety down here.” His voice is gruff and stern.

Over the next few days, he teaches me to fight. How to kick and punch in ways that will inflict the most damage while causing myself the least harm. I take to it quickly. On the Ark I had done self defence training as a way to relieve pent up aggression and now it would become what would help me survive.

Through our training my relationship with Bellamy had become more playful, teasing each other and challenging each other. Sometimes it felt like something more was brewing under the surface but I couldn’t be sure.

After an intense training session, we stand, sweating and panting. I can’t help but notice the way his muscles are visible through his thin shirt. His hair is tussled from the fight, beads of sweat roll down his face. His arms, so strong, biceps bulging. My heart flutters a little and I turn away before he can catch me staring. More and more I had developed feelings for Bellamy. He was undeniably attractive, and the way he cared for everyone, his bold and strong leadership, made him even more so.

“Nice work, Y/N.” He smirks at me. Goddamn that smirk.

“Not so bad yourself.” I smirk back.

Our eyes wander over each others bodies as our breathing steadies. There’s a moment of tension, of temptation, but it’s quickly broken as Bellamy is called away to help with yet another mission. He’s always running off somewhere, and I’m always scared he won’t come back. 

There’s so much danger on The Ground.


Impressed with my progress and determination, soon we move on to weapons training.

“Ever held a gun before?” He asks me.


“Alright, we’ll start small then.” He grabs a handgun and passes it to me.

I stare at it in my hands, unsure of what to do next.

“First, you’re going to have to hold it right.” He wraps my hand around the pistol and stands behind me, lining his arm up with mine and directing us towards the target. I hold my breath. Him standing so close behind me, with his hand touching mine on the gun, his other hand steading my left arm, I felt heat rising in my body. I couldn’t let him notice.

“Now plant your feet firm,” His voice is in my ear, his hot breath rolling over my skin and giving me goosebumps, “Line up the shot,” he directs my arm and squeezes my hand, “And shoot.”


I hit the target, far from centre but I didn’t care. The satisfaction, the exhilaration, of shooting the gun sent waves of adrenaline through my body. I felt so powerful.

“You’re a natural.” Bellamy says as he pulls away from my body and stands back, “Try again.”

I turn back to look at him. He’s smirking that damn smirk of his, arms crossed and eyes intent on mine. He nods towards the target and I turn back around. I shoot again, this time getting a little closer to the middle.

“A bit more practice and we’ll move you up to the big guns.” He says.

I shoot again and this time hit the target dead centre. I smirk and turn to face him again, raising my eyebrows.

“Maybe sooner than later.” He says, a little astonished, and then that signature smirk returns to his face and that feeling of tension and temptation rises between us once more.


It’s been weeks since my rescue. I’m fully healed and recovered and my training with Bellamy has come a long way. Mostly I’ve been helping Abby with patients in any way I can, but I feel like I’m finally ready to join Bellamy and the others outside the camp, but when I approach Bellamy with this he shuts me down completely.

“No.” His voice is stern and his jaw clenches.

“I’m perfectly capable of handling myself out there.” I retort.

“I said no. You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying right here in camp, end of discussion.”

“Is that an order, Blake?” I say in defiance as I take a step towards him.

“More like a strong request.” He states, looking me in the eyes, not backing down for a second.

The tension in the air between us is palpable. Heat is rising. Our eyes locked on each others.

“Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it?” I snarl and take another step towards him.

Suddenly his hands are on either side of my face, pulling me towards him and our lips crash against each other, all these weeks of build up released in a passionate kiss. I kiss him back fervently, my arms around his neck, fingers through his hair and pulling him towards me. His hands move away from my face and down my body to settle on my hips. The kiss deepens and he gently bites my bottom lip. His hand slips under my shirt and a small moan escapes my lips at his touch. He pulls me closer, our bodies flush against each other and the kiss slows. I move my hands to his shirt and bunch it between my fingers, pulling him closer still. He pulls away and rests his forehead against mine. Our eyes are closed. Our breath on each others faces. His hands are on my shoulders now.

“That was….” I start to say but can’t find a way to finish. I open my eyes too look at him.

“Just…” He opens his eyes to look into mine, “Just stay here where I know you’re safe, okay?”

I nod.

He pulls away from me, leaving me shocked and breathless. As he leaves the room, I gently touch my lips, the warm sensation of him still lingering.


Hours later Bellamy returns with the others, covered in blood and cuts and bruises. I follow him and the others into Medical and help Abby prepare warm wash cloths to clean everyone up. I wring the towel out in my hands and walk over to where he sits on the edge of a bed, head hug low, eyes closed.

“Hey…” I say tentatively.

He looks up. “Hey.” His voice is strained and gruff.

I gesture towards the cloth and he nods. I gently press it against a cut on his face and he grunts in pain.

“Sorry.” I whisper, biting my lip.

“It’s okay.” He looks up into my eyes as I continue to softly dab at the blood on his face.

It’s quiet. I avoid eye contact while I clean his cuts. I’ve never been so nervous around him, but after that kiss…. I just didn’t know how to act. Then, slowly, he reaches for my other hand and squeezes it. I look into his eyes finally, they’re soft and loving.

“Thank you.” He says softly.

“I do it for Abby all the time.” I say, looking away again.

“No. Thank you for staying safe.”

My breath catches in my chest. He leans in and presses the softest, most gentle kiss on my lips.

“You’re, uhm… you’re welcome.” I stammer quietly. There’s that smirk of his again.


The rest of the camp has started to notice the budding relationship between Bellamy and I. Whenever he’s home, I’m by his side. We avoid public displays of affection, this is a time of war not the appropriate place for that sort of thing. But everyone knows. I no longer sleep in my own cabin, and when he leaves we sneak a kiss and an “I love you.” just in case he doesn’t return. We know the risks.

“There you are.” I hear Bellamy’s soothing voice behind me, and I turn around. “Come with me.” He takes my hand and pulls me away, towards our room.

As soon as the door is shut his lips are on mine.

“I missed you.” He says against my mouth.

“I missed you too.” I pull him closer and deepen the kiss, our tongues exploring each other.

His hands reach under by butt and he picks me up, I wrap my legs around his waist and hold on. One hand in my hair, one hand holding me up, we make our way to the bed.

He lays me down and climbs on top. Our breathing is heavy. His lips move from my mouth down my jaw to my neck and stop there, biting and sucking. I moan and tug on his hair, bringing him closer to my neck. I feel his hips lower onto me and grind against mine. One of his hands is running its way up and down my side stopping momentarily to massage my breast over my shirt then back down again and under the fabric. His fingers brush against my hip and my stomach and up my ribs.

I start to become impatient and reach for the hem of his shirt and urge him to pull it off. He obliges and I lean up to kiss my way across his chest. He pulls my shirt over my head, undoes my bra, and throws them both away quickly. Our lips kiss each others skin, wherever we can reach, occasionally biting, licking, sucking. Our hands roam each others bodies as a thin layer of sweat starts to build. Soon our pants are on the floor, leaving us in our underwear.

I trace a line across the waist line of his boxers and slowly bring my hand down to caress his bulge. He moans and leaves a trail of hot, wet kisses down my stomach to the edge of my panty line. He bites the top edge of the fabric and I buck my hips up towards his face. Swiftly he removes them and his mouth returns to kiss and lick in their place. I moan and writhe underneath him, one hand clutching at the blankets on the bed, the other in his hair edging him closer. He pulls away and slides off his boxers. Towering over me, we lock eyes and I bite my lip and nod, giving him the okay to enter. He leans down and lines himself up, slowly gliding himself into me. His lips are back on mine as we grind and rock and thrust.

As his lips move back to my neck I moan his name and he shushes me, knowing we don’t want to be overheard. In frustration, I push him away and flip us over, taking control so I’m on top, and running my hands through my hair as I ride him, his hands clutching at my thighs, surely leaving marks. His eyes close, he throws his head back and bites his lip. I know we’re both close, so I speed up and his hips thrust up harder and harder each time.

“Look at me.” I whisper and his eyes meet mine, hungry with lust and desire. A few more thrusts and I’m coming undone, I throw myself forward onto his chest, panting. Soon after he follows and his grip on my thighs loosens. We lay like that for a few moments until our breathing starts to even out. We roll over onto our sides, facing each other, propped up on one arm. He traces the outline of my face with his thumb. I shiver at the softness of his touch.

“Cold?” He asks. I smile a little and he pulls the blanket over us, lays on his back, and I curl up against his side. Laying my face on his chest, he kisses the top of my head and holds me close.

I’m glad I made it to The Ground.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for overcoming shyness?

It is important to see that you don’t have to overcome anything. You are you and you can express yourself how you naturally do. If that isn’t speaking to everyone, that’s fine.

If you’re shy, allow yourself to be. Our society devalues shyness, but there are gifts in it. Seek to find your gift in all of this and your way of going about the world that not everybody agrees with.

Art, writing, sports, whatever it is that you’re naturally good at, go with that and let that speak for you. If you feel you aren’t good at anything, keep trying things. Keep going and keep searching. Find what and how Life wants to express through you. Stop trying to be like those around you and you’ll begin to take your own shape.

Work on expressing how you are and how you feel through a medium and you’ll gain confidence and you’ll gain self-esteem. Then it will be easier for you to talk to people. And you can do that slowly. One step at a time. Start slow and go into the world of social people slowly. That’s all ok.

Balance between being social and honoring yourself and doing what you love. The world is here for you, even if you find fear in it. It won’t swallow you up, it will embrace you. It has always embraced you.

This fear will show you how far you can expand and grow. Most non-shy people won’t have that opportunity; they simply won’t be pushed to the growth that you’ll be pushed to. Keep pushing against the fear you feel and expand in the release of that fear. This will also give you confidence and it all builds on itself and and snow-balls. Start where you are and simple smile at someone. Smile at someone and then take the step to say hi. Say hi and then take the step to compliment someone. And then take the step to start a small conversation. Do these steps at your own pace and keep working with that fear.

I’ll tell you a story from my life that may help. So, I’m shy too and have been as long as I can remember. That’s just how I am. When I was in a band my singer would always say hi to any attractive woman that walked by. Sometimes they’d say hi back, sometime they wouldn’t. This never stopped him. Now, after about two years of me witnessing this, I did it. I was walking into a store and a very cute woman was walking out. And I said “hi”, she smiled and said “hi” back. I soared. I was very confident after that and talking to people I didn’t know changed. It all changed from the one little “hi”.

These things can unfold and shift fast, because the fear, when you face it, has no true life and no true hold on you. Push against it and see. Move slowly and build your self up and see. But also feel your depth. If your shy, your sensitive too. That sensitivity turned inward to your heart will show you the very depth of your being. It will show you the very undeniable fact that no matter what happens on the social side or outside of your life; nothing can pull happiness away from you. It is there within you and you control it and you always have access to it.

Take care and I hope this helps,


anonymous asked:

Ah thanks for the explanation! Maybe the standard Flower Shop and Tattoo Parlor owners au? or a cafe cashier and a college student? College students at a party? New roommates? The au where person a is an angel and person b is a demon but they both look over a human so fun stuff ensues? Just a few off the top of my head

It’s his fourth shift of the week and it’s only Tuesday; he’d worked a double yesterday and was barely standing up for the morning shift today. He mostly sleepwalks through the first two hours of his shift, but seven thirty, Shane is sort of awake. And, it has nothing to do with how soon a certain customer is coming in, no matter what his best friend Sara has to say about it. It has nothing to do with Ryan coming in at eight, nor anything to do with his cute smile and hot as fuck arms. Not a damn thing. Shut up, Sara.

“Your boy, nine o'clock,” Sara announces from her place at the register; she just happens to switch him places in the space of two seconds, shoving him towards her register. He glares at her before turning a smile back to the general public, starting with some pink haired university girl ordering a black coffee. He appreciates the simplicity of it before the complicated nature of Ryan’s order, but he definitely does not know Ryan’s order off of the top of his head, shut up, Sara. The pink haired girl moves off quickly, going to the end of the counter to wait for Sara to finish her coffee.

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more aus
  • i fell down the stairs and you caught me like a princess. what….what do we do now………
  • is. is that a kitten in your sweater. oh my god. oh my god can i pet it
  • youre a terrible, terrible dancer but i love to watch you do it so i tell you youre great
  • i know im the one who suggested you try on eyeliner but youre too attractive now i cant breathe go wash your face off right this second
  • we’re starting a band, u in? thats okay we already signed you up you dont get to choose
  • last night you were the designated driver and i was wasted and i think i confessed to you but im hoping i can play it off when i see you today
  • we work in the same office and sometimes i purposefully jam the printer so i can see you bend over to work on it, and also because you curse in the cutest most creative way i have ever heard
  • i have never been happier than when we nap together, this is even better than going on dates can we just sleep here together forever
  • i told you i hated romantic movies but the truth is i love them and i cry every time
  • we’re camping as a group and some of our friends played a prank on me and pushed my mattress into the lake but i cant swim and you have to save me before i panic worse
  • we’ve been living together for a few months now and when we clean the apartment we always end up singing a duet and dancing like the gross married couple we’re destined to become
  • we always eat lunch in the same place but i eat an hour after you and we started leaving notes in the crook of the nearest tree so we can talk to each other
  • youre a collector and i work at a store that sells the things you collect and you think im a passionate collector like you but honestly i just live for the little moments in my day when i get to see you again
  • we’re on a couples game show and if you lose im kicking your ass on live tv
  • you’re a demon that tried to possess me but when you realized what awful shape im in you forgot your nefarious plans and now youre trying to help me get my life together
  • youre the landscaper for the place where i work and ive gotten in trouble twice this week for staring out of the window and watching your muscles ripple when you lift bags of fertilizer
  • youre my celebrity crush and im an aspiring actor that gets an extra part in your show and we bump into each other backstage
  • i work at a craft/fabric store and i know exactly what you’re making, you cosplaying nerd
  • youre a firefighter and you saved me form a burning building and i briefly considered becoming a serial arsonist to see you again
EXO reacts to their daughter having a crush on one of the members

Cute~ Thanks for your request! <3

*Note: the daughter will be around the 5-6 years old range. 

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: He’d be most amused at this. “Angel, why do you keep staring at Lu-ge like that?” Minseok would chuckle at the way his little daughter blushes at the mention of his good friend Luhan. Folding his arms and granting her that “I’m onto you” look, he would ruffle her hair light-heartedly. “Well, I don’t blame you, Lu-ge is quite handsome,” Xiumin would acquiesce, now solemnly promising not to bring this up to Luhan. “I’m just teasing angel, you know I wouldn’t go tell him anyways.” 

Originally posted by exoshalala

Luhan: He would be especially caught off guard when his little girl insists on seeing Xiumin on a daily basis. “Princess, why do you keep asking about Minseok–” stopping himself, Luhan would carefully scrutinize over his daughter; the scarlet flush and sudden modesty speaks immense volume. ‘No, she can’t be already into boys!’ Oh how Luhan would dread this. I see him as one of those fathers whose most protective with their daughter when it comes to boys. Emitting a sigh, he would sink down to her level with a soft smile. “I’ll admit it princess, Minseok hyung is an acceptable choice.” 

Originally posted by harlysquad

Kris: I said Luhan would be a guarded father…Kris would epitomize this notion. His daughter would approach him with an eye-catching, crayon drawing of Tao, as she gushes with palpable effervescence over how handsome and charming he is. “Oh no. No guy is getting my princess, especially at this age.” Scrutinizing over the drawing, he would suddenly realize that it’s Tao, only to chuckle in helplessness. “You like Tao the most baby? But…there’s better picks right? There’s other members that may be better–” and of course, his little girl’s stubbornness would shine through as she lucidly asserts that Tao is the only one she has her eye on. Seeing the humorous innocence, Yifan allow just one meet up between the two. “Don’t expect any other dates like this princess.” 

Originally posted by paperdawns

Suho: Similar to Minseok, Suho would find this most amusing and somewhat precious. He would listen with evident jubilation as his daughter reveres over how she’s found a handsome prince in her life, how he’s thoughtful, considerate, and especially attractive. “Ah, so you like Lay, right baby? He’s really nice! I knew my princess could pick well.” Suho is all about spoiling his little girl, so he’ll go to great strides for a smile on her face. “You know princess, Lay really likes cooking. Maybe you and him can bake something really nice together sometime?” Oh how much of a blushing mess his little girl would be at this offer. He’d be sure to get Yixing to play along with the whole “prince” role. 

Originally posted by britamin-graphics

Lay: It wouldn’t register with Yixing immediately who his daughter is confessing to him about. He would just assume that she’s developed an affinity for some movie prince or hero that she has seen on T.V. “He sounds really nice love.” It wouldn’t become evident until his little girl mentions that Yixing is usually around him. She would describe him, to which Yixing would bid her a blithe smile upon identifying this particular member. “You must be talking about Suho-hyung angel. He’s really good to us all. He takes care of all members and likes us all a lot. Maybe, he can spend some time with you love? You don’t need to be shy, he’s really kind and understanding.” He would pat her hair affectionately, and whether she agrees or not, I can still see Yixing recalling the moment with his wife and raving about how cute their little girl is. 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun: Instantly attentive to his little girl as she beseeches for his attention, Baekhyun would give her that “really now” look when she exclaims how she’s found a really cute, nice boy. “Boys? Already baby? I remember you telling me that boys are icky and no fun!” Shaking her head, his little daughter would go on about how this particular boy isn’t “like the others.” “Jongdae?! You like Chen baby? And he isn’t like the others? Are you sure this is the same Chen I know?” Nodding fervidly, he would almost burst into a fit of amused laughter at how his little girl is going to look especially pretty and ask Jongdae to take her out somewhere nice the next time she sees him. Oh how Baek would remark to himself “that’s my girl. So fearless and confident. She really is just like me.” 

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Chen: He’d be the most amused with his little daughter of all the members. In fact, Jongdae would probably be the one to approach his daughter on the matter, once receiving word from his wife on her having a minor crush on of the members. “Soooo, princess. I hear that there’s a guy you’ve got an eye for? Who is this stallion that’s stolen my little girl’s heart?” he’d inquire melodramatically for jocosity. Blushing while giggling, his little girl would perfectly describe Baekhyun, much to Jongdae’s amusement. Teasingly, he’d wrinkle his face in dissatisfaction. “You don’t want Baekhyun hyung princess. He’s really loud. Like, louder than daddy and your uncle Chanyeol combined.” Yet, his little girl would remain unfazed, gushing about how handsome and talented Baek is. Playfully, Jongdae will be much guarded when his little girl is around around the other members, particularly Baek. 

Originally posted by dyo-soo

Chanyeol: Bursting out into a fit of laughter upon hearing his daughter’s confession, Chanyeol would pull his little girl close, only to playfully ruffle her filaments. “Baby, you can’t like your uncle Sehun!” When she innocently asks ‘why not,’ Chanyeol would chuckle awkwardly, as illustrated with the way he runs a hand through his hair. “Well…because he’s your uncle pumpkin. I mean, not biologically, but, he’s still your uncle!” He would fruitlessly attempt to sway her only to no avail. In the meantime, I can see Chanyeol telling Sehun about his daughter’s little crush. “I’m not kidding, she’s definitely got the hots for you! Okay, it’s a little more innocent than that, but still. What? No I’m not gonna let you take her out!” 

Originally posted by dibidibi-disrespectful

D.O: Placid, yet amused is how I would describe Kyungsoo in this scenario. He would chuckle with enjoyment as his little daughter murmurs to him in a mildly timid manner that ‘that Jongin guy is really handsome and cool.’ Patting her on the head lightly, Kyungsoo would agree with calmly. “Have you seen Jongin when he dances? I think you would like that a lot sweetheart.” Her eyes would glimmer with palpable fascination as she begs Kyungsoo to go on about how impeccable Jongin is while dancing. “He’s very concentrated. Yet, he still manages to look graceful and precise. If you ask him nicely, maybe he’ll show you.” 

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

Tao: Most thrown off and befuddled, the moment Tao’s little girl points to a picture of Yifan, going on about how he’s “her husband,” Tao would burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. “Your husband?! Baby, that’s your uncle Yifan! He’s a scary gege too! Have you not seen him? How could you not be scared of him!?” Oh how much fun his little daughter would have giggling at her dad’s breakdown with her revelation. “He’s really tall also! He’d tower you and that’s okay? How would you be able to reach for him anyways baby hmmm?” For every frenzied inquiry, Tao’s daughter would be able to fire back with a witty remark, claiming that Kris’s tallness is what makes him most handsome. All in all, it would be a cute little “back and forth.” 

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai: Chuckling into his fists awkwardly, he’d quirk a brow at his daughter once she discloses how she’s supposedly in love with Kyungsoo. “Kitten…he’s a lot older than you…don’t you think?” Yet, Jongin’s little girl would remain unfazed, merely going on about how Kyungsoo’s singing voice is incredibly dreamy, and how well mannered he is towards everyone. “Well, that is true,” Jongin would acquiesce with hesitance. “But he’s still a lot older than you kitten.” With that, Jongin would think to himself that his little girl crushing on Kyungsoo is far better than her seeking out some boy at her preschool, so he’d let her have her fun this once. 

Originally posted by kaibility

Sehun: Sehun would have so much fun playfully teasing his daughter on the member she fancies. Nearly bursting into laughter once his little girl murmurs half to herself “isn’t Chanyeol oppa so handsome?” Sehun would then interject himself into this. “Maybe from a distance. Don’t tell me you like him princess.” Fervidly, she’d nod her head to affirm this, eliciting a playful sigh from her father. “You don’t want Chanyeol hyung. He’s uncoordinated. And really loud too.  You haven’t heard nothing until you come around that hyung.” She’d fiercely defend her stance, going on a whimsical reverie on how Chanyeol is the “prince of her dreams,” much to Sehun’s amusement. “I mean…I guess he’s not that bad. But no dates princess. Remember: that rule about you seeing boys until 40 is still in place.” 

Originally posted by xehun

Be sure to drop more requests in my ask box cuties. <3 


Attraction Meme - Iriel Bell

(( HOW DID I MISS THIS. TUMBLR PLS. Thank you, @grumpy-limsan-customs-cat​! Sorry it is so magnificently late! <3))

“Don’t you know all this already? What do you do with all this information?” Bell’s brows were up, his cigarette halfway to his mouth. He stared in consternation at his little Xaela friend, perched on his couch as ever–as though we had not left. But, she only smiled mysteriously, lowering dark lashes over secretive, golden eyes. He sighed, put the cigarette to his lips, and puffed in mild irritation.

“If I find out this is fueling more personal ads, I’ll have your horns as catalysts.”

Surenqara’s smile grew, patient.

Physical Attraction Levels

“Unacceptable,” Bell snapped around the cigarette. “These terms are undefined; what does ‘physical attraction’ imply? That I want to get to know them? Ravish them on sight? This is deliberately unscientific.”

“Very well,” Surenqara admitted, leaning back. She was amused, her tail patting the couch in an idle rhythm. “Define them.”

Bell narrowed his viciously green eyes at her, then exhaled sharply through his nose. Smoke followed: an irritated, blond dragon. 

💔 Non-existent - “A useless rating to me; everyone is attractive in their own regard. We throw it out.”
💛💛 No Preference - “Usually due to having not met many exemplars.”
💝💝💝 Date-worthy - “Attractive, yes.”
💘💘💘💘 Fancied - “I will probably end up staring.”
💗💗💗💗💗 Preferred - “Out; I find it insufficiently differentiated from ‘fancied’. I’m not looking to drag someone into an alley on sight.”

“Better, hm?”

Surenqara rolled her eyes, and beckoned him on.


♂ Sea Wolf Men: 💛💛 (”Have you met Ketengeim’s father? I feel imperiled merely thinking about him as attractive.”)
♀ Sea Wolf Women:  💝💝💝
♂ Hellsguard Men: 💛💛
♀ Hellsguard Women: 💝💝💝 

”The sad fact is that I have met too few Roegadyn.”


♂ Highlander Men : 💘💘💘💘 (”If you tell Osgrim I said this, I’ll also take your scales as reagents.”)
♀ Highlander Women : 💘💘💘💘 (”If you tell Dr. Fenshaw I said this–” “Yes, yes,” Surenqara reassured him.) 
♂ Midlander Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Midlander Women :  💝💝💝

Bell muttered something about face shapes, jaws, brows, noses. Shoulders and postures, strength. He seemed to prefer Hyur near his height, men a bit taller, women shorter. When he realizes he’s been talking about necks for a few minutes, he devolves into abashed mumbling. Surenqara let him go on, wicked.


♂ Wildwood Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Wildwood Women : 💝💝💝
♂ Duskwight Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Duskwight Women : 💘💘💘💘 (”You can tell Cheyne, I leave her poetry sometimes.” He was proud of it.)

"I do have a slight bias, here. No doubt due to the sheer quantity of devastating Duskwights in my life.”


♂ Seeker Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Seeker Women : 💘💘💘💘
♂ Keeper Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Keeper Women : 💘💘💘💘

"There is something particularly enchanting about the little, pointed teeth on Keepers. Otherwise, they tend to be on equal footing,” he frowned at that. “That of being noticeable to me, I suppose.”

“Provided they are suitably fluffy.”

“That is a scientific study. I am not measuring Lurial and Tiergan’s fluff density to compare their attractiveness!” His face was red, brows furrowed furiously. Surenqara laughed.


♂ Plainsfolk Men :   💝💝💝
♀ Plainsfolk Women : 💝💝💝
♂ Dunesfolk Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Dunesfolk Women : 💝💝💝

"No less becoming for their stature, though I do find it difficult to dismiss the initial reaction of “child-like”. Usually, I am quickly disabused of the notion with their typical wit, however.”


♂ Xaela Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Xaela Women : 💘💘💘💘
♂ Raen Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Raen Women : 💘💘💘💘

"I’m not sorry; you’re all fascinating.”

“Are you going to drag me into an alley?” Surenqara grinned, impishly.

“Perhaps to rifle your pockets for sensitive personal information about myself,” was the retort.

Well, I got distracted but here we go. Here is rebirthpyre’s guide to asexual muns and how to respect their boundaries for rude anons who wont leave Wings alone, as well as for people out there who just need a little help understanding. 

…I’ll need to shorten that name up a bit. Oh well. Under the cut will be talk about sexuality and, of course, mentions of sex. If that will make you uncomfortable at all then it’s in your best interest not to look.

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anonymous asked:

can you do a smut where you and namjoon are neighbors and he always masturbates really loudly then one night you go over to ask him to stop then you guys do the do? thank you!!!

Thank you for requesting!!!

Originally posted by itsa-phenomena

Just Being Neighborly (Rap Monster)

Warning: Smutty smut smut smut… Suggestive Language and Swearing, loads of dirty talk, and Namjoon as a moaner (aka the sexiest thing I’ve ever had to visualize… like ever)

It seemed like he’d get louder and louder… No matter how much you’d try to block out the sounds of your neighbor pleasing himself you couldn’t It’s almost like you could visualize his hand moving up and down his stiff length. You could see him tugging and pull at his slicked length, and it was honestly beginning to make you a mess.

You twisted in bed unable to get comfortable. The quietness of your room did nothing to help with the situation. If anything it seemed to make it worse. His grunts seemed to bounce off the walls of your room, and it made your thighs squeeze together.

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anonymous asked:

i was just thinking abt how u guys probably spend a lot of time staring at their faces. is it a gift? is it still hard to believe that they r this attractive? is it a curse owdjwidj

Well for me, I’m mainly responsible for restoring jungkook, jin, and taehyung. Jin and tae, in my opinion are really fun and enjoyable to restore. Because I really like their personalities and I personally don’t feel like any form of attraction to them so it is not, i guess, ?? emotionally taxing? 

Jungkook however…  Sometimes i enjoy it cause hes cute. Sometimes i cant even look at him cause hes so attractive. But other times i find that Jungkook can be boring/annoying to look at after awhile. … although that last fact might be because he is so highly requested from the other admins or inbox for me to restore.   ( ̄ -  ̄ ;)  so in those cases sometimes the other admins take jk and i do their members

Admin Matte

I’m responsible for Jimin and Yoongi, and I used to be for Hoseok. 

I’m a huge Yoongi stan from the very beginning and we have the most restores of him tbh. So basically to me it’s great, I rarely get tired of restoring him. And I honestly think it’s kind of a gift because I get to be able to revert all these pics and show everyone how great he actually looks like!! Instead of those ghost pics ew. 

As for Jimin, well, he is hot and cutesy, no lie there. But for some reason, he’s very tedious to restore… so I really get tired of doing him after like 2- 3 pics… So I suffer a bit when we get a lot of Jimin submissions ( which happens rather often). 

Hoseok is very hard to restore so it was stressful at times. 

I enjoy restoring all members so sometimes I restore a lot of the others as well. Overall it’s pretty enjoyable. 

Admin Gloss

i’m responsible for hoseok and namjoon, and formerly jimin.

obviously since i’m a (very dedicated) hobi stan every restore i do of him is thoroughly enjoyed and tbh i spend most of my time editing cooing over how beautiful he is LMAO.. the only thing is that i get too focused on hobi and my namjoon:hobi restore ratio is.. not even lol

namjoons tends to take a little while longer to restore than hobi or jimin because theres not a huge amount of namjoon focus fancams which i usually find is the best reference for what they look like naturally, but its still fun to do 

however i do find that there are more namjoon and hobi pictures that are hard or pretty much impossible to restore because theyre so heavily whitewashed which sucks :/

i enjoyed restoring jimin a lot too, theres some amazing shots composition-wise of jimin that were ruined by them being whitewashed and it was really nice to make jimin not look like a ghost in them lol. as jimins one of the more popular members too its very easy to find references for him which was nice

overall i really like restoring, i used to be an art/photography student so the process of editing, analysing lighting conditions and learning more etc is really fun for me. i especially love restoring pics from the wings concert i went to, and making the boys look as they did when i saw them irl

- Admin Cherry

I really hate these “Look how relatable and quirky I am” webcomics. They’re the epitome of laziness and there’s so damn many of them that the whole thing became over saturated.

Like I get the appeal of self depreciation. John Pinette is one of my favorite stand up comedians and his whole thing is “Look at what a fat fucking glutton I am! I sure do eat a lot!” And at the end of the day, that’s sort of what people like Simple Sarah or Adam Ellis or Shen do…but I think there’s still a lot of difference between someone like Pinette and the “Relatable crowd.”

These people base their comics on the most mundane crap and somehow have made a career out of it. Oh, I’m rather tired today. I don’t want to go to work/school/social obligation/etc but instead sleep! Life can sometimes be sad! I get nervous when talking to people I find attractive!

Is this really what everyone is clamoring for? Can I make a comic where I complain about the time I got a soggy burger at Five Guys and get a shit ton of unwarranted praise? Maybe I can open a Patreon and get a few hundred dollars for “<i>World and Centuries Unexcellent Burger Adventures</i>” where I complain about all the poorly made burgers I’ve faced in my life.

Want to know the formula for this shit? I want to do something. I’m unable to do that thing. I’m sad.

There you go. Now you can make your own quirky relatable comic. Don’t forget to take no more than 5 minutes. Your author avatar should be simple and copy/pasted across comics.

That’s another thing that pisses me off. The art of these comics are always so lazy. It’s not even a matter of quality. These people just take the absolute biggest shortcuts possible when pumping out these comics like there’s no tomorrow. A lot of the time they just copy/paste their characters or even entire panels, changing only where the eyes are looking at and the mouths. Comics are a visual medium yet these people just aren’t interested in taking advantage of that. If you want to explain what stupid benign thing happened to you that day but you don’t want to draw, start a podcast!

Maybe I’m just being more salty than I should, but it really bites me in the ass drawing something over the course of a week, trying to have an interesting joke I haven’t made before, making sure the panels are interesting to look at, making sure I’m not copy pasting anything unless it’s absolutely necessary, etc and the comic is an utter failure but one of these chucklefucks shits out another “Being an adult is haaaaaaard!” comic in 5 minutes and get all the adoration they can take.

Like yes, I know that other people’s successes doesn’t diminish your own and I’m very grateful for the audience I have, but it just bugs me so damn much putting work and effort into something that seems to only become popular the less of that you put in. Like someone making a really high quality, intelligent film reading about how much money the latest Transformers movie makes, I just can’t help but to feel so incredibly salty over it.

This is something I’ve been holding in for a long while. I think I might have made a post on tumblr or two about it but really, it’s something deserving of it’s own comic. If these pricks can cry about every mundane bullshit thing than so can I.

I don’t care that these comics are relatable or the artist is drawing them to help with his depression or it’s part of their jobs or whatever. They’re shit. They’re absolute shit and the people who make them have either no talent or no integrity. 

I can’t be the only one who thinks this. 

anonymous asked:

so you are, 100% honestly and entirely, not attracted to any trans woman at all? like she has the same voice tone, genitals, sex characteristics, breasts, typical curves, face structure, personality traits, and obviously gender as a woman youd be attracted to normally and is literally indistinguishable from a cis woman; you still wouldnt be attracted to her at all? the reason i say objectively is that you cant just "tell", sometimes you can sure but when you cant you will surely be attracted?

yes 100% honestly and entirely. based on their sex and my sexual orientation.

how can a trans woman have the same genitals as me??????? genitals are organs that are different in males and females. you can’t change them to the other set.

or all the other secondary sex characteristics?

if it was “ the same voice tone, genitals, sex characteristics, breasts, typical curves, face structure, personality traits, and obviously gender as a woman ” then that person wouldn’t be trans. 

but especially the genitals??? i don’t want to be really vulgar here, but the smell, the taste, the secretions, the tightening when close to orgasm, and the altogether feel…you are telling me that this pure perfection and luxury for the senses that the vulva and the vagina create together can be constructed by doctors? you must have a very weird view of female genitals. 

and just to answer your very hypothetical question, if sometime in the past i found myself attracted to a woman from afar and didn’t get to know her to be able to “tell”, as you call it, that it was in fact a tw, then like i told you in the previous anon ask my mind’s sexual projections would be created around the assumption of a female body. my attraction would not be to that actual person, but to my mind’s projected female creation. it would be attraction as long as it stayed in a fantasy where that person was female. the reality would be an illusion breaker because of my homosexuality, not because of transphobia. because the fantasy and the reality would be completely different from each other and the thoughts that allowed the attraction to be cultivated would be objectively false and at odds with the physical reality of the situation.

if you have to resort to such hypothetical situations to make some point, doesn’t that tell you something about what you find “objective” in reality? how often do you think we can’t really “tell”? why do you assume that attraction to someone has nothing to do with the assumptions we make about how that person looks and feels naked? why do you assume that if our assumptions were challenged, the attraction wouldn’t naturally disappear?

I’m at this realllllyyyyy weird but important part of my transition (which may turn out not to be just a part of it 😬) where I still get misgendered sometimes by strangers, yet I have straight guy friends who find me attractive now and have caught so many guys staring at me with this look on their face I was not familiar with until now and I’m really good at reading people’s faces and so whenever it’s not a look of confusion, it’s a look of desire… or both sometimes if you can believe it. I’m not saying this to gloat or anything, the guys that stare at me like this are usually like middle-aged and scary looking.

So I guess what I’m getting at is beauty is in the eye of the beholder and even if someone misgenders you, there are people out there who will easily see the girl or boy in you. Lets just hope not too many of them are creeps who look like the crazy old man from the first two Friday the 13th movies who warns everyone to stay away from Camp Crystal Lake.

anonymous asked:

How would you describe sexual attraction? (Also romantic attraction is still a big mess for me, like what does one do/think when they have a crush?)

Okay *rolls up sleeves* I do not have a short answer here. I occasionally experience sexual attraction. For me, it is a very distinct experience. I’ve told people that it’s like getting punched in the face.

I feel it emotionally, mentally, and physically all at once. Emotionally I get the unmistakable desire to isolate myself with the person I’m attracted to. Mentally, without my control, I envision all the naked sexy time things I would really like to do with the person. Physically it is like I’ve been watching porn for a half hour, my libido is present and 100% ready to go.

All of this can sometimes hit me as a wave and occur moments after seeing the person.

Because I identify as gray-ace I have found that attraction (while strong) usually lasts only a few minutes for me. Or there are times when I low-key have the same reaction just watered down, but usually that happens with people I have seen before *cough*mishacollins*cough*

I hope this was helpful. Pls reblog and add anything you’ve experienced. I want to hear about it!

Begin Again - vii || TBS

A/N: I suggest you listen to this song before/while you read this fic. It’s an old song I always hear on the radio on Sundays and I believe it accurately narrates the plot of this fic.

AND I KNOW I’VE BEEN GONE FOR SO LONG. Just… all the studies and family outings and church shenanigans.

Can I just say what torture it is to see Bella with Thomas? I love her, really, but… why

How do you even move on from TBS?

Another note, some of the scenes in this fic is inspired from an old Twilight AU fanfiction called The Ex Factor.

Hope you all enjoy. This is PURE FLUFF.

Feel free to request.

When Thomas decided to take a shower, you paced around the hotel room nervously. You didn’t expect him to take your relationship to another level so quickly. You didn’t share a bed together until your second year into the relationship, years ago.

You have been craving his touch since you moved out, right? You didn’t know why you were so jumpy. It’s just Thomas, after all.

Speak of the devil

“You alright?”

“Yeah.” You sighed shakily as he pulled you gently towards the bed.

“Relax, silly girl,” he pulled you towards him while he was on his knees on the bed, pressing his lips to your forehead.

His arms snaked around you, one around your shoulder and the other around your waist. You let your own arms squeeze his torso, forcing your breathing to level.

“Relax.” He repeated, rubbing soothing circles on your back as he pressed his cheek to your hair.

You let everything sink in.

You’re alone with Thomas in a dimly lit bedroom, hearing nothing but his breathing and the faint sound of the violin outside the hotel. His warmth covered almost every inch of your skin while his lips whisper soft, soothing words of encouragement.

He was being the perfect gentleman, putting your feelings first despite what he wants.

You stayed like that for five more minutes before he released you from his grip.

“Better?” he asked softly.


He lied down on the bed, and you followed his lead. You kept your hands clasped together, unsure of what he’ll do.

“Relax. Please.” he sighed, “You don’t have to move…”

He rolled to his side so he faced you. His fingers brushed gently along your arm. You visibly shuddered, making Thomas chuckle.

His lips set to work then, very slowly kissing under your jaw. He kept whispering soothing words in between kisses, which made your breathing speed up even more.

Just when you thought you were going to faint, Thomas stopped.

You let out a breath of relief.

Instead, he nuzzled into your nape, kissing it once.

“Good night, love.” he muttered softly, rubbing his thumb on your opposite arm.

Although Thomas being here felt like home to you, his touch was so foreign. Not in a bad way, it just made you tingle and want to squeal like a schoolgirl.

“You alright?” Thomas inquired quietly.

“Yeah. You’re making it hard to relax.” you literally facepalmed. So much for romantic.

His hot breath tickled your neck as he laughed quietly. “Sorry.” he pulled away from you, but his eyes remained on you.

You looked at him, confused. He had the most boyish smile on his face as you met his gaze.

“Something on my face?” you asked, rubbing your fingers around your lips.

He shook his head and reached out for your hand, pulling it away from your face and replacing it with his own hand.

He traced his index finger along your face: down the bridge of your nose, on your eyelids, along your jaw… as if he was memorizing you. Studying you.


“You’re pretty.” he sighed, letting his index finger dance along your bottom lip.

You laughed breathily. “Yeah?”

“Mhmm. Prettiest I’ve ever seen.”

Please.” you were sure you were beet red. You reached for Thomas’ hand to pull it away from your face, but when you did, he intertwined his fingers with yours.

“I’m really going to sleep on the couch if you couldn’t sleep like this.”

“No, no, no,” you exhaled loudly. Then you shifted closer to him as if to emphasize your response.

He can’t look this… perfect.

His veined arms pulled you closer to his chest, looking at you with reverent eyes and slightly pouted lips.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look?”

You nodded. “You have, so please stop.” you attempted to cover your bright red face by ducking from his sight.

You heard him laugh. “You really are beautiful, especially when you’re on the bed.”

You looked at him, mock hurt etched on your face.

“Not in any dirty way,” he scoffed. “it’s just that… sometimes, I want to keep you here. Untouched and undamaged. Rested. So unrealistic yet so bloody tempting.”

“I’m not weak,” you retorted, running your hand along his arms, your fingertips dancing along his every crevice.

“I didn’t say you were,” he reassured. “I’m just saying you seem to attract trouble. Always.”

You glared at him, but your sharp stare faltered. “I guess it’s true.”

“Mhmm. I can breathe when you’re in my arms. But at the same time… I couldn’t.”

“I know the feeling.” you agreed. Then you asked suddenly, “Do you want to have kids soon?”

He looked confused, then he smiled affectionately. “I’m more than happy with my precious girls, but I’m more than ready for another mini you.” he reached out to cup your cheek. “How about my girl? What does she want?”

You took the time to nuzzle in his hand before responding in a whisper. “I want to make you happy.”

“Oh, Y/N. I’m the happiest man in the world.” his smile grew bigger then. “But do you want kids?”

Did you?

“Maybe,” you settled for the neutral option. “What gender would you like it to be if it happens?”

He looked at you thoughtfully. “I don’t really care,” he shrugged. “It can be a boy… so you have two bodyguards,” he smirked jokingly. “and we can go see football games together - with Hope, maybe, if she’ll be into it.”

“That sounds nice.” you smiled dreamily. “My boys.”

“And it can be a girl, too,” he twirled your locks around his finger. “so I can freak out when she brings a boy home…”

“Too soon, Tommy,” you reminded, your head spinning at the idea of Hope falling in love.

“I’ll have three precious girls with your eyes.”

“Or yours,” you offered.

“Or mine.” he agreed.

“We don’t have to rush into things anyway. We still have Hope to consider… and our family has no idea about us, except your sister.”

“We’ll be fine, sweetheart. They love you anyways.”

“I’m keeping you awake,” you said guiltily.

“Nonsense.” he scoffed. “Is there something else you wanna talk about?”

“What are we? I don’t know if we’re friends or-”

“We’re obviously not friends,” he laughed nervously. “And I love you. And we’re on a date.”

“…So we’re dating?”

“I guess that means we are, yeah.” he smiled. “I promise I won’t rush into things, okay? I’ll give you the wooing you deserve.”

“I don’t deserve to be wooed, Tommy, I’m fine without it.”

“I can see right through you, love.” he smiled knowingly. “My girl deserves the best in the world. End of discussion.”

“I’ll never fall asleep if you decide to do the wooing at night.” you sighed, frustrated.

“I can’t help it.” he mouthed, then he sighed. “Don’t say no, okay?”


“I’m sleeping on the couch. You need to sleep.”


“No, Y/N. It’s two in the morning. Sleep.” He kissed your forehead lovingly and headed to the big couch at the foot of the bed. He smiled at you before lying on his back and closing his eyes.

You tried sleeping as well, but it got cold.

And you felt lonely.

Now that Thomas was striding into your life, it was easy to feel so lonely. And it scared you.

So much.

You padded quietly to the couch where Thomas lay asleep, his arms wrapped around himself.

There was no room since he lay on his back. So with one heavy sigh, you positioned yourself to straddle him, then you gradually tangled your legs together, and tucked your head in the crook of his neck.

You now lay chest-to-chest. Thomas sleepily wrapped his arms around you.

He woke up briefly - he wasn’t even fully conscious. He reached to brush your hair out of his face gently before kissing the skin behind your ear and going back to sleep.

Darkness took over as you relaxed with Thomas’ chest heaving with every soft breath.

cute^2 || chanyeol

Originally posted by parkchny

all you want is your favourite snack, but you end up getting a cute boy with it as well.

447 words; normal verse!au; chanyeol/reader scenario; fluff

“Do you, um,” a deep voice breaks into your train of thought, followed by a chuckle, “need any help there?”

You grip onto the shelf tighter, straining for your beloved snack at the very top. Why did they have to put it so high anyway? Not everyone was blessed with long legs (or arms, for that matter).

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