my face as my canvas

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“I say we make purple”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 1k+

“Baby girl?” Joe yelled walking in the door of our flat. “I’m in the studio!” I yelled. No, not a music studio I’m not some kind of upcoming new singer. I’m an artist. I was in the middle of a painting when Joe walked in. “Hey baby,” Joe said smiling at me. I smiled at him, wiping the paint off my hands into my pants. I hugged him and he kissed my cheek.

 "Have you been here all day?“ He asked. “Do you even have to ask that question anymore?” I chuckled. “True,” he said laughing. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go grab something to eat,” he said. I nodded pecking his lips. I grabbed my paint brush and continued painting. I grabbed a new color of paint and got frustrated. I blew the baby hair out of my face and dipped my fingers in paint. I then started finger painting the canvas. Joe came back in with an apple.

  "So am I allowed to see what you’re working on?“ Joe asked, knowing I was protective of my work. "Yeah if you give me a bite of that,” I said knowing he was protective of his food. He held it for me due to the mess on my fingers and gave me a bite. “Thank you,” I said after swallowing. He looked at my art sitting in the rolling chair I had in the studio. “I like it a lot,” Joe said. I smiled. “I’m not really sure where I’m going with it but yeah,” I shrugged. “It reminds me of you, absolutely beautiful,” he said. Heat rose to my cheek. “Stop being so cute Suggy,” I said. 

He smiled at me. I turned back to the canvas and continued to work. “How has your day been so far?” I asked him. “It was good. Hanging out with the boys is always interesting,” He said. I laughed lightly. “Are Zoe and Alfie still coming over tonight?” I asked. “I believe so,” he said standing up and hugging me from behind. “What time?” I asked. He looked at his watch, “any time now, she has a key so we don’t have to open the door or anything.” I nodded, focusing. “I love you,” he said kissing my neck gently. 

I turned around and faced him. I kissed his lips and smiled. “I love you too.” I looked down at my fingers slightly and then at Joe. I took my blue paint covered hands and rubbed them down Joe’s cheeks. His jaw dropped. “Oh my god,” he said in shock. I smiled innocently. “If you want it that way, that’s the way it will be,” Joe said. He grabbed a handful of the paint I was working with and smeared it all over my face. “Joseph,” I screeched but laughed. I took a bottle of paint and poured it all over his hair.

 "Oh that’s it,“ he said grabbing a bottle of red paint. He unscrewed the lid and I backed up. "Joe no,” I warned. He didn’t listen to me and poured the paint all over my head. I grabbed the bottle of the blue paint from the table and poured the rest of the bottle on the front of him. “I’m covered in blue paint, you’re covered in red, I say we make purple,” Joe smirked. I hit his arm and laughed before smearing more paint on him. The room was filled with the sound of our laughter as we threw paint all over each other. 

There was paint all over us and the floor. I ran trying to get away from him and he followed me. He slid in the paint almost falling but caught up to me. He grabbed me making me laugh harder. He hugged me, getting the paint that was on him all over me. “Oh my god,” we heard Zoe say at the door. We both froze but then laughed more. My cheeks turned red, but you couldn’t see it from under the paint. Joe’s arms released me and he smiled wide and walked over to Zoe. “Joseph Graham Sugg do not,” She warned. I laughed. 

I grabbed a paper towel and wiped my face. He laughed and decided not too. “I guess we have to go shower,” Joe smirked. “Joe!” Zoe and I screamed at the same time. Joe laughed. “You can shower in our room love and I’ll shower in the guest,” he said. “Are you sure?” I asked. He nodded. I took a paper towel and wiped his lips and pecked his lips quickly. Zoe and Alfie stayed in the living room while Joe and I showered. I thoroughly rinsed my hair and my body cleaning the paint off of it. I washed everything and got out. I dried off and wrapped my hair in a towel. I got dressed in a pair of Fabric shorts and a loose shirt. I pulled the towel out of my hair and brushed it. 

I grabbed pillows and blankets and walked toward the living room. “Do you love her?” I heard Zoe say. “I love her very much,” Joe said. “I’m so happy for you,” she said. I walked into the living room to see Joe in sweats with no shirt on (aka my actual weakness). I hugged Alfie and Zoe, giving them a proper hello. I then sat next to Joe trying not to stare at his abs. I handed Zalfie a blanket and put on over myself and Joe. We turned on a movie and I cuddled into Joe putting my hand on his abs. He put his arm around me, pulling me closer and I tried to watch the movie but I got super tired so soon I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up in Joe’s arms as usual. But this time we were on the couch. Sunlight shined through the window. I saw a flash go off and I smiled. “Sorry did I wake you?” Zoe asked. “No you’re okay,” I said lightly. I wiggled out of Joe’s grasp and stood up. “Can I see it?” I asked. She nodded and showed me. She then scrolled over to show me the ones she took last night. “Thank you,” she said. “For what?” I asked confused. “Making my brother happy.”


noticed there was a lack of half-naked Marco chasing after Marie in the snow and thought I might try my hand at rectifying that

somebody remind me not to speed draw because what is perspective //lays on floor facedown

The Start of Something

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: based on the songs Honest by Shawn Mendes and Ivy by Frank Ocean.

“It’s that I hate to hurt you, but I got to be honest. I can’t give you what you need. You deserve more than I can promise”

“I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me, the start of nothing”

The start of something.

The sky was pitch black as the stars danced around and glimmered. The air was cool and our cheeks were flushed. Pointing out the different constellations, lost in our own world. This is how I always want it to be. The 2 of us, enjoying each other’s company, alone. Laughter filled my ears as we laid down on the grass, cracking jokes and being ourselves. The feeling was ethereal. It was almost like I was in some type of dream world. I could dream all night. The feeling deep down is good.

I glanced up at Shawn as I watched him laugh. The way his smile reflected the moon light, how his cheeks would gradually become a deep pink, how his eyes gleamed with joy. I couldn’t help but watch and smile. I guess he had noticed, as the laughter had died down. Shawn looked at me and smiled a weary smile, as if he were trying to figure something out.

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Lemongrass oil

Has done fucking wonders for my skin

For about 21 years of my life I didn’t experience any acne, a blemish here and there on my cheek (that I thought was cute), or two little bumps or so on my period, but never had anything serious, until the 22nd year of my life where my forehead would constantly be bumpy with red angry pimples, constant cheek pimples (near my nose), my face was no longer soft and my pores were HUGE… not many people noticed cause I wear makeup a lot, but it really got me down because it wasn’t something I had to deal with growing up. My face is my canvas because I love doing makeup and it was hard to paint it the way I wanted.

So I looked for natural alternatives to help with acne and I saw lemongrass oil really helps with large pores and I just so happened to have a bunch of unused essential oils so I said fuck it and smeared it all over my face. The first use made it brighter which I was happy about, so I continuously used it for the past week and there is absolutely no blemishes or anything on my face and it’s the SOFTEST IT’S EVER BEEN. Like nothing has ever made it this soft. My pores have gotten a bit smaller, but nothing too drastic. Along with the essential oil, I do use St. Ives apricot scrub and green tea scrub, which I swear by (Ik, contradictory to the queued post about skincare, but not everyone’s skin is the same and my face doesn’t mind constant scrubbing) especially for people with eczema! Then I moisturize with coconut oil (sometimes), but mostly with Eucerin Everyday Protection. 

Again, not everyone’s skin is the same, but I definitely recommend to at least try it, it’s natural and if anything it’ll brighten your skin~ but who knows, maybe my skin is glowing cause I’ve been so happy recently ;)

Both of them made mistakes, one maybe more than the other. He knows this and accepts it. Maybe he realised this a little too late but it won’t change what happened. After so many years he was just tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of the endless struggle… Possibly even tired of living. When all was said and done, he just wanted to be with the one he missed just a little longer.

Let the old men rest please. 


8x09 & Eric annoying Deeks in the field and 8x10 & Deeks annoying Eric in opps

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