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can’t stop won’t stop

“Here’s mine! I suggest if you are thinking about buying the same one or making fun of it behind my back because you’re insecure you do not. Otherwise I’ll make my friends comment passive aggressive things on your photo because we all know it’s illegal to wear the same dress as someone else. Hope you like it" 

I realize I am not a girl.  I don’t understand what girls go through and I don’t pretend to empathize because I know I cannot.

I posted this photo and the above caption in my high school’s private closed "Prom Dresses” group (won’t tell you how I got into it), which at the time of posting, had 214 members.

I did this because a) I think it’s fucking funny b) People can be bitches, but I decided to be the biggest bitch of them all.

One of my friends who posted her dress had it made fun of behind her back by her own “friends.”  A different friend had a passive-aggressive run in with another girl who planned on ordering the dress she already bought.

I don’t know WHY THE HELL it matters if you wear the same dress as someone so long as they are not in the same group.  And why would you EVER attack someone over something they feel beautiful wearing just because you’re insecure.  All of this is true for men as well.

My point is, do whatever the hell you want.  Don’t let little cuntbags get in the way of you rocking who you are and don’t conform to standards you don’t agree with.


i would take it all back, for just another minute
just another chance with you
i would give everything up
every last breath, every first taste, for you
just to make it alright

because a lot of you requested it, here it is: fan expo 2014 aka the story of how matt smith is an saint like angel on this planet

okay so i got to fanexpo on friday and went straight to line up for matt’s panel, and bree and i got seats pretty close to the stage, and i lined up super fast to ask a question. he came out on stage and he was so handsome and adorable!!!! so he was a sweet little gentleman and said hello to all his canadian fans and he ran with a fan onstage and gave hilarious, thoughtful, and kind answers to everyone’s questions. my turn was next and i somehow managed to ask my question without sobbing/puking/fainting!!! i told him i was a huge 11/river fan and the crowd cheered and i asked how it was to work with alex, and he told a story of how alex took him and karen out to dinner at a restaurant called woods in cardiff, and that he believes eleven and river have something special and if he sees her and capaldi together, he will “bang his fists on the table”, also he said she is motherly and sexy. so that was AMAZING and then we ventured back up to his autograph line, and i wasn’t getting an autograph because i didn’t have enough money for that and a photo op, but i got in line because i had a gift for him and i just needed to tell him what he had done for me. so we waited and he came out and then in about 20 minutes i was up! the managers at his table with him told me to be super quick, so i went up and he gave me the biggest smile and said hi and asked how i was, and i said i was great and i gave him his gift, a little stuffed giraffe with big eyes (for the drunk giraffe reference, ya know)! he took it and said “OH WOW, NOW THAT’S COOL!” and said he loved his big eyes and shook it around and said thank you! i was shaking by that point and i told him that when i had to say thank you because when i started watching doctor who i didn’t have many friends and that while watching it i felt as if i had a friend in him, and amy, and rory to which he nodded and said “YOU DO!” and he was listening to every word i said, he was genuinely interested in what i was saying and was so touched, his face just lit up and he pointed to my phone and said “do you want me to sign that for you?” and i said oh no no i didn’t pay for an autograph! and he said “no really i can sign that for you!” and he took my phone and HE SIGNED MY FRIGGIN SWAN QUEEN PHONE CASE I’M SCREAMING and he said it was wonderful to meet me and he said to remember that he is my friend like he literally said “remember, i’m your friend!!!” and i just started to cry and i said thank you so much and he smiled and looked so happy and waved to me. so after that bree had to take me to a corner so i could literally just sit on the ground and sob hahahaha. a little while after that we went to line up for his photo op because that line was MASSIVE, we waited for almost 2 hours! we didn’t get much time with him because there were still a ton of people, but i went in the room and he was like “hold on i have to go to the washroom!!!” omg what a cutie and he came back with a beer in his hand and said “i’m definitely NOT drinking beer!!!” and looked around and took a sip and said “it’s the british in me you see!” and then we walked over and said “oh it’s so good to see you again!” and he put his arms around me and bree. we weren’t allowed to hug him/kiss his cheek for time reasons, but while we got the photo he was rubbing my back and said thank you to us and looked right at me and said “remember, you have friends, and it’s okay!” and i started to cry again, like he literally remembered me after meeting so many fans and he wanted to make sure i remembered what he said to me and he wanted me to know that everything was okay. i will never, ever, ever forget this experience. i’ve met my fair share of celebrities, but matt smith was a complete angel. i felt like i could have told him my life story and he would’ve listened to every word and then given me a hug and a cup of tea. i will never be able to find words to say thank you enough to him. matt smith is one of a kind, and thanks to him, never again will i utter the words “i have no friends”.