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mmm yeah ok but what if the great witch is actually a good person and just think humans are just jealous af on magic users so she went all like “well shit fuck you guys, we’re out of this world” so the sanctuary that Chiron made was a legit sanctuary 

imagine NC meeting The Great Witch and Chiron though, they’d probs teach them about magic and how to properly run a haven LMAO 


Benedict Cumberbatch, Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring and Summer 2016  (september 2015)

I used Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils and Faber-Castel Soft Pastels on Strathmore Pastel paper (9x12)

The reference image is this edit from the awesome @benedictcumberbaatch 

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Grab your friends and hold them close. ‘Cause we got no time for heroes and no room for ghosts.

my hand it dead goodbye hand it was nice knowing you

I’ve had this idea like forever so I finally drew it so here you go drinkyourfuckingmilk!

You are seriously one of my favorite artists on tumblr and you are just an amazing person. Your blog never fails to make me happy wherever it be your drawings or just the random shit you post and I’m glad you are who you are! So enjoy all of the seductive Erwins and levihan doodles

and a random Mike sniffing roses ??? probably roses

“You see… what had happened was… I may have left some, uhm.. hair dye. In your shower. I was originally going to use it on Phasma and I sorta. Forgot about it.”

I read @sannguine’s adorable drabble and had to sketch Hux. I hope the shade of pink is appropriately dessert-like! 😅

Fairy!AU Fairy Tail (Shandi’s AU)

I have this headcanon that when Lucy is blushing, she puts herself on the head of Natsu for that he cannot see her, and that always make Natsu laughing aha and after this she rests like this because she likes this position but will never admit it  (≧ ω ≦)/♥

I did a backround omgg