my fab drawing

pika-ace  asked:

You have words that summon you, hm? Now I have to try! Draw, cute, Sonny, and Usnavi! XD (THANKS AGAIN FOR THE DRAWING YOU SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY ILY!!!!!!)


i say, as it works and i draw the cute parts of that chapter 


(aside from the fact that logan looks less like logan and more like me cosplaying him…)

(and forgiving my art style for being so consistently inconsistent that just zooming in on a character makes him look totally different…)

(and acknowledging the fact that the difference in hair color is based on my headcanons for what they’d look like as individual people…)

I illustrated one of my favorite moments in one of my favorite @thatsthat24 Sanders Sides videos (well i mean they’re all my favorite, but.)

I might make it into a video, using the audio from the original. It’s almost not the same without the background music, heh.

when you came from a shampoo world and somehow your ex-villain-weirdly-buddy ended up getting the most perfect shampoo. 

Petra is just mad because…It’s Petra. Jessie is unsure what to say about that. Lukas is writing down about that world, yep, including Ivor’s moment. lmao. 


I’ve always wondered… what does he smell like?

Rotting flesh? Wild flowers?

Grab your friends and hold them close. ‘Cause we got no time for heroes and no room for ghosts.

my hand it dead goodbye hand it was nice knowing you

I’ve had this idea like forever so I finally drew it so here you go drinkyourfuckingmilk!

You are seriously one of my favorite artists on tumblr and you are just an amazing person. Your blog never fails to make me happy wherever it be your drawings or just the random shit you post and I’m glad you are who you are! So enjoy all of the seductive Erwins and levihan doodles

and a random Mike sniffing roses ??? probably roses