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Hi! Could you write something about soulmates. Like Betty having an abusive boyfriend and all the bruises and cuts show up on Jughead. And there is soulmates in the world so it's not unusual, but Jughead keeps getting injuries from Betty and starts writing on his arm to her and she rights back to him and can you continue this please thank you.

I lovveee these soulmate aus!

“Dude what the hell is that?”

Jughead looked up, confused by the sharp and disgruntled tone of his red headed best friend.

“What’s what?” He raised a confused brow, his eyes scanning his surroundings, searching for something off.

Archie reached for him, pulling Jugheads tanned arm up and into the air, shoving his wrist into his face

“This! Dude if your dad is beating on you again, you can tell me. You know you’re always welcome back at my place, my dad…”

Archie’s voice faded away as Jughead stared at the dark purple and blue bruises littering his arm, fingerprints left nasty circle shapes and some were faded and yellow, they’d clearly been there for a long time. How was that possible? There was no way he wouldn’t have noticed them and he couldn’t remember banging into someone , not to mention he was absolutely positive no one had left those marks on his body, it really wasn’t possible, unless..

“They’re not mine” he whispered, more to himself than anything, his eyes still glued to his arm.

“What are you talking about? Of course they’re yours, bruises don’t just show up, I mean it’s not like.. oh…” Archie trailed off finally understanding

It was Jugheads soulmate.

In life when you’re looking for the one you’re meant to be with, pieces of them become pieces of you. It happens suddenly but there’s no way to know when you’ll meet them. It had happened with Archie last year one day the football player came to school, his lips bright red and clearly made up, Jughead had nearly wet himself, he had laughed so hard as the boy desperately wiped at his mouth, smearing lipstick down his arm.

“It’s my soulmate! Clearly she likes wearing stupid ass lipstick”

Two days later he had met Veronica Lodge at the Riverdale mall, pearls on her neck and deep purple lipstick on her lips plus the addition of two thick black smudges under her eyes, eerily similar to the eye chalk Archie wore to football practice everyday.They had been inseparable ever since.

He watched in amazement as another bruise formed right before his eyes, a deep red welt, similar to the belt lashings he used to get when his father was an alcoholic. It didn’t hurt Jughead physically but the ache in his chest at his “soulmate” having to go through this, made him feel positively violent. Picking his bag up and walking out Archie’s front door, he gripped the bruises on his arm, willing them to stop, wishing he could make them stop for her, she didn’t deserve this, no one did. It was dark by the time he got to the trailer park, his mood volatile and nasty, his father was working on some bike in the front yard and he waved at his son. Jughead stormed past the older man and locked himself in his room, ripping the jeans from his body he stood in the mirror observing his body, sure enough he was covered in the painless bruises.

His eyes filled with tears and he was surprised when he couldn’t hold them back, he hadn’t cried since he was eight years old and his mother left. The door to his bedroom opened slowly and his father stepped in, eyes going wide at his sons bruised body before understanding took over, F.P jones sat on the edge of the bed and held his son as he cried helplessly.

“There’s nothing I can do.” He sniffled
“I can’t help her, I don’t even know her but I can feel her dad” he looked at the bruises once again, his fists clenching “I want to kill whoever did this.” He whispered.

F.P nodded
“I know you do, but right now you can only do so much. So do what you do best.” He rose from the bed, walking over to Jughead desk and handing him a pen


With that he shot his son a knowing smile and slowly closed the door.

Jughead lifted the pen too his arm and took a deep breath.

Betty threw herself on her bed, her body aching from the beating she had just taken. She had tried to break up with Chuck again, she had tried so many times but each time it had ended exactly the same, Betty laying bloody on the floor begging for the angry boys forgiveness.

She rested her face on the soft silk pillowcase and bit her tongue, she had learned not to cry out, never let anyone see the bruises, be quiet Betty Cooper. Be perfect.

She couldn’t do it anymore, she was tired, so damn tired of being perfect. She wanted to go away, to sleep, sleep forever.

She reached into her nightstand and pulled out the tube of concealer, lifting the soft white sweater , fully prepared to cover up the bruises she knew would be visible in cheerleading practice tommorow, what she didn’t expect to see was the messy scrawl scribbled across her bruises

“You’re so much stronger than they are. You’re stronger than all of that white noise. You’re going to be okay, don’t let go. JJ”

Tears pricked her eyes. Her soulmate. She had one. she had gone so long believing she would never have one, destined to be passed around with the other mate less teenagers. She gripped her arm to her chest and let her tears fall freely, he was there and he could feel her, feel her pain. She wasn’t alone anymore.

Grabbing the purple gel pen off of her desk, she began writing back.


Jughead stared tirelessly at his arm, he didn’t even know if she was getting his messages, this could all be pointless, suddenly though, his arms were filled with distinctly feminine cursive in sparkly ink.

“Thank you JJ, it’s nice to meet my soulmate . Im sorry it had to be under such horrible circumstances. I’m Betty Cooper”

Betty Cooper? He knew that name, had heard Archie mention it a few times, but from where? He didn’t have time to think about that, ripping up his sleeve even higher he began writing again.

“It’s good to meet you in any way, although I do wish it wasn’t like this as well. Are you okay?”

He smiled when the reply was almost instant

“I’m okay, much better now that I know you’re here.”

They spent all night writing back and forth, Jugheads heart felt lighter that morning at school, and it was a fairly noticeable difference.
Archie of course made a huge deal out of it and Jughead found himself rolling his eyes at lunch when the football player went on about how awesome double dates would be from now on.

“Speaking of going out, i promised Ronnie, I’d meet her at central point park for that concert tonight, shes bringing her friend who’s going through a shitty breakup, i figured you could come along be like a fourth wheel. I promise you can write to your soulmate alllll night if you want.” Archie teased.

Jughead rolled his eyes, reluctantly agreeing.


Betty was sore that morning but she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face, her soulmate was amazing, he loved writing and reading and they shared similar tastes in movies and he made her laugh like no one else.

“So you’ll come?” Veronica asked, snapping Betty out of her thoughts and pulling her gaze away from the faded words on her arms

“Hmm? Yeah sure, of course.” She answered,dazed.

“Alright love bird, we’re gonna enjoy ourselves tonight at the concert. Maybe you can find some lyrics to write to lover boy” Veronica smiled lovingly at her best friend, excited to see the blonde looking genuinely happy for the first time in ages.

“Maybe” Betty grinned.

That night came by fast and Betty took one last look at the words she had just written JJ

“Gotta go Romeo, talk to you later?”

She smiled when the familiar handwriting appeared

“You got it Juliet.”

Betty and Veronica stepped from the car, Betty’s hand tucked in Veronica’s as they navigated the grassy area

“Ronnie! We don’t have to run, I’m sure we wont miss him, that bright red hair is kind of hard not to spot.” She giggled.

Veronica waved her eyebrows suggestively
“I happen to like redheads.”

Betty laughed
“I know, I was there when you started dating Chery Blossom last year.” Betty rolled her eyes

“I don’t discriminate. Love is love and all that” she grinned.

“Speaking of love.”

Both the girls whipped around at the familiar voice and Veronica instantly ran into her boyfriends arms


Archie laughed squeezing his girlfriend,

“Jughead this is Veronica’s best friend, Betty Cooper meet Jughead Jones.”

Jughead nearly dropped the novel he had gripped in his hands as he looked at the beautiful blonde with the bright green eyes and matching blue bruise on her chin, she was even more beautiful than he could have imagined, the very definition of a masterpiece.

“JJ” she whispered, her eyes scanning his and landing on his arms. She was smiling nervously, her fingers fidgeting as she slowly stood in place.

Jughead couldn’t keep the grin off of his face
“ hey there Juliet” he whispered, pulling his sleeves up as she gently rested her fingers on his inkstained arms.

She let out a breathy giggle and before he knew it she was falling into his arms, his own strong arms coming to wrap around her body, covering her and protecting her, now that he found her he was never letting her go.

She looked into his eyes and let the tears fall from hers

“I’ve been waiting for you Jughead Jones.”

He laughed, dropping a kiss to her lips
“You have no idea Betty Cooper”

Pounding Heartbeats // The Color Of My World Part Three [A Stiles Stilinski Soulmate AU]

Series Masterlist

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Oral (Male on Female), Fingering, Unprotected Sex, Virginity Loss, Cheating, Stiles Being The Fucking Cutest, Abusive Boyfriend, and Swearing. 

Word Count: 6,373 

Song: Heart by Sleeping At Last (This song is so beautiful in Stiles’ POV, holy shit)

Putting his hands on my waist and pulling me up with his strong arms, Stiles sat me down on the surface of his kitchen counter. Once he made sure I was comfortable enough, Stiles let go of me to walk over to his refrigerator. Opening the door to the freezer, he pulled out a frozen bag of peas.

“Sorry, I don’t have any ice so…” He trailed off as he approached me again.

“It’s okay.” I smiled, allowed him to push my hair back and place the icy-cold bag of frozen food against my still stinging cheek. Stiles’ eyes stared at me with concern when I winced at the slight pain, but stayed to let him keep it there.

“I can’t believe he did this.” Stiles shook his head in disbelief, hurt evident in his voice. “He doesn’t deserve you, Margaret.”

“I-I’ve never seen him so angry before.” I stated, my own voice weak as I felt the tears continue to fall. “He’s always been so sweet, I just don’t understand what happened.”

“It’s all my fault.” Stiles whispered, unable to keep his face from faltering. “I know how much he hates me and I was way too mesmerized by you that I forgot I was trying to steal someone that belongs to him.”

“Stiles, I don’t belong to him.” I said, bringing my hand up to his chin and lifting his face to look at me again. His eyes were in pain and I desperately wanted to make that anguish go away. “Do you know the Greek myth of how soulmates were born?”

Stiles shook his head and, letting go of his chin, I grabbed his free hand with both of mine.

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with two heads, four arms, four legs, and two hearts. They were happy and extremely powerful. Zeus, fearing their power, decided to split them into two separate beings and condemn them to spend their entire lives searching for their other half.” I explained, my thumb brushing the back of his hand. “Stiles, you are my other half and I belong to you.”

My words sparked a small glimpse of light in his eyes and the beautiful sight made my heart fill with hope. After tonight, my story with Theo is over and now I can officially start a new one with the person I am supposed to be with all along. The small amount of time that we spent together made me realize that what we have isn’t exactly love at first sight — it’s soul recognition.

Stiles tugged me closer and my hand pressed against his warm chest, preparing myself for what was coming next. I felt his heartbeat underneath my touch, the thunderous, rapid pounding bringing a smile on my lips in amusement. Our breaths mingled together as we stared at each other, both of us a little unsteady. Hunger glowed in his golden eyes, his hand lowering the bag of peas and putting it on the counter beside me.

Looking down at his lips for the slightest second before closing my eyes all together, I slowly leaned in. I felt like I would regret kissing him so soon if I did, but I knew that I would regret it even more if I didn’t. With my heart pounding against my chest, much like his, I could feel Stiles’ breath pick up as our faces inched closer together. We took our time to just enjoy the drumroll of our upcoming kiss, allowing the sexual tension to take over the air.

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Party Games - Stiles Stilinski (Part Two) [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Theo Raeken/Malia Tate

Word Count: 4674

Notes: Public fingering, public sex, Oral (both recieving), Bondage, Alcohol Abuse, Body Shots, food play, ice play, Daddy/Baby girl kink, spanking, hair pulling, slight public nudity, biting, marking. Thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading for me! 

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Hotter Than The Pizza - Smut

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Author: @writing-obrien and @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dave Hodgman/Reader
Words: 5,504
AN: This fic was going to just be Chloe’s but then I jumped in to help her and it became a collab. You’re welcome. There’s just not enough Hodgman stories in the world.  Contains masturbation (both), Oral (female receiving), ‘Skype Sex’, inspired by Chloe’s truly embarrassing events at a pizza restaurant, except hers didn’t end this well. 

She couldn’t really be counted as the ‘new’ waitress anymore, seeing as she’d worked there for four months now. But in those four months business had spiked. People just adored her service.

Parents admired how well she treated the children.

Kids loved when she brought over crayons and drawings she’d printed herself.

Staff took advantage of the fact that she did many tables at once, leaving them to stand idle and chat while still getting the wages.

Teenage girls relished in the times that she would make chat and give advice on everything from lipstick shades to what has the most or few calories in.

Teenage boys simply came for the skirt that she wore showed just enough to tease without being slutty, her legs on show and her top fitted, pens lined along her top pocket.

Dave, however, had entirely different reasons for being here. He loved how her smile lit up when she was left a good tip on a bill. He loved how her hair fell perfectly around her face when she would let it down after shutting hours, cleaning the tables and singing her heart out to the music blasting. He loved that she worked overtime at the little shop, so that he could casually swing back and say hi.

He loved her.

He also hated that he was so sentimental about it and he couldn’t just think like the rest of the male population thought about her. Which he hated too.

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Lie To Me (E.D)


Word Count: 3,500 +

Warnings: Fluff and slight cussing

Originally posted by dolanslife

“I know mom, I think he’s the one.” You smiled happily and tucked a strand of loose hair behind your ear as you stared down at the text your boyfriend of three years sent you.

Grayson: Can’t wait till you come home from your parents, I miss you so much babe. 😘

“You wouldn’t mind If I headed back to LA a little early..would you?” You sat up from your seat and gave your mom your signature pair of puppy dog eyes. The ones that always worked on Grayson. She sighed as she placed her hands on her hips. “You really love him don’t you?” She questioned with a small smile. “Of course mom! Grayson’s amazing.” You gushed and stood up from your seat. You walked over to your mother and pulled her into a hug. “Please?” You whispered and smiled coyly. “You still act like such a child.” She laughed and you pulled away, your hands still on her shoulders. “Fine. But next time you come you’re staying the full week.” She wagged a finger at you and you squealed. You decided to surprise Grayson with a visit after being separated for 5 days since you were visiting your parents. You couldn’t wait to see his reaction once you stepped into his apartment, you’d hug him and kiss him as if it was your last time. Then you’d both spend the night together. You knew you were overreacting, it was only 5 days, but you loved him with all your heart and being away from him for so long broke you.
You missed his floppy hair, warm smile and corny jokes. You missed the way his hazel eyes sparkled in the light and how his soft pink lips felt on yours. You especially missed how he left goosebumps all over your body with one single touch.

He’d have your back arching with one kiss, hands roaming and groping at your body.
Moans would be brought from your lips as he sped up his tempo, going inhumanly fast. His fingertips dancing along your curves, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. The thoughts left you even more excited to finally see Grayson. So as the plane finally landed, you did your best to pass by the large crowds of people in search of your luggage. As you dragged your suitcase behind you, you frowned at your phone. Grayson still hadn’t replied to the text you had sent him before you even got onto the plane. Thinking your phone was just buggy from being in airplane mode for too long, you tucked it away into your pocket as you stepped into the uber.

You quietly hummed to yourself as you walked towards your shared apartment with Grayson.
You smiled as you fished into your purse in search of the key for he door as you imagined him looking up at you with one of his big, toothy, crooked smiles, telling you how much he missed you and how happy he was that you were back, then whisking you away to your bedroom. Turning the knob and opening the door swiftly, you stepped into the room and started to call out for Grayson. “Babe?-”

You stopped dead in your tracks when your eyes made contact with the single thing that broke you. You saw Grayson jump up from lying down on the living room couch, a desperate look on his face. You could just barely make out a figure behind him, but you knew someone was there.
“Who… Wha…?” You stammered, not being able to speak since your throat felt completely dried out.
You watched with fright as Grayson stood up from the couch and took one firm step towards you, sympathy in his eyes. The figure behind Grayson also got up and came into view. Her green eyes sparkled in the dim lights and you instantly felt self conscious of your own.
She wore a tight tank top and light washed denim shorts. Her platinum blonde hair stopped just above her elbow and her eyes were solid, piercing right into you with satisfaction. Satisfaction that she stole him from you.
“Y/N,” Grayson suddenly broke the uneasy silence and your eyes darted towards his, fuming. You were fuming. You felt something well up inside you, like a storm at the peak of it’s strength. Grayson took another step forward, raising a hand up from his side as he did.
“Don’t..” You whispered as he extended a hand to try and grab you.
You felt your eyes begin to water and your heart’s shattered pieces swept away by the instant anger that coursed through your veins. You tightened your fists into balls and looked down, squinting your eyes shut as you willed yourself to remain standing as your arms and legs began to tremble. A quiet sob escaped your lips and you looked up to meet the hazel eyes of Grayson, the man you had been so sure you were destined for, the man you thought was the one, the man you loved. You looked down at the promise ring on your finger that Grayson had given you when you first started dating. “I promise my heart to you and you only.” He had said. What a lie. With a trembling hand, you slowly pulled it off and stared at it blankly. You forced your legs to move but you felt glued to the floor. You brought a hand up to wipe at the wetness of your eyes as you started to walk towards Grayson. You grabbed his hand and placed the ring, the ring that had meant so much to you, the ring that symbolized your everlasting love, into his empty palm. You closed it as you closed your eyes, a single tear seeping through and falling onto his clenched fist. “It’s over.” You breathed and your eyes fluttered open. A look of hurt and regret flashed onto Grayson’s face. He reached to grab your hand and you tugged it away. “No!” You growled and looked up at him through the redness of anger that was clouding your vision. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He whispered and you met his gaze. “How long?” You asked and your eyes met her green ones again. “Is this your house?” You spat angrily at her. She scrambled to grab her belongings and bolted out the door. You brought a hand up to your head, pressing your index finger, middle finger, and thumb to the temple of your forehead in an attempt to calm yourself. “You fucking jerk.” You breathed and scoffed. “I should’ve known better.” You laughed harshly at yourself as Grayson took a step forward. “Y/N, we didn’t even do anything-” He began, you cut him off with a slap. You ignored the stinging sensation building up on your now red palm as you raised an eyebrow at Grayson. “But you were going to?! That’s the point Grayson! I caught you. It’s done. We’re done. And I’m leaving.” You grabbed your purse from the ground and made your way towards the door. You shut it behind you and pressed your back up against it, tears streaming down your cheeks as you silently waited to see if Grayson would chase after you.
You peeked through the window and saw him standing there, a hand holding the cheek you had slapped as he stared down at the ground, the feeling of guilt and regret becoming too much for him to handle.
You clasped a hand to your mouth to muffle your cries as you watched him tuck the ring away into his pocket. Then, you ran.

You ran, faster than you had ever ran before. You didn’t think it was even possible for you to run that fast, but you were. Cold wind gushed onto your face and jolted your body as you raced down the familiar streets of LA. Your eyes filled with wet mascara, lips tinted with pink lip gloss. You couldn’t even tell where you were going since it was dark, but you didn’t care. You felt your phones vibrations against your skin, hundreds of texts from Grayson flooded your phone. You frustratedly threw it onto the ground in hopes of muffling the annoying sound.
You barely kept your eyes open when you heard someone honk from behind you. You turned around and squinted your eyes at the blinding lights of the car. You brought a hand up to block the rays of light from your eyes as you heard the car door open and close shut. “Fucking hell. Grayson leave me alone.” You huffed as a familiar shaped figure walked towards you. He came into the light and that’s when you realized it wasn’t Grayson. “Ethan.” You breathed. Suddenly your knees trembled with exhaustion and you collapsed onto the ground. Your body quivered and shook with hate, sadness, and fear. You clenched your fists as uncontrollable tears seeped through your eyelids and down your cheeks. That was it. You broke up with Grayson. No more goodnight kisses, no more cuddles after a long day, no more cooking breakfast together every Saturday morning and no more listening to his piano playing. All of it gone.
You felt as Ethan scooped you up with ease off the ground and into his arms. You pressed your face against his sweatshirt as you muffled your cried. Your tears stained his sweater but he didn’t care and neither did you.

When you were stable enough to open your eyes, you realized that you were in Ethan’s house. One of his blankets draped around your shoulders as the low sounds of the TV played in the background. You tiredly rubbed at your puffy red eyes and looked around. You saw Ethan humming quietly to himself as he finished swirling the spoon in a coffee mug. He set it down onto the sink before grasping the handle to both cups. He walked towards you and extended out an arm. “Hot cocoa?” He asked. You murmured a soft “Thank you.” As you took the cup from him.
You sipped the drink graciously and realized how cold and tired you really were. You shut your eyes at the feeling of warmth surging throughout your body. You mustered up a small smile which Ethan returned.
You felt as he rubbed your back lovingly, comforting you in such a way it made you want to cry. You were so thankful to be receiving this much kindness and you didn’t know how to thank him.
“You can stay as long as you want,”
Ethan’s voice was tired and raspy but also as kind and gentle as the sea breeze.
“How’d you find me?” You whispered and set the cup down onto his coffee table. Ethan removed his hand from your back and sat up. “Gray told me that you ran away. He also told me why you ran away. I’m so sorry.” Ethan muttered and looked up as a sob escaped your lips. “He’s an idiot. Shhh, Y/N, c'mere.” Ethan outstretched his arms and you didn’t hesitate to fall right into them. You sobbed quietly into his chest as he caressed your hair softly. “It’s late. You should go to bed.” Ethan whispered and you nodded. You sat up and rubbed your eyes lazily. With a sigh you got off the couch and headed for the door, you hand made contact with the door knob before Ethan’s voice made you pull away. “Where are you going? I told you, you could stay here.” He chuckled softly and stood up. “Oh.” You mumbled and looked towards the couch. “My bed.” He explained and you nodded. He led you over to his bedroom and gave you a pair of his sweatpants and a shirt to change into. You thanked him and he left the room. You sighed and grabbed the hems of your t-shirt, pulling it up and off your head as you reminisced on all the good times you and Grayson had. You mentally scolded yourself for thinking about him as you got rid of your jeans. “Y/N, I was wonderin-” Ethan suddenly opened the door as you were bending down to grab the pair of sweats on the ground. Your ass just dangling in the air, panties and all as your face flushed a dark shade of pink. “Oh shit- sorry!” Ethan quickly shut the door and you groaned and picked up the sweats from the ground. You tugged it on and opened the door. Ethan walked in, still looking a bit flustered from what just happened. “It’s honestly fine. You’ve seen me in a bikini before right? It’s the same thing.” You plastered on a smile as Ethan let out a puff of air. “Oh, good. I thought it was going to be so awkward for the rest of the night. I’m so glad your cool about it.” You laughed softly as Ethan brought up a hand to wipe away the small layer of sweat forming on his forehead. “It’s kind of hot isn’t it? I’m going to turn on the air conditioner-”
“What?” You gaped. “No, it’s freaking freezing.” You stood in front of the air conditioner and crossed your arms. Ethan raised an eyebrow in amusement and mimicked your movements. “It’s hot Y/N. I’m sweating.” Ethan said and you looked down at what he was wearing. “Because you have a sweatshirt on.” You pointed out with a giggle. Ethan grabbed the hems of his sweater and with one swift movement he was shirtless. He smirked down at you and you gulped, struggling to keep your eyes from traveling south. “Better?” You mumbled. “Hmm..I’m still pretty hot Y/N.” you rolled your eyes and squealed when he lifted you up and tossed you onto his bed. He turned on the A.C, groaning out in pleasure as the cool air hit his face. “Seriously Ethan?” You scoffed and sat up. “I’m going to wake up as an ice block.” You whined and rubbed your hands up and down your body to try and build up some warmth. “Not if I sleep with you.” Ethan said which made your eyes widen. “Crap, that came out wrong. Uh- I meant not if I like, sleep next you. Cause, you know? Body heat and stuff like that? My body heat will-”
“I get it.” You cut him off with a laugh and scooted towards the end of the bed. Ethan smiled, the pink that tinted his cheeks fading away as he ran a hand through his hair. “Do you still have my extra toothbrush here?” You asked him. He smiled and nodded, leading you towards his bathroom. You thanked him and grabbed it, applying toothpaste to your brush as he just stood their behind you awkwardly. “ can leave now.” You forced out a laugh as you looked at Ethan through the mirror. “I’m waiting to brush my teeth.” He explained and you rolled your eyes. “Just do it now.” Ethan shrugged and reached to grab his brush.

You both brushed your teeth in silence, the only sounds being heard were the bristles of the tooth brush being rubbed against your teeth. You leaned down and spit out the toothpaste, turning the sink on to wash your mouth out. Once you were done you turned to look at Ethan. He looked at you, cheeks puffed out as a bit if toothpaste dribbled out of the corners of his mouth, dripping down his chin. “Don’t.” You laughed and backed away. Ethan smirked and threatened to spit at you. “No!” You exclaimed as the toothpaste made contact with your shoulder. You reached for the toothpaste and squirted it at him with all your might. “Y/N!” He exclaimed and groaned. You giggled but he reached for a cup, filling it to the brim with water. “Ethan, wait no! Ethan-” he tossed the water at you, soaking your white t-shirt. You lunged forward but slipped on the water, “Oh shit! Y/N!” Ethan grabbed your ankle to hold you up as you pressed your palm against the wall. You both laughed at the position you were in and Ethan helped you stand up straight. “Thanks.” You sighed and smiled at him. “No problem, it was kind of my fault anyways.” He smiled and you laughed. Suddenly you caught his eyes wandering towards your chest. He brought a hand up to cover his eyes and you looked down. “Crap!” You muttered once you realized your black bra was completely see-through in your soaking shirt. “It’s okay, just grab another shirt from my draws.” Ethan said. You nodded and walked out if the bathroom, shuffling through his drawers. You found a dark navy blue V-neck and threw it on. You returned to the bathroom and tapped Ethan’s shoulder. “You can look now.”
“Oh good.” He chuckled as you blushed. “I’m going to clean this up, don’t fall again.” He instructed you. “No promises.” You giggled.
He left the bathroom and you followed, but not without stumbling a bit. He returned with a mop, you sat on his bed and watched as he cleaned up the mess you two had made. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Ethan questioned you. You felt your heart beat quicken and your throat dry up. “What? I’m just watching you clean.” You stammered and Ethan laughed, “Sure Y/N.” he said smugly and crawled into bed besides you. “I was.” You pouted as he threw the covers over you both. “Mmhmm, I know.” He hummed which made you groan. “Whatever. Goodnight Ethan.”
“Night Y/N.”

You awoke to the sounds of Ethan’s light snores in the shell of your ear, and the morning light trickling in through the blinds. You soaked in the warmth of the covers and Ethan’s arms wrapped around you, before letting yours eyes see the sun’s rays. You covered them with your hand since it was so bright and groaned softly.
Slowly and reluctantly, You uncovered your face once again. You blinked, closed your eyes, and blinked again. You rubbed your knuckles onto your eyes as you tried your best to fight off a yawn.
To no use, the yawn escaped your lips. Your eyes fluttered shut once again but you opened them as Ethan’s snores grew louder. You shoved him gently, “Ethan.” You whispered. “E.” You pushed him again and he didn’t even budge. “Eth.” You pushed him once more. Nothing.
Ethan’s eyes shot open and you laughed. “Kink?” You asked with a small smirk. “W-whaa?” He asked still adjusting to the brightness in the room, his voice raspy and deep which did things to you, things it shouldn’t have. “Oh forget it.” Ethan unraveled his arms from around your waist and you sat up watching as he rubbed the tiredness from his eyes. He yawned and looked up at you as you stared out of his bedroom window. You felt his eyes on you so you cleared your throat. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You mocked him from earlier and smiled to yourself. “I like when you look at me like that.” You added when he didn’t respond. “Why?” He asked you. “Because, it’s the same look Grayson gave me when he told me he loved me.”

“What?” Ethan asked and sat up as well. You turned to look at him, and reached to crook a strand of hair behind your ear. “You like me.” You pointed out.
“What? I don’t like you Y/N.” Ethan scoffed and ran a hand through his wavy hair as you watched him with intent.
“Lie to me again, Ethan.” You whispered and looked straight ahead. He turned around and his eyes flickered from your lips to your eyes. “I don’t have feelings for you, Y/N.”

No words were said, your lips were on his. He kissed you and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your lips melded together. You ran your fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between you two and you could feel the beating of his heart against your chest. Unexpectedly, his hand drifted to your hip. It settled there and pulled you even closer. You inhaled sharply. You were against his warm chest, chiseled to perfection.

Must he be so perfect?

You pressed your bare palm against it, intending to push him away, but instead you left it there. Ethan began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses. So soft and sweet. You urged yourself to push him away but you couldn’t. A soft moan left your lips and Ethan suddenly pulled away. “This is wrong.” You breathed as Ethan traced your jaw lovingly. “I dated your brother. I just broke up with him.”
“It’s not wrong if we both like eachother Y/N.” Ethan said as his bright eyes met your own. “Do you like me Y/N?” He whispered. “No.” You muttered as his hand trailed down your neck to push your hair to the side. He leaned in and softly nipped at your earlobe. “Lie to me again.” His breath was hot against your ear, and you shuddered. “I don’t like you Ethan.”

Your Name Remains The Same [2]

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[a/n: ah I know y’all waited for this patiently and I didn’t want to make you wait any longer. I’m really excited for you guys to read this I have so many things planned aahh y’all aren’t ready. Imma stop rambling and let y’all get to it]




[WARNING: This chapter does contain mentions of guns, a knife, and a self inflicted injury]

Pairing: Park Chanyeol/ [Fem] Reader

Genre: Angst, future fluff, maybe smut, some violence, Mafia! AU

Words: 1.9k

Pt 1. Pt 2. Pt 3.

Panting heavily I looked around the room, my throat sore from yelling after Chanyeol. I noticed no cameras in the room, taking this as my chance to break free from my restraints. Biting down on the inside of my cheek I sucked in a deep breath, groaning at the pain coming from my hand as I dislocated my thumb. Feeling a tear slide down my face at the pain, slipping my hand out of the bindings, popping the bone in my thumb back in place. The adrenaline rushing through my body made the pain a bit more bearable as I rushed to undo the rope around my ankles. Getting up I quickly but quietly made my way over to the desk, thinking that this had to be Chanyeol’s office. I sighed in relief when I saw the dagger in the drawer, looking over at the clock on the wall, cursing to myself as I realized I had to stall for awhile longer.

-3 Months Ago-

“Y/N, meeting in five.” One of my coworkers called out to me.

I got up from my seat with a sigh, stretching slightly before walking over to the meeting room. Once there I could see all the other big shots workers in the room, the best we had to offer in fact. Seeing them all in the same room let me know how serious this meeting was, our boss standing at the front of the room.

“I called you all here because you’re the best detectives we have at our disposal, the best of the best if you will.” He paused for a second, his eyes roaming over the room, “There’s been a rise in crimes over the past year or so as I’m sure most of you are aware of. It’s gotten more and more severe in the last few weeks, burglaries turning into homicides, kidnappings that end with victims found dead with evidence of torture. Seeing as how multiple cases take place at the same time it leads us to believe a certain group of individuals are behind these crimes.”

“So we’re dealing with a gang?” Detective Lee asked, evaluating the folder that was placed in front of him.

I looked down at my own folder, going through the information. I furrowed my brows at the way these crimes were committed, “This is too sophisticated to be done by a lowly gang. They even displayed the bodies a certain way.”

“What else could this be then?” Detective Yoo asked, her eyes glued to the crime scene photos.

“Any suspects yet? We gotta have at least one person of interest.” Detective Min said.

“Nine actually. They seem to be very open with committing these crimes. They blatantly show their faces to any camera nearby.” The sergeant, our boss, explained.

He pressed a button on the little remote he had in his hands, the projector turning on and displaying nine faces. My eyes scanned through all of them, the color draining from my face as I recognized a few but one stood out the most.

“Sir…are you sure these are the men behind it?” I asked, having a hard time believing it.

“We have evidence collected from the crime scenes and various cameras captured them on tape. They’re very reckless but something tells me they don’t care about keeping their identities hidden, it’s almost like they’re taunting us.”

“I know them…”

At that everybody turned to look at me with wide eyes, “I…I went to high school with three of them…I even dated one.”

“Which one?” The sergeant asked carefully.

“Park Chanyeol….we broke up five years ago. Those two are his best friends.” I answered, pointing to Baekhyun and Jongdae.


After that day we collected all the intel we could on all nine of them. As the investigation continued I realized that after Chanyeol and I broke up he fell off the wagon so to speak. He had been arrested for possession of a deathly weapon, burglary, assault, you name it, but every time he was arrested he was acquitted or the one pressing charges would suddenly drop them. With more digging we found out he was their leader, an informant letting us know that in just three short years Chanyeol had become of the most notorious mafia leader in the country.

It was no coincidence that I ran into Chanyeol on that day, we had it all planned out from the get-go. We had been tracking his movements for weeks, finding out that Chanyeol visited that very café at least four times a week. I had two other detectives in the café with me and three more outside in case anything went wrong. I knew that if Chanyeol saw me he would immediately start up a conversation; that was based on the assumption that the Chanyeol I once knew was still somewhere buried deep inside this new Chanyeol.

Snapping out of my thoughts I tiptoed over to the door, pressing my ear against it. I heard nothing on the other side but I knew there was at least one of them standing guard. I glance back at the clock; ten more minutes left. I had to keep up the act for another ten minutes until the rest of my team got here. Looking down at the necklace I was wearing I turned it over to see the small red light had turned blue, indicating that they were actually a lot closer than I thought.

Suddenly I heard loud footsteps approaching the room causing me to panic for a split second. I sat back in the chair quickly, wrapping the rope around my ankles loosely and doing the same with the rope that was around my wrists. I had just enough time to hide the dagger up my sleeve before Chanyeol bursts through the door.

“I don’t appreciate being lied to.” He seethed, his voice dropping several octaves.

“W-what?” I asked, make sure I let him hear the fear in my voice, or at least make him think it was fear.

“I just sent two of my guys to your place and there’s no one there.”

“N-no that–he has to be there. He was there when I left! Chan…our–our son-” I panicked, really letting the thought of my son going missing fester in my brain so the emotions seemed more real, “You–you have to find him, Chan. H-He’s all I have. My baby…my baby boy. Chan p-please you have to f-find my baby boy.”

I was sobbing at this point, really selling it and he bought it. He crouched down in front of me, grabbing my face in both his hands, “Hey, hey y/n it’s alright. It’s okay-”

“No it’s not! My son is missing!” I cried out, choking on a sob.

“Chanyeol we have a problem.” One of guys he had on watch outside the door said.

“It can wait.” Chanyeol said back through gritted teeth, turning his head to look at the man.

I looked up at the man, recognizing him as Kim Jongdae, the man I knew in high school. He refused to meet my gaze as he looked only at Chanyeol.

“It’s the feds.” Jongdae said, unaware that I was the reason they had found where they were hiding.

I could vaguely hear yelling coming from a different level in the house, Chanyeol’s attention diverting to that. I took the opportunity and slid the dagger out of my sleeve, bringing it up to Chanyeol’s neck. At the feeling of the cold piece of metal on his skin he turned back to look at me with wide eyes. I was no longer crying, my face void of any and all emotions as I spoke.

“Get up.”

“Y/n what-”

“I said get up!” I shouted, grabbing the scruff of his shirt and pulling him up as I got up as well.

I heard Jongdae make a move, quickly turning Chanyeol around so he was facing Jongdae. Putting the knife up against Chanyeol’s neck from behind and using him as a human shield.

“Don’t.” Chanyeol warned Jongdae, “Hurt her and I’ll end you.” He threatened him, Jongdae hesitating and putting down the gun he had pulled out.

“Go and help the others, I’ll deal with her.” Chanyeol ordered, Jongdae doing as he said.

“Oh so you’ll deal with me then?”

“Oh sweetheart, I’ll do more than just deal with you. Now, why don’t you put that knife down and we can talk about everything.”

I scoffed, kicking at the back of his knees, forcing him to kneel, “I don’t think so. Put your hands behind your back.”

Now it was his turn to scoff, a mocking smirk on his face, “I don’t remember you being this kinky Y/n.”

All the patience I had left in my body evaporated as I lent down so I could whisper in his ear, “Do it or else I’ll make sure they give you the death penalty instead of just a life sentence.”

With a tilt of his head he did as told. I pressed the knife against his throat with more force but not even to draw blood, “Try anything  and you’ll drop dead before you even have time to realize what’s going on.”

He simply sighed, shrugging his shoulders. I knelt down and grabbed the rope that was once tied around my ankles, using it to tie his hands together, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.”

“Wow, my Y/N sure has changed in just a short five years.” He spoke out, a smirk undoubtedly on his face.

“You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford an attorney one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I just read to you? With this in mind, do you wish to speak with me?” I stated, ignoring him and reciting his Miranda Rights to him.

He only laughed at this, his body shake as burst of laughter left him. This irritated me immensely, grabbing onto his bicep and lifting him off the ground, “I take it you’re going to exercise your right to remain silent.”

“Actually, no. I do have something to say.”

“I’m all ears.” I said with a sigh.

He turned around to face me, the smirk still on his face, “You really think I didn’t know? My sweet and innocent Y/N has become Seoul’s best detective and you think I had no idea?” He laughed, throwing his head back as he continued to laugh hysterically.

“I didn’t become the most notorious mafia leader in the country to be bested this easily.”

I kept my face blank, refusing to show how taken aback I was by his words. Before I had the chance to say anything I felt something being pressed to the back of my hand, my body tensing up as I could only guess what it could be.

“Drop the knife.”

I cursed softly, doing as told and raising my hands above my head and turning around slowly to face the owner of the voice.

“It’s nice to finally see you after all these years. I’d really love to talk but I’m afraid Chanyeol and I have a prior engagement to attend to.” Baekhyun said, reaching out to tug Chanyeol towards him and untied the rope around his wrist.

“Did the others get out?” Chanyeol immediately asked.

Baekhyun nodded, Chanyeol turning to me one last time before walking right out the door with Baekhyun following him.

“He knew…” I said to myself, feeling defeated knowing that all the work we put in capturing them had gone to waste.


This is going to be a long story. 

Some of you, those who have been following me for a while or seen me at conventions, know that I am *trying* to branch out into designing toys rather than just making them. There are a lot of reasons for this, primarily so that I have time: time to design new things, time to rest, time to do literally anything other than crochet delightful sea creatures - you get the gist. 

It’s not that I don’t love making things, I do. And I’m certainly not going to stop making things; I’m pretty sure I can’t, to be honest. But I have to admit that it would certainly be much easier on me, at least for my wrists, to have sewing machines do most of the work. 

So. The dragons. 

I finally made enough money to get a run of plushies made, and I decided to start with my red dragons as my first line. Dragons were one of my most popular items, but they were a lot of work to make, so I figured they would be perfect as plushies. 

I decided to go with Gann Memorials for my production. Now that I’ve already made my mistakes, I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I should never have partnered with Gann, but since nobody felt the need to tell me anything about them previous to my giving them quite a lot of money, that’s who I went with. I did have one person tell me that they were “skeevy”, but since she wouldn’t go into any detail or even use any other words to describe them, I assumed her issue was personal in nature and dismissed it. I wasn’t planning on spending time with these people, I reasoned, just entering into a business arrangement with them. I don’t care if they’re skeevy. I care if they’re competent. 

Well, now I know. 

We began in July of 2015, a year and a half ago. I made the initial phone call (which was grand, because I have social anxiety and calling people on the phone is one of my least favorite things to do). Chris Gann (hereafter Chris) was a genial guy, very much a salesman - but, since I was looking to buy things from him, that was pretty much what I was looking for. We set up an account for me. Promises were made, verbal assurances; they specialize in quick turnaround for orders, I’d have them in less than three months (assuming that I don’t take forever making alterations, of course), they have very high quality standards, et cetera. 

A few days later he set up a Basecamp account. Basecamp is an app for communication between people working on a project together. I can definitely recommend it; it works out beautifully for that precise thing. The account was started July 27. 

So far, so good. 

On August 11, he sent me the first sample images. They needed some tweaking, but I was starting to get excited. I made my recommendations and he went off to relay them to the production team. 

On August 19, he sent the second sample images. These were very close. I accepted this version:

Cute, right? I think it’s cute. Grumpy, but not off-putting; now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I can see where I would make further changes, but it’s still very cute.  

September 1: Chris tells me that the dragons will be shipped to me in October. 

September 7: Chris informs me that these guys are going to need tags. I hadn’t thought about that, but I whip up an acceptable tag design (it’s not great but it’ll work) and send it off to him two days later. I don’t hear back from him until October 2nd, when I ask for a shipping estimate; Chris assures me that they’ll ship by the end of the month. 

October 21: Chris asks me to approve the tag design that I had sent him. I’m a little confused, but I approve. The day after, I approve of the shipping mark and I start to get myself emotionally prepared to receive a large shipment of toys. 

October 29: I check up again on the time frame. Chris says he’ll ask. 

November 2: Chris says that they’ll be shipped by the end of the week. 

I want to point out here that Chris told me they would be *delivered* by the end of October, not shipped at the beginning of November. I’m a little unhappy with this, but you know, things happen. Whatever. I’ll probably shop around for the next line of plushies due to this delay; he hasn’t lost my business forever at this point, but neither has he pleased me to the point where I would go with his company again as a matter of course. 

November 5: Chris sends me pictures of the final product. There’s not much in the way of variation from what I had already approved, so I assume all is well. He also tells me that I’ll be getting extra product on their dime. I am pleased by the prospect, as that would mollify me about the delay. Unfortunately, it turns out not to be true. 

Novemter 18: I receive the boxes. I do not believe in putting things off, so I opened them immediately and went through my product, counting and sorting carefully. I am widely dismayed by what I find. 

I ordered 350 dragons. It’s a small order, in the way of these things, but it was what I could afford. I did receive exactly 350 dragons, but they were not what I had approved. Every aspect was correct and acceptable *except* the most important part of any mammal, toy or not: the face. In this case, the eyes. Of the whole order, 17 dragons had split seams (not a big deal, I’m handy with a needle and I understand that they underwent significant squishing in order to fit them into as few boxes as possible to make shipping affordable); 46 were correct, as in their eye placement and shape were in a range close to what I had approved of; and a whopping 286 of them had what I have to call drastically incorrect eye placement. Here’s what I mean: 

The eyelids are too low and placed at the wrong angle, making it look sleepy (still sellable, but not what I paid for). The eyelids are, by the way, glued into place. 

These eyes are totally wrong (and, may I remind you, glued into place, so I can’t fix it without cutting the eyes out completely). That’s just… wrong. 

This guy has to be my favorite. One eye is significantly larger than the other one and has been placed about a quarter inch higher; the eyelids are entirely wonky - and still glued into place. 

Dec 3: Chris tells me he is trying to work things out with the factory; I send him the above images for clarification. He says he may just have me keep what I received and he will replace the entire order on his dime. 

I am, at this point, entirely depressed. I feel like a failure. I have a certainty that this issue will not be corrected, and even if it is, it won’t be corrected in anything like a reasonable time scale. I feel that I have wasted a very large sum of money and way too much time and it makes me angry and hugely, vastly, deeply disappointed. 

January 5, 2016: Chris asks me if the appearance of the dragons I received is somehow different from the sample I approved. I wonder to myself if he has working eyeballs, or at least knows someone who does, but I respond in the affirmative and re-send all of the pictures, including the one I approved for reference. All of these pictures are still in the Basecamp account. All I have to do is scroll to look at these exact same pictures, but I send them again anyways. I also ask for honesty, here; if he’s not going to fix this, please at least have the decency to tell me about it so I can move on with my life and not have to expend my energy trying to get something done here. 

January 7: Chris takes umbrage at the notion that he might just possibly not bother to fix these glaring mistakes, as he is nothing if not forthright and good. I point out that the delivery took much, much longer than he had initially told me, and that the extra product that was supposed to be included with the shipment never showed up. 

January 8: Chris says that he  misspoke about me getting extras; there will not be another box forthcoming, he was mistaken about that. He does graciously allow me to keep the gigantic pile of unsellable, wasted material that they sent me, and promises that he’ll have the dragons remade at his expense and the issue with the eyes will definitely be fixed in the next batch. (This also turns out to be untrue.)

January 9: Chris tells me that the next batch will ship out after the Chinese New Year. This makes sense to me; holidays always mess up shipping times, and these are travelling across the planet, after all. I settle down and assume they’ll be here in six to eight weeks. 

April 20: This is more than six to eight weeks, you will notice. Chris tells me to expect a shipment some time late next month. I have given up on ever seeing these damn things. 

September 23: Chris sends new pictures for approval. It has been over a year since the first time I went through this process; I was told that I would have them in under three months. Over a year. I’ve moved to a different state by this point and yes, I was snippy. I pointed out that in the FIVE MONTHS since I last heard from him, my address had changed. 

I liked the new ones. These looked angrier. If I got dragons like these, I would be able to sell them in exchange for money. 

November 16: Chris asks me for my delivery address. Again. I ask if this indicates that they will be shipped soon, but there’s no response. 

January 10, 2017: Gene Gann, another employee of Gann Memorials, informs me that I should expect my shipment by mid-February. 

February 8: Gene asks me for my phone number, which I supply, so the shipper can get into contact with me to set up a delivery time. 

February 15: The shipper calls me. We set up a delivery time. 

February 17, 2017: I receive six boxes full of dragons. They have the same qualities of the first batch, only there are more of them this time. Four - I repeat, four - are correct, in that they match the above picture. A further 189 are in sellable condition, looking sleepy or disappointed rather than angry but otherwise having no defects. 27 have split seams, only three of which I bother fixing since the other 24 have devastatingly bizarre eye placement. 303 dragons go into boxes with glued-on, incorrectly placed, wrongly sized eyes. 

In the end, I’ve received a total of 243 dragons that are in a sellable condition. Only a small portion of those actually resemble what I ordered. 589 dragons can only be sold as misfits. I put some in grab bags, feeling guilty. I see them in trash cans at conventions and can’t really blame anyone. 218 dragons, which should have been sold at a profit to fund the next line, are utterly unusable. I have scrapped them and am using their stuffing to fill other projects. 

I am bitter about the entire thing. I am angry. I am never, ever going to do business with Gann Memorials again, nor will I recommend them to anyone, as I cannot with good conscience do so, because if they had an experience anything similar to mine I would be wracked with the most horrible guilt. 

I *am* going to try again. As tempting as it is to simply give up, to assume that there is something lacking about my character, that there is something about me that makes things like this happen, I won’t do it. I’m saving up for another line of plush toys. I am shopping around for a different company to work with. 

My hands are tired and my blood pressure is high, but I’m still going. 

(I want to put in a disclaimer that I am not assuming anything about the personal morality of Chris or Gene Gann. I do not want them attacked or thought of in any wrong way because of how all of this went down. This was a business deal, and sometimes they go sour. This could have been a series of misunderstandings, mistakes, communication errors, unfortunate events, what have you. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives. These are things that happened, and they will affect who I do business with going forward, but I don’t assume that these are bad people. I don’t think I could encourage anyone to have a business relationship with this company and these people, but if you want to have a beer with them, I’m sure they’re very nice.)

Good Girl Ch 24: Trouble

“I’ve never been so annoyed with my parents for being gone in my life,” Jihyo groans into her hands. I nod in agreement, her head is in my lap, she peeks up at me with those pretty eyes of hers. “Joo, please call those hot oppas of yours.”

“No, no, no, I may be drunk but I know well enough that I would get into so much trouble. They said they would release us in the morning, just wait.”

“Everyone else is already gone,” She gestures to the empty cell that was filled with our classmates an hour ago. We stare past the bars to the sea of desks and police officers when my ringtone starts again. It has been ringing for the whole two hours we’ve been here, I’m starting to get annoyed by it. The officer that has been watching us must finally be fed up with it as he charges over with the phone in his hand.

“Turn that stupid noise off,” He hands me my phone threw the bars. I grab it and unlock it to see 57 missed calls and almost 100 texts from Jin and his boys. I silence my phone before handing it back to the officer whose eyes were glued to my hand the whole time. He grabs my hand, flips it over, almost dropping my phone in the process, and stares at the ring Jiyong gave me. “Does this belong to Jiyong Kwon?” The officer questions. I pull my hand away to glare at him.

“It’s mine, Jiyong oppa gave it to me.”

He stares at me for a minute before rushing away to his desk. Jihyo is wobbling by my side to stare at the strange older man, “What a creep.” I nod in agreement, holding my hand to my chest. We watch him pick up his phone and dial some number, panic evident on his face. “Does your oppa have any connection to the police force?”

I feel stupid for not realizing that before. Of course they have some connection, they are all mafia leaders, they must be on someone’s radar. If not that, than the fact that they are incredibly rich might be a factor, Jiyong seems like the type to donate a shit ton of money to keep the police from looking into his business more. At least I think gangsters do that. A few minute past before another younger man comes to the bars, he’s in a suit, most likely a higher up from the way the old officer bows to him.

“Miss. Jooyoung,” The young man looks from Jihyo to me, stopping on me when he sees the ring on my finger. “That is an interesting ring you have there.” His handsome smile does nothing but put me on edge as the alarms in my head ring quietly. “Where did you get it from?”

“I got it from my friend, Kwon Jiyong.”

His eyes widen slightly, “You’re friends with Kwon Jiyong?”

I nod drunkenly.

“How about you come with me to my office?” He looks to the officer to open the cell. I’m hesitant to follow the nice looking man out of the cell alone but if it involves talking about my oppas I don’t want to bring her into it. With a deep breath and a firm hold on my big side I step out and follow the man into his private office on the other side of the station. Once inside he closes the door behind me, he signals me to sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk while he sits down in his chair. I’m stiff in my seat, my eyes glued to my hands as I try and be as sober as possible when all I want to do is let my little side out, but this is definitely not the place for that. “So Miss. Jooyoung, I tried to call your parents to talk to them about that ring on your finger but they told me they were out of town and were busy at the moment. They told me to call the temporary guardian you have been living with. But when I can’t find anything in your files and your school file is sealed. So could you tell me how you came across that ring?”

“Jiyong Kwon gave it to me.”


“Because we’re friends.”

“I find it hard to believe that you are friends with the Black dragon of Korea,” He cross his arms over his chest and stares me down.

“I want to go back to the cell.”

“We are having a discussion right now. This is a very serious case Miss. Jooyoung. This ‘friend’ of yours is a dangerous man.”

“He is not dangerous,” At least he isn’t to me. “He’s a massive teddy bear.”

He raises a brow at me, “Fine, I would like to see how close of friends you are with him.” He reaches for his phone before dialing some number, I get confused when he puts in on speaker. The phone rings a few times before someone answers.

“Detective Lee, I’m very busy right now, not to mention that it is 3 in the morning. What the hell could you possibly want?” Jiyong basically growls in the phone.

Before the detective can respond I find my little side poking her head out at the sound of his voice, I can’t help but yell, “Oppa!” Detective Lee stares at me dumbstruck for a minute at my sudden change in demeanor.

“Beautiful?” Jiyong is obviously confused.

“I take it you know each other,” Lee shakes his shock off.

“What is she doing there? Is she okay? Joo-ya are you okay?” Jiyong yells.

“Oppa I’m tired. I wanna go home but Jihyo and I got arrested.”

“Arrested? Did they put you in holding? Give me ten minutes at most.” The line goes dead.

“Why do I feel nervous?” Lee says out loud, I’m guessing it wasn’t meant to be when he looks at me weird for responding.

“Oppa tends to do that to people. I’ve been told he can be very scary.”

“Do you know what he does?”

I nod, throwing him off more. “He owns restaurants, clubs, bars, and lots of other things.”

He glares at me, “Do you know what else he does that has the police looking into him?”

I shake my head.

“You seem close, you have to know.”

“Jiyong oppa is too busy to do much else but work. I only see him once a week because of his schedule.”

“He isn’t your guardian?”

I laugh at that, “I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live with oppa.”

“Who is your guardian?”

“My headmaster.”

He stares at me for a minute, “I’ll be back with something to sober you up, this is going to be a long conversation.” I groan as he leaves the room. Time passes slowly before there is a commotion in the main area, followed by the door behind me busting open. Jiyong is standing there, his chest heaving, I grin at the sight of him before rushing to him, tackling the man to the ground.

“Oppa!” I giggle, planting a kiss to his cheek.

He chuckles, “I’m guessing you aren’t hurt?” He shifts into a sitting position with me on his lap, my arms around his neck.

“I’m so happy to see you!” I beam at him.

“I can tell. Now how in the world did you get arrested?”

Lee comes back in with a cup of coffee in his hand, he stops in the doorway completely confused at the sight in front of him. “Never in my life would I have guessed the black dragon would be laughing on my office floor.”

“Why was she arrested?”

“Her and a friend are the last of a group of kids we brought in that were caught drinking at a party,” Lee explains.

“Why didn’t you call the others?” Jiyong asks me.

“I didn’t want to get in trouble. Jihyo and I are never allowed to hang out because shit like this happens, I didn’t want to give them more reasons I can’t hang out with her.”

He nods in understanding, “Then you should have called me.”

“You were busy.”

“I dropped all of it. I don’t want that to be your reason not to call me, understand?”

I nod, “Thank you for coming. I’m sorry for causing trouble.”

His stern face cracks at my cute drunken apology, “I love trouble, but I would prefer it for you to stay out of it.”

“I don’t know, I’m feeling very naughty right now,” The words are out before I can properly think them over. I have never seen Jiyong so amused.

“This is not what I was expecting, but I’m very happy I came.”

I try to hide my blush, “I’m sorry I don’t know where that came from.”

He chuckles, “I don’t know either but I would love to find out.”

Lee coughs, bring our attention to the man still standing in the door, “I need the number for her guardian.”

“I called them on my way, they should be here soon.”

“Them?” Lee questions.

Jiyong chuckles as he looks up at the man, “You are in for a treat Detective.” As if on command shouting erupts from the entry way again. Jiyong stands us both up, pinching my cheeks he says, “Put on the cute charm of yours or else we are in for it.”

“What the hell is going on?” Lee mutters to himself making both Jiyong and I laugh.

“Detective Lee,” Another dragon growls from the doorway. Kris is there with the others behind him, none of them look too happy.

“Dragon oppa!” I coo drunkenly.

“I’m very upset with you right now,” Kris says sternly.

“Then get out of the way Mr. Grumpy pants,” Luhan pushes the younger out of the way. “Come here baby!” I happily jump into Luhan’s arms. “Oh my god, are you okay?”

“I’m much better now that all my oppas are here!” I giggle gleefully.

“Lets get her home,” Suho kisses the top of my head as I smile up at him.

“I’m not done talking with her,” Lee says bravely, earning a glare from every man in the room.

“She’s a drunk 17 year old she needs to go home and go to bed,” Xiumin snarls. Lee automatically steps back at the sight of the angry man, “If you have any questions they can go threw our lawyer. We are going home, come on guys.”

“Wait!” I place my feet firmly on the ground as the two oldest try to pull me out. “We need to Jihyo.”


I nod pulling my hands away from them to run back into the entry way, “She is still in the cell.” There I find her passed out on the bench, her back to us. I look to my oppas who followed me out; Lee is behind them with the keys to the cell. “Open the door.” I demand. Lee hesitantly comes past the line of still glaring men to open the door for me. I quickly am by her side shaking her awake. “Jihyo, you need to wake up so we can go.”

“She is not coming with us.” Kai deadpans.

I glare at him, something that makes everyone tense, expect for Jiyong who is standing there, amused. “I’m not leaving her.”

“Joo-ya,” Chanyeol starts but stops the second my glare switches to him.

“I’m not leaving her. If you guys don’t want to bring her along I’m going to stay here until they release her in the morning.”

“If you are a packaged deal I’ll happily take you both,” Jiyong offers giving me a sexy smirk.

“Fine, she can come,” Kris huffs storming into the cage to pick the drunk girl up.

“I wanna ride too!” I bounce up and down like the child I am at the moment.

“I’ll carry you,” Kyungsoo offers cutely. He easily scoops me up like Kris did Jihyo.

“Lets go home, I’m tired,” Suho grumbles. We all shuffle out of the station, the van is there along side Jiyong’s favorite car. Kyungsoo is about to put me in the van when I stop him, waving Jiyong over I smile at the older man.

“What can I do for you?” He asks playfully.

“I just want to say thank you Oppa, you are an amazing friend, I’m very confused how you don’t have any.”

“I don’t need any, I have you now. We will talk more on Friday, I’ll be picking you up from school for your birthday surprised.” He gives me a handsome smile before heading to his car. Kyungsoo climbs into the car, with me on his lap and Jihyo in Kris’s we have a very full car as the others climb in. The drive back is quiet, I can tell they are mad but I also think their minds are somewhere else at the moment. When we get home Jihyo and I are carried to my room.

“Get out,” I deadpan as Baekhyun and Chanyeol try to make themselves comfortable in my room.

“But Baby,” Baekhyun whines as he cups my face.

“You guys are not sleeping in here with us.”

“There is plenty of room on the bed.” Chanyeol states.

“I don’t care, I’m sleeping in here with just Jihyo.”

Baek pouts, “She can sleep by herself.”

“So can you.”

“Why don’t you want us sleeping in here?” They continue to whine.

With my little side still here I can’t help but be shyly honest, “I’m the only one who can sleep in the same bed as you guys. I’ve always been a selfish child, I’m not sharing you guys, even with Jihyo.”

They coo at me, sandwiching me between them, “Our baby is so possessive, it’s hot.” Baekhyun kisses me fully on the lips, softly at first but slowly he slips his tongue in to explore my mouth, I push him away.

“Not now,” I say breathlessly, trying my best to hide my smile and ignore the tingling feeling in my lady parts. Both boys huff, “Please leave so I can go to bed.” They give me their best puppy dog eyes, “Tomorrow we can finish.”

“Night baby,” They say together, each kissing a cheek before leaving. When they are gone I collapse on my bed where Jihyo is already passed out, I expect nothing less from her. Without much care I peel off her leather skirt and crop top, leaving her in her fancy matching underwear. Not that I have room to judge since Tao dressed me this morning in a cute blush underwear set. I undress myself before stumbling over to the light and turning it off. Once I’m back in bed Jihyo automatically sticks to me, I’ve forgotten what a cuddle monster she is when she’s drunk.

I happily spoon with her, letting her sleep the same way Tao did last night with her face in my chest and her arms around my waist. Her voice is soft when she says, “Thank you for not leaving me.”

“You were awake?”

She nods, “I figured it would be easier if I didn’t participate in the conversation.”

I can’t help but laugh at that, “For once you used common sense.”

“Those boys seemed nice.” I nod. “And extremely horny,” She teases. “I think it’s cute how possessive you guys are over each other, makes me think of us.”

“We aren’t that possessive over each other.”

“We have both started a physical fight with other girls when they got too friendly.”

I laugh at the memory, but I begin to think of what Jihyo must have been thinking as she listened to my conversations with my daddies. “Who do you like the best?”


“Out of all of them, who do you like the best?”

She is quiet for a minute, “Jiyong.”

“He wasn’t included in that question.”

“I don’t care, I like him. He reminds you of me, that is good enough.”

“I’m being serious.”

“I can’t give you a fair answer since I haven’t met them all, but in the morning, let me get a good reading on them and I’ll let you know.”

mr. neighbour || 01

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook AU; because why not, right? Hehehe.
Word Count: 1, 176
Notes: This was meant to be a drabble, then it got out of hand. Sorry not sorry ;) Credit to my best friend for the idea!
Series: 2 

The knocking was loud and persistent, but at first you didn’t hear it because you were still off in dreamland. It wasn’t until a particularly loud bang that echoed throughout your whole apartment that you stirred awake from your sleep. You practically fell out of your bed in surprise when there was another one. 

Rubbing your eyes, you grabbed your phone from the nightstand and squinted to reduce the burn of the light. The glowing numbers on your phone read 4:16 AM and you groaned loudly. What the hell? Were one of the neighbours causing trouble at this ungodly hour? Did they not have school or work or something?

“God…” You grumbled and planted your face into your soft pillow. But it snapped back up when you hear the knocking again. You waited one beat, two beats, but it didn’t seem to want to cease and it took you a moment to realize that it was coming from your front door.

Paranoia washed over you like a tidal wave and your heart started thundering in your chest. Was that your roommate? It couldn’t be, she was spending the night at her boyfriend’s.

Then, who the fuck was that?

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Because of You

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

words: 1.1k

pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

warnings: i don’t think there’s anything?please lmk though

tag list: @gondorgirl01 @1enchantedfantasy1 @insanelycool-jared-kleinman @totallynotkaibiased @qwacksonklaxon @petermanling @baka-chanismyname @thephanphorever

A/N: Hello!! I’m back with the fourth installment of the Peter Parker series!! If you want to read the first part you can read it here: Let Me Explain, the second part here: Trust Me and the third part here: Not Like This. If you’d like to get tagged in the series or send me a request/comment/question you can message me or send it to my ask box here. I hope you guys like it :)

“I do! I do trust you. I just- I-I didn’t want you to get hurt because of me,” he stumbled softly, his hands reaching out to me.

I took a step back, “Well it’s a bit too late for that now, isn’t it? You know what’s worse than being hurt because of you?” 

My voice cracked with what I croaked out next, “Being hurt by you.”

Peter’s voice was thick with sadness as he spoke,“_______ please, I didn’t mean to-”

“Maybe you should have thought it through, Peter.” I looked up at him and took my things before rushing out of his room and out of his apartment without another word.

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anonymous asked:

19 and 24 oh my GOD PLZ

19. each of my fantasies involve you

24. please let me watch you masturbate

His eyes were glued to you. They had been since you’d pulled him past the threshold of your apartment. Despite the fact that you knew he wanted you, he’d been the perfect gentlemen all night, and instead of fucking the moment you brought him into your home, you found yourselves seated at your kitchen island, half full glasses of wine between you.

You’d left your shoes at the door, and you were sitting in your cocktail dress, hair still done up, makeup still in place. Bill was still in one piece as well, though the alcohol had loosened him up considerably, and he was currently talking your ear off. The conversation was innocent enough. You were playing twenty questions, and having quite a bit of fun. But you knew the whole reason you’d brought him here. It wasn’t to play games, it was to fuck. So, you steered the questions to a more suggestive category, and once it was your turn again, you shamelessly spoke. 

“Tell me, Bill. What are your biggest fantasies?” You swirled your index finger around the edge of your glass, lifting your eyes to look into his own. He was silent for a moment, lips pursed as he mulled over his answer. 

Breathing out a laugh, he took a swig of the rich liquid in his glass before replying. “Each of my fantasies involve you.”

At that, you raised an eyebrow. “Is that so? Why don’t you tell me some of them?” You both already knew where this was headed. 

The faintest of blushes crept to his cheeks, but he answered anyway, more loose tongued than normal due to the wine. “Where do I even start? There’s the one about your pretty little mouth…and those hands, god, those hands.” He leaned a little closer. You could feel his breath fan over your face. Sickly sweet.

“What about my mouth?” You pressed. “Do you want it swallowing your cock?”

“I think you already know the answer to that.”

“And my hands…where do you want those? Do you want me stroking you, playing with your balls, touching you absolutely everywhere?” Now you were moving closer, knees touching his as you kept your face just inches away from his. 

“Actually…” he began, already taking hold of your hands. “I want them between your legs.”


“Yeah. I want you to touch yourself,” he mused, voice lowering an octave. “Please let me watch you masturbate.”

He had your breath hitching in your throat, and a sudden throb settling between your legs. You had an overwhelming desire to obey him, so you did just that. Wasting no time, you stood from the stool you were seated on, hiking up your dress and discarding your panties before taking a seat on the marble countertop. It was cold beneath your skin, and you shuddered, though you didn’t slow your actions. 

You put on a show for him, sliding your hand down your body as slowly as possible. When you finally reached your center, you slipped your fingers inside, wanting him to hear how wet you already were. You fucked yourself in front of him, taking note of the desire that had begun to settle deep in his eyes. 

You gasped out his name, rocking against your hand, suddenly desperate to get off, to come for him. All this time, Bill was watching you intently, unable to ignore the obvious arousal that had begun to run through him. He was so fucking hard, and the sight of you getting off for him was enough to make him want to grab you and fuck the daylights out of you. 

When it became too much, he did just that, rising from his seat and gripping you tightly, growling about how hard he was going to fuck you, how he was going to make you scream for him. And by the end of the night, while you lay sprawled out across the island, exhausted and utterly boneless, you had no doubt that he’d made good on that promise. 

4 years // For you || part five Dan Howell

A/N: hi guys! this is part five! (wait did that rhyme?) anyway, this time I focused more on the dan x y/n relationship part, i hope that’s alright with you 

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


“You must be really tired after that long drive.” I said, glancing up at Dan.

He tried to deny it but a little yawn and the dark shadows under his eyes gave him away.

“Let’s go back to my place so you can get some sleep.” I suggested and started walking towards the elevator.

Instead of following me right away, Dan’s eyes were glued to the door to Luke’s room.  

“We’ll be back tomorrow morning before he wakes up, he’ll be fine and you’re not breaking your promise.” I explained as I noticed that he was scared of leaving his son’s side.

“You’re right. Let’s get some rest.”

My parent’s house was less than 5 minutes away which was extremely convenient since I spent most of my days in hospital with Luke.

As Dan parked Phil’s car in our driveway, I noticed that the kitchen and living room lights were still on which meant that my parents were still up. They obviously knew that I went to London today to talk to Dan and I bet they were waiting for a call or for me to come home.

I felt bad because I had totally forgotten about them, but the whole day way just so eventful that I didn’t ring them or sent them a text.

Dan and I walked up to the front door together, he was walking right beside me and our hands were almost touching again.

It felt like a déjà vu. We had been in a very similar situation years ago.

Dan looked incredibly nervous again just like he was shortly before he met my parents for the first time. Back then he was scared because he felt the need to impress them, this time he was scared because he had already disappointed them.

I put my key into the lock to open our front door and walked into the house with Dan following me.

“I’m back” I shouted and heard noises and footsteps soon after.

“Honey, we’re so glad you’re home. How was -?” My mum came almost running towards me but froze the moment she saw Dan.

“Oh Daniel” My mum started to sob. I could tell that she was battling with anger, happiness and relief.

Dan was nervously biting his lip, somehow the right words to say hadn’t been invented yet.

“uuuuhhhh- I’m sorry – I, it’s nice to see you again… I’m sorry for everything.” He stuttered awkwardly trying to greet my mother and apologize at the same time.

“I’m just very thankful that you decided to help.” My mum just said and after she gave me that one hug that only your mother can give you she also quickly took Dan into her warm arms.

“You turned into such a good looking young man.” She smiled as she guided us into the living room.

My father had just gotten up from sofa in front of the TV. He didn’t look that happy to see Dan again, but who could blame him for that?

His eyebrows were furrowed together and I was surprised by how stern he could look.

“Good evening, Mr. Y/L/N.” Dan greeted him as politely as possible.

He swallowed hard. It was like the room had turned 10 degrees colder.

My dad answered with a slight nod, signalizing that he wasn’t interested in having a longer chat. I was his only daughter and Dan was the one who got me pregnant, left me and broke my heart doing so.

I could understand both of my parent’s reactions. On one hand I needed Dan’s help and I was glad to have him in my life again but I guess on the other hand I still hadn’t forgiven him for leaving me.

About 10 minutes later I walked up the stairs to my room with Dan right behind me. He kept looking around, trying to see how much of this house he could remember. A lot had changed since he had been here for the last time.

Especially one room was completely new: Luke’s room.

My room changed a lot as well, I took all the band posters down and it overall didn’t look like a teenager was living there anymore.

“You can sleep on the couch if you don’t mind.” I told Dan and pointed to the light blue sofa in the corner of my room, right underneath the window.

“That’s fine, thank you.” He answered sincerely and I remembered how many nights we had spent here in my bed together. It was a weird sense of familiarity and unfamiliarity at the same time.

There was a time when Dan, out of all people on this planet, was the one that I knew best and that I wanted to share the rest of my life with.

Now I was scared of a simple gesture like holding his hand our sharing a bed.

I got Dan some pillows and blankets and was surprised that he actually fit onto the sofa and that he wasn’t too tall for it.

We brushed our teeth next to each other and I changed into a pair of pjs as soon as I had the bath to myself.

When I walked back into my bedroom Dan was just slipping out of his shirt, revealing his bare chest.

“Oh.. sorry” I mumbled awkwardly and forced myself to avert my eyes from the sight. Somehow I felt like I was 18 again when his broad chest was my weakness.

I was glad to turn off the lights soon after because I didn’t want Dan to see the blush that had crept onto my face because of him and his blunt ‘shirtlessness’.

I got into my bed and slipped under my blanket with Dan already on the sofa next to me. I closed my eyes and tried to relax but somehow I just wouldn’t fall asleep.

More than 20 minutes passed and although I was extremely tired it I was still staring at the ceiling wide awake.

“Dan, are you still up?” I whispered, feeling the sudden need to talk to him.

“Yeah, I can’t really sleep.” He answered quietly and I heard him change his sleeping position.  

“It’s weird to be here with you again.” I admitted.

“I know what you mean, it used to be so normal and now after all that happened everything is just so different.”

“Did you ever think of me?” I asked. It was something that I’ve been dying to know since I saw him again this morning but I didn’t think I would ever actually ask him.

“I forced myself not to, but that didn’t work that well.”

It was so dark that I couldn’t even see Dan’s face. I just heard his voice, his painfully honest and hurt voice.

“Did you ever miss me?” my voice was quiet and vulnerable but reproachful at the same time.

My heavy heart was pounding in my ribcage as I waited for his answer.

Luke was my priority, my feelings came second. But in the middle of the night in this pitch black room I couldn’t stop my feelings from bubbling to the surface.

“I missed you every damn day, but I was scared to admit that to myself.”

When I met Dan again this morning I was focused on Luke’s well-being. I didn’t expect that Dan’s re-entry into my life would also spark some emotions deep inside of me and him. Emotions that we had caged and locked away years ago.

But that evening we both fell asleep with those emotions hanging in the air, not knowing that we would rush into the hospital tomorrow morning and be knocked in the face with some bad news…

Spring day || pjm

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: angst | fluff

words: 2k

this is the first time I am trying this type of writing so please bear it with me. inspired by spring day of course!

Days forgotten, days forbidden, days frozen in the dreadful past. The secrets exist to be found. Jimin is used to saying that whenever a conversation leads to a certain topic, maybe a sensitive topic which includes one of your friend’s secrets. Jimin is dark and lost in thoughts after the times he remembers a little something of his life, stories you do not know of or never been able to ask of.

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first time

I was lightly head banging along to the song that echoed throughout the studio space. My makeup artist, Nina, let out a sigh of frustration, “Will you keep still” she said before breaking out into a smile. “Sorry,” I smirked, strumming my fingers against my leg instead. “I thought you were bringing your intern along today?” I asked, glancing up at her reflection. She nodded, “I am, but she’s not coming in until a bit later.”

A few minutes went by before I spoke again, “I saw that picture you posted on instagram last night of that face mask you made. Why can’t I ever wear anything like that?” Nina chuckled slightly as she padded powder over my face, “Because you’re supposed to look good, not like some monster.” “I’m going to request a shoot like that, maybe for the next album. It looked really cool,” I said as she replied with a quiet thank you.

I had been at the studio for about an hour, and finally the photo shoot had begun. I was stood against a black backdrop, with two huge lights shining on me. The typical set up of a photographer with a big camera, with a laptop set up on the side. People scurrying around in the background either getting coffee, getting the next look ready or just trying to look busy. “Ok Shawn, let’s lighten the mood a little. What’s your favourite song right now?” the photographer asked, holding the camera loosely in his hand. “It’d have to be Castle On the Hill by Ed Sheeran,” I replied. The photographer glared at the guy who was near the music system, seconds later the song was bouncing off the walls. I had been up for a while, but was yet to actually feel awake. It didn’t matter how many coffees I had, music always seemed to help more.

The shoot’s pace quickened as the camera flashed every other second, as I changed my pose in simple ways. “Brilliant Shawn, these are coming out great” the photographer called out. I nodded and smiled as I stood still and pushed my hand through my hair. As the flash went off, I looked passed the set up and over at the stairs near the entrance. A girl dressed in a denim skirt and striped white top, covered with a tanned seude jacket hurried down the stairs. No one else seemed to pay attention to the fact that you could hear her singing along to the song, swaying her hips slightly as she took each step.

I slowly removed my hand from my hair as my eyes continued to follow her movement. “Perfect Shawn,” I heard the photographer say before the flash took over my view. I blinked a few times, “Ok, let’s start the next look.” I felt my cheeks heat up slightly as I went back to the chair in front of the mirror. “You alright?” Andrew asked. I nodded, “Yeah, those lights are just a little hot.”  

I stared at the mirror and watched as the girl stopped once she met Nina, they spoke briefly before they started approaching me. I quickly sat up and combed through my hair, making sure I looked somewhat decent. “Shawn, this is (Y/N), she’s my intern” Nina smiled, placing her hand on the girls shoulder. “Nice to meet you,” (Y/N) said boldly sticking her hand out. I took it and shook it slowly, “Hey” I fidgeted in my chair as she let go of my hand and grabbed a stool nearby, dragging it so she could sit beside the mirror. “(Y/N’s) just gonna be watching me today, as this is her first time on a set like this. Is that ok?” I looked at (Y/N) who sat pretty much in front of me, her eyes glued to me as if I was part of a science experiment a teacher was demonstrating. “Sure,” I muttered.

My eyes flickered between my hands in my lap and (Y/N). She removed her coat and placed it on her lap as she leaned down into her bag, pulling out a pad and paper. “Oh by the way, I saw that mask you were working on. The one you posted on instagram last night,” she said as she searched through her pad for a blank page. “Oh yeah, what do you think?” Nina replied as she made me lean my head back slightly. “It looked awesome, I’ve done one similar - not as advanced and perfect obviously,” (Y/N) chuckled slightly.

“Shawn was saying earlier that he wanted to do a shoot where he could wear something like that,” Nina said. (Y/N’s) eyes lit up as she smiled at me, “I could totally see you as some sort of Vampire. But a proper one you know, not like something from The Vampire Diaries.” “I like the Vampire Diaries,” I said quickly, not thinking before I spoke. “Oh so do I,” (Y/N) said as she tapped the end of her pen against the paper. “The guys look really hot as vampires, but I can see you with a more gore-like look.”  She awkwardly pretended to brush hair behind her ear when I didn’t reply.

I was back on set again, almost finished with the final look. Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings was playing and I couldn’t help but get distracted by (Y/N). She was cleaning up Nina’s area by the mirror as she danced along to the song. The photographer didn’t mind, wanting shots of me looking away from the camera. She grabbed two brushes and used the ends of them to bang against the edge of the desk, along with the beat. She then did a twirl as she moved round the back of the chair and placed them in the bag. She raised her hands in the air and tipped her head back as it reached the end of the bridge, before starting up again as if oxygen had suddenly been put back in her.

She moved frantically as if she was in her kitchen by herself. No one else seemed to notice but I couldn’t help my eyes feeling drawn towards her. I lowered my head to let out a chuckle and “flash”. We took a few more photos and then it was over. I wandered over to the laptop and looked at the photos with the photographer as he mentioned the ones he really liked. “This one, I really love” he said. It was one of me laughing to myself, looking at the ground. “I don’t know what you were thinking of in that moment, but it worked,” the photographer said. I looked at the photo for a few more seconds, before glancing over at (Y/N) who was writing things down in her notebook.

I was back in the makeup chair with Nina removing all the makeup she had caked onto my face. I looked through my phone, finding her photo again on instagram. I clicked on the likes and found (Y/N’s) name. I scrolled through her feed before following her. Within seconds she hurried over with two coffees in her hand. She placed them in front of me before sitting back on her stool. She spoke to Nina about something as I continued to look through her instragram. I found a photo of her from halloween where she was dressed as a vampire. The caption read: ‘be afraid because I probably will bite #makeupbyme’ . I commented on the photo saying, 'so, can you make me look this good as a vampire?’

I watched secretly as she pulled out her phone and read the notification. I felt a fuzzy feeling in my stomach as I watched the smile appear on her face. I was surprised by my screen lighting up seconds later. I read the reply, ’@shawnmendes that depends… do you bite?’ My head shot up from my screen to find her looking at me. We both broke out in smiles as Nina rambled on about something. Suddenly (Y/N) stood up and left as Nina asked her to do something. Nina grabbed a coffee and was about to take a sip, “Oh, this one must be yours.” She handed it to me before taking the other one, “Why’d you say that?” She took the top half of the cup and turned it in my hand to reveal a mobile number on the other side. “I already have (Y/N’s) number,” she said raising an eyebrow before having some coffee.

Fuck Buddies

Jon Moxley x Reader

Warnings: smut and swearing.

(Sorry this took so long to write, I lost mojo abit.)

“Hey Baby, you know I won the match tonight” The cocky voice of Jon Moxley crept up from behind you.

You turned sideways to find him bodily exhausted, sweat dripping from his toned physique and light blood spotted on his forehead. In all honesty that just how you preferred him, fresh from a match. You found him 100 times more attractive this way.

“You know what that means sweet face, you’re helping me celebrate tonight” Jon continued on, with that cute adorable smile carved into his face.

“Jon you know I have no choice, we are fuck buddies” you said rolling your eyes at him annoyingly.

“Aw princess don’t think of it like that.” He began saying as he rubbed your upper arm. “You know you’re my favourite girl.”

“Yeah yeah” your voice filled with sarcasm as you folded your arms.

“Besides, who fucks you better than I do?” He said in song, forcing your back against the stone cold wall.

With his face millimetres away from yours and both his hands glued to the wall keeping you in place, you quickly whispered the answer he was waiting for. “No one Jon”

“And who fucks you like the dirty little slut you are? His voice calm whilst his eyes were drilling holes into you.

Beads of sweat dripped down your spine soaking your shirt, and a pool of wetness in your pants drenched your panties. Mox had you in the perfect position but all you had to do was answer his rhetorical question.

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Secret Love [S. Smythe]

So this was a request on AO3 and I figured I’d post it here too. I’ve also got two really cute requests that anon submitted that I’ll be writing and uploading asap!

Summary: You’re Blaine’s younger sibling and are secretly dating Sebastian. Slowly, everyone starts to notice.

When Sebastian asked you out, it took exactly four weeks to be sure that he wasn’t using you to get to your big brother, Blaine. But, when he took you on a romantic midnight park date and kissed you passionatley, you knew he was being for real. Now, it was six months later, and Sebastian and you were still going strong – in secret, of course. 

 Until one day, Blaine found out. 

Blaine had texted you saying that glee practice had gone later than planned and he’d be home about an hour late. You’d been spending time with Sebastian at the Lima Bean when you got the text. Naturally, Sebastian wanted to come over. And how could you deny that? 

The two of you had made popcorn and put on Netflix, deciding on a marathon of Disney movies, because who doesn’t love Disney? There was a large, fluffy blanket draped over your laps that Sebastian had gotten you for Christmas. 

 (“Y/N, when did we get this blanket?” “Oh, uh, I found it shoved in my closet.” “Really?” “Yes, Blaine.”) 

The two of you began having a distraction war. Whoever could stay focused on the television screen won. Sebastian had gotten up to a minute, and had been trying to get you to break for forty-five seconds. You couldn’t win. He started kissing up and down your neck, and you subconsciously leaned into his touch. He placed one of his large hands over the top of your neck, continuing to peck and nip at your skin. You kept your eyes glued to the television. 

The two of you were deep in concentration, so you didn’t hear the door open or close, nor the footsteps down the hall. 

That is, until you heard, “What the hell is going on here?” Sebastian nearly fell off the couch when he jumped away from you. You quickly turned your head to see your older brother standing by the doorway, arms crossed. Sebastian gulped. “Blaine! Wha-you’re home,” you gasped, “I didn’t realize the time…" 

Blaine raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, I can see that,” he scoffed, “Now does someone want to explain what I just walked in on before I beat Sebastian with my shoe?" 

And so, you explained everything. Sebastian asking you out, the dates, and what was happening at the moment he appeared. Blaine then proceeded to chase Sebastian around with his sneaker, before tackling the Warbler to the ground and threatening the future of his dick if he broke your heart. 

Then, he let you be. 

 You sat on the table, laughing at the entire scene. Sebastian gave you a plauful glare before attacking you with tickles. You shrieked as you tried to push him away. You and your boyfriend continued this, not knowing Blaine was watching from the hallway with a smile on his face. 


It was a couple months later when the New Directions and the Warblers found out. Of course, it wasn’t how you two wanted them to learn, because why would it be? Luck was never on Sebastian’s side anyways. 

Blaine was out of town to help out an old friend. You and Sebastian were on a date at the Lima Bean, when Santana, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Quinn walked in. Neither one of you noticed them as you paid for your drinks, laughing at the stupid story from Sebastian’s childhood. But they noticed you. 

“Oh my god,” you laughed, grinning widely, “Seb, you didn’t.” Sebastian snorted, “How could I not? He was practically asking for it.” The two of you walked out, completely unaware of the fact that the other members of the glee club were watching. 

You found out when you were called into the auditorium after school. “Santana,” you called, jogging in through the doors, “Kurt? You said you had something important?” The other door to the auditorium opened, and Sebastian walked in, “Alright, Satan. I’m here. What do you…want…” He trailed off in confusion, seeing you by the stage. Curious, he walked over to you. “What are you doing here?” You asked him. 

“The better question is, what are you doing with him?“ Santana’s voice echoed as she, the New Directions, and the Warblers walked out from behind the curtain. You felt yourself pale, and Sebastian instinctively grabbed your hand. You stared at them in shock. "How did you-" 

“We saw you two at the Lima Bean yesterday,” Kurt replied, “Y/N, how could you? He’s the enemy." 

“He’s not that bad.” You immediately defended your boyfriend. Rachel stared at you in surprise, “He nearly blinded your brother.” You cringed at the memory of the slushie incident. “We don’t talk about that…” You mumbled. Sebastian kept his mouth shut for once in his life, not wanting to make things worse. You always had a way with words, but this time, he didn’t think you’d succeed at convincing them. 

“I’m not a baby,“ you retaliated, "I can make my own decisions.” Finn huffed. “Yeah, such great decisions you made,” he snapped, “You’ve always been attracted to the assholes.” You felt Sebastian’s grip loosen a bit. You saw a flash of hurt in his eyes, but he quickly covered it up with his snarky attitude. “Just because I have one, doesn’t mean I am one.” He glared. 

However, his statement went unheard as Hunter pushed his chest out at Finn. “Woah, sharkfin, you better watch what you say about our co-captain.” He threatened. Finn poked his chest. “Or what, Carington?” He challenged. 

The members of the Warblers and New Directions started arguing with each other over who’s fault this was. (“Y/N just wants sex.” “Smythe is using Y/N to find out what we’re singing, just like he did with Blaine!”) 

Hearing the hurtful things about you shouted from the Warblers and the hateful comments about Sebastian from your friends, you quickly backef up, before running out of the auditorium. The echo of Sebastian calling your name traveled throughout the room. Not caring if the singing groups were watching, Sebastian ran after you. He could hear the footsteps of people following, but he shut the door before they could get out. 

He grabbed your arm, stopping you. You turned to him, eyes filled with tears. “They hate us, Seb.” You sniffled. Sebastian shook his head. “No they don’t,” he argued, “Your friends hate me. The Warblers…they’re just defensive…protective. Sure, I can take care of myself, but you know me and my wholw identity crisis thing. They just worry. They don’t hate you." 

You didn’t believe him, but you nodded anyways. Sebastian sighed and wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly. "I love you.” He mumbled, kissing the top of your head. He snuggled into his chest, breathing in his scent. “I love you, too.”


Blaine got back two days later. When he asked his friends why you weren’t at school, they explained what had happened the night before. Needless to say, Blaine was pretty upset with them, but they also explained to him that they overheard Sebastian talking to you and decided to give him a chance. 

So, Blaine called you to the glee room, knowing for certain that Sebastian was with you. When thw two of you arrived hand-in-hand, you found the New Directions and the Warblers standing on stage. “Blaine!” You squealed, running up to your brother and jumping into his arms. You had no idea he was back.

“What do you people want now?” Sebastian rolled his eyes, walking over to you and Blaine. Secretly, he was doing it because he knew – well, he hoped – that Blaine would stand up for him. “Let us talk, meerkat,” Santana huffed, “Look, we wanted to apologize. What we did last night-" 

“It was so so, so so wrong,” Kurt interrupted, hopping down off the stage to hurry over to you, “Y/N, you’re one of my best friends, and I hurt you last night. I…we…feel terrible.” You smiled appreciatively at Kurt. He was Blaine’s boyfriend, therefore a very good friend of yours. Having him back on your side was such a relief. 

“Kurt’s right,“ Rachel agreed, "It’s you’re life and you aren’t a baby. If Blaine, of all people, is okay with it, then we should be, too." 

The rest of the New Directions nodded. "I’ll admit, I still hate you,” Santana directed the statement at Sebastian, “but you really cared for Y/N back there. If Y/N’s happy, then I guess I can deal with this." 

Sebastian’s jaw dropped, "Wow, Sanny. Didn’t think you had it in you." 

Santana glared, ”Don’t push it.“

Hunter dropped off the stage and clasped his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder. "I’m not the biggest fan of you dating the enemy,” he told the co-captain, “but Y/N seems innocent enough for me to trust. You two are disgustingly sweet." 

Jeff poked his head from behind Nick, "I think they’re cute!" 

You giggled as Sebastian wrapped his arms around you from behind and dipped his head down to cspture your lips in a kiss. You heard the people around you groan and Blaine gag, "Okay, Smythe. Stop trying to eat my (sister/brother).” You and Sebastian laughed before pulling away. 

Santana pointed a finger at him, “And don’t think this means we’re going easy on you during Regionals." 

Sebastian only smirked, "Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Put My Heart Back Together Part 3

Summary: Reader isn’t human and when she finally confesses her love to a certain metal armed soldier, her heart breaks (literally) when he doesn’t love her back. Will the reader deal with the dullness she has to endure or will Bucky come to his senses? Soulmate AU?

Warnings: ANGST (or at least as angst I can get), CUSSING SOOOO MUCH.

Author’s Note: I want to thank a friend who helped me with this Chapter! @krimzenrayne 

Originally posted by darkroomsuicide

Y/N couldn’t find it in herself to face Bucky. She heard those three words she has been dying to hear from the soldier since she arrived but after everything, hearing him say it sounds like he’s saying it out of obligation. How can he waltz back in her room after he broke her heart and say, ‘I love you’ like it’s suppose to fix everything? Y/N can’t trust him again, she can’t look into his eyes and not feel pain, she can’t glue her heart back together and be bright again. The old her is buried deep inside her subconscious and didn’t make haste to retrieve it soon, she wanted to wallow. 

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Meant to Be (Taeyong - NCT)

Requested by: @kookiexdae

Word Count: 2155

Inspired by BTS Serendipity and DNA

* Note: In case you haven’t noticed already, I have a strange habit of twisting requests into weird prompts for myself. For this scenario I thought it would be kinda cool to make it a modern soulmate thing where you find your S/O via DNA. I apologize in advance if it’s not what you wanted.

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Who would’ve thought? - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested smut)


Shawn’s POV

Red solo cups, cigarettes, everything was scattered across the front yard of the two-story house. But what are you supposed to expect at a stereotypical high school party?

The entrance was wide open and you could already see the mass of bodies dancing. I had no idea why I’d come, I love parties don’t get me wrong, just this is a little overwhelming. Spring break only called for endless parties, hooking up and getting drunk. But tonight, that was not what I was looking for.

I walk inside and try finding a space where I could just breathe, but the only place it seemed to be was upstairs. I didn’t really want to go, not wanting to see anything I didn’t want to see, but if I were going to find her, it’s the best place to be. So, I make my way through the sweaty bodies, weaving carefully, until I reached the bottom of the stairs. I quickly walk up, before setting my eyes on the one person I wanted to see tonight.

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Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

Requested by @mylittlenarnia 

Pairing - Isaac x Reader

Word count -1,060

You had no idea how you were running for, it seemed like hours and you felt like your legs were going to fall off your body at any moment. The only thing that was keeping you going was the encouragement of Isaac who was running alongside you but would forget you didn’t have the speed he did. You didn’t have in you to yell after him this time, and if you had anything to throw at the stupid guy you would’ve.

There was an unknown threat; you’re not even shocked about this now. It would be shocking if there wasn’t something terrorizing the town. You and the pack had the normal pack meeting, you guys had a plan. It was a basic plan, probably not the most strategize one, but it was a plan.

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