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Young [G.D mini series]


Summary: Y/N had always had bad luck finding love, but it was wrong of her to feel things for the troubled young student she was supposed to be counseling.

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: age gap, smut, angst, mentions of death/suicide, etc.

A/N: I had this idea because my mind is nasty, and I’ve been looking for something like this. No luck, so why not write it? Gray is 17 and Y/N is 27 !! So don’t shit on me pls I’m just a girl.

“Ms. Y/L/N?”

My ears perked up at the sound of my name, and I stared up from my writing to see Mr. Greeley at the doorway to my office with coffee in his hands. He was a nice man, a handsome teacher in his mid-forties that I felt was a tad bit flirty with me at times. It was pretty early, and class was about to begin, but first I was getting prepared to meet up for the first time with a student and honestly, it was always a little overwhelming.

“Yes?” I asked, pushing my black-rimmed glasses up the tip of my nose with a smile. Well, as much as I could give him on a Monday morning.

Mr. Greeley happily came in and sat down on one of the two chairs across from me, but not before leaving one of the coffee cups on top of my desk. I thanked him for it, actually glad to have some caffeine, especially after reading about who the student was.

Grayson Bailey Dolan.

“So, how is everything with counselling going?” he asked, bringing one leg up to rest on the other’s knee. Probably to make himself seem cooler. Too bad I wasn’t interested.

“Not easy,” I laughed, moving some of my papers around.

“Must be. Hell, I’d be praying before dealing with that Dolan kid.”

I raised my brows, setting my pen down to fold my hands together on top of the table. How did he know he was my next student? It must’ve been talked about, which annoyed me. This was a high school, yes, but did gossip still need to be spread around within the circle of adults?

I always liked being professional, and I didn’t want certain things - bad things - to be said about any student. Many were misunderstood, and I was so sure Grayson was one of them. I’d seen him around, and to me he looked like he mainly kept to himself. However, his grades, discipline, and detention marks said otherwise. I knew he’d be difficult to break, but I wanted to help as best as I could, and nothing was going to scare me away.

“Okay, don’t give me that look, I’m just warning you. He’s a tough little guy.”

“Then I’ll deal with him.” Really, I didn’t need him to tell me. I’d been doing this and dealing with various types of students for years now. I’d cracked the toughest ones, and it was always a challenge I was willing to do every single time.

Mr. Greeley chuckled, rubbing at his jaw. “Hope he’s nicer than he normally is. Smart-ass mouth he’s got.”

“What do you people have against a student?” I asked defensively, eyes narrowed.

He let out another little laugh that was starting to make my blood boil. I didn’t want to deal with this when Grayson would make his way in soon. I wanted to make him feel comfortable and at safe - it was completely shitty that the teachers had no remorse. Maybe he was a difficult person and all they could learn to do was dislike him, but talking behind his back instead of confronting him respectfully or trying to reach out wasn’t the way to go.

His mom was the one to come and talk to me about this, worrying about her son as a mother should - so every Monday and Wednesday, maybe Fridays if I had time, I’d speak to Grayson before classes started at 8.

“I think you should go, Mr. Greeley,” I said in a stern tone, looking back down at my paperwork with a straight face. “Thank you for the coffee, I won’t thank you for your input when I never asked. Grayson should be here any minute.”

The AP Biology teacher gave me a look in silence before standing to his feet without a word and leaving.

Taking a deep breath, I stood to my feet and made my way out of my office behind him. I walked out with my tall black heels clicking against the floors to where a few students were sitting outside in the chairs, waiting, and skimmed my eyes around to look for this specific boy.

He was sitting with his long legs outstretched and his backpack in between them on the ground. His brown hair, short at the sides and floppy at the front, was a mess - like he’d previously been running his fingers through. He wore everything black, his jacket, his shirt, his jeans, his boots - but those glowing brown-green eyes popped out more than anything to me.

“Grayson?” I called after clearing my throat, seeing him stare up at me. His bright eyes went over my legs, up to my hips tucked into a tight black skirt, and I didn’t even want to talk about his lingering gaze upon finding my exposed chest in my red blouse.

I gave him a sincere smile, heart suddenly leaping at a quick rate when he made eye contact before reaching for his backpack to stand.

Seeing him up close, only breaths away, for some reason reminded me of Mr. Greeley’s words. Little guy. Grayson certainly wasn’t little, in fact if I ever saw him in public, I’d think he was three years older than he actually was. He was tall and extremely muscular, even bigger than my tiny form. I was 27 years old and yet it seemed like I didn’t age after turning 20. I guess it was a good thing, although the way that I dressed definitely told everyone I was old enough.

“Come on in, have a seat.” I held the door open for him and he left a nice smell in his way. I gently closed the door and made my way to my own seat at my desk while he made himself as comfortable as he could. He basically sat the exact same way as he did outside, just looking a little more bored. “How are you today?”

His deep voice was a little muffled due to the fist resting on his cheek. “Tired.”

I nodded, the smile still on my face so that I could appear friendly to him instead of strict or scary. “I understand it’s early. It was the only way I could squeeze you in for the time being.” I took a pause to look over the countless amount of papers I had scattered around. For some reason, I was shaking a little, especially under his intense gaze. The sunlight coming through the windows behind me gave his beautiful eyes even more of a glow. They were greener there. “So, how’s school going?” Typical question, but I had to start with him somewhere. Baby steps. I wasn’t going to blurt out and immediately ask him what the hell was going on in his personal life.

When he didn’t answer, I looked up to see his attention elsewhere - eyes looking outside at the parking lot for the main entrance.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and ran my tongue over my inner bottom lip slightly. “Your grades are okay. However, they’re going down very quickly. Is there anything specific that you find difficult? We can start with that.”

He shrugged.

“Do you think you’d need a tutor?”


That’s when he smirked, making eye contact with me again. I don’t know what it was about it, but he made it so incredibly intense. He didn’t move his gaze away, it was like he was staring deep deep into me.

I guess this was the difficult part.

“Why, are you volunteering to help?”

The subject was about tutoring, yet the way he said it made it seem like much more. Maybe I was looking too far into it, knowing how some of these young boys acted or would often have hidden messages in their sentences when speaking to me. I wasn’t bad looking, but far younger than any of the other female workers and these boys were extremely hormonal.

“We can have a student do it. Or you can speak to your teachers–”

“They all hate me,” he cut me off, and since he had his head slightly down, his eyes were hooded and underneath it looked darker with the shadow given.

I frowned, feeling bad that he knew. Of course he had to know that the way he acted wasn’t the best way to go about things, but why did he do it? And did he ever hear these adults speak about him or was it that obvious? “I’m sure they don’t, Grayson. You’re just…” I tried to find the right word whilst also trying not to give into the gossip and terrible talk about him. No one knew anything. Grayson was the only one who knew who he was. “Different.”

It was the oldest one in the book, but it was true.

Grayson didn’t respond to that, going to lick his bottom lip before biting down on it. I tried my best to stay focused, instead noticing how his hand came down to rub at his clothed thigh before  he sank down a little to place both hands in front of him, practically cupping his crotch area. He kept his lips in a straight line, but the chiseled, straight jawline was clenching.

How was a teenage boy that attractive?

Focus. What the hell are you doing? What the hell is he doing?

“What do they call me around here, Miss…?” He trailed off, and with a sigh, I tapped my desk plate that had my name written on it. Grayson’s eyes shifted to it, and I thought he wouldn’t bother to read it. When he did say my name, it sent shivers down my spine and I nearly squirmed in my seat. Fuck.

“Troublemaker? Smartass? Fuckboy?”

Him choosing to swear didn’t affect me, I heard it on a daily basis - it was just the way that it was said yet again. It was mocking, almost.

“Grayson,” I warned him, not looking up at him and instead writing down what we needed to work with. He was getting a little angry, as well as a little red at the cheekbones and ears. I could tell that was one thing we were going to have to deal with. “I’m here with you, not them. And I believe you’re a good kid.”

“Deep down?” he asked, eyes slightly narrowing. “Deep, deep down,” he continued as he leaned forward, not hiding the fact that he was staring at my chest again when I moved my hair away. I knew my blouse tightly hugged my breasts that were in clear view for him, but I always thought it was a nice thing to wear. He was making me second guess myself, though.

I moved without a second thought to stretch my stiffening limbs, going to the front of my desk directly where he was mere inches away. “I’m here to help you, with anything and everything you need…”

“Not everything,” he mumbled, moving back to rest against the chair with his hand back on his crotch. I tried not to look directly there, knowing I had to keep it professional. Keep everything professional.

“Really, anything. Schoolwork, advice, or to talk about anything you’d like.” I nodded, resting my bottom up on my desk to sit down and cross one leg over the other to get comfortable and possibly help him stop looking so stiff as well.

“Can I talk about how fucking tight my pants are right now,” he muttered, keeping his eyes away. I frowned and stared down out of curiosity, still seeing his hands covering himself. “Can we talk about you,” he suddenly shifted around the topic before I could question him to see if I’d heard right, his eyes on a picture of me with my closest friend sat on my desk to the left of me.


“You must have something interesting to hide.”

I furrowed my brows, keeping my cool. “Grayson, this is about you.”

He looked frustrated. “I’m not talking shit.”

“You’re gonna have to, I want to help.” That perfect jaw of his clenched again. “We don’t have to get deep into anything if you don’t want it yet… I don’t think you’re ready to, we just met. I mainly want to focus on your grades right now, your career, et cetera. Do you do any sports?”

He shook his head. His large built told me otherwise, but I guess he simply worked out.

“Don’t like it?”

“Don’t like the people.”

“Understandable, not your type of scene. I’ll be honest, maybe that’ll help a bit with getting into a college if you’re not big on grades. However, I do want you to possibly see a tutor as well…” This whole time, he made no comments and I was working with nothing. It was hard getting him to speak out, so I appreciated even the tiniest remarks.

We sat in that familiar silence once again when the first bell of the day rang. This wasn’t meant to drag on, merely ten to fifteen minutes for a start and as the days went on, we’d get more time together.

“Okay, looks like our time is up. It’s short for today, but I’ll always try to give us more time if you’re okay with that,” I commented, turning to go back to my chair.

“Thanks, this helped.” Shocked, I looked at him to see no sign of humor on his face. We barely spoke and I helped? Wow.

“Really, Grayson?”

“Yeah,” he said, standing and placing his backpack on. “Because of that, I’m going home.”


“Wha–? Grayson–” I didn’t get to finish as he walked out. I couldn’t find the will to go after him and drag him to class where he needed to be.

Only one thing hit me when the door clicked shut: this was going to be far more difficult than I thought.

Their girlfriend has green eyes (NCT U/127)

Taeil: -he would terl you often he thought your eyes were pretty- “your eyes look greener than normal”

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Taeyong: -one of his favorite feature on you but he also liked you more than just for your eyes- “her eyes get her noticed a lot but I like more than just them”

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Doyoung: -he was in love with you not your eyes even if they helped a bit he was still crazy for you as a person-“my girlfriend is all around amazing"

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Ten: -he always found your eyes very cute so he often times told you- “you look cute as always baby”

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Jaehyun: -he was way into your eyes often talking about them because he loved them that much- “you know baby you look really good right now”

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Mark: -he would often times get lost in your eyes when you’re looking at him- *gif*

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Yuta: -he was always happy when he could look you in the eyes- “your eyes are just so pretty”

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WinWin: -the boys were shocked by the different eye color than they were used to seeing- “her eyes are one of her many great features”

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Haechan: -he always was happy to talk about you but more people were curious about your eyes than anything else- “they make her different but she’s still just like everyone else”

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20 and 24 (sorry if they've already been done❤️)

My best friend is Virgil!! I’m little, I got lots of freckles and big blue eyes! Daddy says my cheeks are always rosy! I have glasses like Lolo and my hair is like daddy’s.- Patton

My cousins are my best friends. I can’t just pick one because it would be unfair to them. I look a lot like Dad. I just don’t have a lot of freckles and my hair is darker then his and Pat’s. My eyes are also a lot greener.- Logan

I would have to say my best friends would be my children though that might make a certain creepy cookie jealous. My eyes are green with some blue and I’m quite tall, 6'r if I remember correctly. My hair is light brown and is bit longer then usual. Maybe I should let it grow?- Roman

My only friends are Ro and his kids. I’m not really that interesting. Brown eyes. Bla-uh purple hair now. My natural hair is like reddish/brown but I hate it. I’m super pale and a bit shorter then Ro. I also have dimples.-Virgil

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Mind if we know more about Maemi? Like personality and appearance as a high schooler and a parent

Oh no no no, I don’t mind at all! I usually don’t add many details about my OCs (not that I have a lot of them haha), even if I should …
So, here you go :

I picture Maemi as a girl with long, straight and dark brown hair, but not the kind of dark brown that almost looks like black, you can really see that she has brown hair, you know? And long, like, cut after her shoulder blades. She has bangs, but on the left side. Her eyes are greener than Nozomi’s, but they’re still light green, and they have the same form too (tareme eyes, or something like that?).
I like to think that she has some light freckles around her nose and on its tip too, but it’s barely visible, like you notice them when you’re closely looking at her. Her skin is pale, but it easily tans, and she does look quite cute in summer!

Thanks to her backstory, you now know that she has a generous chest and, much to Yoshiko’s delight, there are some freckles above it (Yoshiko loves kissing them in the bedroom, by the way~). Also, she’s slim, and has toned calves : she loves cycling and going for runs. It was stress-relieving for her to do so when she was in middle school, and she kept practicing those activities even in high school and after that. Cycling became, um, less sport-like once she started dating Yoshiko : it was mostly for them to go on dates or to just get some fresh air together (and it was priceless the first few times). After the twins’ birth, it became a family activity.

Mh, something else : she’s a little bit smaller than Yoshiko. I believe that Yoshiko got taller during high school and college (like, 165cm or so), and Maemi measures, what, 160cm, so there’s a small height difference!

In high school, she was mostly tying her hair in a ponytail with a dark pink ribbon, but she had two unruly locks which kept falling in front of her ears and which framed her face.
In her last years of studying, she started braiding her hair on the side (making it land on her left shoulder) on occasion, and it became her regular hairstyle after having Nozomi and Nico (and there’s still that unruly lock on the right side of her face!). Of course, she styles her hair differently sometimes, but she doesn’t really let it loose.

Now, her personality …

As I said in the previous post, she was shy, reserved and didn’t talk much in middle/high school. She had to be friends with people to let them see who she really is  –which means, a kind, calm, smart and soft-spoken girl. She’s sensitive and fragile, but she tries to hide those sides as she doesn’t want people to take advantage of that, even as an adult.

Because of what happened in middle school, she has a hard time giving people her trust, and she’d rather keep everything to herself than sharing her insecurities and all. The fact that she doesn’t confide in people caused some fights between Yoshiko and her during their first months as a couple, but Maemi did her best to change that side of her a little for her girlfriend. Thanks to her relationship, she also became bolder, when it comes to displaying affection. She was often the one to initiate physical contact, like a quick peck on the cheek or holding hands and stroking Yoshiko’s with her thumb, whether it be in public or in private.
Speaking of, Maemi had a hard time giving all of herself to Yoshiko, as she was really terrified of showing her bare body to someone. Scars of the past, I guess you can call it like that …

Ah, there’s also something contradictory concerning her personality … She can be determined and is easily fired up, but she quickly gives up when there’s something getting in her way.

Aside that, Maemi is very girly. She showed it during her high school years, when she started tolerating, appreciating, her body again. It’s in college that she really began putting make up on, but not thick make up, just so she can look good. But, regarding her clothes, she prefers girly clothes. Like, dresses and skirts, or pastel, V-neck tops. She has always loved earrings and anklets, too.

As a mother, she kept her girly side, as she heard too many things about women forgetting themselves once they had their first child and didn’t want to lose that part of her, and her femininity either.
She was still soft and sweet with her girls when they were younger, but found out that she could got pretty mad sometimes –and it scared Nozomi and Nico, who were too used to their soft-spoken Momma, and who instantly calmed down not to have to face her anger. But I believe that the stress ate her up a lot when she was pregnant and when the twins were babies, because she never imagined she was going to have two babies at first.
I even think that she was the first one to confront the baby blues hehe. Oh and, she certainly became more sensitive after that … Beware, Yoshiko, hahahaha!

I think I said everything that was on my mind … I hope I didn’t forget anything. If you need even more information, don’t hesitate, I’m always happy to share this kind of things! Even if it’s not with Maemi, but I understand that she wa the most mysterious and intriguing one hehe

Have a good day anon, thank you for all this again~

First Love

Description: The Reader and Dean first met when they were seven years old. This is the story of how they met, along with some highlights of their relationship as they grow up.

Age Seven.

“Y/n has no daddy! Y/n has no daddy!” Billy and his friends sing their stupid song over and over, dancing circles around you as you stand in the sandbox and ignoring your tears.

“Where’s your dad, freak?” Billy taunts, pushing your shoulder roughly and making you stumble back a couple of steps.

“Yeah, Y/n, where’s your dad?” Janie sneers. “My mom says that he didn’t want you, so he ran away.”

“Stop it,” you say half-heartedly. Either they don’t hear you or they don’t care.

“It’s probably true,” Billy continues, shoving you again. “He didn’t want to be stuck with a freak like you.

“Shut up, Billy!” you shriek. “Shut up, you don’t know anything!”

“You gonna make me, freak?” He pushes you a little harder and this time you fall, landing hard on your butt in the sand to the delight of your tormentors.

“The stupid freak can’t even keep her balance!” Janie laughs, tugging on one of your braids.

“Hey! Leave her alone!”

Keep reading