my eyes look a lot greener

Their girlfriend has green eyes (NCT U/127)

Taeil: -he would terl you often he thought your eyes were pretty- “your eyes look greener than normal”

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Taeyong: -one of his favorite feature on you but he also liked you more than just for your eyes- “her eyes get her noticed a lot but I like more than just them”

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Doyoung: -he was in love with you not your eyes even if they helped a bit he was still crazy for you as a person-“my girlfriend is all around amazing"

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Ten: -he always found your eyes very cute so he often times told you- “you look cute as always baby”

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Jaehyun: -he was way into your eyes often talking about them because he loved them that much- “you know baby you look really good right now”

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Mark: -he would often times get lost in your eyes when you’re looking at him- *gif*

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Yuta: -he was always happy when he could look you in the eyes- “your eyes are just so pretty”

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WinWin: -the boys were shocked by the different eye color than they were used to seeing- “her eyes are one of her many great features”

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Haechan: -he always was happy to talk about you but more people were curious about your eyes than anything else- “they make her different but she’s still just like everyone else”

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Look at the grass I said
It’s greener than before
And look at those flowers
Blooming from the core

Look at those blue skies
And the birds flying around
Smell the fresh spring air
And see those colours so profound

But all he saw was darkness
And the misery of it
He didn’t see bright colours
How by the sun the world was lit

So instead he looked at me
At how my eyes saw it all
For through my eyes he could see
The world a lot less dull

I told him that maybe one day
His eyes would let him see
The darkness would make place
For the beauty quoted by me

Miss Pigeon

illicittruths  asked:

1. If you had to change your character’s FC for one day, who would you pick?


If you had to change your character’s FC for one day, who would you pick?

Katherine McNamara, she was my second choice after Bella Thorne for Wally.

(i mean just look)

She plays Clary on Shadowhunters, so there are a lot of icons of her being a badass, but less of her being ridiculous so I got more Wally vibes from Bella.

First Love

Description: The Reader and Dean first met when they were seven years old. This is the story of how they met, along with some highlights of their relationship as they grow up.

Age Seven.

“Y/n has no daddy! Y/n has no daddy!” Billy and his friends sing their stupid song over and over, dancing circles around you as you stand in the sandbox and ignoring your tears.

“Where’s your dad, freak?” Billy taunts, pushing your shoulder roughly and making you stumble back a couple of steps.

“Yeah, Y/n, where’s your dad?” Janie sneers. “My mom says that he didn’t want you, so he ran away.”

“Stop it,” you say half-heartedly. Either they don’t hear you or they don’t care.

“It’s probably true,” Billy continues, shoving you again. “He didn’t want to be stuck with a freak like you.

“Shut up, Billy!” you shriek. “Shut up, you don’t know anything!”

“You gonna make me, freak?” He pushes you a little harder and this time you fall, landing hard on your butt in the sand to the delight of your tormentors.

“The stupid freak can’t even keep her balance!” Janie laughs, tugging on one of your braids.

“Hey! Leave her alone!”

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