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Nice au where Keith has a cool motorcycle and Lance think he is really smart at flirting. Keith is falling hard for it anyway.

mutual pinning? more like mutually being dorks and getting flustered all the time 

I just wanted to see them riding together :3
Also, helmets are really important kids 

look ok I haven’t read the cursed child yet but I DO know it is relevant to my interests

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Take my fave stream doodles. Featuring “zombie Roxas stare”.

“What do you see with your nobody eyes”- @tuesdayinthedass


A TINY BIT OF SMUT AT THE END FYI. VERY PG-13. Parts of this are taken from personal experience. I will let you guess which parts.

I slammed my books down on my desk. “Fuck Alex Standall. Fuck Jessica Davis. And fuck chemistry class,” I thought to myself. It’s not like me to get jealous, but Alex has been spending so much time with his ex lately. I don’t want to be “that person” who is possessive and controlling, but it really hurts my feelings when Alex blows me, his actual current girlfriend, off to hang out with Jessica.
I had rushed out of my first period class, excited to see him. I still can’t believe I’m dating Alex Standall. It amazes me that someone so beautiful and kind and funny wants anything to do with me. Me. But for some reason, he does. So when I saw him laughing with Jessica, his beautiful, popular ex, my stomach sank.
Lately, all Alex seems to want to do is talk to Jessica. One of my favorite things about him is his heart, but lately I feel forgotten about. It means so much to me that spending time with Jessica and making sure she’s okay through this difficult time, because he knows I’ve been there. I just wish he would be here with me because I miss my boyfriend. I guess I do fall apart without a man. Congratulations universe, you win.
As Alex walked up to me on my way to my car that afternoon, I had given him the cold shoulder all day and sat with my Other Friends during lunch, so he knew something was wrong, I felt tears well up in my eyes. God damn it (Y/N), get it together hoe, I thought to myself.
“(Y/N)? What’s wrong, love?” Alex asked, a look of genuine concern in those baby blue eyes.
I decided to be honest with him. I mean it’s Alex right? He’ll understand. I don’t want to lose him, but I can’t keep feeling this way. Surely, he’ll understand.
“I don’t know Alex …” and then the tears start. One of my biggest character flaws is being an angry crier. He was making it really hard to be mad, and I wasn’t even sure if I had cause to be mad in the first place.
“(Y/N), you can tell me anything. Nothing you say will make me love you any less,” he said.
I took a deep breath as we both took a seat in my car, “It’s just that lately you’ve been spending so much of your time with Jessica. And I know it’s because you’re the most amazing guy to ever exist and you want to be there for your friend, and I feel so silly for bringing this up but,” I blubber and gasp for air as I continue forcing myself to blurt my feelings out, “but I feel really neglected lately. I just really miss you.”
Alex tucked his finger under my chin and pulled my face up so I had to look directly into those oceans captured in his eyes.
“I love YOU, (Y/N). Yes, I loved Jessica, too, and I’ll always care about her. But you have my heart. I’m so sorry you felt this way. I had no idea. Let’s make a change. I want to still be there for Jessica, but it’s important that I be there for you first.”
Then, Alex Standall wiped the tears off my cheeks with his thumbs.
Then, Alex Standall kissed me. It was gentle at first. His lips softly pried mine open and for a moment we just let our lips suspend there, tasting each other’s lips. I could taste the smile on his lips as he ran his hands through my hair and cradled my head onto his. His kiss grew more passionate now, there was a fire within it. There was force behind his lips as his tongue slid into my mouth. Damn. He was a damn good kisser. I grabbed his shoulders, pulling him towards me, passion pulsating through my body. I climbed out of my car seat to jump into Alex’s lap when all of a sudden


My fucking ass beeped the car horn.
By You~ Tyler Bate Imagine

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You slam the door shut making sure Tyler knew that you were here. You threw your bag that you brought with you to the gym onto the floor with a thud, storming to him where he was laying on his stomach on the bed. 

“ you think your so slick, do you?, “ you spatted, fist to your side as you glance down at him. 

“ Hey?” he mutters, not even bothering to glance up at you. 

“ What the fuck?” you ask, walking in front of the TV screen with your hands on your hips. 

“ what happened?” Tyler sit up on his knees, eyes locked with yours.

You let out a heavy sigh, groaning before walking into into the bathroom. 

“ Baby?” you hear him call to you but you place your hands on the sink taking deep breaths. Tyler has been spending so much time with the guys, he was barely with you and then you find out he took a picture with the girl you hated the most. He knew. 

That pissed you off so bad. Why was he around her when he told you she was the last of his problems. You rolled your eyes just thinking about it. It felt like the two of you weren’t together anymore.

 Felt like the two of you have not seen each other for days. Looking up into the mirror at your make up less face, the look on your face. Hurt. Why does he do this to you?

“ Tell me what’s wrong?” you hear his voice as he stood leaning against the bathroom door.

“ What do you think?” you glared daggers as you turn your head to him. He shrugged, not really looking like he cared. Which hurt, he doesn’t even want to figure out whats wrong to fix it. He runs a hand through his hair, sighing to himself. He hates fighting with you. Then realization hits him, “ Oh that,” Tyler mutters, turning to look down at the floor. 

“ It doesn’t matter who I was with.” 

“ Really? Were you even going to tell me? Tyler, she wants to take you away from me. You know that” your tone changing to higher octave as you tell him how she torn you two apart before. He groans, turning around to walk away.
“ I had to find out from your instagram!” you shouted after him, angry that he is turning his back to you. It looks like this whole situation wasn’t even fazing him and it was pissing you off.

“ FROM YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!” he closes his eyes, putting his hands over his ears as how loud you shouted.

“ Maybe I consider her as a friend, I can hang out who I want and when I want to. I don’t need you bitching at me or looking over my shoulder every god damn minute!” his eyes shot open as he turn to look at you, glaring. 

You couldn’t believe him right now. A shock of disbelief crosses your face as you looked at your so called boyfriend. He never lasses out at you like he has now. Putting up your hands, you nod.

“ Fine, I need a breather or two” you grab onto your jacket. 

Something struck in Tyler’s eyes as he sees the look in your eyes. The hurt and sorrow, he sees that he hurt you. 

“ Y/N, don’t go..I’m sorry” he says trying to reach out to you but you wouldn’t have it. 

“ Not right now Tyler” you softly say not bothering to make eye contact as you head out the door but he stops in your path. Refusing to let you walk out the door, “ Please..” he begs you to not go.

 You shove past him and out the door, you felt like everything was crumbling in your world at the moment. As you walk to the elevator, you pass Trent and Pete on the way who shoot you a worry glance before they look at the door that you just came from.

“ You alright?” Trent asks. They don’t hear an answer as they head towards yours and Tyler’s room. 

“ I messed up” Tyler says running both hands down his face, he didn’t know weather to chase you down the hall or stay and wait till you get back. 

“ You need to fix this” Pete says as he points to the door, “ she is the best thing that has happened to you.” Tyler nods agreeing with Pete. 

“ I know” 

“ So what are you waiting for? Let’s go find her” Trent throws Tyler his coat while Pete slams Tyler’s shoes into Tyler’s chest, snarl on his face at the sight of Tyler. Pete was like a brother to you along with Trent.

 Both were very protective over you and they promised you that if Tyler ever hurts you they won’t let him go easy without a beating. 

The three headed out the door in search for you. Tyler hoped that you were alright, that there was time to fix it all. 

He knew what he did was wrong, he knew you hated the girl. He only wanted to make you jealous. He misses you and the time schedule made it so much difficult to see one another. 

You didn’t go far, just outside the hotel leaning on the wall next to the door breathing in the fresh air. As the doors opened, you noticed the three walk out. They stopped in their tracks to take a moment to see if they could see you when you were right behind them. 

“ Where could she go?” Trent asks looking around when you coughed catching their attention. Tyler turns around to see you and his heart breaks seeing the fresh tears streaming down your cheeks.

 He takes a step back to see if you would talk to him and let him touch you. When you didn’t move, he continue to walk until he was in front of you. 

“ I’m so sorry Y/N. I never wanted to hurt you. I know she’s bad for our relationship. I don’t want to lose you. If you want I will delete the picture and forget about her. You are the only woman I need in my life. I just wanted to make you jealous, I wanted your attention” 

“ Well you got it..” you said dryly. He winced at how you said it making him gulp the lump in his throat that was building. 

“ I love you” he says reaching for your hand. You let him hold it in his as he takes a step forward with his other hand wiping your tears away. You couldn’t help but lean into his touch, missing him more than anything. 

“ I love you too” he pulls you into his arms peppering your face with kisses mumbling between them how sorry he was. Behind you two Pete was making throw up noises while Trent had a smile on his face and was shaking his head.