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horror aesthetic - ikraam tariq

↪ Stolen from *vague hand motions* my dashboard. (I’m procrastinating a horrendous accounting assignment, okay)

black and white. powder puffs. red lipstick. winged eyeliner. white kitten heels. black lace lingerie. icy blue eyes. rain. abandoned cars. skeletons. acid. poison. voyeurism. switchblades. strangling. overcoats. looking over your shoulder. trans-atlantic accents. private detectives (LOL). dinner parties. haunted mansions. cobwebs. perfect blonde curls. kitchen knives. shock. cellars. dust. ghosts. dark alleys. empty streets. horn-rimmed glasses. radiation. zombies. serial murder. suspicion. paranoia. the city. witches. the devil. cannibalism. conspiracies. amulets. abject terror. the American South. the American Northeast. England. analog cameras.


aliens. blinding light. dark woods. driving at night. claw marks. bite marks. men in black. memory loss. dismembered bodies. sewers. flashlights. cell phones. video cameras. cars with tinted windows. unlabeled cassette tapes. bugs. big cities. urban crimes. clowns. something rustling outside your window. glowing light. unsolved mysteries. suburbia. mirrors. the american pacific northwest. the american midwest. hiking. backpacking.


gaslights. corsets. ballrooms. candlelight. mist. starless nights. full moons. cobbled streets. horse-drawn carriages. mysterious strangers. bogs. moors. forests. mountains. castles. velvet. silver. brass. gold. jewels. domino masks. the opera. dangerous romances. tragic romances. violins. roses. lilies. empty graves. crosses. cemeteries. snow. ice. the gallows. crows. milk-white skin. ambiguous illness. fangs. pointed nails. something howling in the night. capes. gloves. top hats. straight razors. lightning. pipe organs. underground caverns. bats. mice. rats. ravens. cats. pearls. attics. talismans. axes. wood. isolation in a room full of people. vampires. werewolves. ghosts. coffins. western europe. eastern europe. bones. churches. catacombs. mausoleums. books. stitches.


malevolent spirits. seances. spells. missing bodies. hidden graves. white noise. static. flickering lights. rings of salt. demons. poltergeists. dark histories. old buildings. cold air. wells. urban exploration. a dog barking at unseen things. iconoclasm. black ooze. old photographs. dark bodies of water. crucifixes. priests. possession. exorcisms. dolls.


bloodbaths. massacres. wanton nudity. newspapers. leather jackets. letterman jackets. converse sneakers. obscured faces. social unrest. bonfires. lakes. babysitters. high school. lockers. dead leaves in the fall. jack-o’-lanterns. passing shadows. outdated television sets. nightmares. psychiatrists. hospitals. unstoppable forces. gunfire. police. landline telephones. improvised weapons. halloween. secrets. revelations. cut wires. character masks. scrunchies. wild curls. jeering children. parties. fire. swearing. revulsion. california. the american midwest. ambulances.


daylight. fluorescent lighting. morgues. unwavering eye contact. tension. lit rooms. empty rooms. killer in plain sight. a dog digging in the newly-planted flower bed. steely gazes. paperwork. anagrams. codes. convicted killers. missing persons. law enforcement. federal agents. small towns. suspicion. paranoia. subdued terror. dimly-lit parking lots. a noise in the distance


Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)

Dating Zach Dempsey would include...

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Zach Dempsey x Reader


A/N: I thought It’s a really cool Idea to make a headcanon and then an example and I hope it’s okay for you… Enjoy!xx


You wanna request something?

  • Never ever ignore is messages after everything that happened

(Baby Boo)
Hey you wanna hang out at the diner? eating some fries and letting time pass by? (read 6:54 pm)

(Baby Boo)
I’m starting to get worried (send 7:03 pm)

(Baby Boo)
nvm what you doing, I’m coming over now (send 7:16 pm)

  • Height difference

“Is it normal that you are so small?”, Zach said while he used you as an armrest.

  • Zach’s late night texts because he cannot sleep

(Baby Boo)
Hey you up? (read 3:23 am)

It’s 3 am, of course not. (read 3:24 am)

(Baby Boo)
LOL (send 3:24 am)

  • His parents dislike you because you are friends with Clay Jensen

“Why are you so sure that they hate you?”, Zach groaned as he heard you complain about his parents and unlocked the front door of his house. you rolled my eyes in annoyance and whispered loud enough:“Are you kidding me? The death glare that they are always giving me when they see me?”

  • Random presents during the day

“Are these roses for me?”, you smiled when your eyes caught the red roses on the backseat of his car.

  • You found out that he’s on the tapes

“You are an asshole, Dempsey.”, Tears started to rush down my cheeks, the school hallway was suddenly silent. “You don’t understand.”, he raspy voice filled my ears, just letting more tears escaping my eyes.

  • Being his winter dance date

Slow music played while everybody was quiet; enjoying the moment. His hands carefully curved your waist while your hands stroked his small hair on his neck. Your lips were locked with each others touch. This night was perfect.

  • Wearing his Letterman Jacket because it’s life

“Am I ever going to get my jacket back?”-”Never.”

  • “You look better with you Make-Up.”

Zach groaned annoyed when he saw that you were about to put foundation on your face, you just giggled and continued doing your Make-Up.

  • Trying to cheer you up whenever you are down

“Always when I was small I loved playing with spoons, and I always did something like that-”, Zach quickly grabbed a spoon from the kitchen sink and rubbed it clean, while letting his breath touch the cold metal. He laid the spoon on his nose carefully but failed awfully when the spoon fell instantly off his nose, but at least you laughed.

  • Him teaching you how to play basketball

“Damn you are too small for basketball..”, he laughed when the ball bounced away from you. “Ha-Ha!, you laugh sarcastic as you grabbed the ball away from him and tried to throw the ball in the basket and succeed.

  • Jamming together out to music in his car while a long drive

“Just stop your crying It’ll be alright.”, you both screamed your lungs out while Harry Styles’ voice filled the car with chills.

  • Cheering for his team they have a basketball match

Even though you never understand the sense in basketball, you knew when you have to cheer.

  • Playing video games at his house

“And- I won again!”,  you cheered as the last HP of Zach’s character lost it, he groaned annoyed and runs his hands through his messy hair; begging for revenge.

  • I love you’s

“I love you so so so so so so much.”, he mumbled against your ear and kissed it softly, letting a small smile crossing your lips; You loved it to hear those little “love you’s” and every time you heard them you instantly melted away.

Rating of Boos from various Mario games

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Boo Diddlys)

Look at that boy!! He’s certainly up to something, and he’s ready for it! The dark background shows off just how pale he is!!!! (10/10)

Super Mario World (Boo Buddies)

Oh, there’s three here!! Already a great start! And look, they’re showing off how many different faces they can make!! You go, boo Buddies!! (10/10)

Super Mario 64

He may be pointy, but look at those amazing blue eyes! Don’t you just wanna stare into them for hours? Not as big of a smile as his predecessors, but that doesn’t matter!!! (10/10)

Super Mario Sunshine

Aaaaaa such a long tongue! And those teeth make the expression so adorable! They also like to take naps, so be sure not to wake them!!! (10/10)

Super Mario Galaxy

Here you can see they start getting bigger, which means more Boo to love!!! They’re so squishy-looking, I just wanna give ‘em a hug!!! (10/10)

Super Mario 3D World

YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THEM??? STUPENDOUS!!!! Look, they got their tongues out and they’re on the chase! (10/10)

Mario Party (4 and 5)

He’s got a cute little outfit on, oh no my heart can’t take this!!!! I wanna see him do some cool magic tricks, would hire as a birthday wizard!!! (10/10)

Wouldya look at that! This Boo’s gonna gobble up aaaaalll the ice cream!!! Bonus points for first playable Mario Party Boo!!!!! (10/10)

Paper Mario

Ooooo they got very pointy, yes they did! But lookit those eyebrows!! I’d trust them, I mean, look at how expressive they can be!!! (10/10)

But that’s not all!!! Let’s do King Boo to wrap things up!!!


So round and smooth and soft! And that crown is so sparkly, oh my goodness!! A very Good King!!!! (10/10)

Luigi’s Mansion

His tongue!!! It’s blue!!! And bright red eyes to match that jeweled crown??? Gorgeous!!!! (10/10)

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Call me biased, but purple is my Favorite color, making this my Favorite King Boo. That ominous look! Those shadowy eyes!!! I love this!!! (10000/10)

I hope you enjoyed my rating, because simply put, all Boos are good.


dinahjane97: Twenty One. An age which states that you can no longer be referred to as a teen. Twenty One. A time to live, love, & experience every given adventure . Twenty One. You. Lauren Michelle Jauregui (WOOOHOOO!🎉) The year you’ve been impatiently waiting for. “Alive in the age of worry
Smile in the age of worry
Go wild in the age of worry
And sing worry ”
When we first met, which was 5yrs ago, i remember you being so anxious to turn 21. With the knowledge and maturity that you carried , its like you were 21 all this time ! Now that it’s here, you told me how you wanted to trace back in time and stay a teen forever. This is just the beginning for you mama.
On XFACTOR, during boot camp round, I remember you wearing red lipstick, had perfect shaped eyebrows that complimented your seductive eyes lol, black top and white jeans. You were interacting with everyone and anyone around you. As shy as I was, I was hoping you wouldn’t approach me. Sure enough, here comes Lauren tapping me. “ hey what song will you be singing?” And I replied timidly , “ Hero by Mariah Carey” . Boy did you look through my soul with those eyes and tell me, “ Dont because I’m singing it too.” My name was announced before yours to perform so, in my head i said, “screw her , I won’t be seeing her anyways” and boom, here i am wishing you Happy Birthday haha. That was my first interaction with you & I’ll never forget it haha. Happy birthday my Lolo ! You are the true definition of “ What you see, is what you get ”. I admire how heavily involved & passionate you can be in what you believe in. There is no filter when it comes to defending the people you love and truly care for. Continue on being that fierce & fearless warrior. You know who you are, you know what you have to offer, & you know what you stand for. I’m thankful to Heavenly Father to have someone like you in my corner. Happy birthday mama . Wishing you many more ❤️


hey 2008 hyd ((Link))

I was discussing collab ideas with @o-bscuritea for a Heather’s vid and she had some Dr Horrible’s sing-a-long-blog songs on there and honestly…. incredible. These have been stuck in my head ever since so I had to draw them lmfao (the collab isn’t going to be exactly this but… you’ll see ;) )) 

JD looks like a freaking… edge-lord vampire but I just imagine him having fairly sharp canines and I made his eyes red whenever hes “bad” lol, hence why they are blue in the other. 

Also I do not ship Veronica and Kurt together ((as veronica is obviously Penny in this scenario)) but that’s just unfortunately how things lined up lol

Drunken Mistakes [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I’m sorry but no fluff here. There’s been too much fluff lol

Warning: Angst, Swearing

(Part 2 - Changed [Criminal Minds Crossover])


Your friends and family always told you to leave him. That you were just a current attraction, that it would never last. How he had you wrapped around his finger and constantly walks all over you.

You never thought about it that way. You always thought it was being flexible. They don’t know his past the way you do. They don’t know that he’s out cleaning up Gotham’s streets every night. Yes, you often bend to his needs more than he does yours.

You’re the one who keeps the apartment clean, cooks dinner, does the laundry, goes grocery shopping, all while attending school and keeping a steady job. Jason would help you if he had the time right? But he doesn’t every day its a new mission with Bats or the Outlaws.

Basically Jason said ‘jump’ and you ask ‘how high?’ But you were used to it. You love him and would do anything for him. And he loves you. One thing you pride your relationship on is that he never even glances the way of another girl.

Well at least that’s what you thought and what his friend would tell you, though you never asked to be told.

Jason had been gone with the Outlaws for a four day mission, but was getting home a day late tonight. It was often the Outlaws would get hung up and ended up getting home later than supposed too. One of them always texted or called if that was the case.

You always stay up and wait for when he gets home from long missions.

Sitting on your couch you skimmed through a book waiting for him to walk through the door, and it didn’t take too long for that happen.

Hearing the noise of keys in the lock, you pulled the book from your face and glanced at the hallway. When the sound of the door opening reached your ears. 

Setting the book aside when he came into view. “Welcome home Jay” standing to meet him halfway.

“Hey babe” He replied, but there was something off about his tone and demeanor. “What’s wrong?” asking, a confused expression making it’s way to your face.

He shifted uncomfortable, “[F/n] I did something, something bad” not meeting your eyes. Tilting your head to meet his eyes, asking “What? You can tell me”

“I-I got really drunk last night. Roy, Kori, and I all went out to celebrate the success and we all got super drunk and I honestly didn’t mean of any of this to happen it was all a mistake” his eyes bore into yours with regret.

He’s not going to say what you think he’s going to say is he?

“Jay you’re scaring me” taking a small step back.

“I’m so sorry [F/n], I cheated on you” you could feel your breath stop as tears came to your eyes. “What?”

“It was all a mistake, I didn’t want any of it to happen. It meant nothing to me, I barley even remember last night” not realizing that those words made it worse.

“Obviously it meant something if it’s one of the few things you remember!” yelling through your tears.

“NO! That’s not what I meant” He said before you turned your back. Not able to look at him. Arms crossed over your stomach as tears streamed down your cheeks. 

He reached out, when his fingers barley grazed your skin you turned and stepped away from him. “Don’t touch me!” growling shortly. Your tone was a mixture of sadness, anger, confusion, and most importantly betrayal.

“God I was so fucking stupid! I should’ve listened to them, my friends, my family. They were so damn right! What even am I Jason? Other than your goddamn door mat!” screaming at him. You’d never yelled at him like this before.

“You’re not my doormat! I love you [F/n]! You’re the love of my life!” he yelled back. Desperation filling his expression, tone, his whole being completely.

“Then why do I feel so unloved huh? Why do I feel like I’m just something you come back too? Like I’m some goddamn collectable!” You had no idea you felt like this until the words were spilling out of your mouth. He’s been using you this whole time, how can you trust what he’s saying now?

When he didn’t answer, you just shook your head. A scoff escaping your lips, “I’m fucking done” turning your back to get a jacket from the coat rack.

“[F/n] please” he tried to stop you. “I can’t loose you, it won’t ever happen again”

“Well I can’t fucking take this anymore Jason! It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I can’t come back to a empty apartment for the rest of my life. I’m so–” You stopped realizing something, “No, I’m not sorry. I have nothing to be sorry for” Turning your back to him for the last time and putting a hand on the door knob.

“Goodbye Jason, I hope your fling was worth it” Opening the door before stepping out. Not having noticed his attempt to stop the door before you slammed it shut. You stayed leaning against the door, finally letting out a strained sob while covering your mouth.

Jason was leaning on the door by his forearms. His head hanging between his arms. Tears stinging at his own eyes. ‘How could I be so stupid? I’m such a fucking idiot’ he thought before pushing himself up.

Turning around, in a moment of rage he punched a whole straight through the wall. Before finally breaking down.

How could he hurt you like that?


**I might do a part two, but who knows at this point in life. (If anyone wants to see that send me a request or message or some sort of communication thing lol)

***I have one more open spot in my requests if anyone is interested ;)

Practice with coloring in Procreate I really like this coloring style (from an artist I love) Again, it’s young August and Larcade (in my au they’re bros). So yeah, August got his mom’s hairstyle and his dad’s eyes, meanwhile Larcade inherited his spiked hair from his dad’s side (grandpa) and also dad’s red eyes (still don’t understand if Zeref has black or eyes…)

Hwang Minhyun: my rival to my husband

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member: hwang minhyun
genre: fluffy
summary: you and minhyun started off as rival co workers fighting for the CEO position and end up dating and eventually getting married
requested: yes

  • you were part of a super successful law firm
  • there were two sections of the law firm, one for big businesses which took care of contracts and a bit of finance and another for private expensive lawsuits and you were the head of the private lawsuits
  • then there was your boss who was the CEO of the whole firm
  • when he decided to retire, the heads of the two sections basically had to battle it out for the CEO position
  • the other head was a polite but cold man, his name was
  • Hwang Minhyun
  • you and minhyun always had a tense relationship always trying to be better than one another because of the competition between the sections
  • that competition only increased as the CEO position was up for grabs
  • instead of exchanging your normal somewhat friendly greetings and making small talk when you have to talk to each other
  • it ended up being awkward silences, a few glares and tight lipped smiles
  • both of you were working your asses off to get this position but the CEO had such a hard time choosing because
  • you were known to be super friendly and outgoing, being a great head since you were nice but you were also very organised and made sure everyone did their work
  • but since you were more understanding and caring it was hard for you to fire people even if they were slacking off on their work especially because most people just had things that have to do with family
  • minhyun had a different way of running his section
  • he was extremely organised, through and strict
  • he was polite but very quiet, he was also extremely handsome
  • you heard many of your co workers fan over him
  • you understood where they were coming from, with his perfect skin, jet black hair, pink lips, a tall frame all wrapped up in a black suit day in and out
  • but you didn’t have time for a man at all, you were completely focused on your career and no guy you’ve met could understand that
  • you haven’t gone a date since college which was 3 years ago
  • your career was skyrocketing and now the CEO position was open with only one person between you and that position you were determined to get it
  • one day your CEO called you into his office, as you entered you saw minhyun but you knew your CEO wasn’t telling you who’s replacing him because he said he’ll announce it in a month
  • as you enter your eye catches minhyun’s and for a split second you felt butterflies, you brush it off thinking it’s just nerves
  • your CEO for your final assignment it’s decided that you and minhyun would work on a case together
  • you were about to protest but looking at minhyun smiling politely and saying it was a great idea and that he’d love to work with you
  • you whispered under your breath “suck up”
  • but you gritted your teeth and smiled and said half heartedly that it’s a great idea
  • as you were leaving you heard minhyun say quietly to you “i might be a suck up but you’re completely incompetent which means i’m definitely getting this position”
  • he smirks at you arrogantly and leaves quickly
  • you look at him leaving incredulously not believing how rude he was but you also admit you were a bit of a bitch saying he was a suck up
  • you also thought you said it quietly enough for you to hear and no one else
  • but you didn’t know how much you hurt his pride by saying he was a suck up, he just wanted to do well
  • you’re standing there dumbfounded but also hurt that he said you were incompetent especially because of how much work you put in
  • you kept what he said to yourself feeling extremely embarrassed that he said that
  • but minhyun on the other hand ranted to minki, jonghyun, dongho and youngmin
  • “she’s so annoying and rude, like calling me a suck up really?! like i’m not am i?” dongho just said that he was smirking and minhyun rolled his eyes
  • “but afterwards i was bit too harsh to her like i called her incompetent”
  • he basically went back and forward of being mad at you and feeling bad
  • anyways you end up seeing minhyun a lot because of the case
  • you guys just split the work in half and decided to meet up when it was necessary
  • it was always strained, cold and extremely short meetings but one night everyone had left except for you and him
  • you both still had to finish all your work as heads and then work on the case on top of it all
  • you end up working in the same meeting room because you need to ask each other a few things about the case and then you both would go back to typing super fast
  • you get a notification that your pizza arrived, and you’re so happy you needed pizza you were sooo hungry 
  • you dash out of meeting room as fast you can while taking off your heels, so you can run, flinging them behind you
  • minhyun is just extremely confused as he sees you bolt out of the room
  • you come back with a pizza box which smells amazing to him since he still hasn’t eaten dinner and it was 10pm
  • you also have two cans of soda with you
  • he looks at you in shock and surprise, knowing one’s for him
  • you smile brightly at him, not caring about the rude comment he made or the strained conversations because he’s working as late as you and you knew he had no dinner
  • plus he’s doing so much work, you really admire his determination and work ethic, and he really shouldn’t do it on an empty stomach
  • you say to him sweetly “here’s some pizza, i know you haven’t eaten all night and if you’re like me, you’re gonna be here for a few more hours”
  • you add apologetically “sorry it’s not beer, I don’t really drink”
  • he shyly smiles at you being taken aback from your kindness being extremely surprised by who you actually were
  • before he thought you slacked off on your work, socialised too much, and was also rude from the comment you made
  • you completely dismissed those thoughts from him, working as much as he did and really long hours as well, he saw how well organised you were and you got him some pizza even after what he said to you
  • his heart can’t help but get suddenly quicker as he looked at you and realised how pretty you are
  • how your eyes lighted up when you smiled and how you look so cute with you hair in a bit of a mess and small coffee stains on your shirt
  • he finally finds his words “oh no, i don’t really drink either, there was this one time i tried beer and i nearly choked” he ended with a chuckle
  • your heart unexpectedly flutters as you hear his soft laugh you scold yourself telling yourself you can’t like him you’re competing with him
  • plus you needed to be focused on your career and a guy can not come into the equation 
  • anyways you both eat pizza and drink soda and just have a great time, talking about work, hobbies, family, friends, your old schools
  • you both ended up sitting next to each other, helping each other with the different parts of the case
  • whenever your hands brushed against each other or you super close with each other both of your hearts speed up
  • and minhyun blushing lightly saying how hot it was in the room
  • you both end up leaving at 2am, spending a few more hours to talk than you both planned
  • as you get home you called your best friend and talk about how such an amazing guy minhyun is and how he completely understands you
  • and she’s like what?? isn’t this the guy you hated like a day ago and you were like whatever he’s amazing now
  • minhyun gets back to his apartment where minki was sprawled over the couch since he just got back from a party
  • minki looks at him for a second confused then screams ‘WHO IS SHE???”
  • minhyun replies “what, she? i’m confused”
  • minki rolls his eyes and says “the girl who’s making you like a lovesick puppy”
  • “seriously minki i do not look like a lovesick puppy but it’s the girl i was complaining about earlier, we spent the night-NO NOT IN THAT WAY WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE- but she’s super sweet and just beautiful”
  • “whatever you say minhyun-ah, but she got you wrapped around her finger” minki teased
  • “arghhhh, minkiiii, i’m just gonna go to bed” minhyun said while ruffling his hair in frustration
  • anyways
  • these sort of nights become a regular thing for you two
  • you both end up falling for each other, like a lot a lot 
  • you literally stare at each other in meetings, and when you meet eye contact both of you blush or it’s like you guys making funny faces the whole time
  • the thing is both of you know you like each other but it’s just something you both don’t talk about LIKE NEVER cause you’re shy beans
  • you guys finish the case and it ends up being such a success
  • the CEOnim asks you two since you both performed so well you both could have a joint CEO position
  • you two both agree happily and after all the papers are signed
  • you jump into minhyun’s arms exclaiming how happy you are and he beams back at you saying he’s so glad that you can share the position to
  • you both suddenly realise how close you are to each other
  • he whispers to you “y/n can i kiss you?”
  • your heart explodes and you give him a small nod and a smile
  • he gives you a sweet and soft kiss on the lips it was short but you loved it  it felt so right and you felt all warm and fuzzy inside
  • he starts speaking again “as you can tell i like you, like so much and i have since the night you brought me pizza, so will you be my girlfriend?”
  • he can’t meet your eyes and is face his bright red you giggle softly at the sight
  • you cups his face gently and look at him directly in the eye
  • “i’d love to be your girlfriend minhyun.”
  • he smiles a bright smile and you can’t help but admire the way his eyes crinkle up as he does
  • he hugs you tightly, him remembering the scent of you and how you fit perfectly in his arms
  • anyways you guys date for about a year before he pops the question
  • lol don’t kill me for skipping so much it’s gonna be too long if i do it all
  • you guys end up moving in together in the apartment which is provided for the CEO of the company
  • dates with him consisted of like amazing dinner and movie dates, walks and picnics in the park, or just cuddling up on the sofa with your favourite pizza and soda
  • the whole joint CEO system worked super well
  • your personalities balanced each others perfectly
  • minhyun also became much more friendly and open because of you
  • you were like a little sister to all the nu’est guys and they always sided with you instead of minhyun
  • “youngmin oppaaaa minhyun won’t let me eat his chocolate” you say pouting to youngmin
  • “HYUNGGG WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TAKE HER SIDE??” minhyun complains
  • “BECAUSE I LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU” youngmin retorts while scoffing
  • you open your mouth cutely and minhyun feeds you a chocolate trying to be pissed off but he fails at not smiling when he saw you moan how good it was he laughed super loudly
  • anyways it was just a random night and you and minhyun doing your favourite date, cuddling, eating pizza and watching netflix
  • as you were on the couch, you notice there was no pizza and you asked minhyun where the pizza box was and he replied “this box?”
  • you gasp as you saw the small velvet box
  • he got down on one knee and smiles at you he starts to talk sweetly to you
  • “y/n exactly one year ago, i fell in love with you, you brought me pizza and a can of soda remember? so a year later here i am completely devoted and madly in love with you. you are my other half and i can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else so y/n will you be my wife, mrs minhyun hwang?”
  • as he finished, you started crying and said “YES! YES! YES! minhyun i love you so much, i truly couldn’t imagine my life without you”
  • he slides the ring up your fourth finger
  • your hug him super tightly feeling like the happiest person in the world
  • time skip after the wedding cause you’re really lazy author is NOT BOTHERED i’m sorry okayyyy still love meee
  • your wedding was amazing, it was super small and very low key, with only your closest friends and family for a short ceremony and the reception was a fancy meal
  • the vows exchanged were super sweet and everyone at the wedding could see the love radiating from you two
  • you decided not to go on a honeymoon because of how busy you were both at the company
  • your marriage was amazing the best way to describe it is comfortable
  • you both helped each other so much at work and at home
  • you would work like such a well oiled machine at work you’d be across from each other offices
  • always bringing each other coffee and drinks
  • being the ultimate couple in your company
  • doing like work 2x faster because of each other
  • you’d both get to work and drive back at home at the same time since minhyun loves driving you two
  • you’d sometimes just go on a detour to like mcdonalds to get dinner
  • or like drive around the city
  • at home everything is super nice like you’d do the chores together (mostly minhyun tbh) and like have so much fun doing it
  • cooking was extremely simple because both of you didn’t know how to cook
  • when both of you tried to cook it would be a complete disaster which ended up both of you getting head to toe covered in different ingredients or something burning
  • “oopsie, would a kiss make it better?” he would say cutely
  • “no, make it again, i don’t want your kisses” you’d say jokingly pissed off
  • he’d wrap your arms around you giving you a back hug
  • “ohhhh come onnn, hmmm how about tickling?” then he’d tickle you and you’d burst out laughing
  • he’d tickle you so much you end up spilling the cake batter all over you him
  • “oopsieee” you say sweetly, smiling cheekily
  • and minhyun looks at you in disbelief and then he throws an egg at you smirking at you as you look at him in fake shock
  • which basically ends up into a huge food fight
  • moving on
  • you guys love cuddling up on the couch whether it ended up with you two doing work or just watching netflix it was just nice to have each other there
  • the favourite bit of your day was when both of you were about to sleep
  • and you’d just be in minhyun’s arms and you could hear his steady heartbeat
  • you just felt so loved and happy when you were with him
  • whether that was at work or at home, night or day it really didn’t matter because he was so completely in love with you and you were too
  • you knew that you would be one of those lucky couples which grew old together not only because of your love but how you guys were best friends and how comfortable you guys were with each other
  • you knew
  • hwang minhyun will forever and always be your husband and you will always be his wife

IM SORRY FOR LIKE SKIPPING THE WEDDING & LIKE A LOT OF THE DATING. I HAVE A MAJOR MATHS TEST TOMORROW AND LIKE I DIDN’T REVISE AND WROTE INSTEAD lmao next few hours just gonna be revision.  I hope y’all still liked it tho even tho it was pre rushed. The request was actually just marriage life with minhyun but like i basically made it into an enemy to lovers to married couple so whoopsss. anon who requested hope you still like it!!! 

TEACH ME |Chapter Five

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summary: “Not now, Holland. I’m not in the mood of hearing your nasty comments.” you answer him back.
“If you really want to be noticed by Harrison we have to work together.”
You roll your eyes “So what’s your plan, Genius?”
Tom smirks “I’ll give you a few lessons about how to flirt with a guy, how to kiss, things you can say during a first date and so on.”

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Teach me | Chapter Five

You just nod as you kiss him again “I need more”
“That’s just the beginning, darling”
Tom’s hands travel down your body and stop on your hips as his lips move on your neck. Instinctively, you bend your head to give him more access to the sensitive skin of your neck.
“Jump” he whispers in your ear.
You obey and Tom’s hands reach your bum, as you fasten your legs around his waist.
You don’t complain about Tom touching you booty, but you take a mental note to scold him later for that action. For no reason at all you want to break that kiss.
Tom starts walking and he carries you with him towards the kitchen to place you on the counter.
Once again, his lips give a small bite on your lower lip making you shiver.
“Do the same to me” he tells you between kisses.
You capture his thin lip between your teeth and pull a little as he did before to you.
Tom’s grip tighten on your hips, making you squeal.
“Did I do it wrong?”
“You did it amazingly good” he says kissing you again.
Your hands reach his curls, enjoying the soft sensation of his hair between your fingers.
“Too good, I’d say”
A rush of confidence floods into you “Do you want me to do it again?”
“Someone is giving me attitude, uhm?” he jokes.
“You do it all the time to me” you answer him back.
Tom chuckles “You still have plenty of things to learn before teasing me”
“Teach me, then”
He’s about to reply when a cough coming from behind you destroys the atmosphere.
In front of you, two boys are staring at you. One of them has an embarrassed expression painted on his face while the other one seems to enjoy the situation.
“What… what are you doing here?” Tom asks them in a very high pitch voice.
“We’ve finished early” the first one explains, giving you a quick gaze.
“Yeah and Tom has just started”
“Shut up, Harry. We were making lunch”
Harry giggles “Sure, and she was your meal” he says as the other boy nudges him.
Tom sighs “Y/N, these are my brothers: Sam and Harry”
You wave and give them a shy smile.
“Hi, sorry about him” Sam says pointing at his brother “Now we go upstairs”
He grabs his twin by the elbow and lead him towards the stairs. You can hear Harry whining a “but I wanted to stay”
“Well” Tom starts “Now you know them”
You try to draft a smile “I think I have to go now, it was pretty embarrassing”
“No wait, you don’t have to go” he almost begs you “I swear they won’t come downstairs again.”
You sigh “Ok, but now we have to clean the mess we made and cook something.”

Saying that Tom has messed up your mind is saying something reductive. You spend the rest of the day sketching hearts on your exercise book.
The following day, you’re attending English with Violet and your hand is still drawing hearts in every blank space you find in your books.
“Dude, what’s that?” she asks, pointing at your sketches “Are they for Harrison?”
You blush a little. Violet is the only one to know about your crush, apart from Tom, obviously,
“I don’t know” you admit.
What?!” she screams, getting everyone’s attention.
“Something is changing, Violet” you explain.
You spent an amazing afternoon with Tom the day before. After his brothers walked in on you kissing, you ordered a take away pizza from Pizza Hut and watched a movie in his living room. At times, Tom bender over to give you a small peck on your lips or his hand caressed your check as you laid your head on his shoulder. You looked like a couple, at this didn’t bother you at all.
“Let me guess… this ‘change’ has curls and used to annoy the shit out of you?”
You open your mouth to answer when you feel your phone vibrating in your pocket.

From: Tom

Join me in the Science Laboratory xx

You smile and raise your hand to ask your teacher if you can go to the toilet.
Violet murmurs a weak “Yeah, the toilet” as you stand up and leave the class.
A shiver runs down your spine, it’s like your body feels empty without Tom’s touch.
You don’t even need to give the command to your feet to go to the science lab, your body is doing everything without your mind’s control.
When you open the door of the laboratory, your heart misses a beat.
You don’t even have the time to say something, not even a ‘hello’ that Tom’s lips are attached to yours, his hands on your hips.
“Were you missing me this much?” you ask between kisses.
Tom is ravenous, he kisses you millions of times without saying a word.
Remembering what the taught you the previous day, you take his lover lip between your teeth and start biting and sucking him, driving Tom completely insane.
As usual, it’s all a matter of second as you find yourself pressed against a wall.
“You have no idea of how much I love this” he says as he starts kissing your neck, finding almost immediately the spot that makes you sigh the most.
That’s how things go with Tom: every time you gain confidence, he always finds new ways to make you shiver, remembering you to be good.
His teeth biting your neck interrupt your flow of thoughts.
'Has he just left me a hickey?’ you ask yourself.
Tom stops his actions and takes a step from you to admire his work.
“What th-”
“I’ve left you a small souvenir” he says with a smirk, your shocked face was one of the funniest things he has ever seen.
“Tom but what if my parents see it?”
He just shrugs his shoulders “I don’t know and I don’t care” and with that, he leaves the room.
“Idiot” you murmur.
When you come back to the classroom, Violet notices immediately the hickey on your neck.
“Did in find Dracula in the toilet?” she asks with a smirk “oh and your phone buzzed twice”.
You pretend not to hear her comment about your hickey and grab your phone.

From: Tom

“You’re beautiful when you’re angry at me”

From: Haz

“Hello beautiful. Would you like to come to my place this afternoon? I’m still sick and I need company”

You reply a strong 'fuck off’ to Tom and you write Harrison that you would come after school.
“Sooo” Violet starts “Where were we with your story?”

“Hello Rudolf*” you greet Harrison with a huge smile and a kiss on his check.
“Hello to you too” he replies as he blows his nose “This fucking cold won’t leave me”
Even with his red nose, lucid eyes and his pajama he still looks attractive.
“I like how you’re dressed” he compliments you.
You smile widely “Thank you. I’m also learning how to put make up on.”
“Well, that’s impressive. You can go to my bedroom while I make some tea” he says closing the front door behind you.
You did as he told you and reach his bedroom upstairs. When you open the door, Harrison’s essence floods into your nostrils making your head spinning.
“I’m coming” Harrison yells from the bottom of the stairs.
You take a seat on his bed as Haz enters the room with a tray.
“Green tea or earl grey?” he asks you.
“Green tea, please”
You look at him carefully, trying to memorize every single movement.
“Are you ok?” he asks you giving you your cup.
“I was just thinking. Are you feeling better?”
Harrison seats next to you “yeah, more or less. Saturday night I was at a party and I got cold.”
You feel your heart clenching in your chest “Oh really? Was it good?”
“Oh yes. I had a really nice time” he takes a sip of his tea “I had a blast. And I have so many things to tell you!”
You fake a smile “Serious?”
“Yes” he smiles widely “I’ve met this girl a few weeks ago. She’s really pretty, super nice, with the best smile in the world. We chat a lot, and we’ve been on a few dates.”
You just nod, trying not to scream at his face that he’s an asshole.
“And Saturday I asked her to become my girlfriend”.
Your eyes widen and you jaw falls open in surprise “You what?”
“I asked her to be officialize things” he repeats “Aren’t you happy?”
No. “Yes, I’m super happy for you” you lie and you leapt towards Harrison to hug him, so that he can’t see your disappointed expression.
“I’m so happy that you approve it. I can’t wait to introduce you to her. Oh, and her name is Jess” he explains, hugging your closer.
“Sure, I’m excited as well. How did you meet her?”
Harrison breaks the hug and puts his empty cup on the tray and shrugs his shoulders “It was thanks to Tom. You see, Jess is his cousin. She moved from New Castle two months ago.”
Your eyes widen again “Tom?”
“Yeah, he organized a sort of blind date.”
A rush of rage crosses your body and your eyes fill with tears.
'How could I have been so stupid?’ You ask yourself. Tom didn’t want to help you, he just wanted to make fun of you, using you as a toy and then throwing you away once he finished playing.
“Y/N, are you ok?” Harrison asks you, caressing your shoulders.
“Sorry Harrison, I really have to go, now”

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hello petals, I really hope you like how the story is going, feel free to fangirl in my inbox :) yo

*Rudolf is Santa’s reindeer, the one with the red nose (I specify in case you didn’t know, lol) 

10 / 30 / 17 🌸

Ok guys BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS ITS STORY TIME!!! Today was definitely out of the ordinary but in a good way.

So today in T’s class we were working on a giant poster for this contest happening in our school and it was halloween themed and we were supposed to paint/draw and stuff on it.
So everyone was pretty chill just like working on it and stuff and my friends and I were hanging out. I decided to draw T as a ghost because why not!
So he came over and ofc chose to sit right across from me and my friends and he looks at me and grabs a marker and starts drawing but puts his hand up to like hide the drawing!

Me: whatcha drawing! *i look to see and he shakes his head covering it more*

T: no peeking!!! (He smiled all goofy its so adorable and I moved closer and could smell his cologne LMAO)

I covered mine then and he squinted his eyes and was like “you’re on.”

My friends just watched in amusement and then started a separate convo when I felt some PAINT FLY ONTO ME ! So I look up ready to pounce when I see T looking at me with a smirk holding a freaking paint brush. I gaped at him and grabbed a glob quickly to rub on his face and he laughed with me as I smeared it across.

Then he grabbed my hand to stop me from doing any more and he pushed it away and it was just like CONTACT YAS!

I looked down at this moment and saw he had drawn ME AS A WITCH !!!
And I shook my head,

Me: is that how you see me?? (And fake gasped)

T: yes. (He said it with like certainty but was joking if that makes sense)

Me: well , (I pointed to my ghost) , I know you’re lying because I can see right through you!

T: *rolls eyes* oh yea?

Me: yea and I happen to know I’m your favorite

T: favorite to mess with maybe….

And I just pouted a little bit and rubbed my hand on the poster to rub the paint off

T: oh good job (my name) , now you’re ruining the poster too!


So finally the bell rings and this is where things get a little crazy. He asks me if I want to stay to clean up and I’m like yea sure because I have red paint on my face lol

I go grab paper towels and when I come back he’s leaning against his desk with his arms crossed and a smirk and he shouldn’t look this good with red paint on his face ok?? But he does.

T: you’re right by the way *grabs a paper towel from me and turns to look into phone camera as a mirror*

Me: about what? *i do the same thing only half listening*

T: about you being my favorite.

I look up and see he’s staring directly at me and I look away.

Me: yea well my favorite is (different teachers name)

T: bullshit! *he yells laughing and like he didn’t expect me to say that and points at me*

And I shrug to continue the joke and then he shakes his head and I shake mine too

Me: you’re right it’s you , but I’ll deny till I die if you try and go bragging about it

T: I would never.

By now he’s done rubbing his face and I see he missed some so I laugh and he’s like ???? So I tell him he missed some and he comes closer and is like “where?” And crosses his eyes to look and it’s so cute ok so I point but he doesn’t get it right so I just like try to hesitantly move my hand to get it and he bends down and we are like face to face. I’m breathless because he’s right there lol and then I wipe it away and he smiles warmly before looking away and kind of blushing ?!!!!!!

Then he stands back up and nods with a salute cuz he’s a fucking dork

T: do you need a pass?

Me: yea probably

T: ok

Things were a little awkward after our intense moment but then he winked and was like

T: bye (my name) use your witch powers for good!!

Me: bye ghost boy – and never!!! I’ll cast a spell on you just wait

T: *laughs and nods* really?

Me: really really

T: I’m counting on it

And I leave with a little wave and yea we always do that “really. Really really.” Thing so that’s norm but the rest of today was like wild and although some parts it was lowkey awk most of it was amazing.

We haven’t interacted like that much this year so it was a pleasant surprise for sure

I took this photo so I could take a better look at my skin (since it’s kinda hard to look at your cheek in a mirror for a long time lol), and even though my face is all red and blotchy with eczema, I actually quite like this photo (?) for some reason.
No flattering lighting or angles or anything. It’s just me c:

anonymous asked:

do people actually think TG could be about anyone else? "same lips red, same eyes blue, same white shirt, couple more tattoos," it's like a fan fiction description of Louis lol

So….those four descriptions, out of context, certainly read like a fan fiction Louis. That being said, I’m gonna share possibly my most controversial opinion EVER and say this: I only think two of them are referring to the subject of the song (Louis), and that the other two are referring to the speaker in the song (Harry). 

Here’s what I mean: 

Same lips red, same eyes blue

same white shirt, a couple more tattoos 

but it’s not YOU

and it’s not ME

So, the red lips an blue eyes referred to the subject (you) 

and the white shirt and tattoos refer to the speaker (me). 

I have academics but if I were just a student reading this song as a poem in a class, that would be the “proper” reading. Its definitely just an opinion, so if you prefer to think of it the other way, go for it. I just can’t unsee this, so its how I read it. It does NOT CHANGE that the song is about Louis one bit. Don’t hate me.  

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Hope episode! Hajime with heterochromia! If you still take requests (if not - or u don't like the idea! - u can ignore this) Izuru is sick and Hajime decides it's prank time. He goes to school with one of his eye red (contact lens) and either pretends he assimilated with Izuru (they're close and Hajime can act like him with no effort) or Hajime acts as if there never was Izuru and he doesn't have a brother (Chiaki and Ko are playing along?). In the end Izuru isn't impressed with Hajime^^

Izuru is sick and Hajime decides it’s prank time. He goes to school with one of his eye red (contact lens) and either pretends he assimilated with Izuru (they’re close and Hajime can act like him with no effort) or Hajime acts as if there never was Izuru and he doesn’t have a brother (Chiaki and Ko are playing along?)


heart racing when you open the door to my deeply-hidden secret. you and I, breaths so close, like we’re filling the gaps, hush. are you coming right now? (odd eye circle, uncover)