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My favorite Shady/Illegal tips

*If you don’t have a stamp, reverse your destination and return addresses. The post office will deliver it to the return address for free

*One bag of garbage from a McDonald’s dumpster has hundreds of receipts in it, each of which has a survey. Submit each one for lots of free food

*Holding a cell phone to your ear justifies loitering. This aids in public urination, dumpster diving, stalking, trespassing, etc

*If you’re going to plagiarize, plagiarize something in a foreign language. Use a translator and spend a few minutes touching up the results.

*If they have free refills, save your cup. Next time you eat there, your drink is free.

*A plastic coffee stir stick can fool any push in coin acceptor that loads the coins on edge. Just insert stir stick, push the mechanism forward until you feel the stick hit a bump, push the bump down with the stick and push the mech all the way in

*If you look like you know what you’re doing, no one will bother you.

*When lying, always include something slightly embarrassing, or something that makes you look bad, as part of your story. It’s not only going to disarm their skepticism (admitting to something embarrassing gives an impression of humility), but even if they remain skeptical, they’ll be left wondering why you would make something up that you’d rather keep secret if it were true

*Using Clorox or any bleach will turn the red/pink liquid detection dot on electronic devices back to white so they replace them under warranty

* “A drug dealer in DC taught me to pick my nose if the police are staring at me. No one picks their nose if they think someone is watching them, so it’s the ultimate way of being nonchalant.”

* "I learned that you can get into almost any special event by wearing a chef coat. Even just carrying one and walking like you know where you’re going will work every time. Most people don’t want to look stupid by asking you who you are.“ 

* "My go to missing work call was never "I’m sick”, it was “Family problems”. They never questioned it, it’s vague enough and embarrassing enough that nobody ever asks.“ 

*As part of the employee training at Target, they teach you that if a customer argues over a price, and the full price is under $20, to just give it to them for whatever price they claim. It’s cheaper for the company to move on to the next customer than to call in a price check.

*Put a rolled up sock in the change slot on a vending machine, come back back 4 days later….and pull sock….you will be 6-ish dollars richer.

*If it’s a small lie, like who farted or who put the empty milk carton in the fridge, I’ll tell a terrible lie. I’ll not be able to hold a straight face, contradict myself, basically suck at lying.Now everyone I know thinks I can’t tell a lie to save my life. So when I really need a big lie, I nail it every time. No one ever suspects me when I lie straight faced.

*Bring crutches to an airport. Bypass every line (including boarding) and you are chauffeured to your gate the second you pass through security.

*Make up a secret to share with someone- they may open up and share far more valuable real secrets.

*Here’s a classic. Drive over to your 7/11 of choice. Fill up a Slurpee and drop some candy bars in that bitch. Make sure the candy bars aren’t showing. Cover the Slurpee and pay for it. Free Snickers bitch.

*I tell everyone i’ve never done any drugs. Suddenly everyone offers me cocaine, ecstasy, pot, lsd. I think i’ve had $200 worth of drugs each weekend for free.Same with liquor. "Im not drinking tonight” BOOM! Everyone gives me booze. Its like everyone wants to break your integrity as soon as you tell them you are not doing whatever they are doing.

*If you need to cash from an ATM and its not a large amount, buy a 5 cent piece of gum from a gas station that has the cash back option. Its cheaper than a $3 charge

*Act less intelligent than you really are. Acting stupid can get you out of some tricky situations. Feigning ignorance is way better than admitting you knew better but did it anyway. My old man used to say ‘It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission’…sometimes it’s true.

*Every time I fly, when I land I’ll pen a little complaint to the airline that flew me. You know, I’ll come up with something like “oh, they denied me a drink! Oh, the food wasn’t vegetarian!” Whatever miscellaneous hogwash potpourri comes to my crazy brain. And like clockwork, within a business day, they’re reimbursing me with a $50 voucher, a $100 voucher, I can sell that on the secondary market.

*I’ve always had a lot of success in shutting nosy people up by blaming any personal issue on allergies. Crying from a panic attack? Allergies giving me puffy eyes. What’s that mysterious pill I’m taking? Allergy meds. Why am I acting spaced out/hungover/tired? Allergies meds making me drowsy.

*If you really wanna get away with some shit, buy a reflective vest, a white hard hat, and a clipboard. You can go ANYWHERE.

Actual Cinnamon Roll Mike Faist

•Believes his character Morris Delancey is actually a good guy deep down, even after saying things like “My skull busting arm could use a break" and beating up a crippled boy. (Aka Mike Faist has an unbelievable amount of faith in people)

•Informed everyone of the cookie cake before getting some himself.

•Have you seen the picture of him and Ben Platt cuddling?

•His friendship with Laura Dreyfuss. Too cute.

•Actually named his Newsie Mike.

His hair is on point no matter what length

•He used to beat up on the rest of the Newsies cast, but they loved him anyway

He wears a tiny tie!

•"You know how I feel!“

•He reads Albert Camus before the show

•Always plays the villain, but is the sweetest?!?!?

• His energy when performing King of New York. You can tell he loves it.

•Him and Thanye during King of New York. Yes.

•His friendship with Tommy Bracco. Too pure

•The boy can’t use Twitter for shit, and I live for it.

• Once said his favorite fan moment was when someone asked him to marry them.

He is a tired little cinnamon roll with puffy eyes that need sleep

He wears New Balance shoes (But he also owns converse tap shoes)

Please add more! I love hearing about Mike’s adorkablness.

(If it’s in italics, it’s something my sister said)

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Punk (Chap. 8)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 4284…oops

Warnings: Same as always

A/N: Okay here it is chapter 8.  Let me know if the flow of this chapter is okay, if it makes sense.  I’d like to get a better feel of how I construct scenes so I can improve for the future.  I LOVE feedback, you have no idea.  So don’t be afraid to lemme know how you feel!

Also, there is a line in here with an asterisk (*) after it.  It is a paraphrase from Criminal Minds season 3 episode 8 said by Penelope Garcia to Derek Morgan and it is something that has always stuck with me and I just thought it was so perfect for this chapter.

Perhaps watching Investigation Discovery’s documentary on the world’s most notorious serial killers at one o’clock in the morning while finishing off the leftover apple pie in an essentially deserted tower wasn’t the smartest move.  Every sound was suddenly more sinister and every shadow could be hiding a deranged murderer who wanted nothing more than to chop off your head and keep it in the freezer, which had startled you so badly when it spit out ice cubes into its inner bin that you spilled an entire glass of water on Ferdinand who ran shrieking from the room and knocked over what was probably a very expensive vase. Fuck.

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Jealousy: Tom x Reader

Requested: Haz gets jealous of Reader & Tom’s relationship.

4 months, it had been 4 months since you and Tom had been dating and you loved every second of it. He was an amazing guy with a great sense of humor and he was such a gentle person, the only problem was his best friend: Harrison. 

You thought it was a bit odd that he literally went everywhere Tom went. Sure that was his life long friend but it was a bit off putting. At first you didn’t have a problem with it but you noticed his behavior towards you, like he didn’t want you around. He would always talk over you, try his hardest to interrupt your alone time with Tom, and would even give you evil looks. You had pretty thick skin so none of it really hurt your feelings. But you wanted to say something to him and to Tom but you knew that that would cause some tension.

You snapped out of your thoughts as your phone rang, “Hey baby!” You smiled. “Hey love I’m outside.” You put on your jacket and walked outside with a huge grin on your face. You skipped to the car and the smile disappeared as you saw Harrison sitting in the front seat. He only rolled down the window a bit, “The back.”

You groaned but you were a bit surprised. Those were the most words he had uttered to you the past few months.

Tom gave you a look and mouthed a quick sorry. “So we’re going to the movies.” Tom said. “Okay what movie-”, “I really hope that we get the good seats. I heard this movie is really good.” Harrison said interrupting you, once again.

Tom had noticed how rude he always was to you but he didn’t want to lose his best friend but he didn’t want to lose you either.

Once again Haz managed to completely ruin what was supposed to be a good date. You had enough and once Tom pulled up to your place you rushed out the car and walked to the drivers side. “I need to talk to you.” You said to him. “Okay.”

“Get out of the car.” You demanded. “Oh okay” While he unbuckled his seat belt, you noticed Harrison doing the same. “Alone. Sorry Harrison but you can’t follow him everywhere.”

If looks could kill, you’d be dead but you didn’t care. After Tom go out, you drug him behind you and made sure you were far away from the car. 

“What’s wrong love?” He grabbed your hands and looked you in the eye. “I really like you Tom, I really do but I can’t do this anymore.” He let your hand go, “W-what?”

“I want to be in a relationship with you but I can’t do it.” You started getting emotional and brushed your fingers on his cheek. “I can’t take Harrison being a dick. I didn’t ask for a tag-a-long when we made us official.”

“I was going to say something to him but-”, “No need he’s your best friend and he obviously can’t handle your attention being divided. And I don’t want to be the girl who broke up two best mates.”

“But Y/N-” His voice cracked and his heart broke. “I’m sorry Tom.” You placed a kiss on his forehead and on his lips. “But I suggest you talk to him about his jealousy problem before you find another girl or it just might be you and Haz.”

You were falling in love with Tom but you couldn’t take it. You honestly felt that this was probably what Haz had wanted, for you to be gone.

Haz noticed his friends entire demeanor had changed. “What’s up mate?” He asked as Tom got in the car. “You okay?” He put his hands on Tom’s shoulder but Tom jerked away. “Fuck you Harrison!”

“What?”, “You jealous dick. You cost me one of the greatest things in mhy life.” Without another word Tom sped off. 

Haz stood outside his friends room and felt like shit as he heard him crying. He knew Tom was in love with you but he couldn’t bare losing his best friend to someone. “Tom-”, “Piss off.”

“I-I didn’t mean to-” Haz jumped as his best friend swung the door open and stood in front of him. His eyes were red and puffy, “Of course you meant it. Youu hated the idea of me being around anyone but yourself.” Tom went on a rant and after he finished Harrison felt like absolute shit. “It’s not that I don’t want you to be happy mate, it’s just it’s always been us and I thought Y/N would mess up our friendship.”

Tom shook his head, “You’re my best friend man. I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t replace you.”

After they made up Tom looked at his phone, “She answer?”

Tom just shook his head and tossed his phone. “She was the best thing that happened to me man.”

Haz nodded and knew he had to fix it.

It was Saturday morning and you were jamming to so music while trying to tidy up your apartment when you heard a knock. “Coming.” You looked out the peephole and groaned. “What?”, “Can I come in?”

You sighed and opened the door, “What?”, “Hi.” Haz said handing you flowers. You were a bit afraid because Harrison was never nice to you. “I came here to say I’m sorry and to beg you to please get back with Tom.”

It took a lot of convincing you but after Harrison sincerely apologized you left with him. “He looks like hell by the way.” Haz said while opening the door. There he was sitting on the couch staring blankly at the TV. “Tom?”

His head snapped up and his eyes grew, “Y/N? What are you doing here?” He asked jumping up and running to you. “Harrison came by and apologized.”

“Really?”, “Yeah.” He stood in front of you and held your hands. “Well I’ll be in my room.” Haz left and let you two talk

5 months later. 

You sat on Tom’s lap as the movie in front of you played. “Where’s Haz?” You asked. “He’s working on a script for a possible movie.” Tom mumbled. “Is he coming over? I miss that loser.”

It had been over 5 months since all three of you had worked out the issue at hand. You and Haz were closer than ever and he was like a brother to you. It took some getting used to but he finally accepted the fact his best friend was in love. 

“Don’t worry, there’s enough of me to go around.” Tom joked. “This is great. My best friend and my girlfriend finally getting along.”

Everything was in perfect harmony. You had your amazing boyfriend and Haz had his best friend. 


Ya’ll want some angry Negan smut? Welllll guess who stayed up till 1 cause I couldn’t sleep XD

Warnings: Dirty Talk, fingering, handjobs, breathplay, oral sex.

I need jesus. 

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Every Word.


It was three o'clock in the morning, and you still couldn’t sleep.

Taehyung, your best friend of seven years was planning on proposing to his girlfriend of three years tonight…

It made you sick to your stomach to know that leech was getting your best friend to be hers for the rest of their lives, but you couldn’t say anything. Taehyung would defend her till the day he died.

He loved so strongly, and so purely that it broke your heart every day that he was with her and not you…

You had loved him for so long and so deeply that every time you watched him kiss her your heart would shatter into pieces. But you were silent and supported him. You were there whenever they got into a fight and he needed to stay away for a few days to clear his head.

You were almost certain he had some sort of inkling that you liked him, but you knew he wasn’t aware of the extent that you loved him. He was so oblivious, he really was. But it was one of the many things you loved about him.

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Necklace (Mick Rory x Reader)

Request: I was wondering if you could write a Mick Rory x female reader oneshot? The reader is Snarts sister. It would take place after Snart dies. You and Mick had never been super close but now he seems like the only person who can make you feel better. One day as he is sitting in a chair and everyone is in the same room, you walk in with puffy eyes and just walk straight to Mick and sit in his lap and curl into him. The rest of the team is shocked as he just simply squeezes you back? Sorry its long

Prompt: After cleaning your room in the Waverider you find an old necklace with a picture of Snart and shock everyone when you seek comfort from Mick.


Warning: The death of Snart is mentioned. A little bit of angst and a little of fluff

A/N: I’m getting my shit together yall! More to come, Happy Reading!

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You were cleaning up your room in the Waverider when you stumbled upon an old lock necklace that contained a picture of Snart on the left and Lisa on the right. Your heart clenched in pain at the sight of Snart. The pain of his death had broken something inside you. You never thought you’d lose your twin brother like this or at all.

You couldn’t stop the tears that formed in your eyes and put the necklace on. You wiped away your tears and left your room with only one thought in mind. You need to find Mick.

Mick was the only person aside from your siblings that knew how to comfort you. Words have never been necessary for you guys to communicate with each other. You could always tell how the other was feeling based on one look. Back in 2016 whenever Snart went off on a robbing spree and didn’t get back to you for days Mick would call you every other night to let you know that they were okay. Whenever you got sick, Snart and Lisa would stay with you while Mick went out for your favorite foods. Mick has always been an shoulder to lean on, someone to count on and you needed him now more than ever.

You walked into the kitchen and saw everybody spread out having their own conversations and eating. In the back of the room you spotted Mick getting a beer from the fridge and taking a seat. You walked past everybody and ignored somebody greeting you.You walked to Mick and he looked up at you, his usual rough and angry look softens as soon as his eyes landed on you.

He opens his arms and you sat on his lap and with your arms around his neck. He wrapped his arm tightly around your waist to hold you in place and used his other hand to run his fingers through your hair to comfort you. Everyone in the room looked shocked, but you ignored them as Mick placed a small kiss on your forehead and you slowly calmed down.

“I’ll always be here.” he whispers in my ear.

one day

In which Garrus Vakarian has his complacency checked by two asshole kids who can’t keep themselves out of trouble.

So @stormcallart-blog​ and @toolatetofall​ made this post which made me spiral into Garrus feels again and I felt like I needed to write something with my two trouble-makers. I hope it’s okay to tag you guys?

There were some days Garrus really, really hated his job.

Sure, he’d never been particularly fond of pushing pencils and pouring over manuals on proper etiquette, navigating rules so convoluted they seemed specifically designed to treat low-level desk jockeys like himself worse than most waste ejection systems on trash freighters treated bodily fluids, getting wrapped up in so much red tape he felt like maybe today was the day his head finally exploded from an asinine mixture of boredom and frustration, but some days were better than others. Some days where he could convince himself that he was making a difference, doing good work keeping the Citadel safe.

Most days he felt like he was repeatedly slamming his forehead through panes of glass, and then being asked to apologize for making such a mess of his slow and inevitable descent into sanitary madness.

It was a matter of pride, though, that he try to keep at it. He understood the family legacy and reputation, how important it was to keep his mandible down and stay in line with all the rest of the sorry idiots working in CSEC just waiting for that tiny beetle beep coming down from command that let them know that somewhere on this damn station someone had looked the wrong way at one of the topiaries and offended the prime minister of some ass-backwards mining empire out in the middle of nowhere.

It was his job. And spirits-damn him, but he was nothing if not a stubborn bastard.

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(Natasha x reader) Insecurities

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A/N: I wasn’t going to post this, but then I did. Hope you guys like this!

Words: 1,089


The many rooms of the avengers tower were empty. It was the dead of night which usually meant that everyone was asleep. Every now and then you’d get the occasional scientist tinkering away at their experiments, or the soldiers and assassins training, or even someone watching TV late at night. However, this was one of those rare occasions in which everyone was asleep, and you took advantage of that. You texted Natasha that there was nobody roaming the tower, and told her to meet you in the training room in the basement. Natasha responded saying that she would and you leaped out of bed to get dressed, grinning like an idiot as you did so. You got changed into a casual T-shirt and shorts and quickly brushed your hair before walking out of your room and down the stairs. To your surprise, Natasha was waiting for you, her back turned and her mind deep in thought. She was wearing a pair of track pants and a jumper which is what she usually slept in and was barefoot like you.

“I didn’t think you’d come” you said, catching her attention. Your heart skipped a beat as she turned her head to face you, her red hair bouncing and her eyes captivating as always. Natasha smirked at you and walked over.

“Why not?” she asked, a small bounce in her step as she continued to walk closer. You smirked a little as you looked down at the floor, trying to compose yourself but it wasn’t really working. You shrugged your shoulders before looking back up at her.

“I guess I was more worried about you not coming than actually considering whether you would or not” you said. The two of you were now inches from each other as you had stopped walking. Natasha was looking straight at you, and you were captivated by her beauty. God you had longed for the moments where you could stare at her without it looking suspicious to anyone else. Not having to hide your feelings for her and acting like you didn’t think she was the most beautiful person in the world. The two of you stared at each other for what felt like forever before Natasha spoke.

“Are you going to keep staring at me or are you going to kiss me before I do it myself?” she said, her eyes sparkling. 

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Sigma Chi Boy (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: It seemed like frat boy Grayson couldn’t get enough of you. And quite frankly, you secretly loved the attention.
Word Count: 2,061
Warnings: Drinking, parties, mentions of sex.
A/N: Wrote this a while back and just found it in my drafts. Who doesn’t love fratboy!gray, though? :’) Let me know if you liked this and want a part two! (Already written!)

It seemed like he was everywhere. It was secretly pleasing me, but I refused to let it show. Instead, I acted like it was bugging the hell out of me because I’d rather get hit by a bus than give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had any kind of effect on me whatsoever. Simply because he was a frat boy in the Sigma Chi fraternity house, where every guy who lived there was a douche bag.

Grayson and I had slept together twice, and at first it was nothing but hate and annoyance radiating through us both. We’d had too much to drink, and it had ended up with both of us in his bed and we were pretty good at ignoring it and pretending like it had never happened. But then we ended up together again and I swore to myself that it would never happen again because even though I had some feeling for Grayson, it would never happen. He was too much of a player and God knows how many girls he’d had in his bed before me. Sure, there was a certain sexual tension between us which I refused to even acknowledge and it had him running after me like a little puppy, craving my attention and I basked in it, because it was fun teasing him. That didn’t mean I liked him though.

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Heart pounding, head throbbing and skin sheeted in a thin layer of sweat as I bounced up and down. He lay in the same state as me, only with less of a relaxed expression and more of a tensed one. Instantly, without having to think I knew it was because of my rank. Who I was.

Y/N fucking L/N. Americans most wanted female.

Continuing my thrusts in an upbeat pase, I almost screamed in rage once feeling his hands snake up my thighs to grip my waist. He knew well who was in charge. And I didn’t like getting being touched, not even while I was having sex.

Only he could touch me. No one compared to him.

And this guy was not him.

With a snarl on my lips, I allowed my head to roll down to face the boy underneath me, showing I was not happy with his choice of where to position his hands.

The boy instantly retreated his hands back down to the white sheets, where his fists curled around the fabric instead.

“Fuck, I’m close.” He growled, voice strained and raspy.

“Me too.” It came out almost as a whisper. My pase fastened at the feeling of my high approaching but I’ll admit, it did take a little longer then I hoped for it to finally approach and take a hold of me.

After a few more sloppy thrusts, I finally threw myself onto the bed beside me, the boy underneath me making no effort to move.

“That…was amazing.” He sighed breathlessly. My face twisted slightly at the words. Was it really that good? Definetly didn’t feel like it.

“Yeaahh-noo not really.” I dragged out. But the boy seemed Unphased by my words.

suddenly turning towards me, a hand snaking around my waist as he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck, an awkward feeling placed itself over my shoulders at the non existent attempt this boy was making at leaving.

I really didn’t think this guy was one to fuck and stay. I honestly thought that after a good fuck, he would leave. Which both he did none of.

My eyes wide in shock, body stiff as a rock, it was only a few seconds that had passed before I cleared my throat and shrugged his arm off my waist.

“Yeah I’m not one for one night stands. Think of this more as a booty call.” I explained, scooting my way off the bed.

“Wait, you want me to leave?” He asked in disbelief.

“Precisely!” I smiled.

After running around the room, picking up the few discarded clothing items which he had been wearing at the club we met in earlier, a look of shock hit his face as I aggressively threw his clothes over to him, showing no interest in the boy after a rather intimate 20 minutes.

He didn’t move. Staring at the clothing in his lap with a blank, almost saddened expression, but no sympathy was evident on mine. As I stood watching the boy which I had not learnt the name of, an agitated sigh escaped my lips at his attempt of leaving. Finally becoming fed up with his clinginess.

“Can you hurry up and get the fuck out?!” I spat.

The boys eyes shot up to mine in shock, quickly scurrying off the sheets to slide his alcohol stenched clothing back on.

With a roll of my eyes, I watched as he pathetically stumbled around the room in attempt to ready himself in a short amount of time before finally beginning to make his way towards my bedroom door.

A smile fell upon my face at the realization that he was finally leaving, and decided that it was probably best if I lead him out the house myself, instead of risking him walking into a confidential room and expose a stash of something illegal.

After throwing my silk, ankle length robe on, I crept out of the room in attempt to not wake anyone up at this hour of the night, it was a reliever to finally make it to the front door.

As I opened the barrier for the boy, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when he turned back around to look my way just seconds before he was outside.

“I had really good time tonight.”

Here we go.

“Really?” I asked sarcastically in a unamused tone while looking doing on my nails.

“I mean, yeah. And I was wondering if you would maybe wanna do something else together?” He smiled.

My eyes wondered to the ceiling in bordom, not giving two shits about what this kid had to say.

“Yeah you see, I would do that but…you kinda sucked, and I’m not really looking for a relationship, especially with some minor from a shitty club.” I fired, eyeing the boy in disapproval.

His face fell, eyes showing defeat before I pushed him the extra few feet back and shut the door with a lock in his face.

“Well aren’t you a delight to speak too.” His voice was smug with a hint of morning rasp to his tone, emitting that he had either just woken up or had just been dosing off.

My body spun around to meet his figure standing lazily at the door frame with an arm resting against it. He looked amazingly sexy standing by the entrance with nothing but the dim hallway light to illuminate his body. But in between the dark shadows and small amount of light, you could just make out his detailed tattoos inked onto his godly body.

Which may I say was almost completely bare.

A pair of grey sweatpants hung low on his hips, exposing not only his signature Calvin Kleins, but also a well defined v-line which sadly dissapeared into the waistband of his clothes.

“What are you doing awake?” I questioned.

“I’m a criminal Y/N. I practically sleep with one eye open, I can wake up to the sound of a pin dropping, and in case you haven’t realized, your a lot louder then a pin.” He sighed, running a hand through his bed head.

“Jealous?” I smirked to which he scowled.

“I’m not jealous of some flat chested fuckboy” Jason growled to which my smirk grew.

“It’s kind of hard to be jealous of yourself Jason.”

“Real mature! I wasn’t jealous.” He spat. “I just wanted to get some sleep but you and your everlasting fuck buddy don’t know what indoor voices are.”

My eyes trailed over his fingers tangled in his hair, licking my lips slightly to gain moisture from the sudden loss. Oh what those fingers could and have done to me. “Yeah well now you know how I feel when you decide to play with your toy.”

Jason chuckled, his eyes closing as he shook his head at the ground. “You always have something to say. Don’t you?”

“Wouldn’t be most wanted female if I didn’t. No one controls me. Never have, never will.” I added

“You see, that’s where I come in.” He stepped forward. “Being americas most wanted male. I was able to control you. That’s what makes me so bad.”

“Shut up, you didn’t control me!” I retorted. “If anything, i controlled you! That’s what makes me so bad.”

“No sweetheart, you must be mistaken. I control - others play along. Not the other way round.”

My heart fluttered at the nickname. Sweetheart. Even if it was sarcastic, I still missed the nicknames he had for me. In fact, I just missed him in general.

“What-the-fuck-ever Jason. I’m not in the mood for you tonight!” I shouted, hands wailing around widely.

“Wow, was the fuck that bad?” He chuckled to which I scowled. “Wouldn’t blame him, you always seemed to pick up bad fucks.” He chuckled but he really just inflicted this one himself.

“Then it’s no wonder I picked up you.”

Jason’s chuckle ceased, eyes burning with a unlit flame. No one ever calls Jason McCann a bad fuck and gets away with it but I couldn’t help and push his buttons today. He wouldn’t dare do anything to me.

Jason’s movements began with a few slow steps before picking up to a fast stride. Hands both fisted at his sides in anger before he was only a mere few inches in front of my face.

With one hand pushing me to the door, the other punching the wall beside me, startling me ever so slightly. His face was so close that with every breath he took, I could see his nose flaring. Eyes burning holes through my own.

“Say it again. I dare you.” He spat lowly.

I knew it was sarcastic and practically printed in ‘no’s! But my mind was telling me to press his buttons a little harder and see how far we could lead him on. Because something in my head knew he wouldn’t hurt me, even if he wanted to.

“Your a bad fuck.” I rephrased slowly.

Shocking me sightly once a literal growl left his throat, my eyes burned in shock and amusement while watching the boy.

“You think your fucking funny. So fucken smart? ‘Jason and I dated, he wouldn’t hurt me’. Well guess again princess. Might wanna rethink that.”

“Okay give me a minute….yeah still the same. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.” I smirked.

“You sure about that?”

“110 percent.”

“Well your wrong.” He spat.

“Oh yeah?” I growled. “Prove it.”

Jason stopped, his eyes softening slightly as he slowly and barely noticeably stepped back.

“C'mon Jason.” I pressed on. “Prove it. Show me that there is nothing between us stopping you. Prove that you still don’t feel anything for me, and hit me!”

He did nothing. “C'mon! Don’t be a pussy. Hit me! If your so baddass.”

Still nothing. That’s when my voice fell a few octaves, my tone matching his features - soft and sad. “Show me that you don’t still love me, the way I still love you, and beat me. Hit me so hard I fall to the floor. Punch my so agrresively I’ll bruise. Just do something because this is killing me! I need you to do something I can hate you for because I feel like shit knowing that what we are now is all my fault.”

Tears began welling in my eyes. Shocking not only me but Jason as well. I don’t cry, but then Again neither does he. Yet he still managed to shed a few tears the day i left. How do we do this to each other? I dont know.

“Please.” I begged, voice weak. “Just make me hate you cause loving you is too much…. Please.”

Jason stood staring for a while before looking down at the floor, eyes turning red and puffy, but not glossy with tears. At least not yet. “I can’t. I can’t because then I’d never be able to forgive myself. Knowing I hurt the person I love.”

My heart fell. Love?

“I thought I hated you after realizing that I did nothing wrong. That you left me believing it was all my fault. I tried moving on with another girl, going on more missions and even trying to force myself to hate you but I didn’t. I couldn’t. It’s like your family. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them you can’t. Cause they will always - not matter what - be family. Just like you always - no matter what - will be the girl I love.”

“Jason.” I sobbed.

“I know.”

Without another thought, I was In his arms, diving into his chest. Not even realizing that a small puddle of tears had formed on my own shoulder as well as Jason’s chest.

“I’m sorry.” I cried.

“Me too baby girl. Me too”


One more chapter to go!!!

10 Victoria’s Secret Models

Request by anon:  Hi! Can you do a Brendon Urie imagine where you have a mental break down and feel like you aren’t good enough for him but he comforts and reassures you?? THANKS

A/N- Based on the song by MAX


You sit in Brendon’s lap, on the couch, holding a large bowl of popcorn. Fall Out Boy’s performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and you, being a huge Fall Out Boy fan, obviously weren’t going to miss it, just like any other time they perform on tv. You automatically get pumped as My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark starts playing, fist pumping and shoving popcorn in your face like a maniac. You can feel Brendon’s laughs rumbling in his chest from behind you. Soon the models came out and begin walking down the runway, all of them wearing heels and barely any clothing, some even had on huge angel wings. As the show went on, you began to feel uneasy, looking at the models’ slim frames, flat stomachs, long toned legs and perfectly smooth skin. All of them are beautiful, perfect, desirable, ideal. You try and shake the thought out of your mind, looking up at Brendon, eyes still fixed on the tv. His eyes are beautiful and round, his lips plump and pink. He’s gorgeous without even trying. You always knew he was out of your league but you never though about how he felt, he obviously took a step down from his last girlfriend with you. You look down at your reflection in your black glossy phone screen, almost cringing at the sight after looking at the models on tv. You set the popcorn down beside you, no longer wanting it. You lean back into Brendon’s chest and he wraps his arms around you.
You watch the rest of the show, not really paying attention which sucked because you were usually so excited to see your favorite bands on tv. By the time it’s over, it’s dark outside and the only light is coming from the tv which is suddenly turned off. You stand  up and stretch, turning towards the couch to see Brendon yawning and setting the remote down beside him. He stands up and wraps his arms around your torso, resting his head on your shoulder.

“We should go upstairs.” He says groggily. You whine in response, just as tired as he is.

“Carry me…” He chuckles a little before bending down and scooping you up, carrying you bridal style upstairs. He places you on the bed and you immediately roll over, tucking your hands under your pillow. You feel the bed sink in next to you and Brendon kisses your forehead.

“Good night, (Y/N).” He whispers before laying down and going to sleep. You on the other hand, as tired as you are, can’t find sleep. You can’t stop thinking about how good those models looked. Sure, they were models, they’re supposed to look like the most ideal woman so you really shouldn’t be comparing yourself to them. The thing that’s bothering you is the fact that Brendon is the ideal man. You don’t deserve him, he deserves someone who’s just as good looking as him, someone who won’t make people question what he sees in you. Eventually, your brains wares itself out and you fall asleep.

When you wake up the next morning, Brendon’s not beside you. You yawn and scratch your head a little before going downstairs to find him making breakfast. You sit at the counter where there’s two plates, ready to be filled with food.

“Morning, babe.” He smiles and scoops eggs onto both plates. You send him a small smile.

“Morning.” He puts bacon and toast on your plates and turns the fire off on the stove. He grabs two forks and sits next to you. As you begin eating, you wonder what those models eat for breakfast. Definitely not this, right? They probably drink some healthy shake before going to Pilates or some shit. This thought creeps into your mind and you kind of push the food around on your plate. Once you both finish eating, he clears your plates, taking them to the sink.

“(Y/N), you barely ate any of your food.” He says as he scrapes the left overs from your plate down the garbage disposal.

“Um, yeah, I’m just, not really hungry this morning. I don’t know.” Before he can say anything else you go upstairs to get dressed. You go to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. You put your toothbrush back in the holder and look up at yourself in the mirror. You begin to notice all the imperfections in your face and body that you hadn’t before. You turn to the side and lift up your shirt a little, exposing your stomach. You rub your hand over it, wondering how much those models weigh.

“Babe…” You snap your head to the door where Brendon stands, leaning on the door frame.

“Y-you okay?” He asks, his eyebrows drawn up in concern.

“Yeah…I’m good. Sorry I’m hogging the bathroom.” You try and chuckle a little before walking past him and into the bedroom. You see him turn his head, following you with his eyes but you ignore him, starting to get dressed.

“Alright well I’ll be ready in a few minutes.” He says, turning on the faucet.

At the end of the day, after running errands, Brendon doing interviews and you doing work around the house, you and Brendon decided to watch a movie and share a bottle of wine. By the middle of the movie, you were both a little tipsy and no longer fully paying attention. You feel Brendon behind you, kissing your neck and putting his hands on your hips.

“Bren….what are you doing?” You try and move your head away from him, chuckling a little at your own awkwardness but he doesn’t stop, he just pulls you closer, trailing the kisses down to your shoulder.

“Bren, stop.” You shake him off.

“Why not?” He whines, you pulls yourself away from him, moving so you were sitting beside him now.

“I just don’t feel like it tonight. Sorry.” You say with a shrug. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

“Bullshit, (Y/N). What’s been going on with you? Ever since yesterday you’ve been acting weird.” You sigh and drop your head into your hands as tears well up in your eyes. He doesn’t realize you’re crying until he hears sniffles emitting from behind your hands.

“Woah, wait, what’s going on? Why are you crying?” He asks, moving next to you and putting an arm around you, rubbing your back. You exhale with a sob and lift your head up, wiping your face with your sleeves which is pointless considering you’re still crying.

“I just….when we watched the fashion show last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect those models are and I know everyone says not to compare yourself to models because they’re not real and shit but have you seen yourself? How am I supposed to walk around with confidence when you’re over here looking like a fucking Calvin Klein commercial?! You deserve so much more than ‘this’. ” You say, motioning to yourself.

“You must be embarrassed to even stand next to me when you’re clearly way out of my league.” You drop you head, staring at your lap and watch the tear drops fall onto your legs. Suddenly you hear Brendon laughing a little which makes you look up with red, puffy eyes. Why is he laughing? Because what you said is true and his entire life is a joke?

“W-why are you laughing?” You almost regret asking, not wanting to know the answer. He stops laughing but still has a smile on his face.

“Babe, I’m laughing at how ridiculous you sound.” Your bottom lip quivers as you stare at him, eyes still wide in confusion. He sighs and uses his thumb to wipe away your tears.

“(Y/N), you’re insane if you think that I’d prefer one of those photo shopped, stiletto wearing, “perfect” girls over you. All your imperfections are the things that make you so incredibly beautiful. I’m sorry if I haven’t been showing you how much I love you and that you’re more than enough for me.“ He says, looking you in the eyes.

“Brendon, there’s no way you’d pick me over one of them. They’re super models for fuck’s sake!” You argue, still not listening to him.

“I mean sure, they’re pretty, but even if ten Victoria’s Secret models walked in this room right now, I’d never take my eyes off you. Because you’re all I could ever ask for and I wouldn’t trade you for anything or anyone.” He says, holding your face in his hands.

You smile genuinely and press your lips on his. You never really cared about how you look to everyone else, you just wanted to be enough for Brendon. He’s definitely a catch, that’s for damn sure and you would do anything to keep him. When you pull away, you snuggle back into Brendon’s chest and he holds you tight. The two of you sit in silence as gently rocks you in his arms. 

“(Y/N)?” He asks quietly, breaking the silence. Your eyes flutter open as you snap out of the little trance he put you in.

“Yeah, Babe?” You ask. He doesn’t speak for a few seconds.

“Do you really think I could be a Calvin Klein model?”

I Don't Want to Lose You

Peter Quill x Suicidal! Reader

Description: (Y/N) and Quill have been dating for five months now, though Peter has slowly become more distant.

WARNING: Suicidal thoughts occur, may upset certain people

A/N: I’m feeling angsty today, yay I guess? First person view.

(Y/N)’s POV

We’d been dating for months now, Peter and I. It was nice, he loved me, I loved him. It worked out. But lately… He’s been pushing me away. Push push push. It’s all he seems to do now, like he doesn’t want to speak with me. I’d ask if we can talk and he’d shake his head and run off.
In all terms, the rest of the team doesn’t seem to like me much either. Not even Groot. What did I do…? The knife in my bedside drawer seems to be my only conpanion at this point. Cut after cut after cut. The pain dulled after a while, cutting was my go to activity when I was feeling down. I’d think to myself, “It’s not like anyone would care if you died. Nobody likes you, not even Peter.” Peter was like my lifeline, but when him and the team started ignoring me, I felt like I was drowning.
I wear hoodies and pants to cover up the scars. I don’t want them stopping me. Honestly, bleeding to death sounds like a dream now. My red, puffy eyes in the morning doesn’t seem to stop anyone. “I’ll just go back in my room.” I muttered. The Guardians had left the ship for some mission already, forgetting I exist once more. Before I go back in my room, I notice some pills on the table. I grab them not caring who they belong to. I can’t take it anymore. The more he pushes me away the more I just want to die.
Not even thinking about it, I pop the pink and blue pills in my mouth, swallowing them. That’s when I heard the door open. I heard laughter. “They must be having a good time.. have fun while I’m gone you guys.” I laugh a little. The room’s starting to get dark and blurry. “Please be happy, Peter. I don’t want to burden you any farther..” My vision goes in and out, mind clouded with thoughts, yet at the same time nothing. “(Y/N)? (Y/N), where are you?” That was definitely Rocket. My body wouldn’t answer back. Screaming. Running. I guess he saw me…
My eyes open slowly. I sit up and look around. It’s night time. “Oh god, my head is swirling..” There’s a person in a chair beside me, eyes as wide as the ocean. “(Y-Y/N)…?” The man in the chair is my boyfriend. “Hey Peter…” He swings up and hugs me tight. Tears are streaming down his face. “I was so worried you were dead…” I look down at him. “Yeah, well that was supposed to happen, haha…” I look to the side, face turned away from him, laughing nervously. Quill only hugged me tighter. “Why… Why would you want to kill yourself… You’re so perfect and..I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“You’ve all been ignoring me, pushing me away. Forgetting I exist. I lost all of you. It’s my fault, you should’ve let me die.” He let’s go of me, tears still running down his face. He notices my somewhat rolled up sleeve, a sob escaping his lips. He saw the scars. Quill pulls up both my sleeves, seeing my cuts, new and old; red decorating my skin in little droplets and lines. Quill looks at me. “We’ve got ourselves in some pretty deep shit at the moment. I didn’t want to get you involved, I didn’t want to lose the prettiest girl in the world JUST because I put myself in danger..” His puffy eyes and depressed gaze made me feel a pang in my heart. “I’m sorry..” I mutter. Peter leans in and kisses me. Mind out of control, I let myself melt into his kiss.
“I don’t want to lose you.”
“I love you too, Peter.”

BTS as shit my sister says pt IV (4)
  • Jin: i cut my bangs, i did a BANG'ed up job.
  • Yoongi: *rapped eminems rap god perfectly* did you hear my mad rap skills?!
  • Hobi: i ripped my pants in the crotch area. If i didnt wear underwear, think i could pee standing up?
  • Joonie: listen, listen. I cut an onion today, without crying. I say thats a major accomplishment in adulting today.
  • Jimin: just so you know, i forgot i had onion juice on my hands, and rubbed my eyes. Thats why i have puffy eyes. No im not high.
  • Tae: *stares off into space* you think if we stare hard enough, we can open a portal into another reality?
  • Jungkook: *answering herself* what if we already opened another reality, and we are now living it? *shook staring*

daedriclys  asked:

Could I trouble you for some oikawa who worried about him being to annoying for her and his struggle to put his trust In her fully?

I’m sorry for the long wait thank you for your patience  -Hope

Your name: submit What is this?

Oikawa Tooru

“Hey Iwaizumi-kun?” She says and he turns around. 

“Yeah?” He asks and the girl presses her fingertips together, looking away from his gaze.

“Is Tooru okay?” she asks trailing off before starting again, “He keeps ignoring me and won’t respond to any of my texts. I keep waiting for him after practice and he never comes to walk home with me. I just, he’s being distant.” She rambles and Iwaizumi sighs. “Does he still want to be with me?” She adds before Iwaizumi speaks up.

“Yeah he does, he’s just, how do I say it,” Iwaizumi pauses, “Having a bit of a hard time warming up to you. I don’t think he wants to annoy you but he also wants you to be there for him and support him. It’s hard to explain.” Iwaizumi says rubbing the back of his neck. “Hey look I’ll go and talk to him about it okay?” He asks and (Y/N) nods.

“Okay, thank you Iwaizumi-kun.” She gives him a light smile and he nods as she walks away. Iwaizumi’s smile fades as he walks to the volleyball gym. Hearing his friends shoes squeak against the floor and volleyball hit the other side of the gym.  

“Oikawa.” Iwaizumi says pulling away the cart of volleyballs and smacking the ball that was in his hand away. “What are you doing?” He asks a small hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“What?” Oikawa says his voice full of anger. “What the hell do you want?” He asks and Iwaizumi sighs.

“Why do you keep ignoring (Y/N)?” He asks and Oikawa clicks his tounge.

“I don’t have to talk to her all of the time, I don’t need to be with her every second of the day.” He says.

“I’m not here to fight with you, but you’ve been ignoring her for a long time now. Do you want her to break up with you? She’s been worried about you.” Iwaizumi continues crossing his arms. Oikawa doesn’t say anything standing in silence at his friend’s words. “Why are you so insecure?” Iwaizumi continues and Oikawa’s eyes widen. “You know she isn’t like Rei, so why do you keep giving her the cold shoulder when she is trying to be there for you?”

“What if she gets tired of me? What if she thinks I’m annoying and doesn’t want me anymore?” Oikawa whispered.

“Oikawa what did I just say? If you don’t trust her go and talk to her about it, ignoring her isn’t going to do anything but make her more worried about you.” Iwaizumi says and Oikawa huffs.

“I will later.” He says getting another volleyball and Iwaizumi takes it.

“No, you will go now and talk to her and I’ll clean up for you.” Hajime says shoving him toward the exit of the gym. “She just wants to be there for you, now go.” He continues as Oikawa grumpily makes his way out of the gym. Iwaizumi rolls his eyes continuing to clean up for his friend. “Idiot.” 

(Y/N) was pacing the roof as her friends sat and ate their lunch. “(Y/N) would you stop pacing, you are making me nervous.” One of them said and she looks over at them with teary eyes. “What’s the matter? I’m sorry I didn’t mean that in a bad way, honest!” She exclaims.

“It’s nothing, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even be crying.” (Y/N) smiles but her friends stand and crowd around her. “Guys it’s nothing honestly, I’m sorry.” She continues wiping at her fallen tears. 

“Is it Oikawa-san; is something going on between you two?” Komi asks and (Y/N) shrugs. 

“I don’t even know anymore, I’m trying so hard, I really really like him but he just keeps pushing me away. He probably doesn’t even like me anymore.” She says and Oikawa’s eyes widened as he heard her words. 

“(Y/N).” He says, his voice a bit uneasy. He didn’t exactly know how he was going to approach this situation but he had to try something so she knew that he was still liked her as well and wanted that relationship. 

The girl perked up hearing his voice, trying her best to make herself look presentable in front of him. She turned slightly looking back at him, and his heart broke. Her eyes were a bit puffy and red and he felt like shit for putting her through that, and making her think that he didn’t like her anymore.

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry, I should have talked to you about my feelings and what I was thinking and I feel so horribly and I’m so sorry. I’m such an idiot.” He mutters and all of (Y/N)’s friends leave the roof to let the two be alone.

“Why then Tooru? Why do you keep ignoring me, even when we do stuff together you never want to be with me and it’s upsetting. Do you not have any interest in me anymore?” She asks tugging at the bottom of her skirt. 

“No! I still really like you I do, please don’t think that I don’t like you anymore because I still do a lot. I want to continue our relationship and I’m sorry I was straying away from you, I just, my previous relationship wasn’t all that good, but I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. It’s not your fault and it never was.” He explains slightly his points and (Y/N) pulls the boy in for a hug. 

A small smile couldn’t help but form on his lips as he hugged her back, pressing a soft kiss on the top of her head. “Don’t feel like you can’t talk to me about things okay, I want you to be comfortable around me. Even if it is stuff about your ex.” (Y/N) reassures and all Oikawa did was nod. 

“You’re right, thank you.” He says tempted to apologize to her one last time. But instead he just whispers a small “I love you.”

So you know how the curse of Achilles makes you really sleepy and even Chiron tells Percy that when Achilles wasn’t fighting he was sleeping? Like that must mean lots of sleeping percy after tlo so consider this:

  • annabeth leaning against a tree, drawing blueprints and percy falling asleep on her shoulder accidentally and her staying there till he wakes up
  • percy going to the beach laying down for one sec and falling asleep with the sounds of the wave (and waking up w/ an awkward tan) 
  • sally finding percy asleep on the couch even though it’s early and throwing a blanket over him 
  • annabeth coming over to study and percy just laying his head on her lap and falling asleep for the entirety of it 
  • percy constantly denying he’s sleepy in between a yawn
  • percy taking a seat after sword fighting to cool off only to be found sleeping with his head bent and drool coming out of his mouth 
  • annabeth studying the soft lines of his face when he falls asleep on him b/c he looks so peaceful and adorable
  • percy literally falling asleep during every movie night w/ annabeth ever 
  • bedhead hair forever
  • paul giving percy a pass to sleep in his class b/c he knows why 
  • percy falling asleep in the strawberry fields only to realize someone’s drawn something on his face 
  • puffy sleep filled eyes
  • waking up confused and like oh shit sorry annabeth 
  • adamantly claiming to everyone he’s not sleepy at all only to have his eyes half closed and in a perpetual state of dozing
  • sleepy percy 
[SFW] Reader finds friends at Overwatch

You know, most people probably think bathroom stalls are boring, but when you spend every meal hiding in one you learn to appreciate all the little differences. Like this one at Watchpoint Gibraltar. It’s on the first floor of crew quarters, right off the mess hall. Only someone who’d taken refuge here for days on end would know which stall had the best graffiti. Luckily you were that special someone and it was in the second stall from the left you sat carving, ‘Soldier 76 steals candy from babies.’ Immature? Maybe. But it made you feel better.

While putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece, the door to the ladies room swung open. “I’ll be right there Zarya! I just need to wash my hands.” You peered through the door gap and saw a small Chinese girl with glasses. What was her name? Molly? Max? Oh yeah it was, “Mei!” The scientist perked up when her name was called. You gasped and clapped your hands over your mouth.

“Is that you Dr. Zeigler?” Internally screaming, you flushed the toilet and sheepishly exited the stall. “Nope, not her. Don’t mind me. I’ll just go…” Mei canted her head to the side and look genuinely confused. “Are you okay? Your eyes are puffy. I hope you haven’t been crying.” Shit. After taking a quick glance in the mirror to confirm your sorry state, you stammered, searching for an excuse. “Oh d-don’t worry about it. It’s been a long day and… And… I’m not feeling so well so I’m gonna hit the hay. Just pretend I was never here.” Mei seemed oblivious to your excuses. “If you’re sick then perhaps you should eat! It’s supper time. Would you like to join me? Usually we all eat together anyway, like one big family!”

Your stomach knotted itself up. The past few days had been a lesson in suffering. Overwatch was divided into old vetrans and young talent. You’d had luck talking to Lucio and D.Va. Zenyatta was kind to everyone. But beyond that people’s reactions were limited to passive agressive distrust. Soldier was the worst. He delighted in berrating you any chance he got. Some of the other vets would laugh along with his jabs. Nobody ever spoke on your behalf.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ll grab something once everyone else has gone to bed. I’m really not hungry.” But Mei was having none of that. She took you by the arm and introduced you to Zarya who was waiting patiently outside the door. Mei rambled on about how the two met and became fast friends. You even cracked a smile when Zarya said they’d soon be Overwatch’s hot new item. These ladies seemed nice enough. Maybe dinner was just the thing you needed.

A gruff voice guaranteed you were wrong. “Mei, Zarya. Are you trying to join up with Talon now?” Surprisingly, Zarya clapped back without hesitation, “You wish old man. With us here there’s no room for damaged goods.”

“Damaged goods? Let me hear you say that after I’ve wiped out a room of Talon’s footsoldiers.” Soldier turned his cold gaze to you. “Hopefully I kill a couple of your buddies so you know what side you’re fighting for.” Your eyes blinked back angry tears.

“Jack how could you say such a thing!” Mei was horrified. “I’ve never known you to be such a bully.”

“You don’t know anything! That girl’s Talon through and through. Nobody has ever up and and left them. Winston may trust you but I won’t let my guard down. You’ll never be a part of Overwatch. And if you try anything, if you even think about harming anyone here, I’ll gun you down myself!” Soldier slammed his fist on the table before stomping menacingly back to quarters, shoulder checking you on the way. Your cheeks burned with embarassment and hurt. Mei and Zarya stood in stunned silence.

“I told you this was a bad idea.” You shook your head. “I’m gonna go… Just… Leave me alone…”

“I think not little one. Friends don’t let friends cry alone.” The hulking bodybuilder smiled before snatching you up in a big bear hug. Mei was laughing, happy to clear the air. And you felt the first rays of hope shining down.

“Friends?” Things were starting to look up.

Till You Come Back Home|| Shawn Mendes

**Based on the song up I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by Zayn** ~I just wanna keep calling your name…till you come back home~ Shawn was my best friend. But the thing was…I hadn’t seen him in at least a year..and when he last left he kissed me. We never talked about the kiss. Hell we didn’t even talk. I haven’t heard from him since that kiss. I know he’s been busy but…I just wanted to hear his voice or something. Me and his family were still pretty close. I helped his sister with her school work every week and hung out with her sometimes because she didn’t have a lot of close friends. … Me and Aaliyah were sitting in her room working on her homework. “Can we please take a break this is annoying” she sighs. “Yea” I say. She smiles and outs on some music. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever comes on and we both start singing to it. “I just wanna keep calling your name till you come back home” I sing. I was thinking about Shawn the whole time I was singing that. “Hey sis” I hear the door open. I look over at the same time as Aaliyah. My body froze. There he stood. Shawn Mendes. She got up and ran to her brother and hugged him. She hated not seeing her brother. He hugged her tight. I packed up my things. “I better get going A, text me if ya need anything” I say putting my bag on my shoulder. “You can’t leave…Shawn just got here…you guys are bestfriends!!” she says. I look down at the floor. “Bestfriends talk to each other…” I sigh. “What. Shawn you said you talked to her the other day. You lied to me” she says. “He hasn’t talked to me in a year…it’s fine. I really gotta go.” I say. I get past them both but not until I feel a familiar hand grab my wrist firmly. I look at Shawn. Tears threatened my eyes. “Y/N please…” Shawn says. I shake my head. I get out of his grip and go home. I sat on my bed and stared outside. My phone buzzing every couple of seconds with messages from Shawn. Why did he want to throw our friendship away…not that I wanted to be just his friend. I heard my door open and close. I look over and see Shawn standing against my door. “Go away” I say. “Please…let me talk to you” he says. “Why now. Why not months ago. Why not the day after you left…why now.“I say. He stayed quiet. I got up and started pacing. "Well talk. I’m not in the mood.” I say. I felt his hand grab my wrist and pull me into him. He was warm and his hug comforting…but i was beyond mad at him. Next thing I knew his lips were on mine. I pull away after a minute. “No. No you don’t get to kiss me. The last time you did you left for a year and never talked to me….not even once” I start to cry. “You left me…you left me thinking I wasn’t good enough…you left me thinking you weren’t ever coming back…you left me…” I cried punching his firm muscular chest. I looked up at him and his eyes were glassy and puffy. “Why!” I cry. I punched his chest a few more times and I became weak. Shawn held me up in his arms. My head laid against his chest. His breathing was unsteady. “I never meant to hurt you. I love you. I didn’t just want to leave after kissing you…maybe no contact would make it easier to forget how much I would miss you. But it made it worst. I fell so hard for you Y/N and I was scared of leaving you. I feel like shit. I don’t want to hurt you” Shawn says. His voice becoming week. “You don’t understand how much I love you…you are my everything” he sighs. My crying steadied. I looked up at him. He had years dripping down his face. He looked at me and wiped my tears with his thumb. “I hate seeing you cry. And to think I was the one who caused it…” he sighs and closes his eyes. I suddenly didn’t feel so mad at him. He never really ever cried. He hated showing emotion and to see him showing it now. I sighed. My fingertips touched and walked lightly across his jawline. “I don’t want you to leave me…to leave me wondering like that ever again…you are to special to me…I love y-” his lips touch mine cutting me off. His kiss was passionate and hungry. His lips let go of mine. I pouted when they left. “I love you…will you be my girlfriend” he smiles. I smile and nod. He kisses me again. I hug him tightly. “I’ve missed you so much you have no idea"he says. I smile up at him. "I’ve missed you too” I say. “I’m glad I came home…” he sighs happily. I was too.

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If You Don't Know (part 3) L.H.

After that day at the fair we grew closer. We made plans most days after I got off work and started dating almost a month later.

I quickly fell in love with him. He made it easy, he was polite and funny. He was gentle with my body and made sure I always felt beautiful.

The sad Luke that walked into the coffee shop the first day I saw him was rarely seen. We started slowly becoming part of each other’s everyday life.

He met my family and his mother flew to meet me alot couple mothers after we started dating.

I was at his house more than I was my own so that’s when we decided to move in together. Luke was very hesitant, with his last relationship I completely understand why.

We almost called it off due to a panic attack he had the night before we moved all my stuff in. Luckily I was there to hold him, his face buried in my neck as he tried to stop the tears and steady his breathing.

It was the first time I had ever seen him cry and I really feel like it made us stronger. The next day he did indeed move in, assuring me he wanted to move in.

“Luke.” I call walking in the front door.

I don’t hear a response but I can hear the piano that I admired when I moved in. .

It’s been almost a month since i moved in and so far it’s been amazing.

I love falling asleep looking into his blue eyes and waking up to his pink lips.

I can hear him singing to the tune he is playing. The first time I heard him sing was not too long after we started dating. I was so shocked I had him sing to me for the next week.

I love his voice, it is soft and never fails to make me smile.

He glances up at me and his fingers continue to press the keys of the piano, finishing the chorus before standing to his feet.

“Hi baby.” He smiles, stalking over to you.

His arms wrap tightly around my shoulder, kissing my forehead.

“Why’d you stop?” I whine.

He chuckles and keeps his arm wrapped around my waist as we walk to the kitchen.

“ I want to hear about how work was.” He says.

I tell him about how it was pretty slow and boring.

“Not much to look forward to now that this blond cutie stopped coming in.” I smile.

“Hey, do I need to have a talk with this guy.” He jokes.

I shake my head, “Now I get to come home to him every night.”

He leans down and presses a kiss to my lips. I lean into his chest, deepening the kiss.

His other hand goes to my waist as well. My hands get tangled in his hair, it’s so soft.

He pulls away as I start kissing down his neck, moaning my name as I leave a light spot on his neck. It won’t last more than the hour.

His skin is so soft and sweet, I don’t know how he does it.

I fumble with the buttons on his pants before he just yanks them down.

I squeal when he lifts me off the ground and sets me on the kitchen counter.

He chuckles, moving between my legs that are dangling off the edge of the counter. Not quite long enough to touch the floor.

He moved back to my lips after striping me of my shirt.

I love coming home to these kinds of nights.

Though being with Luke has been amazing there are some down sides.

He had major trust issues because of what his ex did to him. Our first fight was not too long ago.

I was only scheduled to stay until 3 at work, the normal time I get off everyday. That day the person that usually comes in to take over for me was having a personal crisis.

She had called someone else but they couldn’t be there until 5. I had meant text Luke but we were so busy I didn’t have a moment.

When I finally got home Luke was pacing pack and forth in the living room.

“Hi babe-” I greet him but he is quick to interrupt me.

“Where have you been?” He approaches me.

“I’m sorry, I was asked to stay later at work.” I say putting my bag down.

“Bull shit. Do you actually think I would believe that?” He raises his voice. He has never yelled at me before.

“Luke-” he doesn’t even let me get a word in.

“What’s his name? Huh? Who else have you been fucking.” He puts a hand through his hair.

He looks angry but his eyes are puffy and red around the edges. He looks like he is trying to keep from crying which breaks my heart.

“Baby.” I whispered. My hand reaches out to touch his arm and he takes a step back. “Luke, I don’t know any way to prove to you that I was at work.” I say softly.

He stays silent, staring me down trying to decipher if I’m being honest.

“I don’t think I should have to either. I’m so sorry that she did that to you. But I’m not her and I need you to trust me. This will not work if you don’t.” I take a step towards him.

I am hurt that he thinks I would ever do something to hurt him. I try my best to not to get angry because I know he is not meaning anything from it.

“Luke.” I say again, reaching out once more. This time he allows me to touch his face. He leans into my hand before falling into my chest. He has to bend down because of how tall he is.

“ I would never do that to you.” I whispered, embracing him in my arms.

My hand strokes his hair on the back of his head.
The tv is on in the living room, a random show playing as I occupy myself on my phone.

I can tell Luke is bored, the show nor anything on his phone keeping his content.

I can feel his eyes burning holes in the side of my face. Watching as my light eyes scroll through my phone. The light casting on my face.

“What?” I ask, not looking away from my phone.

I can see him grin from the corner of my eye.

“I just- you are so beautiful it’s kind of surreal.” He speaks honestly.

I’m taken back by his words, expecting him to say he is hungry or tired.

I slowly look over at the pale skinned, blue eyed boy I’ve fallen in love with.

The amount of time I’ve thought that same exact thing about him.

The Australian boy walked into my life at the perfect time.

I lean in just as he does, our lips me in the middle.

This is what my mom was talking about when she said “You will know you are really in love when you look at the person and feel like you have known them your whole life.”

I really thought I had found the one.

But the more I think of it the more I feel that we were just kids in love and not everything works out the way you think it will.

Birthdays in a traffic jam

Title: Birthdays in a traffic jam

Fandom: OMGCheckplease

Pairing: Larissa Lardo Duan / Shitty Knight

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Word count: 3320

Part 3 of The Shitty and Lardo Chronicles.  Also on AO3

The problem is traffic.

The problem is it’s four in the afternoon and everyone and their mother is out thinking that they’ve escaped early enough to avoid the home time traffic.  The problem is someone up ahead is honking angrily every three seconds.  The problem is some people can’t blare a horn politely.

The problem is they’re in a traffic jam.

The problem is Lardo’s in labour.

“I’m gonna have this baby in the car.”

Shitty looks calm and composed.  His eyes are focused on the unmoving traffic ahead and his knees aren’t bouncing but you’ve only to look at the bone white knuckle grip he has on the steering wheel and his twitching moustache to see that he feels otherwise.  That despite how he looks he is very aware of the active labour going on beside him and he is shitting himself.

The wheel leather squeaks under his hands.

“My darling, my queen, my reason for living,” he takes a thin breath, “please don’t because I don’t know how to deliver a fucking baby.”

Lardo flinches despite his even tone and her eyes flit to the rear view to check the backseat but of course it’s empty.  Xuan is not bouncing impatiently in her car seat because she’s at Dex and Nursey’s probably drinking too much sugary juice and watching cartoons that are slightly too old for her.  Shitty can swear all he likes now that they’re sponge of a two-year-old isn’t around. Truthfully Lardo wants to swear too but someone in this vehicle has to have their shit together.

She thought she had more time.


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