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Yooo, could I request bakugo, midoriya, and kirishima(don't know if I spelt that right) where their s/o has really long bone straight hair, but one day they get caught in a storm with out an umbrella and all of the sudden, boom. Uncontrollable curls. And their s/o just goes on a rant about how long it takes to do their hair. (So did not have this happen to me today). Just a mini scenario please!!!! You don't have to do this if you don't want to either. But have a nice day/night!!

omg i dealt with this when my hair was longer!! i feel for you sis

bakugou katsuki

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He tried not to laugh, he swears but when he saw your hair suddenly poof up into a mess of curls, he couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on their face.

“You should have fucking tied your hair up at least.” He said between laughs and he could see them glare at him from the corner of his eye.

“Did you straighten this shit?! No!” They said, crossing their arms across their chest with a huff. “Fucking hell.”

midoriya izuku

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“I’m so sorry! I tried to put my jacket over your head but your hair is so long!” Izuku said with a small frown. Their hair was half straight and half curly and as much as he wanted to laugh, he felt terrible.

“All my hard work… GONE!” They said over dramatically before getting out from under the jacket to let the rest get wet. “Might as well!” Izuku frowned before dropping his own jacket to jump in the rain with them.

kirishima eijirou

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“Well look at what the cat dragged in.” Kirishima said with a smile before seeing the glare they were giving him.

“Shut up Kiri before I kill you.”

“Now you’re just sounding like Bakugou!” He said cheerily, pulling them into a hug. Their body was soaked but he didn’t care. He found it cute that their hair poofed up like that.

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But I’m home now and more coherent than before so here’s my massively shortened version of what happened today i still cant believe it happened like it feels so surreal

After school today i met up with my friend in central and we wandered around a bit to kind of just shop and see if we could hopefully catch a glimpse of EXO but after a while it got really cold so we said we’d call it a night. On my way home i was really bummed because i really wanted to see them but i was glad i could at least say i tried. So as i get off the underground, im going up the escalators and kind of spacing out then i hear a ‘hyung balliwa’ and i look up not expecting anything at all and there standing in front of me is kim junfuckingmyeon looking all perfect in front of the food stall holding a bottle of water all wrapped up and warm looking. And i didnt believe my eyes but then i look to the side and standing on the other side is kim jongfckingin and kim minbloodyseok and their manager but no camera crew and i couldnt help the tears that filled my eyes. I said 'oh my god’ pretty loudly and junmyeon looked in my direction and WE HAD PERFECT EYE CONTACT and i wanted to scream because omfg junmyeon was looking at me and then minseok said something about sehun and a car and i was freaking out like 'omg suho’ and then junmyeon looks back at me and smiles and i couldnt help it like the tears just escaped then junma being the fcking angel goes 'uljima’ because he mustve thought i was korean or something and im just wiping my eyes and going 'im so sorry omg i love you guys so much’ and then he goes 'i loveyou too’ in his adorable as shit broken english and i wanted to collapse because his voice is so sweet and smooth and just all kinds of fckin lovely and i shit you all not i was within touching distance but touching him didnt even cross my mind and then the manager with jongin and minseok called for junmyeon and he replied somehting in korean and said a quick 'dont cry’ in english and i was just omfg and he smiles his perfect as fcking fck smile and i couldnt help but smile back and i go to take my phone out because i want to take a picture but he goes 'no picture no ahh’ and he looked so worried for a second i immediately put my phone back in my pocket like 'im sosorry okay no photo’ and then jongin calls for him again and his voice is fcking deep but adorable like chocolate and amazing then junmyeon looks back at me and says 'bye, love exo a lot okay?’ and his english was so off but was the most adorable fucking thing ive ever heard okay like heis fcking perfect then he jogs towards the others and they were speaking and im just staring and like 0.152558674 seconds away from collapsing like my legs were shaking so much and then they all turn around to wave and smile at me and holy shit minseok goes 'bye bye’ and did a little heart and jongin waved and they were all waving and smiling and fck i couldnt help but cry again and people at the station were staring at me but i didnt give a fuck because holy shit i met exo like omg and im like cryihng now as i remember it and fuck my life guys im so happy right now i cant even deal

gonna delete this later but just wanted to share the best moment of my life omg guys T___T