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Jayme Rupp (by @neopixiesims)

Twenty-five year old Jayme Rupp has recently moved to San Myshuno and works from home as a fashion blogger. “I think too many people settle,” she remarks. “They’ll take a little bit of success and that’s enough for them. Well, it’s not for me. I’ve always had my eyes set on the bigger prize.”

“Some people use words like ‘ruthless’ or ‘heartless’; but I really just think that I’m a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t let obstacles get in her way. I usually get what I want one way or another.”

Jayme acknowledges she hasn’t always managed to get what she wants though. “I may have had a bit of a rivalry with my one-time best friend when we were in high school.”

“I’m older and wiser now though. I think I might have done things differently, knowing what I know now.”

“When I win, I’m going to use the prize money to forge my own empire in the beauty product market. There is no competition in this Big Brother game. I’m going to win it. The others? They’ll never see me coming. 


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  • Summary: Cameron loves to just sit and watch you do your makeup
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 I was filming  a new video for my YouTube channel when Cameron comes and sits right in front of my but not covering my camera you could still see him in the shot though.

He always does this whenever I do makeup videos.

I started to do my video and I looked at Cam and he looked like a little child watching a cartoon.

He sat legs crossed, mouth slightly slacked,with wide eyes and a smile that could cure cancer.

I put down my eyeliner and looked at him.

“What? why are you looking at me like that?” I questioned him but his smile only grew bigger.

“Your just so damn beautiful.You get this look in your eyes whenever you do something you love, and whenever you do the eyelash thing you make this adorable face. I just love seeing you happy.” He responded.

I was in shock yeah cam and I have said I love you and yeah we have been together for 2 years but I could never get used to him complimenting me. 

“Nobody’s ever said something like that to me. No one has ever cared like you do. I love you babe.”

“And I love you even more baby girl.”

I finished my video and started to edit it. I kept in the part when Cam and I were talking because he wouldn’t stop whining about how cute we are. I uploaded the video and that’s when the tweets started coming in.  

I’m still a little nervous about whenever I post about Cam and I because we both still get tons of hate for it.But what I saw completely shocked my and almost brought tears to my eyes.

They approved. The fangirls approved.

I jumped up from my spot and started running around the screaming “THEY APPROVE” Until Cameron grabbed me by my waist forcing me to stop.

“Okay babe what happened?” he asked me in between laughs.

“We won over the fangirls. They approve of our relationship.”

“Thank godness. I was tired of not being able to post beautiful pictures of you without getting hate.”

I nodded in agreement. we won and were together nothing else is important.

[[ Beep. So I drew Eddie in casual wear. c: It took me ages to fcking finish this ugh, but I kind of like it xD I think I might stick with drawing bigger eyes; keep trying to do realistic size and I flip a desk. Bigger eyes are super cute and I feel like I do them much better <3 Gonna be using this as a little example for doing reference images/flats. Even though its not simple flats LOL. 

Also decided to go with more muted tones for the outfit and the glove. Tried brighter, gave myself a headache lol. This is much easier on the eyes <3 And works well with Eddie’s skin tone. ALSO ALSO I did that plaid manually it was a pain in the ass lmao.]]

If I’m your baby girl expect me to be annoying, needy and wanting of your time. Expect to be cherished. Expect your butt to be grabbed or me telling you that your soft penis is adorable. Expect me to love you so deeply that you’ll be able to see it in my eyes. Expect me to be the big spoon even if you’re bigger, because even though you’d be my Daddy I’d protect you.
I’d only expect the same love and devotion in return. Deal?

I'll Be Good (for All of the Times That I Never Could)

After everything they have been through, they deserve a little happiness.

Or: Bellamy, Clarke and their daughter in a series of moments taking place after season 3.

For my dearest @alltheworldsinmyhead, who needed a canon-verse domestic Bellarke parents fluff fic after that gut-wrenching trailer, and I’m always happy to help.

Also on AO3

“It’s like the Road Runner,” Clarke says, her eyes widening as she pokes her stomach.

Their kid is no bigger than a peach right now but it’s still racing below her navel, left and right. Bellamy always laughs when the baby gets up to its usual antics but he’s as fascinated as Clarke.

She likes to poke it lightly, though.

“The Road Runner?” he frowns, placing a hand on the little bulge and chuckling when it scoots over to the other side.

Clarke rolls her eyes, throwing her head back at the pillows as Bellamy plays with their baby. They’ve got a game. The baby avoids his hand and that’s the gist of it.

“Yeah, like the cartoon?” When he’s still confused, she snorts fondly. “There’s a coyote and he’s trying to kill a roadrunner but the bird is - okay, you know what? Never mind.”

“No, no,” he protests, unable to stop the mirth seeping into his voice. Their kid’s got a personality and it’s not even three months old. It’s his and Clarke’s. He’s happier than he ever thought he’d be. “I want to know about this roadrunner of yours. And the coyote. Why is he failing? Is he inept?”

“No one actually wants him to kill the bird, Bell!”

A second passes before he feels a smile tugging on his mouth and Clarke realizes what she said.

“You called me Bell,” he says, his chest expanding to allow for more happiness. It’s almost a physical feeling at this point.

(He can’t say that he doesn’t like it.)

“Good thing we didn’t get married,” she shoots back. “I can’t divorce you.”

“Come on, Princess, don’t be like that. You can call me Bell, I’m your baby’s daddy.”

He figures that he’s absolutely had it coming when she lunges at him and begins a tickle war that doesn’t end until Raven pounds on the wall connecting their cabin to hers, threatening to exile them unless they keep it quiet.

The baby shifts again a little later and Clarke wrinkles her nose, proudly announcing, “The baby thinks you’re a dork, too.”

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