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Jungkook x reader

theme:Jungkook and you always had tension between and one time he comes out of the shower and you are in the room…so things get a little steamy

requested by: taetaesbooty

genre: smut

word count: 5.5K

“I’m so excited!“Jimin said suddenly.

Everyone else agreed but you.
“I would be equally excited if I wasn’t fucking suffocating between these two.“you grunted trying to make yourself more room.

“Y/N no swearing!“Hoseok scolded you at what you just rolled your eyes.

Currently you were sitting in a car, struggling between Hoseok and Taehyung, while Yoongi was driving, Jimin sitting in the seat next to him.

“I just don’t understand why I couldn’t go in the other car? There would be room for everyone!“you said, still fighting elbows with Taehyung.

“Because I want my sister to be with me in the car!“Hoseok exclaimed.

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Black Coffee And Bad Pickup Lines

Moaui//Hooked Wayfinder Coffee Shop Modern AU

“Black coffee, two sugars for Curly-,” The redhead cut herself off swiftly and turned her sharp gaze onto the man behind the till, hissing venomously under her breath, “Maui, I am NOT reading this out, you creep,”

Whilst on a much-needed break from her bad day at work, Moana seeks out some much-needed caffeine. However, she might’ve found more than she first set out to in the confident, flirtatious barista…

Chapter 1: Are You A Piece Of Art?

Moana Waialiki was not having a good day. Her boss was being even more of a dick than normal, her customers were exceptionally meaner today, and a throbbing pain had started to form between her eyebrows. Currently, she was attempting to explain the 40-day, no-stain return policy to a very loud, very angry woman who claimed that she had NEVER EVEN WORN THE GODDAMN SHIRT. The ‘goddamn shirt’ in question had (what she sincerely hoped was) a huge coffee stain down the front, spanning from the collar to just below the bust, and had very obviously been worn more than once.

“I’m sorry, m’am, there’s not really much I can do about-,”


“Of course,” Moana sighed half-heartedly as her boss fluttered around the customer delicately, leading her off to the side and away from the scene she had created, but not before shooting Moana a sharp glare. Who knew working in retail would be so hard? Moana groaned, her head falling gracelessly into her arms on the counter in front of her. A hand touched her shoulder carefully, and she looked up to meet a tan brunette with kind green eyes.

“You look like you need an early lunch break, Mo,” Fi smiled down at her gently. Moana opened her mouth to protest, but the tall woman beat her to it, “Go,” she laughed, “I’ll cover you. You could do with some caffeine,”
Moana smiled gratefully as she stood, significantly smaller than the willowy woman by at least a foot, “Thanks, Fi. You’re the best,”

She slipped out of the store quickly, grabbing her bag and coat before walking out onto the busy high street in front of her.

How Moana found herself in the cafe on the corner was beyond her. She supposed Fi’s remark on caffeine had unknowingly drawn her to the small coffee shop. Well, small was sort of an understatement. Lalotai was one of those buildings that looked small on the outside, but opened up into a much larger room. The lights were low, casting a slight shadow over the room and illuminating the deep purple walls ominously. There was music playing; she could pick out the undertones of a glam rock-y bass line, but the crowd was too loud for her to tell what it actually was. Speaking of Lalotai’s customers, every table in the joint was taken and the line stretching from the till to the doors was longer than she had expected for an independent business. Moana busied herself with her phone as she waited.

The mass was almost suffocating, if not slightly rowdy, but she quickly lost herself in the world of the internet. So lost that she barely even noticed when she got to the front of the line.

“What can I getcha, kid?” a smooth voice brought her back to the land of the living.

Moana let out a slightly aggressive “Excuse me?!” (She was just short, okay?!), but the words died slightly in the back of her throat as she snapped her eyes away from her phone. Stood, looking slightly out of place but completely at ease, behind the counter was a tall, chiselled God of a man. He had sun kissed skin and dark eyes, one thick eyebrow raised in obvious amusement. A smirk spread across his face slowly, and no, she was not intimidated. His huge hands rested on the counter separating them, black mandatory shirt sleeves rolled up to expose a sea of tattoos scaling his bare arms.

“What can I get you, you know, to drink? That is what you came here for, right?” He chuckled, and she felt heat rise to her face as her scowl deepened.

“I didn’t- that’s not what I- why would I-,” Moana cut herself off and ground out a, “Black coffee, two sugars,”

“You got it, kiddo- can I get your name?” The barista winked, smirk growing in size. She spluttered slightly, halfway through sliding her money onto the counter, mouth hanging open ready to protest- “Calm it, Curly, it’s for the cup,” He laughed again, and Moana blinked, fully aware that her face probably resembled that of a tomato. She subconsciously pushed her hair out of her face.

“Oh, uh, Moana,”





“Moa- for gods- forget it,” The man scribbled something onto the side of her cup and passed it to the tall woman behind him, who got to work making her drink. She huffed indignantly and stepped to the side so that he could serve the next in line, painfully conscious to his eyes trained on her as she stood fidgeting.

It felt like an eternity had passed of awkward standing around before the tall woman finally turned around, with Moana’s drink in tow. Moana was slightly taken aback; despite her short red pixie cut, pasty skin (a sharp contrast to the dark, shadowy light) and fiery amber eyes, she bore a strong resemblance to Fi. She shook off the thought, however, when Fi’s doppelganger’s permanent scowl grew as she rolled her yellow eyes and dryly called out,

“Black coffee, two sugars for Curly-,” The redhead cut herself off swiftly and turned her sharp gaze onto the man behind the till, hissing venomously under her breath, “Maui, I am NOT reading this out, you creep,”

The barista- Maui (and he thought SHE had a weird name)- smirked, replying without looking up from the register “I’m not creepy, Kate, I’m suave,”

Kate practically growled in response, pushing the cup onto the counter. Moana snatched it up quickly, her eyes growing wide and her cheeks glowing red as she read the message he had scrawled onto her cup;

Curly – Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall

Moana stood completely still for a whole of five seconds before whirling round, hitting herself in the face with her hair and storming through the crowd as fast as she possibly could, all the while feeling Maui’s burning gaze scorching a hole into the back of her head.

He watched her with a grin as she slammed the door and practically ran down the high street. Kate shot him a pointed look as they swapped positions, her at the register and him working the machines, and he let out a loud laugh.

“One day, you’re gonna get yourself fired,” She shook her head at him. How was he supposed to help himself, though? The girl was stunning, all big brown eyes and thick black lashes, with full lips that made him want to pull her over the counter and kiss her senseless, not to mention that she was a little spitfire with the voice of a freaking goddess- he couldn’t just let this complete stranger walk away and forget him!

“She’ll be back,” Maui hummed under his breath. Kate rolled her eyes again in reply.

A/N:  So this silly little fic is the product of the writer’s block I’ve been having on my bigger Moana fic which I hope to be posting soon. I’d like to continue this fic if I get enough positive reactions and reviews, though, since it was fun to write and so far I haven’t come across any Modern Moaui fics!! Leave a like if you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!!

Did you multiply? (Dean X Sister!Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester X Sister!Reader

Universe: Supernatural

Warnings: Killing, injuries, mild swearing

Request: Perhaps a brother Dean x sister reader imagine? Where she really admires him and dresses like him, with leather jackets and works out in order to become a good hunter. Dean taking her under his wing and taking her seriously perhaps with an astonished Crowley “Wait have you multiplied?”.

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

You may have only been the half-sister of Sam and Dean, but you had that face. You had their expressions, their attitude, everything. When they found out you were their little sister, they were worried you’d be like Adam, only to find out when they met you, that you were a little them, and by little, I mean it. You were pretty young when your brothers showed up into your life.

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The Flying Graysons - Dick Grayson x Reader

I present to you a fluffy happy peace offering for my actions this weekend. I just realized that I actually have not yet written Dick as a father, which is a shame since he’s so great with children.

Tagging: @memento-scribet @speedypan @cait-writes-stuff @birbs-and-the-bat

Words: 1295

“Come on Little Bird! We don’t want to keep Mister Haly waiting!” Dick squeezes the tiny hand of your daughter and she all but runs to return to her place between the two of you, her black curls bouncing with every step.

The three of you walk through the mostly empty parking lot leading to the circus tent. Since Dick’s childhood show was back in town, you thought it would be a good opportunity to take your daughter to see where her dad grew up. When you mentioned the idea to Dick, his face lit up, and he immediately called his old ringmaster to see if they could come early before the show and show little Mary around.

“Daddy, will there be clowns at the circus?” Mary asks and looks at Dick with her big blue eyes and a furrowed brow.

“Yes, baby. There are clowns at the circus. Why do you ask?”

“Because clowns are scary,” she pouts at him, and you can see his heart melting at her stare.

“Mary, clowns are just people with funny clothes and makeup on who like to act silly,” you say.

“Then why does Uncle Wally talk about them being bad?”

“Because Uncle Wally is silly and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Dick says as he picks her up and places her on his shoulders. The sudden action causes her to squeal and laugh as she clutches to Dick’s hair to keep from falling off.

Her laughter stops when you walk into the tent, and you look up to see her little face is filled with awe.

The circus performers aren’t in costume yet, but they are practicing and warming up for tonight’s performance. You note that Mary’s eyes are particularly drawn to the animals on the far side of the ring.

“Look Daddy! Elfants!” She points excitedly and leans forward, causing Dick to lower his head a bit.

“Yes, Little Bird, I see the elephants.” He gently picks Mary back up and places her on the ground, much to her dismay.

“Well if it isn’t my boy Dick Grayson!” Comes a booming voice from the center of the ring. You look up to see a balding man with white hair making his way toward your family. “I’d know you anywhere! Though I will say you’re much bigger than the last time I saw you.”

“The same could be said about you, Mister Haly!” Dick waves at the man and starts leading you and Mary down the stairs onto the floor.

“Please, Dick! Just call me Jack already! No need to make an old man feel older than he already is,” Haly laughs. He pulls Dick into a tight hug and pats him on the back. “It’s good to see you boy.” He looks past Dick’s shoulder to you and Mary. “And who are these beautiful ladies you’ve brought with you?”

“Jack, this is my wife, Y/N,” Dick says and you step forward to shake Jack’s hand, though Mary clings to your leg, suddenly acting very shy.

“And that Little Bird right there is Mary,” Dick gestures to your daughter, who’s blue eyes and black hair are just about all Jack can see with her hiding behind you.

At the mention of Mary’s name Jack’s eyes grow misty and he looks at Dick. “You know, I didn’t think that Mary Grayson would ever be in this ring again. I still miss them, kiddo. But then I’m sure you do, too.”

“I do, but I’m sure they’d be happy with the life I’ve found,” Dick laces his fingers through yours, and you smile at him.

“I’m sure you’re right,” Jack says. He turns around and tries to lighten the mood. “So, Dick. How would you like to try out the trapeze? For old times’ sake?”

Dick smiles and starts walking to the ladder leading to the platform. “You know what, Jack? I think that sounds great!”

“Mommy, what’s Daddy doing?” Mary asks as she pulls on your hand.

“He’s going to do some tricks for us like he used to when he was a kid.” You say as you pick her up and hold her to your hip.

“That’s right Mary! Your daddy is one of the best fliers I’ve ever seen!” Jack says in an animated voice that instantly gains Mary’s trust and causes her to giggle.

“But he’s really high up. What if he falls?” She asks when Dick gets to the top.

“That’s what that net is for.” You point and make sure she sees that if Dick falls the net will catch him. One of the performers hands Dick a bar and he steps to the edge.

When he jumps Mary lets out a yelp of fear, but when Dick swings back up and does a flip on the bar, she gets excited.

“Look Mommy! Daddy’s flying!”

“It’s just like riding a bike.” Jack smiles. Dick does one more flip before releasing the bar and landing safely on the net. “A Grayson never forgets how to fly.”

“I’m a Grayson! I want to fly!” Mary starts wiggling out of your arms. Dick is back on the ground and is making his way back to you. Mary takes your hand and pulls you toward Dick. “Daddy! Daddy! I want to fly, too!”

“Are you sure, Mary? It can be scary at first.”

“Yes, Daddy! I want to fly like you!” Mary is practically bouncing up and down in excitement.

“She reminds me of you when you were her age!” Jack laughs at your side.

Dick must see the worry in your eyes because he gets down on Mary’s level to talk to her. “Okay, Little Bird. I can take you flying. But you have to ask Mommy if it’s okay with her.”

Mary spins back around and gives you her best puppy dog eyes. “Please, Mommy! Can I go fly with Daddy?!” While you have no problems with telling your daughter ‘no,’ the real fight is saying ‘no’ to Dick’s pleading eyes. You can tell that he wants to do it more than anything. To give her this tiny piece of his childhood.

“Okay, Mary.”

“YAY!!!” Mary screams in excitement, and Dick looks at you with a bit of concern.

“Are you sure, Y/N?”

“Yes, Dick. As much as it scares me, I trust you more than anyone else in the world. And she deserves to feel what you feel when you’re up there.” He smiles at you and kisses your cheek.

“Thank you,” Dick whispers in your ear before pulling back and taking Mary up the ladder with him, making sure that she doesn’t slip and fall.

You and Jack return to where you had been standing before to watch. When Dick and Mary get to the top, the other performers put a harness on Mary for safety, and Dick takes the trapeze bar. You can tell by Mary’s body language that she is second guessing her decision. Dick throws one leg over the bar and holds onto the swing with one hand while the other holds Mary close to his body, and he kicks off from the platform.

Mary screams when they first take off, but it quickly turns into laughter once Dick holds onto her with both hands and hangs the two of them upside down off the bar. He then swings back up and she laughs again and throws her arms around her father’s neck.

You can’t help but smile at both of your blue eyed black haired birds, flying above the world.

“You know, it would be nice to advertise for the Flying Graysons again.” Jack smiles and pokes you in the side. “That little one is a natural. She’s definitely a Grayson.”

“Yes.” You smile. “Yes she is.”

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Prompt: domestic hand holding husbands Also izsak you're amazing and your writing is out of this world

“alexander, do you know when madzie is going to be back from her trip with catarina and dot?”

it was an early saturday morning, the sun still too much for alec’s tired eyes as he rifled through one of his drawers. he was frowning, trying to find a specific shirt that seemed to have disappeared of it’s own accord. but the minute magnus’s voice echoed in from the living room he paused, narrowing his eyes as he tried to think and parting his lips, pushing his mind back to try and run through his calendar, though it was futile.

“uhhhh,” he answered preemptively, forgetting the shirt momentarily to try and find his phone. it wasn’t on the nightstand so he ended up pulling the duvet up on their bed, groping through the sheets until he found it nestled between their pillows. the blue light of his screen mingled with the soft yellow orange of the morning as he pulled his calendar up and flicked through to find what magnus needed. “in three days. tuesday. don’t you have that in your calendar?” he asked, his voice raised, before he locked his phone and pushed it into his back pocket.

but when he turned, he realized he hadn’t needed to raise his voice. magnus was standing in the doorway, tablet in his hand, watching alec with amusement written in his features. he was wearing a full suit nearly, though the suit jacket seemed to have misplaced itself. the fine buttons of his waistcoat and his shirt, and the gold band on his left ring finger were catching the light with every one of his subtle movements. it took a moment, but alec realized soon enough that magnus was amused at him, settled on his knees on their bed, shirtless in just his jeans and slightly damp hair. he rolled his eyes and huffed out a bit of laughter as he slid off the bed.

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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (9/?)

I’m so sorry about the long wait! It’s been such a long time you’ll probably need a little catch up…


Summary of the chapter: Y/N and Bucky are still trapped in each other’s bodies. Steve’s on a mission to impress Y/N with his physicality; meanwhile Y/N faces the harsh reality where she’s about to go on a mission but she doesn’t know a thing about sniping. Cue Bucky to the rescue!

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, sexual content

Word count: 4.1k

Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal

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I told you- Ethan Cutkosky

Two days ago, I told Ethan that I did not “dare” him to run out in the rain in just his boxers because he would get sick. Two days ago, Ethan took that as me daring him to run in the rain in just his boxers. One day ago, Ethan developed a stuffy nose and a sore throat.

“Eth, you need to take your medicine to get all better,” I felt like I was talking to a 5 year old, he was acting like one anyways.

“I don’t wanna, it’s gross,” he whined, his voice was hoarse. I waved the spoon in front of his face causing his nose to scrunch up in disgust. He laughed at my unamused expression, which sent him into a deep coughing fit. I patted his back, wanting him to just get it all out.

“Ethan…” I warned, raising my eyebrows, he groaned but opened his mouth, accepting the spoonful of medicine. After he swallowed it, he closed his eyes, threw his head back and stuck his tongue out from the side of his mouth.

I stood there, watching him, deciding that I would just wait to let him explain.

“I just died because it tasted so horrible,” he explained, he giggled at his own joke.

“Was it really that bad?” Was medicine really that gross? I couldn’t remember the last time I took cold medicine.

“Worst thing I’ve ever done,” he responded matter of factly.

“I told you not to run in the rain…”

*2 hours later*

“Ethaaaaaan, I’m home,” as usual I called out to him, waiting for his response, I doubted that he would be asleep the whole time.

After hanging up my coat, keys and bag, I walked into the living room, expecting to see Ethan on the couch, where I had left him. After he had fallen asleep I decided to go to the store and get everything I needed to make him a nice soup.

“Ethan?” I called out again. Again, no answer.

As quickly as I could, I put the groceries away, growing anxious to see how Ethan was doing. Deciding that he was probably in bed, I climbed the stairs, making my way to our bedroom.

My angel was curled up in bed, he clutched a pillow to his chest, his eyebrows were furrowed, eyes shut and lips slightly parted. A blue beanie was placed on his head, pushing his hair away from his face, he wore a gray sweatshirt that was a little too big. The covers were pulled up to his neck, he looked so cozy under the mounds of blankets. As quietly as I could, I made my way to him and sat on the edge next to him.

His cute little nose was red, contrasting the paleness of the rest of his face. My eyes wandered to the box of tissues by his head, then I noticed that in one of his hands he was loosely holding a tissue. I brought the back of my hand to his forehead, feeling the hot clammy skin. My hand moved down to his cheek, caressing his soft skin, Ethan nuzzled his cheek further into my hand.

Are you feeling any better since this morning?“ My voice was soothing and gentle, despite feeling worried and anxious. Although it was just the common cold, seeing Ethan sick was one of the worst feelings.

“Not really, I’m okay though ” he croaked, his eyes remained closed.

I could tell that Ethan’s demeanor did a complete 360 from this morning, it was probably because he felt worse. My heart ached, I knew he wanted to be his usual bright, playful self but he couldn’t. I didn’t expect him to be in a good mood when he was sick, which is why I was so confused when he was fine this morning.

I continued gently stroking his cheek for a few minutes before deciding to get him more medicine and make him a cup of tea.

Before getting up I pressed a light kiss on his forehead, as I began to stand up Ethan gently grabbed my wrist, “No, stay. Please?”.

His gaze slowly rose from his hand holding my wrist, greeting me with his cool grey eyes. Mostly his eyes were blue, a very light blue, but they would darken to a grey shade depending on his mood and the clothes he wore. Sometimes, every so often, they’d look green. Today, Ethan’s eyes were an icy grey, his pupils weren’t as dilated as they usually were.

“You’re a lot less energetic than this morning,” I chuckled softly, peering down at him, taking a seat next to him again.

“I didn’t feel half as shitty as I do now, also I got grumpy because you were gone, also because I watched the episode where Michael leaves The Office,” his tone was light.

Before I could respond Ethan said, “Will you lay down with me? Please”.

As soon as I nodded, Ethan scooted over to his side of the bed, leaving a big space between us.

He must have noticed my confused expression as I climbed into our bed because he said, “I want to cuddle more than anything, but I don’t wanna get you sick”.

As irresponsible as it was, I didn’t care if Ethan got me sick. All I wanted was to make him feel as comfortable as he could under the circumstances.

“Come here,” I whispered, holding my arms wide open.

“You’re going to get sick, babe” he replied, sighing lightly.

“I don’t care,” I softly objected, I added “Pleeeease?” knowing that that would get him.

“Okay,” Ethan made his way into my arms.

Regularly, Ethan was the big spoon, on rare occasions I got to be the big spoon. Being wrapped in Ethan’s arms was my favorite place to be, Ethan would always tell me how much he loved to hold me. That was just the way it was most often. Getting to hold him felt good too, in a way I felt like I was protecting him, he was my cute little baby and being able to cuddle him felt very rewarding.

“Ethan?” I asked after a few minutes of laying in silence, checking to see if he was still awake.

“Yes?” his voice was throaty, reminding me just how sick he was. He flipped over, facing me to give me his full attention.

“Nothing, I just wanted to see if you were asleep…” my eyes studied his face as he studied mine.

“Oh…I missed you,” he brought his hand up to tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“I missed you too, Eth” my grin grew bigger, even though I didn’t think that was possible.

Ethan’s smile mirrored mine, I scooted closer to him so that our foreheads touched. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, then released it. I pulled away so that I could run my thumb over his plump bottom lip, his lips were irresistible. But I knew I couldn’t just kiss him because he would tell me how “I was going to get sick and blah blah”.

I could feel his eyes on me. His mouth was parted slightly, he brought one of his hands to where my jawline met my neck, his thumb ran back and forth across my cheek.

“I want to kiss you so badly,” his voice was gruff, I could feel his cool breath fanning over my face.

“Then do it,” my voice was low, I brushed our lips against each other.

“I want to, obviously. Really badly. But if you end up getting sick then it’ll be my fau-”

I cut him off by pressing my lips against his own, after a second he gave in and kissed back. Our lips glided over each other’s smoothly. He captured my bottom lip in between his lips. Ethan bit my lip gently, softly tugging at it. His hand slipped to my waist to try to pull me closer to his body, even though we were already as close as we could get.

His mouth tasted of vanilla, contrasting the taste of mint from my mouth, creating the most delicious combination.

Our lips moved in perfect sync, making an intoxicating rhythm. My hand moved to remove his beanie, once it was off I gently gripped his hair. Ethan smiled against my mouth, breaking our kiss, but kept our foreheads against each other. Our eyes met but all I could see was Ethan’s huge grin.

“What?” I tilted my head slightly, confused about Ethan’s unusual behavior. He seemed giddy almost. Again, changing his demeanor quickly.

“Nothing… I just really fucking love you,” he shook his head slightly, the hoarseness of his voice made it 10 times cuter. Some color was finally added back onto his face, a soft pink tint trailed along his cheeks.

I felt the heat rise onto my own cheeks and responded, “I really fucking love you too”.

“Good,” I situated myself so that I was laying flat on my back, Ethan laid his head on my chest, nuzzling into my boobs. What a weird child.

“Your boobs are warm,” he looked up at me with a toothless grin and then nuzzled in further. His arm draped over my stomach, while he tucked the other one under his head.

“You’re an odd one,” I told him playfully.

“Can you play with my hair?” he rasped, the moment my fingers ran through his curls, he hummed softly and smiled a satisfied smile.

I could tell Ethan was really tired. With each blink, his eyelids would get heavier. His eyes slowly shut, making his dark eyelashes touch his cheeks.

Out of nowhere, a cough came from the back of my throat disrupting the comfortable silence. The second I coughed, Ethan’s head shot up off my chest, he looked directly at me, widening his eyes and throwing his hands up in the air.

“See? I told you!”


No smut today, just fluff. There wasn’t much of a plot but I felt like writing about cute,sick,needy Ethan. Buuuut don’t worry there’s smut coming very soon😉

Feedback is appreciated, and please don’t hesitate to send in your requests (anon is on). I promise I’m working hard to fulfill all your wonderful requests!!!

anyways, hope you enjoyed - M💚 


Summary: It’s late and Dan can’t stop thinking, but Phil doesn’t mind.

TW: none

Word count: 628 lol it’s super short soz

ao3 link

This is my first little writing thingy idk what to call it lol but I hope you enjoy :)

It had been one of those nights for Dan, where everything seemed to be much bigger than it was and the sky threatened to swallow him up. His thoughts felt like static at this point and he needed to clear it out. He pressed his eyes closed as hard as he could and all he could see was more static; though this static was turning into colourful dancing grains across the inside of his eyelids, which made it more bearable at least. He slowly opened his eyes and waited for them to adjust back to the darkness. He didn’t like it. Being surrounded by darkness made Dan feel insignificant, and perpetuated his cycle of existential thoughts. It was dark and Dan needed colour. He slowly melted off his bed and onto his feet. It was late, but Phil wouldn’t mind. Phil was more than used to having his sleep interrupted by Dan’s nightly thoughts, but it never seemed to bother him, which Dan didn’t understand but was eternally grateful for. The low hum that rang in Dan’s ears was interrupted every couple of seconds by the sounds of the carpet squishing underneath is feet as he took steps towards Phil’s room, thankfully, there weren’t many. People joke about how inseparable they are, yet Dan doesn’t know if he would ever be able to get any sleep without knowing Phil was only a few feet away from him at most. Phil was asleep, so Dan walked into his room and cautiously sat on the end of his bed. The dip in the bed from Dan’s weight made Phil stir, ending up with him accidentally kicking Dan.

“Did I just kick you?” Phil said, still half asleep. Dan just laughed through his nose and mumbled,

“It’s fine, sorry I woke you”. Phil sat up to face Dan, trying to find his eyes in the dark.

“What’s up?” Dan sighed,

“Oh just,” He motioned his hands around his head,

“The usual”. Phil understood. He reached out his hand to touch Dan’s cheek and it was met with wetness from a stream of tears. Phil rubbed his thumb along Dan’s cheekbone to dry Dan’s face. Phil then moved his hand to the back of Dan’s neck and pulled him into his chest, which encouraged Dan to snake his arms around Phil’s torso. Dan let out a deep breath and let himself settle into the hug. Neither of them liked to be the one to let go of a hug first, so they didn’t.  Phil soon became more tired, and he lay back down in his bed with Dan’s arms still wrapped around him. Minutes passed and Dan finally began to feel his mind reduce the static to a dull white noise, and he felt sleepy. Though constantly tired, Dan rarely felt like he could ease his mind enough to sleep peacefully on his own. Sleepy was a nice feeling, and Dan didn’t want to let it go.

“Is it alright if I stay here tonight?” Dan whispered into Phil’s shoulder. Dan assumed Phil had fallen back to sleep already, but Phil moved his head closer to Dan’s. He could feel Phil’s hair on his face as Phil leant toward him to press a sleepy kiss to his temple. Thankfully it was dark because a blush crept across Dan’s face and he felt a new warmth in his chest. A small smile tugged at Dan’s lips as he finally closed his eyes. As Dan lay there with Phil, he no longer felt consumed by darkness behind his eyelids. He was relaxed and he didn’t need to see any colours to distract him, because the colour that made him feel safe was now inches away from him, warm in his arms.

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Dad!Obi-wan as a smuggler is great, he must have many and varied contacts on the galaxy's world and I am glad his response to Yoda was about the temple being family <3! Does he meet his agemates? Keep in contact with them now?

Staring warily up at the temple, Obi-Wan sighed then glanced down at the boy by his side. “Are you sure about this Anakin? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Anakin bounced a bit, holding onto his dad’s hand tightly. “You said you don’t always have time to teach me, you said it yourself. This way I can get the basic education you want but I also get the meditation and Force control you want me to have.” He beamed.

Nibbling on his lip, Obi-Wan slowly nodded. “True. And it was generous of Yoda to offer a place for you to learn here…” He mumbled.

Yoda had rightly identified that Anakin was a very powerful Force sensitive and for all the training Obi-Wan had exposed his son to it had not put a lid on it as much as he had hoped.

But he hadn’t wanted to give the boy to the temple either and had therefor been shocked when Yoda had offered him a spot in the Initiate classes.

Apparently it wasn’t unheard of, officials and royals with Force sensitive children sending them to be taught control but not becoming part of the temple.

Sighing a bit, Obi-Wan nodded. “Alright, lets go meet your guide then and you can get started and I can head to work…” They started walking up the stairs, Anakin happily holding onto his father’s hand.

At the top, Obi-Wan smiled when he saw a mon calamari in robes waiting on them. “And that would be her. Bant!”

The lady moved towards them, smiling happily. “Obi-Wan, you didn’t greet me last time you were there.” She looked down at Anakin and beamed wider. “And this must be Anakin.”

Anakin beamed and offered his hand to the Jedi before blinking, as if realizing something and shifting to bow instead, almost toppling over. “Greetings!”

She laughed in delight at that. “Oh my, you raised a polite one Obi-Wan.” She playfully elbowed the other. “Though I’m not sure what to say about the goatee.” Bant teased.

Rolling his eyes, Obi-Wan settled his hands on Anakin’s shoulders. “Anakin, this is an old friend from the temple. Bant Eerin.” He smiled softly at Bant. “Bant, my son, Anakin Kenobi Skywalker.” Giving the boy a serious look, he gave one of the boys ears a little tug. “Behave for her and for your teachers, be nice to the other kids and remember, bullies are just trying to make themselves feel bigger, never give them that satisfaction if you can help it.”

Anakin blinked at that before nodding and hugging his dad around the waist before accepting Bants hand when she offered her.

“We’ll take good care of him Obi-Wan.” She promised. “I’ll make sure he finds his way around and provide him with a map.”

Rubbing his nape, Obi-Wan nodded, giving a small wry smile. “Thank you. Say…Bant… would you be interested in grabbing a drink with me later if you have the time?” He questioned.

Blinking her large eyes at him, Bant grinned. “I’d love to Obi-Wan. Catch up and hear what you’ve been up to these years. I could get my hands on Reeft too for a meet up but Garen is off planet at the moment.”

Laughing a bit, Obi-Wan nodded. “I’d love to see Reeft too. We can figure this out when I come to pick up Anakin but I really need to get to work now.” He knelt down and gave Anakin a tight hug before getting up, waving and heading down the steps to take the swoop to the transit.

‘Better pray I’m not late again.’ He thought grimly.

Force if he was late again…

He didn’t want to think about it, he really needed the job and he was one of Munks best pilots even if she claimed otherwise.

On top of the steps, Anakin watched his dad lay of into a small sprint and looked up at Bant, smiling at her. “He’s late for work. He only runs when he has to hurry.” He giggled.

Bant blinked then smiled, guiding Anakin into the temple. “Is he often late?”

“No, only when he has to take me places. Its why I tried to make him leave quicker. He worries about me a lot, he says I shine like a nova.” Anakin hummed, peeking around at all the people in tunics and leggings. “Do I have to dress like you all do?” He questioned curiously, looking up at Bant again.

“Technically no, though it might help you fit in. We can find you some Initiate robes to wear while in the temple if you’d like?” She smiled at him while Anakin mused on it.

Then the boy shrugged. “Why not, they look comfortable and dad won’t have to worry about school uniforms.”

Bant blinked, picking up on the words and storing them away in her mind.

“Dad used to work at Golden Nyss shipyard.” Anakin chirped suddenly, holding onto Bant’s hand.

“…Did he now?” She blinked down at him.


My love, though too far
For my liking physically,
Is still always there for me
Emotionally and spiritually–
Ready with a silly remark
Or sweet, tender words–
Every day, I fall even farther.

There’s another, smaller love
In my life who is growing
Bigger and brighter right
Before my adoring, watchful
Eyes–an angel in a
Baby-faced disguise.

When my mom reveals
How deep her love runs;
When my sister and I
Reminisce and remember
Inside jokes;
When my friends lend
Their unending support
And just let me vent;
When someone recalls
Little details about me,
Showing me I’m on their mind
And in their heart;
Seeing people spread love
To one another, witnessing
An outreach and outpouring
Of compassion and kindness,
Proving humanity isn’t doomed
And not everyone is for themselves…


(Sure, there are things
That bring a smile to my face,
But it only stays awhile)
Though people can hurt me,
Ultimately it’s someones,
Not somethings, that give
Me lasting smiles

[Inkstay June prompt #5]

Monsta X Reaction to you reading smut about them

~Hi honey ♡ Hope it turned out as you whished! Thank you so much for your kind words s2 It means a lot to me knowing you appreciate my writting :D

Shownu - He would be really confused as you tried to hide your phone from him when he only asked you what you were doing, since he just came home and saw you laying on the sofa looking at that small screen. Shownu would find it weird that after your unexpected reaction, all you said was “nothing”. He would probably find out later on, by accident, when you forgot your phone on the table with your screen active and some giant words spelling “SMUT” that caught his attention since it had his name next to it. He wouldn’t touch your phone, but would ask you what a “smut” was, having no idea (welcome to the dirty side of the world, my friend). You would become red from embarassement and shyly explain it to him as his eyes and shy smile grew bigger because of your explanation. He would find it weird that people write those things about him, but the biggest surprise was knowing you were a fan of that. He would just laugh and be really akward about it, findding your little secret funny and respecting it even though it was somehow naughty. He loved everything about you, including your secret dirty side ;) .

 “Monbebes write those things? And you like it?” (hell yes)

(ft. a dying, wild Minhyuk)

Originally posted by madtwn

Wonho - He probably knows fans write those stuff and has probably read some. I think he likes it secretly. So if he caught you reading one about him, he’d silently come from behind you and kiss you on the cheek, making you jump and close your laptop immeadiatly. He’d say something like what are you hiding from me, Jagi?” in a seductive voice, even if he knew already because he read some words of it when he was approaching you silently. He would tease you a lot and laugh at how kinky you were by reading those things, but lemme tell you that boy would love it. He would be so happy that he’d be smilling the entire day, thinking that you dreamed dirty about him. He’d love your cute side but your dirty one was just as appealing. Wonho would most likely take your phone while you were sleeping to go search the smuts you liked the most and use them as tips to please you to the fullest during sexy time. I feel like it would be a way for him to discover all your favorite kinks and to tease you with them.

“I didn’t knew you were this naughty Y/N” 

Originally posted by kpopratings

Minhyuk- You were sitting on a chair while reading a smut about your boyfriend. Minhyuk would slowly give you a back hug, scaring the shit out of you as you squeezed the phone between your legs so he wouldn’t see what you were doing. He thought you were whatching some dumb video or something like that, but he would still ask you several times what dark secrets were you hiding from him, just to tease you, because he knew it couldn’t be that bad. Minhyuk would play fight you, trying to get your phone and eventually win and run to your shared room as he locked himself inside, to hear you begging at the door for him not to read it. It’s not that he was that curious ( well he was but ) his intention would be more to tease you. So he’d still be laughing when he started to understood what he was reading. He’d then open the door, to find you blushing in embarassement, and look you in surprise by what he just read. When you told your “dark secret” he would be so confused about it… why would you read those stuff if you had him already? He would laugh about it and call you weird, but you know he was just joking. You just caught him by surprise because he’d then find it kinda hot and interesting, knowing that you liked to imagine yourself with him like that. 

“Jagi… what is this…?”

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Kihyun - You didn’t got the courage to tell your boyfriend what you were always doing with your phone, it was the fifth time he almost catched you reading a smut about him and tried to hide your phone from him. He was worried about what was so bad that you always hide it from him. You were too embarassed to tell him, but you had no secrets between eachother, so you just landed Kihyun your phone and let him discover by himself, to put an end on the matter. He’d be really focused at first, having no idea of what you wanted to show him, so he’d first think it was just a simple fanfiction as the smut started. He’d interupt his reading to say something like “This is not as bad as you made it seem, it’s kinda funny that you read fics about me.” You remained silent, waiting for him to get to the real business, and all you needed to wait was a few more lines till he started to laugh, still looking at the screen. Kihyun would find it cute if you read little scenarios about him, but he’d never imagine you were this dirty and had such thoughts of you and him like that. He’d love it like Wonho and would want to give you his all when you were actually doing it, so it was as good as those smuts made you imagine. When he finished reading it, or when he got the idea, he’d give you your phone and try to make you less embarassed by saying something cocky while still laughing from the surprise, - “ Do you wanna try all of what they did?!?”. He’d be thinking about your little secret the whole day, making him fall in love with you even more by every new thing he discovered about you.

“OMG, did I just… and did she…?” (clearly having the time of his life)

Originally posted by n-oyoonho

Hyungwon- He’d find a smut about him on your laptop, which he borrowed from you. Hyungwon wouldn’t close the page because he saw his name and got curious. Like Kihyun, he’d think it was some kind of cute imagine so he was ready to torture you with teasing, but as soon as he started to scroll down he’d be super confused. “What is this? Is this Y/N laptop? Why there are two people being intimate in this story and why one of them has my name?” He would probably be asking himself those questions and many more as you remembered you left that super dirty smut about your boyfriend opened. You would run to him and take it away but it was too late and Hyungwon was freezed and shocked by what he just read. When you told him you like to read those smuts he would worry and make a drama out of it, thinking he wasn’t enough for you so you had to relieve your desires with those stories. But as soon as you told him he always made you feel amazing and that that was just kinda of a “hobbie” for you and not a way of satisfying yourself with the pleasure he didn’t gave you, he’d calm down and ask you why you have never told him about that. As you assured him the only reason you read those smuts was because you were naughty by nature, he’d be highkey turned on and make it pretty obvious to you. He’d also want to try the things he saw on some smuts, to make sure he was enough for you and that you would never had to recover to anything to help you feeling good.

“Are you saying I don’t satisfy you enough?”

Originally posted by yuhwan

Jooheon - Our little aegyo baby would be really confused as you tried to explain why you were blushing at your phone when he saw a rather sexy pic of him followed by many small letters that he didn’t read. You would just close your eyes and spit it out, after all, your phone was filled with that and Jooheon would end up knowing anyways. After you told him what you were reading he would keep looking at you in surprise for some more seconds and then burst into laughter as those cute dimples showed up to greet you and a slight blush covered his cheeks. “So you like those…” he’d say, still blushing and smilling at you, finding your secret pretty sexy. He would like the idea of you dreaming about his touch but would be rather worried that you might be reading other idols smuts apart from him. It would be kind of a turn on and off at the same time, a turn on because it made him feel like you needed him and had dirty and sexy thoughts about him, but a turn off because he was scared you started to catch feelings for other people that you read about.

“Please promise you will only read the ones about me…”

Originally posted by sukiieeeee

I.M - He’d probabily discover in the same way as Minhyuk, but he would stole your phone because he was bored and wanted to catch your atention. So when he saw that really explicit title of the smut next to his name and a suggestive pic of him, he’d look at you, surprised and waiting for you to say something, but you would just blush in embarassement. You’d get your phone back and run to your room to hide yourself. He would go after you and hug you, laughing at what he just discovered. Changkyun would tell you, while blushing as he looked in your eyes, that he finds your kink really sexy and he liked that you read those stuff abut him. He has his secrets as well and yours was really interesting in his eyes. I mean, it ment that you desired him, and that was all he wanted, because he already desired you. I see him kissing you after and asking you what he was doing in the smut so he can roleplay it with you. 

“Don’t be embarassed Y/N, I like it.” 

Originally posted by tochangkyun

~~This was fun ! Thank you for leaving a request and a really cute message as well :3


I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, Got7 and Infinite if you’d like to leave more requests.

~Bye, let’s all read some monsta x smut now//

Find Out Who You Are - Part 2

Part 1

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Y/N jerked back from Wonder Woman’s embrace and scrambled back several feet. “Who the hell is Andromeda and why were you hugging me?”

Diana sat back on her heels and look at the frightened girl. Upon closer inspection, she realized that she wasn’t shoe she had originally thought. Y/N’s hair and face were mostly the same, but those definitely weren’t Andromeda’s eyes.

“Apologies, little warrior. I could have sworn you were my missing sister. I must ask you though, do you happen to know her?” She carefully watched Y/N’s reaction.

“I honestly don’t know. I was orphaned at a very young age and I have been through a bunch of different foster homes.” Y/N winced a little bit at the thought of the people she had loved and lost in her short life.

“No matter. We have bigger things to worry about. For starters, how your powers suddenly manifested.” Diana looked over at Tim. “You said the witch boy did this?”

Tim squirmed a little bit when all eyes landed on him. “Yes. I don’t know what he said though. I just saw his magic hit her.”

“We can discuss this more back at the Watchtower. Y/N, do you think you can walk?” Kaldur crouched in front of her.

Y/N nodded and carefully stood up. Every movement was unsure and slow, she was terrified of what she was capable of and didn’t want to make any wrong moves. Cassie strode forward and wrapped her arm around Y/N’s waist.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you.” The blonde girl smiled and pulled Y/N forward. The trip back was admittedly a bit nerve wracking as Y/N was scared that at any point in time she could punch a hole in the bioship just by moving the wrong way.

When they arrived, Zatanna was there to greet them. “So I heard someone had a magical encounter and now has superpowers?” She reached out to touch Y/N, but she pulled back when the girl flinched. “It’s okay. We are gonna figure this out.”

Y/N sighed and let her shoulders relax. “Sorry, today has just been kind of weird.”

“I know, but I am going to do my best to reverse this.” Zatanna reached out again and put both hands on Y/N’s shoulders.

She chanted her spell and everything appeared to stay the same. “Hm… That’s funny. That should have worked if that was the spell I thought it was. Let me try something different.” She chanted a different incantation and this time when she finished, she was thrown back as though she had been shocked.

“Zatanna, are you okay?” Kaldur and the rest of the team rushed forward.

“I’m fine,” Zatanna said as she steadied herself “but I have learned something very important. Klarion didn’t cast a spell on Y/N. He reversed one.”

“So you are saying, whatever spell he reversed was holding back whatever powers I now have?” Y/N asked vulnerably. It was one thing to suddenly have super strength and lord knows what else, it was another thing entirely to find out she had really had these powers all along.

“Yes.” Zatanna answered carefully. “I still need to find out more, but whoever cast the first spell is a lot more powerful than I am. I am going to need to call in some help.”

“Then go do that. Meanwhile we will try and help Y/N learn to control her strength.” Kaldur turned to find that the girl in question was gone. “Robin, do you think you could run a background check on Y/N? Find out everything you can about every foster home she stayed in and her birth parents, if you can find it.”

The team slowly scattered to various parts of the Watchtower, some to train, others to relax. Conner, however, went looking for one person in particular. He found her in the memorial garden.

She didn’t know any of the people remembered there, she had joined to late to meet them, but she thought that it was a relaxing place and it was where she went when she was distressed.

He didn’t say a word as he sat down next to her. They just sat there for several moments before she broke the silence.

“I’m strong.” The words were barely uttered.

“Yes. You are.” He replied in a similar tone.

“And I apparently look like a missing amazon.”

“Yep.” Conner glanced over at her. She was crying, but her face showed no emotion. He took her hand in his and began to rub soothing circles into the back of it.

“It just kind of feels like everything I know is a lie. Like everything I thought I was is wrong.” Y/N said as tears continued to roll down her face.

“Well, that’s bullshit. You are still the same Y/N. You just have powers now.” Conner said with a slight shrug. “Look at the bright side, now you don’t have to ask me to open all your jars for you.”

Y/N laughed and wiped her face. “Thanks, Conner.”

“Y/N? I called in a colleague to help figure out the origin of the spell.” Zatanna called from the door. A man with blonde hair and a tan trench coat stood next to her.

“Hello, love, my name is John Constantine. Heard you could use a bit of help?”

Slight deviation from the prompt. Right after I selected one, norah_beans on twitter basically threw down the gauntlet challenging me to write Olicity in Bed Bath and Beyond (after Marc’s comments earlier today). I’m bad at turning down challenges. So…. this happened. As with all flashfics, this is not betaed, edited or even reread. Completed in about two hours. 

April 2020

“I don’t understand why we’re here.” Felicity blinks a few times as the automatic doors slide open and the bright sunshine gives way to the dull fluorescent lighting she generally associates with malls and grocery stores. She grabs a cart and swings Ellie off of her hip with practiced eased, sliding the not-quite-two-year-old into the built in seat, facing her before turning to Jules.

“Momma, I think I’m too big for the cart,” Jules announces. She’s five and dead-set on independence wherever she can grasp it. “It’s for babies.”

It would be sort of a tight squeeze with both of the girls up there and Ellie’s been teething lately, biting on anything and everything in arm’s reach in an attempt to cut her two-year molars. It would be best if one of those things within reach weren’t her sister.

“Okay, Jules, but stand on the end of the cart and hold on, okay?” Felicity asks, looking back toward her husband who’s been quickly distracted by some kitchen tools with functions she knows nothing about. “Honey?”

“Yeah,” he says, putting down the doodad and heading back to her side.

“This is going to be like Home Depot but worse, isn’t it?” she questions. He looks a little sheepish.

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flustered [v]

[i had to make a crush based smut; also kinda lengthy.]
- x -

Shawn and I were cooped up in his room as it started to rain outside. He sat on his bed, his back against the headboard as he strummed random yet relaxing sounds on his guitar. I swiveled around in the chair with my knees to my chest as I turned myself left and right by holding onto the desk in front of me. Random hums and words flew out of his mouth and I listened to his voice.

The guitar strumming stops and so does the humming. “I’m thinking of writing her a song.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Alexa. I think I’m gonna right her a song when I ask her out.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asks.

I shrug my shoulders and tap my fingers along the desk. “Nothing. Just…isn’t she a little out of your league?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

I feel my cheeks grow hot and I turn around the chair to face him. He now has his little journal in his hands as he scribbled down words that would be strung together to compose a song for Alexa, the girl he liked. It killed me knowing that he didn’t think of me in the way that I thought of him. He was oblivious to the fact that I was madly crushing on him.

“You’re so quiet.” Shawn says, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t want to disturb your song writing.”

“You wouldn’t.” He replied. “Besides, you’re my partner when it comes to these things.”

“I wish I were more.” I quietly whisper under my breath. Did he honestly expect me to help him write a song for my best friend, who he was going to ask out? It felt as if someone suck a dirty knife in my heart. You can do this, Olivia. You can do this.

I turn around in the chair and place my feet on the ground. He plays a few chords and I watch him again.

He’s handsome, obviously. Even when he doesn’t think he’s being watched, he carries on so artistically. I watch his fingers perform the art he was so passionate about on the strings. Some of the front curls of his hair were slightly hanging over his forehead, but he didn’t mind. It’s not like they blocked his eyes. He wore a gray shirt with sleeves that he pushed up to his forearms and black jeans.

My chest rises up and down as my heart beat quickens. I didn’t want to sit here and watch him write a song for someone who was wrong for him.

Shawn groans as he plays random strings that don’t compose the perfect sound to him. He sighs and sets the guitar down in its rest against the wall. “I’m dead.”

“What makes you say that?” I ask.

“She’s never going to go out with me,” he shakes his head, “she’s way out of my league.”

I swallow my pride, no matter how much it hurt, and face the music. “Shawn, you could get anyone you wanted to in the world. For a celebrity, I don’t think that leagues exist.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Do you think she’d go out with me for me?” He asks as he sits up against the headboard again.

“She would be a fool not to.” I get up from the chair and tug down the skirt of my dress a tad bit as I walk over to the record player by the window. My fingers flip through the multiple albums slowly as I took each one out, looked at the cover art, the track listing, and then placed them back in the wooden crate.

“Would you go out with me?” It’s an innocent question, but no doubt, I would go out with him. I gnaw on my bottom lip and my heartbeat quickens it’s pace for the umpteenth time since I was in his room. A small shrug comes from my shoulders as I continue flipping through the multiple albums.

“Hello? Earth to Olivia?” Shawn calls. He tossed a throw pillow at the back of my head gently and I turn around to him.

“Huh?” I call.

“Would you date me?” He asks me again. “Gee, you took too long, I was starting to think you’ve gone deaf.”

“I was thinking.” I say.

“So? Would you?” He looks at me with his eyes that I fell for, but they didn’t fall for me. His lips are slightly agape; the same lips that I constantly fantasizes about kissing over and over until my lips felt numb and sore. “You’re doing it again. You wouldn’t date me, I knew it.”

“I do!” I blurt out. “I mean, I would. Want to. Date you.”

“How come you took so long to answer me?”
“I had to think of your qualities.” I lie. There was nothing to think about - he was perfect. I was madly head over heels in love with him. Have been for longer than a year.

“What are they?” Shawn shrugs slightly.

I turn my back and continue to look at the albums. I pick up one that I had gifted him for his seventeenth birthday. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I showed him the movie one night at my house and he loved it.

“Uh, you, there’s too many good qualities you have. Where would I begin?” I ask.

“Anywhere. Hey, put that album on.” Shawn says.

I stare at the album in my hands and deeply exhale. “You’re really wonderful at making an effort for someone…or something. You’re always busy, but you’ve still managed to make time for me. Your friends, I mean, you know, me being your friend and all. Sometimes you can forget things, but you always make up for them in the best ways. And you’re so passionate about everything, it’s unbelievable how passionate you are about things. I can’t help but imagine what you would be like if you ever loved someone. And you have the biggest heart that there is. You’re not afraid to put your heart on your sleeve, which I think is one of your bad qualities because that means you would get hurt easily and you don’t deserve to be hurt.” I turn around and glance at Shawn. He sits on the edge of the bed watching me talk and I turn back around. “There’s too much.”

“Continue.” Shawn says. I clear my throat and look at the couple on the cover art.

“You got looks down, so that’s a given. But personality, you have the best. I mean your jokes? Some are the cheesy das jokes you think everyone hates, but I love them. And then that time you made everyone a playlist because you heard the best album? That was, that was the sweetest thing you’d ever done for the people you cared about.

"But you also have some qualities that have a good intention, but they’re bad. You’re always unsure of things, but I think it’s just the perfectionist inside you. I’ve seen you play until your fingers bled. And sing until your voice cracked over and over until there was nothing but a whisper. You genuinely give things two hundred percent.”

Shawn’s quiet and I realize that I have spoken too much. He probably got freaked out and is about to make up some excuse about how I should go.

“I would date you.” He says.

I continued to gnaw on my bottom lip as he spoke. My back was still turned to him and my heart began to sink for an unknown reason. “Y-You would?”

“Of course. I’m drawn to your qualities, Olivia. The way you’re constantly in your own world, like it’s a private bubble. You say I have a big heart, but you forget that yours is even bigger. You’re extremely kind and go out of your way to please everyone and bring them happiness. There’s not a day where you aren’t smiling.” I hear the bed give a little groan and there’s footsteps. I close my eyes and feel Shawn’s breath on the back of my neck.

“You have some bad qualities, though.” He says. His hands reach around and he removes the album from my hands and slides out the vinyl and puts it on the turntable. “Like how you shiver when someone touches you.” Shawn runs the tips of his fingers up my arms, sending a wave of chills down my spine. “See?”

“But that’s not it,” he continues. “You’re oblivious.”

“In the bad way?” I ask as I gnaw more on my bottom lip.

“That bubble of yours,” Shawn brings his mouth by my ear. “You think you’re safe from being watched, but you’re not.”

I rest the back of my head against his chest as he continues to whisper in my ear. “I’ve fallen for your eyes the way you fell for mine, Olivia.”

“Shawn…” I say. I turn around and come face to face with his chest. I look down at his hand that was slowly sliding up my arm. I tilt my head back and meet his amber eyes. My heart beat even faster and I was sure it was ready to pump out of my chest.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” I whisper.
“The same reason you didn’t,” Shawn replied.

He slowly leaned in and the moment I wanted, the moment that I needed, was becoming a reality. Our lips touched and I placed my hands at his neck while he deepened the kiss. It was a long, hard kiss. When we came for air, we attacked each other’s lips feverishly. He gently bit onto my lower lip as he picked me up by my thighs and carried me on over to his bed.

My legs wrapped around his waist as he places his hands in my hair. Our lips moved in sync as the music played in the background. He had the house to himself for another hour and I knew this make out would escalate to what I wanted, or, what we both wanted. Shawn brings a hand to the bust of my dress and slowly unbuttons the first button.

“Is this okay?” Shawn mumbled against my lips.
“Uh huh,” I nodded.

He sat on the edge of the bed before slowly placing me on my back. Three buttons were undone before he broke the kiss. Oh no, he doesn’t want this anymore.

“I’ve wanted this for a really long time.” He whispers.
“Me, too,” I reply. I lean up and kiss his lips again.

Shawn’s hands go to my thighs and slowly slide up under my dress. Butterflies fly around in my stomach as I’m unsure of what to do. He places a hand at my hand and brings it to his belt buckle. I take the hint and begin to unbuckle his pants as he places his hand back under my dress. I feel his thumbs resting at my hip bones while his index fingers cheekily toy with the band of my underwear.

“Wait,” I say, “should we get under the covers?”
“I mean…if you want to?” He asks me.

I shrug my shoulders. “It’s whatever. It’s your room.”
“You’re the guest.”

I look at him and he looks at me and we both come to the decision of getting under the covers. Once under his comforter and bed sheets, we resume the positions we were previously in. He slides my underwear down my thighs and sits back as he slides them off my legs, tossing them to the floor. Shawn then grabs the back of his shirt and lifts it up over his head, removing the article of clothing before letting fall to the floor.

He crawls back on top of me and slides his pants off and onto the floor. My hands go into his hair as he is back on top of me and the kissing resumes. His body is between my legs and we continue to make out. I never knew he felt the same way about me; the feelings were mutual and it made me happy deep inside. A hand went under my dress and he slowly pulled the skirt of my dress up. “Can I?”

I nod my head. “Yeah.”

Shawn pulls my dress off over my head, leaving me in my lilac bra. He kisses me again and I pull back from the kiss.

“Do, uh, do you have something?” I ask.
“Huh?” He asks.

“Condom. Do you…have one?”
“Oh. Yeah. Yeah, I have one.”

Shawn rolls off of me and heads to the dresser and opened the top one. He then rolled back on top of me and reaches out to the dresser on my side. He opens it and I heard the slight crinkle of the packaging and he brings it to his mouth and gently tears the gold packet open. Shawn brings the condom out and then places his hand under the covers to roll it on.

“Um, are you? You know? Ready?” He asks me.
I nod my head. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m ready.”

Shawn leans in to kiss me the same time he slowly slides in me. I gasp just as our lips touch and he places a hand at my lower back and kisses me just as he’s inside me fully. My hands go to his hair and he slowly pulls out and it breaks the kiss.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time,” I whisper against his lips.
“I have, too,” he replies.

Our lips continue to brush against one another as he begins to thrust in and out of me. I lightly moan into his mouth and he placed a gentle hand at the side of my left thigh. I pant at the feeling of him going in and out of me. Shawn pants and it turns to a smile, then a soft chuckle.

“What?” I ask. Shawn shakes his head and just kisses me again. He accidentally bites on my lip as he thrusted into me a bit deeper.

He brings his hand from my thigh to my waist and places his other hand at the back of my neck. My nails lightly scratch at his back and he moans into my mouth. Shawn kisses my lips gently before resting his head in the crook of my neck. I close my eyes and my heart continues to race as Shawn rolls himself in me more and deeper. I moan out loud and claw lightly at his back. He kisses and nibbles at my skin.

“Shawn,” I pant. “Sh-Shawn.”

He kisses up my jawline and at my lips once more. Shawn places his hands at my wrists and, while looking me in the eye, takes my hands in his and interlocks our fingers.

“Is this okay?” Shawn asks me.
I nod my head. “Yeah.”
“Okay,” he whispers before leaning back in and kissing my lips. He pulls away for a brief moment to look down at himself entering me and a blush creeps onto my cheeks. He looks back at me and kisses at my lips again.

Shawn lets go of our hands and places a grip on my waist before lying on his back and making me on top. I break the kiss and look at him. He nods his head and leans up to kiss me once more.

He lies down and bites on his lip before closing his eyes. My hands rest on his abdomen and he places his hands at my waist, and slowly moves me. I roll my hips back and forth while the covers rest at the side of my thighs. My hair falls to the right side of my shoulder and I close my eyes, gasping at the feeling of him all the way inside me.

“You got it,” Shawn says. I open my eyes to find him staring into mine. I roll my hips a bit slower and he bucks his hips up into mine. I moan as he groans in pleasure.

“Shawn,” I moan. He sits up and I wrap my arms around his shoulders while he holds me in his strong arms. I softly continue rolling myself against him and Shawn lowly moans in my ear.

“Hey,” Shawn speaks. “Look at me.”

I rest my head against his shoulder and pick it up to look at him. His eyes flicker from my lips to my eyes and a smile arises on his lips. Shawn leans in and gently flicks his tongue against my bottom lip. I open my mouth and his tongue eases into my mouth and caresses over my tongue in a slow dance. Without breaking the kiss, he lies me onto my back again, making him on top once more.

He thrusts into me slower but with more of a roughness to it; a passionate roughness. My chest rises up and down and my stomach starts flipping. Sweat begins to line Shawn’s forehead and I break the kiss to moan out loud.

“Shawn,” I moan. “I’m gonna…”
“Hold it!” Shawn says over my moans. “I’m almost there.”

He thrusts faster and my moans turn into pants as my breath begins to hitch. Shawn’s thrusts get sloppy but he continues to go inside me. He leans down and kisses my lips, dipping his tongue into my mouth before biting my lower lip as he pulls back. He nods his head and grips onto my upper arms as he picks his head up and moans loudly.

“Shawn!” I moan raspy as my legs wrapped around his waist. He groaned out loud before collapsing onto my chest.

We both breathed loudly as the faint scent of sex lingered in the air. He kissed at my collarbones and lied on my chest for a brief moment before pulling out. He removes the condom and tied it up before tossing it into the trash can next to his bed.

“What was so funny?” I ask him. He looked at me and I looked at him. “You chuckled.”

“Oh,” he chuckles again. “I was gonna say something but I didn’t think you would have waned to hear it.”

“I want to hear it, if that’s okay.” I say.

“Okay.” He opens his mouth and intertwined our fingers. “I love you, Olivia.” I blush and bring the covers over my face. Shawn laughs and pulls the covers down before leaning over and kissing my lips again. “You get so flustered around me, it’s cute.”

Babyface. {DeanxReader Part: 2}

Summary: A continuation to this fanfic, 

You were the last to leave the arena the night of a heavy storm. Majority of the make-up department had bolted minutes after the show ended to avoid driving in the rain. To your misfortune, Leslie forgot to leave you the key to the rental car and it was far too late to schedule a new ride.

You huddled under the venue awning as the rain streamed around it. Clutching onto your suitcase to prevent it from blowing with the rapid wind, you use your free hand to check for an available uber or taxi on your phone. However, with the harsh weather conditions it looked unfortunate for you.

Lightning suddenly strikes through the air followed by a roaring rumble that startles your balance. You faintly curse to yourself as you frantically collect your belongings and hurry back inside of the venue.

Your eyes are glued to your phone when he spots you from the corridor. He notices your hair a bit damp and your jacket coated with spots from the rain.

He clears his throat, throwing his backpack over his shoulder as he makes his way towards you. “(Y/N)..?”

You pluck your attention away from your phone as you turn towards the raspy voice, the knot in your stomach slowly forming. “Dean, Hi!”

His matted curls reflect off his forehead as he cocks his head to the side. “What’re you still doing here?”

Sighing, you refresh the uber app on your phone in hopes of any availability of a driver. “Leslie rode with Stephanie and took my rental key with her. I’m hoping to get an uber within the next hour.”

Scoffing, Dean grasps your suitcase and juts his chin toward the door. “C'mon.”

“I’m sorry?” You ask, a little dumbfounded.

He’s halfway out the door while rolling your luggage behind him. “Let’s go, kid. I don’t wanna hit traffic.”

It takes you a moment to comprehend what is occurring and the pit in your stomach begins to fasten when he’s holding the door open for you.

You follow Dean out to the awning where he pauses when he’s aware of the rain pouring rapidly.

He turns to you, sliding his backpack off and placing it beside your feet, chuckling at your dingy Sk8-Hi top vans.

“M'gonna go get the car, stay put.” He states, throwing his hoodie over his head before jogging down the parking lot.

You stand there awkwardly, intellectually attempting to tame all the swift thoughts in your head. It’s not long until he’s pulling the car in front of you, drawing you away from your mental diary. You go to gather up the bags only to be stopped by Dean.

“Nah, I got it. Go warm up in the car.” He says, taking your suitcase and swinging his backpack over his shoulder.

You were about to thank him until another voice echoed from the parking lot.

“Dean, hey! Wait up man!” Seth calls jogging through the pouring shower.

“What’s so important that you needed to Baywatch through a storm? Couldn’t you have texted me?” Dean chuckles.

Seth immediately scoffs, unaware of your presence as you keep hidden behind Dean’s larger figure. “You barely know how to work a phone, don’t kid yourself.”

It’s when Dean shrugs his shoulders that Seth finds a glance of your appearance, slightly embarrassed that he assumed he interrupted a moment between you and Dean. “Oh, hey (Y/N). Didn’t expect to see ya there.”

You give him a slight smile, feeling a bit awkward.

Seth turns to Dean, mumbling “I wasn’t interrupting anything, was I?” In hopes of it being a faint whisper but you’re aware of the words even with the rain becoming heavier.

Dean shakes his curls, clearing his throat to cut the tension. “Nah, just giving the kid a ride home. Didn’t want her stranded here.” He says, before nudging Seth. “What’s up though?”

Seth gives you and Dean an uncertain look, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Just, uh, wanted to see if we were still up for the gym tomorrow.”

Dean nods, giving Seth a pat to the shoulder. “Yeah man, of course.”

“Great! Well you guys have a goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow man.” Seth asserts before politely excusing himself back to his car.

Dean’s attention turns back towards you as another struck of lightning appears through the sky. “C'mon, before the rain gets any worse.”

“So.” Seth grunts, benching a weight against his chest as Dean spots above him. “Did she give you a ride?”

Dean scoffs, peering down at his sweaty friend. “What’re you talkin’ about?”

Seth continues pressing the weights to his chest not phased by Dean’s dismal. “(Y/N).”

“What about her?” Dean questions.

Another grunt escapes from Seth’s lips while he lifts the metal bar up and down in a routine. “Listen, she’s cute there’s no argument there but you need to be careful.”

Dean’s hands hoist the bar back onto the plate holder. “What are you getting at Seth?”

“Look, when you were graduating high school, she was celebrating her 8th birthday.” He says sternly, catching Dean completely off guard.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. You think I’m trying to nail the kid?” He spits.

Seth throws his hands up defensively, refusing to stir the pot. “As your friend, I’m telling you people talk around here.”

“And? What if I was interested in her? What are they going to do? Do a shoot interview about me?” Dean says, clearly annoyed at this point.

“I’m just saying man,” Seth begins calmly. “It just doesn’t look right. A 20 year old girl dating a 31 year old guy. How do you think the media would see it? Let alone if management found out, you’d be pulled from live shows immediately. Not to mention meet and greets, signings, press con-”

“Okay, I get it.” Dean cuts his friend off, irritated by all the possibilities of what could happen to his career.

“I’m just trying to look out for you.” Seth objects, going back to his routine.

Dean sat there momentarily shaming himself for even thinking about possibly asking a girl on a date. He excuses himself from the facility, mentioning to Seth he was going to hit the showers.

He surged down the hallway, avoiding anyone in sight as they were possibility already gossiping about his encounter with a girl half his age. It’s when he hears the delicate voice from behind him that stops him in his path.

Your sneakers scuffed against the pavement as you caught up to Dean, a little out of breath as he was walking at a fast pace. “I just wanted to thank you for yesterday.” You begin, smiling through a breathy statement.

He nods his head with no words followed, goggling his eyes at anyone looking insight.

“I mean, it’s not everyday that a guy takes care of you when you’re drunk and offers you a ride to your hotel the next day.” You smile, blabbering on.

He’s mentally praying that no one is looking longer than a glance. “Yeah, well, maybe it’ll be a reoccurring thing when find a guy your own age.” He states bluntly, avoiding eye contact with you.

His clear expression leaves a slight sting to your esteem and you try your hardest to dismiss it. “Right. Well, I was thinking maybe we cou-”

We?” He snaps, finally making eye contact with you.

His sudden cold shoulder recoils your stance, and you immediately want to dig yourself a hole to crawl into.

“Listen, kid.” He says harshly, a little overwhelmed by longing stares from a few divas and talent agents. “Maybe, you took my kindness out of context but, I’m not interested. There’s plenty of guys down in the rookie playpen though.”

You roll your lips between your teeth, pressing down unpleasantly as you hold back a few tears.

You mentally beg yourself not to cry, not to make an even bigger fool in front of him.

You clear your throat awkwardly, tucking a lock of your hair behind your ear. “Right, I-uh, I guess I got a little ahead of myself.” You mutter. “I apologize.”

Dean nods in acceptance, trying his hardest to not apologize for being an asshole as people were still staring at the two of you. “Glad we’re on the same page, I’ll see ya around kid.”

Brendon Urie Teacher/daddy

This is the best fucking smut I have ever read tbh. My fucking awesome best friend spent so long on this and it came out so fucking good. 


“Ugh Mondays fucking SUCKS” I say running through an empty hall to class. I was barley even wake with my hair in a fucked up bun. Class started 15 minutes ago and I was for sure regretting pressing snooze 5 times refusing to believe school was real. Sadly it fucking does. I finally got to class when everyone’s eyes on me.I look around awkwardly until I notice my friend laughing at me in the back. “well ms.(Y/N)”  the teacher says as I look at her “since you’ve been late to my class 5 Mondays in a row I have to give you a detention.” “Great” I say under my breath as I go to my sit next to my friend. She’s smiling at me as I sit down. “Oh my gosh! What the FUCK are you even wearing!?” I looked at my clothes forgetting what I even put on in my rush to get to school. As it turns out. I was wearing ripped black jeans and a black shirt that said Daddy in bight pink letters. “FUCK”  I whispered to her “I THOUGHT IT WAS MY TWENTY ONE PILOTS ONE!”  It was a matter of time that this would happen. “That’s what you get for having that pile of black clothes on your floor that you should put away” she says. “Shut up! Fuck and this is what I have to wear all day and even to detention.” I say  "Who knows. Maybe Mr. Urie will like it you don’t know what he’s into.“ She says winking at me.  She has known ever since the first day of high school I’ve had the biggest crush on the health teacher who for some reason is also the teacher who watches the kids in detention after school.After walking around school all day in my very I guess you could say kinky? shirt. I heard the finally bell of the day ring. Well for the people who don’t have detention. I say goodbye to my friend and she tells me to have fun winks at me while she walks to her car and I walk to the very attractive, very sexy, so very fucking hot Mr. Urie’s classroom. The school I go to isn’t really that big and mostly filled with those kids who have never done anything wrong in their lives who are straight A students. Just to sum it all up they’re the kids who have never lived a day in their perfect lives. If you ask them that though they’ll probably tell you they’ve done a lot of stuff on their family vacations. I mean I’m not exactly a full on bad girl myself, but I do know how to have some fun. Because of all those innocent students here there’s never more than 5 or 6 kids in detention. So I walk in and the first person I make eye contact with is the man himself. He looks at me then down at my shirt I see his eyes get a little bigger with surprise. I put my head down and walk over to a desk to the side. Not that far from me there’s a boy and a girl who you can tell are flirting. About a minute or two passes by and it was just the couple Mr. Urie and me."So it’s just you three for detention today I guess” the perfect man says “you guys just stay here and read write or think about stuff or something just no talking or phones or just stuff like that.” I can’t stop looking at him. I thank his parents so much for creating such a gorgeous man. To make it even better he’s not with anyone or anything! Or I mean I don’t see a ring which is a very good sign. He looks at me as I’m day dreaming of his body and all of the things he could do to me with his strong hands and how I would love every second of it. I stop fast and look down in embarrassment because of the way I was staring at him. He smirked a little bit. He sat at his desk and was doing probably some teacher stuff on the computer while the couple was still quietly whispering to each other. I heard the girl let out some small giggles every once in awhile. I just sat there looking at him some more while doodling on a paper to make it look like I’m not looking.About 15 or so minutes go by and the whole time I was just imagining him fucking me so hard. The thoughts that go through my head of me and him turns me on. I started to rub my thighs together a little while I kept looking at every part of him a could see from where I’m at. I see him turn his head towards me and I quickly stop and start to draw.“I’ll be right back you guys stay here” He says as he stands up and goes through a door to a small break room area for the teachers. I look over at the couple as they stand up and quickly walk out of the room. I was left alone in the room not really knowing what to do. Mr. Urie walks back into the room and looks around then at me “Where did they go?” I was kinda too shy to say much so I just shrugged my shoulders. “Hmm well I kinda did want to have sometime to talk to you about something.” I look at him kinda confused “About what?” I can feel my teen heart beating faster and faster. “I really like your shirt” he says moving a closer to me “hmm stand up (Y/N) I want to get a better look at it” I listen and stand up like he told me to. “So I see you’re good at following orders, but tell me who is your daddy?"I try to sound calm and not like I was dying on the inside "Mr. Urie, what do y-” “Oh I’m your daddy?” He says interrupting me. I don’t know what to say at first but without thinking I say “ Yes daddy” I see him smirk “Good baby girl. Now I’ve been watching the way you’ve been looking at me.” He steps closer to me and gets close to my ear and says “and Daddy’s going to make all of those dirty thoughts of yours really baby girl.” Less than a second later he pushes his soft lips on mine. I immediately kiss back and wrap my arms around his neck. Daddy puts me up by my thighs and sits me on top of the desk and makes out with me for a little. “Stay here” Daddy says as he walks over to the door and locks it. I sat there biting my lip and rubbing my thighs together more. When Daddy gets back over to me he goes between my thighs and starts to make out roughly with me. He pulls off my shirt and I breathe heavily watching him take his own shirt off. “Oh baby girl Daddy’s going to make you feel so good while you make him feel good."He kisses me a few more times then stops to pull off my jeans. "Daddy I want you so badly” I tell him. “Just wait baby girl Daddy will give you everything you want as long as you make him happy.” We start to make out some more and he grabs my boob and squeezes. I let out a little noise mostly from surprise but also because it felt very good. Daddy holds on to my face with his other hand while that one starts to travel a little lower to my black lace underwear and my best friend got me because I told her I wanted more cute underwear. It was a  lucky day that I wore them then. Daddy smirks as his hand goes in down them “Tell me who made you this wet baby girl” “You did” “Say my name” I like out a small moan as one of his fingers start to mess with my entrance. “Say it” He says more forceful “Daddy you did” “Good girl” Daddy says as he pushes his finger deep in. I can’t help but let out a moan from how good it feels. “Baby girl if you make a sound when you’re not suppose to Daddy’s going to punish you” He tells I as he adds another finger and moves them quickly in and out. I already start to feel close, but I couldn’t hold back a moan and he stopped. “What was that?” I don’t answer “What did I tell you not to do?” “You told me not to make a sound…” “And what did you do?” “I made a sound” Daddy pulls his hand out and looks at me “When you don’t follow Daddy’s rules you get punished"I bite my lip as I watch him take off his belt. "Unhook your bra then stick your hands out” I do as he says. He ties my wrists together with his belt and kisses me again but softly. He looks into my eyes and says “Listen baby girl, I don’t want to hurt you so tell me to stop if I go to far okay?” “Okay” I say back. He kisses me again and I kiss him back with more love this time. Quick enough it was back to it. Daddy bends me over the desk “Baby girl sense you couldn’t follow Daddy’s rules he has to punish you. 10 for now but if you break Daddy’d rules again it’ll double” I just listen and wait for what he’ll do. Soon enough I felt his hand hit my ass not too hard but hard enough to make me moan a little “since that was the  first one I’ll let it slipped but don’t do it again” I wait for another and sure enough I got it. Then another. Then another. Then another. Daddy sure knows what to do. I never knew I could be so into this, but it felt so good. My legs felt so weak. “Okay baby girl Daddy’s half way done you doing good?” “Yes Daddy please punish me some more I’ve been very bad"I felt him hit my ass again harder this time. I felt like my lip was going to start to bleed if he kept going like this. "Daddy I want you so badly” He did it again “Baby girl I want to fuck you so hard” He did it again and again until the punishment was over. “You’ll feel how badly I want you before you know it” I heard him walk over to his desk and get something out from his drawer and walk back over. He flips me over and undoes the belt releasing my hands. “Baby girl your body is so beautiful” Daddy says as as he runs his hands all over it. “You are so beautiful” he says looking into my eyes and kissing me. He takes off his pants and boxers and I rolls a condom onto himself. I realize he is a health teacher if I’m not really surprise he has some now that I think of it. “Baby girl are you ready?” “Yes please Daddy give it to me! I want it so badly!” Daddy pushes himself into me and started to fuck me faster and harder. “DADDY IT FEELS LIKE GOOD” I say moaning at the say some time. “Fuck baby girl I’ve wanted to do this for so long. You feel so good!” Daddy says close to my ear as he starts licking and sucking my neck leaving marks. He picks me up and makes out with me as he goes over to the wall and fucks me hard against it. I moan loudly “ Daddy I don’t think I can last that much longer” I say as I feel something inside me start to get closer and closer. “Baby girl I’m so close to coming. Fuck you’re so wet tell me again who did this to you?” “Daddy you did!” “louder” “DADDY YOU DID! FUCK ME HARDER DADDY.” He listened and started so fuck me harder and harder until I couldn’t take it “Daddy I’m gonna come!” “Scream Daddy’s name while do”  "DADDY" I scream as I come around him. A few more thrusts and he came after. “Fuck baby girl you did amazing” I was too busy trying to actually breathe normally to really say anything besides give a thumbs up. He smiled and laughed a little and let me down and got me my clothes and as soon as I was ready he helped me get dressed and make it look like nothing happened, but before I left we kissed and he hugged me and said “I love you baby girl” I hugged back and said “I love you too Daddy”

experiment | oneshot

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Pairing: jungkook x reader

Summary: Your timid lab partner is way more than meets the eye. It’s not until you’re faced with a life-threatening confrontation does he reveal his true, knightly, menacing, colours. 

Genres: smut, fluff, romance, SIN, so much sin

Warnings: dom-jungkook, graphic sexual content, profanity, attempted sexual assault, hair pulling, multiple orgasms, spanking

Word Count: 6.8k

“It turned pale pink, stop, stop!” You exclaim before Jungkook abruptly shuts the burette. He’s been ditzy and clumsy for most of the experiment. You glance over at him as you record measurements. He doesn’t even try to hide that he’s avoiding your gaze and purses his lips as he stirs the beaker lightly with his hand. His hair has transitioned from neat to a mess in the span of this simple class experiment. 

He’s tripped over his words, and nervously shifted himself out of your way just from a simple brushing of your shoulders. You knew him as the youngest of his group of friends, and he seemed to get along just fine with them. He even seemed like the entertaining and extroverted type. Now, he seemed like the most timid, lost puppy. You simply giggled at his little fumbles though, until it started getting frustrating for carrying out the experiment.

‘I don’t how we’ll be able to get the report done together if it continues on like this,’ You thought to yourself and sighed. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm loving the VaderWan series! And the potential baby names are perfect. So I was thinking... what if Obi-Wan had triplets? Qui-Gon, Shmi, and Padme?

“No wonder it was so straining on him.” Anakin frowned thunderously at the doctors. “And why in Force name did no one tell me there were two?” He gestured to the basin where Luke and Leia were peering into in awe.

“We were not aware Emperor Vader.” The healer offered nervously. “If I may presume, perhaps two fetuses were implanted in case one did not take. It shows remarkable constitution of Master Kenobi that he managed to carry both to term despite his problems in the later months. The smaller sibling must have hid behind the larger one when scanned.”

‘Problems.’ Anakin inwardly growled while glowering at the healer. ‘He could hardly walk for the pain and he kept being nauseous.’ He took a deep breath then shooed away the healers. “I’ll all if we need anymore assistance.” He growled shortly, turning back to his grown family as they bowed their way out.

“Daddy, they look squishy.” Luke blinked up at him with big blue eyes while Leia was poking at a tiny pink foot that had escaped the blankets.

“They were born today. Say hello to your little siblings little ones.” Anakin moved over, picking both up while peering down into the basin at the tiny sleeping creatures that were his children. He had not had this with Luke and Leia, both had been two when he had collected them.

Qui-Gon was smaller then his sister but chubbier, there was already a patch of copper hair curled on the top of his head and Anakin’s lips twitched in pleasure at the thought of him sporting the same green eyes as Obi-Wan.

Shmi however seemed to have taken after Anakin, blond wisps curled on her soft head with her little foot exposed. Anakin would have to tuck it in when he set the kids down.

Both were a fleshy pink, wrinkled and carefully swaddled together in the same basin to keep an eye on them.

“Does that mean we’re big sisters and big brothers now?” Leia continued peeking down at them.

“Indeed little ones.”

Luke made a tiny noise and shuffled in Anakin’s arms. “Will daddy Obi be alright?” He looked worriedly to the masterbed, blue eyes wide.

“He will, he just needs to rest.” Anakin assured his two mischievous suns. “The babies took a lot of energy out of him and now he needs to sleep while the bacta heals him. You both remember what bacta is right?”

He got two solemn nods. “Now, lets go find Nanny Ira. Daddy has to take care of daddy Obi and make sure he’s alright.” He walked towards the doors, knowing he’d find her outside the door, waiting on the kids. “And its about high time for you two to go to bed.”

Twin whines echoed but they didn’t argue, making Anakin chuckle as he carefully handed the two five years old over to the nanny with a nod.

She gave a slight curtsy, taking both by the hands. “Come along little one, time for a night snack and a bath then bed.”

Anakin got a kiss goodnight from both and then he let them head for their own rooms, smiling a bit before he turned back into the room and made his way back to the basin and bed, settling on the bedside to watch Obi-Wan in his drug induced rest.

The Jedi was a bit pale but that was to be expected since he had been cut open for the babies to be removed. ‘He’s fine. He’s alive. He just needs a convalescence period and he’ll be just fine.’ He reminded himself sharply before reaching out and carefully pulling down the sheets, smiling a bit when he found Obi-Wan’s hands resting on his ribs.

Slowly he pushed up the medical gown he had been dressed in and touched the bandages of the others still swollen stomach. Bacta would do its job but…

Focusing carefully, Anakin brought the Force to bear and used his limited knowledge in healing to sooth irritation and sore flesh beneath the bandages, eyes focused on the stretchmarks the bandages did not cover.

Obi-Wan had been embarrassed about those to begin with until Anakin had assured that he didn’t care, that they were just a mark of the baby. Babies…

He glanced to the basin. That was going to take some time to get used to, he had honestly only expected one.

“Ani?” A drowsy voice questioned and the Sith’s eyes snapped to the half lidded eyes barely focused on him. “Baby?”

“Babies, there were two Obi-Wan.” Anakin murmured, shifting the gown back in place and pulling the covers back up to keep the other warm.


“Yes. A boy and a girl.”

Drug dazed green eyes blinked at him and Anakin chuckled quietly before reaching out and stroking his cheek with soft care. “No wonder you had such difficulties.”

“Oh…I feel really off.”

“Its the pain medication. You should be better once you had a good long rest and let it work itself out. By then the bacta would have healed the c-section cut and your internal systems should have eased some.”

Obi-Wan hummed at that, leaning into the hand stroking his face. “…No more babies Anakin. I don’t think…” He took a shaking breath.

The blond shifted closer, making a low shushing noise. “No, no more babies Obi-Wan. Two is more then enough from you. Its one more then I expected.” He assured. Obi-Wan was not going to get any younger, implanting another fetus was not the best of ideas in case a second pregnancy was even worse.

The redhead let out a relieved breath at that and leaned into the touch before trying to shift onto his side.

“Hey, no. Don’t.” Anakin placed firm hands on the others shoulders. “Do you want to see them? I can bring them to you but you stay right there, among the pillows, resting.” He stressed the last word.

“Please let me see them?” Obi-Wan blinked up at him, his drug lowered shields exposing his vulnerableness to Anakin.

“You only have to ask my own.” Anakin stroked his cheek again before shifting to pull the basin closer and lift a small bundle, carefully fitting Shmi into her carriers arms before lifting Qui-Gon up and holding him for Obi-Wan to see both.

Obi-Wan blinked, arms wrapped around Shmi as he looked between the two. “Both of them were inside me?” He marveled and Anakin chuckled at the other, a bit amused by the awe. ‘He’s really still out of it from the drugs..’ He smiled.

“Yes my own. They were. This little one was hiding behind his bigger sister.” He lifted the little boy in his arms.

“Sounds like a ringer for Qui-Gon really.” Obi-Wan nuzzled at Shmi. “…They are very pink.”

“Yes they are.”

“And wrinkly.”


“…Like hairless and tailless rats.”

“Obi-Wan.” Anakin let out a startled laugh as green eyes focused on him, blinking a bit.

“My rats though.” He snuggled Shmi.

“I regret not taping you, just so I could show you this later.” He grinned, yellow eyes glittering as he held Qui-Gon.

Obi-Wan just huffed.

“I Can’t Sleep” -Julian x MC



I couldn’t sleep…my nose was stuffy and my throat was sore…My forehead felt like it was burning.

“Ugh…” I dragged myself out of bed into Mazelinka’s living area. That’s right- I was still here, but…something weird happened. I had felt Julian’s presence right next to me all night and for a long while his arm had even been wrapped around my waist, but somewhere in the night he seemed to have just disappeared.

When I stepped into his view, Julian looked surprised to see me. It was odd seeing him with his bare hands, and quite frankly…the thought of it sent chills down my spine. He was sitting by a fire and seemed to be in deep thought. His red hair gleamed in the bright light of the flames.

“What are you doing up?” I asked him, groggily.

I heard a small snicker escape from between his lips and he reflected my question: “I think the bigger question is…what are you doing up?”

Julian’s brow raised in suspicion as I headed over and sat next to him- closely.

“I can’t sleep.” I said, staring blankly into the fire. I looked at Julian’s eyes. “Now, you answer my question: what are you doing up?”

A frown pulled at Julian’s lips as his grey eyes trailed away from my own and lit up in the fire.

“Just thinking.” Julian said.

“That’s vague…” With a little disappointment, I tore my own eyes away from him and managed to keep them on the fire, even though his look was quite mesmerizing. There was something about the surprise of a warm touch despite his cold look that made butterflies rebel in my stomach.

“…” There was a moment of silence before Julian finally spoke again: “I wonder…what will happen…What will happen if they catch me? What will happen if I swing from the gallows like everyone wishes for?”

“-!” For some reason, that pulled an instinctive punch on his arm from me. “Don’t say that!”

Julian let out a hefty laugh, tossing his head back as his chest moved up and down. I felt my cheeks radiating heat.

“It’s not funny…” I pouted.

Julian’s hand slid behind me in a sly manner- like his arm was embracing me; it only made my cheeks get warmer.

“It’s funny, I believe you’re supposed to be helping the palace catch me, aren’t you? Yet you’re here hiding away with me in a beloved friend’s house.” Julian’s grey eyes didn’t stray from the fire.

I hugged myself, my fingers digging into my own skin through my clothes as they clutched my arms. A small shiver escaped from me even though we were right in front of the fire. I noticed out of my peripheral vision that Julian’s attention had turned to me just slightly.

“I knew you were cold…those clothes are still wet from that fall in the crimson river you had.” His arm wrapped around me and tugged me closer to him.

I stayed quiet- it was just peaceful, despite the allegations…What can I say, I just felt safe with Julian. It sounds like a cheesy romance movie but I can’t shake the feeling that his ability to make me feel such a way proves his innocence.

The light was flickering on us as we watched the fire, blinking shades of yellow in the fine details of our faces. It was silent for around five minutes.

“Why can’t you sleep?” Julian asked me.

Instinctively, I sniffed. “I think I’m sick.” I confessed. I let out a groan as I wiped my nose with my own arm. “Ugh, those stupid cobblestones…they were slippery…”

“And so they were…” Julian’s voice echoed in my ears as his hand trailed up to my temple, his fingers intertwining with strands of my hair. Once again, I expected his touch to be cold- freezing even, but it was just warm.

I let my eyes close slowly. It seemed I was getting sleepy by effect of delicate touch. Another smirk sounded from Julian. “You should lay down.” he said.

I really didn’t want to, I really didn’t want to end up falling asleep in his lap but it sure seemed to be going that way.

I soon found myself falling, being unable to hold myself up by the minute and sinking deeper and deeper into Julian’s embrace. My eyes shut sleepily, I let blackness take over.

I felt like I was floating, my limbs just stayed still. I could feel the chills generated by the emotional tension creeping up in my body. Something told me…just like Portia had told me, everything was going to be alright…

After only a few seconds I started to hear soft words- was Julian…singing to me? The sound of it made my heart thump; it sounded like some sort of lullaby but I couldn’t make out the words.

I felt his fingers delicately tugging at my hair, gently massaging my scalp. It wasn’t long before I was drifting off into a deep sleep; things seemed okay- we seemed okay. Julian was…definitely not the dastardly roach everyone claimed him to be.





I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing,

-Max 💜

P.S. I love Julian-