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How we need another soul to cling to - Sylvia Plath
🌝Dream spell 🌝(origami spell)

You will need: yellow origami paper or blue or purple , some incense

Take your paper and then try to create a dove whale butterfly or koi fish.

Wave the creature in the incense smoke

When your done with that hold your hands over the paper creation and then say mentally or outloud:

“Everytime i close my eyes may the (dove whale butterfly or koi fish) keep me safe and give me good dreams as i sleep through this night and wake up in one piece when the sun comes out.”

If you want you can put some sweet smelling oil on it and then have it near your bed when you sleep

I hope you enjoy this spell and if you have any questions dont hesitate to message me -garden

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Can I just say that even Sam's skin is different at the VF party? We joked around here he must be using Cait's Illumino oil. I compared it with his look the other night (with my left eye closed because, duh) and while he was smiling there, his skin looked dull or his facial powder was uneven or something. I mean, how can you not notice this, their photos today are beautiful.

The photos from last night are stunning. I’m not sure if it was the lighting, or Sam got a face wash to remove environmental toxins, but he is definitely working the male version of glowing.

But He Didn’t (Part 3)

Took me long enough. Final part of But He Didn’t below

Member: BTS V x Y/N

Type: Angst

But He Didn’t (Part 1) is HERE

But He Didn’t (Part 2) is HERE

My fingers were almost numb. My skin tingled with a burning sensation, partnering with the gentle pinpricks of obdormition. It reminded me I was human, that I was hurting, and my feelings went much deeper than I would allow myself to realize.

My hands, wedged between my thighs and the metal park bench, were restless. My entire body was. I wanted to move, to escape from the situation I had gently talked myself into. Facing the disaster I had created was something I would never be ready for. I had to hold on desperately to the strength I had left in my heart and in my head. There wasn’t much, but it was something. 

I couldn’t give up. I was sick of giving up. 

I closed my eyes, tuning in to the sounds of the environment around me. The sound of sneakers smacking against the pavement, children’s laughter in the nearby playground, and a slow, steady crunching of leaves growing louder behind me. 

I took a deep breath before his body appeared beside mine. Hearing the gentle clink of his belt against the metal caused me to shiver. Slowly my eyes opened, grappling with a simple decision; should I look at him? 

I tilted my head, finally allowing my sight to take in what I had longed for. Taehyung sat beside me, his hood up, hands dug deep in his pockets, and his focus on the ground before him. I tried to will myself to speak, to say anything, but I felt so lost in my own mind that I wasn’t sure if I could actually provide any sort of value to a conversation. It would all just come out wrong. 

We sat in silence for what felt like eternity. I didn’t dare move, afraid that if I did, the whole situation would reveal itself as being an illusion and Taehyung would disappear before me. But I had to say something. I owed him that much. 

“I miss you,” I whispered, my words careful, deliberate. I wanted him to know what was at the forefront of my mind. It was a simple statement, but I felt like it was a good place to start. It was the most important thing I could say to him short of “I love you.” 

Taehyung nodded, clearing his throat. He turned to me, his eyes full of hurt. “Not as much as I’ve missed you.”

For a moment, I felt like I could breath again. I felt like things would be okay. That was until Taehyung licked his lips and shook his head. “But I am so, so mad at you. I don’t even want to say you’re allowed to miss me…because this was all your decision.”

I nodded, the hallow feeling quickly returning to my chest. I had messed up. I had messed up on a large, immensely nuclear level. I wished it was as simple as taking Taehyung into my arms and confirming that things would be alright, that we were ready to go back to what we once were. 

“You have no idea how I’ve felt,” he continued. “And you’ve never bothered to ask.”

I looked to the sky, attempting to halt the tears that were forming on my lashes. “I’m asking now.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little late?” Taehyung asked bitterly. 

“I do think it’s too late,” I whispered. “But I’m hoping you’ll give me a chance.” 

“That’s what I’m good at,” Taehyung grumbled, looking down at his shoes again. “Weak Taehyung who gives everyone a second chance. The boy made of sunshine. The one who doesn’t hurt.”


“I do hurt, Y/N. I know it’s hard to realize, but what you did…what you did has hurt me so deeply. I felt unwanted, I felt unloved, I felt abandoned. You didn’t give me the chance to speak, to reason with you. All of this was your insecurities bubbling up and clouding anything that wasn’t your own voice. The painful thing was…that it wasn’t even you speaking. It was all of the hate, all of the toxic comments pushed our way,” Taehyung continued. “It wasn’t you.”

“Well it’s me now,” I gasped, spinning to face him for the first time since he had sat down. “I know you hurt Taehyung. That’s why it took me so damn long to call. I knew exactly how much I hurt you and how I ached inside knowing that. I was destroyed knowing I had destroyed you.” 

Taehyung nodded, biting his lip as he searched my eyes. “I’ve just missed you so much. Do you know how hard it is…to go to appearances and pretend that things are okay? That I’m not completely shattered inside? Working on music and pouring myself into choreography can only do so much. I needed you.”

“I thought I could protect us,” I whimpered. “I thought I could protect you…but Jimin made me realize. You don’t need protecting, Taehyung. You aren’t fragile. The only thing that could break you was me…and I did that.”

Taehyung remained quiet for a moment before attempting to speak. His words were low as he looked away from me. “Do you remember when we broke up?”

The actual vocalization of those words caused me to wince. I knew it was my own fault, but I had never thought of what happened as a break up. I had framed it up as a ‘shattering up’ or a ‘splintering up.’ It was something much more painful than the casual verb of ‘break.’

“You said you were sick of me having to pick up your pieces all of the time,” Taehyung continued. “That I didn’t deserve the hassle…I never thought that maybe one day…you’d have to pick up the pieces of me.” 

“I’m so sorry Tae,” I whispered. My movements were hesitant, but I finally gathered the nerve to bring my fingers out from underneath my thigh. My hand hovered for a moment, reaching out to him. I remained still, trying to decide if I should actually touch him or not. It had been so long, the feeling was so foreign. 

Taehyung didn’t waste a moment, reaching up, and capturing my hand with his. His palms, which were so much larger than my own, encased my fingers as he brought our intwined hands to his knee. He rubbed his callused thumb gently across my knuckles before looking up again. 

I closed my eyes, hiccuping as a sob tried to escape my lips. Tae’s arms were instantly around me, pulling me into his chest. I took a deep breath, allowing his scent to flood my nostrils. Baby powder and lemon. I hadn’t realized I had missed it so much. I never wanted him to let go. I hoped above all hope that he wouldn’t push me away once my sobbing had halted.

Taehyung leaned back, careful to keep my body tight to his, but enough to where he could get a clear view of my face. He slid his palm along my cheek, allowing me to nuzzle into his hand, completely immersing myself in him. 

Too much was never enough.

“Tae,” I whispered, scared of the question that would come out of my lips, but needing to reconcile with an answer. 


“I…I’ve kept track of you…while all of this has been happening. Kept track of the members…I reached out to JImin a few times to see how things were…but there’s something I never knew,” I said quietly, trailing my words out before I could get to the real question. “I never saw an official statement from BigHit…about our breakup?”

Taehyung nodded, a sad smile on his lips as his eyes searched my face. “I didn’t want that permanence,” he said, his voice barely above a breath. “I was still holding out…for this moment right here…”

My heart soared as if it had sprouted wings. I was convinced it would fly from my chest at any moment now. My stomach was anxious, but with something resembling butterflies instead of nausea. Surely this was all a dream that I had crafted from my own hopes and wishes. I had waken up too many times in a cold sweat after this very scenario had played out, realizing it was only a fabrication of what I wanted. 

“So…does that mean?” I whispered, scared of another question I obviously would need to ask. 

“I said I was mad at you, jagi,” Taehyung sighed. “I never said I didn’t love you anymore.”

I couldn’t help but allow a smile as I looked up to the handsome man encasing me. I leaned in and nuzzled my face softly into the crook of his neck. It felt like coming home after a long and terrible vacation. 

“I just don’t like you right now,” he continued. “I’ll get over it though…but we will need to have a nice long discussion over some Moomin and popcorn. We have to get your subconscious to shut up and stop checking the fancafe.” 

I rolled my eyes, not bothering to get up from his chest. “I know…I have a lot to work on to get used to Bangtan’s baggage.”

“Jimin said he had talked to you about that,” Taehyung chuckled. “We may come with a lot of baggage…but at least it’s like…Louis Vuitton baggage.”

“I’ll be ready this time,” I said softly. And I meant it. I wasn’t going to push Taehyung away ever again.

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But He Didn’t 1/2/3

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Stop lying. You're sexually interested in me.

i was going to answer a completely random ask, scrolling down with my eyes closed…and now i am just confused

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Hello ! I've been watching your stuff and I really love it <3 Well... The thing is... I am feeling too old to love BTS (I swear I need to close my eyes when Jungkook appears 😥)... Could you give me some advice? (I'm 25 btw) Love yah

Whyy????? U can love BTS at any age!!! Look, my mom loves them and it’s totally fine! Plus you’re rlly not old!! There’s armys who are 30-35 and more!!! Music can be appreciated by anyone at any age :^DDD. Also liking a younger idol (like bunny jungkook) is totally ok ehehhe. 

Oop, looks like we got the opening here. As I said, I will not be watching it for fear of spoilers!

However… I can still listen to it! So I guess I’ll close my eyes, hit play, and listen.

Anime openings are usually easy to find on youtube, so if you want to see what I’m missing, try searching for “FMAB OP 01″ or some such.

I could tell where the story was going.  I put my hands over my mouth, whispering, “Oh my god.”

Tattletale grinned, “I can’t believe you didn’t know.”

“But he regenerates!” I protested, dropping my hands, “Toxins aren’t supposed to be even one percent as effective against people who heal like he does.”

But you hit him with a lot of toxins.

“They’re effective enough, I guess, or his healing stopped working somewhere along the line” Lisa told me, “By the time they got to him, the big guy was just beginning to suffer from large scale tissue necrosis.  His heart even stopped a few times.  You do remember where you had the bugs bite him?”

Well damn!

I closed my eyes.  I could see my reputation going down the tubes.  One of the spiders I had been using was the brown recluse.  Arguably the most dangerous spider in the United States, more than even the black widow.  A single bite from a brown recluse could make a good chunk of the flesh around the bite blacken and rot away.  I’d had my bugs biting Lung in the more sensitive parts of his anatomy.

Ahaha oh my cod she’s rotting a guy’s dick off while trying to be a hero

“Let’s just say that even with the ability to heal several times faster than your average person, Lung is going to be sitting down to use the toilet.”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Brian stopped Lisa before she could go on, “Lung is going to recover, right?”

Is he, though? And how fast?

With the look Brian was giving Lisa, I thought she might lie, regardless of the truth.  She shrugged and told me, “He’s already recuperating.  Slowly, but he’s on the mend, and he should be in good working order in six months to a year.”

Well, at least he won’t be giving us any trouble for a while. Directly, anyway.

“You’d better hope he doesn’t escape,” Alec said, his voice still quiet but bemused, “Because if someone made my man bits fall off, I’d be out for blood.”


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A- Age: 30. 31 this summer.
B- Biggest fear: The dark, tbqh. And my dad’s reaction if he finds out I’m Ace. I know he loves me, but he’s very close-minded. 
C- Current time: 8:13 pm, MST
D- Drink you last had:  TEA
E- Everyday starts with: Grumbling at the alarm and stumbling around with my eyes closed.
F- Favorite song: Currently? Irreplaceable by Madilyn Paige. 
G- Ghosts, are they real: Absolutely. We have a very young one at our house. A little girl, according to my niece when she was about 2-3, with long dark hair and a white dress. She likes to move the kids toys around and sometimes she hums. Like, the way little kids do, off key and under their breath.
J- Jealous of: people who can function normally.
K- Killed someone: No…not to my knowledge, at least.
L- Last time you cried: Yesterday.

M- Middle name: Danielle 

N- Number of siblings:  Two. One older, one younger.
O- One wish: …maybe I’m weird, but I tend to not make wishes.
P- Person you last called/texted: My dad.
Q- Questions you’re always asked: “Are you okay?”
R- Reasons to smile: My niece and nephews and all the people I love. And my dog.  
S- Song last sang: ’Fight Like a Girl’ by Kalie Shorr
T- Time you woke up: I think it was around 8:10-ish this morning.
U- Underwear color: That seems a bit personal, yes?
V- Vacation destination: Anywhere in a forest. Like, a proper forest, which we haven’t got here in the desert. I’d also really like to go to Ireland.
W- Worst habit: All of them. All of my habits are bad.

X- X-rays you’ve had: ummmm…I had my face x-rayed as a teenager when my pediatrician was trying to figure out why my sinus infections weren’t getting better.
Y- Your favourite food: Chicken Risotto
Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer/Leo cusp. 

peeps to tag: ummm…… @poplitealqueen @encyclopediaidiotica @fishfingersandscarves @werecakes ummmmm…and anyone else who might want to fill it out: I tag you!

Hello, I’m Sebraviel. You can call me Seb. I was a Seraph, with pink and white marbled wings. I had some sort of paws instead of feet, with talons on my hands, and one large talon jutting from each of my elbows. I don’t remember my eye color, I’ve never seen myself that close. My hair was a mix of silver and white, favoring silver. It fell past my elbows and I rarely kept it out of my face. My teeth were sharp and canine. My shoulders and much of my back was covered in white freckles that resembled stars. I have one memory in which I wore a sort of half-armor, with my shoulders and legs covered in metal made of moonlight, but I have several memories of myself wearing a sash-like gossamer fabric that draped from one shoulder to the opposite hip. I’ve never liked constricting clothing. I could also often be found naked in the pools. If anyone has any memory of anyone like Me, please reach out. I don’t recognize anyone. I want to know I belong.

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So I was meditating and trying to get a feel of my energy and basically once I was in full swing with my eyes closed I began to see bright green and blue, mind you I was using a water system- surrounding my self with my energy like moving water. So I was wondering if you've seen colour while you meditate?

I’ve definitely seen/felt colors (if that makes sense) while cleansing myself with energy. (I don’t often meditate anymore since I tend to end up in the astral plane.) The colors you saw make sense with the energy of water–very calming, natural, cleansing. I hope it felt great! ( ^ω^)

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Hello there. Can you write one shot with Paulo Dybala where he takes his girlfriend to Tokyo and he proposes to her there since it's her dream place to go? Tha k you 💜💜💜💜💜

Thank you for requesting x I hope you like it x 

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Propose - Paulo Dybala 

„Babeeee“ I heard Paulo saying as he walked in our shared bedroom, I still had my eyes closed. I wasn’t exactly a morning person so I didn’t open my eyes until it was really necessary.

„hmmm“ i murmured.

„you know how you always wanted to go to Tokyo?“ he asked as he plopped down beside him.

I opened one of my eyes as Tokyo fell from his lips, to look at him. Tokyo was always a dream of mine, it was always a dream of mine to go there. When I was little kid I always went to that japan restaurant in my city with my father. I was always amazed by the older woman who looked so different from me but had the kindest heart possible. So since then I always wanted to visit Tokyo, I worked hard and saved my money for a flight and by now I almost got it together.

„What about it?“ I asked.

„Well since the season is almost over and summer break is coming close I thought we could maybe go there?“ he asked and that was all it take for both my eyes to open.

„We are going to Tokyo?“ I asked and sat up I couldn’t help the smile that was forming on my lips, I may not have been a morning person but i definitely was now.

„Yeah. I booked the flights“ he said and I got on top of him and pressed kisses all over his face.

„I’m so excited“ I said and he just chuckled as he put his hands on my hips.

„thank you“ I said and he just shook his head.

„seeing you so excited makes me excited too“ he said and pressed his lips on mine. We were maybe not going to the city of love but what is better than going to the city of your dreams with the love of your life?


It was a month after he booked the flights, that we were both sitting in an airplane waiting for the landing part and finally getting out of the airport. I wasn’t really a fan of airplanes but to go to my favorite city I would gladly take it.

It didn’t took long and the plane was finally landing and we got off of the plane soon after. We got out suitcases and got out of the airport to look for a taxi. It was already night here and I looked around me and saw the busy streets and big skyscrapers surrounding the airport. It was exactly like I had always imagined it to be. Absolutely breathtaking.

„You ready?“ Paulo asked me as he took my hand in his and we both walked over to the taxis which would bring us to the hotel.

I was taken a back by all the impressions and loud noises and things going on. I still couldn’t believe I was here. i was finally in Tokyo. My dream came true. I looked over to Paulo as we were sitting in the backseat of the taxi. He looked out of the window, his eyes lit up by all the things he saw, and i couldn’t help but smile as I looked at him. How did I get so lucky? That he was willing to fly all over the world for me to see my favorite city.

We arrived at our hotel and got out of the taxi, took our suitcases with us as we entered the hotel and checked in. We got to our room and as soon as we got in Paulo collapsed on the bed. I chuckled at him and walked over to the window and watched the city from above.

„Is this how you imagined it to be?“ Paulo asked as he suddenly stop behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

„Even greater“ I said smiling.


It was our last evening as we both went to the hotel restaurant, we had been here for a week and honestly I felt like I have seen everything from Tokyo. We did so much stuff, saw so many sights, went shopping and ate a lot of japan food the last few days that I was exhausted but so amazed of my favorite city. It was exactly like I always imagined it to be.

We just had dinner and as full as i was now, we both stood at the patio and looked over Tokyo. It was such a hectic and loud city but from up here you could barely hear it anymore. It was so breathtaking that I didn’t even recognize Paulo starring at me the whole time from beside me.

I turned my head so I could look at him and smiled at me, he returned my smile, but I could tell he was kind of nervous, I didn’t really knew why through.

„You okay?“ I asked as I took his hand in mine, it was kind of sweaty which it always was whenever he was nervous or afraid of something.

„You know I love you right?“ he asked not answering my question.

„Yeah I do. why are you asking me that? Oh my gosh are you trying to tell me you cheated on me?“ I asked and my eyes widen.

„no no. Oh my gosh no.“ he said and chuckled, which made me sigh out relieved.

„I just really love you. And we both have been dating for years already moved in together. You’re the girl of my dreams“ he said and I could feel tears well up in my eyes.

„You’re the one for me. I honestly can’t imagine a life without you anymore and I don’t even want to. I want to grow old with you. Start a family together“ he said as he kneed down in front of you and my mouth opened in shook, I could not believe he was doing it, he was really going to as me if I wanted to marry him, he was going to propose to me.

„And that’s why I wanted to ask you if you want to marry me?“ he asked as he put the ring out of his jacket.

I felt the tears run down my cheeks, and I always hated that I was so emotionally, but I just couldn’t help it. And honestly  right now I couldnt care less, the love of my life was proposing to me, in the sweetest way possible.

„god yes. yes yes yes“ I said and i saw how he breathed out relived and put the ring on my finger before he stood up and pressed his lips softly on mine.

He did it, he asked me to be his wife, in the city of my dreams, and I said yes. And I couldn’t be happier.