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“You look pretty hot in plaid" this could go both ways w sterek i think, like derek complimenting stiles on his daily outfits or stiles seeing derek in plaid for the first time

@dylanlovesthemets i almost listened but it kind of got away from me :D 

“Move, Scott,” Derek grumbles, irritated and tired and protective.

Stiles is limp in Derek’s arms after being struck by the monster of the week. Scott had once again failed to account for Stiles’ fragility and left him without so much as a bat to defend himself.

Derek had seen it happen, seen the big scaly tail knock Stiles off his feet and into a tree. And he’s done what he could to hear if Stiles was hurt worse than a concussion and so far hasn’t been able to hear anything out of the ordinary. Heartbeat still in a normal rhythm, no bones creaking or scraping against each other as Derek rolled Stiles onto his back to check him over.

He’s got Stiles bridal style in his arms and is walking back to the cars now that the thing has been taken care of. But Scott is hovering.

“We should take him to see Deaton, or at least have my mom look at him,” Scott is saying, still trailing behind Derek, gripping at Derek’s shoulder and Derek bites back a growl of irritation. He just doesn’t want anyone in his space right now.

“I’m taking him to my apartment. His dad is working tomorrow and through the weekend and Stiles is going to need someone to wake him up every couple hours if he does have a concussion. A test which I am well equipped to do, Scott, since I am an EMT,” Derek impatiently explains as they come up to the cars all parked together in a clearing.

“I know, I know,” Scott is quick to answer but he’s still hesitant. Derek knows they trust each other but apparently that trust doesn’t extend to trusting Derek with Stiles.

Once Stiles is laid comfortably, but still unconscious in the back of Derek’s Toyota he turns to face Scott’s worried face.

“He’s going to be fine and if he’s not, you’re the first person I call,” Derek says and it’s true. If Stiles wakes up in more pain than a concussion warrants or he stops breathing or something, Scott would be the first person Derek would contact…along with Melissa and John in the group text.

But the reassurance is enough for Scott who nods and steps away. Derek talks quickly to Isaac, Erica and Boyd, making sure they’re all still in one piece after the small tussle in the woods. But they’re fine and he gets an eye roll from Erica so they’re really okay if they’re able to sass their alpha at 3am.

Now he just has to get Stiles back to his apartment and make sure he wakes up in a reasonable amount of time.

Derek is pacing slowly in the apartment. He’s not overly anxious, Stiles has been awake since they got in and confirmed only a headache before swallowing some advil and going back to sleep. Derek is still concerned there might be other aches and pains that Stiles is waving off that should be addressed.

For now, he’s on concussion watch though so he’s trying to keep himself awake for the next hour until it’s time to wake Stiles again. He’d sleep himself but the couch isn’t appealing tonight and he knows when he falls asleep it’s going to be hellish to drag himself out of it. He’d rather get another check in with Stiles before he loses consciousness for the next few hours.

The pacing is to keep his mind focused on something, one foot in front of the other, eight steps, turn, eight again. He can hear Stiles’ steady, shallow, sleeping breathing as he does and he thinks he’s pretty calm despite the circumstances. He’s more surprised that he’s surprised than actually startled when the door opens and Stiles is standing there, leaning against the door jam. His eyes are droopy but Derek can still hear his heart beating exactly how it’s supposed to.

“You look pretty hot in plaid,” Stiles says, his clear voice showing that despite his sleepy expression, he’s completely alert.

Derek looks down at his pajama pants before looking up at Stiles with a soft smile.

“You’ve said that before,” Derek replies, tracing his own steps as he walks over towards where Stiles is wavering on his feet now that he’s no longer leaning against the door frame.

He settles his hands on Stiles’ warm waist and relishes the small smile he gets at the welcome touch.

“It’s worth repeating,” Stiles says and tilts his head back, Derek is all too happy to oblige and press a quick dry kiss on his lips.

This thing between them is new, not so new that Derek questions the kiss but it is still something they’ve kept just between them. And it’s something they haven’t taken much further than kissing. Derek had been set and ready to tell Stiles he needed to wait before things got physical in their relationship. But Stiles had been the one who put limits on things.

The pack doesn’t know. And Scott doesn’t know. But the Sheriff knows and that’s enough for them right now. It’s why Derek was so determined to get Stiles to his apartment. The sheriff really will be at work for the better part of the next few days and they both would want someone with Stiles while he’s concussed. The fact that Derek has his EMT license now only furthered the Sheriff’s approval of him dating his son. He’s been doing more to get his life together, to be a contributing member of society.

“How are you feeling,” Derek asks quietly and pushes Stiles’ hair off his face gently.

“Like I got my head smashed into the ground,” he murmurs as his eyes close again and he leans into Derek’s chest.

“Thanks for bringing me here,” he says into Derek’s chest and Derek brings his arms up to rub Stiles’ back comfortingly.

“Of course,” Derek says gently and starts to walk them back into the bedroom.

“Don’t know if I’ve said this but, I feel safe here. With you. Your space. You make me feel safe, Der,” Stiles says softly and Derek tries to keep from letting the excitement those words incited from leaking out.

“I-“ Derek clears the emotion from his throat, “I’m really happy to hear that Stiles. How are you doing for painkillers? Do you need me to get more advil? More pain drain?” Derek offers but Stiles shakes his head.

“No, just you. Come lay down with me?” he requests as he crawls into the bed with Derek holding the covers up for him to settle beneath them.

Those sleepy eyes, the soft fluffy hair and the circumstances have Derek capitulating without much resistance.

“Let me just grab you some water and I’ll be right back,” Derek explains as he tucks the covers around Stiles.

Stiles nods into his pillow and Derek dashes quickly back to the outer rooms. He checks the door again, fills up a large glass with water and snags the bottle of Advil – just in case. He makes quick work of putting both down on the nightstand next to Stiles. He crosses to the other side of the queen size bed and gently lifts the covers, stealing beneath and wrapping Stiles close in his arms.

After a few minutes of slow steady breathing Stiles snuffles into Derek’s chest.

“Thanks, Der,” he mumbles and Derek’s arms squeeze gently in a closer embrace.

“Anytime,” he says and is completely unsurprised that he means it. That he means something more, something they haven’t said to each other yet. But, Derek thinks, maybe they say it in other ways.


This was inspired by @leelagranger‘s post

Also @classykittypersona’s request for a fic of Azriel with a secret sweet tooth

Azriel x ofc

None of the Inner Circle could believe it when Azriel brought a girl to their weekly family dinner. Of course, the shadow singer had asked Rhys if it was okay ahead of time, who had subsequently told his mate, but none of the other fae in their company had any idea that they were about to receive a new addition to their close knit group.

Admittedly, all of them had noticed Azriel’s odd behavior the past couple months; the way he would disappear for hours on end without anyone knowing exactly where he had been; losing focus during usually easy tasks or even in the middle of a conversation, little smiles appearing on his lips; a small hop in his step on the certain mornings after he had been unaccounted for; a twinkle in his eyes when he is seemingly spacing out. In fact, his family noticed this so much that they had all placed bets on what it could be to make him so jovial.

Only Cassian had said that it was a girl. 

The two fae walk into the dining room of the House of Wind just a little late, very unusual for Azriel. Almost everyone’s eyes go immediately to their intertwined hands, Azriel’s touch seeming to calm and reassure the timid girl next to him. She enters the room with wide eyes and small steps, knowing that this is not where she belongs. 

Rhys, Feyre, and their circle of advisors are an extremely exclusive group and had been even since Lucien and Elain had finally joined over a hundred years ago. The whole of Prythian knew that this group is a force to reckoned with, made up of fae with some of the rarest gifts of all fae-kind. It is immediately clear that Azriel’s mystery girl had heard of their reputation, but Az continues to gently tug her forward, then pulls out her chair for her before finally sitting beside.

He grabs her hand, places it on the table between them, and then meets each other table’s occupants stare with his own. It is then that they notice the delicate smile playing on his lips, full of pure happiness. They also notice that there are absolutely no shadows swirling or lurking around him. “Good evening, everyone.” He greets. “This is my girlfriend, Livana.” Said girlfriend waves shyly, a friendly smile appearing on her face.

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Fic: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (Ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Unicorns are a blessed species, known universally for their beauty, their purity, and their ability to identify and bond with a human hero destined to achieve great things.

Leonard Snart just wishes they’d go away already.

A/N: Warning - this is basically a crack fic. Not going to lie. There is no substantive value to this whatsoever.

For @oneiriad’s Coldwave Creature Bingo and for @jq-piccadilly, who mentioned the idea about unicorns like a year ago - thanks for the inspiration


“I thought you’d be pleased,” Oliver says, lips pursed. “This way he’s out of your hair.”

“You can’t just lock up Captain Cold!” Barry squawks through the phone. “Just - I’ll be there soon - don’t do anything -”

The phone starts clicking in that irritating fashion that indicates that Barry has started running at super-speed before turning off the phone.

Oliver hangs up instead and turns to look at the two supervillains he had captured - at some trouble, no less. He’d already called the police about them.

“What do you have over the Flash?”

“Nothing,” Heatwave grunts. Captain Cold just looks smug.

Of course, that seems to be his default expression.

“Then why does he want you freed?”

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“If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.” this is 3000000% something danny says to steve

@dylanlovesthemets this was so McDanno omg it was perfect :D Hope you like it! 

Steve blinks himself awake, a little fuzzy, but after a quick shake of his head it all comes rushing back to him. He and the team had been out for drinks, which is typical after they successfully close a case. Chin had begged off first, going home to Malia before it got too late. Kono had left second after making eyes at the waitress for most of the evening. Which had left Danny and Steve to their conversation. They were more than a few beers in and Steve had said something that made Danny laugh.

Steve had been more than a little distracted by the twinkle in Danny’s eyes, the way he looked with his head thrown back laughing.  He should have noticed they were being watched. When they’d gotten up to leave it was raining, and they’d argued. Steve didn’t care about running to the car because they could change when they got home. Danny didn’t want to get the seats wet.

The men had come out of nowhere. One moment he was getting Danny all riled up and the next he’d been hit upside the head and everything went black.

So he’s not completely surprised that he’s waking up on a cold floor. He’s not even alarmed by the fact that his eyelashes on his right eye are sticky with blood.

What is concerning is the unmoving body of his partner across the room. Steve takes stock of himself quickly. No shoes, pockets emptied, aching head and a sore neck. He can feel no other injuries but that hardly matters right now. 

Because he’s in a barred cell, with nothing to pick the lock and his partner is unconscious and bleeding 10 feet away from him.

Steve can see a red stain on Danny’s side, and it’s slowly growing the longer Steve watches. Ignoring his headache, he yells towards the open door, where he can see their captors sitting and watching TV.

“Danny! Danny!” he tries, hoping to rouse his partner but when it doesn’t work the panic starts to overtake him. “Hey! Hey! Someone needs to check on my partner. None of you want to be a cop killer! Get in here and make sure he’s still breathing!”

He shouts and shouts hoping to annoy one of them to come into the room and at least roll Danny over so Steve can see that he’s breathing. But instead the guy just slams the door shut between them. And Steve is pretty close to losing it. He’s never truly been confronted with his partner dying. Not since the sarin poisoning last year. But he’s pretty sure Danny is dead on the floor over there and there’s nothing he can do about.

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There’s freedom of religion in Hyrule, but generally each race worships the gods differently or pays special reverence to certain deities over others.

Din, for her great power is revered by the Gorons and Gerudo. They exemplify her ideals of strength and perseverance. It is said that Gerudo and Goron Clerics and Paladins in the service of Din will put themselves through particularly grueling tasks just to prove their strength to their matron deity. Din is also the Goddess of Rhythm and it is said that the changing of the seasons is the earth’s natural struggle against her power. 

Farore, as the great mother of all ife, is especially revered by the Seele Court and those especially close to nature like the Koroks. However, her portrayal to be an adrenaline junky COURAGEOUS also got her the reputation of being the Patron Saint of drunks and wandering adventurers. Finally, because of her relationship with courage and life and old tale says together, with Impaz, she created the undead so that the living could face their fear of death. This strange and macabre relationship with the unlife earned her a special place with necromancers.

Nayru, as the bringer of order to chaos, is especially revered by the Zora. It is exemplified by their extremely hierarchical system of government. However, Nayru is also generally revered by scholars as she is regarded as the mother of science. Additionally, a more poetic name for Nayru is the “Goddess of all the flows” – words, water, time.  It is she that brings order to the universe so that mortals can make sense of it.

Hylia, as one of the guardian goddess left behind by the the three primordial gods is revered to varying degrees by all races because of the war with Demise. However, her particular bird like associations earned her a special place in the Rito pantheon where is she is revered as the Goddess of Light. Hylians and Sheikah too also have special associations with Hylia. The Hyrulean Royal Family claims ancestry from Hylia, and many Sheikah clerics and paladins are in service to the Hyrulean Royal Family because of an old vow Impaz made to Hylia back in the Era of the Gods.

Impaz, as the goddess of shadows and purveyor of death is only worshiped by the Sheikah and the Hylians. While the Hylians believe her to be the raven-like deity that judges where you go in the afterlife the Sheikah claim to descend from the Goddess of Shadows. It is said their loyalty to the Hyrulean Royal Family comes from an old vow Impaz made with Hylia to always protect her and her ilk. Such devotion has led many to ponder the true nature of Hylia and Impaz’ relationship, but no definitive texts remain of the true nature of the accord. She is still so prominent in the Sheikah pantheon that each ruler of the Sheikah is afforded the name “Impa” when they take leadership of the tribe.

Finally, the “Goddess of Spirit (name tbd;)” is worshipped strictly by the Gerudo. It was said that the Goddess of Spirits broke apart into 8 divine hero’s who would go on to found the various Gerudo tribes. Little is known about her as the texts concerning her are a well guarded secret by her paladins and clerics, but what can be gleaned is that she was associated with naga’s in particular and was a fierce warrior goddess.

In addition, each race has it’s own local deities that they worship such as the guardian dragons, the Great Deku Tree, the Great Fae, etc.

Fic: Don’t You Forget About Me (Ao3 Link)
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Irish Mythology
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: After Len, nothing seems to be going right for Mick. He keeps going listlessly -

- at least until something cold as death starts crawling into his bed.

(In which Mick Rory braves the Sidhe to win back his True Love)

A/N: For @jq-piccadilly - happy birthday!! (also special mentions to @ice-whisper who inadvertently gave me the idea and @oneiriad, for who this fulfills another Coldwave Bingo Board entry)


After Len died, everything sort of stopped, for Mick.

Oh, he kept going, kept fighting, kept up with the great and noble mission to which he had been consigned by destiny and by Len. The flesh of him kept right on going.

It was the spirit of him that came to a halt.

He stopped caring about the things that made him happy, before; stopped caring about the game, or food, or even fun; stopped caring all too much about being alive.

But he kept going and time, wicked time, starts healing even his most dire wounds.

Mick had a chair in his room - big, comfy, just the way he liked it. It was good that it was so comfy, because he slept there, now, forsaking the bed in his cabin.

The bed that had been his and his Lenny’s both.

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Ohh, congrats! How about #120, “He’s pampering me, let him be.”

@andavs this was supposed to be 100% sweet and it’s made it maybe like 90% sweet :D Enjoy! 

Derek is maybe, no there’s no maybe about it. Derek’s kind of high right now.

See it was his and Stiles’ anniversary yesterday and they’d agreed that Derek would get to plan the anniversary but Stiles would get to plan the day after. After wining and dining early in the evening yesterday, they spent most of the night in some interesting positions together in bed. To be honest Derek had felt rather gross when he woke up – they hadn’t showered last night after the end of it all, too sated and dead tired to think about leaving the bed again.

But that had meant certain areas were kind of, well, crusty this morning. Stiles had woken Derek with a kiss to his forehead, smelling remarkably fresh and looking far too chipper for the little sleep he must have gotten the night before.

But Derek was all too happy to leave their rather odorous bed to shower only to find that Stiles had drawn him a bath. Hopping into a hot bath made up with bubbles and salts was the best way to start the day.

Right up until Derek realized Stiles had used lavender. Little known werewolf fact that he didn’t think he’d have to ever need to share but. Where wolfsbane flowers are poisonous, lavender flowers act as a depressant, like alcohol for humans. But Derek hasn’t been affected like this since his mom taught him and Laura with lavender essential oil- oh. Well that makes sense to add to a bath.

Derek sits and soaks, making no effort to scrub at or wash himself and thinks he’ll maybe have to set up another meeting with his mom for Stiles to learn more about werewolves. His mom doesn’t mind, truly, especially since she has no more wolves to teach anymore. Derek’s betas have all gone through the classes and Laura’s have been established for a while now. Honestly he thinks his mom has missed it since all the kids are out of the house and no one hasn’t started having grandkids so she hasn’t had anyone to teach for a while now.

The longer he soaks, his brain slows down and he feels completely boneless in the tub. He extends his hearing until he can listen to Stiles in the kitchen. He must be making breakfast because Derek can hear the rhythmic thump thump thump of Stiles’ knife on the cutting board. Fresh fruit maybe, Derek thinks.

After a while the water has cooled so he starts lazily rubbing himself with a cloth to get the remnants of the previous night off his skin. He’s glad he’d pulled himself together enough to do so when he hears the apartment door open and Stiles startle in the kitchen.

Derek sighs deeply at the sound of all of his betas walking in and interrupting his and Stiles’ day.

“What- what are you all doing here?” he can hear Stiles ask, startled and embarrassed so Derek pulls himself from the bath as fast as he can without slipping and falling with how slow his brain is working right now.

There’s a new fluffy white robe hanging on the back of the door and Derek doesn’t have time to think about it smelling of new and plastic before he realizes it smells only of Stiles. His hair is dripping cold water on his neck so he grabs a towel and wraps it around his head to keep his head warm too.

As he walks out of the bathroom, hands stuffed into the pockets of the robe, he takes in the scene in the kitchen and he doesn’t quite like what he sees. Erica and Isaac are crowding Stiles by the counter where Stiles likes to work on food prep. And they’re teasing him. Boyd is standing a step back from them, not participating but his is smirking. Derek feels his eyes go red as his temper rises quicker than normal.

Damn lavender.

“Look at this, all these perfectly sliced strawberries and mangos and these mini quiches,” Isaac is prodding as Erica leans in and drags a finger down Stiles’ cheek.

Stiles is looking uncharacteristically timid and hunched in on himself.

“Did the big bad alpha not appreciate your anniversary plans for yesterday and now you’re making it up to him?” she mocks and Derek is utterly confused and fuming.

“Hey!” he says sharply, pleased by the way Stiles straightens and the way all three betas flinch and step back from Derek’s husband. “What the hell do you think you’re doing treating my husband like that?” he starts and is again gratified when the three are at least appearing contrite at being caught.

“Number one: this better not be a regular occurrence. Number two: I don’t ever want to hear you talking to my husband like that again. And number three: he’s pampering me, let him be. It’s our anniversary and you’re interrupting. So after you apologize one of you will tell me what you’re doing here.”

A chorus of “sorry” emits from the three betas who look appropriately apologetic.

“Laura,” Erica starts and Derek sighs internally because of course his sister is involved in this, “paid us $20 each to come bug you guys. We, uh, maybe went too far,” she admits and Derek stands his ground when Stiles nods in agreement. He wonders briefly what had been said that he hadn’t heard in his lavender induced haze.  

“Thank you for the explanation, we’ll deal with this tomorrow morning, 8 am sharp,” he orders and the betas groan. They still hate mornings even as 20-somethings.

“Now get out, Stiles and I are still celebrating our anniversary and you’re intruding,” Derek finishes and they all three nod before turning for the door.

The silence falls heavy after the door shuts behind their unwelcome visitors. Derek turns to see Stiles fiddling with a towel, not looking up at Derek. They’ve come a long way in their relationship but try as he might, Derek can’t get rid of all of his husband’s insecurities. Stiles himself has come a long way in understanding that his position in the pack is different than the betas, he doesn’t have to work on keeping the alpha happy or obeying Derek simply because he’s Derek’s husband. Just existing and loving Derek is more than enough to contribute to the pack. Derek doesn’t mind reminding Stiles of this fact.

“So let’s say our immature betas hadn’t crashed our morning,” Derek says low and smooth as he steps towards Stiles and into his space completely, his hands resting on the counter on either side of Stiles’ sides. “What would we be doing right now?”

Stiles sighs and drops his forehead to rest against Derek’s chest, taking a moment to pull himself back into the moment and out of whatever doubts had been circling in his mind. Derek waits patiently, only nuzzling the top of Stiles’ head a little bit because the towel threatened to fall off his head.

“Well, I was going to bring you breakfast while you enjoyed your bath but I’m guessing the water has gone cold by now so I think we’ll just have classic breakfast in bed,” Stiles explains, pulling back from Derek about halfway through as his voice gained confidence.

With Stiles slouched the way he is against the counter, Derek leans down to press a firm kiss to his lips.

“That sounds great,” he murmurs against Stiles’ lips and loves that he can feel Stiles’ smile form. He’s glad he didn’t have to give a reason why getting back in the lavender filled bath wouldn’t be such a good idea. He’ll at least get a chance to bring it up in conversation instead of springing it on Stiles while he’s already a little emotionally fragile.

Stiles pulls back to look at Derek, but his smile drops into a surprised gape and Derek doesn’t follow –

“Oh my God are you high??” Stiles shrieks.

Well, so much for that plan.  

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Congratulations on your follower milestone! I thought I'd prompt you from your super sappy list of options: “I’ve been waiting all my life for you.” 😊 hopefully it's inspiring! Have a great weekend!

Thanks friend! Hope you enjoy! 

Derek presses his forehead to his new partner’s. His family is all watching and his heart is full of happiness at what this day means. He can’t wait for adventures and new memories to be had from this day forward. He’s overflowing with love and he doesn’t think anything will top this feeling.

“I’ve been waiting all my life for you,” he whispers and his partner smiles broadly.

The door to the pet room swings open and Stiles is standing there with his hands on his hips. All the dogs turn to him, tails wagging and tongues lolling from their mouths. Pete the cat jumps down from his tower and walks over to Stiles who leans down to pick him up.

“You know; do you have to quote your wedding vows every time we adopt a new pet?” Stiles asks. “It’s starting to lose its meaning a little.”

Derek grins, presses a kiss to the top of their new German Shepherd senior dog and then stands to meet his husband in the doorway.

“You know I love you the best,” Derek says with a grin and Stiles sighs, long-suffering. Stiles knew when they got married that Derek is a pushover for rescue animals. The fact that they built their house with a specific room for the dogs is evidence of that.

“Yeah, yeah,” Stiles deflects, “Wouldn’t hurt to say it a little more,” he grumbles as he turns away, Pete in his arms and leaving Derek to the room full of wagging tails and adoring brown eyes.

“So,” he addresses the dogs as he can hear his husband collapse on the couch with Pete, “who wants to go for a run?”

Red and Gold

Hey guys! Here I am in this situation again. Because I am such a wonderful friend (sarcasm), I missed another birthday. This time, the wonderful Anika at @avengerofyourheart had her birthday, and I was not online…

To make that up to her, I am dedicating this fic to her, as we also celebrate the birthday of our one and only Tony Stark! I hope you like it sweetheart, and happy birthday! (I didn’t go into too much detail with the cake- I didn’t want to make any mistakes!!!)



You sat in your loungeroom, putting the final touches on the wrapping paper. The ribbon was being very stubborn, but so were you, and you finally managed to get it curled. You smiled at it with satisfaction.

Then you heard the ding of the oven, and you made your way to the kitchen, putting on your oven mitts, and removing the cake. You placed it on the rack to cool before icing it.

Today was Tony Stark’s birthday. It hadn’t snuck up on you like birthdays sometimes did, because he was talking about his big party a week in advance.

You would attempt to attend the party that night, but Bucky was still very much in a state of confusion, and you weren’t sure you wanted to be away from him. You thought about him down in the gym with Steve, and smiled. It had been less than a month since you had discovered that Bucky was still alive, and it was still strange to you. Wonderful, but strange.

The cake was ready. You carefully placed it into a container, making sure not to damage the arc reactor icing on the top, and pressed the lid on. Checking the time on the oven, you saw it was 2:30. Perfect.

You took up the cake and gift, and made your way out of the apartment, and up to Tony’s lab. He would still be in there at this time, even on his birthday. You nodded when you heard the sounds of his equipment, and a swear word enter your ear, confirming this.

You knocked awkwardly, trying not to upset the cake. Tony continued his work, so you waited patiently. He had heard you, he just needed a moment to finish whatever it was he was currently doing.

When the door opened, Tony’s face went from one of distracted concentration, to that of a smile. “(Y/N), what brings you here?”

“Well, I thought I’d wish you a happy birthday early,” you replied, lifting the cake and the gift slightly for emphasis.

“Thanks (Y/N)!” he replied, taking the wrapped gift you had held out for him. He ushered you inside, and carefully cleared a space at one of his cluttered work benches. He pulled a stool over for you, and you sat a little awkwardly on it, anxiety beginning to course through you. You were never good at this part.

Tony brought his own stool over, and smiled at you. You felt how happy he was, and your nerves eased slightly.

“Open it,” you prompted gently.

Tony looked at the gift for a moment, and then back at you. “Are you sure you don’t want me to wait until everyone else is here?”

You shook your head. “I prefer doing this sort of thing one on one. Besides, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to… stay… at the party.”

Tony looked at you, understanding in his eyes. You were worried about the disappointment you were expecting to feel emanate from him, but that never came.

“I’m sorry, Tony. I’m such a bad friend,” you uttered.

“You aren’t a bad friend, (Y/N). You are an amazing friend, and a caring wife. And aside from those things, you must also be so confused about everything.”

Confused was probably a good word to use, but you didn’t confirm his assertion.

“Do you want me to postpone the party? I’m more than happy to,” Tony offered sincerely.

“Oh no, Tony, don’t do that! You’ve been looking forward to this! It’s your birthday!” You replied, frustrated that you had somehow managed to make things difficult, again.

“Alright. But, since you may not come, we’re having a little party together now, OK?”

“OK,” you smiled.

“JARVIS, could you play my party mix, please?” Tony asked.

Of course sir.

The music began to play, and Tony went back to his gift. Your nerves returned as he ripped the paper away. His face was still for a moment, before a large smile flashed across it.

“This looks really comfortable, (Y/N), thank you!” Tony exclaimed, holding the thick, wool jumper up to himself.

“Well, I figured this would be a gift that your elderly Auntie Barnes would make for you,” you replied. You could sense that he liked it, but you still felt silly about your reasoning.

“You made this?”

“Yeah, I made it. I used to knit and sew a lot when I was younger, especially during the war. I haven’t really done it since I woke up, but I guess I’ve still got it,” you explained, twiddling your fingers.

Tony looked at you in awe, and you could sense the affection, when he put the red and gold jumper on. He stood up, and posed like a model might.

“What do you think?”

“It looks wonderful on you, Tony!”

You were happy he liked it. While at first you had intended the gift as a joke, the further you progressed with it, the more you realised you were trying to give Tony a gift a family member might. You wanted him to feel warm and loved.

“Cake next, or dancing?” Tony asked, pulling you out of your reverie.

“Wait. How are we supposed to have cake in here?” You asked, looking around the lab.

“Well, I used to have a no food policy, but Bruce gets so cranky when he’s hungry, and we know how well that could go,” Tony explained, moving to a cupboard and opening it. Inside was a mini fridge, a microwave, a few plates, and some cutlery. “So I had all of this put in.”

He picked up two plates, a knife, and two forks, and returned to his stool. You slid the cake over to him, still in its container, and he pried the lid off, chuckling when he saw the arc reactor design. He looked at you, and raised his eyebrow.

“I was telling Pepper I was going to make you a cake, and she suggested this,” you explained with a small laugh.

“My god, she knows me,” he answered, cutting two slices of the cake as best he could with the knife.

“Wait, what about the wish?” You asked him.

“Oh, I don’t have any candles in here… I have a bunsen burner,” Tony thought out loud.

“Just make a wish. You don’t need fire for that,” you smiled.

“Alright, alright. I wish-”

“Not out loud! You think the wish.”

“Do you believe it’ll make a difference?”

“Not really,” you replied sheepishly. You weren’t sure how you felt about wishing. You had stopped believing a long time ago, but with Bucky back, you weren’t sure. “But it’s tradition.”

“Fine,” Tony huffed. He made his wish, silently, and then gave you a piece of cake. You chatted together as you ate, about all sorts of things.

When you had both finished, Tony stood and held his hand out to you. You looked at him, confused.

“It’s a party, (Y/N),” he sighed. “People dance at parties.”

“Right,” you answered.

You stood as well, and placed your hand in his. He pulled you close, and you danced together.

“Thank you, (Y/N),” Tony began. “Aside from the jumper, and cake, you’ve given me the best thing you possibly could today.”

“And what’s that?”

“You’ve made me feel… loved.”

“Of course you’re loved, Tony,” you replied, squeezing his shoulder gently as you kept dancing.

“Please don’t stop… making me feel that way.”

“I won’t.”

You both continued to dance, Tony holding you especially tight, when eventually JARVIS let you know that Bruce was coming. You ended your little party, and you hugged Tony, kissing him on the cheek. You wished you could say the words you longed to say. I love you. But you knew it would make him uncomfortable.

As you left, Tony told you it was ok if you wanted to skip his party that night. “You should be with Metal Man. Besides, I don’t think even my extravaganza tonight could top the party we just had.”

You smiled, thanked him, and left.

Later that night, as you sat with Bucky, helping him through a memory he thought he had, Steve got home from the party.

“How did it go?” You asked.

“Good, good. Loud. Oh, and he wore your jumper all night, (Y/N), and he wouldn’t take it off,” he replied.


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Hello there! I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself.

⊰ ⊱

I’m Chrystal. I’m 21 and I’ve recently discovered just how much I like plants and that I take a lot of pictures of them.
So, I decided to make this blog to share my plant pics and to motivate myself to get outside more (so far it’s working).
I hope this blog brings you happiness, joy, pleasure, or whatever positive feeling you get from looking at plants.

P. S. If there’s a plant somewhere in the photo, it counts.

P. P. S. Feel free to message me anytime about whatever.

P. P. P. S. This pic of me was taken at Longwood Gardens (in PA) during their Orchid Extravaganza.

redneckyacht  asked:

Okay I'm in a winter mood so give me 1 from the christmas list (winter expectations vs. winter realities), like maybe foolish, California-raised-winter Stiles going to school in New York and being a giant ball of rage and sweaters because WIND AND SNOW AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT RAINS ICE??? and Derek (neighbor or fellow student or prof) who drags him out shopping for decent winter gear

@redneckyacht this isn’t exactly what you asked for but i hope i got close ;) 

Derek bustled himself through the crowded sidewalk to get into his favorite coffee spot. It’s a tucked away little place that makes espresso as strong as Starbucks without the price tag. He’d found the place a long, long time ago when he was a teenager and needed an escape from his family. Today though, all he’s escaping is the wind. It’s only October but the wind has already got that bite to it that means he’ll be ordering a hot coffee today.

The chime sounds in the store when Derek shoulders his way through the door and the familiar barista greets him with a smile. The place is practically teeming with people and it surprises him. He must be frowning because Allison laughs at him.

“Don’t worry, Derek,” she says when he makes it to the counter, “it’s just midterms. Your precious hiding spot hasn’t been ruined.”

He huffs at her, unsurprised that she read him like a book. As much as his sisters like to claim he’s reclusive and non-emotive, he doesn’t go out of his way to make himself unreadable. He’s just private. That’s all.

Which means he’s in somewhat of a pickle: there are no open tables.

Derek orders his latte with a little caramel drizzle, pays and turns to find somewhere to sit while he warms up. But there are no open spaces. The comfortable chairs by the front window are occupied, as are the tables and the stools along the bar. The booths along the wall are all full of people with books and notebooks spread out in front of them.

He walks to the end of the bar, to wait for his coffee, when he spots an open seat.

A young man is sitting in the booth back in the corner, no one is across from him and he has only a laptop open in front of him. His large iced drink is nearly gone, so he’s been there for a while. He takes another sweeping glance around the shop but no one has gotten up to leave and there’s white flakes starting to flutter outside the window. He swallows his slight discomfort and it’s decided. He’s going to share a table with a stranger.

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ladiekatie  asked:

Sterek where Stiles is hurt but not badly, and Derek just doesn't understand that's he's fine. And he's insisting they go to the hospital because YOU'RE BLEEDING A LOT.


“Yes, Derek,” Stiles says, voice all nasally and weird.

“Stiles, that’s a lot of blood.”

“Yes, dear it is.” 

“Stiles please let me take you to the hospital.” 

Stiles sighs and reaches for another glob of kleenex. 

“Honey, I got hit in the nose with a baseball. It’s a bloody nose, not a broken one, it’s going to bleed, profusely for a while.” 

Derek stares at him in concern and then down at the sink full of bloody tissues. 

“That is still a lot of blood are you sure-”

“Derek!” Stiles exclaims with a weak laugh, happy that Derek is so concerned. “I promise, I don’t need any medical attention. If you want to help, go grab me an ice cube from the freezer, it’ll help slow the bleeding.” 

Derek’s face goes from concern to serious in an instant. Like the trip to the freezer is a serious mission. He leans in and presses a kiss to Stiles’ cheek, probably the one spot that doesn’t have any blood. 

“I can do that,” he responds very solemnly. 

Stiles sighs as Derek practically runs from the bathroom. He’s going to kill Scott for hitting him with the baseball.