my existance is annoying

did you know you can blacklist on ao3 with -”pairing/tag/fandom/whatever” 

and if you want more than one thing blacklisted, separate with a comma like -”pairing1/pairing1,” -”pairing2/pairing2,” -”annoying fandom idk”

pros and cons of being pansexual


-so many dating options 

-everyone is attractive

-so. many. hot. people.

-not worrying about having to change gender or pronouns in song lyrics

-being free to date who you like

-not being restricted by gender

- the sense of relief when you finally find a label you identify with

-being part of the lgbtq+ community

-sometimes when you come out you’re also educating people about it and idk it’s really nice to hear people saying ‘oh i didn’t know about that. wow that’s really cool’

-the pan flag is really aesthetically pleasing??


-everyone is attractive

- ‘so you like pans lol?’

- people not taking you seriously

-no one knowing what pansexual is

- ‘so you’re bisexual’

-being afraid to come out to some family members because the term is a relatively new thing and they could react badly

- ‘that’s not a thing’

- people assuming you want to date them ??

- being excluded by some parts of the lgbtq+ community because apparently you’re not queer enough??

- not being taken seriously

- some straight people will make fun of you, especially when you come out

-coming out

-the pan jokes

Want: A semi-humorous fic where Thor and Loki are in an arranged marriage, and they have their wedding day (and night) and all that and Loki was super agreeable the entire time…but the truth is that for years Jotunheim has been grooming Loki specifically to assassinate Thor

So Loki tries over and over to find chances to kill Thor somewhat discreetly, but it somehow fails every time, and of course Thor is like blindingly friendly and loving toward his new spouse and has no clue what Loki’s up to (not to mention the sex is fantastic and Loki can’t help but enjoy it). Soon Loki catches feelings and his assassination attempts get more and more sparse, and his family is like ‘wtf are you doing kill him, you’ve been prepping for this for centuries’, and eventually Loki’s attempts are really lazy/half-hearted and he realizes he’s messing up on purpose…

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Look I really don't want to be a hater but it's blogs like this which are so negative about everything that ruin things. Sorry it's my opinion but surely you can see even a little where I'm coming from ... Why can't we try to keep things positive people have different opinions and ships that fine but to knock down other people's opinions is just wrong. What do you get out of spreading hate There are a number of characters in many a show that I truly can't stand but I don't run hate blogs

Look I really don’t want to be a hater but it’s blogs like this which are so negative about everything that ruin things.

Wrong. Try again. It’s people like YOU that ruin things when we just have a venting space about a ship/character(s) we can’t fucking stand. 

Why can’t we try to keep things positive people have different opinions and ships that fine but to knock down other people’s opinions is just wrong.

I don’t invade tags to ‘knock down’ any opinions. I don’t talk shit about real people. (Unlike the CSers in the fandom. Natch.) And I sure as hell don’t invade people’s inboxes. (Unlike you. Natch.) So you can bite me.

What do you get out of spreading hate

I get the satisfaction that my very existence of this blog annoys the CS fandom. It’s great. 

  There are a number of characters in many a show that I truly can’t stand but I don’t run hate blogs

I’m so fucking tired of annoying people like you pretending to be some kind of ‘peace keeper’ for the fandom. IT’S NOT HAPPENING. I don’t want to be friends with the CSers. At least not the one’s who treat the rest of us like shit. 

I don’t want to be nice about a ship that triggers me. 

I don’t want to be nice about a character who is fucking emotionally abusive towards his fiance. (Ugh.)

I’M DONE BEING NICE. And I’m not going to stop running this blog, just because you don’t like that I hate something that…. Well, let’s face it….. You probably love and think is the most best thing since…. Well, any other terribly written ship on television. 

Now…. Shoo out of this inbox and don’t return. 

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Can you share a rumour about the red paladin?

*zarion voice*: some say the red paladin doesn’t exist at all! think about it - have you SEEN him lately? that’s right, you didn’t! that just proves my theory - it’s just a trick the alteans use to mess with our heads, the red lion is actually remote controlled and every time we saw the red paladin it was just blue paladin in a wig!!! for more proof read my blog at thetruthaboutvoltron.tungle.glr

keith would be annoyed to learn he “doesn’t exist”, but he also respects a good conspiracy theory

@avpdjaunearc and i were talking about the GARBAGE CHILDREN the other day and he said that “they need to be recycled”

so. this happened. :3c

“Careful Stilinski, Your Void Stiles is Showing” [Stiles Stilinski]

songs to play while reading this:
distance - christina perri (again sorry it fits in so many storylines)
idfc - blackbear

request (x) : can you do a stiles imagine where stiles and the reader can’t stand each other but one night they end up alone argueing and the girl tells dylan to piss off but he doesn’t so she shoves him but he still does’t move and then lots of kissing happens?!? FLUFFLY pleaze :))


Fifty, fifty LONG minutes of being trapped in the same room as Stiles. You both hated each other . Well, he hated you, at least that’s what you thought. You just acted like you hated him too because he was always mean to you, he never acted in a close way.

 Scott was your best friend, and when he introduced you to stiles (which he had gotten close with after you moved when you were small.) he acted as if you were trash, always looked disgusted when you were in the room.

Ever since you moved back, both of you were annoyed with each other’s presence, the only guilt you felt was that Scott wanted you guys to get along. 

As much as you hated it you actually got to know Stiles and how he was, from a distance of course. You observed the way he wrinkled his nose in a cute way when he was focusing too hard on the screen of his laptop. 

You noticed the way he treated the people close to him, it was admirable, he was always protective over them. When he had to watch out for you like he was doing at the very moment, he acted as if it was obligatory, you hated that feeling. 

The thing you hated about this situation was that you truly didn’t despise Stiles, you actually felt a sort of attraction to him, it was crazy but you couldn’t help it. When you stared at him for a long time while he was writing stuff on his board with his colored pens, when he read something trying to find some sort of explanation to it, you felt like you learned about him that way.

Then your feelings get put on hold when he notices you staring as he tells you ‘What the hell are you looking at?’ With that (sometimes) annoying sass of his, you snap out of it very quickly after that.

It actually made him a hypocrite to say the least, he always looked at you too when you’re attention wasn’t on him. Even when you catch him and roll your eyes, he didn’t stop. You liked when he did that, it just got you mad when you did the same and he acted like he had not done it before.

Currently, you were cramped inside his room with no permission to leave. The whole pack told Stiles to not let you out of his room until the danger clears with you. Lydia got a deadly prediction happening, and something was bound to happen this very night. 

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..meanwhile Nyota ‘doing my job first, wonder woman later’ Uhura..

i like that my meds make me able to Exist but it’s so annoying having to remember to take them and if i don’t i get awful headaches and feel like shit

One day I promise I will put my natural hair to good use and make this an actual cosplay

Have a nice cup of tea!

Because my sisters mere existence has been annoying me recently it’s time for revenge. She eats all the food, cooks none of it for anybody else, doesn’t clear anything up, takes people’s stuff, leaves the ham out and right now is coughing on every single item in the house.

Today I was boiling the kettle to make a black coffee, she walks in and says “I’ll get the milk, make sure there’s enough water for me.” There’s enough water for a cup and a half, so not enough for her.

She goes outside to get the milk, I pour my hot water and put about half a cup of cold water in the kettle.

Her tea will be weak and lukewarm.

“Damn professional” - h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



There was no need for sleeves anymore. Harry heard her knock on his door a couple times, and eau time he couldn’t help but ignore her. He saw her through the view hole in his door as he sat there, brooding to himself. She didn’t say anything either. She didn’t beg or plead to come in because she knew just as much as he did that this was completely messed up. 

It was late by the time Harry finally meandered over to his kitchen, slowly and lazily looking through his fridge for something to drink. A gust of wind caught him off guard and when he looked up there she was. She had come in through his window, closing it behind her as she stood in the opening before his kitchen. 

“We really should talk, Harry.”

The scotch in his glass swished around as he shrugged, watching her carefully as she retracted the wire on a contraption on her wrist. He could see the marks up and down her arms - especially the bullet wound he’d been there to see personally. 

“Where’s the lipstick?” Harry asked, “That was a good detail. You put that on rather quickly. Is the wig easy to put on too?”

Y/N remained silent, scratching around a scab on her elbow. “The thing I can’t figure out though,” Harry laughed sarcastically, moving around the kitchen so he was standing in front of her, “Is how you’re apparently an assassin but decided to be a party planner in your spare time.”

“Harry -”

“I should have seen it,” Harry shook his head, “It was ridiculous really, considering there were so many signs that I just completely ignored. I think I had my assumptions, and I know that secretly deep down I always knew but I just kept telling myself that no, Y/N isn’t that stupid to go out and play superhero.”

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