my excitement is beyond words

Help me help pet parents!

Hey petblr! Guess what?? I just got the news that I’m now the newest employee at my LPS!!! I’m excited beyond words :) especially because I know that this place actually takes good care of all the animals that they sell. HOWEVER… most of my animal knowledge comes from personal experience or research for my own pets (mainly fish and small dogs). I’m sure some things I’d consider to be good information is now sorely out of date. My fear is that I will misguide someone who comes to me at work asking for advice, SO HERE’S WHAT I WANT FROM ALL OF YOU!!!

I want your experience! I want to know everything you care to tell me about your personal/favorite animals! Tell me behaviors, histories, habits, habitats, funny stories, horror stories, sources for pet care info, pet care blogs, big mistakes newbies make, EVERYTHING! Even if it’s just a fun story about your family pet, or a time when a pet store employee told you bad information and how you handled it. Reply to this, or message me, or if you want to annon then just send as an ask, but I’d love to hear at least one little tip from EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS POST! (YES, EVEN YOU LURKERS!). Then, if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate a repost so that as many people as possible can add to this! No worries if you choose not to though :)

In return, I’ll try my best to post all the interesting things I learn and stories from people/pets I meet at work (that I’m allowed to share, no private information will be posted). Also, I’ll try to compile the information you all send me and make some new, community-made care sheets for domestic animals. I’m going to use your advice and responses to help guide and educate as many people as I can so that we can all make better environments and lives for our beloved pets :) THANK YOU!

P.S. If you see this post reblogged with anything you think is misinformation, please be gentle, courteous, and patient in your responses. We’re all learning together, and I’d hate for a large argument to be caused by this. Thanks for being excellent to each other!!

”Useless” by Bones

A new Bones mixtape is always newsworthy, but there’s one thing in particular about “Useless” that makes it so special to me, and that’s the production credit on track 5. The fact that Eric Dingus is back working with the Seshollowaterboyz, after producing some of my favorite music of theirs, is exciting beyond words. After all, Dingus’ “Marble” remix tape is what turned me into such a huge Bones fan in the first place.

- Clever Tom

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