my exams start on wednesday

Last day of highschool was today and I finished 2 out of 5 AP exams and I have to go back to school to take the rest kmn

Shifter / Part X

Summary: Raised as one of Hydra’s experiments, the reader has the abilities of a shapeshifter. Once rescued by the Avengers, the reader lives and grows up among them. However, as the events of Civil War begin to unfold, Y/N becomes ill. She is left under Tony’s care but Tony has recruited a new member – how will this affect the reader and the rest of the Avengers, and where will Y/N end up?

Author’s note: I am so, so, so sorry for the really long wait guys. I’ve had a ton of school stuff to do, and my GCSEs (HUGE, life-determining exams) started last Thursday, so I am a teensy bit panicked. But I’ve been working on this for so long now, and I just couldn’t leave you guys in the dark for much longer! This part is a teeny bit dark, but I’m quite proud of it! Next part will be the last chapter of Shifter, so enjoy!

Warnings: Short description of experimentation/torture, mention of blood, angst.

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || Part Nine || Part Ten || Last part coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

     Steve is panicked and terrified. The rest of the team can tell, as they watch him sitting alone in the corner, his head hung low as he wrings his hands. It’s been three days since you were taken. Peter is restless, popping into the science lab to check for updates, flying around the city like crazy as he tries to distract himself. Tony isn’t eating – he’s locked himself in his lab, furiously running through CCTV cameras and any sort of tracking devices he could use to find you. Clint and Natasha have patrolled the streets of New York over a dozen times – Nat can tell that Clint is blaming himself, as every time they return empty handed he punches something and heads to the range to practice. Bruce is trying to keep the team alive – running around with food and drink to make people eat, checking up on Peter every so often, trying to stop Clint from breaking his knuckles.

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Bad People

Request from anon: “Do you think we’re bad people?” - for the prompt thing! love your work x

Okay, so if this has worked out right and my scheduling is correct, this should be going up on Wednesday. My exams are starting on Tuesday and I won’t be active until they’re over in June. I’ve written a tonne of requests so they should still be posting hopefully. Thank you for requesting anon:) This is a quick imagine.

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“Do you think we’re bad people?” You asked Draco one night as you were both sat staring at the stars beside the Black Lake. Draco scoffed, chuckling slightly. “I think everyone has bad in them but that doesn’t make them a bad person.” He replies smoothly. You shake your head. “I mean, do you think we’re bad people? Because of who our parents are and what we’ve been taught to believe?” You ask. The question had been biting at you for months and you were beginning to lose sleep over it; Voldemort was at large again and people were beginning to say bad things about the both of you. 

“I don’t like to think we’re bad people. We’ve made bad decisions but we’re different to our parents, Y/N. They’re the people who have made us like this.” Draco declares, looking over to meet your eyes. You frown as a tear pricks your eye. “I don’t want to be a bad person, I don’t want to be a fucking Death Eater.”  Draco raises his hand up to wipe the loose tear away. “You know we didn’t have a choice. I didn’t want to become this either.” He mumbles, staring at the black brand on your wrist, the same brand boiled into his skin. 

You nod your head, surrendering into his arms. You stare out at the lake. You breath in his scent, relaxing as if it’s a sedation. You’d persuaded Draco to give the suit a rest for today and settle for jeans and a hoodie; it made you feel like when you were both still oblivious teenagers. “I promise when this is all over we’ll travel the world together.” Draco whispers, reminding you of what you both planned way back in third year. “And you promise you’ll stay with me?” You ask, wrapping your arms around Draco so that he can lean into your embrace as well. “Of course, love. I promise.”


That one friend that NEVER studied for a test and always complaining but always gets the highest score out of your crew

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all of my ib exams got scheduled consecutively so i started wednesday afternoon and i have testing every day, morning and afternoon, until this coming wednesday. ib can choke :) ((i dont have to go to school tho so thats nice))

GOD… fucc that dawg… i only have two exams this year. theyre separated by 13 days

08.05.17 - Today was another early start in the library. My comparative physiology bio exam is on Wednesday so today and tomorrow I’m just solidly reviewing content, attempting problem solving questions (argh), and practicing essay plans. Starting to get quite nervous now…

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carol cAROL CAROL I LISTENED TO YOUR SONG RECS AND I LOVED ALL OF THEM~ but by far my favorite was winner's fool 😍 i successfully got over my ex-crush!! and i gave a speech wednesday about symbolism in the harry potter series and it went super well!! school ends next thursday and then i have a week of break before self-induced summer school 😅 how's uni going?? is it ending soon or are you already on break? (thank you for the recs, by the way!! i really appreciate them.) love, sebongie anon 😊

aaah im so glad u enjoyed them!!! winner’s fool is sO amazing im in love with their new music atm 💕💓  and yay for getting over ur ex crush and for killing ur speech im so proud of u!! ur doing so well~ as for uni, it’s going pretty well -my exams start on wednesday which im pretty thankful for bc im sick of sitting around waiting for them. i just want it to be summer break already!! 


Encore des réponses :) I’m back ahah! My Internet connection died a few days ago but it is fixed now. I missed Tumblr so much 0_o (and I’m still very busy irl, my exams started Wednesday so I don’t have a minute during the day to rest and take the time to come here and say hello… I let some posts in my queue anyway!)

@jesuisbetejesuispatissiere: ça me rassure de voir que je ne suis pas la seule ahah! Il doit vraiment avoir quelque chose de spécial… Et je suis partante pour ouvrir un club! Aucun problème! :D 

@coffee-without-a-pause: ça t’arrivera ptet aussi un jour - si ce n’est pas déjà le cas… Mais oui j’admets que c’est assez sympa. Beaucoup plus que de faire des cauchemars à propos d’examens, de tueurs en série ou ce genre de trucs x) 

Et ouii les icônes sont trop kawaii, c’est une super idée qu’elles soient aussi complémentaires! 

And for @harlanhardway and @ofcacthuxandkylosaur : thank you very much for the tag, I saw it, and I will answer as soon as possible :)