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I am slowly but surely trying to deal with the salt I have for MCU Wanda and MCU in general.


Tony nearly threw his tablet.

Wanda shrank backward, frowning. She felt the need to apologize but it got stuck in her throat. Ever since her first apology where Tony had simply turned his back on her, she’d realized he hadn’t wanted to hear it.

Tony put a hand over his heart, took a deep breath, then turned toward her. “Yes, Ms. Maximoff?”

Wanda gripped her phone in her hands tightly, then charged forward. “Vision and I joined Tinder to learn more about human interaction together.”

Tony’s hand over his heart turned from trying to catch his breath to more of a clutching of pearls in horror. “Oh my God. Why?

“Vision is still learning social cues,” Wanda explained, and then paused, because adding her reasoning would be giving him a piece of herself that she wasn’t ready to lay bare. Then again—she had seen his fears. Perhaps she needed to be laid bare to Tony. “I’m—when my brother and I joined Hydra, my learning of social niceties was stunted as well. And I thought—”

“You thought Tinder was the way to learn?” Tony asked, appalled.

“I joined MeetMe, too…” Wanda began, but trailed off when Tony groaned and dragged his hands down his face.

“Honey,” Tony said, and Wanda bristled instinctively until she realized there was no condescension in his tone, and remembered that Tony preferred nicknames to people’s actual names. “Tinder is mostly for dating. Delete that one.”

“Okay, but, um—” Wanda hemmed and hawed, trying to figure out how to continue. “…I get the exact same messages on MeetMe. And some of these men are—I tell them I’m not interested in that, and they blow up at me. Even though MeetMe says it’s for friends.”

“Pepper gets creeped on with her LinkedIn account,” Tony informed her, tucking his tablet under his arm. “If it’s a private account, there will always be a creep that will try to hit on you.”

Wanda frowned down at her phone. “I also came to you because you’re—a numbers man?”

Tony paused, growing cautious again. “Yeah?”

“…I mean, statistically speaking, these men can’t possibly all have nine inch penises.”

Tony put a hand over his chest again. “Jesus Christ, I’m so glad these things didn’t exist when I was a child.” He paused. “…Fourteen-year-old me would have loved it but looking back on it that’s probably not good.”

That… explained a few things about Tony that she’d gleaned from his mind.

“Listen,” Tony sighed. “The best thing to do is block all the guys that get abusive. Hell, block all the guys that start messages with sex talk. Block every person that sends you a dick pic.”

“But I must learn to deal with these people,” Wanda insisted. “Properly. I must learn to control myself and my powers.”

Tony sighed again, frowning at her, then held his hand up. “Okay, just—wait a minute.”

“Okay,” Wanda answered quietly, and watched as Tony began to pace.

It took a few minutes, but then he stopped right in front of her, grabbed her shoulders, and leaned in. It wasn’t as intimidating as it might have been in the past.

“Tell them that you don’t fuck with guys over seven inches,” Tony began.

“WHAT,” burst out of Wanda’s mouth before he could continue.

“Shh,” Tony said, waving her outrage away. “And seven is really pushing it. Listen. The average vagina is three to four inches long when not aroused. It’ll elongate when you are! But without the arousal, it’s three to four inches. You don’t wanna cram nine inches up there.”

Wanda kind of wanted to die even if this was good information.

“So tell them you only take seven inches, and watch these losers who think size makes up for skill backpedal and say oh no, they really are only seven inches. Boys are stupid, Wanda.”

“Really?” Wanda asked skeptically.

Tony nodded. “Yes.

Wanda wasn’t sure she believed him. “Well, alright.”

“Stupid,” Tony insisted again.

She nodded. “Okay.”

“Okay,” Tony agreed, then gave her a pat on the shoulder and turned to leave. “This was weird please ask Clint next time.”

Clint probably wouldn’t have given her very good advice. Sometimes he treated her like a child, who needed to be protected. Wanda wasn’t a child; she was an adult, who could make her own decisions. That was part of the reason she’d struggled after Ultron—she hadn’t been held accountable for her actions.

And maybe she thought she hadn’t needed to be held accountable then either. She had been angry and—well. That didn’t matter now. She had made mistakes, and now she had to pay for them. It was something that she was coming to grips with.

Wanda had hope that people would one day see beyond her mistakes, though. People had seen past Tony’s after all. Tony hadn’t let his mistakes define him. She may have to try a little harder to be accepted after what she did, but she would do continue to try anyway, even though there were certainly going to be people who never forgave her. It was what she deserved. She understood that now.

“Why did Tony just tell you the average depth of a woman’s vagina?” Natasha asked, snapping her gum.

Wanda threw her phone with a yell. The only thing that saved it was her magic.

“Actually never mind, I don’t care.” Natasha snapped her gum again, flopping down onto the couch. “The average dick is five inches by the way.”

“Oh. Um. Thank you,” Wanda replied, then hurried away before she was told anything else about the human body.


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Kai Parker x Reader


Kai kidnaps Elena’s twin sister thinking she is Elena so he can practice magic on her.

*not my gif

After absorbing the spell keeping all the supernatural creatures out of Mystic Falls , it didn’t take long for Kai to realise he had started losing control over all the magic he had absorbed. Some of the spells he was trying to do were not working , others did something completely different than the thing he intended to do. He needed to practice and he knew exactly who to practice with .. or more like practice on.

“So you can finally come home and we can have Christmas together ?” Y/N said excitedly on the phone with her twin sister Elena Gilbert.
“Yes ! Damon just told me and … I’m headed there right now. Do you want to come ? We haven’t been all of us together in forever !”
Y/N glanced at all the books on her bed. Teachers didn’t understand the concept of Christmas vacation. She sighed and decided that friends and family is way more important than the damn studies. If it came to that , she can always ask one of her friends to compell her teacher for an extension.
“Sure , I’ll be right over.” Y/N got up and got dressed quickly.
She arrived at the Salvatore house before her sister and noticed the mistletoe hanging above. Damon was obviously trying to find a way to get back together with Elena. Y/N rang on the bell and waited for someone to open the door. A few moments later Damon opened.
“Mistletoe. Clever!” she said smiling but soon realised something was not right. Damon was looking right through her as if she wasn’t even there.
“Hello? Anybody there?” he asked confused.
“Damon , come on ! Aren’t you gonna let me in … ?” she started to say but he closed the door before she could finish.
Y/N stared for a moment at the door in confusion. What was going on ?!
“I might’ve put a cloaking spell on us. How genious is that?” a familiar male voice said from behind her. Y/N turned around to find Kai Parker standing there. Before she even had time to process what’s happening he knocked her out.

When Y/N woke up she was in one of the classrooms in her old high school , having no memory how she got there. Spending time with Kai was definitely something she had wanted to do but kidnapping was not what she had in mind.
“Finally, you are awake.” Kai said with a smirk.
Y/N tried to free her hands but couldn’t , soon enough it became clear it was pointless , she sighed and turned to Kai.
“Why am I here Kai ?”
“It’s your old high school.” he said innocently as if he had no idea what she was talking about.
“No , I don’t mean school…”
“Oh , you mean here HERE.” he said taking a sip of his coke. “Well, the magic I absorbed from the Travellers spell might’ve been a bit too much. Magic is literally oozing out of me and I realised that if  I start merging with Jo right now , she might turn to mush or whatever leaving me with no twin for the merge. So , that’s why you are here , Elena. I need to get my magic under control by practicing with you .. or more like ON you.” Kai said smiling.
“Kai , I’m not … ” Y/N tried to speak but for some reason no sound would come out. The more she tried the worse it got , it was as if air was being sucked out of her lungs every time she tried.
“Shhh .. I am trying to focus.” he said. Kai sat across from her.
A moment later Y/N felt something cutting her face. He was starring at her , a smile on his face as he moved his finger across the air.
“Ouch … Kai what are you doing?” Y/N asked feeling relieved she can talk again. Maybe this time she’d be able to clear up the confusion…
“Oh nothing , just … working on my self control.” he said leaning in to wipe the blood off her face. His hand was so soft and Y/N’s heart skipped a beat having him stand so close. Suddenly Kai’s expression changed , he seemed worried.
“Why aren’t you healing ?”
Y/N let out a short laugh. “Maybe if you had let me finish earlier you wouldn’t have to ask.” she snapped at him. He looked annoyed and confused. “I am NOT Elena.” she said calmly.
Kai’s eyes widened in shock , he swallowed hard and turned around cursing under his breath. THIS was NOT supposed to happen. he thought. He didn’t want to hurt her , he never wanted to hurt her
A few minutes passed before Kai turned around , an apologetic look on his face. Y/N had never seen him look like that. He laughed nervously and kneeled down , untying her hands.
“I um … I thought you were Elena. I’m … I’m sorry for hurting you.”
Y/N stared at him in disbelief. Was he for real ?
“Kai Parker , apologising? That’s a first…” she said unsure what was happening. “Is this a trick?”
Kai didn’t reply. He looked almost offended , a look of hurt flashing through his face. Y/N rubbed her wrists and got up. She glanced at him , he had sat on one of the desks,  his head in his hands.
“Kai ?” she tried to get his attention unsuccesfully.
Kai couldn’t stop thinking about what he had done. The realisation of what he could’ve done to Y/N if he had tried another spell or if the spell had done something unexpected crushing his heart. He couldn’t even look at her.
A few minutes passed and Kai didn’t show any signs of acknowledging Y/N’s words , she sighed and turned around getting ready to leave.
“Wait.” he said suddenly , grabbing her wrist , making her turn around. “Look , I REALLY AM sorry. I thought you were Elena , I’d never … I’d never hurt you intentionally.”
“What are you talking about Kai ?” Y/N asked confused. “It’s OK to hurt my sister but not me?! I don’t understand anything…” She kept starring at him , waiting for an answer but he just stood there silent looking at his feet , not releasing his grip on her hand.
“Are you going to - ?“ 
All of the sudden Kai’s lips crashed with hers , not letting her finish. Y/N stared at him in shock and confusion , a million thoughts going through her head. When did he release the grip on my wrist ? Y/N asked herself  when Kai pulled away from the kiss. He was breathless , just like her. Kai touched her face , the exact spot where the had cut her using magic and she felt warmth spread across her cheek , the stinging disappearing.
"I love you , Y/N.” he said , his voice soft , “and I know you don’t feel the same way because how can someone so kind like you feel that way about a person like me.” he  said slightly shrugging his shoulders ,a small smile showing on his face. “I’ve hurt your friends and now I’ve hurt you and .. I hate myself for it because this is not the way I imagined confessing my feelings for you.” he chuckled nervously. “You are everything I’ve ever needed in my life , the piece I didn’t know was missing and now I’ve lost you before even -”
“Stop talking.” Y/N said trying to process everything Kai had just said. She had feelings for him too but never even thought that Kai would feel the same , she hoped but …
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her , he looked broken.
“Please , let me finish. I’ll except your rejection after that , I just need to say it.” he pleaded.
Y/N rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand for a moment and sighed , looking directly in his eyes. Her sister would definitely freak out and her friends would think she had gone completely off the rocker crazy , but Y/N didn’t care. She grabbed his shirt pulling him closer and kissed him deeply. Kai was started for a split second but then he wrapped his hands around her , kissing her back and pulling her so close there was no space between them.
“I love you too Kai.” she said resting her forehead on his. “I love you.” Y/N repeated , looking him directly in the eyes. Kai grinned and pulled her into another kiss.

“What the hell?!” a very familiar voice said.
Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other to find Elena and Damon starring at them in complete shock and disgust.
Kai had an amused look on his face when Y/N turned to look at him. He was starring at the newcomer’s expressions trying to suppress a laugh. For some reason that made Y/N laugh and a moment later Kai started laughing too.
“Yep , your sister has lost it.”
“Shut up Damon.” Y/N snapped annoyed. “It’s none of your business.” She took Kai’s hand and pushed their way pass Elena and Damon.
“Where do you think you are going ?” asked Elena.
Y/N turned around for a second to look at her sister. “To have fun!” she replied still laughing , Kai’s arm around her waist.
NOTE : I hope you guys like this one. :) It’s definitely one of my favorite imagines. Also to the anon who requested it - THANK YOU for requesting this specifically. It was so much fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it ! :)




“Me and my friends were trying to scare ourselves one night. Five of us loaded up in my buddy’s small pick up truck (Two laying down in the covered truck bed.) and hit the road for the top of the mountain that was supposedly haunted.

We made it to the top of the mountain and thought it was kind of lame. It was dark that night however, like no dark that I have ever seen before. We got back in and went to the edge of town to a old grave yard we heard stuff about. We drove the truck up the dirt path on the graveyard quite some way until we stopped in front of a ditch. Dustin got out and dropped the tail gate and me and the other in the back got out. My friend Ricky and Justin stayed in the truck and Dustin, me, and the other guy were talking in the back. Apparently the grave yard was once a meeting place for cultist in the area.

During our conversation we heard our buddy Ricky screaming and pointing his flashlight up the hill to the right of the truck. We all looked over to see a greenish white something dash from the graves up into the forest. The footsteps were loud, and I mean loud. Dustin ran to the truck to drive and we jumped head first into the truck bed. We flew out of the graveyard in reverse until we hit the bottom where we heard them arguing over what they saw and who was going to get out to shut the tail gate. Eventually Ol Rick ran out shut the tailgate and peeled rubber onto the road. We went home talked about it and with our combined accounts we established it looked something like the creepy pasta creature “The Rake”. If interested you can google image “The Rake” and look for the one on the trail cam. That’s kinda like we saw.

We went back several nights under the same conditions and never found anything else. Months later we were discussing the story at my buddy’s house when his Aunt heard us talking about seeing something white in a grave yard. Immediately without her even knowing the story she asked “The graves behind Food City?” (It was.) Apparently a girl was killed there and according to her has been seen in a tight white dress. While it wasn’t a exact match to what we thought we saw it was odd and got me really thinking. This was a year ago and we haven’t went back since. Just thought I would share.”

By: TheDogeOfShibe

Fuck internalized racism.

It turns us into monsters.

Today in class the professor had us partner up with someone else and discuss an issue with each other. One person would write and the other would read it out loud to the class.

A very quiet Iraqi lady came up to me and asked to be my partner. I am normally a very talkative student so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to lay low and let someone else take the stage. I asked her if she would like to be the presenter and she said, “I can’t. I have an accent and no one can understand what I am saying.” So I said, “I can understand you.” She said, “Thanks but my children make fun of me. They say ‘mom be quiet, no one can even understand what you’re saying’.”

This made me realize what a shitty human being I am because I used to say the exact same thing to my parents back when I tried to hard to please my racist classmates and before I realized how amazing it was that my parents were fluent in more languages than most of them would learn in their entire lifetime.

The fact is, people with thick non-anglo accents are perfectly aware of how the world sees them. That’s why my classmate, a brilliant woman, hasn’t said a single word out loud in class. That’s why my aunt, tired of being mocked for her accent, asks my sister to make all her important phone calls for her. That’s why sometimes even I use smaller words when I am talking because I can’t pronounce all the words I can write.

McGill University recently fired a professor because he had an accent. One of my other classmates, who is fluent in English, is fighting for his right to not be forced to write the TOEFL, which is usually waived for students with his educational background. And finally, last but not least, I know my accent is the biggest reason why I walked out of the American embassy in Saudi Arabia with a visa stamped on my passport moments after I arrived while all the other applicants were thoroughly questioned and, in some cases, rejected.

Dear POCs, fucking stop making fun of other people’s accents. They already have a hard enough time dealing with a system that marginalizes them. Fight for them, not with them. Always remember, you are not superior to other people just because you speak the language of your colonizers fluently.

bluberrieowl  asked:

I love Makki,,, I have the HC that Max knows how to make Nikki do a cute little giggle, (like, maybe wiggling his eyebrows or making a joke) just she he can hear it. (I thought I was the only one with shipping Makki, glad I found this place)

YES I LOVE THIS HEAD CANON SO MUCH I NEED TO ADD IT TO MY LIST!!! and oh my god believe me i felt the exact same way in the beginning when i joined the fandom because so many people liked maxpres so i didn’t have any sort of content for my ship but boy i have met a lot of people who ship it as much as i do and season 2 episode 9 really fueled my love for the ship so i’m happy that you found your makki heaven :D we have cookies!!!

A Greeting Of Our Own

Pairing: Black-tailed Prairie Dog x American Beaver
Series: Kemono Friends
Words: 1339
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Beaver gets uneasy over Prairie greeting other Friends, but she doesn’t want to ask her to stop or risk hurting her feelings.
Notes: This one was much harder to write than I thought it’d be. I held a Twitter poll to help me decide which pairing I should try and write and despite having the idea clear in my head, it took me a lot of rewrites to finally be happy with the results. The header art is from the cover of the next anthology volume releasing next week, drawn by Namori (Yuru Yuri).

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The Question Falls - Chapter 10

Fandom: OUAT

Pairing: Rumbelle, Swanfire (mentions of Red Cricket, Aurora/Mulan, Ariel/Eric)

Rating: E (but not really this chapter sorry)

Summary: Divorce attorney Gold knows better than to fall in love with a client. Really he does.


Chapter 10 - Neal and Emma have news for Gold, Gold and Belle attend a gallery opening, and it appears there may be another woman in Gold’s life.

Gold paced nervously outside the bistro, his fingers twitching at his side. Neal had called that morning and asked him to meet them for dinner. To talk about something important, he’d said. Despite a certain blue-eyed beauty’s influence, Gold was an incurable pessimist, and he couldn’t think of a single instance in the history of humanity when the words “we need to talk” had meant anything good. He couldn’t even determine what exactly might be wrong; he just knew that something must be. Neal and Emma were late, to top it all off, and he was imagining accidents and muggers and God knew what else.

He’d whipped his phone out to call Neal again when a hand gripped his shoulder.

“Hey, Pops. Sorry we’re late.”

Gold turned and saw with relief that both Neal and Emma looked whole and unharmed.

“You could have gone in,” Neal said. “No need to wait out here for us.” He glanced around. “You didn’t bring Belle?”

“You didn’t mention her. Should I have?” He reached for his phone again. “I can call her if…”

“No, that’s okay. Come on, let’s go in.”

Once they’d been seated and served, Gold assessed his son and Emma. They didn’t look worried or upset, but there was a nervous energy thrumming between them. Neal was drumming his fingers on the table, and Emma was picking at her fingernails in a way that made Gold wince.

“Okay, Papa. First of all, uh…Happy Father’s Day. Dinner is on us, obviously.”

Gold blinked. Right, of course. The third Sunday of June. Somehow he’d forgotten.

“So we have a couple of things to tell you, but they’re both good things and we’re both excited about them.”

Gold felt his nerves dissipate ever so slightly.

“So, the first thing.” Neal glanced at Emma, who smiled back and propped her chin on her hand. “Friday was our anniversary and…well, long story short, I asked Emma to marry me.”

Gold raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, I know,” Neal said, “should have done that years ago.”

“I hope you made him wait for his answer,” Gold told Emma.

“Kinda. I told him to read this and let me know if that was still what he wanted.” Emma slid an envelope across the table, and Gold picked it up with a curious frown.

The envelope held a plain blue card with white lettering, and Gold pulled it out. “What is a dad?” the card asked.

Oh, God.

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#100: Pregnancy Series | You Give Birth | Part 1


Weeh, so I finally hit 100 preferences! I really wanted to make it some kind of special and that is the reason why the birth is that number! I’m not going to fire off a speech now since the pregnancy series isn’t over yet but I just wanted to thank everyone who has been reading it and lived/reblogged/given credit, it warms my heart to know that this have made people so insanely happy! Now, let’s get these babies born! 


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes

You’re Horny

He’s Protective Of Your Bump

Baby Shower

Baby Nurseries

Last Scanning Before Birth

Birth Classes

Trying To Induce Labor

You Go Into Labor | Part 1

You Go Into Labor | Part 2 


The ride towards the hospital had probably been the funniest yet chaotic ride you had ever experienced in your life so far. With Luke behind the steering wheel and you on the back seat with Liz and Celeste, everything was insane.

Luke did his very best to drive as much as he was allowed to, yet  he didn’t missed the chance to speed up at moments where he thought nobody was there, but of course having Liz behind him to yell that he was a psycho and such for driving so fast. The two of them had been fighting the whole way to the hospital and it finally came to an end when you guys got inside, Liz and Celeste heading towards the cafeteria when you and Luke got checked in into a hospital room.

The first thing that had to be done was for you to get everything checked, the sound of the heartbeat and other such since to measure that the baby was okay. And the pains would only get worse by now since you had already developed 4 centimeters just at home and in the car which were the cause of the strong contractions. Everything was almost going too fast for Luke’s thoughtful head but he managed to remain calm under everything, even asking your midwife certain question here and there when she came to visit you in your room when she had to do a check.

But after an hour or so, everything had seemed to be on standby and you had managed to control the contractions with breathing techniques.

Luke leaned his head against the window right in front of him as he was looking out at the view, the sun warm in his face as he froze out on thought. His phone was resting between the crock of his neck and his shoulder; he listened as Liz was talking with him on the other line. Behind him were you on your phone texting whoever you had in mind, and just mainly browsing through news on your Facebook feed.

Everything was quiet and peaceful in the hospital room. But it changed as soon as a small groan came from Luke’s behind making him tell a goodbye to Liz before hanging up and sprinting towards you, taking a cheat on the chair next to your bed before wrapping an arm around your shoulder to pull you into him, the other hand reaching out for yours to hold.

“You want anything?” He asked, leaning his head against yours and nodding along, waiting for the contraction to be over so he could get whatever you requested. “Iced water?” He asked with a chuckle which made you nod in a small giggle, watching him as he went over to the fridge and filling up a glass of water. Yet, instead of taking a seat on the chair when he got back, he took a seat on the bed next to you, placing the glass in your hands. “Thanks.” You mumbled, looking up at him adoring before taking a sip.

”You remember the last time we were here?” Luke asked all of the sudden, breaking the silence. Looking over at him in confusion, you shook your head no.

”We had been skating with Calum back when we were like 14. You ended up crashing on the curbstones and almost broke your arm. We spent more than 8 hours just to know that it was the harsh impact of the punch from the curbstones and nothing more.” A smile came to your lips as you tried to memorize it, leaning back on the bed and looking up in the sky.

”You stayed with me the whole time.” You mentioned which Luke nodded his head to. ”It was really sweet of you.” Luke started to blush as a smile came across his lips, his thumb moving up and down the back of your hand, drawing patterns.

Luke was about to open his mouth and say something but was interrupted when someone walked into the room, your midwife appeared. “So how is my favourite non couple?” She joked, putting on her gloves and lifting the duvet from you, starting to feel around how the developing was coping down in your lower section.

She felt around with her fingers, a curious and thoughtful look appearing on her face features in concentration. “You’re about 9 centimeters now Y/N. I think it’s time to go down to the maternity ward.” Your eyes went wide and looked straight towards Luke, the exact same face expression on his features.

“Like, now?” He asked dumb folded, making your midwife laugh. “Yes Luke, your child is ready to be born.” She answered, removing the wires from your hand so she could start to drive your bed out of the room with Luke in his heels, his hand never leaving yours at any point.  


“Do you have any sevens?” Cal asked, leaning back in his chair to give you a look of provocative, wiggling his eyebrows at you. “You are cheating in his game, that’s for sure.” You groaned, taking three of your sevens from the pile of cards you had in your right hand before throwing them towards him, sticking your tongue out at him as he started to wiggle his eyebrows again. You guys had to kill time here in this lonely hospital room for so many hours now.

Nothing had been going on since the water broke at your apartment and it was killing both you and Calum in boredom. Of course you had contractions that hurt like hell but you hadn’t dilated much since you guys checked in on the hospital and it was the main cause for you guys being bored as fuck. It was a good thing though that Calum had for some odd reason brought a pile of cards with him to tag along here on the hospital trip but it didn’t seem to mind because there was no TV in here and you didn’t want to sit on your phones for hours.

“You’re cheating Mr. Calum Hood I can see it in your eyes, you’re trying to smile it away.” You said watching his smug smirk but he only shrugged his shoulders, “I would never cheat in a game.” You shook your head at Calum in disbelief and just as you did, Mali and Joy came back into the hospital room from being on a trip around the streets outside the hospital, doing the exact same as you guys, trying to kill time. To your bad luck though, you weren’t allowed to leave at any point.

Calum collected the cards together as you finally got some company after hours now, putting them down in the purse next to him. “We heard your progress isn’t going as expected.” Mali chuckled as she placed her leather jacket at the table inside your hospital room, walking further towards you guys before taking a seat on Calum’s lap, Joy taking a seat next to them.

“3 centimeters.” Cal chuckled, clapping his hand on the back of yours before giving it a kiss, a sigh coming from your lips before you leaned back in the bed the other hand coming up to stretch your face in tiredness.

“We’ve been here for hours. I’ve even stopped counting how many pregnant women who have been in here and almost delivered the baby just as soon as she sat on the bed! If I press really really hard would you guys think I can press the baby out?” You asked with wide eyes, earning giggles from Mali.

“Y/N, do you know how much 3 centimeters are?” Your eyes looked lost for a moment before measuring with your hands to what could probably look like 8 centimeters. Calum giggled as well before taking your hands and showing you the right measure.  “Oh my god I can’t even.” You exclaimed, banging your head back to the pillow behind you and groaning.

“Do you know how chaotic this is?” “Well I’ve been there, twice.” Joy chuckled, ruffling the both of them in the hair. “I just want him out now okay.” You crossed your arms and let out a huff, again just earning laugher from Joy, Mali and Calum.

The door opened to the hospital room opened and inside came your midwife with a smile on her lips, yet she let out a sigh and placed her hands on her hips. “How’s it going, Y/N?” She chuckled, moving the covers under you to make a check. “She’s about to eat us all alive.” Cal said which made her chuckle.

“She’s just a hero. Suffering through all of this sick pain with a very small progress.” The midwife answered concentrated, feeling around. She pulled off her gloves and looked over at you with a sympathetic look. “Please tell me I’m at least around 8.” You said in wish, folding your hands around Calum’s.

“You’re about 5 centimeters.” She said, grimacing by just letting the words about and seeing yours and Calum’s disappointed expressions. “I’ll check on you in thirty minutes alright?” She smiled, sending one last look before she disappeared out from the door.

“I’ve dilated 5 fucking centimeters in 7 fucking hours? We’ve been here since 9 o clock in the freaking morning and now it’s  4pm? I can’t even take this.” You said, letting your hands fly in the air before they felt down to your covers. “We’ll see what happens and if there doesn’t happen anything, they probably do a C section then.” Calum tried to reassure, his fingers tickling the skin of your arm in calmness.



“And breathe.”

“And breathe again.”

“And again”

“You guys are sucking the life out of me.” You exclaimed, one hand wrapped around Michael’s and the other one almost at the point of breaking Ashton’s, the pain from your back and stomach being the worst thing ever tried in life.

“I’m sorry babe but you just gotta breathe again.” Michael said, breathing along with you, both him and Ashton waiting for the contraction to fade away.

“You got a nice breathing team there.” You midwife said with a smile, moving her hand under the covers to feel your development, Ashton and Michael wearing proud smirks on their faces. Everything was going so fast it was difficult to tag along both for you and Michael and even Ashton. It was calming for Michael to have Ashton in the room to support you as well because if he hadn’t been there, Michael would probably faint for sure and that was something he would like to avoid gladly. Of course Ashton weren’t going to be there when you would be pushing the baby girl out, but for now when you were only at your developing point, Michael almost felt it was necessary to have Ashton in there as well as some kind of rainbow support. With Ashton being so calm it was a big help for Michael who was trying his very best to hide his panic.

“Holy moly, you’re fast.” The midwife spoke as she had checked what needed to be checked, Michael reaching out to grab the cold washcloth before placing it to your burning forehead. “How fast?” You panted, looking down at her and trying to calm your breathing.

“As fast to say that from you guys arrived here an hour ago, you’ve dialed 7 centimeters.” The words made you, Michael and Ashton’s eyes go wide, looking at each other. “It’s going to be a fast birth Y/N, so prepare.” She smiled, walking towards the scanner to check everything out.

“It’s going too fast for my liking.” Michael chuckled by your words, reaching out to wrap an arm around you and gave you a kiss on your cheek leaning his head against yours. The sound of Ashton’s ringtone appeared which made him sent an apologizing look before walking over to the other end of the room, answering whoever was calling him at the moment.

“Are you ready for this?” Michael asked with his head against yours, his head moving along with yours as you nodded. “It just.. Hurts like hell to be honest.” You admitted, looking up at him dazed and tired. He let out a small chuckle before kissing your forehead again. “It’s a part of the progress babe, you know it.” You nodded your head again but grimaced just as soon as another contraction hit your body, numbing your legs and making your breathing uneven.

A beeping sound from the machine next to you startled both you and Ashton when it all of the sudden started to express loud noises, catching the midwife’s attention and even Ashton in the background who had to stop what he was doing and putting the phone away from his ear. Michael moved around fast to walk closer to it, looking over at the midwife wide eyed.

“What does this mean?” He asked as the midwife threw whatever she had in her hands on the table in front of her before approaching him, her eyebrows furrowing. “She didn’t say much, just read the papers that were spit out from the machine. “See looked down at your stomach for some seconds before pulling at the red handle above you, probably calling some other nurses and doctors to come help her with whatever was going to happen.

Wait is something not as it should be?” Michael asked, now in full panic, his eyes wide and it was affecting you as well. “What is going on?” You asked, looking over at Michael confused who looked just as lost as you “The pulse is descending. It’s affecting the breathing problems of the baby and if my calculations are correct, the baby needs to come out right now as fast as possible.” Your midwife explained, and as she did 3 other nurses came into the room with equipment.

Your eyes turned even wider than before, looking up to notice that Michael was just as pale as you were, probably even more scared than yourself.    


Ashton had imagined the ride to the hospital to be way different than how it actually happened. With Luke’s bloody nose and two laughing dorks to tag along with you guys were far from what you had imagined but it was hilarious to say at least. Until you guys had to check in at the hospital and Ashton barely could get a word said to the lady behind the computer as Luke and Calum kept on shouting at each other because Michael and Calum kept on teasing him.

It wasn’t until the lady had had enough that they both got confronted. “Now you two, this is a hospital, not a screaming match fight, take your bloody nosed friend over to the emergency room and wait until it’s your turn!”

And with that, Luke and Calum had both shut up and looked at each other wide eyed before Michael followed the two of them down the hallway towards the emergency room, you and Ashton being followed by a nurse to a hospital room. Everything had been checked by your midwife, yet things had started to quiet down which made her think of ideas.

“I think you should take a small walk. I know it’s painful enough to lie down in bed but walking will just increase it down there.” Ashton rose up from his seat just by the mention, looking over at you with a smile, “May I?” He giggled with a smile, reaching his hand out to help you up from the bed and you made a small nod with your head before moving your legs out of the bed, standing up with the help of Ash.

“Just a small walk around the hospital would be great.” Your midwife smiled, “We’ll just take a trip down to the emergency room, some of our friends are there at the moment.” Ash explained as you all followed each other out of the door.

Ashton had his arm around you the whole time, stopping each time a contraction would hit you, preventing you from walking and basically turning your legs into jelly. Luckily enough, the emergency room weren’t far away and to Luke’s luck, the boys hadn’t needed to wait for too long.

“You look great!” Ashton said with a laugh as the two of you walked into the hospital room where Luke was, sitting with a pack of medication he had received from the doctor to prevent the pain. “Ha Ha, how funny.” Luke scoffed, sounding odd with the bandage around his face and his nose already being swollen.

“What about you preggy woman, how is the babies?” Michael asked, sitting at one of the seats in the room with a sandwich next to him. “It’s progressing.” You mumbled, looking down at your belly as you rubbed your hand up and down. “We were instructed to take a walk.” Ashton mentioned, you taking a seat on one of the free chairs and Ashton taking a seat on the bed next to Calum and Luke.

“How much have you dilated?”

“I think about 4 centimeters or something but it’s definitely not enough and I’m not gonna do a C section.”

Michael nodded his head understanding but was interrupted when Calum and Ashton started to giggle, giving each other high fives. “What’s going on?” Michael asked confused, watching as Luke did a roll with his eyes before looking over at Michael bored.

“They want to see what’s under the bandage.”

“Why?” Michael asked goofy, standing up to take a seat next to the boys. “Please let us see.” Ashton pleaded, Calum reaching out to grab the bandage. “Jesus Christ get away!” Luke exclaimed loudly, trying to move away from the curious boys, “Y/N, do something!” He pleaded and looked back towards you but he froze when you were bowed down to your knees, probably trying to cope with a contraction.

“Uhm, Ashton, your wife is currently under a lot of pain.” By the mention of you, Ashton’s head rose up towards your small form before he sprinted over to you, kneeling down in front of you and trying to pry your arms away from your legs.

“Okay guys I think the visit is over, this trip down here seemed to be enough.” Ash exclaimed as he reached around you so he could get a better grip to get you up from the chair. Luke, Calum and Michael gave you guys a small wave as you guys walked out of the room again, sending out a small good luck wish before you guys started to head down towards your room again.

“This feels ten times worse than before.” You groaned, leaning into Ash and almost putting all of your weight on his shoulders. “Maybe this means that something is happening now then!” Ash almost shouted with joy as he started to walk faster, ready to let these twins come out.  

anonymous asked:

I had high hopes for joy. Back when I started watching the show many years ago I loved that she was such a tomboy and thought she would be the one to break out of her family's fundir ways. I stopped watching until recently and was disappointed to see that ☹️ also I always hated that there's a Joy Anna and a Johanna, like be more creative.

I had high hopes for her too, for the exacts same reasons! First Jing, because she used to be so sassy. Then Joy and now my hopes for Hannie are dwindling. (Annie)

later that night. post 6x06 fic. no major trigger warnings apply.

“I did do the same thing,” Emma says into the darkness of their bedroom.

Killian mumbles a sleepy, “Pardon?”

She feels a little bad. He’d clearly been about to fall asleep and he’s had a long day, but she’s been staring up at their ceiling with a churning need to talk in her gut for the last half an hour. “What you said earlier. About the shears. You couldn’t get rid of them, even though you thought using them would make me hate you.”

“Aye,” he responds, sounding a bit more coherent.

“I did almost the exact same thing to you in Camelot.”

He sucks in a quick breath. She can tell he’s fully awake now. “When you asked me to get rid of them,” he says, “I just kept hearing you in my head saying that you would be willing to pay the price of your magic. That you’d be willing to die.”

There’s a long pause, and Emma is holding her breath. Her eyes studiously trace the flawless ceiling. She almost wishes there were a crack or something, something she could think about fixing instead of focusing on his silence, on her visions, on her impending–

He finally says, “I forgave you for turning me into–into that. But I don’t think I truly understood why you did it until you asked me to get rid of those shears.”

It’s Emma’s turn to gasp quietly. She turns on her side to face him, only to find him already in the same position. She bites her lip. “You didn’t use them on me against my will.”

He can clearly see where her thoughts are going. “Hey,” he says, his hookless arm curling over her waist and pulling her a bit closer so their legs can tangle together and she can feel his breath fluttering across her face. “Forgiveness, remember?“

She sighs, closing her eyes against the intensity of his stare. “I’m not mad that you kept them.” She opens her eyes again, “I’m almost… I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t keep them, honestly.”

He looks confused. “I don’t understand, I thought…”

“I know, and I thought… I thought I could just pay the price. I just didn’t… I didn’t think too hard about actually doing it. I was so focused on getting rid of the visions and my hand shaking and getting my magic back under control that I stopped thinking about actually dying.”

“We’re not going to let that happen, shears or not,” he reminds her, and it makes her smile.

“I know that we’re going to do everything in our power to stop it,” she says, “but what if it’s beyond us? What if the shears are the only way to stop it?”

“We can’t know that.”

She swallows, embarrassed because she feels her eyes burning when she says, “But I’m afraid. I don’t want to die,” Her voice is thready, wavering. In the barely-there light, she sees Killian soften, and he pulls her closer so that he can hug her with his other arm, his hand stroking through her hair.

His chin ends up on top of her head, and her face ends up against his chest. The shirt he’s wearing smells like their laundry detergent, and he smells like clean skin and men’s soap. It’s nice, and for a blinding moment, her fear snakes through her, gripping her like a vise because she could lose this. This future they both fought so hard for.

She realizes she’s quietly crying when she hears Killian saying something quietly above her. She can’t quite discern what it is, the sibilant words blending together and then she realizes he’s singing. It doesn’t sound like English, but it’s soothing and it causes the deepest warmth of love to fork through her so quickly she forgets to be afraid, even for a moment.

That moment of freedom makes the fear recede. Even if it isn’t gone

She wriggles herself enough that she can meet his eyes again. His hand is still playing with her hair and they’re pressed together from knee to chest.

There’s so many things she feels like she should say to him. So many things that she just wants him to hear in case they don’t succeed. But she won’t say them tonight, not when he’s feeding off the hope of her beautiful boy, her truest believer. She just wants to bask in that, not think about what might happen tomorrow or the next day.

“I love you,” she says.

He smiles, like he does whenever she says that. “I love you too, Swan. More than I can truly say.”

She has this happiness. It’s real. And she’s going to hold onto it as long as she possibly can.

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A fanfiction when annabeth and percy discover they are going to be parents but she has tokophobia (extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth)

  • Percy came home to see Annabeth shaking a bit on the couch. He quickly walked over and sat next to her. 
  • “Hey. Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked. 
  • “I-I’m I-I’m pregnant.” She was able to get out. 
  • He smiled. “That’s great news. I know we discussed having a kid, but why are you do nervous?”
  • She looked up at him. Her eyes looking at his green ones for security. “H-Have you heard of, uh, tokophobia?” 
  • “No. What’s tokophobia?” He asked, wrapped an arm around her. 
  • “It’s the fear of pregnancy and childbirth.” She whispered. “When we talked about having kids, I thought adoption or surrogate mother.” 
  • He stared at her for a moment, trying to process everything she was saying and what to say to make her feel better. But he couldn’t figure out what to say to make her feel better. He’s been wanting to be a dad for a while and the thought of having a child that was him and Annabeth was something he looked forward to.
  •  “I don’t know what to say to make you feel better.” He admitted. “But I’m going to be with you throughout this pregnancy and I promise that everything will be okay.” 
  • “Percy, you don’t get it.” She told him. “I’m terrified right now. Pregnancy puts so much pressure on my body and what if something goes wrong? There’s nine months where something can happen.”
  • “It’s going to be okay. We can get through this. Maybe see someone who can help you.” He whispered. 
  • She moved so she could bury her face into his shoulder. He rubbed her back as she cried. 
  • He could tell she was terrified and he was making it worse. That wasn’t what he wanted to do. He wanted to do the exact opposite. 
  • “I never wanted to get pregnant.” She mumbled into his shoulder. “My step mom complained about her pregnancy all the time when I was little. The complications she had. What if I had the same complications?”
  • “Then the doctors will help us.” He told her. “I’ll be with you the whole way.”
  • “As reassuring as you’re trying to sound, that doesn’t help me.” She told him. “I don’t know what to do. I know you really want a baby and I do too. I just never thought it would be our own baby.”
  • “Then what do you want to do?” He asked. “What would make you feel better?”
  • “I-I think an abortion would help.”
  • Those words barely got out of her mouth. Percy took a deep breath and tried to calm himself as he process her words. 
  • “Okay.” He finally said. “If you think that’s what’s best for you, then I’ll support you.”
  • Annabeth wasn’t stupid. She knew Percy was excited once he heard that she was pregnant. And now he was disappointed that he wouldn’t have a kid for a while.
  • They sat in silence for a while before Percy got up. 
  • “I’m going to the bathroom and then we can order dinner?” He asked, changing the topic.
  • “Yeah…yeah that sounds good.” She replied.
#3 How he realises you would be a great mum/ wants kids with you


“Where could he be?” you said looking everywhere in the living room , but behind the curtains where you can easily see his left shoulder and red slippers. Is he behind the pillow you say lifting it up from the couch where Niall and greg were sitting. “No!” you fake sigh. You hear Theo giggle. “Ah! Did I hear something?” You hear him gasp and picture it in your mind how he must have quickly placed his hand on his mouth to not let any other sound escape. “Did it come from behind the curtain?” you ask nobody exactly and take slow step towards the hiding place Theo chose. You flung the floral cloth aside to find Theo almost holding his breath. “Here!” “No!” he squeals running away. You catch him soon , and start tickling him making him laugh the famous Horan laughter. You lift him up and start placing kisses everywhere on his face. Niall had stopped watching the game he had planned to see with his brother long ago. He was too busy gazing at the two most cutest people he knew. He loved how you get along so well with him. You and Niall landed yesterday and you and Theo could’ve easily played a million games by now. Anything , just whatever Theo wanted to do. You just couldn’t tell no to his adorable face. Everyone in the Horan family used to tell Niall what a lovely mother you are gonna be. And today he finally witnessed. You were amazing. “Hey bud.” Niall says taking Theo from you. “He is sooo cute”  you coo pinching his cheeks. “Isn’t he? Well Horans are. Can’t wait to have our own little Horan.” he mumbled the last part. For a moment you thought you heard it wrong. But just one look at Niall’s tomato red face told you you heard it perfectly right. “Me too” you whispered.


“Havvyy” Lux squealed. “How my frock?” she asks twirling around so that your boyfriend can see it clearly from all the angles while her mum is brading his hair. “Its really pretty baby!” “Y/N (A/N the way a toddler would pronounce) got for me” she said happily running to you and hugging your legs. “Y/N , you literally spoil her! ” Lou playfully complained. “Let me! After all I am not on tour every single day” you counter. You sit on the couch behind the dressing table with Lux on your lap. “Baby get ready. after Harry its your turn.” “No” Lux refused. She got down from your lap and got a comb from the table. “Y/N make my hair” she looked up at you and pouted making the cutest face anyone can ever make. “Aww! Come here.” You start combing her hair. You ask her how she wants her hair to be done and you do it the exact same way. You both talk about the tea party you were gonna have with her and her dolls when the boys practiced and how much fun it was gonna be. Harry was watching you intently in the mirror how your lips would turn into the smile he fell for everytime the little girl said something. One day , he thought. There would certainly be a day when it would be just like this , you sitting behind him combing his daughter’s hair , talking about all girly stuff like barbies and tea parties and everything his little girl would like to do. “Your done Harry” Lou says. But he didn’t get up. He was smiling looking at the mirror reflection of you two. Lou bent down to reach his ear and whispered , “You are really lucky. She is going to be anamzing mum.” “I know” he speaks with caution not wanting to disturb you. “Trust me I know.”


“Babe how is th-” Louis stopped mid sentence. He wanted your oppinion on the t-shirt he just tried but forgot his words when he saw you bent down to the level of the crying toddler. “Louis , come here quick” You explained him real fast how this kid got lost and is not telling his name or anything. “Baby , I think we should take him to the authorities” he suggested. “Ya” You tried to take him with you only when he started crying louder. “You ty t kiwnap me , mumma say no talk with stangers” Louis was about to give the boy a sassy reply. I mean two days left for tour and he wanted to spend time with you. But before he could say a word you started sweetly explaining the boy. “What your mum says is right baby , but we are trying to help you. We wont even take you out of this shop just over there where you can make an announcement and your mum will come and get you. I promise you we wont kidnap you” you offer with a smile. “Pinky swear ?” the kid asks you holding out his little finger. “Pinky swear” you affirm. Your gentle words had stopped the crying of the kid. Louis was dumbfound. He had never seen you with kids and so he never knew how good you were with kids. You were walking in front of him holding the kid’s hand. He was proud of the way you had handled the entire situation. After the kid’s mother thanked you and Louis profusely for helping her out and kissing the little boy’s cheek goodbye , you turned to Louis “soo where were we?” “I want to have kids with you” he said bluntly. “What?!” you almost screamed. “What!? I said I want to have kids with you. You are amazing with them. ” “Me. And amazing. And that to with kids. Are you out of your mind Louis?” you said laughing lightly. “Didn’t you see yourself control the entire situation. You were brilliant babe. And I can tell that you are gonna be a wonderful mother.” You looked into his mind and found he was serious. “Really?” you whispered still not believing. “Like I said , can’t wait to have kids with you. Can’t wait.”


The boys were singing your favourite song little things and when Liam’s part came , he looked backstage eyes searching for you like he does every concert. But today he didn’t find you standing at your usual place. Only by the end the song did he find sitting playing with a crew members baby. You were playing peek a boo makng the baby laugh. Liam smiled looking at the precious sight. After the concert ended Liam walked backstage searching for you only to find you still playing with the energetic baby. “Hey babe” he kisses your cheek sitting by your side. “Aww , look whos here…it is the big baby , baby Payne” you pinch Liams cheeks. The baby starts giggling cutely and Liam stretches his arms to take the baby from you. “Nope” you order swatting his arms. “Your sweaty and full of germs. No coming near the baby before you are all clean and fresh.” You instruct in a motherly tone. It took him a minute to process that the baby wasn’t his. For one moment , when he went to take the baby he felt like it was his. When you stopped him , it felt like it was his. He sighed , picturing how it would be if you and him had a baby. He closed his eyes thinking of all the things he would do with his baby. Of how you would be as a mother , caring and loving but slightly strict at the same time. He started imagining you 9 months before your little bundle of joy comes to earth. Your sickness , your bump , your cravings…“What are you thinking Li?” watching your boyfriend smile to himself. “About how great mother you would be” he opens his eyes instantly not knowing how you would react. You smiled. You alwys have thought about a future with Liam and were glad he was at the same page of your book. That night all you and Liam talked about were kids , their names and many other things.


You were the eldest daughter and a sister to five other siblings. You have lived with babies all the time. So when you met your friend , who just gave birth , at the hospital and found her panicking you started telling her your experiences with your baby brother and sisters. It turned out that you knew a LOT about babies surprising yourself too. But Zayn was hearing this for the first time and he was proud of your knowledge. “So , you know a lot about babies huh?” he smirked once you sat in the car. “Well ,yeah , I have many young siblings , remember?” you joked. When you were putting your seatbelt you heard something like - have you ever thought about having your own baby. You look at him with wide eyes only to find him looking at you very seriously. “No…But it is not something I don’t want” you said looking down at your hands blushing. Zayn took your hand squeezing it assuringly. “One day , when my career ain’t that hectic” he looked at you promise in his eyes. 

A/N: Sorry I lost ideas for Liam and Zayn. Hope you liked it :)

someday, you will find me

read it on ao3
– cisco and caitlin have a heart to heart over chinese food following the events of “killer frost.” killervibe. romantic.

Sometime around 6:30, he takes her out for Chinese.

She says, “I’m not sure. I haven’t slept in like, 36 hours.”

He says, “Good. You won’t go to bed on an empty stomach then.”

She says, in that soft way that tells him she doesn’t want any help, “Cisco.”

He says, in the way that tells her too bad, she’s going to get it anyway, “Caitlin.”

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New Brother’s Best Friend

Requested: I really need a really long imagine about Ashtons little sister who got adopted as a baby. Meeting him for the first time and going on tour with him to get to know each other and Mikey and her fall for each other and try to hide it until Ashton tells them to finally go on a date even though he doesn’t really like the idea of his sister dating his best friend.

Words: 5,000+

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Anne immediately regretted her decision as she walked out of the adoption building… but she knew it was her her daughter’s own good. “At least I left pictures and a letter, right Ash?” She questioned little Ashton, though Ashton couldn’t understand anything that was happening, being two and all. Anne wanted to look back but she remembered what her mom once told her,“Never look back, it will hurt more.”

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Lydia Martin Week (Day 4) - My Favourite Stydia Scene

This scene (3x11) is one of my favourite Stydia moments, not just because they shared a long awaited kiss, but because the whole moment up to it was just beautiful (in my opinion).

We had Stiles suffer a panic attack once finding out that Allison’s dad had been taken by Jennifer, and so Lydia took him into the locker room and tried to calm him down, saying to focus on something else. I find it extreme cute how she messed up and mentioned to focus on family when it was the thought of Stiles dad getting sacrificed that had Stiles so worried in the first place. I believe it also mirrors another Stydia scene were Lydia was the one crying in her car (forgot the episode, just know it was in season 2) and Stiles did the exact same thing that Lydia did in 3x11. So after realizing that asking Stiles to focus on something else wasn’t working, that’s when Lydia kissed him. After that she told him (this is my favourite part) that she read somewhere that holding you breath stops a panic attack, she then mentions to him “When I kissed you, you held your breath”. Stiles face after she says that to him was another of my favourite moments because he just couldn’t believe that a) the girl he has been crushing on since the third grade had just kissed him and b) the fact that she actually did research on panic attacks.

This Stydia kiss wasn’t just like any other kiss, it had a lot of build up too it. And when you look back on season 1 where Lydia particularly didn’t even know who he was til now, it’s such a massive change. It shows just how much Lydia has grown from the girl who was afraid to show people how smart she was and the stereotypical popular girl. This also wasn’t just some rushed kissed between two people. This was an amazing build up to a kiss that was shared between two people who have an insane amount of chemistry, who would do absolutely anything for each other and who have both come a long way from who they first started out to be. This is the reason why Stydia should be endgame, from the first moment to the last (whatever that may be) and everything in between, these two have started from not interacting at all, to building up a beautiful friendship. And what better way to start a relationship then through friendship.

For me it just makes common sense for these two be end up together (not just because I ship them), but because no one can deny that every moment involving these two is real, genuine,beautiful and not forced. They just work so well together.

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So I had just started to draw again I showed a friend who I respected art wise what she thought and she told me she couldn't tell me bc she hates anime (it wasn't anime. That's just my style) when I asked why she said bc it's a shit art form and that basically people who can't draw draw anime. It really hurt, and I'm not sure if she said that to hurt me or it was honestly just her opinion. I've kinds lost my drive since then....

OH MAN dude lemme tell you a thing.

I felt the exact same way as you did, pretentious shitheads in high school and incoming freshman love to shit on the “anime” style because they feel it’s formulaic and unoriginal, but you could say the EXACT SAME THING for animation students that are all about Pixar and Disney. I’ve known many peers who’ve shat on the anime art style but then turn around and try to create carbon copies of pixar or disney and it’s honestly pathetic. (Mind you I’m not shitting on Disney/Pixar either - they’ve got many diverse and wonderful artists too - I just want to point out it’s kind of hypocritical when these students are doing the exact same thing that they claim anime-inspired artists are doing). I basically tried to change up my style and move away from anime-inspired work, but anime was what made me want to draw, it’s what inspired my style and really what always makes me want to keep drawing. I found when I tried to change my style because of what certain peers disliked and because I felt I would be judged I ended up feeling less and less motivated to draw. So I reached a point where I simply stopped caring what they said and continued to work and improve on my foundations and my style (outside of constructive critiques of course - which are very important!)

To say you hate “anime” is to basically say you hate Japanese animation - which is such a huge variety of styles that honestly it’s ignorant and arrogant to pull that kind of shit even if you’re not a fan of anime.

I’m assuming most of the people who say that have the idea of Christopher Hart as their head example of what anime is aka the fish eyes, bad proportions, and terrible anatomy -

Or Clannad -

External image

But then they forget how diverse anime can be -

From the beauty of Studio Ghibli

External image

Or Sushio’s dynamic style

Or Shirow Miwa’s strong linework and extremely interesting and provoking compositions (you can see the fullsize here)

External image

If your friend is actually an artist she needs to pull her head out of her ass and learn to respect another country’s art form.

If you ever look at the magazine ImagineFX you can see many many professional artists that have an anime-influenced style - and wow look! They’re still successful! 

Let me tell you, my portfolio had quite a few anime-esqe pieces in it - and you know what? They didn’t comment on that or note it as an issue! And despite my iffy GPA transferring from Ringling they still accepted me and gave me a very nice scholarship because my portfolio was strong!

When I was at Ringling my professors never gave me flack for my style, what they cared about was the quality of my work and the ideas I illustrated. If you have strong foundations behind your style it doesn’t matter if it’s anime, cartoon, realistic, alternative, etc! What matters is that you make quality artwork, you’re able to get your ideas across, move people, or whatever your goal is for what you make! The professionals know that there’s a large array of art styles, and you can definitely choose to favor or dislike one, but to throw an entire blanket statement of “all anime is shit” then you’re really not ready to be a professional artist. 

I hope that helps! Maybe you should print out a bunch of pictures of different anime styles and ask her if she still thinks they’re all talentless hacks. (o:

Davy Jones' Locker and an Admin Note

Holy shit!!! I leave for a few hours to come back to a bunch of notes and a shit ton of new messages!!! Okie dokie! Thank you guys so much!!! All the messages and asks I’ve received have all been nice, thank god! :-) And I’m just writing to say that I will get back to them as soon as I can, after I give my job just a little bit of my attention, mmmkay? I’ll answer a few of the messages privately, a few of the asks that I got are quite interesting questions, and I’ll be sure to answer them as best I can, as soon as I have the time. But it’s probably going to take me a couple of days to get through them all, so I appreciate your patience. :-)

In the meantime, seeing as I feel compelled to leave something meaningful and new in every post that I make, I leave you with a little something that almost made me choke on my dinner as I practically freaked out at the table. To all the people who may have doubted this being Davy Jones’ chest, take a good look at this picture (it’s the chest picture I posted earlier, just with better lighting; again, none of these pictures are mine):

Now…does that picture remind you of anything? Anything at all?

Notice the heart-shaped lock.

Notice the rounded key.

Notice the designs on the top and the sides of the chest.

The chest from the OUAT set pic is almost an exact replica of the chest that held Davy Jones’ heart in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, only bigger. Oh, and, uh, what company owns POTC, again???

Oh, yeah! Disney! The exact same company that owns Once Upon a Time! Oh, what a strange coincidence! Lol! :-)

And one last thing…remember in 4.02, when Elsa was holding Bo Peep’s staff, and she couldn’t see Anna at all? Do remember what happened after that?

Oh, yeah…they heard a heartbeat.


Here’s a previous post I made relating OUAT with POTC 2, when I thought this was all just a mildly crazy theory: Enjoy!

Once again, I thank all my followers, and whoever messaged me with their asks, and I appreciate your patience as I work through all of them over the next few days (in between jobs and family, of course).

Have a good night, all! :-)

I had to go back.

It’s true. You really do need to go back to move forward. I watched 1x07 today. Why that ep? I couldn’t tell you. It’s not one that usually sticks out to me but I thought why not. I’m really glad I did. Quite a few parallels with the new S4 trailers. Let me explain:

•First of all there’s that neolution eye…

•Then later Kira is playing the piano while Sarah kind of zones out. I’ve always thought she was playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. However, you know what other nursery rhyme has the exact same melody? Ba Ba Black Sheep. 

Way to go Kira. Continually proving my point that you know more than any of us and that you’re probably magic.

•Mrs. S actually says the line: “Listen, if you have to go back to go forward I understand, but just tell me okay? It might still be dangerous.”  

•And of course it’s also when Helena asks for the name of a sheep. 

Could all these things be a coincidence? Sure. I certainly don’t think so though. Orphan Black is way too smart for that. What are they gonna find down that rabbit hole gang? What dangers lurk for all of us in this next season? 

Not at the moment. I’m gonna just try to distract myself with a spontaneous tail dance. 

Hunger - Nate Maloley & Sam Wilkinson

by popular demand… nate and sammy threesome. enjoy x
* nate & sammy argue over who could make you feel the best.


“Nate? Sammy?” I asked, pushing open their shared hotel room door. Since it was so dark, I expected the two to be in their beds, talking between themselves. After all, it was extremely early - nearly 2:00 in the morning. I wanted to come visit them both earlier, but my flight didn’t land until midnight. On top of that, it was a two-hour drive to their hotel room.

“Get the fuck over yourself,” Nate’s voice snapped, causing me to freeze in my place. “You and I both know that isn’t true!”

It took me a few moments to realize they were arguing over something, and I was guessing it was a rather pointless argument like they always had. I almost revealed myself to them, but I decided to listen for a few more minutes to figure out what they were arguing about. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help my curiosity.

“Dude,” Sam snickered, “We both know y/n would rather ride my face than yours! Just chill about it man, it’s not my fault I’m fantasized about more than you are.”

As soon as Nate let out a cocky, sarcastic chuckle, I knew things were going to take a turn - and fast. “Oh, you think she doesn’t fantasize about me? Why don’t you go ask her who’s name she was moaning in her sleep last night when I took her home?”

My face flushed and I closed my legs, remembering the fantastic wet dream I had about Nate. Although he was my best friend, just the thought of his fingers gave me goose bumps.

I turned to leave, and at the exact same time, the lights switched on and Sam was stood, Nate behind him, both of the guys staring at me with an expecting look on their faces. I remained quiet and stared back at them both, trying to avoid awkward eye contact. The silence stayed for nearly two full minutes, until Sam cleared his throat.

“How much of that did you hear?”

I shrugged my shoulders and glanced down at my feet stiffly. “Not too much,” I replied, “But I must have walked in at the right time because I’ve heard more than I was supposed to.”

Sammy stayed frozen in his spot and glanced back at Nate, who cocked an eyebrow at him and swallowed dryly. Sam smirked and cracked his knuckles, smiling mischievously down at me. “Well, since you’re here,” he licked his lips, “Why don’t we find out who’s name you want to moan tonight?”

Behind him, Nate grabbed the ends of his shirt and pulled it over his head. I raked my eyes down his body and accidentally bit my lip in the process, only seeming to add to his confidence. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Sam’s hands move, and so I adverted my attention to where his hands were unbuckling his belt. I nearly gawked over the two of them, imagining what the night would bring.

As Sammy stepped aside, Nate took the daring move toward me and cupped my cheek in his hand, slowly making his way closer to me. “I heard you moaning my name last night in your sleep,” he murmured, moving the hair away from my neck and drawing his lips to my sweet spot. “Why don’t you tell me what you went on in that erotic dream of yours?”

I moaned softly as his plump lips connected to the spot under my ear, licking and nibbling seductively. “N-nate,” I replied, “Lay back on the bed.”

I glanced over at Sam, who was slowly palming himself through his boxers. Nate laid back and I straddled over him, connecting our lips. His tongue slid between my lips as he deepened the kiss, and I ran my hand down his bare chest. I traced the tattoos on his skin and gradually made my way down, beginning to rub him through his shorts.

Nate moaned against my lips and I took this as the opportunity to bite down on his bottom lip and pull away. I pulled down his shorts, leaving him in his tight briefs. He stared darkly at me and moaned softly as I continued to palm his apparent bulge, picking up the pace slightly. I turned my neck and glanced at Sam, who’s eyes were locked on my hand against Nate’s crotch.

“Sammy,” I seductively called, “Come on over here.”

Almost instantly, Sam stumbled over to where Nate and I lay on the bed. With ease, I pulled down his boxers and grabbed him in my hands, stroking his length expertly. “Tell me what you want.”

“F-fuck, use your mouth, y/n, p-please…”

I nodded in agreement and pulled off my jeans and kicked off my underwear. I glanced back at Nate and smirked, “Lay down, Maloley.”

He let out a moan and wiggled his eyebrows over at Sam, “Looks like the tables have turned,” he cockily remarked. I rolled my eyes and smacked his inner thigh as a warning, causing him to whimper out. He glared at me with a glint in his eyes, “You’ll fucking regret that.”

Nate lay back on the bed as I straddled his face, setting myself down on his chin gently. “No holding back,” I called out, “Give it to me, baby.”

He moaned out and got straight to work, lapping expertly at my heat. I moaned out and grabbed Sam in my hands, struggling to hold back my moans as I spoke what I knew he was hungry to hear. “What does daddy want my mouth to do?”

“Fuck,” Sam mumbled, “I want you to wrap those pretty lips around my cock, baby. Take me deep into your throat and gag around me." 

I grabbed him in my hands and swirled my tongue around the tip, causing Sam to let out a loud groan.  His hands locked behind his neck and his mouth fell open slightly, eyes squeezed shut in pleasure as I hallowed my cheeks around him. I never had imagined giving Sammy head, but the satisfaction of seeing him fall apart at my touch sparked a hunger inside of me.

As I took him more than halfway in my mouth, his hands grabbed fistfuls of my hair and I moaned as Nate’s tongue flicked at my clit repeatedly, bringing me closer to my high. Nate chuckled against me, causing me to whimper out loudly and roll my hips against his tongue. "That’s right, babe,” he groaned against me, “Fuck my face with your hips.”

I was right on edge with Nate working on me. I expertly rolled my tongue along the base of Sam’s length, and right I took him deeper into my throat, I was pushed through my high with Nate’s tongue plunging into me and collected my release. “You taste so good, y/n.”

“Fuck, Nate,” I moaned against Sam, letting out a little gag. Sam groaned loudly and grabbed my hair in one swift move, pulling me off his dick. He pushed me back onto the bed, bumped fists with Nate, and hovered over me on the bed.

Nate stood tall in front of my mouth, his length tall and proud. “Tell me what to do.”

His eyes lit up and I knew I had succeeded in pushing his buttons. “Fuck,” he murmured, “I just want to fuck your face, baby girl.”

I teasingly licked my lips and raised an eyebrow seductively. “Then fuck my face, Nate.”

I watched Nate carefully, not taking my eyes away from him - which was a big mistake. Seeing as I was distracted by Nate’s dick in my face, Sammy pushed himself into me roughly to grab my attention. I snapped my head to see him looking at me with mischievous eyes. “Look how hard daddy can fuck you, princess.”

I bit down on my bottom lip at his choice of words and watched as he slammed into me, intensifying pleasure for me. I arched my back off the bed and let out a loud moan at the feeling of him stretching my walls.

“Okay baby,” Nate teased, winking as he tapped my lips with his tip, “Open up.”

Instinctively, I opened my mouth and smirked as he slid his length into my mouth, farther and farther until his my nose met his pubic bone. I felt my eyes water as I hallowed my cheeks around him, feeling Nate pull back and thrust into my mouth.

I glanced at Sammy, who grabbed one of my legs and rested it on his shoulder. The new position drove me into a pure state of euphoria. I moaned loudly against Nate’s shaft, causing him to groan and throw his head back. 

“Oh fuck,” Sam groaned, his breathing increasing with every thrust he gave. Nate moaned at the feeling of my lips around him and whimpered a little, eyes struggling to keep open as I stared at him and allowed my tongue to draw patterns along his base.

Sammy’s hand reached down and his thumb applied pressure to my clit. “Are you almost there, y/n?”

I let out a moan in response, and right away he got the hint. Sam’s thumb stroked my clit, gradually picking up the pace to help add to my climax. I whined against Nate, causing him to groan.

“I don’t know what you’re doing to her,” Nate breathlessly murmured, “But keep fucking doing it, man. It feels so fucking good when she moans against me.”

Sam smirked and stared down at me before giving me a peculiar thrust to push me over the edge. “Fuck, Sammy,” I cried out, scratching down Nate’s thighs as I hit my peak.

I whined and tossed my head back, feeling my body become numb as Sam continued to get himself off inside of me. Repeatedly, I moaned against Nate, the vibrations pushing him to his edge.

“Fuck, oh baby,” Nate groaned, “I’m so close, fuck yes.”

His hips pounded into my face relentlessly, in which I didn’t hesitate to suction my lips around him, wanting to give him the most pleasure. He tasted good, if not better, than what I had dreamed the other night.

After I swallowed his load, he pulled away from me and flopped down on the bed breathlessly. Sam had earlier finished himself off inside of me and hovered over my body, slowly regaining his breath. He stared down at me in awe and shook his head in disbelief before standing to his feet and pulling up his briefs.

It was quiet for a few minutes as the three of us steadied our breathing in comfortable silence, until Sam let out a content sigh and glanced between Nate and I with a dimpled smirk. “I don’t know about you guys, but that definitely satisfied my hunger.”


Remember Me (Part 1)

A/N: This is sort of a like a set up chapter for this series. There will be more intimacy between the reader and Bucky in later parts. More information will be explained too. Enjoy!

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“So, is Luke like, a wizard or something?”

“No, he’s a Jedi. He’s kind of like a wizard, though. The movie will explain it more.”

I sigh before looking at Sam. “Why is this movie so popular? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, this kind of movie was unheard of during the time it was made. Everyone couldn’t believe how different it was. They loved it.” Sam explains, motioning to the TV.

“Well it’s still weird.”

Sam pinches the bridge of his nose, obviously losing patience. He insisted I should catch up with the culture of today, and Star Wars was one of the most popular films that came about during the time I was in cryo.

“He’s here!” a voice says behind us, interrupting my thoughts. I turn and see Natasha rushing over to the elevator, no longer trying to hide her ecstatic state. There’s a glimmer in her eyes as the elevator door close before her. I stand up and step over a nearby window, looking down to see Clint pulling up to the Avenger’s station in a black suburban. Just as Clint steps out of the car, Natasha comes running out to greet him. He’s been away on a particularly dangerous mission. He was sent to kill a lethal assassin who’s been causing some problems for the U.S. government. Natasha has been worried sick.

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