my exact face right now

Wait, how can that be? Did All Might just… appear one day? 

But didn’t he have any family? Friends? Someone who would’ve tracked his record and know who he is? The unidentified quirk is interesting, it must have something to do with tapping into some kind of power for a limited amount of time.

I can totally see that, dude’s a monster

And on top of that he’s also a great person..

“Hey can I get a fucking uhhhhhhhhhh”

Excuse me?


My exact same face right now.

His power? He can actually give his Quirk to someone else? Or is it something that’s not a Quirk?

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don't think about dean pressed under cas, whispering "i need you... please i need you" and running his hands all over cas' body trying to fell and touch him all at once, "please cas, stay with me..."


I had homework to do.

Now I’m 50 shades of sexually frustrated and can’t concentrate on a damn thing.