my every damn thing because he all but told her he loved her and always has ok

Your hands are Really Nice- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: (requested) Reader is too shy to tell Jughead about her feelings, so Veonica and Betty take matters in to their own hands (mostly Veronica)

Warnings: Swears, fluff so much fluff I couldn’t even deAL


Being in love with your best friend isn’t easy. It feels taboo, like it’s wrong, and unhealthy. You’ll lay awake at ungodly hours of the night, wondering “How did this happen?” You’ll replay every moment of every waking minute you spent with them, wondering how in the world you ended up lying on your floor with an empty bowl of ramen beside your head and imagining what it would feel like to kiss them. You’ll catch yourself admiring the tiniest insignificant things about them, and every detail of their stupidly cute face, and every indent and curve and freckle on their body, and let me tell you, it sucks. Falling in love with your best friend isn’t easy, especially when your best friend is Jughead Jones.

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Teachers AU with flirty gym teacher!Marinette requested by @stirredbrew

Sorry in advance, this is longer than I imagined it would be and also she doesn’t get flirty for a little while rip (also i didn’t include a lot of flirting rlly so)

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng loves fashion. And she loves working out, being active, anything that takes her breath away.
  • Because of her interest in both, her dream is to start her own brand of sportswear for women (some with pockets definitely), but in the meantime, she works at her old collège as a PE teacher and makes clothes on commission or for herself
  • She’s been working there for a couple of years, and she absolutely loves the kids that come through. Her students usually love her too, because she’s really understanding but also doesn’t take crap
  • There have been whispers, both among the students and staff, that a new maths teacher would be coming in. She brushes it off.
  • One day, when her students are supposed to be running laps, they’re instead in groups, chattering excitedly.
  • “What’s going on?” Mari asks, because she is a poor clueless babe.
  • They tell her that the new maths teacher’s finally here, and a few of them will be switching to his class. She’s a bit curious, because she hadn’t seen him yet. She lets her class talk a little more before telling them they can talk and walk at the same time.
  • While she’s watching them go, she hears the doors open behind her and turns to see if someone came late, but is surprised by the headmaster and a person she doesn’t recognize
  • He’s tall, has longer blond hair that’s pulled back into a short ponytail, and looks kind of lanky. She smirks as she thinks about how her parents would try to feed him their entire kitchen if they met him.
  • She calls out for her students to finish their warm-up laps before strutting over. The headmaster tells her she was just showing their new maths teacher around.
  • Said new guy smiles at her kindly and holds out his hand. She grabs it, and maybe squeezes a little too tight, but he doesn’t seem to notice.
  • “I’m Adrien,” he tells her. She finds it odd that he left off his last name, but introduces herself anyways.
  • “Marinette Dupain-Cheng,” she says, giving him a small smile. “You can address me by my last name.”

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“” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The women of the League are teasing you about the love bites that litter your body….

I already kinda had the idea of doing a similar story on the women side…So here we go. Last time the guys of the League were mocking Bruce for the scratches on his back (you can read that here), now, it’s Batmom’s turn (though I feel it’s not as funny as the other, I tried something else you know, so that the stories wouldn’t be exactly the same, too similar and shit…erf, whatever, hope it’s kinda ok). Hope you’ll like it (insecuritiesoverloadbutitsok) 

WARNING FOR LANGAGE and slightly NSFW, just slightly. Also, My masterlist blog here :


It wasn’t really part of your initial plan to shower at the same time than them. Bruce told you about his friends trying to tease him about the nail marks you left on his body after a heated night, and you were afraid that your girl friends would do the same, a bit paranoid about it really…

But then you thought about the fact that usually, women tended to be a bit more mature about that (maybe?), that they would probably behave and ignore the hundreds (literally) love bites on your body. 

Besides, there was only Diana, Zatanna and Dinah, surely, they wouldn’t say anything, after all, they were used to Bruce being affectionate towards you when he thought no one was watching, small love bites wouldn’t shock them or anything. They were your three best friends, they knew how to not intrude too much in your life. They would definitely not talk about the marks your husband left on your body. 

And oh you were so wrong. 

You were in your underwear when you started to notice their smirks, and the way they whispered in each other’s ears while looking at you. No…could it be ?

You turn around, and when Diana’s eyes go wide at the sight of the love bites on your front while Zatanna and Dinah just start laughing stupidly, you know you actually were right to “fear” a reaction from them. You roll your eyes and give them your best “really ?” facial expression before saying :

-Are you guys snickering like idiots because of the love bites ? 

Zatanna answers your question :

-No, we’re snickering like idiots because Bruce…

And then it happens. The worst pun you ever heard in your life (and you were used to Dick and Tim’s nerdy jokes). All three of them yell : 


Stun. That’s what you are. Wow. Even worst that the poor attempt from your male friend in the league to embarrass Bruce. An awful pun. 

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“You’re cute when you’re jealous” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Hey dude ! First, a big thanks for the compliment, always more than appreciated :D. And then, here’s your request, hope you’ll like it :

(My masterlist blog here :


-I just don’t understand why it has to be with a model that’s all…

-Honey, I already told you, she’s the face of the brand, she has to be on every pictures.

-Yeah well then if she’s the face of the brand, why would they need you ?

-You know why, it’s for the charity campaign we’ve been working on for the past few months. They’re a huge brand, they’ll help spread the words across the globe, more than we could on our own.

-”We’ve been working on” are key words here ! I worked on it as much as you, if not more, and I don’t get to be on the pictures. They just want you and her to have cute and classy “couple pictures”, because I’m not good looking enough for their damn brand and…

-You’re very cute when you’re jealous.

-I could knock you out with a punch to the face when I’m jealous.

-Oh, believe me, I know.

Bruce massages his jaw a bit, as a reflex, reminiscing of that time he made you jealous on purpose…It was a terrible idea. 

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What Are The Odds? - Part 4 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,308

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“I didn’t realize you felt that way. I mean…I knew you liked me because I’m awesome but…” You ramble on.

“I know. I kept it to myself.” Dean chuckles making you blush.  

“Weird how things turn out.” You say quietly.

Dean nods his head and watches you sitting at his kitchen table.

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Life Story

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Chuck, mention of Becky

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: mention of Wincest, embarrassment, mention of daddy!kink, brief public nudity, smut, angst, mention of abuse

Word count: 3940

Summary: going to the book convention because Chuck believe there is a case leads to some very interesting conversations with the fans of the books

A/N: this is for Jess & Lee’s crack challenge. My prompt is number 7 @wheresthekillswitch @trexrambling

These stupid fucking books.

Those four words are all that came to your head any time that Chuck would bring up the supernatural books that were written about yours and the boys lives. They had your mistakes in there, all the times you had let people down, embarrassing things you had done, your death, the boys deaths, all your sexual encounters. They just had everything documented about your life and you hated it.

So when Chuck had asked you all to attend the supernatural book convention because he believed there was some kind of monster there, you were quick to deny his request. The boys, however, thought maybe it would be useful to just check it out.

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Inferiority Complex

Originally posted by blockyung

Inferiority Complex
[It seems Kyung isn’t the only one with an inferiority complex]

You don’t know how but your boyfriend always managed to get you to join him on set. It’s not that you necessarily mind, but filming could be a little boring. He’d always be pulled away to shoot, and sometimes it could last the entire day. But just like every other time he sweet talked you into it.

“I promise as soon as we’re done here we can get lunch. We’ll finish up in an hour tops” he grinned, holding your hand, swinging it just slightly. Today he just had to film a live performance of his comeback track, Inferiority complex with Eunha. If everything went well they could finish it in a few takes and wrap up a quick photoshoot.

You nodded, following his lead to the set. Kyung was pretty easily excitable, but he’d been over the moon for his solo promotions.

As you two walked past some of the staff he bowed, happily greeting them. With that beautiful, eager smile of his. “Mornin’ PD-Nim” he held up your hand, fingers clasped around your own. “Look see! My girlfriend! I told you she’s real” he chimed in passing.

You groaned at just how typically embarrassing he was. “Shhh” you huffed, burying your face in his shoulder.

He chuckled kissing your hair. “No way. PD didn’t believe me when I showed him your photo and told him you were my girlfriend. I gotta show you off~”

“Why are you like this?” you pouted as he hugged you.

“Because I love you”

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The Joker x Reader- “Grandpa”

The Joker just had a heart attack at 55; he was ordered to rest and not do anything for a while. Of course he’s not the one to accommodate the doctor’s recommendations but you are there to make sure he complies. And the adorable grandson visiting all the time makes things better no matter what.

Related to LOST saga:

The Joker is in bed, flipping through the TV channels, bored as hell and beyond.

“Baby, look who’s here to see you again!” you announce and open the door, letting your 5 year old grandchild in the bedroom.

“Grandpaaa!!!” Alexis charges at the bed, jumping on it to sit by J.

“Hello, Pumpkin,” he kisses the kid on the top of the head, then feels the need to add: “…and don’t call me grandpa, I told you before, yes?” he tickles the little one. “I’m not that old, I just turned 55.”

“That’s pretty old,” you mutter and J grabs the drawing handed over by his grandson, huffing:

“I heard that, Princess!”

“You can call him grandpa, honey, don’t mind him,” you ignore your husband’s nonsense.”Don’t confuse Alexis, ok?”

“Whatever! You guys always plot against me,” The Joker complains (what else is new?), bringing the paper closer to his face. “HA!HA!HA!HA!” he cracks up, seeing the  five sticks and a circle with a bunch of green lines around it representing him. “The kid nailed it, he has talent!” he kisses the child’s forehead, smitten with the masterpiece. “You absolutely captured how handsome I am,” he winks, amused on a whole different level.

“You like it grandpa?” Alexis smiles, excited to see J is so happy.

“Oh, I absolutely love it!” and he begins to laugh with all his heart noticing the stick figure laying down at his feet, wearing a black cape, representing Batsy. “Oh my God, this is great!” The Joker proudly states, not bored anymore. “This is going on the fridge, Kitten! Actually no, I’m gonna frame it! Great job, give me a kiss.”

Your grandson reaches over to peck J’s cheek and the inevitable question arises again ( he asks this at least twice a week):

“Why are you so pale, grandpa?”

You snicker, going through your clothes in the walk-in closet, but eavesdropping on them like you always do. The Joker always tells the same story and Alexis listens with his mouth opened every single time:

“When grandma fell from heaven right in front of me, she was so beautiful that I died for a few minutes, but then she kissed me and brought me back to life. Ain’t that right, Doll?”

“Suuureeeee,” you peek out of your spot, amazed how J’s baloney sounds so interesting to your grandchild, even if he heard it a million times.

“I was dead for a while, that’s why I look so pale.”

“Waaaahhhh,” the kid gasps, fascinated, kissing The Joker’s cheek again.

“Isn’t grandma beautiful? How was I supposed not to die when I saw her?” he devilishly smirks.

“Yesssss,” Alexis meows when his grandpa squeezes his face together.

“She doesn’t look a day over 50, am I right?”

“Yessss,” the child agrees again, squeaking under J’s embrace.

“That’s because I am 50!” you shout, irritated.

You certainly didn’t marry him for his flattery skills.

“What did I tell you, hm?” The Joker purrs. “Your grandma’s a fox! Hey,” he whispers, ”you got a girlfriend since last time I saw you?” (which was… 2 days ago), your husband teases the little one, elbowing him and he giggles like crazy.

“N-no, nooooo!” he struggles to respond, trying to catch his breath, even if he doesn’t really understands the meaning.

“You’re not missing anything,” The Joker continues to whisper, accomplice with his grandson. “She starts out as your girl, then she wants to get married, then she wants to have kids and she keeps on telling you what to do. Princess! Nobody tells me what to do!!!” he yells, addressing the issue and you would answer if you would give a damn.  He just hears your heavy sigh from the closet so he lowers his voice again:

“What did I tell you? Probably she’s rolling her eyes right now.” He’s right, you are because you can still distinguish their “man to man” conversation. “Don’t get a sassy girl like grandma, alright? She’s very feisty! Pinky promise?” J gets deeply secretive and Alexis agrees to it, sealing the pact with his tiny finger. It feels really important so he kisses J’s cheek once more, thrilled they have another secret together.

“Grandpa, are you going to die?” the sudden question unexpectedly comes and it makes you sad. It was a child’s innocent curiosity but it really pulls at your heartstrings.

“Nooo, I’m not going to die: grandma would kill me and never speak to me again.”

“Exactly!” you take a step out of your sanctuary, then turn around and go back in so they won’t see your teary eyes.

“What did I tell you, hm? She’s so feisty, don’t get a feisty woman. Actually, I take it back: get one, they’re awesome.”

Alexis repeatedly nods a yes, not having a clue about what The Joker is rambling about, but signs he’s going to keep his lips sealed. Him and J are great ones for secrets nobody knows about.

You finally get fed up sorting out all your dresses so you come out, joining the guys’ club on the bed. The kid screams and jumps up and down until your catch him in your arms and cover him in kisses. He absolutely loves it since you two spoil him rotten.

“You look like your dad when he was your age,” you get sentimental, remembering when Kase was a baby.” Alexis hugs you and laughs in your ear, wanting to play some more.

“You know what that means, Y/N: Kase resembles me so well and when this kiddo grows up, he will probably look like me too. I have such amazing, strong genes!” The Joker concludes, flaring his arms around.

“Yeah, baby, it’s all you, you didn’t get any help,” you scoff, lifting your grandchild up in the air and he snickers, urging you to lift him higher.” I wish I could but you’re heavyyyyy!!!” you grunt, still making an effort and he screams up a storm, delighted and laughing.

“I really think we should have a granddaughter,” J brings up the subject again. “ I need a tiny Princess to play with; she’ll have to have my charm and your attitude.”
“Shut up, J!” you snarl at him and he kicks you with his leg.

“I’m going to put in an order with our kid and his girlfriend, we waited enough.”

“It’s not a McDonald’s drive-thru where you just go and order a granddaughter,” you shake your head, wishing this one was actually true.

“Yes it is. I am The Joker and if I want something I get it.”

He’s overconfident on this one.

“Can I go play in my room?” Alexis jumps from the bed on the floor, hyper and energetic after he warn you out. He has his own room at the Penthouse since he sleeps over so often.

“Yes, you can go,” you agree, falling on your back on the soft pillows, drained. “Goodness, he has so much stamina,” you inhale, watching him storm out of the bedroom.

“Just like me, I told you I have good genes,” J really makes it a point of reminding you.

You crawl in bed by him and tuck a rebel strand of green hair behind his ear, smiling, letting him have it:

“You do, you really do.”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice your red eyes. Were you crying in the closet?” J frowns, tracing your lips with his thumb.

You avert your gaze, gulping, and he forces you to look at him:

“I just had a stupid heart attack, I’m not dying or anything, got it?”

“U-hum,” you sniffle, cuddling to him.

“I mean, come on, you would probably drag me out of the coffin so you can send me to get you a diamond necklace you want or something. Am I right?” he caresses your back and you chuckle:

“Yes, I would.”

“See? I can’t disgracefully embarrass myself like that at my own funeral, it would be a disaster. So I have to postpone the moment.”

“Wow, you and your scenarios,” you actually laugh even if you are not in the mood to.

“Hey, Y/N, wanna fool around later on?” The Joker kisses you, covering both of you with the blanket.

“No, the doctor said you can’t strain yourself.”

“Huh??!!! Since when having sex means I’m straining myself?” he mutters, annoyed.

“You’ll have to ask the doctor, baby,” you nonchalantly reply, entertained on how stubborn he is all the time.

“What?! I’m not gonna ask the doctor if I can sleep with my wife. No way!“

“I wouldn’t risk it,” you try to reason with him.

I’m a natural, ok?! Pfftttt, straining myself,” J mocks, insulted, squeezing you in his arms.

“Oh,” you suddenly remember, “time to take your med,” and you get out of bed, searching for it on the coffee table.

“I’m not taking that stupid pill, I don’t need it!” he whines, unhappy.

“You’re worse than Alexis, you know that?” you scold him, taking one tablet out of the foil.

“You can’t make me take it!” he pouts.

Well, I guess there is only one thing left to do.

“If you take your medication we can full around later tonight,” you wink at him, biting on your lip.

“This is sabotage, Kitten!” he squints his blue eyes, sulking. “But you have good negotiation skills. Deal!” he reaches his hand for the tablet and you give it to him. “And I want you to wear that red outfit I like,” he grins, anticipating all the fun.

“Which one? I have about 50 red ones.”

“The red, lacy one.”

“Which one? That narrows it down to about 15.”

“Jesus, Doll, the strapless one.”

“Two piece or one piece?”

“The two piece, woman!!!!” he raises his voice, impatient.

“Oh, that one,” you pretend you finally got it even if you knew all along. You just love to tease him. “Wanna have another heart attack, old man? That’s a very indecent outfit,” you smile and he takes his pill, lifting his shoulders.

“Not the worse way to die,” he grinds his teeth, rightfully concluding it’s worth the risk.

“Alright, you asked for it,” you pucker your lips, realizing it’s so quiet. “I think I will go check on our grandson, I don’t like this calm before the storm,” you let J know, certain the kid is definitely up to something.

“I’ll be waiting, Princess,” The Joker purrs as you head towards the door.

“Fine, get ready; you’re in for a treat,” you tease him before closing the door behind you.

“I don’t have to get ready, you know I’m a natural!” he shouts and hears you giggle as you walk away.

Definitely worth having a sassy woman in your life, The Clown Prince Of Crime decides, wanting to take a nap before the grand finale tonight.


anonymous asked:

why do you think sun and adam should fight? shouldn't blake and yang be the ones to fight him?

Ok I’m actually writing a long post about this because I genuinely do not understand why me saying “I want Sun to fight Adam” all of a sudden translates into “This means I want Sun to win the fight and Blake and Yang do not fight him at all.”

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Undisclosed Desires (part 5)

Words: 2.1k

Summary: TFW discuss learning about your past as you catch up with Lucifer.

A/N: More canon divergence. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my mater tag list.


“Cas, you’ve been pretty quiet back there. You ok?” Dean asked from the drivers seat of the Impala.

Castiel remained silent and stared out the window. Part of him understood why you didn’t tell him and he wished he didn’t care; but how could he not care. Not only were you nephilim, but you were the spawn of the devil himself.

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Song Mino #62 “I hate you” REQUEST

“Thanks man” Mino said putting the last box on the floor.

It was the perfect place for him, near the school, not expensive at all, and, the most important thing, spacious and nice.

“I will make you pay me later, don’t worry” he said smiling at his friend.

They have been friends for the longest, those kind of friends that seems more like family.

They started to look around after the both of them recovered their breath. “This is really nice…” he says, sitting at the couch and putting his feet over the small table in front of him “…I still can’t believe you got it this cheap”

“I know, when he told me how much it was I started to laugh” Mino said sitting beside his friend.

And then, as a cruel joke of destiny, they heard the door opening and a beautiful girl was coming inside, pulling two suitcases in each hand, and with a backpack on her back. 

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keepingupwithpotters  asked:

10 things i hate about you w/ jackie and hyde💕💕


PD: I love your icon!

When Jackie’s mother married Bob Pinciotti, she never thought she would actually enjoy her life as Donna’s sister and so. But when Eric Forman intervenes in that happiness wanting to date her sister, she kinda hates him for it. Turns out, Donna will not be able to date until Jackie does, and with date, Bob and Pam mean somoene better than the idiot she dated before, Kelso.

She tries to convince Bob on letting Donna go out and be happy, none of them should be hold in just because one of them is single. What she never imagined is that Eric would take serious cards on the matter, asking for his own adoptive brother’s help. To which Hyde says no, especially when Eric offers him money (“she’s a human being, Forman!”), but ultimately accepts asking Jackie out… or sort of doing it, by taking her to prom, just to make his brother happy. Jackie accepts, knowing what is going on and also wanting Donna’s happiness.

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Wear Your Heart on Your Skin (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #17)

For @a-moment-of-such-peace​, who requested a soulmate AU. I was given a few options for pairings, and I’m sure no one will be surprised that I went with E/R.

E/R, modern soulmate AU, soulmate tattoos. 

“Could this be any dumber?” Enjolras demanded, holding his shirt up and looking in the mirror at the tattoo that had appeared on his side at some point over the night.

Combeferre sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “It’s a soul mark, Enjolras,” he said patiently. “It’s supposed to be a unique, identifying mark, not a work of art.”

Enjolras glared at him. “I know that,” he snapped, lowering his shirt and crossing his arms in front of his chest. “But it’s still stupid.” He switched his gaze back to the mirror, scowling at his reflection as if he could still see the tattoo. “It looks like some sort of deformed bird.”

“Who is it?” Courfeyrac practically screeched as he ran into Enjolras’s bedroom, excitement clear on his face. “Who is he? Where did you meet? When did you meet? Is he hot? I bet he’s hot!”

While Enjolras just gave him a withering look before slumping over to the bed, Combeferre shook his head slightly to try to signal to Courfeyrac that this was not going to be that kind of conversation. “He didn’t meet anyone,” he told Courfeyrac. “The tattoo just appeared during the night.”

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What book each of the Avengers get you

(Now this a mix of what each of the Avengers gets you and their own personal favourite book)  

Tony Stark

Originally posted by naturesfeelings

Now you would normally joke about if Tony actually knew what a book looked like, considering him being a tech wiz. So you were really, really surprised when you found out what book or books he had gotten you

“Tony, you have got to be kidding me” I said

“Nope” Tony said with a huge grin on his face “ It`s all yours”

“But the whole damn Library!”  I said

“Fine if you want me take it back…” Tony said sarcastically

“ Ah, ah, ah, ah you don’t need to do that!” I said with a loud voice as you ran into the library.

Steve Rogers

Now back when Steve was a kid he and his mother didn’t have much money, so he didn’t have much valuables, But he did have one book that he almost always red. In bed, In school. While traveling. Anywhere. The Great Gatsby. The reason why he red this book wasn’t just because it was the only book he had. But because he loved the themes the book had. Like The American Dream, how the book represents love and the social class of the 1920s.

“The Great Gatsby?” I said with a questionable tone

“Yes it is a story about this character called Jay Gatsby who…”   Steve said

“No, no its ok Steve I know the story” I said

“Oh right” Steve said, a slight hint of embarrassment in his voice “Sorry”

“It`s alright Steve” I said apologising to Steve “But just out of curiosity why did you get me the book?”

“Where to start” Steve said as his eyes almost glows “Well I suppose there is the main character Jay Gatsby, He`s a self-made man, a dreamer and a lover. Then there are the themes of the story and what it means and portrays like the American Dream, what happened when you lose sight on your moral values. And it is just Intriguing”     

Oh well then I thank you very much Steve” I said to him who I hugged as a thank you

Natasha Romanoff

It was absolutely zero surprise that the book Natasha gave you was a crime/murder mystery book. But the reasons why she liked it so much did surprise you. Well 2 of the reasons anyway.

“The House at Seas End?”  I said with a confused look and tone

“Yeah” Natasha said as she handed to book to you “It`s actually a 3 part series but this one is the best”

“Oh yeah, and why is that?” I said with intrigue

“Well because this is about a female called Ruth Galloway who is trying to be both a mother and a investigator but things get more complicated when 6 bodies are found on the edge of the cliff were she lives. So she is immediately is put on the case to find the killer" Natasha said with clear interest

“Ah, I can see why you like it” I said with a smile

Bucky Barnes

Now almost everyone knew that Bucky liked his privacy only letting few people spend time with him like Steve, Natasha and you. But one thing you didn’t know was what his favourite book was. But when he told you about it. It all became very clear why.

“Hey Buck” I said as I jump onto the bed where he was sitting “Whatcha doin?”

Bucky look up at you with a slight smile and looked up at you “Hey Y/N”

“Whatcha doin?” I said glancing at Bucky

“Reading” Bucky said as he handed you book

“Ah Frankenstein” I said looking at the cover “I didn’t know you liked these type of books”

Bucky chuckled slightly and bowed his head

“I guess there is still a few stuff you don’t know”  Bucky says

“So why do you like it?” I asked wondering why he has such an interest in Frankenstein

“Well its silly but every time I read it I like reading about the monster and…” Bucky said slightly blushing in embarrassment

“…And you feel sorry for him, almost like you want to help him, care for him and look after him” I said smiling to him as he smiled back 

“Would you like to read it too?” Bucky said

“Yeah” I said with a bigger smile on my face now “But only if I can read it you”

Wanda Maximoff

Now Wanda likes to read, she likes how it can transport her to other worlds and there was no other world she loved more the Harry Potter. The way they showed magic as a happy, joyful and hopeful thing.

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”  I said standing behind Wanda who was sitting against a tree who suddenly jumped up in shock.

“Oh hello Y/N”   She says before sitting back down “Come and sit with me if you like” 

“Oh thank you” I said as I sat down next to her “So you enjoying the book?”

Oh, yeah I really like it the wonder of it all the way I it is worded, the description of the world, But I really like the first one better” Wanda says as her eyes light up as if she got a brilliant idea “Would you like to come and read it with me?” 

“Yeah, yeah I would like that” I said as I smiled and walked back with Wanda

Back to the Beginning {TVD 1x01 Review}

OK! So we’re starting from the beginning, every Friday between 9pm and 10. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Gotta admit, I’m a little excited to start from the beginning, it’s been a really long time. Ready? Let’s go. 1. OK Stefan’s voiceover over the foggy woods is still HELLA campy though. I remember I saw this and was like, Fadi (my friend), are you really making me watch this? YES. She was so fucking insistent. 2. Yeah the foggy night and dark road, it’s very horror movie, very cinematic. 3. Them hitting Damon is reminiscent of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” They even gave Damon a growling noise when he feeds. 4. Listening to the score for season 1, really emphasizes how much they misused the cues in season 8. The scary cue works here because people are running, getting snatched up on a dark foggy night, it isn’t just walking through the Salvatore house. 5. Jenna is legit a mess, like, right away, Elena is like drinking coffee and really chill, like do you not have a presentation today? Go. 6. Damon sending the crow to hit Bonnie’s car is like … Literally from the minute he’s introduced, he’s terrorizing her. 7. Also Kat is a stronger actress than Nina, even the way Bonnie says, “And I was like put this woman in a HOME already”, she has more presence than Nina. 8. “She looks a hot … can I say tranny mess?” “No that’s over.” And totally inappropriate. I completely missed that before. 9. LOL Elena’s “No comment, I’m not going to say anything” when Caroline walks away is delivered really well, yo you two secretly hate each other and that should’ve been explored more. 10. Stefan’s jeans actually look a little ridiculous in the pilot, though. Like they don’t look like they fit well. When Bonnie and Elena sees him in the office. 11. Jeremy is legit like a drug dealer though. That’s kind of a big deal. 12. “You need to chill yourself” …. … … Did KW and JP like consult any teens when they wrote this script? 13. And her fight with Jeremy is actually pretty muted. I’m an only child but my closest friends are older siblings and they’ve told me of times when their younger siblings were fucking up and they would like literally BE there all the time, they would walk them to class, sit with them at lunch, be like, so where are we going today? Elena threatens to do that but never really follows through and it always bothered me that no one held an intervention for Jeremy or set up a meeting with a counsellor. 14. It is still the cutest thing ever when Stefan catches Elena staring at him in class. 15. I do like that in season 1 they dress like they’re teenagers though. 16. “Shoo, that’s what I thought.” Yeah, Elena, stand up to that bird. 17. No, seriously, from a purely objective point of view I can see why the cemetery scene would be the scene that made KW and Bob Levi and JP go ecstatic because when the scene begins Nina seems a little nervous, which I get, it’s the pilot, but when the scene goes on and the dialogue keeps going, she and Paul just have that energy, the way she smiles, the way they stare at each other, there’s legit chemistry there. 18. Yeah, those jeans need to go. And Paul I love you, but your pilot haircut is nooooooooot working. 19. Like you look like a hedgehog, honey. The diary entries actually make this REALLY angsty. 20. LOL Vicki is actually pretty mean to Jeremy though. “I don’t want to announce to the world that I deflowered Elena’s kid brother” and Jeremy has these puppy dog eyes when he says, “And deflowered and deflowered” and it’s like awwwwwwww, you’re way too young for this. 21. “I’m meeting Bonnie at The Grill”, it’s not even Bonnie and Caroline though. 22. These Stelena stares are KILLING me. It’s different seeing it within the episode than clips. 23. The way Matt says, “I feel weird calling her … She broke up with me” all of them are so YOUNG and have these really innocent faces and it just makes everything seem so MEAN. 24. “Any siblings” “None that I talk to” so when Elena tells Damon in the next episode, “Stefan never mentioned he had a brother” I mean he didn’t say that he didn’t either, he admits to having siblings. I feel like I’m going to keep a tally of all the times the show forgets its own script to propel DE. 25. Yoooooooooooo I didn’t remember we get a shot of Stefan topless in the pilot when he’s putting on his shirt. *sigh* so gratuitous. I love it. 26. Those jeans are terrible though. 27. OK but really, WHO IS ZACH AGAIN? He says “Uncle Stefan” so like how does that work? 28. Stefan being blamed for Damon’s shit from DAY ONE. 29. Paul’s intense gaze is damn. 30. I also like how in history class they never discuss enslavement. Mmkay. 31. “You’re upset about something.” “No it’s just Bonnie, she’s … You know what, never mind. You’re here.” And from Day One Bonnie’s issues are ignored. 32. Paul and Nina look really good walking next to each other. 33. Tyler legitimately treats Vicki like shit. 34. “Jeremy. Is that you?” Yes, Vicki, Jeremy can create fog now. 35. Also Damon is so fucking extra with that fog. It’s unnecessary. 36. “I just want to let you know that I still believe in us and I’m not giving up on you” oh Matty, it was never you. Don’t worry though, you get a bench. 37. So Vicki is on the ground with blood on her neck and Jeremy is like “It’s Vicki” and Elena is like “oh my God” and NO ONE is taking out their phones to call 9-11.They just stand there until she opens her eyes. I mean, I guess. 38. Ian’s hair is RIDICULOUS. 39. I don’t understand how Damon got such a following, I find him thoroughly uncharming. Like he just talks SO MUCH. 40. “Damon, after all this time, after all these years can’t we just give it a rest??” “I promised you an eternity of misery.” How fucking petty ARE you Damon? 41. Ian isn’t menacing. 42. “How come the guys I want never go for me?” “I’m not touching that.” Bonnie is hilarious though. Like oh hell no, do not drag me into your messy shit. 43. Vicki and her black nail polish. So high school. 44. Matt’s eyes are actually really blue in the pilot. 45. I am so fucking glad the diary voiceovers disappear eventually. It’s just, it’s too much. 46. And Stefan and Elena overlap. Omg. No. 47. Damon looks creepy as fuck staring at Caroline. 48. I won’t lie though, Stefan constantly coming to Elena’s house, if it were me I’d be like sooooo are you just going to keep showing up? Like she isn’t a little bit weirded out that this guy keeps just showing up at her house? 49. And she can just invite boys into her house at how late at night? OK so my review is over! I’m definitely excited to be doing these every Friday. It’s funny though because pilots are meant to establish what the show is going to be about and what’s centered in the pilot is Stefan and Elena and their desire to get through their respective dark times. The supernatural element is secondary. It’s first and foremost an SE story. Until next week!

*NOTE* To avoid confusion: I’m not saying what Stefan did is comparable to Damon, Damon was terrorizing Elena for kicks, I’m just saying that Stefan comes across as intense in the pilot and I would be like dude you are at my house a lot but it makes sense because Stefan isn’t acting completely human because he isn’t one, throughout the episode he’s trying to train himself to be more human.
Indecent Proposal - Chapter 5

Read from the beginning

Read Chapter 4

Jared’s POV

“Wow, that was crazy,” Melody said as we were driving away from the restaurant.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until I post that pic of us holding hands,” I said and chuckled, “That’s when the real madness will begin.”

“You’re not helping,” she said obviously terrified.

“Relax, you’ll get the hang of it eventually,” I said and continued to drive.

“I’m not so sure. I never wanted to be under the spotlight,” she said and sighed, clearly worried about the way our situation will develop in the future. Somehow I felt like I should maybe comfort her, but I went with my incessant need to pick on her.

“Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to suck it up, won’t you now, wifey,” I said never taking my eyes of the road. 

But the moment I finished the sentence I felt a pit in my stomach. This didn’t feel right, as it would usually do, when I tried to make her feel bad. I could feel the despise coming from her eyes, even though I wasn’t looking at her. This felt even worse, but I just ignored the feeling and kept driving.

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Dateless And Single

Author’s note: I going to be spending my valentine’s day at work but I much rather be spending it this way. we all just need a little Jackson in our lives.


Lucky - Jason Marz

First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

Green Eyes -Coldplay

Pairing: Reader x Jackson(GOT7)

Word Count: 1446

Genre: Fluff 

Originally posted by whats-kpopping

“Would you two shut up already, you been going at it for three hours.”

“Not until I win!”

“Then you two will be here all night! There is no way you are going to beat her Jackson. I would just give up now.“

“Jinyoung! How could you say that! I can’t give up that easily!”

“It has been three almost four hours. Some of us are getting hungry

“Then go get something to eat without us, I’m not giving up until I win!”

“Hey! I’m actually hungry” I finally pipe in my opinion. “And although I thoroughly like beating your butt over and over again. My stomach is trying to get my attention.”

This whole fiasco started four hours ago when I came over to hang out and eat dinner with the boys. It was valentine’s day today. So instead of spending it alone at my apartment watching chick flicks and drowning my feeling in ice cream and chocolate. Mark had invited me to spend it with him and the boys. We were all dateless and single, so it was a perfect idea to distract us from the loneliness that comes with this holiday.

The second I stepped through the door, though, I was challenged to a match of Super Smash Brothers Brawl by Jackson. Unknown to him, I was well skilled at it from years of playing it with my older brothers. After I destroyed him the first time, he called it beginner’s luck and called for a rematch. I just laughed and agreed to it. For the past three hours, Jackson had called for rematch after rematch. I didn’t mind though because I enjoyed spending time with him and beating his butt every match was a perk. But I knew deep down the true reason was that I have been harboring a huge crush on him since mark first introduced us. Sadly I know it wouldn’t work because of who Jackson was. He had the pick of any girl he wanted, he would never pick me. Mark’s old best friend from childhood.

“Jinyoung can’t you just bring us something back?” Jackson gave the rest of the boys a puppy dog look and a pout.

“If it ok with (Y/N).” Jinyoung gave me a “sorry he acts like a five-year-old sometimes” kind of look. The thought of being alone with Jackson sent butterflies to my stomach and made my cheeks turn red. But it would be okay, right? We were only playing a video game, nothing would happen, right?

“As long as I get fed, I’m fine with it”

“Are you sure?” Mark interjected. He could always read me like an open book. It didn’t help I would tell him everything since we were kids. He had figured out the crush I had on Jackson before I could even tell him.

“Just don’t take too long.” I joked out loud but I gave mark a “don’t you dare say anything or I will kill you” look.

“Alright, just don’t burn the dorm down while we are gone” Jinyoung sighed, oblivious to the stare down mark and I was having. The rest of got7 filed out and the door slammed shut behind Bambam and Yugeom arguing about what food they were going to get. The apartment fell silent and I shift nervously in my seat.

“I got an idea, let’s play Mario Kart instead,” Jackson announced

“I was never good at Mario Kart. So maybe just maybe you might win.” Jackson sent a sarcastic laugh my way as he got up to change the disk. I sighed back into my seat and watch him, noting his toned arm muscles. He so rudely decided to wear a sleeveless shirt tonight. I wonder what it would be like to have those arms are wrapped around my waist. Those arms bringing me into a tight embrace. His arm slung around my shoulders, claiming me as his.

“Are you checking me out?” I awake from my daydream to see Jackson looking at me with a smirk etched on his face.

“Of course not!” I yell out, avoiding his gaze.

“Your cheeks say otherwise.” Damn my girlish tendencies

“Just because girls around the world find you desirable doesn’t mean every girl does.”

“True but I’m pretty sure the girl sitting in front of me finds me desirable.”

“I do not!” the redness in my cheeks turn the shade of a tomato. Jackson has now abandoned the game and started to walk slowly towards me. I sink back into my seat.

“I beg to differ.” Jackson was now in front of me. He snaps both of his on either side of my head. I stare into his eyes, trying to find a hint of a joke. But all I found was focus and could say a bit of lust?

“I think you’re are over your head.” I tried to keep me composer but my mind and insides were panicking.

“You know it wouldn’t be a bad thing. You finding me desirable.” he was inching closer and closer to my face. One wrong move now and we would be kissing. But was that a bad thing?

“Why is that?” Jackson stops himself so close to my face that iI could feel his breath.

“Because maybe I find you quite desirable too.”

“Don’t joke with me, Wang.’ Jackson smirk was the last thing I saw. I flutter my eyes shut when I felt Jackson capture my lips. This kiss was powerful and sent electricity throughout my body. There was passion flowing from Jackson’s lips. It traveled through me and filled me. Claiming me to Jackson and no one else. Just as I start to try to pull Jackson closer, he pulls his lips off mine.

“Do you think I’m joking now?” Jackson stares into my eyes and leaves me breathless. I open my mouth to respond but I was cut off by the front door banging open. Jackson and I look up from our spot on the couch. Jinyoung and Bambam were bickering something about a lost wallet. But Bambam stopped mid-argument when his eyes fell upon us.

“Ewwwww guys we sit and eat on that couch!” Bambam yells over to us. I never seem Jackson move so quickly. He was on the other side of the room in less than a second.

“Bambam, it’s not like that!” Jackson yells back, his face turning as red as my own.

“Yeah sure, we all know you like her.” my head shot up at these words and I look at Bambam with disbelief.

“Hey! I haven’t even told her that yet! Jinyoung help me out!”

“You were going to do that to her without out even telling her you have feelings for her. That just messed up Jackson.” there was a glint of amusement in his eyes. Jackson and Bambam start to bicker back and forth again. I look up at Jinyoung and he gives me a wink

    “Come on Bambam, go get your wallet. The guys are waiting.: Bambam huffed off and returned with a black wallet in his hands. He walks out the still open door and Jinyoung follows.

    “Have fun you two!” Jinyoung waves to us as he shuts the door behind him.

    “I can’t……how could….I would never!” Jackson was walking back and forth, waving his hands around. I start to giggle at how flustered he was.

“Why are you laughing? This is not a laughing matter. They ruined my plan!” I laughed even harder at how serious Jackson looked.

“Jackson, calm down. they were messing with you. There is nothing to worry about.” I waved at him to come sit with me.

“They were?” he ran his fingers through his hair as he sat down.

“They absolutely were.”

“Oh now I just feel stupid but I’m still mad at Bambam.”


“He told you I had feelings for you.”

“That’s ok”

“How is that ok?”

“Because I like you too, dummy.” I laughed out. “But you are going to have to make this up for me.”

“I do? How do I make it up to you then?”

“For a start, you could take me out on a real date.” I leaned up and pulled Jackson don for another kiss. He wraps his strong arms around me and pulled me into his chest.

“I can definitely do that.” he breaks the kiss for a second and stared into my eyes. He then smiles and pulled me back into his lips. This definitely wasn’t how I thought my Valentine’s day would end. But I am so glad I didn’t end up stuck at home watching chicks flicks and eating ice cream.

Author note: The original plan was to upload this on Valentine’s day but I’m too impatient haha. As always I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!! <3  

I am not good for you. (Part 3)

Type: mini-serie.

Pairing: Jace Herondale/Wayland/Lightwood X Reader.

A/N: there is Clary too but this is a Jace x Reader, sorry for who ship Clace. I ship Clace also 💕but this imagine is based on a dream i made a few nights ago. And also i’m sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language and i wanted to share this with someone.

I should be happy, today is the day i will meet my future husbund. For what i have seen and heard he is the perfect Shadowhunters, just as it should be: strong and confident, with a natural talent for fighting and obviously loyal and in love with the Clave…well, let’s just say that i do not wonder why everyone and Maryse adore him. He is not good as much as Jace, he is important just because his family are prestigious like the Lightwood.
After i told Alec and Izzy about my arranged marriage they called Magnus and they explained to him the situation. I can swear that i had never seen him so angry. He was so close to going to strangle Maryse and even without the use of his magic, i would add. Since he and Alec got together, we became very good friends and i am really glad. Fortuanatelly after a cocktail or two and the attempts of Alec to calm him down, he calms. I hope i can have what they have, they seems so happy and in love with each other that they are capable of illuminating the entire room just by staying close. I am happy for Alec, he more than anyone deserves love.
Now we are all in the center room with the other Shadowhunters. Maryse has called a meeting and i want to disappear, literally, i asked Magnus to open a portal but he hugged me and told me to keep walking whit my chin up. I can see Jace and Clary at the other side of the room, Jace is looking around the room in search of something, as soon as he sees us he nods toward Clary and they start coming to us.
“Do you guys know the reason beind this?” he asks crossing his arms.
“Maybe.” i whisper and Jace frown, he was about to reply when Maryse cut him off.
“Thank everyone for coming here, i have an important annuncemement. But before, Y/N can you join me?” she asks me, i head towards her while Jace and Clary look at me perplexed. She keeps talking when i reach her. “Today James Blackwine will be here at the Institute. I am proud to announce the union in marriage of two families, the Blackwine and the Lightwood-Y/L/N. He is coming here because we have the honour to organize his wedding with our Y/N.” as soon as she finishes talking the whole room bursts in applause and congratulations. I can not do anything but blush and then look at the ground. After a few minutes Maryse ends the meeting and everyone walks away to do their work. Izzy, Alec and Magnus are watching with soft and sympathetic eyes. Clary is looking at me with her mouth wide open and eyes out, i do not dare to look at Jace.
“Are you going to marry? I did not know…” she comments shocked.
“Yeah, me too. I am happy that i wasn’t the only one who wasn’t told.” Jace being harshly. I look at him for a second only to find his eyes already in mine. His eyes. Damn, i missed him, he is more beautiful than i remembered if it is possible. He is here in front of me but he looks at me shocked and disgusted, i look away. I feel guilty, frightened and embarassed under his eyes.
“Why do not you tell me?” he caters only to me, i can feel his eyes burning against me. “A marriage? Where all this come from? Are you crazy or what? Look at me.” he adds grabbing my arm and i gasp squeezing my eyes.
Alec pushes away Jace and stands between us. “That’s enough, Jace! Stay calm, look you’re hurting her and let her breathe.”
“No, i do not have enough Alec! I want to know what’s going on and what’s all this about the wedding! Why nobody told me?”
“Jace…” Izzy tries to speak.
“I’m not talking to you Isabelle. I want to talk alone with Y/N, you go away” ordes Jace. I raise my eyes on him again and he is livid, is face is red and his jaw tightened so much that his lips are trembling a little.
The others look worried at me and i nod “It is ok, go.” i say watching them one by one. “I will be fine.” i add and after a second Jace drags me down the hall to his room since no one did the gesture to go away. He opens the door and pushes me inside, he comes in and close the door. He turns to me and takes a deep breath trying to calm down and i can feel by body tense, i cross my arms on my chest trying to hide that i am shaking. I was so sicure about my choice, i am convinced that it is right but then he comes and breaks every certainty that i had.
“Why?” he aks with a hoarse voice, when a few minutes ago he was about to explode at any moment, now he seems hurt and empty. His voice are strong as always but is tremling a little. That’s what hurts me the most, i prefer to see the strong and sure of himself Jace, rather than the vulnerable Jace in front of me now. I am in love with everything about him but this hurts me, i have never seen this side of Jace and the fact that i am the cause make me feel heartbroken, but i can not give up.
“It seems obvious, there is nothing to explain” i declare finding a bit of strenght and control.
“You have to explain a lot of things instead. First of all why did you avoided me for the whole week? Did i do somthing wrong? And by the Angel why you will marry that guy? Since when? You do not even know him and certainly you do not love him! I do not recognize you anymore!” he says and i can fell that he is heating up, word after word, frustated from my answer.
“I do not have to explain anything to you. You do not care about me, there is no reason why i should explain my choices to you. You only care about yourself and Clary, for you everything revolves around her now! I no longer exist, Alec and Izzy do not exist anymore for you. I am going to marry James Blackwine, it is the right choice. I do not love him now, it is true, but i could do one day. And among all the people you can not talk about feeling to me, where the story that feelings are nothing?” i say irritated pressing my lips together avoiding to say more.
“Do not you dare!” pointing his finger at me. “I care about you, a lot, more than i expected and more than anyone else. I thought about you every day, but you were and you are acting like a child! I spend my time with Clary because for her it is all new and i want to help her, that’s all. What you did is unacceptable! You really want to marry a stranger? You are supposed to kiss him, to love and make love with him, to make babies with him! It is not a game! You went out of your mind, i thought you were smarter than this.” he yells taken by anger, now his hands are narrow on his hips, his breath are slow and fast and his eyes are locked on mine. His words make me explode.
“See! I can not do this anymore, i am tired Jace. I am tired of arguing with you. We are only hurting each other since Clary arrived and i am very tired of pretending that everything is fine! We are not the same as before and i miss the old Jace and Y/N. I am tired of losing people i care and if i keep you away from me i can not give you the power to hurt me. I just want to forget everything and move on, if this is the only way i will do it. I can not deal with the fact that if i will not do it i will help destroy a family, the family that welcomed and loved me.” my voice broke and i realize i am crying so i wipe the tears. During my speech Jace remained unmoved but i can see that he has tears in his eyes too. We are both exhausted, emotionally and physically. I close my eyes massaging my temple because i feel my head spinning, i take a deep long breath and i open my eyes.
“I do not want to fight with you. It if means that we must stop talking for me it is fine. You will be happy with Clary and i will find my happiness with James.” i add.
“I’d rather argue with you that to be with other girls or Clary. You’ve never understood it, right?” he shake his head laughing softly. “You are not the only one that lost his own family, maybe i am the one who understands you the most. We are similar more than you think and maybe this is one of the reasons because you are so important to me. You are right…for me emotions are nothing, they can control us and they have the power to hurt us” he sighs he runs is hands through his hair “Love destroys us. You destroys me every day and i will let you if you want. Do not marry him.” he says with queit voice looking at me deeply. He breaks away from the door where he was leaning from the beginning and he comes slowly towards me but i stop him raising my arms between us.
“Don’t.” i bite my lips fighting the urge to cry or laugh in despair, i do not know. I am unable to move, i remain in silence searching for the right words to say. Just the Angel know how long have i waited for him to say these words, i can not believe it. He is here, in front of me and he just said he has feelings for me. I should burst with happiness but i feel terrible. What i have done?
We are interrupt by the knock on the door.
“Y/N you are in there? James Blackwine has arrived, come to meet him. We will wait for you in my office.” i hear Maryse from the order side of the door.
“Ok.” i say and she walked away.
I look at Jace and he shaking his head at me. “No.”
“I waited years to hear this from you, but now i can not turn back Jace. I always had feelings to you, but you never noticed. It is too late and that’s fine, i am not good to you. You are you, hansome and perfect.” waving my hands toward him. “And i am…a mess.” i smile sadly dropping my arms. I start to go to the door when he takes my arm and makes me turn until we are face to face.
“You do not know want you do to me every day, you are the reason i wake up every morning and that gives me the strength to give my best. You are more than good enough. I should have told you sonner, we could have avoided all this…Are you really sure about this?” he try to look in my eyes but i am having truble to look at him.
“Yes.” i lie, i escape from his grasp and quickly get out of his room before he can grab me again. I run to my room where i try to calm down and give me a settled before meeting my future. I wash my face, fix my hair, i put a fake smile on and i get out of my room.

➡The next part will be the last I think.
Celebrate Me Home - The One With All the Catharsis (Final Part)

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 8.9k ish (nearly half is smut and I don’t even know how that happened)

Warnings: Pain and angst, fighting, SMUT, ORAL (FEMALE RECEIVING), MUTUAL MASTURBASTION (A BRIEF MENTION OF IT), SEX (A TAD BIT DESPERATE), ALL AROUND DIRTY DIRTY DESPERATION, rounded out with a good dose of sap and fluff.

Summary: A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU ~ She’s done too much. She’s caused too many problems. Her judgement isn’t the best, but her heart is in the right place. Although, she’s worries that place just may be back in Pine Tree.

A/n: I can’t believe we’ve come to this point. I can’t believe we’re here. This has been such an experience for me. I’m so glad that I took the time to bring this story to life. It had been eating away at me for years and here we are. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting, and reblogging. This part of the story is ending, but this isn’t the last we’ll see of these characters. I promise you that much!

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December 26th, 2011…1 Day after Christmas

It happens in an instant. So quickly and without a second thought, in fact, that Cas doesn’t even get a chance to finish his words. He can’t even complete his sentence before y/n is turning the key in her ignition and pulling out of the parking lot she’d taken residence in for the better part of the day.

How she manages to get her car started and on the road without taking out a tree or woodland creature, she doesn’t know. But she’s speeding down the highway in no time, working the back roads like it’s second nature to her, and at this point she’s sure it is.

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