my every damn thing because he all but told her he loved her and always has ok

Your hands are Really Nice- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: (requested) Reader is too shy to tell Jughead about her feelings, so Veonica and Betty take matters in to their own hands (mostly Veronica)

Warnings: Swears, fluff so much fluff I couldn’t even deAL


Being in love with your best friend isn’t easy. It feels taboo, like it’s wrong, and unhealthy. You’ll lay awake at ungodly hours of the night, wondering “How did this happen?” You’ll replay every moment of every waking minute you spent with them, wondering how in the world you ended up lying on your floor with an empty bowl of ramen beside your head and imagining what it would feel like to kiss them. You’ll catch yourself admiring the tiniest insignificant things about them, and every detail of their stupidly cute face, and every indent and curve and freckle on their body, and let me tell you, it sucks. Falling in love with your best friend isn’t easy, especially when your best friend is Jughead Jones.

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“” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The women of the League are teasing you about the love bites that litter your body….

I already kinda had the idea of doing a similar story on the women side…So here we go. Last time the guys of the League were mocking Bruce for the scratches on his back (you can read that here), now, it’s Batmom’s turn (though I feel it’s not as funny as the other, I tried something else you know, so that the stories wouldn’t be exactly the same, too similar and shit…erf, whatever, hope it’s kinda ok). Hope you’ll like it (insecuritiesoverloadbutitsok) 

WARNING FOR LANGAGE and slightly NSFW, just slightly. Also, My masterlist blog here :


It wasn’t really part of your initial plan to shower at the same time than them. Bruce told you about his friends trying to tease him about the nail marks you left on his body after a heated night, and you were afraid that your girl friends would do the same, a bit paranoid about it really…

But then you thought about the fact that usually, women tended to be a bit more mature about that (maybe?), that they would probably behave and ignore the hundreds (literally) love bites on your body. 

Besides, there was only Diana, Zatanna and Dinah, surely, they wouldn’t say anything, after all, they were used to Bruce being affectionate towards you when he thought no one was watching, small love bites wouldn’t shock them or anything. They were your three best friends, they knew how to not intrude too much in your life. They would definitely not talk about the marks your husband left on your body. 

And oh you were so wrong. 

You were in your underwear when you started to notice their smirks, and the way they whispered in each other’s ears while looking at you. No…could it be ?

You turn around, and when Diana’s eyes go wide at the sight of the love bites on your front while Zatanna and Dinah just start laughing stupidly, you know you actually were right to “fear” a reaction from them. You roll your eyes and give them your best “really ?” facial expression before saying :

-Are you guys snickering like idiots because of the love bites ? 

Zatanna answers your question :

-No, we’re snickering like idiots because Bruce…

And then it happens. The worst pun you ever heard in your life (and you were used to Dick and Tim’s nerdy jokes). All three of them yell : 


Stun. That’s what you are. Wow. Even worst that the poor attempt from your male friend in the league to embarrass Bruce. An awful pun. 

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Author- @family-business-forever

Request- As it would be if you were as a sister to the Winchester and after hiding your relationship with Jack they discovered them. ? But the nephilim tells them that in spite of everything he loves you and only wants them to realize that he is not bad @ladyofhellhounds

Word Count- 1692

Characters- Jack, Winchester!reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions Kelly

Pairings- Jack x reader

Warnings- Fluff, some violence, almost smut (still gets kinda descriptive), some gifs that may be considered nsfw, swearing, some angst

A/N- Finally have the first request done!!! I hope it’s to your liking!!!! Will be working on other requests too! Sorry it takes me awhile to write them!! I will be trying to get them done faster!!!

Originally posted by bubblemish

They found their sister when Azazeal rounded up his demon blood fed children in the abandoned town. She too had powers but much stronger than Sam’s. She definitely had the Winchester genes with her (H/L) (H/C) hair, (E/C) eyes, and gorgeous (S/C), she was beautiful. Her brothers knew it too. There overprotectiveness proved it.

Another person who knew it, was Jack. At first sight he fell head over heels for her, even though he didn’t understand it at first. At first he got scared of the, butterflies in his stomach feeling. He tried to avoid her when he figured out she was the cause, but then he started to miss talking to her. So, being the clueless and adorable half angel he was, he went to her for answers.

To say she was surprised was an understatement. She knew people thought she was beautiful, her brothers made that obvious, but she was still shocked. In the end though, she was able to get over the shock and explain to him what he was feeling.

It was that night she realized the feelings were mutual. With this new knowledge she made it her mission to teach him everything he needed to know. So, that one year he’s been at the bunker, she showed him everything he needed to know. Her brothers began to see that she took it upon herself to teach him so they began to hunt again.

Six months past before Jack truly understood his feelings for her and decided to act on them. But not without asking her first, which she found adorable. She obviously agreed, so they started off slow.

But six months after that, they knew their feelings for each other we’re very strong, like their souls were bonded together, soulmates, if you may.

Their six-month relationship was unknown by her brothers. That’s how she wanted it though. While Sam wouldn’t be overly upset about it, Dean would kill Jack, literally. And once Jack realized it was one of her worst fears, he agreed to keep it a secret.

It wasn’t overly hard to keep since Sam and Dean were usually out hunting, most of the time. They take a break in between hunts but it never lasted long since Dean was always itching hunt, ever since Cas died.

So, a year into their relationship, they became even closer. They started sleeping in the same bed, cuddling while watching Netflix, and working out together.

Again six more months went by making it be a year and a half, since their relationship began. It was also the same day of their anniversary that Jack asked her to show him something he’d seen in movies and online.

Sam and Dean had left on a hunt a week prior, not due back for another week. The sun had just set and they just finished supper, now cuddled on their bed watching a movie.

“(Y/N)?” Jack asked, getting her attention.

“Hmmm,” was her answer.

“I-I’ve been thinking. You-you’ve shown me how people get, intimate, with each other, and you said it was how people took their relationships, like ours, to the next level.” He said, making her turn her head to look at him.

“Yeah?” She says, a bit confused but wanting him to continue.

“W-well we’ve been together for 365 days, 19 hours, and 12 minutes, so-so I was wondering I-If it was time for u-us to take it to the n-next step?” Jack finishes, nervous.

“You mean sex?” She questions, making sure she’s hearing him right. He nods shyly, turning his head away embarrassed. “Jack, baby?” She says making him look at her but not meet her eyes. “ Jack. I am in as long as you’re sure this is what you want.” She says, making him look at her excitedly. He stares into her eyes as she leans forward and their lips meet.

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They’ve kissed before but never like this. There’s so much love in this case, as if they’re pouring every ounce into it. Jack’s never experienced this before, but neither has (Y/N). While she’s kissed guys before this is different, it’s pure, she feels like a door inside her, that’s been shut and locked for all her life, has been opened.

Originally posted by gifworld13

Slowly, she runs her tongue over his bottom lip, at first confusing him before he remembers reading about this online and opens his mouth to let her explore. Pretty soon Jack has got the hang of, what he thinks is called, making out. He begins to get confused though when something, between his legs, stiffens. She senses his confusion, pulling away to look at him.

“Jack? What’s wrong?” She asks, searching his eyes for an answer. Not knowing how to explain it he takes one of her hands and leads it to the thing stiffening. When she realizes what his confusion is about, she giggles before straddling him. “That’s OK, Jack. It’s supposed to happen. It means you’re enjoying this. I am to, see.” She says before taking one of his hands and guiding it to her pants and into her wet center. She lets out a little moan at the contact, before kissing Jack and grinding into his hand, encouraging him to explore. When Jack does start to explore she grips the bulge forming in his pants, making him groan before something clicks and he flips her over taking control as he applies more pressure to clit, making her moan into his mouth.

At that exact moment the door flies open, hitting the wall with a loud bang, making (Y/N) jump and freeze as Jack just looks over. In the doorway are two very pissed Winchester men, one more pissed than the other. They stare at their baby sister with her hand down the devil son’s pants and the devil son’s down her’s.

Originally posted by supernatural-addiction-hotline

After a moment of shock Dean’s storms through the door grabbing Jack and throwing him to the floor before jumping on top of him and laying punch after punch on him.

“Dean stop!” (Y/N) yells, tears beginning to run down her face. “Dean!” She yells again, but Dean just ignores her. “Stop!” She yells, before Dean flies back and hits the wall.

“You son of a bitch!” Dean yells, after the haze from hitting his head, clears. He tries to get up and charge Jack, again, but he’s unable to as an unknown force holds him down. “Let me go you son of a bitch!” Dean yells, still trying to fight the force holding him down, but failing.

“Jack.” (Y/N) says, kneeling beside him and checking him over even though his wounds heal in front of her eyes. She buries her head in Jack’s neck, hugging him and crying.

“Let’s all just calm down. Jack, let Dean go.” Sam says, seeming calm but mad at his brother, sister and Jack.

“I-I’m not doing that.” Jack says, as (Y/N) raises her head from his shoulder.

“I-I am and I’m not letting him go till he calms down. He’s not hurting Jack again.” She says, looking at Dean, tears still running down her face.

Jack’s never seen (Y/N) cry before. He always thought she was so strong, even when her brothers return from a hunt, barely alive. This was the worst thing he’d ever seen and never wanted to see her crying again. All he wanted to do was pull her into him and hold her. So, that’s exactly what he did, and it broke his heart further when she curled into him crying even more.

“You get your evil hands off her.” Dean says, threateningly.

“No.” Jack had found himself saying, surprising all the Winchesters. “No. I-I won’t, because I love her.” Jack says, making (Y/N) look up at him. “The time that I’ve been here she’s been the only one to help me and show me how everything works. She helped me figure out what I like and dislike and at the same time a learned about her likes and dislikes. I know her favorite food is

(Y/F/F) and her favorite color is (Y/F/C). I know when you to argue she goes to the farthest part of the bunker she can so she doesn’t have to listen. I know when she’s sleeping and she’s dreaming, she scrunches her nose and I know that I don’t want to ever see her cry again.” Jack says, warming (Y/N)’s heart,

“You’re evil ass is never going to see her again.” Dean growls, still fighting the force holding him down.

“I won’t let that happen.” Jack says, shaking his head. “And I’m not evil. (Y/N) told me about my biological father and other evil creatures and I don’t want to be like that. She makes me want to be good. I love her and I never want to lose her. With her around, I have no chance of being evil, but without her, I don’t know if I could prevent it, and I just want to be good, for her and my mother.” Jack finishes, only seeming to stop Dean from trying to get up.

“I-I love him Dean. And you’re going to have to deal with it because I won’t let you take him from me.” (Y/N) says, finally letting Dean go.

After that night, Dean went out drinking for two days and Sam, he just wants his sister to be happy. Now of course Sam gave Jack a talk, also warning him Dean would have one with him too.

But in the end, Dean excepted their relationship and finally Dean accepted Jack, but forever on, he made damn sure Jack didn’t hurt his baby sister.

Mine (part 2 of Hers)

This is part 2 to this imagine. Hope you enjoy it!

You know one of the worst things about being in love with your best friend? You can’t just get away from them. It’s like even if you’re sure that ignoring them will be helpful, they just won’t take it.

Since that night, a month ago, I’ve been doing everything in my power to get away from Harry. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him out of my life forever, but just for a little while so I can try and get over him. Because now he’s engaged, and trust me, the world doesn’t let me forget this.

Although I’ve been busy with work – or at least that’s what I tell Harry to avoid him – the world seems to get against me all the time. Fans bombarding my twitter with questions about his engagement and how I feel about it, Harry and Lexa on the cover of every magazine, Louis texting me every day asking me how I am doing, Anne complaining I haven’t been to their family reunion on weekends… It’s tough to ignore this whole thing when it seems it’s out to get me.

Harry knows something is wrong. I don’t think he realizes how hurt I am by his decision to get married to Lexa, but he definitely knows something is wrong. He keeps texting me, saying he misses me and that he wants me to be part of his wedding. So far, I’m not even sure if I’ll go to the damn thing.

Will you be free this weekend? Mom said she’ll be giving a small get together and that she misses you. H

Not sure. Working and all that.

Why are you so distant?

I’ve already told you, I’m working. Big project.

I’ll be honest and say I miss him. Probably more than I should. I miss his hugs, I miss his voice, his smile, his mesmerizing green eyes, his way of making me smile by only looking at me. I miss him. But I also feel angry. Harry is probably the smartest person I know and yet he doesn’t realize the mistake he’s making. Lexa doesn’t get him like I do, she probably doesn’t care for him as much as I do and definitely doesn’t love him like I do. I guess I am just angry at myself, at the end of the day. I could have had him. It took me too long to tell him my feelings and he moved on. No, to someone to move on from someone there has to be feelings involved and I’m pretty sure he never had those feelings for me.

It hurts, most of all. It’s hard to ignore the aching feeling in my heart, especially when I don’t know how to get rid of it. I’ve been on dates the past weeks, dates that went nowhere. That ended with me in my couch, a bottle of wine, old photos of Harry and me and many tears. Tears because I miss those times when we’re inseparable, when it was us against the world. I miss those times when I knew I could tell him everything. I miss his comfort after heartbreak. But how can I go to him when the reason I am so devastated is him? Is the fact that he loves someone else, that he is about to vow infinity love for someone is not me. Is the fact that even though he knows me so well, he can’t see how this is breaking me. He is about to be forever hers and all I wish was for him to give me a chance to make him mine. He can’t fix me when he’s the one who broke me.  

I knew I shouldn’t, it would only make things worse. So I don’t how I ended up sitting in my car, on Anne’s driveway. I should turn around and go back to my house, but a part of me didn’t want to. I miss everyone, they’re like family to me. And, most of all, I miss him. I know very well that for my own sake I should turn around and run, so why am I walking towards the door?

“Y/N, it’s so good to see you, my darling! I missed you! How are you doing?” Anne hugged me tight and I couldn’t help the smile that this hug brought to my face. I miss her more than anything.  

“I’m ok. Working a lot.” I let go of her and we headed to her living room. Everyone was there: Gemma, the boys, Lou, Lux and, of course, Harry and Lexa. He looks amazing and my breath was caught in my through as soon as he headed my way.

“Where have you been hiding?!” He hugged me and I let him hold me to his chest. Gosh, how I missed this. Missed him so close to me. I almost forgot everyone else, but the hug was shortly broken by Gemma.

“Sis, it’s so good to see you. How’s work? How’s life?” She hugged me.

After saying hello to everyone, Gemma, Louis and I went to the kitchen to grab some more wine to the others.

“How you doing?” Louis asked me once we were out of reach.

“I drink a lot, I cry a lot and I work a lot.” I was honest with them. Gemma looked at me with sadness in her eyes and I knew she wanted nothing more than to me and her brother to get together and be happy.

“He misses you.” Louis told me. “He doesn’t know why you’re pulling away and it’s breaking him that you’re so distant.”

I felt a knot in my through and I knew if I keep talking about it, I’ll lose it. I’ll crumble in a ball of hysterical cries and that would cause a lot of trouble. I took the wine bottle and went back to the kitchen, to see Lexa showing Anne pictures of wedding dresses she has been trying on. Anne looked like she couldn’t care less for what her future to be daughter-in-law was saying, but the scene itself was enough to halt me in place.

It was real. He really was getting married. She was already looking at dresses. I think a part of me always thought he was going to change his mind, or maybe this whole thing was some kind of sick joke.

“Oh, Y/N, Lexa wants you to help with her dress too.” Harry smiled at me, oblivious to the hurt his words caused.

“Hm, maybe some other time.” My voice didn’t sound like myself, it sounded robotic. “I need to go now. Got a call from the office.”

“Wait, what?” He asked confused. “You just got here. And today is Sunday, you can’t possibly work on a Sunday!”

“Well, it’s very possible and I need to get going.” I was out the door before I could even hear anything else.

I drove back home with tears rolling down my face and a broken heart. I lost him forever.

If I had stayed that night, I would’ve known about the fight that took place right after I left. I would’ve known how pissed off Harry was with my behavior and I would know what unfolded after Gemma decided to just through every truth at him.

If I had stayed, I wouldn’t be face to face with a very angry Harry, standing in the middle of my living room.

“YOU LOVE ME?” He asked looking at me from across the room.

“Of course I love you, you’re my best friend and…” I tried to get out of the situation, but I could see I wasn’t convincing him.

“Oh please, Gemma told me everything. How you’ve been in love with me for 3 years and not said a damn word about it. How you’ve ran away from my party not because you’re not feeling well as you told me, but because I got engaged. How you’ve been ignoring me on purpose to get rid of your feelings for me. Why did I have to hear this from my sister, Y/n? Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice was near a whisper at the end of his rant and he looked devastated.

“I-I-I…” I took a deep breath and turned away from him. “I was afraid of losing you for good. When I first realized my feelings, I didn’t know how to deal with it. How was I supposed to tell you? I’ve known you my whole life, Harry! But the boys kept on telling me to talk to you. Do you remember that day 3 years ago?” I turned around to meet with his green eyes watching my every move. “When you told me you met Lexa?”

“Of course. It was the day you told me you were coming home and…” He stopped. I could see the wheels turning in his head; I knew he understood what I wanted to say.

“I was going to confess my feelings for you that day. But you were so happy about her… I couldn’t ruin this for you. So I decided it was time for me to come home, for me to move on from you.”

“But you never did.” He whispered.

“No. It’s harder to get over you than it looks like.” I sat on my couch, feeling completely defeated with this whole conversation. “Why are you so pissed off, Haz? Yes, I do love you and I am trying to get over you. Eventually it will happen. I’m not gonna lie and say that right now I’m happy with your wedding, because God knows I don’t think she’s right for you. But if you’re happy, than so am I. I just need time to get over my feelings for you, that’s all.”

“Why am I so pissed off?!” Harry suddenly was angry again. “You didn’t tell me anything. You completely shut me out, I was left in the dark for too long. For Christ sake, I am your best friend, you should tell me this things! So now, not only did I lose my future wife, I’m afraid I’ll lose my best friend.”

“Wait, what?” I looked up at his hooded eyes, feeling my heart pick up the rate. What does he mean with lost his future wife?

As if reading my thoughts, he took the wedding ring he gave Lexa from his pocket and showed to me. The beautiful diamond was shining in the dim lights and I could barely believe my own eyes.

“Harry, what did you do? Why are you with her bloody ring?”

“Because if you had told me you loved me, I would never have stayed with Lexa in the first place!” He sat beside me and took my hand in his. “I always loved you, Y/N. Gosh, always have and always will! I spent so many years loving you, and when I realized you would never love me back, I decided to move on, y’know? Lexa was a great girl, but she wasn’t you. I cared for her, and since I believed I would never love someone as much as I love you, I thought she could be the next best thing, I guess. Gosh, Y/N, I love you so so so much it hurts.”

At first, I thought I was dreaming. Harry was confessing his feelings for me and it has to be a dream. But when his hands found my neck and his lips found my lips, I knew this was actually happening. And it was better than every dream I ever had in my entire life.

“Now, I need to hear your answer even though I know what’s gonna be. Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” He smiled at me and in that moment I knew everything was finally fitting into places.

“We went through all of this for you STILL have to ask me that?” I rolled my eyes and straddled his lap. “Of course, you idiot.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to see the others reaction.” He laughed and kissed me again. “But first, let me show you exactly how much I love you.”

And just like that, he carried me to my room, for the first of many nights together.


I hope you’ve liked this. Please, leave me your thoughts about this oneshot, talk to me pleeease. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language!

All the love, B.


At my PhD induction, we had to learn about ethnographic research, which is basically (very basically) when you as a researcher join the culture / subculture you’re researching and immerse yourself in their routines and rituals, both as observer and participator. One example they gave was of a woman who spent literally weeks just riding around on buses to study the microcosms of culture that occur on public transport. This made me think about the little subcultures and interesting people I’ve come across during my 10 or so years as a Daily Bus User ™. So, here is a list of the best:

  • the elderly gentleman and the Japanese family, consisting of a mother and her young son. Every day, the woman would teach the man some more Japanese, and over the course of a few months he gradually learnt more and more in the 10 or so minutes every day that they shared the bus. The day he managed to have a short conversation with them in Japanese, she looked absolutely delighted.
  • the really hot man who, I kid you not, used to get the same bus every day, but would do so with a different woman every few weeks or even days.
  • the young woman who always sat by the same middle aged man and told him in very intricate detail about her love life, the situation with her son’s father, and who she was dating, and was either oblivious to or blasé about the fact that the man clearly had a thing for her. He still gave her really incredible advice, which she never took. Also, not hearing her was really tough, because she basically shouted everything. I feel like she actively enjoyed the melodrama of making her life into some kind of public soap opera. I once put my earphones in and listened to Marilyn Manson almost on full blast, and still heard all the details of her most recent date. How that man next to her on the bus coped, I do not know.
  • the couple who literally got the same damn bus every single day, but had to run for it every single time, sometimes having to knock on the bus door as it began to pull away. Just get up 5 minutes earlier, geeze.
  • the old man who fed the swans at the park every week without fail, but never learnt how to press the stop button on the bus and had to shout to the driver when he wanted to stop. Eventually, I learnt his stop and pressed the button for him. The shouting was too much.
  • the teenage girl who READ THE SAME BOOK FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. It was not a long book. She read it, finished it, then immediately reread it. Multiple times. It must have been phenomenal.
  • the ADORABLE old lady who always asks me how my studies are going, even though I only see her every few weeks, and always remembers what I’m studying and what I told her last time. She is my bus grandmother. I love her. In my head, I have named her Sylvia. It just fits, somehow.

I think that’s it for the regulars, but also it’s really important to mention that I don’t get the bus so much any more and I actually miss them all?? I hope they’re all doing OK!! I hope they know that they are precious!! I hope the old man still speaks Japanese and the teenage girl has found a new book to read and the young couple have bought a fucking alarm clock!!

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 11 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: … nope

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here!l Read Part 5 here! l Read Deleted Scene here! l Read Part 6 here! l Read Part 7 here! l Read Part 8 here! l Read Part 9 here! l Read Part 10 here!

~In the Supernatural Universe~

“You won’t…” you choked out, feeling a fresh wave of tears well up in your eyes. You weren’t just scared, you knew this feeling, you were hopeless and you felt terrified.

“(Y/n)” Jensen’s voice rough somehow sounded distant as you struggled to breathe. A shake of your shoulders made you blink and focus back on him “Are you alright?”

“I’m- I’m-” you opened and closed your mouth like a fish out of water, looking from Jensen to the other actor and your angel friend standing a few feet away “I can’t do this.” your voice cracked and you felt Jensen squeeze your hand.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I just-” you felt like choking on your own tears as your head swam with a thousand thoughts.

“(Y/n), I- I know this is hard but we need to kill the witch and out of all of us you are the most skilled hunter. We- we can’t really do this without you.” Jared’s voice was desperate as he looked at you with puppy eyes, pleading for you to help them.

And it broke your heart in a million pieces to see him like this because there was a part in you that didn’t operate with logic and it only understood what was happening this very moment. And for that part this man was Sam, your Sam, needing your help and as always your body just wanted to wrap your arms around his shoulders and let him cry it out in your chest like most scary nights when the bad dreams he didn’t tell anybody about were too much to take. And now there was a nightmare coming true, the possibility of them being stuck here and your heart couldn’t take to see him like this.

But then there was another part of you, this one you had tucked away a long time ago, that in a way didn’t want them to go. Or more like, didn’t want him to go. Chuck, this was messed up.

“I- I can’t. I really just- I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” you croaked, placing a hand over your mouth to hold back the sobs as you proceeded to bury your face in your hands.

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“You’re cute when you’re jealous” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Hey dude ! First, a big thanks for the compliment, always more than appreciated :D. And then, here’s your request, hope you’ll like it :

(My masterlist blog here :


-I just don’t understand why it has to be with a model that’s all…

-Honey, I already told you, she’s the face of the brand, she has to be on every pictures.

-Yeah well then if she’s the face of the brand, why would they need you ?

-You know why, it’s for the charity campaign we’ve been working on for the past few months. They’re a huge brand, they’ll help spread the words across the globe, more than we could on our own.

-”We’ve been working on” are key words here ! I worked on it as much as you, if not more, and I don’t get to be on the pictures. They just want you and her to have cute and classy “couple pictures”, because I’m not good looking enough for their damn brand and…

-You’re very cute when you’re jealous.

-I could knock you out with a punch to the face when I’m jealous.

-Oh, believe me, I know.

Bruce massages his jaw a bit, as a reflex, reminiscing of that time he made you jealous on purpose…It was a terrible idea. 

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Roman Godfrey x Reader

Word count: 1467

Roman opens up to Y/N

Originally posted by eyesofwolf94

“ Ah,ah, ah “ Y/N took the cigarette from Roman’s lips and shut it off in his drink. Roman sighed. “You know the rules, no smoking when Nadia is around, she’s a baby Roman, your baby.” He rolled his eyes, but he knew she was right. Every time he wanted to smoke  and Nadia was around he would go to another room or outside, but sometimes he just forgot the “not smoking in front of Nadia rule”, and this was one of those times.

“She’s an upir baby…and it was really necessarily to shut it off in my drink? ” He looked down at his drink, he would take the cigarette out of there and keep drinking, but he knew it would disgust Y/N more than it would disgust himself  .Y/N moved around the kitchen with Nadia in her arms, looking for her food, she found it, it was on the top place, where she could not reach it. She let Nadia on her chair and stood on her tip toes trying to get the baby’s food.

“Yes, well she’s still a baby. Upir or  not we have to take care of her. Umm…Roman, could you please take the baby’s food, I cannot reach it.”  It annoyed Y/N every time that Roman put the things out of her reach knowing that she would struggle with it and he would be the only one that could get them. She was not a short person, Roman was just a giant.

“What would you do without me?” He smirked getting up from the couch and going to help Y/N.

“I think the question is what would Roman Godfrey do without me? Like seriously, I help you with Nadia, I love her like she was my own.” She looked down at the smiling baby in the chair. 

In a short time Roman was beside her, towering over her with Nadia’s food in his hand. His eyes were on her, without taking his green eyes of her he let the food on the kitchen counter.His body moved closer to hers and his arms went around her waist, making the space between the two of them practically non existent.

“ You are right, I’d be lost without you and Nadia too. I want you to know that I’m really grateful, not just for helping me out, but for being in my life.” His voice came out a whisper. She just stood there, between his arms, feeling home, with a smile on her features.

Roman gave her a quick kiss on the lips, knowing that every time he and Y/N kissed in front of Nadia she would start making noise for them to get away from each other and pay attention to her. Even though it was a short kiss, Nadia started mumbling, making the two of them look at her.

“Ok,ok, I’ll get away from her, she’s all yours Nadia.” Y/N laughed at his words. Roman went to his daughter and picked her up. “At least till you go to sleep.” He winked at Y/N, making her soft cheeks redden.

“ Wich by the way should have been fifteen minutes ago.”She took the little girl from her comfortable dad’s arms and the baby whined “Alright Naida, I’ll let you with your father, he’s the one that’s going to take care of you tonight…” she started walking backwards slowly” and I’m going to take a very relaxing bath.”And she ran up stairs before  Roman could complain.

“It looks that is just you and me tonight.” Roman kissed his daughters cheek earning a smile from the little one.

He gave one last smoke to the cigarette at the hearing of the bathroom door opening,after a few seconds she was in their room, wearing just one of his t-shirts as pajama. She always said that his clothes were the best as pajamas for her. His beautiful green eyes were on her every move.

Roman loved everything about her, from the way she titled her head to the right when she was confused to the beautiful and awkward sound of her laugh.

“How was your very relaxing bath?” Y/N opened one of the drawers and pulled out a pair of black socks, her feet were always so cold.

“Mhm…how could I say it?…Very relaxing.” The bed sunk down a little by the weight of her body, Roman´s head turned to her, she was giving him the back.”How was it with Nadia?” quickly she put the socks on and before she could lay down on the bed, Roman had already his arms wrapped around her and his head resting on her shoulder.

“Good, she fell asleep really quick, I should spend more time with her.” Y/N looked over her shoulder, encountering the boy’s beautiful features.

“Yes you should, you are her dad after all.” Her lips went to his nose and kissed the top of it. “Now, would you please let go of me for a little bit, so I can get in bed properly?” Roman unwrapped his arms from Y/N’s body, moving to his side of the bed.Even tough the right side was his side of the bed, when it came to sleeping he would always sleep as close as possible to her, always wanting to have her between his arms. Even when they argued and went to bed giving the backs to each other, he would eventually get close to her and hug her or wake up having her between his arms. It was just impossible for him to get away from her, he needed her so much, in much more than one way.

“C’me here.” Y/N listened to Roman and sat on his lap. Automatically his hands went to her figure, making sure to feel her every curve. “ You know I really meant it, what I said before. I’m really grateful for you…God you and Nadia are the best things in my life, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you two.”the tears started falling from her eyes, they were not of sadness,they were of joy, happiness.She just kept quiet listening to his words. “You have been by my side from the beginning, trough everything, every damn thing I’ve done, good or bad, you’ve been there. And I know I’m a fucking pain in the ass most of the time…” a little smile formed on her face, Roman’s eyes were focused on her. “And I know it’s not easy to deal with me, with my life, with Nadia, especially since you are not her mother, but I’m telling you, when she grows up she will call you mom.”

“Roman no-” But her words were cut off by him.

“We both know you are not her biological mother, but you are the mother that she knows, the one that’s raising her, the one that loves and cares for her.” He hold Y/N face between his hands, taking some of the tears off with his thumb.”I’m so fucking grateful and happy for having you in my life. I’m gonna tell you something, this…treatment thing I’m doing to be human again it’s not just because I hate being this thing, being like Olivia,” his voice always filled with anger when it came to his mother, if he could even call her that “it’s also because I could not bear my life without you, not now, not tomorrow, not ever.” Her eyes met with his, unable to say a word, not knowing how to express herself. Y/N took Roman’s hand in hers and guided it to her chest, were her heart was.

“This, this is yours Roman, it will always be, it always has and I promise I will never leave you or Nadia, never. You mean too much to me to do such a thing.” Her forehead rested on his.

“Have I ever told you I love you?” Roman left a trail of kisses from her cheek to her neck.

“A few times.” She answered.

“Well…it’s true, I love you.” His lips now on hers.

“I love you too, Roman.” The kiss started being a more passionate one. Just when Roman started getting his hands under her shirt, caressing the skin under it, Nadia’s cries stopped them.

“I swear she sometimes somehow knows what we are doing and does this on propose.” Roman  groaned, earning a laugh from the girl, that got off him to let him go to his daughter’s room. A few minutes after Roman entered the room wit a red faced Nadia in his arms.

“Hey baby!” Nadia put her arms out for Y/N to pick her, Roman carefully let the little girl in her arms. “I think she should sleep with us tonight.” Nadia rested her head in Y/N’s chest, her eyes closed and soon after she was asleep, laying between Y/N’s arms, while Roman hugged them both, in a protecting way, in a loving way.

Just him and his two favorite girls, he could not ask for something better. 


Bi Mike Wheeler and Androgyny (with a side of hand holding)

I wanna preface this post by saying that these posts I’ve been making about Stranger Things are not to get anyone’s hopes up that this is FOR SURE what the show is doing or where they are going story wise, but it’s how I (and others I’ve chatted with) have been interpreting what we have been shown so far, with a bit of healthy speculation thrown in for good measure. It’s all in good fun. Like a puzzle.

No one knows where the show is headed other than the Duffer bros, so until I get mind reading abilities, all I can do is take the finished product in front of me and meditate on it.

This post is whether or not Mike has been coded as bi or ~not exactly straight. I am a little iffy on this to be honest, because I don’t think there has been overt coding for this like there has been for Will being gay (rainbow ships, Joyce’s lovely family anecdotes, Jonathan’s little ‘being different is ok’ pep talks, the bullies taunts, the reaction to dancing with a girl, etc) and I don’t want to reach, but there are a few interesting things that jumped out at me that have got me thinking, and some things pointed out to me by @we-dance-like-marionettes

I myself wouldn’t call this conclusive, but it’s a good jumping off point and I think good to spur on discussion. Do you agree? Disagree? Have things that I missed?

So we start in the first episode.

When Benny the diner owner ( R.I.P Benny #justiceforbenny) first comes across Eleven, he yells at her “You think you can steal from me boy?” And then promptly realizes, oh wait, it’s a girl.

So from the very first episode there is a clear androgyny with the character of Eleven, with the whole look/hair everything, so much so that the first character she runs into after her escape thinks she’s a boy. And he’s not alone.

In the second episode, when Hopper is investigating the “suicide” of Benny, he is interviewing one of the patrons of the diner, asking if Benny had any enemies and other things like that. The old man says no, and casually mentions that it was just him and the other regulars in the diner that day and then mentions that there also was a kid in the restaurant–a boy.

Hopper asks if it could have been “Lonnie’s boy”, even showing him Will’s photo and the old man is not sure, saying he didn’t get a good look, but says they were about the same height, and it coulda been. He repeats “it coulda been” a few times.

So now we have Eleven being thought of as a boy twice, and also mixed up as potentially being Will.

I feel like the series is linking Eleven and Will together from the jump, and continues to do so as the two series progresses. I’m not sure where they are going with this–will they be linked in another way? both have powers?–but for now I am going to focus on this. But still, it nags at me…..

So, where was I? Oh, right. Eleven is androgynous, people think she is a boy, and Mike already has a mad crush.

Look at that face. That is just adorable I want to sminch his cheeks. Yes I ship Byeler but this is cute as hell too. Honestly I will be happy whatever happens in this silly lovely little show. 

And anyways, the boys know he has a crush and are kinda exasperated about it lol (U MAD LUCAS?)

Oh Lucas. It’s funny how in series one Lucas was the one annoyed by the girl while Mike was having a romance with her, and in the second series it’s Mike who was annoyed with the girl while Lucas was having the romance with her. Nice symmetry there. Which brings up another point. It’s interesting that when El shows up, it’s only Mike who seems interested, but when Max appears(and no one thinks she’s a boy even though she is admittedly kind of a tom boy) both Lucas and Dustin are alllll about her from the jump. El admittedly kicks just as much (if not more) ass then Max, and yet there’s not even an inkling of interest. 

The only time there is (and it’s verrrrrry slight very very slight) is after Eleven gets her blonde wig and pink dress on and starts to look like a typical girl.

Dustin says “Wow she looks…”

“Pretty….pretty good.” Mike finishes for him.

So we get a Mike who clearly likes Eleven when she both looks “like a boy” and also when she’s very much the stereotypical girly girl. Can this be construed as coding here? I am not sure. 

I admit I could be reaching here. I cannot shake though that there are loads of parallels between Will and El and that they get more obvious as the show goes on, and that we are meant to pick up on them. And that at the core of all that, is Mike.

But what does it mean? Does this mean there is or will be some teenage angst between the three down the line, or something more fantastical? Are Will and El connected in some other way? Or is there something about Mike that links them together, beyond simple friendship? Is there nothing romantic about this at all and I am just a crazy person?!?

Maybe. But yet… every time so far this show has shown this:

A close up of hand holding, it’s been in a romantic context. The first one here is Jonathan and Nancy from the first season. There was a tension there, and clearly feelings, and in the second season they got together.

The next time we see a close up of holding hands:

Is El and Mike at the dance. Ok, well this one is out of order, as this is the last one we see, but I am putting it second here to make a point. Anyways, close up of hands. Romantic couple. Oh how sweet.

Then there is this (technically the second hand holding close up we see unless I missed one, my brain is fried)

Mike comforting Will during his mind flayer freak out. Look! A hand holding close up! Wonder what that could mean? LOL

And look I wouldn’t have thought a damn thing about this–that it meant anything beyond a bro comforting his bro–if the show hadn’t already told us that hand holding close ups = romance.

If there were any other shots like this that I missed, or that help show that this is not always what this means, then hit me up. I am open to many view points and love a good civil debate. But it’s just…weird. And a LOT of others picked up on this as well. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen say that they didn’t think anything at all about byeler until they saw this scene and it pinged for them big time. And why did it ping? Probably because, like I said, these close ups so far have been linked to romantic feelings. So.. yeah.

So in the end of this incredibly messy and scatterbrained post, I have to say that it’s possible that Mike is coded as bi. At the very least, there is a reason we are supposed to link these three together, and If anyone has any other theories I would love to hear them. 

Could I be overthinking all of this? Sure. But who cares, it’s just TV, and whatever the outcome, I will be entertained.

I just love to dig around. 

Kiwi - imagine

Hi Loves! Here’s quite a long imagine for ya. Its kind of my interpretation of the song, so a little bit different from the story the lyrics tell. Enjoy!

(for those who don’t know/aren’t familiar, the term “kiwi” is a term for people from New Zealand, kind of like “aussie” is for Australians)

Disclaimer: included swearing/cursing towards the end.

It was the call that hurt Harry the most. It was all the weeks, months and days you two had spent together, and it was all jumbled together in one crackly, long distance call. To be fair, the gap between you was very present. He was hard to track down, constantly travelling from place to place. And you were in New Zealand, just like you always had been.

When you first walked into the studio all those many months ago, Harry nearly fell off his chair. He was in New Zealand for a bit of time while he was on break. The small country attracted him, its peaceful serenity was calming in his hectic life. You were calming. Harry always said that it was your laugh that made him fall, literally and metaphorically. The minute you walked into the small box-like studio and saw the shocked faces from the several nearly 6 ft men, you just couldn’t help yourself. It was a cackle, and it made everyone who was near you light up. It was infectious. Harry was stunned, and his dimply grin broke forth. From that day on, he was undeniably infatuated. People thought he had been drugged. He had in a way. You were his drug, and he just couldn’t get enough of you.

His large hands were constantly running down the dip in your back or resting on your knee. His green eyes always followed you, and his mouth drank you up. You had never really thought you were pretty. Sure, being a social butterfly, people were always around. You like your hair, and your smile wasn’t shabby. But Harry was mesmerised, and everyone could see it.

New Zealand was your oyster. After weeks upon weeks cooped up in the tiny studio, working on a billion different songs, cabin fever was growing. So you and Harry loaded up your ageing Ford Focus and drove for as long as you could. His ringed fingers tapping along to the beat of the radio, and your voice singing to the mountains. It was a good life, Harry decided. The endless green hills and ocean went on and on, and cheesy as it may sound, so did your love.

They say that every relationship has a honeymoon period. At the time, you were both completely locked at this stage, But life goes on. You started to get tired of Harry coming back home at 4 in the morning, mumbling a “hey love” before collapsing on the queen sized bed in your apartment. You started to hate the paparazzi, their beady cameras scanning your body. You couldn’t even go to the supermarket anymore without being photographed. You started to despise how Harry’s days and nights were spent away. You hardly ever saw your boy anymore.

Harry knew you were upset with it all. He was always empathetic towards you, at times he really felt like he was living through you. But there was only so much his brain could hold. It seemed like he just didn’t have enough space for you anymore. The nights were either filled with shouting, or angry sex that neither of you enjoyed. The only time you could really look at Harry without wanting to argue was when he was sleeping. His eyes closed, dark lashes gently resting on his cheeks. Pink lips slightly parted, forehead smooth. It was the Harry you remember falling in love with.

You knew and Harry knew it was never gonna last. It was a Tuesday night, and the house was still echoing from your biggest fight yet. You lay curled up on the bed, staring at the ceiling, the words that rocked your world still vibrating in your ears.

“You are so fuckin annoying! I never have any peace anymore, you just nag nag nag at me every fuckin minute of every day!”

“Well, what the fuck do you want me to do Harry? I know shit all about what’s going on and I’m sick of it! You’re out all bloody day. It’s like you don’t give two shits anymore!”

He looked up at you sharply then. You had been sitting on the edge of the couch, and he had been lying on the floor by the TV. You remember his eyes flashing. They normally looked at you with so much love and emotion, but you couldn’t remember seeing any of that. There was just pure raw anger. He had got up and stormed into the kitchen. You just had to get off the couch and follow him. Looking back now, that was such a stupid fucking decision.

Harry had been pushing through the freezer before noticing you. He had straightened up, mouth set in a firm line. “You’re damn right. Maybe I don’t give two shits anymore. Maybe I want to be in England or LA right now with my friends, or loving some other girl and having the time of my life. But I’m here, aren’t I?” You lost it then. You always had a fiery temper at the best of times, but there was something about his words that made your voice come out quiet, cold and hard.

“There’s nothing stopping you ya know. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that loves you or cares about you. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that’s given up her whole fucking life to live with you. It’s not like you have a girlfriend that wants to marry you someday!”                                                                            There were tears streaming down your cheeks at this point. Fingernails cutting into your palms as you clenched your fists.                                                        “You were my fucking saviour Harry. I thought you were always gonna love me.”

Harry paced over to the front door of the apartment, grabbing his coat off the dining room table.

“Well, I guess you thought wrong then, didn’t ya love?”

With those dreaded words, the wooden door slammed. The bang clouding your ears as you had slid to the ground sobbing. After about 2 hours, you had gone the bedroom you shared with Harry. That’s where you were still, laying there, just breathing.

You expected Harry to come back. He expected himself to. And he tried. Every night he would let himself into the apartment, just to grab his things. At least that’s what he told himself. He always got stuck. Sometimes it would be because you had fallen asleep on the couch with the TV still blaring Call the Midwife. He would watch the light flicker over your face, before picking you up and placing you gently in bed. Sometimes it would be because you had fallen asleep in his walk-in wardrobe. Weird as is sounded, it was because you had been cuddling his colourful shirts, pretending they were him. At first, Harry laughed at this. But the more and more he found you asleep in the wardrobe, the more he found himself with tears running down his face. He missed you. So much. And it was always with regret that he left you, asleep in the quiet apartment.

You knew he came every night, but you never willed yourself to stay awake, and you didn’t quite know why. But the weeks went by, and Harry gradually stopped coming. It could have been he had retrieved all of his things. But you knew and he knew the crowded apartment was still filled with his belongings. It could have been the fact that his friends and family were getting fed up with his moping, and finally decided that it wasn’t healthy. And it could have been the fact that he had finally got over his kiwi.

You had seen the magazine articles. Harry was finally back in London and causing a raucous. You on the other hand, and found out about the baby a couple of weeks ago. Harry’s number stayed cemented in your phone. It took your mum to finally knock some sense into you, saying that maybe you should tell the father of the child that he actually is going to be a dad. So you called. When the ringing finally subsided, and Harry’s voice came over the speaker, telling you to “leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.” it almost broke you. But finally, after many coffees and pep talks, a message flowed from your lips.

“Hey Harry, it’s me. Been a while huh? Wasn’t going to call you at all, but Mum persuaded me. She’s always been a fan of yours. Charmed her right to the bone. Anyway, just thought you should know. I’m having your baby. It’s none of your business, but it is technically half of you, so best you know. You don’t need to care for the kid or send money or anything like that. We’re gonna be just fine without you. Just like I have been. So just leave it, ok?                                        So yea, kinda dropped a bomb there didn’t I? Have fun living your life being a rock star. Don’t call back. Bye”

It was those words that made Harry’s healing heart explode.

hOLY SHit! This has been sitting in my notebook for a while now, so it’s a bit overdue. I’m kinda thinking of doing a part 2, so pretty please let me know if I should! Lots of love xxx

anonymous asked:

any halloween headcanons for all the ninja?

I bumped this one up cause spooky day tomorrow

  • Lloyd gets so excited and the guys are only too happy to indulge him
  • the boy gets free candy for a day let him live
    • but also please ration them or he will wreck everything on a sugar high
  • Kai: are you ok, Lloyd? You look a bit disappointed
    Lloyd: yeah it’s just. we knocked on so many doors and no one asked for a trick ://
  • they have a situation to deal with so they’re in their ninja gear and everyone’s like ugh everyone’s dressing up as the ninja this year, so mainstream ://
  • Misako: Lloyd what should me and Wu dress as
    Lloyd: just yourselves bc honestly when you told me you two were dating it was the scariest moment of my entire life and has forever scarred me so
  • you can bet your entire ass that they’re gonna make ghost jokes about Cole
    • “isn’t this like your second birthday?”
    • “this is the one day a year where you are so powerful”
    • “are you connected to all things scary tonight do you get like extra special powers”
    • Lloyd while on a sugar rush got a bit excited and yelled “SCREW YOU COLE” and threw a huge rock at his head but it went straight through him bc he was a ghost and it hit kai instead who was standing right behind him
  • Jay: it’s so cool Wu and Misako gave us money to go buy halloween outfits. I love mine! Hey cole what outfit did you spend your money on?
    Cole: *turns round with a newly bought puppy in his arms* what
    • plot twist Cole gets the most sweets because of the puppy
  • in order of who puts the biggest effort into their costume from most to least: Lloyd, Jay, Nya, Kai, Zane, Cole
    • Lloyd: do I even need to say the boy has never been more alive. when he was little he used to dress as garmadon, but now that he’s older he likes outfits that coordinate with someone. Jay is the most willing
    • Jay: also loves halloween bc he loves dressing up and he and his parents used to go trick or treating together and they could put on the best displays in the junkyard, so he’s really good at improvising with little materials
    • Nya: so good w makeup effects and also do you guys really think you’re gonna outdo her costume??? no if it’s not the best one on the ship she’s not going out in it. changes her outfit every year you aren’t gonna see her in the same outfit twice
    • Kai: isn’t all that fussed about halloween but he puts loads of effort in bc he’s made it a challenge to beat Nya and he likes planning it all. Absolutely sucks though he can’t coordinate and overbuys and if he tries to make it himself it will turn out as an atrocity.
    • Zane: actually really likes halloween and thinks it’s cool and likes getting involved but he doesn’t put as much effort into costumes as the others do. he usually wears the same outfit every year but it’s a good one
    • Cole: literally doesn’t give a hoot about how he dresses but he’ll do it if lloyd asks. one time he was just like “I will wear a sheet with holes in it for eyes" but he didn’t cut the holes big enough so he couldn’t see and walked into everything
  • people who eat the sweets while trick or treating: Lloyd, Cole, Nya
  • people who save them until they get home: Zane, Kai, Jay
  • Wu: Cole you have to return that dog you can’t keep it
    Cole: why? he’s part of my outfit and you don’t ask any of the others to return their outfits >://
    Wu: … damn you’re right
  • how to be extra 101: do your trick or treating by flying the bounty, which has been rigorously decorated, to each house.
    • a floating temple as a base always looks scary, even without the decoration, but a spooky ship flying above your house??? Wins every time
  • one time Jay dyes his hair like an electric blue colour and he thinks it’s just a wash out one but no he accidentally buys permeant
  • Lloyd’s like “it’s halloween it’s tradition to watch a horror film” however Kai and Cole HATE horror films with a burning passion so most of their time is spent holding each other and screaming and crying and then staying up all night watching videos of animals doing cute things to make them not scared

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

What Are The Odds? - Part 4 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,308

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“I didn’t realize you felt that way. I mean…I knew you liked me because I’m awesome but…” You ramble on.

“I know. I kept it to myself.” Dean chuckles making you blush.  

“Weird how things turn out.” You say quietly.

Dean nods his head and watches you sitting at his kitchen table.

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Beneath The Surface | 4

Originally posted by parkjiminer

Chapters: [1] [2] [3] 

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 5,933

Genre & Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smut. Lake sex, unprotected sex, sex in public. 

Notes:  Happy comeback day!

Please don’t actually have sexy time in lakes. Bacteria gets all up in you and you can get infections. If you must do it (because I admit it’s hot), make sure you take care of your hygiene thoroughly afterward. 

Everything about you was messy. The eye makeup smudged just below your left eye. The fly aways in your hair pinned so poorly up. The giant hole on the right knee of your sweats that you couldn’t stop picking at, making it even bigger.

Your heart.

You felt like an idiot. Here you were, still pining after Hoseok despite not hearing from him for a month. He gave you the best sex of your life, made you think that he wanted something more, then vanished. Sadly, not literally. His face was everywhere. Interviews, music videos, music shows. Hell, you’d seen his cardboard cutout at work when one of the girls thought it would be fun to put BTS stand-ups in the practice room. 

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Dear Rosie

Her mother’s smiling face, which she has no living memory of ever seeing in real life, fills the screen, and Rosie hits the pause button, not ready to her mother’s words just yet. She’s so beautiful, with the same blue eyes and blonde hair that Rosamund Mary Watson has, although of course she feels her mother wears both features far better than she does. She’s thirteen and insecure about her looks no matter how many people try to reassure her that it’s just baby fat, that her nose isn’t too big (thanks, Dad, for THAT unfortunate gene-sharing), that she’s lovely and always has been. Even Uncle Sherlock, who normally isn’t one for cosseting her, has told her rather crossly that although beauty is a social convention, SHE happens to be the epitome of the Western World’s particular convention. Besides, she’s got far more important qualities - strength, intelligence, and charm, all acquired directly from her mother’s DNA.

But it’s not enough to hear it from family, not when you’re thirteen and have no mum to either fight with or run to with your problems, the way all of her friends do. Hell, her best friend Abigail has TWO mum’s, which right now just doesn’t seem fair.

But at least her own Mum put together these DVDs, antiquated tech though it is these days, but she stubbornly refuses to just download them onto her tablet. There’s a comforting ritual about sliding the disk into the machine and waiting for it to come up on her screen.

There are nineteen of them. She’s watched thirteen but no matter how much she begs her father refuses to let her see the rest. “One for each year, Rosie,” he admonishes her every time she asks. Even when he’s had a bit much to drink (usually on her Mum’s birthday and their wedding anniversary and on the day of her death, but sometimes when he and Uncle Sherlock have just been celebrating a particularly rousing case), he never caves. But she always tries, desperate for more of the mother who died when she was still too young to remember her.

He’s allowed her to see the disk he left for him and Uncle Sherlock, though, where her Mum tells them to just go off and be happy or some rubbish. She kind of hates that one; Mum doesn’t even talk about her, it’s as if she made that disk as if she thought Rosie might be dead, too, leaving Uncle Sherlock and Dad to go off on adventures without anyone holding them back. When she said that to him, the first time she watched it and tried not to cry (angry tears, hurt tears), he started to lose his temper, but Aunt Molly was there and gave him the same look she uses to keep Uncle Sherlock in line, and Dad calmed right down. Calmed down and tried to explain that this particular disk, like the one he’ll never ever show her (and won’t even tell her what it’s about), wasn’t meant for her. “It was meant for me and Uncle Sherlock, Rosie. She was just trying to let us know we’d be fine, eventually. The day after we watched it the first time, I got the larger packet in the mail, the one with your disks. I watched the first one - you know, the one where she starts off by telling me to stop watching…”

“’Right now, John Watson, unless Rosie is in your lap and she’s actually one year old!’” Rosie quoted, half-laughing and feeling somewhat better about herself.

That was last year, six months before her twelfth birthday. She hasn’t watched it since that first time, although she’s tried once in a while. It still doesn’t feel right to her, but that’s probably because Dad’s right (not that she’ll ever tell HIM that) and it’s just not meant for her. Maybe she’ll feel differently when she’s older, but not right now. Not on her thirteenth birthday when she feels like all the world hates her, that she’s fat and ugly and stupid and when will these god-awful braces come off her teeth??

She shakes her head, hard, blinking away sudden tears. Her mother’s DVDs always make her cry at first, and sometimes when she rewatches them, but usually she gets past the first few seconds before the tears spill.

With a deep, shuddering breath and an angry dash of her hand across her face, she hits the ‘play’ button and settles back on her bed, an ancient, faded elephant stuffie in her arms, the one her mother got her before she was born and that lives on the shelf above her bed. Except for DVD watching days, when it settles comfortably in her arms.

Dear Rosie,” her Mum’s recorded voice says, the same two words every DVD so far has started with. “I hope you don’t hate being called that yet, although I did when I was about your age. Then I loved it again and then - well, later it was just Mary, but I missed it so much I named you Rosamund just so I could hear your Dad and everyone else call you that.”

She already knows this; her Mum explained all that in the DVD for her sixth birthday, when she accurately predicted her daughter would start wondering why she’d been named after her. That was still something most people only did with boys. But she smiles anyway, happy to hear her mother’s voice, eager to find out if she’ll have anything to say that will make her feel a bit better about braces and boys not liking her yet (although she’s liked plenty of them ever since she was four and found out how differently they were put together from girls).

My darling girl, I know how hard it is to be a teenager, even if I’m just a silly grown-up who can’t possibly understand. At least, that’s how I felt about my Mum when I was your age. I’m positive that if I were there with you right now we’d probably hate each other a bit, every now and then - just like I’m sure you hate your Dad every now and then. Just like you feel you’re alone and unloved and misunderstood. But I hope you remember that those feelings are just part of growing up - and if you’re lucky enough not to have them, I’m so happy and so grateful.” Her smile deepened and she gave a little chuckle. “But I suspect I’m right about this, and I wish I could be there to console you and reassure you, to fight with you over your clothes and your chores and your homework. Oh, I’m sure your Dad is doing a fantastic job, but still…”

She falls silent for a moment, looking pensive, then gives a little shake, the smile returning to her lips. “The thing is, Rosie, that thirteen is a tough age, we both know it. Your body is changing - has Dad done The Talk with you yet? Have you had your first period, has he taken you shopping for your first bra, or has he shucked that responsibility off onto Mrs. Hudson or Molly Hooper? Has he forbade you to date yet, or is he saving that for when you’re a bit older, stubbornly clinging to the idea that you’ll always be his baby girl? If he is, if he’s been difficult about any of that, try to forgive him. Men can be rather dense about things, especially when it comes to their daughters.”

Rosie smiles at those words, remembering how embarrassed her Dad had been when she’d tearfully told him she needed to buy pads and panty liners, and how he’d taken her to Tesco’s but panically called Aunt Molly to help them while pretending it was just because he had no idea which brands were best. But he’d done well enough with the bra thing, sending her off with the lady to the dressing room to be measured and fitted, probably pretending he was just shopping for something to wear undercover for a case. Or so Aunt Molly had believed, the two of them giggling over it back at home while Dad and Uncle Sherlock were arguing in the kitchen over whether or not it was OK to keep spare body parts in the freezer. “Back at your own flat, yes, but not here!” Dad had shouted while she showed Aunt Molly the prettiest of the four bras she now owned.

Your Dad loves you, Rosie, so, so much,” her mother says when she rewinds the disk a bit to catch up on what she missed while lost in her memories. “So try to be patient with him, and try to be patient with yourself. Whatever you hate about yourself right now - and I’m sure there’s something, there always is, isn’t there? - try to listen when your Dad and everyone else try to reassure you. They’re not lying to you, and they’re not just being nice - especially Sherlock, pretty sure he’s never going to be the ‘just to be nice’ kind of person, no matter how much time passes!”

Rosie giggles; nope, Uncle Sherlock has never been that kind of person, even if he’s a bit better at it now than he used to be, or so Aunt Molly says. 

“I guess all I have left to say, Rosie, is that I love you, and I wish I was there for you. God, I already said that, didn’t I?” Her Mum’s smile is sad again. “I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at me repeating myself, but it’s true. I do love you, so much, and I do wish I was there right now. But I know you’re in good hands, with your Dad and Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson and Molly Hooper and Greg Lestrade…

Rosie pauses the disk, tears once again threatening. Mum isn’t a fortune teller, of course, no matter how much she wishes she had been; she couldn’t know about Papa Lestrade and the stupid drunken lorry driver. Maybe next year, when it’s been more than eleven months since he was taken from them, she won’t feel so badly at hearing his name from her Mum’s lips. For now, all she can do is grab a tissue and wipe her eyes as the tears fall, knowing that they’re not just for Papa Lestrade but for her Mum as well. 

She saves the rest of the disk for later, knowing by the way her Mum’s talking there isn’t much left to it. Maybe she’ll watch it from the start with her Dad, which will end the way it always does - the two of them pretending not to cry and Aunt Molly scolding them for it later when she asks if they did or not. “You don’t have to be so damned British all the time,” she’ll snap, exasperated, then pull them both in for warm hugs. If Uncle Sherlock is there he’ll pretend to be jealous and want in on the hugging and they’ll all four of them just huddle together for a bit. Then Aunt Molly and Uncle Sherlock will go make tea so she and Dad can have a bit of time together, but they’ll all be missing her Mum.

They’ll always be missing her, everyone who knew and loved her, but most especially Rosamund Mary Watson…who loves her, but never knew her.

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Any Kai headcanons?

jazz hands

  • *bursts into an enemy base* “I’m here to kick ass and eat cake. And cole just ate all our cake”
  • Kai himself is flame resistant, but you know what’s not?
    • his clothes
    • Wu was a fool and didn’t make sure his first gi wouldn’t burn if he went through fire
    • so Kai is super excited when he gets his power and is like “IM TOO HOT, HOT DAMN” and runs through a fire and cause he can’t feel it he doesn’t realise that everything he is wearing is on fire until he goes “wow it’s feeling a bit breezy”
  • Kai: hi my name is Kai with a b and I’ve been afraid of insects my entire life-
    Cole: stop stop stop, where?
    Kai: hm?
    Cole: where is the b
    Kai: tHEre’S A bEE??
  • I know everyone makes fun of Kai because he’s like “ooh I’m so good looking” but like. he’s gorgeous ok. he’s just an idiot sometimes.
    • the most beautiful green eyes you’ll ever see in your whole life?? you can get pale green or blue-green eyes but his eyes are like emerald green holy mac n cheese
    • “my scar adds character”
    • has the smoothest skin 12/10 would kill to have skin like his
      • Jay: how do you have such clear skin
        Kai, kicking his moisturisers and face washes and concealer under the bed: haha idk I just roll out of bed
    • he’s not like super shredded but he’s toned he takes good care of his abs
    • always smells so nice?? is always being sniffed by people he just smells rly good. No shame.
  • he’s so done with Wu all the time because when will he stop lying
    • Wu in season 1: and that’s everything you need to know
      Wu in every season after: syke binches I’ve been lying to you all this time
    • so Kai is always like why do you always do these things
    • “is your real name even Wu”
    • “where’s Wu” “idk probably lying to us all”
    • *half of ninjago city blows up* “I bet this is all Wu’s fault and he’s not told us again”
  • the real reason he is so clean shaven is because he couldn’t grow a beard no matter how hard he tried, he obviously didn’t receive those genes from his dad
  • ok so he’s the biggest Lord of the Rings nerd in the whole world
    • has read the books like a million times
    • will always reenact the classic “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” scene with Lloyd’s help because he can be the balrog on fire and Lloyd can make cool flashing lights
    • “literally what is the point in Frodo, Sam is obviously the true hero”
    • will recite one of the many inspirational speeches Aragorn has given on the way to battle
    • he can pretty much recite all 3 films word for word 
    • “one does not simply walk into the time twins’ lair”
    • “I would like to say that I hate Pippin but I know if I were ever on a quest he would be me”
  • Nya made him a thin gold bracelet when they were little and figuring out the blacksmith stuff and he still wears it now he loves it

Everyone aboard the angst train choo choo

  • jokes about it but is really self conscious about his scar
    • he’ll never tell anyone how he got it but let’s just say when he lost his parents he got himself into a bit of trouble doing a lot of things he really shouldn’t have done
    • like he knows he’s pretty but he hates his scar and he thinks it’s ugly and ruins his face and is a horrible reminder of one really stupid thing in particular he did which would have left Nya on her own as a tiny kid and he can never forgive himself for it
    • he knows he’s lucky to have got off with just a scar but still
  • he’ll feel like a complete failure a lot of the time because he promised to look after nya and then she got captured
    • then she became a samurai and ended up looking after him more than he did her
    • then he promised to look after Lloyd and Lloyd got captured
    • so he feels like he’s constantly breaking his promises and he hates himself for it.
  • he knows the guys are joking when they make fun of him but after a while it starts to nag at him, cause maybe he is the least valuable and has progressed the least
  • he’s always had trouble with his temper but he’s never addressed it because he’s like idc, but now that he’s unlocked his power he’s really scared of himself and the things he can do
    • because he bottles stuff up until it just bursts out, he was really angry and tired and cole made some snide comment about his leadership skills, and Kai snaps at him and sets the whole ship on fire and nearly burns Cole and if the other ninja hadn’t been there to help get him out then Cole probably would’ve died
    • so yeah he’s scared that letting his emotions out is going to hurt people because he can’t control it so he’s like “conceal don’t feel :))”
    • and because he conceals and doesn’t feel it makes it worse
  • he screws up a lot as leader because he wants to be perfect.
    • Cole was the leader first and then it fell on Lloyd as soon as it could, so he’s never had the chance to prove himself.
    • but he gets so focused on making sure he’s leading right that he doesn’t consider the team
    • that’s also why he wanted to be the green ninja so bad, because he believed that he had the potential to be it if people would just give him a shot to keep improving??
    • he was looking after nya his whole life, and he doesn’t begrudge it because he loves her, but as a result he gave up a lot of opportunities so he could be there for her
  • oh does he push himself too hard and as a result get injured and really stresses himself out?? Cause he hates feeling like he’s always at the back of the group?? Cause he was the last one sensei picked up?? Heck yeah he does
  • he’s an insomniac first and a ninja second
  • when they find his dad again he’s really scared to spend time with him because he’s so worried he’s going to have disappointed him because he hasn’t done enough
    • and how is he supposed to live up to his dad’s legacy? The original master of fire who forged the time blades with his mum and like literally saved the whole of ninjago
  • I mentioned in my bro and sis headcanons for Kai and Nya that Kai dropped out of school so he could take care of her and give her the best life possible, so he’s really self conscious about how basic a lot of his knowledge is
    • he knows they’re joking cause they have no idea, but it really stings when the guys call him stupid
    • Which is why he shows off with the things he can do
  • call him a shameless flirt but really because of all of the above, he never got to hang out with a lot of people his age so he just likes being in the presence of others and has like no idea of any boundaries or how to communicate well, and people seem to respond best when he acts confident and flirty so that’s just how he is when he’s in a new situation
  • among his many unhealthy coping mechanisms, when he does something wrong he’ll do whatever it takes to make it right - even if you can’t really make it right.
    • so in finding a solution he’ll neglect himself and he won’t eat or sleep or shower and the team have to come down on him like a tonne of bricks, because that’s the only way they can get through to him
  • he’s also touch starved so he really craves a lot of physical affection but he doesn’t know how to ask for it or if you can even ask for it
    • he loves physical affection but he also hates it cause he has no idea what to do so he might be super huggy one minute and the next be really stiff and keep drawing away from you
    • just let him do his thing, he’s not being rude he just needs a bit of space sometimes cause he’s not used to it. Baby steps!
    • his body language is very easy to pick up on though cause he wears his heart on his sleeve so don’t worry it’s easy to read how he’s feeling

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Inferiority Complex

Originally posted by blockyung

Inferiority Complex
[It seems Kyung isn’t the only one with an inferiority complex]

You don’t know how but your boyfriend always managed to get you to join him on set. It’s not that you necessarily mind, but filming could be a little boring. He’d always be pulled away to shoot, and sometimes it could last the entire day. But just like every other time he sweet talked you into it.

“I promise as soon as we’re done here we can get lunch. We’ll finish up in an hour tops” he grinned, holding your hand, swinging it just slightly. Today he just had to film a live performance of his comeback track, Inferiority complex with Eunha. If everything went well they could finish it in a few takes and wrap up a quick photoshoot.

You nodded, following his lead to the set. Kyung was pretty easily excitable, but he’d been over the moon for his solo promotions.

As you two walked past some of the staff he bowed, happily greeting them. With that beautiful, eager smile of his. “Mornin’ PD-Nim” he held up your hand, fingers clasped around your own. “Look see! My girlfriend! I told you she’s real” he chimed in passing.

You groaned at just how typically embarrassing he was. “Shhh” you huffed, burying your face in his shoulder.

He chuckled kissing your hair. “No way. PD didn’t believe me when I showed him your photo and told him you were my girlfriend. I gotta show you off~”

“Why are you like this?” you pouted as he hugged you.

“Because I love you”

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Life Story

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Chuck, mention of Becky

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: mention of Wincest, embarrassment, mention of daddy!kink, brief public nudity, smut, angst, mention of abuse

Word count: 3940

Summary: going to the book convention because Chuck believe there is a case leads to some very interesting conversations with the fans of the books

A/N: this is for Jess & Lee’s crack challenge. My prompt is number 7 @wheresthekillswitch @trexrambling

These stupid fucking books.

Those four words are all that came to your head any time that Chuck would bring up the supernatural books that were written about yours and the boys lives. They had your mistakes in there, all the times you had let people down, embarrassing things you had done, your death, the boys deaths, all your sexual encounters. They just had everything documented about your life and you hated it.

So when Chuck had asked you all to attend the supernatural book convention because he believed there was some kind of monster there, you were quick to deny his request. The boys, however, thought maybe it would be useful to just check it out.

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anonymous asked:

hey i was wondering if u shipped plasmashipping at all??? and if u do do you have any headcanons for them?? thanks! 💙💙

yes I ascended when I wrote these thanks for adding 76 years to my life (ps I’m always taking requests cutie) <3

  • Jay: *spills his ramen noodles on Kai* well I guess you’ve seen my noods now
  • “Jay if you Naruto run down the isle at our wedding I am going to say no.”
  • Cole: I’m cold
    Zane: here, you can have my jacket :)
    Jay: *looks at Kai* I’m cold too
    Kai: wHAT?! I told you to bring a coat I told you it was cold but n o you didn’t bring a coat did you. *shoves his jacket on jay* how long have you been cold? why didn’t you say something sooner? *pulls a scarf from his pocket* do you want me to make you a fire I can make you a fire
  • Jay is super self conscious that he talks too much but Kai is always just watching him blab on with his chin on his hand and the softest smile you’ll ever see
    • the epitome of “when bae tells you about their day and you genuinely enjoy it because you love them and want to listen to them talk about how they’ve been”
  • so the pining starts when they’re put together a lot on missions
    • they got to know each other really well and were really close when jay and nya dated, but jay is like this is gonna be kinda awkward now when they break up
    • but they slowly warm up to each other again and they are both in denial for their gay it’s your classic 25k+ words mutual pining fic on AO3
    • Kai eventually talks to nya (after he can deny the gay no longer) because he’s worried that it’ll be really weird cause she dated jay??
    • and she’s like lmao no I shipped it even when we were dating you two are much more suited for each other
    • and that also means she knows loads about jay cause he told her everything, so she knows all and will give Kai hints as to what he loves so he can surprise him
    • Nya tells jay the same and when he’s sure she’s cool with it he just unloads cause he’s like “I must tell someone how much I am pining"
    • poor nya she gets an earful from both of them
    • they both swear her to secrecy and she’s like “oh sure of course 😏”
    • Jay: hey nya
      Nya: my brother has a massive crush on you he told me
      Jay: *chokes on his coffee*
      Kai: oh what are you two talking about
      Nya: I was just telling jay you have a crush on him
      Kai: *also chokes on his coffee*
    • Nya is just like “ha bye” and leaves
    • they both stand there and stare at each other for like 20 minutes
    • and then out of nowhere they just start yelling over each other
  • she ends up getting caught in the middle of everything
    • e.g. this video: Kai is the one that pretends to squirt the water, jay is the one that swings his backpack and Nya is the one that gets hit
    • she’s like “this is the price I must pay to see my OTP”
  • Kai: what you say about my friends?? :)) hold my flower :))
    Jay: go kick his ass baby I got your flower
  • they’re both pretty smol but jay is just slightly shorter than Kai and he will never let him live it down
    • “hey shorty” *stands on his tiptoes so he can be just tall enough to rest his arm on jay’s head*
    • Kai: don’t worry jay. I know it must be difficult for you to be tiny
      Also Kai: damn it if only I wasn’t so freaking short!!
      Jay: *looks into camera likes he’s on the office*
  • Kai doesn’t do things by halfs so if he’s gonna plan a date he’s gonna go all out to make sure it’s perfect
  • when he sneezes, Jay generates static, and Kai was like “oh bless u are u ok” and puts his hand on his back and gets a static shock and screams
    • Alternatively:
      Jay: *sneezes*
      Kai: love you
      Jay: haha don’t you mean bless you
      Kai: i meant what i said.
  • canon Kai flirts with anything with two legs apparently but when he dates jay he’s like ?? I don’t even wanna do that?? like it’s not fun anymore? he just wants to save his best lines for jay
  • Jay: hey Kai, are you from Tennessee?? Because you’re the only 10 I see ;))
    What Kai thinks: holy crap that’s the best line anyone has ever used on me I’m putting that one in my pick up line bank
    What Kai says: Google how do I fling my boyfriend into the void without killing him, just fling him in there enough to teach him a lesson
    • Kai the next day: hey jay are you from Tennessee cause you’re the only 10 I see ;))
      Jay: are you kidding me
    • It becomes a battle for who can say the worst pick up lines
    • “I felt a spark the moment you walked in the room”
    • “Someone call 911 because you’re so hot you’re on fire
  • Anyone: Kai no
    Kai: Kai yES
    Jay: Kai no
    Kai: ….. fine
  • Jay is like regular toned, he’s not super shredded or anything, and he gets a little self conscious about it? but one time he doesn’t have his shirt on and Kai sees his toiny tum chub and he wants to cry he loves it so much Jay is beautiful
    • he can see Cole is about to make fun of him for something and he just picks up his fork and hurls it right and Cole’s head
    • if you look closely you can still see the four prong marks that have scarred Cole’s head
    • he also has so many freckles over his arms and his back and Kai is like “I must kiss. all of them.”
    • does he draw shaped in jay’s freckles? heck yeah he does
    • he once finds Jay trying to cover up his freckles with concealer and he just goes “yEET” and throws it out the window he’s not havin that crap cover up one of his favourite parts about Jay
  • Kai every time he sees a bluejay: oh look it’s you
    Jay: if I’m a bird then that makes you a furry
    Kai: if you’re a bird and I’m a furry then who’s flying the ship??
  • one time they decide going to a haunted house is a really good idea for a date
    • they hear a crash and swear they heard a voice and jay is so scared he thinks he is going to die, until Kai just goes “… h-hewwo?”
    • the demons would probably be more scared than him because of how loud jay was laughing
  • Kai: Jay I wrote you a song *strums guitar* I love you binch. I ain’t never gonna stop loving you, binch
    Jay: *a single tear rolls down his cheek* wow
  • Kai’s hair is!!!! So soft when it’s not got gel in it!!!! So in the mornings jay just kinda nuzzles his face into because it feels nice and Kai smells nice and oh wow he can’t believe he’s actually still dating him and Kai hasn’t got sick of him wth he’s so beautiful he loves him he’s never been this happy in years
  • Kai: oh, Jay? He’s just my platonic, no homo, bro *makes out with Jay in front of the person who just asked him if they were dating*
  • the BEST secret handshake
    • Jay at 3am: why is it called a secret handshake everyone can see it really do it out in the open
      Kai: Jay you’re the love of my life but I swear if you do not go to sleep
  • oh sharing clothes? sharing clothes.
  • “I can’t believe we’re the iconic red and blue gays”
    • sometimes Jay’s lighting has a purple tone to it (does jay is a sith lord tee hee) and Kai is like lmao channelling our inner gay right there
  • they’ll watch each other’s favourite movies just to see the happy glow in their eyes and hear them getting really excited when their favourite parts come up
  • they’re just so well matched, neither of them take or give any more than the other they’re just so equal and filled with so much love it’s gross!!!!! I’m kidding it’s beautiful

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Fallin’ For You

Summary: Falling in love happens slowly or all at once.

Word Count: 1564

A/N: This is for @caplansteverogers song fic challenge hopefully y’all like it also i’m watching made of honor and if this doesn’t end how I want it to i’m goning to be so sad


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SVT College AU  -  Seungkwan

Originally posted by seungkvvan

a/n: if you disrespect this boy get ready to catch these hands he’s a blessing to us all 



-he may have the voice of an angel 

-but his actual hobby is watching movies

-a lot of movies

-like there are some he’s waited to see ever since they were announced or even considered by the directors

-*cough cough where is the bee movie p.2 cough cough*

-aww the little movie buff


-so this kid chose film studies!!

-first of all the college gave him a free laptop to keep him on the course

-so basically bribery 

-mine did that too the fuckin snakes


-his class is full of really chill people !!

-who share the same passion as him when it comes to film studies!!

-it wasn’t even the second week in and they already appointed seungkwan as the mother of the group

-their class is the best cause all they do is sit down 

-watch a movie 

-and just write about it

-obviously the writing part some people can take hits or misses with 

-but it was definitely cool to watch movies all the god damn time

-bear in mind seungkwan has probably watched them all too 

-”ok so whos seen this film–”

-”i have–”

-”who isn’t seungkwan”

-apart from being the mom of the group he’s also the comedian of the group

-his specialty is impersonations

-seungkwan has impersonated them all

-samuel l jackson in the breakfast scene from pulp fiction– word for word

-ace ventura’s allllllllllllllllllllRIGHTY then 

-and the scene in airplane! 


-that scene 

-the two little kids? he has their voices down perfectly

-but who says that he doesn’t impersonate his friends and roomies from time to time?

-”seungkwan can you take the trash out?”

-”alright but……..seokmin is already out….”



-yeah he’s rooming with seokmin and joshuaaaaaaa

-two pure butterbean kids

-but there’s no stopping the roast train as it goes into the savage station

-F U L L    F U C K I N    S P E E D     A H E A D 

-especially if he’s with hansol and chan hollllllyy shit 

-those three don’t hold back anything 

-if they got a roast they gotta say it

-but they’ve been pretty good friends for a while so they don’t actually mean the shit they say

-but daaaaaaaaaaamn 

-”hey what’s the formula for that flavour sachet to noodle that seokmin told us?”

-”what’s the formula for that hairline back in 2009?”




-ah a classic in the comfort of their own dorm

-”hey hansol don’t you have a girlfriend?”

-”huh? hansol? girlfriend? the only way he’s gonna get laid is if he crawls a chicken’s ass and waits a while”


-that one was mentioned in the library 

-”what position produces the ugliest kids?”

-”i don’t know ask your mum”

-hansol had to literally inhale a gust of wind


-before running after seungkwan

-while seungkwan was running,,,,,,,he managed to bump into you

-yeah! yOU!

-you’re a cutie aren’t you?

-you’re a catering student who really has a knack for cooking !!!

-you’ve loved it ever since you were little and you’ve had every chance to perfect your baking !!


-from your side you’re just walking in the hallway 

-and this blonde cutie just bumps into you 

-you fall onto the floor while your friends look on in possible horror mixed with the “oh my gosh don’t laugh don’t laugh dON’T FUCKING LAUGH”

-and he’s just struck down while hansol bumps into the back of him

-well,,,,,,,,he was definitely struck somewhere else when he saw you on the ground

-like wow 


-that was the fastest sentence you’ve ever heard wow


-and bingo 

-your heart was taken 

-boo seungkwan better be runnin now becauuUUUUUUUUSe the police are after him for theft


-he helped you up then helped hansol up too

-what a great friend

-”are you sure??”

-”yeah i’m fine don’t worry about me”

-”ok….i haven’t seen you round before what’s your name?”

-”i’m y/n…..what’s yours?”

-”seungkwan….hey i’m sorry for bumping into you like that…..lemme make it up to you! how about that cafe down the road after class?” 

-”wow ok sure thank you!”

-in the space of 5 minutes you gained a friend,,,and a free drink too wow

-after you left him your number and left for class too

-he just kind of…..lemme just help you to visualise what happened

-you see seungkwan?

-mans gone

-he’s gone


-he was so struck by you that he started to just speak heart emojis…not actual fuckin words 

-”❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 💟”

-”yo…..did you just ask that girl out? wow seungkwan i didn’t know you could do that…”

-”yeah you keep on suckin seungcheol’s dick in hopes of you getting him to get you that vodka on the weekends while i’m getting girls numbers”

-”oh fuck you seungkwan”

-”you know it’s true when you’re not even denying it hansol”

-”god damn it….”

-you and seungkwan met after your class and you found out that he’s actually a pretty funny guy!

-he’s also really cute wtf when did you get here and why did i not notice you before holy shit

-boy has them chubby cheeks and stuff and it’s really cute!!!!!!!!!! 

-and the best thing about it is that you and seungkwan became friends after this!!! 

-you friendship is sooooo different to what seungkwan chan and hansol have 

-like they’re the savage love relationship

-and yours is the kind of love love relationship?

-you get me? 


-lemme explain it so it’s easier to understand the differences

-so when you and seungkwan see each other in the hallway

-one of y’all will back hug the other

-and it’s so precious because you will hug him and seungkwan gets a little shook but when they know it’s you he’ll just hug back it’s so cute 


-another way to differentiate between relationships is the fact that y’all talk about everything with each other

-like seungkwan will come round to your dorm and just sit or lie down with you 

-and you guys just watch a movie or something 

-and after that you’ll talk for hours on end wow o wow 

-a lot of people thought that you guys have something for each other with the obvious skin shippy shit and the cool talk sessions

-cause when they see seungkwan with hansol it’s savage central 

-and when he’s with you he’s a soft kid who really likes your company

-wait was his crush on you becoming obvious to everyone else??

-and you didn’t know?

-what a “surprise”’!’

-hansol was getting suspicious

-so one time he came back to hansol’s room after seeing you 

-he was so red faced because you just gave him a back hug just a second before he came in 

-and hansol was fuckin onto him

-so the second he came in

-him and chan stood before him 

-and were just like

-”you gotta crush on y/n?”


-”you gotta crush on y/n?”


-”you gotta crush on y/n?”






“so you gotta crush on y/n?”


-”i knEW IT YOU lIKE Y/N”


-hansol and chan like to wind up seungkwan but they do it with the best intentions 

-and you know they want to help a bro out with his love life

-cause fuck have you not seen the way he is when he’s around you

-he’s so happy around you

-and his cheeks are always bright red and shit and it’s so cute wtf 

-”so what have you got in common with y/n?”

-”we both like food….and we watch a lot of movies together…..”

-”so why don’t you do that with her? but be a lot more…you know…loving to her? i don’t know…”

-”yeah of course you don’t”



-anyways he actually took hansol’s advice 


-so a couple days later he just called you up on your free day and asked to hang out like always 

-but this day he was……like hansol suggested…more loving towards you

-like the second he came to your door and the second you opened it 

-it was all arms on….hugs?

-it wasn’t a back hug like you expected it to be 

-but a normal hug??

-and seungkwan….is a great hugger??


-you could feel your heart beating out of your chest and you were waiting for him to comment about how he could probably feel your heartbeat lmao 

-but nothing bro nothiiiiing

-you let him in and he sat down on the sofa like normal

-and he noticed that it was on a show that was really popular

-he asked if you watched it and you said no 

-the only reason why it was on was because of your roomies leaving like a couple hours before seungkwan came around so you decided to just leave it on that channel

-as always he was just flicking through the channels while you were cooking for your class

-and then seungkwan just remembered what hansol said to him

-about the be more loving thing to you 

-he got bored of flicking through the channels anyways

-so he got up

-walked over to you

-and just looked over to what you were cooking

-obviously you were finishing up mixing something and the pan was on the highest heat 

-so your protective instincts came out when he came over

-”oh hey be careful the pan is hot ok ba–”

-babe? were you about to say babe?

-you stopped 

-and your whole being just became 

-Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!oh fuck i nearly called seungkwan babe what the fuck holy shit oh no that was gonna be way too obvious to him i don’t want him finding out holy shiitake mushrooms fuck oh my fhushohJKHDJKFBNDIODHJVDFJV


-finding out about what?

-that you had the most obvious crush on him?

-yeah he probably knows

-actually no he doesn’t



-”b-boo….i meant to say boo”

-seungkwan stopped too but the a fuckin grin just spread across his god damn face like heheheheheheheh (ಸ ω ಸ) bitch i know what you were going to say don’t hide it

-”oh really? sounded like you were going to call me babe didn’t it?”

-the little shit 

-just as he asked you that his arms wrapped around you 

-giving you a tight back hug like always with his head leaning on your shoulder

-”if you did say it…..i don’t think it would have been a problem honey”



-h O N E Y   


-no but seriously……honey? did he just call you honey?

-you had to admit… actually liked the way he called you honey 

-but of course that was far away 

-maybe not that far away if you juST TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEEEEEEEEEL

-so there you were just letting seungkwan hug you while you were cooking 

-and it actually felt like you two were a couple cooking together???? and it was so sweet too?????


-you were nearly finished and you needed to taste test it so you asked seungkwan since you needed another person’s input

-”hey babe can you try this for me?”

-”oh sure”

-you picked out a little spoon

-picking up a little bit of the sauce

-a wait

-you called seungkwan babe

-and you just let it slide because you knew you were going to call him babe again at some point in the day

-and like you he liked that you were comfortable enough with you calling him babe 

-it’s so precious 

-you fed him a little bit of the food you made and he really did like it!! wow!!

-”how is it?”

-”it’s really good…..i knew you could make really good food but this is probably the best you’re ever made!”

-”really? thank you boo.”

-your free hand just reached up to hug him back and it’s such a precious moment between you two and honestly

-you heart beats could be a love song at this point waojAKA


-you told him to go sit down on the sofa while you packed up 

-leaving him to pick a movie 

-and of course

-he picks


-treasure planet

-not the bee movie

-but treasure planet 

-you finished packing up and taking photos of your food

-washed up 

-changed clothes into something more comfortable aka leggings and that huge jumper that you love to death 

-dragged your covers out into the front room

-and just plopped down next to him

-obviously you two had watched movies before and the two main ingredients to comfortable viewing for the both of you are;

-your covers


-the two of you in each other’s arms cause why the fuck not 

-and of course seungkwan just had to make himself comfortable at the other end of the sofa

-so what is the best thing to do in your situation?

-the situation being that you’re starting to only just realise that you like seungkwan a little bit more than you though and you have no idea that he likes you back and you think he’s just being a little bit more loving than usual but the actual truth is that hansol told him to be a little bit more loving to you today cause he was actually going to ask you to be his girlfriend today because fuck with the way you two have been acting it was like you two were already going out and holy shit i wrote too much about this

-clamber and lie on him

-the best thing to do was to clamber on top of him…..and lie down on him?

-yeah cause that didn’t totally just make your brain go wtf are you doing chilD NO WHAT and make your heart go oh my god thank you this is so comfy BADUM BADUM BADUM

-yeah totally didn’t

-ya feckin liar

-aaaaaaaa so the movie started 

-and while you’re just laying on top of him 

-he’s stroking your head 

-and it feels amazing because you never expected him to do something as skin-shippy as this and it’s so cute

-you’re actually not paying attention to the movie you’re just paying attention to every little thing he’s doing

-you were just studying his gaze and his perfect face and everything and 

-miss y/n? miss y/n? mISS Y/n? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead

-your brain had no say on what your hands were doing you swore they were moving by themselves

-your hand just moved itself and cupped his cheek

-he looked back at you and smiled 

-”you’re not watching the movie at all…are you?”

-”it started?”

-”oh you’re so cute…”

-his hand reached up to yours and he just held your hand


-(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ oh my godh sidhsad;ha;sidlkjas

-”your face is so red it’s actually so cute–”

-he stopped and just looked back to you 

-”wait….am i….making you blush?”

-”i wasn’t aware that i was blushing in the first place…”

-”well you are now…”

-”yeah….it’s weird…you’re always blushing around me….”

-y/n mischievous mode: turned on and turned to the fullest mischief mode

-”it’s just my cheeks get red regularly….has nothing to do with you…”

-”are you sure…? is there something you’re hiding?”

-”nothing to be hidden”


-you give him one last smirk before turning your head to watch the movie

-but in that moment

-”ok there’s got to be a way that i can tell you that i like you a lot and that i want you to be mine–”

-those words just felt out of his mouth while holding you close

-you both just stay still for one second

-”did you just–”

-”i just did–”




-”….do you like me too?”

-”gee i wonder if i do….i also wonder why i called you babe before…and the fact that i curl up next to you every time we’re alone”

-”so wait….you do?”

-”oh my god seungkwan yes i do like you”

-”oh my god that’s a relief i thought you didn’t and i thought that you were only calling me babe for a joke im so happy-”

-you rolled your eyes 

-before moving a little closer

-cupping his cheeks

-and giving him a smile 

-closing the gap between you two


-his lips were pretty soft 

-like boi what lip scrub or shit you using

-mans gotta get some 

-you slowly just back up 

-and you give another smile to him 

-”ok now shhhh i gotta watch the movie”

-seungkwan on the outside: (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ ok ily

-seungkwan on the inside: ಠωಠ you little shit

-ok first of all you weren’t paying attention in the first place 

-but now he wasn’t paying attention 

-and every 5 minutes or so he would just kiss your cheek because yes 

-y’all literally looked like this kaomoji


-he’s wanted to kiss you for a long time and it’s so cute

-there’s nothing to say that you didn’t want to kiss him for a long time too 

-the cutest couple 

-the chubby cheek couple that i want to protect with all my life and give all my love to you two happy couple-ing you know 


-”yeah hansol?”

-”did you tell her?”

-”yeah i did”

-”what are you two going out now?” 

-”yeah….just like your sense of style…going out….”


-”hansol what i’m trying to say is what the fuck are those”


-”get out”