my eventual children

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end

i’m not important
no one will ever tell me
that I matter
and I know
Love is pointless
don’t believe them when they say
there is God in me

He is fake
He is a lie
there is no point
the man who tells us
we are all worth saving
lives in an empty house
nobody who attends that church
is Happy

i know that the most important word
we are ever taught is escape
i am sick of living in a world where all
are trapped

the inner voices that call you a burden
are right and true
i’ll never teach my children that these doubts
will go away
i will remind them that our pain
is a constant
my Love for my children
will eventually crumble into dust
and all the heartbreak that drags them down
will be here to stay

but my Love for my family
is starting to feel like it’s spread too thin
and this tightrope
is about to snap
I feel like my heart
it has never truly been alive
my chest pumps acid
i will break this system down

our world is built off of lies and deceit, but
that’s just the way it is
you will never hear me say
there is good in this universe
don’t trust anyone who doesn’t believe
life is not worth living
the biggest lie of all is the one that says
we are all worthy of Love

((When you’re done reading this poem, read it again. Read it backwards, line by line, starting from the bottom.))

—  1 a.m. Perspective

meet   my   new   small     &     pure   demigod   oc’s   !

—–   noelle   campell  :    daughter   of   khione    (  goddess   of   the   snow  )  :   nastya   kusakina

—–   isla   caine  :    daughter   of   nemesis    (  god   of   divine   retribution  )  :   jacquelyn   jablonski

—–   rosalie   astier  :    daughter   of   persephone    (  goddess   of   spring   growth,    queen   of   the   underworld  )  :   rosie   tupper

when I’m in my 30’s and over I really want to live with my husband in a cute little house with a large garden and a nice neighbor hood and I want to plant vegetables and fruits and herbs and then cook with them for my husband and eventually children and we are gonna have lots of animals and farm animals that we will rescue and oh god can this please happen


Hopefully this will be GPOY XD