my eva shit

  • Jonas, on the phone: Hello?
  • Isak: Oh, Elias? I'm so happy to be talking to you. I think I love you.
  • Isak: Maybe we can get married in february. Then we'll go on our honeymoon in march and live alone for the rest of our lives, and love each other.
  • Isak: And then when we're thirty we can adopt two adorable children called Maya and Lukas. Maya will play football, and Lukas will be that weird arty kid, but we still love him.
  • Isak: And in our late forties we have a falling out over something stupid, you're always working late, and I have to be home with the kids. We almost get a divorce, but we love each other so much, so we work through it.
  • Isak: And our kids will grow up and go to uni, and you will cry when they leave, so I hold you and tell you everything will be fine.
  • Isak: And then when we're old and retired we move out to Lørenskog and we have a dog and our grandchildren visit us often.
  • Isak: And then we can die in each others arms.
  • Eva: ...
  • Isak: Haha, jokes are funny, right?

DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 X EVANGELION. Alcor’s a Kaworu expy anyway and Yamato’s the Gendo Ikari of DeSu2 :”)

Honestly, this has been on my mind for some time now. 

Dear WWE Diva fans, if you really want Divas to get a chance, it’s about time to lose your goddamn cockiness and grow up. 

There has been a lot of fights between AJ fans and The Bella fans. How do we expect Divas to improve if we keep biting our throats out? 

What i am saying is that the WWE fans need to be one and stand behind any Diva, whether she’s your favourite or not. 

I have seen a lot of trash talk users post on Tumblr about the other Divas to defend their favourites. I get it, you’re just doing it to stand up for the Diva you love. But there’s a difference between expressing your respectful opinion and talking uncommon crap about the other Diva you don’t like. Naturally, the fans will get mad and attack back which will get to a huge fight with no point leaving both sides with a bigger hate to each other.

So let’s be tolerative. Respect each other and state our opinion with respect. Discuss things with other respecting and understanding their opinion and from where are they coming from.