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A little compilation of some of the bassnectar mandalas I’ve done over the past two years! The last 3 were all commission, too! His logo is such a unique and geometric masterpiece, it’s so much fun to map out!


Sometimes you just have to show the world your happy flappy hands! These patches are available on my etsy shop, SapphicStitches. You’ll find more info there about customizing options and whatnot.

The patch on the right was designed by @night-dark-woods!

Image descriptions:
the first and third images are of black, circular, hand-embroidered patches. The first reads “Happy Flaps!” in purple, all caps, with the emoticon (((\[^-^]/))) in gold thread in the center.
The second patch reads “Flappy hands are happy hands” in white, all caps, with a hand on either side of the word “are.” The left hand is red, orange, and yellow; the right hand is purple, blue, and green.
The middle image is a gif of a white agender person with a buzz cut and glasses grinning and flapping their hands fast. (The flapping was because I was watching a space ep of Bill Nye’s new show and was super excited haha)


etsyfindoftheday | valentine’s day treats | 2.6.17

valentine macaron gift box by lapetitedelicat

treat yo self … or your valentine … with one of my sweet and tasty @etsy finds today! these macaron boxes are specially-decorated for valentine’s day and come with a romantic flavor variety inside: red velvet, strawberry buttercream, chocolate raspberry, salted caramel, vanilla buttercream, and dark chocolate. NOM.


I finally finished my little plushie of Yondu Udonta from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! He’s up and listed for sale on my Etsy which you can find by clicking HERE. 

He’s probably the last Marvel character I’ll list for a bit as I’m going to work on Star Wars plushies now, he’s my favorite one so far, he turned out adorable. But I’m going to be working on Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor plushies next! 

Help me out?

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to save money for various things, and right now I am also working on paying off the $115 I still owe on my artist’s alley table at Eucon.
So if you would, could you take a moment to check out my etsy shop? You can find it here: http ://
Just take the space out between the http and the :// . I Had to put it there because Tumblr is hiding posts with outside links. Blehhhh….
Anyways, I sell fanart, jewelry, stuffed toys, and other fandom related things I have made. If you want to help me out, use the coupon code PIETUMBLR to save 10% off of your total purchase.
Even if you don’t buy anything, could you do me a favor and reblog this? I really want to get the word out a I can pay off my table as soon as possible and have some money to spare.
(Also I make portal cores to sell that aren’t listed, just message me for info on that)