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Summers away from your boyfriend can be difficult, but sometimes just seeing his face makes the day a little easier.

Lily has filed away a collection of her favorite screenshots throughout the year, for the rough moments apart.

James played by @asktheboywholived

Can we just appreciate how MAMAMOO's new song is about loving yourself?
muggle wolfstar au!! Pt 1
  • okay so imagine it’s the summer after the marauder’s first year in uni
  • they’ve all become so close over the course of their first year (some closer than others)
  • but the time has come for everyone to go home for the summer and what with Remus living in the middle of nowhere in the Welsh countryside and Sirius’s folks being over controlling and cruel, Remus and Sirius have virtually no way of contacting one another on any sort of regular basis
  • less than two weeks of living at home with his family again and Sirius is ready to break something or someone and he decides that he has to see Remus again before September
  • but he can’t exactly just book a train ticket to the middle of nowhere, and asking his folks for a ride is out of the question
  • so sirius, being sirius, decides he has to take matters in to his own hands
  • the very same day siri is off in to town to the bookshop to buy every sort of Highway code, street sign book and motorcycle theory test book he can get his hands on
  • he spends the next two weeks hardcore revising until he knows this shit like the back of his hand
  • he’s hardly short of money, so it’s no issue for him to book his CBT, Theory, and Practical riding tests all in one go which, of course, he passes first time
  • on the bus home he’s giddy with excitement, thinking about what sort of bike he’ll get
  • he’s mostly planning on buying a scrappy second hand bike online when the bus pauses at a traffic light outside of a garage
  • and he sees it, sitting in the shop window, all black leather and gleaming chrome
  • and he knows it’s The One
  • he leaps off of the bus and runs into the garage, demanding the guy at the front desk sells it to him right there
  • the sum of money the guy is asking for almost makes sirius’s eyes bulge, but even that much money would be a paltry amount to his folks and he happily pays the guy, arranging to pick it up the following morning
  • he goes home that night, and once his parents have gone to bed, he quietly packs a bag with ome clothes, a small stereo, and one or two other bits
  • the next morning he pulls on his leather jacket, hoists his backpack onto his shoulders, and scribbles a short note saying that he’d be back in a couple weeks
  • and he walks out of the front door without even looking back
  • when he gets to the garage, the guy at the front desk tosses him a helmet, refusing sirius’s attempts to pay for it
  • “You’ve already payed my wages for the month by buying the bike mate, just take the helmet and ride safe”
  • Sirius settles into the leather seat and reaches forwards for the handle bar which feels oh so right in his grip
  • he turns the key and twists the throttle, the engine roaring to life beneath him
  • And just like that, Sirius is tearing away down the roads away from his parent’s miserable house and towards Remus
  • he can’t fight the grin that spreads across his face at the thought of that