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Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 1

Pairing: Chris x OC

Requested by anon. I turned this into an OC thing because I’m trying to distance myself from the reader inserts. But you can just overlook the first name and simply imagine it’s you. I will probably physically describe OC at some point, since you requested she’s William’s sister, I figured they’d look alike.

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: From now on I won’t be able to spend my entire days writing like I did with Play Me, so to make sure you won’t have to wait too long between each chapter I decided to write short chapters (yes, Yours Truly has finally decided to become a reasonable person) Enjoy this little foretaste!


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Other Chris x OC fic: Play Me

Some things are simply not meant to be. Even when people maximized their chances by doing everything in their power to achieve their goal, it wasn’t always enough. Like in this maddening scene in Titanic where Jack can’t get on the floating door, and after everything he has gone through to be with Rose, he just dies. Well, maybe this was a little bit dramatic, chances are you won’t die in real life, you will just be really, really frustrated because all your efforts are thrown into the trash. But she was drifting from the subject.

Somehow, Mara’s brother had befriended the one guy who was simultaneously the absolute worst and the best thing that has ever happened to her. William and Chris were inseparable friends since- since always. As far as her memory goes, Chris has always been in their lives. He was like family to a certain extent – and that was precisely her problem.

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The Memories

Title: The Memories

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Wordcount: 1400 ish 

Warnings: Excessive drinking

Read Part 1: The Ultimatum by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes 

Read Part 3: The Compromise by @melonshino 

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters SPN Team Building Challenge. I used the song Drive by Oh Wonder for inspiration for my part of the story. I was fortunate enough to be put in a group with these two lovely ladies for this challenge! I had a lot of fun collaborating with them. Ida and Tierra: thank you for always reassuring me when I second guess myself and for throwing me even deeper into my Sam and Dean crisis. I love you guys a lot. <3

Leaving Dean was by far one of the hardest things you had ever had to do. You had endured monsters and death your entire life, and you could handle that, but leaving him… it was almost unbearable.

When you left the bunker, you went straight to your childhood home. Instead of dreading that old house, you now found comfort in it. Walking into the door, you dropped your bags of clothes and sighed. It was the first time you had been there by yourself since your dad died.

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This is not at all completely and totally inspired by my rekindled obsession with 還珠格格, Princess Returning Pearl, a drama that has been with me since childhood. It’s been so long since I’ve written a story in one sitting and I hope you all enjoy! Aha it turned out to be six pages. Please message me regarding the comeback, my story(ies) and just about you guys as well! I miss you all. 

           The first time it happened, it had broken her heart. The entire world collapsed and her heart pounded in her ears. It took all of her energy to courtesy, and leave before there could ever be any question of why the smile was wiped off her face so suddenly. The entire room was suffocating, as if all the oxygen was sucked out of it by the announcement, and she could not get out of the room fast enough.

           It was natural, their lot in life. She should have expected it, but like any naïve girl in love, she had forgotten that he wasn’t completely hers to love. Simply by being who he was, his body and soul also belonged to the country, to the land and its people. Who was she to dictate how their lives were to be lived? After all, when she married into the imperial family, she should have known that she wouldn’t be his only.

           The walk back to her own lodgings seem long, but the air stinging her cheeks was a much needed reminder that eyes were watching. It was a good thing that he couldn’t follow her. She needed time to herself before she had to face his apologetic and concerned gaze. Her two most trusted maids hovered by her elbow, afraid that she would do something rash.

           “Princess, please, won’t you hold our hand? The roads can be slippery from last night’s snow.”

           But she only shook her head in refusal. “Please walk behind me.” It was bad enough that they also had heard the cold words with which the announcement was made, but knowing their love and care for her made everything worse. They wouldn’t dare outright get angry at him, how could they? Lowly servants never dared to have a negative opinion against their masters. But she knew that they were loyal to her and as long as she wanted him to keep away, they would do their best to keep him from seeing her.

           Once safely back in the privacy of her own room, she allowed herself to sit at her dresser and stare into the abyss. She had dismissed all the servants. She could still remember the cold glance the Empress had given her as the Emperor announced that the Prince was to have another wife. She herself had only been chosen because he insisted on her. She knew that if it weren’t for his persistence and her father’s loyalty, she would never be the first choice as a wife for the prince everyone knew would soon be named the Crown Prince.

           “My lady, the Prince is at the door.”

           Almost right after the report has been made, he came barging in. “Leave us.”

           The maid dipped and left. Now it was only the two of them left in the room. She wrangled her handkerchief and leaned against the dresser for support. Remembering etiquette, she lowered her head and dipped into a low courtesy. “My Lord.”

           Daehyun looked pained as he crossed the room in three strides. “Sweetheart,” he said softly. “I’m sorry.” He gripped her elbows and tried to look into her eyes but she still had her head lowered to the ground. “Stand up. You know we don’t need to be so formal with one another.”

           As hurt as she was, it didn’t stop her from containing her pain, an emotion that came out as unfair anger. “I’m sorry, My Lord. I’m afraid once the new Lady joins us, she should learn that this is still an imperial household, and the rules are strictly to be followed. We cannot allow things to get lax, and have myself be blamed for not setting a good precedence.”

           “You’re angry with me.” He didn’t say it with any ounce of blame. Instead, the defeat in his voice made it clear that he understood, and probably felt that he deserved it. The acknowledgement only made her heart bleed a little more.

           “I do not dare.”

           “You are, and I am too. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted.”

           The sob was caught in her throat. “How do you even know what I want?” Gone was the formal language. She shook his hands off. Instead, it was as if they were back to a few years ago, when they had fallen in love with one another and had misconstrued notions that they could be like any other couple, loving and fighting and making up. They stood a few feet apart, each looking at the other with unspoken words in their eyes.

           “I know what I want for you.” He was still earnest. Daehyun watched her carefully, as if trying to gauge her reaction if he touched her. He raised a hand, clearly wanting to bridge the gap between them with a simple touch, but didn’t dare.

           “This is never about what we want. You should know that. You’re a prince. This is your lifestyle. You’ve seen it with your mother, your father.”

           “No, but I still wanted to give you the world. I still wanted to give you all the love I could give you. I wanted to give you all of myself, every part of my being.” He had a desperate plea in his eyes now. Again, he raised his hand only to let it drop to his side again.

           “Past tense,” she noted. Her nose was becoming stuffed and her eyes stung from the unshed tears. If he didn’t leave now, she was going to lose control.

           “I can still give you all of that,” he insisted. This time he didn’t hesitate. Daehyun walked forward and wrapped his arms around her. The familiar gesture finally made her tears fall and she sobbed loudly into his chest. For a few minutes, they stood in each other’s embrace, not speaking.

           A few drops of his tears fell from his cheeks onto her hair. “You know you will be the only one I love, right?”

           The reassurance was at once comforting but not enough. Life was so fickle, and so were human emotions. “You don’t know that. You’ll have your share of women who are more educated than I, more talented than I, prettier than I, and come from better families. Daehyun, when there are choices, there is still a chance that you will love them too.”

           His grip on her tightened. His voice was thick with emotion. “Never. I guarantee it. I will never love any of them. Not when I have you. I don’t care about how many books they have read, how many instruments they can play, or how they look. I cannot look at any of them.”

           Those were pretty words. But she also recalled the two of them promising to each other that as long as they lived, they would remain faithful. And look at where they were now. “We were so young and so stupid.”

           The sudden mention of their courtship made him pull away. There was a sad smile on his face. “Were we?”

           Daehyun took her handkerchief and gently wiped her cheeks with it. She smiled bravely, all the anger dissipated, as she held his hand in hers. “Yeah. We thought that as long as we had one another, that was enough.”

           “Is it not enough now?”

           Ignoring him, she continued to look down memory lane. “Do you remember how we met?”

           He let out a watery chuckle. “Of course. The first time I saw you, I knew I had to have you as my wife. You were knee high in a mud puddle and screaming at your horse to move before you were caught and beheaded by your father.”

           “I was such a drama queen back then. All that would have happened was I would have been scolded for riding when I should have been sitting in my room learning the tapestry.”

           “God, you were so dirty and disheveled, but so beautiful. I have been surrounded by prim and proper princesses and noble ladies all my life. You were the first one I have seen who was daring enough to go racing on a horse and uncouth enough to be cursing in a relatively audible voice too.”

           “Are you calling me vulgar?”

           Daehyun took her mock offense in stride. “No, I’m calling you refreshing, and real.”

           “Who knows. Maybe Lady Yoon will also be the type who ran barefoot when her nanny wasn’t looking. I’m sure I’m not the only one who took liberties with what was expected of a lady.” Unwittingly, she had brought the topic back.

           “I don’t care if she dove into the waters with only her undergarments on or if she curses like a sailor. I don’t want her.”

           He said this statement so fiercely, so resolutely, that she couldn’t help but give a sad giggle. “Oh Dae.” The softly uttered nickname settled between them like a well-worn glove. She reached a hand to cup his face. “You can’t possibly think that you can ignore an imperial decree. You’re going to have to marry her regardless of what you want.”

           Even the most irrational of people could not disagree, much less someone like Daehyun. “I know,” he whispered. “But I also want you to know that marrying her will be out of duty. Marrying you was out of love.”

           In their five years together, he had confessed his love to her countless times. But none felt as desperate as this time. In an effort to bring back his smile, she hugged him. “Your father was so angry when you suggested it.”

           “If he could, he would probably have locked me up for going to him with my own idea of marriage. He had lined up that Chinese princess for me, and thank goodness the war was over before we had to make the sacrificial marriage.”

           “Probably was a good thing that I happened to be as talented as I am,” she teased, batting her lashes.

           “He wanted you as his daughter-in-law too, you know. If we hadn’t met, you would have been the Lady of the Seventh Prince’s household by now.”

           “Minhyun?” She wrinkled her nose. “Ugh, no thanks. I see him like a brother.”

           “And me? What do you see me as?” His hands were now roaming across her back.

           She wrinkled her nose and scrunched her forehead deep in thought. “Hmm, I may have to get back to you on that.”

           Daehyun let out a low growl and bent his head to nip at her earlobe. “Are you sure you want to keep me waiting?” His voice was velvet smooth by her ears and his palm was flat against her back. She gave a noncommittal hum and he moved his lips to brush her cheeks before finding her mouth.

           Despite the nostalgic memory they ended the conversation with, the kiss conveyed the pain and apologies that neither of them could put into words. He tipped her back, not caring that one of her legs was now raised in an attempt to steady herself. The passion behind the kiss burned her, and she allowed herself to be lost in the flames.

           Now, it was happening again, but the stakes were higher. He was no longer a Prince, but the Emperor. Whoever he chose to be his next concubine was no longer a threat to her, now that she was Empress. But it didn’t stop the feeling of being punched in the stomach from arising. Her heart constricted. As Empress, it was her responsibility to make the announcement to the, at the moment, sole other person part of the inner palace.

           This time, she was not as young nor as naïve. She knew the responsibilities that came with the throne. As the eunuch came up to her and presented her with the scroll, she again struggled to keep her composure. This was surely not going to be the last time she would have to go through such duties. If she felt the hurt so acutely each time, how could she live?

           Of course he was waiting for her when she dismissed the inner court. She tried to keep her voice light, remembering the pain they had gone through last time and not wanting to bring up the same memories again. “What brings me the honor of having the King come visit me when he should be attending to more pressing matters at hand?”

           A swift wave of his hand had dismissed the servants and just like three years ago, he was crossing the room to her to take her hand. “You can cry if you want to.”

           Daehyun always knew how she was feeling. It was as if he was one step ahead of her, always guessing how she would react, and how she would try to pass it off as insignificant. “You can’t do this every time this happens,” she whispered.

           “Yes I can. And I will.”

           “Sooner or later I’ll get used to it.”

           His lips twisted. “I hope you never do. Because the day you do get used to it is the day I know you love me less than you do now.” Daehyun sighed and pressed his forehead to hers. “My love, I’m sorry.” She stared into Daehyun’s eyes. Again, his dark irises reflected regret and pain. Before she could reply, he asked, and this time she saw that there was a hesitancy to his expression as well. “Do you regret marrying me?”

           It was the silliest question he could ask. But seeing how serious he was, she couldn’t help but feel her heart ache to know that he even for a moment had doubted that he wasn’t the best choice for her.

           “No.” She placed her palms on the sides of his face. “You are the love of my life, and even knowing that you were facing the Emperor’s wrath, you still insisted in front of the whole court, that you wanted to marry me. How could I ever regret marrying you?”

           “But you didn’t sign up for this.”

           “You said yourself I would have been married into your family regardless. Look at Minhyun. Doesn’t he already have three wives? At least I know I’m not sharing your heart.” He still looked unconvinced and she heaved a tiny sigh. “I love you. And I admit each time there will be an addition to the inner palace, every time there is a new woman who will be sharing your bed, I will feel hurt and sad. But I will never stop loving you. And I will never wish to be anywhere else but here, by your side.”

           It was funny. Daehyun had come to comfort her but now their roles were reversed. He was the one who needed to know that she still found happiness with him. She tiptoed to kiss away the glistening tear that hung by the corner of his lips. And then smiling, she took both his hands and placed them on her stomach. “By the way, I’m pregnant.”

           Amidst all the uncertainty and pain, this news came as a surprise, albeit a rejoicing one. By now her husband was crying and laughing at the same time. “I love you. I love you so much,” he repeated over and over, and in the safety of his arms, in their own bubble in the vast palace, she knew that regardless of whatever obstacles were placed in front of them, they had each other.

This man has been my idol for over 20 years now. It’s hard to believe that I have been a KoRn fan since 1994. That year literally changed my life for the better. Jonathan Davis’ lyrics have helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and even 20+ years later, they still do. I know it’s the cliché thing to say anymore, but his words have quite literally saved my life. I had a really fucked up childhood and never had an outlet until I found KoRn in 94’. I always felt by listening to his lyrics that he was reaching down within me and yanking out all the anger and pain that I had. KoRn was my therapy and what kept me going. Never in my entire life has another singer’s lyrics got to me the way that his have. Combined with the rest of the guys in KoRn (both past and present members), They have all helped make my life more tolerable and given me a pillar to lean on. I will forever be grateful to the fact that they dedicated their lives to music. Without them? I wouldn’t be here today. I can never thank them enough for what they all have done for not just me, but for ALL the KoRn fans all around the world. I will always be a KoRn fan until the day I die. That being said, Thank you Jonathan… you’ve been there for me when most weren’t. You have my respect and gratitude.

Heh, funny you should mention it!  Turns out, Ford an’ me only ever saw one Broadway play in our childhood. Now, I’m not much’f a musical guy or nothin’ (though I’d like t’think that I’m a decent con man—I mean, actor, myself. Thanks for th’ complement, kiddo!), but trust me, that was an experience that I don’t think either’f us are gonna ever forget.

It all started with this little tradition my Ma had.  See, we weren’t th’ kind of family who was too well-off, so bein’ able to afford goin’ on any kind’f trip was basically the highlight of our entire year.  And Ma knew it, too—she’d save up regularly t’manage us one annual vacation, and since Pop wasn’t really one for travelin’, it was usually just me, Ma and Ford, takin’ on th’ town!

And this time, heh, that town was nothin’ other than The Big Apple itself!

So of course, goin to New York, you ain’t just gonna sit there!  So Ma decided t’really go all out this time: While she knew next to nothin’ about Broadway, she decided t’skip the research and buy us three tickets to th’ first show she spotted! 

Which was “Hair.”

Yeah, it–it was just called “Hair.”  That one.

Now, in case y’didn’t know, for a 1960-somethin’ audience, this thing, this “Hair” thing, it, uh, it was pretty daring.  We’re talkin’ nudity.  We’re talkin’ profanity. We’re talkin—er—illegal pharmaceuticals, if y’get my drift.  Basically, not the kind’f thing you’d wanna take your middle school twins to.

Unless one’f them middle school twins was Stanley Pines!

Aw, kid, you shoulda seen it.  A buncha modern-day teens (er, modern as of th’ 60s and 70s) livin’ out their dreams and stickin’ it to th’ man?  Heck, I’m not a fan’f those Thistle Downe-type hippies, but these guys?  Heh, a little rebel like me could definitely roll with these guys!

By th’ time we got outta the theatre, I was goin’ nuts.  Sure, Ma was goin’ about things like they never happened, but I couldn’t shut up about it!

And then there was Ford.

Who apparently caught a glimpse of the nude scene and hid under his jacket for th’ whole remainder’f the show.

And this is why my brother could never handle actin’ in theatre.



Do you wanna hear a funny story from my childhood?

Ok so this was a pretty stupid thing I did. I was about 11/12 years old and I was being picked on by this dude in my school year.

So one day, 11/12 year old me had enough. I went home after school and drew a blueprint of my entire school with E V E R Y single room there was (my memory was impeccable back then), I wrote down all the exits and everything.

Then I decided to make ‘revenge techniques’ where I’d write down and draw diagrams of ways I was going to destroy this guy. I recall one technique being like “find fishing wire and attach it to the walls and wait for him to slice his ankle” like literally these techniques were A* and I was the real deal back then.


I literally had them dangling out of my window on a massive sheet of fucking paper.

Then my mum came in and saw me trying to attach a massive diagram of sadistic revenge techniques to my window and I panicked and just went “I’m showing my friend a picture” but there was nobody outside because my window faced the back yard. She just looked at me like “oh ok….” and walked out. 11/12 year old me was so embarrassed.

Be smart. Hide ur diagrams.

Don’t be like 11/12 year old evil mastermind Dogi.

I’m all in my feelings today so you guys kinda have to be, too.

Imagine Barry and Len both getting kidnapped and tortured by the same meta, but Len basically goads him and talks shit the entire time to take the meta’s attention away from Barry and focused on him. He’s had lots of practice during his childhood. One thing he knows he’s good at is protecting people, even if that means he ends up bloody and broken himself.

And yeah, Barry went on and on about the good he saw in Len. But seeing it firsthand? Seeing Len putting himself in harms way, just to protect Barry? He knows right then, that he was right all along.

But Barry doesn’t get why he’s doing this. Barry can heal much faster and take a lot more pain. So, why is Len doing this for him? How come every time this meta looks like he’s gonna let Len rest and give Barry a turn, Len makes some stupid comment that earns him a kick in the stomach or a punch in the face?