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I was thinking about when FE:A just came out, and I was binge watching supports for all the characters. People often semi-jokingly said in Henry’s supports that “Henry should just admit he hates humans already.”

I think Cherche’s lines sums it up well: “You’re always smiling and laughing and acting as if you hadn’t a care in the world. Yet, you never seem to make friends with people or allow them to get close. …Even me … I’m very happy that you like Minerva and you two get along so well. But I think you need to spend more time with human friends. ” 

SO… I THOUGHT, “What if Henry actually admitted he hated humans.” 

Oh yeah, I portray Henry as J!Henry. Cause imo E!Henry doesn’t have much self awareness. (And J!Henry is sweeter and I love him 10x more.)

Poor boy has been through much angst.

Tumblr loves characters of color, especially woc, so they idealize them and put them into a fucking pedestal, and in the moment the character does not fit these unreasonable standards, suddenly is okay to hate on them and trash talk them, because characters of color are not allowed to be anything but perfect


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There are 2-3 things in this page that are 100% Princess’ doing. She’s a blessing.

I have an headcanon that eretria doesn’t love herself, and every time she sees her reflection she sees a girl who is unworthy of love and affection. that’s until amberle draws her portrait. from her point of view, the princess draws a beautiful strong woman with caring eyes and a sarcastic smirk, and puts so much passion in the drawing it almost looks real. and eretria starts appreciating the little things about herself.

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SO I’ve been reading “The hero of Wolves” by the wolfess….

(Thank you author u write beautifully)(now i have an excuse to draw this cinammon roll)

Me watching Star Wars VII


Me when Rey met Finn 

Me when Han Solo and Chewbacca appeared

Me when Leia and Han saw each other

Me when Rey had been captured

Me when Rey escaped and Kylo Ren found out

Me when Kylo Ren killed Han Solo

Me when movie ended 

(sorry about any mistakes, english isn’t my first language)


Today in history 

On 11 February 1466 Elizabeth of York was born as the first child of Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV. Born into the “War of roses” Elizabeth’s life was troubled from the beggining. The troubles became bigger when her brothers were locked in the Tower and her uncle declared all of his brothers’ children bastards while claiming the throne for himself. The suffering ended when Henry Tudor became king and married Elizabeth making her Queen of England.

On 11 February 1503 Elizabeth took her last breath at the place were her brothers were kept but never found. Almost a week ago she had given birth to a daughter who died shortly afterwards her birth. Elizabeth suffered a  post partum infection and died on her 37th birthday in the Tower. 


I’m finally back home, so I scanned and translated the comic I took a photo of earlier. This comic can be found in the Dutch Frozen magazine #4.

Bijna klaar (Almost ready)

Today a few important guests will be visiting the castle…
Elsa: Anna! It’s getting late!
In Anna’s room…
Anna: Yawn! I’m coming!
Anna: Just a… Ahhh… Moment!
Elsa: Is everything alright?
Anna: Yes, and… I’m all ready!
Elsa: Um…
Anna: I believe I still wasn’t quite ready.
Elsa: Doesn’t matter! I’m here to help you…