my english is too poor to express all my feelings

Yes, I am a Last-Minutes-Person ;) Decided to attend the show 3 days before, flew 19 hours again with 3 hours delay and lost baggage (I haven’t got it after all), had to buy some cloths in hurry, went to stand in line almost without sleeping at 4.30am. However, I had much fun spending all day with my sweet sisters, and really appriciate it that my JLY-sisters worried about my situation, helped me and took care of me a lot because everything was in my suitcase and I had nothing.

Physically (and mentally) it was a little bit hard this time, but IT’S WORTH IT!!

@johnlloydyoungfriends Your performance was awesome, gorgeous, outstanding (as always)!! You always make me so happy, give me a lot of power for life, let me feel everytime how wonderful music is. You made my day again. It’s very hard to express in my poor English how much I’m thankful, so I’ll just show my love, loyalty and respect to you by going to see you in the future, too. And it’s my pleasure, of course :) 

I’m blessed to have all of you, love you a lot! I don’t know when I could come back, but we will see again, for sure. 

See you! またね!


P.S. Some advices about luggages: Have only a hand luggage if it’s possible. Don’t use London Heathrow Airport (4 of 5 times lost baggage in my life happened at Heathow). Avoid to use American Airlines and British Airways as possible.