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endless list of favorite characters → sanaki kirsch altina (fire emblem: radiant dawn)

↳ “i am sanaki, 37th empress of begnion. it is my duty to save my people. even the world’s mightiest dragon will not dissuade me from that calling.”

caro celebrates a new milestone!

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yikes, I’ve hit 8k!! how the heck!! 

Because I am not creative whatsoever, to celebrate another fabulous milestone, I’ve decided to treat all of you beautiful people!

Under the cut, you will see a list of options for you to choose from, to celebrate with me!

They include: detailed blog rates, personal fic requests/ships, name playlists, and my endless love and friendship! Enjoy :)

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Open Letter To The Community

So recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts circulating of other members of the community saying things along the lines us “I’m not nearly as good looking as everyone else in the community” or “Compared to everyone else around here, I look ugly”.  I’ve also even had some people who have told me this directly in conversation, that they felt not good enough to be here, not attractive enough, or they just doubt themselves and feel intimidated to talk to people because of that.


ALL of us are here for ONE reason, a SINGLE reason we all know and have in common.

We all like tickling.  

Whether it be sexual or not, whether you consider it a fetish, kink, or just an interest/love, we are all here because we all love the same thing.  So we are all basically a community of nerds who made blogs so we can reach out and connect with others who feel the same way!  No one is better than anyone else, there’s no popularity system happening, there’s no cliques, we are literally all just a bunch of geeks who wanted to find a place to express their love for this thing we all love.

This community NEEDS you, ALL of you!  We are filled with people of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, personalities, races, religions, mental illnesses….the list is endless, but we are such a beautiful place of acceptance for all of those things I’ve listed, and more and thats literally one of my favorite things about this place.  No matter what you look like, no matter how annoying you might think you are, there’s always a friend or a group of friends here that you click with because we are all such an amazingly accepting crowd.  

This community would most certainly not be at all what it is without all of you guys, its members.  Because all of us are so different, it makes it so much easier and fun when all of us come together and connect with each other here.  The fact that you look different or act different than other blogs is perfect and so more than welcome, and you’re what makes this community such an incredible place to be in. 

So please my lovelies, stop self-deprecating because you may not feel good enough to be here, or as good as another blog, but you so ARE and I WANT you here because seeing all of your little reblogs, posts, likes, and stuff make me so happy.  You MORE than deserve to be here because you’re you, you’re beautiful, you ARE good enough, and most importantly you’re unique, which is what makes this community so amazing to be a part of.  I’m honestly so honored to be a part of this family with each and every one of you here.  

-Abs xoxo

I’m a busker through and through. A street artist. There’s a magic in it. It’s based on a relationship between the audience and artist. I’ve busked my way through an endless list of countries, from London to Paris to Serbia to Turkey to Uzbekistan to Mongolia to Japan, and more. In some countries it is respected and celebrated, while others can be risky and lead to police deporting you or stealing your equipment. I’ve even had someone steal money from my hat. Every person will receive it differently- some will be moved and find joy, others will look with disgust. But these people fear vulnerability, can’t quite grasp the beauty in trust. Recognise that you are putting out your art and if the art resonates with them they are free to return the favour and support the art. And alternatively even if they cannot afford to support then they may still enjoy the show. That’s the beauty of it. Nobody is forced to donate, they actually want to.. or they don’t, either way it’s up to them. You see the audience is based on chance of who’s in the street, and any human being from any background or walk of life is a welcome audience, if they so choose to stop.
Some people question how I manage to stay on the road. It’s busking; it gives me that freedom and the food in my stomach. I owe a lot to the couch surfing community and other hospitality websites as well as the hospitality of locals. I don’t use public transport, aside from the odd ferry, I hitchhike all the time. I’ve come to see that we don’t need a lot to be happy, that past certain point -once you have a sustainable amount that’s enough for food and shelter- more money doesn’t make a difference. Some of the happiest people I’ve met have only a roof(or yurt) over their head, clothes on their back and a few goats or some veggies growing. They wear the biggest smiles. And actually suicide rates are generally much higher in the middle and upper classes. Why? Because happiness is innate. If you cannot be at peace with yourself with very little then you can never be at peace. A flashy car, a smarter phone, just one more beer- it won’t fill you up. The void requires your time and attention, not greater consumption.


Endless List of Favorite People
↳Halsey (@se7enteenblack)

“I like to talk about sex. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s a masterpiece of human connection. But that’s a ‘masculine’ thing to do in music. Women don’t talk about sex, It’s not ‘lady like’. So I’m gonna keep talking about sex. I’m gonna keep talking about sex so that young women who are listening realize that it’s okay to be a sexual being, and it’s okay to love yourself.”

10 songs tag

Rules: List ten songs you’re currently vibing to and tag ten people 

Tagged by: I wasn’t tagged but I found this and liked it, so here I am with my 10 songs. 

1. Beautiful Tomorow by Park Hyo Shin

2. Home by Park Hyo Shin

3. One More Light by Linkin Park

4. Broken Rose by Anna Tsuchiya

5. Kiri by Monoral

6. Endless Story by Yuna Ito

7. Winter Sleep by Olivia Lufkin

8. The Parting by Kyuhyun

9. Island by Super Junior

10. Wind by FT Island

Tagging: as always, my favorite @itishebihime-samaforyou and @nine-daedreams and anybody who wants to.


endless list of favorite females »  kestrel trajan - the winner’s trilogy

“Once there was a girl who was too sure of herself. Not everyone would call her beautiful, but they admitted that she had a certain grace that intimidated more often than it charmed. She was not, society agreed, someone you wanted to cross. She keeps her heart in a porcelain box, people whispered, and they were right.”