my emotions because arting


Lee is a complex man.


Lailah&Michael is like the current pinnacle of my familyship rn like you know when you see two characters and like it doesn’t always work out and it’s not quite found family yet bUT THE POTENTIAL,,, SO STRONG,,, so good and pure,,, such sweets,,

like lailah says she couldn’t exactly be There for him but the soft soul-killing pang of the DOOM is just So good

i want to be broken

well, returning to Ostagar was upsetting


I know its not Christmas anymore or anything but i still wanted to finish these
(sorry it took me so long ::’) ) i still hope you like em!

on a different note i remember why i never draw christmas lights…

Top: @applecinnabun + @etherealdragons

Bottom: @phoukaenvy + @biglesbiandragon


5. Angry kiss @eternalxnights 

theres our tsundere bronzies, i threw in some extras cause im always a slut for get-along-with-eachother scenerios i hOPE ITS OK OTL

being unemotional and being an artist is really great for me because i express and my repressed emotions in my art
So without art i would be dead