my ellen

Probably went a bit too overboard with this event. I decided to follow through with the rest of my mcl ocs. And now I’m upset that I have nothing to draw Poe with!

From Left to Right:

Summer: Age: 17 Height: 4′11″ Weight: 94 lbs. Junior. Interest: Dake. Dislikes Lila because of an affair. Generally laid back, though is in the ‘popular’ group in school.

Hazel: Age: 16 Height: 5′11″ Weight: 139 lbs. Sophomore. Interest: Kentin. Overly self conscious. Brainiac. Used by the popular kids to get good grades.

Lila: Age: 17 Height: 5′7″ Weight: 90lbs. Junior. Interest: Nathanial + others. Rival/friendship with Amber. ‘Pretty’ girl in school. Always up against Amber in competition. Secretly poor and a kleptomaniac.

River: Age: 17 Height: 5′2″ Weight: 98 lbs. Junior. Interest: Castiel. See profile for more info.

Ellen (Poe): Age: 15 Height: 4′9″ Weight: 115 lbs. Sophomore. Interest: Armin. Looks up to River. ADHD, always hyper. Concert/Music lover. Writes sheet music/poems, can’t play an instrument to save her life. Love snacks!

Curtis: Age: 18 Height: 5′9″ Weight: 86 lbs. Senior. Interest: Lysander. Generally apathy or hatred towards everything. Song writer/singer. Was in a band but left everyone. Likes Lysander but doesn’t pursue her feelings for the fear of ‘ruining’ him. Dealer on the side.